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..Nancy.. Goldie

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Originally posted by abhiyakreya

26th bhi gayi

now update

are srry yaar
type krne ka tym hi nhi miltaCry

bt kal ya parso pakka

pakka promise

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mindblowing updates
thanks for pm update soon

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Hi. . . . .
We want update. . . .
Aur kitna time chahiye???? . . . .
Yaar plz update. . . .
Its long time now. . .
update. . . . . . . . . . . .
..Nancy.. Goldie

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Rey came forward and held her by her wrist and took her to the door followed by others..
Rey: get out
(bs guyz uske baad Rey ne Taani ko bhaga diya aur fir sabne swayam ko console kiya aur sab kuch settle ho gaya especially Shivam aur gang ke beech
par kuch settle hona baaki tha aur wo tha humaare KRIYAANSH ke beech)


Story continues

Swayam was crying how his so called sis could do this..

Eventhough she was not his sis but for him she was more than his sis.. He loved her a lot..


He was crying and crying and everyone was consoling him'
Sharon too was sobbing on seeing his love's state'

Kriya came forward cupped his face with one hand and wiped hir tears with other hand. He smiled at her and said thnku to her in return she hit him not hard bt softly and said

Kriya: apni besti ko thnku bologe.. go, m not talking to u (angry pout)

Everyone smiled at her childish behavior. Rey was continuosly admiring her'.

Now finally Swayam smiled and said:u r too cute'.
Now Rey was fuming with jealousy. Even Sharon was also in the same state (means she was also fuming wid jealousy)

Swayam saw Rey who was continoulsy glaring at Swayam coz he said his baatcutter cute' but he didn't noticed Sharon

Swayam: Kriya mai apne statement waapas leta hoo'

Kriya: kya??? Konsa statement????(confused)
Swayam: wohi maine tumhe kaha na that "u r cute" mai ye statement waapas leta hoo'.
Kriya: kyu??  (still confused)

Swayam: coz shayad yaha kuch jal raha hai guyzz kuch jal raha hai kya??(in teasing tone)

Everyone looked at Rey who was looking here and there as to ignore others'
but then Swayam noticed Sharon who was also fuming with jealousy

Swayam whispered in her ears as she was sitting beside Swayam

Swayam: u r also cute my love''
Sharon: (frstly was shocked then smiled) I know'.:-)

Vicky: haa yaar mujhe bhi kuch jalne ki boo aa rahi hai' dekho na guyz kaha se aa rhi hai

Everyone starts roaming here and there in the room xcept Kriyaansh'..
Then Nilesh comes near Rey and shouts


Nil: Rey tere se jalne ki boo aa rahi hai (in a serious tone)

Rey: tu kya bol raha hai aur door hat mujhse
Nil: arey guyzz dekho Rey se jalne ki boo aa rahi hai
Rey: Nil yaar ye tu kya bol raha hai???
Rinni: are nil ye kya bol rahe ho Rey kaha jal raha hai dekho kahi se bhi koi flame hi nhi hai
Simmi hits her head(rinni's head)

Simmi: tum chup raho
Rinni: are but maine kya kiya??
Nil: (turning towards Rey) abbey Swayam ne to Kriya ko compliment diya teri gf ko nhi
to tu kyu jal raha hai??

Rey looks at Kriya who was also looking at him and again starts his fake anger jo 2nd chapter se kr raha hai

Rey: ha to maine kya kaha nd u (towards nil) main hi jal raha hoo ok
mujhe kya farak padta hai wo Swayam ki bestie hai Swayam jo chahe use kahe

Nil: are ye humaare Reyaansh Singhania ko kya ho gya??
Rey: Shutup nil

Swayam: ok guyz chodo ab mere paas ek idea hai kyu na aaj tum sab mere ghar pe ruko?
Everyone xcept Kriyaansh :ha hum rukenge'
Sharon: arey humaare Kriyaansh ko ye idea pasand nhi aaya kya??
Rey and Kriya look at each other and get lost in each others eyes

Everyone: ahem ahem

Sharon: so Rey r u staying? (seriously)
Rey: ofcourse'..
Swayam: Kriya tum meri responsibility ho isliye tumhe yaha rehna hi padega'.
Rey glared at Swayam while Swayam smirked'
Kriya: ok..

Everyone: yay lets njoy guyz..
everyone hooted..

All were sitting in the hall chatting, playing games, enjoying..

Frstly lemme xplain u their sitting arrangement.
it was like all wre sitting with their partners as they all were official couples..
they were sitting on floor with lots of cushions and the circle started with Kriya, Swayam, Sharon, Vicky, neha, vishakha, bharat, amar, rinni, simmi nilesh and circle ended with Rey means Rey and Kriya were sitting together'
hope u all got it

Everyone was enjoying the fullest Kriya and rey were talking to everyone xcept each other'
now everyone noticed ki kriyaansh sabse baat kr rhe hai bt unhone ek doosre se ek baar bhi baat nhi ki'
Swayam: guyz I think hum logo ko ab sona chahiye
Simmi: ha mujhe bhi boht neend aa rhi hai c'mon grls sone chale.
Swayam: ha theek hai mai tum sab ko tumhaare rooms dikhaata hoo
Swayam took all grls with him leaving boys.

