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The Gift Is Yours, Surprise - Mine! (Page 4)

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Awesome lovely !!! loved ur rakhi spl post ...beautiful

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Loved it Smile
Beautiful Rakhi VM Smile
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What a nice pic update yaar thanx dear
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so beautiful love itHug

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Gr8 post...khuhsi only knows how to make others happy...that makes her happy :)))
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loved the rakhi was special in every possible way...Smile IF-Sizzlerz

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Very this song.
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Can I have a moment of self-indulgence? I told you so moment ... Lekin mera kaun
sunta hai ...? Bus gaye dadi ko gaali dene ... This is probably one of the defining moments in the life of ArnavSingh Raizada and for Barun as an actor... It was a homerun, he simply rocked ...
Dadi brought the deepest emotions out of him ... .Love and respect for his wife ... . Today he saw and felt what his wife was suffering all these months & stood up to the forces against her... Today he was a true husband, a true protector... It was a true clash of titans...What ASR neededwas someone to challenge him...Nani always did it but she did not demand respect; she got it pyaar se, haq se. But dadi demanded respect zabardasti se, rishte se aur umar se...Big difference...When someone hurts a dear one ASR rises...
Nani was another one who had a fabulous day, she was exceptional. First the gentle soul, then a friend who had tough questions and a grandmother who was proud of her grandson ... .She raised him well ... T oday we saw nani's grandson, a Malik by birth but a Raizada at heart ... The one who challenged Dadi's ill-treatment of his wife, her no show in their lives ... He was a true protector today of Khushi and nani's belief system ... Nani had the right questions for dadi & he had the right answers for dadi's questions ... .
One look at dadi, the past haunted him ... that fateful night when their world came crashing...His sisters dreams shattered... and a family ruined...
Dadi abandoned them never to be seen. She was back and the love and respect for dadi ha d n't changed... He was still the boy she had met 14 yearsago... He forgot all about the past & was in her arms like they had never missed a beat... He had tried very hardto keep her in their lives and he was willing to forgive her for her absence and just enjoy in the moment with his sis looking on...There was the hunger, to be loved and accepted by his grandmother... But Dadi does the unthinkable, she doesn't accept his love, his marriage...If only dadi knew how much it meant to him...
Beautiful reunion, but not quite...
Khushi quietly walks in after being rejected by his grandmother ... ..He silently heard her blaming herself, like all the other times, he was stoic ... .Not a word or an expression on his face ... .Little did she know he had a soul searching moment ... .A man whothought he was always right now was questioning his own decisions ... .
A soul searching moment ... ..
A shattered girl quietly walks and contemplates over the happenings, tears flowing ... .Yet again, she is being tested for no fault of hers ... . Maybe she didn't say or do the right things, maybe she just didn't like her or maybe it is the wedding ... .Like all other times, she would be blamed again ... .. Still fresh from the accusations not so long ago ... .Her husband blamed her for all the wrongs in his sisters life ... .Maybe, just maybe this is her fault too ... ..
Tumari ko yi galthi nahi thi, meine tumhe majboor kiya shaadi ke liye...
One quiet look at her and he realizes she is down that slippery slope again... He quietly looks at her holding on to her chin with all the love ... .He sits by her & looks her straight in the eye, almost asking her for forgiveness ... ..He assures her, it's his dadi. Yes, a Malik trait again ... ..
She couldn't believe what she just heard, there was a look of surprise, joy ... .A sense of gratefulness, finally he accepted she was innocent ... Nothing else mattered ... .She was once again the fierce protective wife ... .Always giving, always caring ... .sheforgot that she was hurting, instead she rushes to his aid ... ..What is that he was hiding from her? She wants toshare his grief, his anger; his disappointment ... .She is there for him ... .Once again he shuts her out ... .
Kabhi kabhi humein lagtha hai ki hum aapke bohat kareeb hai, aur kabhi aisa lagtha hai hum bilkul ajnabi hai... Th e girl will not rest untilshe gets to the bottom of it ... .She will now be his friend, his wife and his soul mate ...
Clash of friends...
Nani was gentle, ever so loving but one little allegation from her friend she jumps to Chote's defense. She was the fierce tigress guarding her cubs. Where was she all this time? Why did choose to distance herself? They were her grand kids too , her family ... .Why was she here now?
Clash of titans...
