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-FrozenRain- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 1:50am | IP Logged
Amazing update dear..
Thankls for the scarp..

loved it very very much..

Do update soon...

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Artistic_Stroke IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 2:52am | IP Logged
nice update.
update the nxt part soon.

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Madhu_ArSha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 5:28am | IP Logged
Aww. . . .
Jst lovd it. . . . .
Kriya ke liye m realy sory. . . . .
Precap was awsome. . .
Mison kriyansh , . . .
Wow. . . . .
Itz,realy excitng nd intrestng. . . .
Nxt part jaldi update krna. . ' . . .
Egarly waitng 4 it. . .

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luv_arsha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
awesome update...loved it very much
continue soon

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..Nancy.. Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2012 at 10:25am | IP Logged
guyz maine precap mein kaha tha that swaron will help in reunion of kriyaansh but ismein Swaron ne help nhi ki...
ye boht lamba or boring update hai bt plz gussa mat hona
jhel lo


After that Swaron didn't talked to Kriya and they went home. On their way they were discussing about how to make Kriyaansh happy once again .
Next day morning
Swaron came to Kriya's home to pick her up as they have already talked to the principal about Kriya's admission in St. Louis
When they came to her house they found her mom was working in kitchen and there was silence.
Soon they entered Kriya's room she was sitting on the bed silently busy in her thoughts.
Swayam: hey Kriya tum abhi tk ready nahi hui ... bhool gyi aaj college jaana hai come on get ready fast.
Sharon: yeah.. Kriya come on get ready aur dekho aaj to mai khud tumhe bula rahi hoo... dekho mai SHARON RAIPRAKASH khud chal k aayi hoo..
Swaron started giggling
But Kriya didn't responded as she was bzy in her thoughts...
Swayam shaked her calling her name: KRIYA KRIYA ...KRIIIYYYAAA... utho jaag jao
but no response...

Then suddenly Sharon shouted: swayam dekho wahaa shaayad Rey haina?? (sharon was jst pretending)