Swayam showed rooms to every girl and they went to sleep at last Krisha were left.
Swayam: tum dono ka room ye hai..
Krisha: hmm
Sharon: entering the room
bye swayam..
Swaron wanted to talk to each other but coz they knew if they talked here in front of Kriya then she will tease them a lot..
Swayam: (unwillingly)  bye Kriya. Bye Sharon'
Kriya: man mein to tum dono meko gaaliyaan de rhe hoge na ki mai tum dono ke beech kabab mein haddi ki tarah yaha khadi hoo
ab tum dono jaao yaha se Sharon mai is room mein akeli rahoongi tum dono jaao aur baatein kro..
Sharon: pari tum gussa kyu ho rhi ho..
Kriya: Pari??????
Sharon: ha pari'kyu tumhe acha nhi laga???*angry pout*
Kriya: luv u cutiepie..
Sharon: yay me cutiepie'
Kriya:ab dono jaao
Swayam: Kriya jst a me ur arm..
bandage change kr doo c'mon
Kriya: nhi Swayam mai khud krloongi
Swayam didn't agreed with her he kept on saying that he'll change it while Kriya kept on saying that she'll do it herself.
Finally Kriya won and Swaron lost..
Kriya: go guyz and mujhe sona bhi hai''
Swaron left and Kriya closed the door..

Swaron in hall
Swayam:C'mon guyz tum logo ko bhi room dikha doo
Swayam showed them  their rooms..and boys went to sleep in their respective rooms..
Swaron went out for a walk'
Here Rey was continuously pacing to and fro'

Rey's pov
mujhe apni baatcutter se milna hai. Universe ji plzz help kro na. ab yaha baatcutter kaunse room mein hogi mai use kaise dhoondhoo aur agar kisi ne pakad liya to'.
UNIVERSE JI plzz help me' mai use milna chahta hoo, I wanna hug her, I wanna love her..
wo itni mushkil mein thi aur maine use trust nhi kiya'uski baatein aise hi maan li'
aur Kriya ki arm, wo chot, hey universe ji how can I frgt use banage lgaani hai
rey u r such a dumbo'
ab mai kya kroo

***************pov ended******************

Rey was roaming here and there when he passed in front of Kriya's room..while passing he felt her presence..he smelled her fragrance in the air
Rey: yay finally baatcutter mil gyi baatcutter isi room mein hai I knw..
yahi mauka hai c'mon rey get to work'

Rey enterd the room tiptoed and saw his baatcutter standing near the window staring at the moon..
he so wanted his baatcutter at that moment bt he had to keep control on himself jst for nw..
he didn't had courage to utter any thing soon he gathered courage and said
She turned in an alarm after hearing her special name given by the most special person of her life..
They were standing far frm each other and Rey was hating that gap b/w them
he moved forward while she also moved forward'
bt soon he realized about her wound and went towards her and held her arm. He made her sit on the bed and sat beside her and changed her bandage..tears were continuously flowing down from their eyes..
Kriya was feeling as she was in heaven when he touched her even Rey was feeling the same.
She was craving for that care, for that affection'
as soon as he completed his work he looked in her eyes and both had an intense eyelock'Rey wiped her tears never breaking their eyelock'.
Kriya did the same she wiped his tears'..both hugged each other with a gr8 force as they'll never let each other go' Their hug was passionate but Rey took care that he don't hurt her arm'
Soon he pulled back but she was in no mood of leaving him'he again hugged her'
none of them was crying they were hugging each other with a smile plastered on their faces'.
nw they pulled back..
but never broke the eyelock'
Kriya: m sorry Rey'''.
Rey: no Kriya, m sorry for not trusting u'maine tumhe ek baar roka tak nhi..i hate myself..
Kriya:sshhh'..aap plz aisa mat boliye for me u r the perfect person I've ever met..

Both smiled at this and hugged each other...
they talked abt everything, how much they missed each other, they had their cute fights in b/w they were sitting with Kriya's head on his chest and Rey hugging her possessively'.
almost 2 hrs passed.. he noticed that she was asleep he pulled back and made her lie on the bed and and pecked her cheek andunwillingly left the room..