Arnav Singh Raizada never hesitates to confront any situation head on ... . He never shied away from his responsibility ... . T onight he was no different ... .He wasn't going to let nani fight his battle ... . He was the one who chose to marry secretly ... .A dadi who was missing for most of hisadulthood was now questioning his judgment and comparing him to his dad ... .He has never liked it when people associated him with his father& dadi touched that raw nerve ... .
Dadi, shaayad apne teek se suna nahin,iss ghar mein unke baare mein
baat karna mujhe p asand nahi hai...
Khushi walks in assuming all will be fine if she just apologizes ... .So much innocence...The yearning to be loved and respected drives her ... .Dadi stops her at the door ... .Arnav Singh Raizada this time stands by his wife ... .
Jahan meri patni ke liye jagah nahi hai, mujhe nahi lagtha waha meri koyi zaroorat hai ... A proud nani looking on ...
The bakri had walked into the den alright, but the sher was her protector ... .He had never made any vows on that night they married but today he stayed true to those vows ... .Khushi's emotions were beautiful ... .She knew she had found her soul mate, a man who would love, respect& cherish her ... .She looks at him withgreat love, her unconditional love finally won ...
Today she found love ... she found trust...she foun d remorse ...she foun d respect in her husband's eyes ... . A wife who truly loves her husband, will she want anything more?
Do they really a need to say their vows to stay true to each other? He proved marriage is more than just social acceptance... . A defining moment for Arnav Singh Raizada...Marriage is truly a union of souls..Thank you soo much for your comments and likes. i have read each and every comment. luv u all
I have made a group in FB, so that you all can get quick notification of updates and we all can know each other better. If you want, add me there
My FB Group
"Stop it yaar, now you both are acting as if I am a joker. Please, don't move from here. Don't talkto anyone. I will go and arrange for the taxi."
NK asked them to wait and wentto get the taxi but poor soul hadno idea that they would never listen to him.
It was getting impossible for Khushi to wait until she could ask Pooja about this newly found information.
"Why it feels so good when someone kisses you?" She asked innocently, knotting her dupata and Pooja felt like ground is slipping under her feet.
"What? How do you know? Did.. I mean did someone kiss you?" Pooja asked flabbergasted and then Beejee's face zoomed in front of her eyes and she prayed that nothing of that sort would have happened with Khushi.
Khushi glanced at her in confusion. It was clearly evident from Pooja's reaction that kissing someone was really unscrupulous and immoral. She had a feeling that Pooja wouldn't be able to understand her.
"No!" She said, shaking her head in fear.
"But is it bad to kiss someone? I know it's immoral but what if you also want to be kissed in return? I mean, I don't know how to put in words." She tried to explain her.
Pooja didn't know how to answer. But one thing was sure that if beeje came to know that she has told Khushi something out of the way, she would sure kill her.
Somewhere, even Pooja was scared now. Maybe they had made a grave mistake by sneaking out. But atleast she had one relief that even if they would get caught here, she won't be solely blamed. But if beeje get to know about all this,then she will surely know it's none other than Pooja so she tried her best, not to divulge into the details and corrupt her innocent mind.
"Hmm, yeah it's bad to kiss someone." Pooja said.
"Did you see that scene in the movie, where they kissed each other?" Khushi probed further.
"Yeah, yeah, I know but look, they both were on love with each other, in that movie. But please never even think like that.Just keep one thing in mind, never kiss a guy." Pooja paused and then continued
"You know, these guys can easilymake a fool out of you. They kissyou and do whatever they want and then they leave you, when you get pregnant."
Khushi looked at her with horrified expressions, hovering over her face.
"What? You become pregnant if you kiss? Pooja, do you think I am a fool? You are mistaken. You don't get pregnant by merely kissing someone."
She didn't know much but at least she knew that a girl can't get pregnant just by kissing.
"Yeah, you don't get pregnant by kissing someone. For that youhave to.. I mean.." Pooja clarified.
Kahan phas gayi mai. Pooja thought and continued.
"For that you have to." she didn't know how to put it in words and then again Beeje's face appeared in her mind and she decided to keep her mouth shut.
"Yeah, I know, for that you have to sleep with someone." Khushi casually completed her sentence.
"Yeah, right," Pooja confirmed Khushi's analysis happily, although she knew that Khushi meant sleeping in the most plutonic sense. All khushi knew was a boy and girl had to sleep together and she took that termtoo literal.
"You wait here. I will look for NK." Pooja decided to run away from this dangerous situation.
"No yaar, NK has specifically asked us to stay here." Khushi tried to stop her.