On hearing Rey's name kriya jst got up and ran to her window to see him...But there was no one she became sad and came to her bed
then she realised that Swaron were standing there...
Swayam: Dekho REY ka naam sunte hi kaise bhaagi bhaagi ja rahi hai aur hme to dekh kr bhi ignore kr rhi hai..
On hearing this tears started rolling down her soft cheeks... Swaron got worried...
Swayam ran to her and hugged her tightly... she too responded quickly..
she was feeling really good and relieved...
Then suddenly Swayam broke the hug and made her sit on the nearby couch... and said: chlo Kriya nw come on tumhe college jaana hai na...
Kriya nodded her head in NO
Sharon: Are NO kyu????
               tumhe apne friends ke paas nahi jaana???? tumhe apni team ke paas nahi jaana???? tumhe Shivam ko sabak nahi sikhana??? hum dono milke use maarenge wt say?
aur specially tumhe REY k pass nahi jaana????? the one u love????
the one who loves u more than anything????
(on hearing Rey's name she made her straight and nodded her head in YES)
(Swaron became happy...
On seeing them happy Kriya also smiled for the first tym in the whole year.. Smriti who was standing near the door seeing everything was so shocked on seeing her daughter smile heartly)
Sharon took her to washroom and soon came out alone...
Sharon took the cutest dress for her nd handed it to Kriya.
After a few minutes Kriya came out and was luking so pretty in that dress.. This time Kriya had a smile on her face as she was continously thinking about his REY...
(but wait not yet not his REY... she thought)
She became sad.. seeing her face swaron also became sad but soon sharon said: u are luking damn cute.. agar aise hi smile krte huye REY ke saamne jaaogi to woh to gaya kaam se.
Kriyam smiled Sharon too giggled on what she said...
But soon an idea strucked Sharon's evil mind and then she gave her evil smile to KRIYAM.. (Note: Kriya is now fully back to normal)
Kriyam looked at her confusingly and they were a li'l bit scared as it was SHARON RAIPRAKASH's evil smile and they knew very well that this smile of Sharon is really dangerous...
Soon Kriya gathered courage and asked her that why she was smiling
Kriya: K... kya .. hua ... kya hua sharon tum ... tum aise kyu... smile kr rhi ho??
Sharon: Rekax...!!!! Kriya tum to aise dar rhi ho jaise mai abhi tum dono ka murder kr doongi... Chill... Tumhe or isse kuch nhi hone doongi (looking at Swayam and blushing)
Kriya: ahem ahem blushing nd all haan...ab to mujhe bachke rehna hoga coz tum ab Swayam ko to kuch kahogi nhi aur bachi sirf mai...hahahaha
Sharon was blushing and Swaron were happy to see their old Kriya...
They shared a group hug. and went downstairs.. Smriti was bzy in smthing and got disturbed by the trios laughing and talking...
Smriti was really very happy to see her daughter back..
She went and hugged Kriya nd said thnku to Swaron . all smiled...
Smriti: Kriya, chlo beta aap teeno breakfast kr lijiye.
Swaron:nhi aunty hum abhi breakfast kr ke aaye hai.
Swayam: Kriya tum breakfast krlo we'll wait for u.
Sharon: ya Kriya tum khaalo aur waise bhi dekho kitni patli ho gyi ho.. zero figure haan..(giggling)
Kriya: oye jyaada mat bolo haan. Aur maa (towards Smriti) mujhe nhi krna breakfast, mujhe bhook nhi hai
Smriti: but Kriya beta tumne raat bhi kuch nhi khaya thoda sa khaalo.
Kriya: maa aap aise kyu behave kr rhi ho beta beta, aur jb mujhe khaana hoga mai khud khaaloongi.
Smriti: But ...(she was about to say when Swayam signalled her not to say anything as he'll take care of her)
(Smriti was convinced by this and she gave up)
Smriti: ok beta tumhaari mrzi.
trio: ok bbye
Smriti: ok bye beta aap sab apna khayaal rakhna...
Trio: ok bye aap nhi apna khayaal rakhna..
they sat in car and left for college.
Kriya was very nervous and she was shivering, her hands were trembling with fear, nervousness.. she then noticed that she was shivering but she herself didn't knew that why she was behaving like this.
Swaron saw all this.
Suddenly Swayam stopped teh car. Sharon looked at him confusingly but soon she got what Swayam was upto.
Swaron got out of the car and stood outside. As Kriya was busy in her own thoughts she didn't noticed Swaron leaving. Then she came back to her senses and realised that no one was there in the car. She saw outside and saw Swaron outside her window.
Kriya: tum log yahaa kya kr rhe ho?
When she was speaking Sharon stood beside the oppostie window (means Sharon was on left side and Swayam on right side(hope u got it)
Then they both opened the doors and sat beside Kriya means on same seat and Kriya in middle of them and Sharon on left side and Swayam on right side.
Kriya was hell confused
Kriya: guyz ye kya kr rhe ho?
Swayam: ab jab tk tum ghabraana aur darna band nhi krogi tab tak hum aise hi baithe rahenge..
Sharon: Yes
Kriya: ok fyn ab nhi daroongi... ok???
Swaron: yes ok ok...
Kriya: to ab chalein??
Swaron: ya ok
Swayam got out of the car and sat in front at driving seat and he was waiting for Sharon
but to his surprise Sharon said: ab kiski wait kr rhe ho chalo
Swayam: tum aage nhi aaogi? (pout)
Sharon: nahi mai yahi baithoongi..
Swayam: par kyu??(baby face sad)
Swayam: ha ab tum dono behno ko kon alag kar skta hai...(silence)... (then Swayam realised what he jst said)
Swayam: wo m sry maine to bas aise hi...
KRISHA started laughing on seeing his state as he was really scared
Krisha: yes u are right we are sisters and both smiled at each other
seeing this Swayam also smiled

Kriya : agar tum dono ka hogya ho to chale?
Swayam nodded and started driving
soon they reached college gate. Kriya's heartbeat fastened and she again started shivering, Sharon held her tightly and gave her an assuring look. Kriya smiled and Sharon too responded and gave her a warm hug
Kriya now settled and came out of the car followed by Sharon.
Kriya stopped at the entrance. Seeing this Sharon came and held her tight. They both hugged and entered the college. Swayam smiled seeing Krisha hugging.
As soon as they entered the college RDX called them in their cabin.. They went and saw whole gang standing their except Rey and Taani (the naani)
(here taani don't know anything about Kriya and Rey's past)
The gang saw Swaron as Kriya was standing behind them.
Swaron entered and everybody greeted them. But then they saw Kriya and all were hell shocked to see her back after one whole year..
They were standing their jaws dropped. Soon the weaklings gave her a bone crashing hug. She was very haapy to see her gang back. everyone was in tears by now and soon they all parted away now this was the Dazzlers turn they also gave her a bone crashing hug.
They all were really happy to see their freind again.
Kriya was very happy to see that they all are not angry with her. Now started their quetions session. Kriya tum kab aayi? kaise aayi? kyu gayi thi? kuch bataaya kyu nahi?? etc.. etc...
Sharon: stop it guyzz tum logon ko mai sab kuch baad mein btaa doongi ab hume sir ne yahaa bulaaya hai to unki baat to sun lein..
Everyone nodded.
Kriya, Sharon, Swayam: Gud morning sir
RDX: gud morning guyz. thank god mai bhi yaad aa gya tum logon ko and KRIYA special gud morning to u and welcum to ST. LOUIS again.
Kriya smiled wide on hearing this. Gang also smiled on seeing Kriya smiling.
RDX: guyz bas maine to isiliye bulaaya th aki tum log Kriya se mil sako aur maine Kriya ko yahaa uska welcome krne ke liye bulaaya tha..
They all left the cabin.
soon Sharon asked: REY kahaa hai (luking towards Kriya)
on hearing Rey's name she looked down