He came in his room and drifted to sleep thinking about HER'

*********************next morning**********************

Rey got up early he was shocked coz he never woke up this early in his soon he thought of seeing his love..a smile spread on his face'
 Rey: meri baatcutter m coming..
he went towards her room tiptoed and enetered her room. He scanned the whole room and saw bed there he found his love sleeping innocently.
Rey: she's looking damn cute. I can't control myself,' hey universe ji meri help karna'
he went near her and was staring at her she moved in sleep..
Rey (in mind): universe ji aapne ise itna cute kyu bnaaya' god I love her..
soon alarm rang but hey switched it off as fast as he could bt she woke up with the first ring..
She opened her eyes and the first person she found was him. He was sitting beside her staring at her dreamily.
Kriya(hyper mode) (about to shout): Re'.
but before she could complete he kept his palm on her mouth and said her to calm down.
She finally became normal. He pulled his hand
Kriya: (slowly) aap yaha kya kr rhe ho?agar koi aagya to? Agar ksine dekhliya to??
she was continoulsy speaking he wanted to speak bt he knew that she is his baatcutter so she's not gonna stop atlast she stopped
Rey: kyu ab thak gyi BAATCUTTER he stretched the word baatcutter to tease her..
she hit him playfully..
Rey: mai to tumhe yaha gd mrng kehne aaya tha bt tum tomujhe maar rhi ho*angry pout*
Kriya (concerned): zor se laga kya?
Rey: ha.
Kriya: kaha?
Rey: yaha (pointing towards his cheek)
she caressed his cheek with her hand he was jst njoying her touch and playing with her other hand.
she knew that she didn't hit him too hard but she too was njoying the feeling of touching him..
Kriya: ab dard gaya kya?
Rey: haa.
Kriya:(again hyper mode) to ab jaao yaha se koi aa jaayega jaao na Rey' plzz
Rey: nahi jaaoonga'
Kriya: plzz
Rey: no
Kriya: to mai kya karu jisse aap yaha se is room se jaaoge?
Rey: pakka krogi??
Kriya: haan(looking at the door as she was feared if somebody saw them)

Rey: mujhe kiss kro.
Kriya was not paying attention at wat Rey was saying
Kriya: ha ok
Rey was hell shocked as he never expected this from her.
Rey: tum sachi mein?
Kriya:(now looked at him confused) kya sachi mein??
Rey: tum mujhe kiss krogi?
Kriya: wat?maine kab kaha?
Rey: arey abhi to tumne kaha.
She then realized that when she was looking at the door she said yes..
Kriya: nhi wo to maine galati se keh diya. Wo mera dhyaan nhi tha.
Rey: matlab tum meri baat sun hi nhi rhi thi *angry pout*
Kriya: umm woo' umm Rey wo.. mai
Rey: kya wo mai wo mai kar rhi ho? I knw kit um mujhpe dhyaan nhi de rhi thi..
bye m going.
Kriya (in mind) hey universe ji ye maine kya krdiya mai ekdum jhalli hoo
Kriya: Rey sorry mujhe laga tha ki bahar koi aa jaayega isliye maine dhyaan nhi diya.
sorry plzz maaf krdo aage se nhi hoga plzz
Rey: *angry pout* tum mujhse baat mat kro mai jaa raha hoo
Kriya: Rey sorry na plzz maan jaao

Rey: no m going
Kriya: apni Baatcutter ko is baar maaf krdo plzz
Rey on hearing this was so happy he ran and hugged her to which she also responded happily..
Rey: ab mai jaaoo
Kriya: to mai bhi to kabse aapko yahi keh rhi thi
he heard her chuckling..
Rey: very funny'*pout*
rey: pehle maine jo maanga wo to do
Kriya: kya?confused
Rey: btaaoo?
she understood wt he was talking about..

Kriya quickly gave a peck on his cheeks and pushed him out of the room
Rey: haaye baatcutter someday u'll kill me
today is my perfrect morning''.
and he left from there. She smiled at how cute he is'.
She went to washroom to freshen up..and came back after 15 mins.
She changed into a cute frock and came downstairs where everyone was already present.. xcpt Rey.

srry guyzz baaki baad mein 

baad mein edit kroongi

srry for typos didn't rechecked

pms on the way...Big smile



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yayieee m the first person to comment
pata hai m late to unres but sholly kaan pakding

fine ghur mat... update ka review deti hu...

okay Rey Swayam se jealous D'oh hadh hai aur Sharon Kria se... inhe koi samjhao besties hai dono ek statement se jealousy... but haye they wud b luking damn cute like that...

gaming n all phir bhi kr not talking... ufff

yeah finally Kr mil gaye n their sweet si morning

too good update

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lo me aa gyi

helo kamini

kesi hai???Big smile

i knw i knw me supr late here

bt u knw na my study tour or yeh study arhh n upar se me supr lazy

ohk ohk me apna bakwas yahi band karti hun n update me ati hun,,,LOLLOL

tera update umm



cmt karna jaruri hai kya u toh knw i luv ur work meri kamini hai update v mast hi hogaBig smileBig smile
ok nw update it was supr dupr rocking update

fnly dat chudail taani ko dhake mar ke nikal diya yayy

hhh swayumm crying 4 dat stupid naaniDeadDead
bt kriya ne use smajha liya hw cuteBig smileBig smile
i jst luv kriyum boning

n sharey burning wit jealous 
n upar se rinni ka statement was really funnyROFLROFL,,,,i m loving dis prtBig smileBig smile
it was fabulousClapClapClap,,,,,ab chal update nxt prt mujhe padhna hai ageBig smile
phew fnly cmplt
chaL me ab yahan se bhagin

bye bye meri kamini

luv u alot,,,muha

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Originally posted by cherrydrops2

Big smile

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me phir se late mommyCry

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