"I will be back in a minute." But Pooja dashed from there to look for NK.
(galz plz do play this song if you want to get real feel of the song..)
Aye ajnabi tu bhi kabhi aawaaz de kahin se
Hey stranger, you're calling out from somewhere too.
Aye ajnabi tu bhi kabhi aawaaz de kahin se
Hey stranger, you're calling out from somewhere too.
Main yahan tukdon mein jee raha hoon
I'm living here in pieces --
Main yahan tukdon mein jee raha hoon
I'm living here in pieces --
Tu kahin tukdone mein jeen rahi hai
somewhere you're living in pieces, too
Arnav just walked out of the house in frustration, totally unaware where he was actually heading.
That girl was driving him insane.Her innocent face, her deep eyes,and her luscious lips, everything was tormenting him. He desperately wanted to forget her.
But those eyes were chasing him. One small part within him wanted to see that stranger once again or wanted to hear her once.
But another dominant part wanted to erase even the slightest trace of her memory, off his mind. He didn't know who she was and where she was right now.
Yes, she was a stranger but yet she seemed to be so familiar.
Roz roz resham si hawa aate jaate kehti hai bataEach day, as it comes and goes, the silken wind says, "Tell me!"
Resham si hawa kehti hai bata
The silken wind says, "Tell me!"
Vo jo doodh dhuli masoom kali
The one who is like a pale, innocent flowerbud --
Vo hai kahan kahan hai
that girl, where, where is she?
Vo roshni kahan hai vo jaansi kahan hai
Where is her light? The one who is my very life - where is she?
Main adhoora tu adhoori jee rahein hain
I am incomplete, and you're onlyhalf-alive.
It was dark and it seemed that sky would pour at any moment. Cold breeze blew again, reminding him of that innocent angel.
Khushi was standing there whensomeone jerked her towards him.
" Wow rani.. Waiting for someone? How much would youcharge?" She tried to free her hand but failed. He was totally out of his senses as he was drunk.
"Leave me, you idiot." She again tried to free her hand.
"NK!" She screamed.
The person loosened his grip, to see if anyone was with her. She took advantage of the loose gripand pushed him with full force and ran from there.
Aye ajnabi tu bhi kabhi aawaaz de kahin se
Hey stranger, you're calling out from somewhere too.
Aye ajnabi tu bhi kabhi aawaaz de kahin se
Hey stranger, you're calling out from somewhere too.
Main yahan tukdon mein jee raha hoon
I'm living here in pieces --
Main yahan tukdon mein jee raha hoon
I'm living here in pieces --
Tu kahin tukdone mein jeen rahi hai
somewhere you're living in pieces, too
Tu to nahin hai lekin teri muskurahatein hain
You're not here, but your smile is.
Chehra nahin hai par teri aahatein hain
Your face is nowhere to be found, but the sound of your footsteps are.
She glanced back to ensure if he was following her, when she bumped into a rock hard chest. She closed her eyes and the warmth and the smell seemed to be so familiar.
It was the same masculine smell, which was drugging her again. It was him. She could tell even when her eyes were closed.
Thunder bolted on the sky and rain started pouring heavily. She hugged him tightly.
She could tell the difference. Thisvery person forcefully kissed her yesterday but even then it felt sosecure to be near him. Whereas the person who had held her hand. His touch was so disgusting and repulsive for her.
But here, she wanted to hide herself in him. The feeling that he was passing through that simple hug was indescribable.
Khushi hugged him as tightly as possible. She inhaled deeply in his chest to get feel of his scent once more.
All Arnav knew was that he was walking on that road, when someone bumped into him. He couldn't see the face but he knew it was her. It was his angel, same angel whom he hadkissed yesterday.
Her warmth, her scent, her softness, he was unable to take anything out of his mind since yesterday. He could still feel her lips and the moment she hugged him, ripples of pleasure, coursed through his body.
Gush of heavy wind blew, bringing more rain with it. They both stood there in the rain, while she was hugging him.
Tu hai kahan kahan hai
Where are you, where?
Tera nishaan kahan hai
Where is there a sign of you,
Mera jahan kahan hai
Where is there a sign of you,
Main adhoora tu adhoori jee rahein hain
I'm incomplete, and you're only half-alive.
Aye ajnabi tu bhi kabhi aawaaz de kahin se
Hey stranger, you're calling out from somewhere too.
Aye ajnabi tu bhi kabhi aawaaz de kahin se
Hey stranger, you're calling out from somewhere too.