Sharon smiled.
Soon they all reached the Atrium. Kriya was behind the gang with Neha nd Sharon.
Rey entered and saw the gang and greeted them.
Rey: hi guyzz kaiseho??? Aur kya baat hai tum log itna khush kyu lag rhe ho?
Taani also entered and asked the same ques. Vishakha got irritated and said: Taani can't u hear Rey ne bhi yahi ques poocha to y r u repeating it..
Rey: leave it vishakha, vaise btaao ki aisa kya hua hai ki tum log itna khush kyu ho?
Vishakha: jab tumhe pata lagega to tum bhi boht khush hoge
Rey: ok to ab btaaoge bhi
whole gang stepped away so that REY can see Kriya
she was standing there with her lashes down and was looking ly an angel in her white dress. Rey was jst staring at her dreamingly.. He was numb at that time. She slowly lifted her lashes to see him and saw him straing at her. There was complete silence. Rey slowly walked towards her she was shivering badly..
She was really nervous.. He gave her his most sexiest smile. She was about to fall when she came back to her senses and teh she realised that they were soo close to each other. Both were staring in each other's eyes , teh pain, the happines was clearly visible in their eyes..
he was about to hug her when Taani the naani disturbed them.
Taani: Ye kya ho raha hai? aur bhai ye kon hai? koi mujhe kuch btaayega?
Both came back to their senses. Everyone was annoyed on Taani even SWAYAM
Vishakha: dude, tum kabhi chup nahi reh skti jab dekho tab bolti rehti ho aur hmesha bolti bhi galat time pe ho dumbo...
by now Rey came back to his senses and started showing fake anger and started ignoring KRIYA.
Kriya got it and smiled.
He turned his back towards her.
Sharon: Hey Taani meet KRIYA, and Kriya this is taani Swayam ki behan and hmaare clg ki AGS
Taan: hi Kriya
Kriya: hii
while all this convo was going on Rey was jst staring at her.
Taani: acha hme jaana hai.
Taani: (towards Rey) Rey chaliye hme papers collect krne hai na.
Rey was bzy in his KRIYALAND everyone started ahem ahem but it doesn't affected him he kept staring at her.
Taani: REY...REY...!!!!!!!!!!!!REYYY...!!!!!!!!!!
swayam shaked him and he came back to his sense..
Rey: (annoyed as Swayam disturbed him) ha kya hua? kyu tang kar rha hai? tujhse meri khushi dekhi nahi jaati kya?
everyone chuckled on his last ques                              tujhse meri khushi dekhi nahi jaati kya?
then he realised what he said he was a li'l embarassed and here TAANi was hell confused.
Kriya also smiled. Rey too smiled at her seeing her smiling..
But then Rey turned his face away. Kriya again smiled at his fake anger..
Taani: Rey, chaliye hme jaana hai...
Rey: tum jaao mai nahi aaoonga
Taani: are abhi to aap mujhe daant rhe the ki mai late aayi thi aur ab aap khud hi
Rey: tum akeli chali jaao mai nhi aa raha..
Everyone was giggling seeing all dis.
Taani: chlo chodo, (now towards Kriya) Kriya aap ne apna form de diya kya admission form?
Kriya: form?
Taani: ha jo new admissions hai unhe GS ko form dena padta hai..
Sharon: no Taani humne Sir se already baat krli hai ise form dene ki koi jarurat nhi...
Taani: ye kaise hua... i mean jo bhi new aate hai unhe form to dena hi padta hai...
while Sharon and Taani's convo was going on Kriya was just staring at Rey and our Rey was avoiding her showing his faake anger..
Kriya was continously smiling on seeing Rey's childish actions and this smile of hers was melting him... But he didn't showed it..
Now he can't tolerate her smile, he wanted to hug her, to kiss her, but he was also right at his place. (i mean uska gussa sahi tha)
Then VP called them and said that ab renowation ke liya workers aa rhe hai so aap log sabko ghar bhej dijiye.
Everyone: ok sir
they left the cabin but Kriya and VP were staring at each other lyk enemies
(ye secret hai ki ye ek doosre ko kyu ghoor rhe the,, 4th chapter mein reveal karoongi)
Swayam: guyzz ab hume ghr jaana hi hai to chlo sab mere ghr pe.. we'll enjoy there.
(Kriya refused)
Kriya: nahi Swayam mai nhi aa sakti mujhe ghr jaana hai
Swayam: o hello, Miss Kriya Ghai,,... lagta hai aap bhool rahi hai ki aapki mom ne aapki saari responsibility mujhe aur Sharon ko di hai..
Sharon: isliye jo hum kahenge tumhe karna hoga     and right now u r coming wid us.
Swayam: to my house...
Kriya just nodded like a 5 year old obedient child. Rey smiled at her innocence but Kriya saw this and smiled at him. He was behaving as if he got caught while stealing his chocos.. He turned his face.
Everyone went to Swayam's house.
Everyone was sitting in the room when Taani said: aap sbhi log Kriya ko jaante ho kya???
everyone except Rey:yes she's our best frnd
Taani was shocked
Taani: Rey kya aap nahi jaante inhe...
Rey: Nahi mai nahi jaanta
Taani: are ye kya hua aap sbhi jaante ho lekin ye akele hi nahi ...strange
Kriya was smiling on his childishness...
Rey saw this and gave her an angry look

But actually he jst wanted to hug her...
Rey's pov
oh gosh ...!!!!!!!!!!baatcutter i can't tolerate it anymore i love u i love u
Rey: (stood up and went near Kriya) Chalo mere saath...                                                 Everyone was dumbstruck on seeing Rey's reaction as he said it suddenly..
kriya was giving no reaction as she went numb on hearing this
Rey: Kriya comeon
Swayam: Rey ye tujhe kya hogya hai...???? tu aise kyu bol raha hai??
Taani was hell shocked to see this ...
(ek baat clear krdu, Taani ko lagta hai ki Rey use i mean taani ko pyaar krta hai,, or isi vajah se Rey ne taani ko apni assisstant banaaya)
[but woh ye nahi jaanti ki wo Swayam ki behan hai isiliye use ye sab attention mil rahi hai]
(poor taani)
Taani: arey, r lucky ki Rey aapko bula rhe hai go na wo konsa aapko i love u bol denge jo aap itna weird behave kr rhi ho...
Everyone chuckled on her statement
Taani agin confused... and in this whole scene Rey held Kriya from her arm and took her from there...
as her arm was hurt (ab uski arm kyu hurt huyi wo baad mein btaaoongi)
Kriya: ouch...!!!!!!!!!!! Rey ...
Rey: (became worried) kya hua Kriya (concerned)
Kriya: ummm... woo... ..nthng
Rey: bolo Kriya kya hua?????
all were listning their convo silently as they didn't wnted to miss their reactions
Kriya: wo kuch nahi
Rey: i knw ki kuch hua hai ... jst tell me
Kriya: nhi Rey ... (rey gave an angry look) ok  fyn btaati hoo...aapne itni zor se pakda to dard hua..
Rey got it that Kriya was lying
Rey: tumhe pata hai Kriya, u cn't lie to me...
Kriya was feeling haapy to see that love and affection in his eyes towards her and the most important thing was their understnding...
Rey: ab btaao wt happnd??????
(everyone knew xcpt taani that rey love Kriya but they didn't knew that he loved her this much)
(this much ka mtlb aap khud hi smjh lo plzz)
she gave up as she knew Rey will catch her lying every time...
Kriya: wo... um.. wo .. Rey... mm
Rey:BAATCUTTER bolo na m here i'll help u
Kriya: Rey aap abhi bhi...
Rey: ab ye sab chodo and tell me wat hppnd (while Rey was asking her he noticed a large bandage on her left arm and the bandage was covered with blood not much)
Rey: KRIYA YE KYA HUA?????????? (he was really worried and tensed for his love now)
Kriya: wo ... (she was scared as she knew Rey will shout at her)... woo... umm.. wo ..Rey...
Rey: kya wo wo? jst tell me...(he was fuming with anger)
Tears started flowing down her soft cheeks which made his anger flew away,, he melted on seeing those tears as he can't bera tears in her eyes...He jst hugged her tight...
Rey: Baatcutter ...(parted away from her... calmly asks) ye kaise hua????
Kriya: ...
Now jst wait for next chapter as i will reveal in next chapter about how she got hurt and lots more
till then give lamba lamba comments
agar accha nhi laga ye chapter to bta dena i'll improve it
aur waise bhi i knw ki ye chapter boht lengthy aur borin tha but guyzz plzz adjust krlo next time pakka aapko mazaa aayega as there will romance between KRIYAANSH...
so plzzz marna mat


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for pms hit like to this post

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Himu_arsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 August 2012 at 10:38am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Loved it
Vp ne kuch toh kiya hai Kriya ke saath
Will be waiting for the next part

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..-Chabhilal-.. Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2012 at 11:01am | IP Logged
Awww loved this update
Rey is soo caring for his baatcutter
Hehe poor Taani who doesnt know eats happening
Thnx 4 da pm

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