Main yahan tukdon mein jee raha hoon
I'm living here in pieces --
Main yahan tukdon mein jee raha hoon
I'm living here in pieces --
Tu kahin tukdone mein jeen rahi hai
somewhere you're living in pieces, too
He never wanted her, to cross his path again. But then why was this happening? She was again their on his way unwantedly and unexpectedly.
No, I don't want this. I can control so many people easily, then why can't I control this damn feeling within me? why?
Arnav Singh Raizada can be anything, but he can't be weak. Idon't care about anyone, ANYONE, and who this girl is? I don't even know her. He graspedher shoulder and pushed her back to maintain the distance between them.
Her eyes, there was so much worry and panic in those eyes. These eyes didn't deserve this panic or worry. No, it's not for these eyes. He thought but cursed himself again for thinking like that.
"That," She said, pointing at the empty space. "He is after me."
He gazed into her eyes again. The panic and worry had been replaced by hope. She knew thathe would save her. She trusted him.
That trust pierced him. He could not afford to have that trust. Not at all..
"Go to hell!" he barked.
She looked at him flabbergasted.
"How the hell you can assume that I would care who is after you? It's none of my business. I am not your body guard, understand?"
Her eyes welled up at his rude words.
"Nobody talks to me so rudely." She complained.
"I am not nobody' , I am Arnav Singh Raizada and ASR does what he wants.
If you are not used to this way, then it's not my problem."
She was a born princess. All her life, she had seen people, following her orders and here a stranger was insulting her, with his rude words. It was unacceptable.
"Shut up! Shut up! How dare you talk to me like that?"
She raised his hand to hit him onhis chest but he grabbed her hands.
"Don't ever shout at me." He warned her.
"It doesn't make any difference to you, that someone is chasing me? haan?" She asked him.
Even she didn't know what she was doing, she trusted a stranger and was expecting thathe would take care of her, he would save her.
Her innocent eyes were filled with so many expressions. He wanted to hug her and tell her that everything would be alright. He wanted to tell her, that he was there with her, but he couldn't.
These conflicting emotions weredriving him insane. He was seething in anger. He increased the pressure on her wrists.
"Leave my hands. How dare you hurt me?"
"Just keep quit." He shouted, without leaving her wrists.
"Oh, just shut up" She yelled in pain because the pressure of his hands on her wrist was hurting her.
"I said, DON'T ever SHOUT AT ME." He repeated again.
"What will you do? I will shout, it's my will. Why would I listen to a person who doesn't even care about me?" Her words annoyed him and he couldn't let her speak further.
He left her hands and held her waist, bringing her closer to himself. She looked at him. It seemed that he wanted to repeat the last night again.
"Don't shout," He warned her.
"Or else?" She asked him innocently, yet in a low tone that seemed seducing to his ears.
"Else," He said, gazing at her lushlips. He again felt his throat tightening in desire and withoutthe second thought. He again slammed his lips on her.
She was again drowning in him. His hands were roaming on her back, bringing her closer while he was angrily kissing her. She was unable to respond. She didn't know how to kiss him back. She just let him do, what he wanted.
He kissed her harshly first but then started kissing her slowly. His one hand supported her nape, to adjust her properly so that he could deepen the kiss.
He wanted her to respond. He wanted to experience that feeling so badly. When she didn't respond, he nibbled her lip in frustration, making it bleed.
"Khushi, Khushi,". She got awareof her surroundings, when NK's voice hit her ear.
He was kissing her fervently. He was way too lost right now. The temptation was so strong that he was violently pressing her waist with his body, nearly digging his nail into her slender waist.
She pushed him and this single push was enough to make him realize what he was doing. He left her abruptly.
" Khushi!" Now the voice seemedto be coming from near.
He brushed his hands in his hair and turned around, to vanish again into the darkness, leaving her alone with this new temptation.
yeh mujhe kya ho raha hain
mera apne aap pe kabo kho raha
ek hi baar use mil ke
dobara milne ki tamanna hain
mera dil mujh se hi
bewafa ho raha hain
mein kya karoo is dil ka
jo baar us ko soch raha hain
kitne maine wada kiye
apne dil ko band rakhne ke
par use ek baar dekh kar
mera dil ko woh sab bhool gaye
uski masoomiyat ne
mere dil ko aise dharkaya
ke mein sab kuch bhool kar
us ke phir kareeb hua
(Poem by Jasraj123)
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