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Arhi FF: Kalarikkal House-2 [Thread 3 link posted]

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 8:54pm | IP Logged

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material (the entire FF in whole or in parts) without express and written permission from this author is strictly prohibited.


Hello lovely readers,

Firstly, thank you for stopping by to check out this FF/SS.  If it's to your liking, please do stay and contribute (we are a talkative bunch), but if not to your liking, well... (you know what to do J).

I have been writing FFs for a bit now, and I have realized that there are some ' shall we call them 'suggestions' ' that are good to put forth and get out of the way so that we can make this experience as enjoyable as possible for all of us.  Admittedly, many of these are to make this easier for me ;), but I do hope you can cooperate.   

Onto the Suggestions:

A)    Please Do Not ask for longer chapters.  At times I write 5 pages, at times I write three paragraphs, but usually they average to about 2-3 pages per update.  I update at least once a week (for some of my stories, more often), so hopefully this will not pose a problem.

B)     Please Do Not ask for specific scenes (i.e., More scenes on couples that you like!).  I have tried to be the sort of writer who accedes to such wishes, but have found out the distressing truth that I am not (alas!).  So, I request you to refrain and let me tell the story as I wish.   

C)    Please Do Not ask for updates if you do not comment other than to say, "Update please!"

D) And lastly, I have to address the growing number of buddy requests.  While I am flattered and thankful, the PM-ing is a bit of a torture for me as I can only do 20 at a time and I have 4 ongoing stories.   Thus, I have decided to do the following. 

- I will only accept buddy requests from readers who have commented (read comment, not like) at least three times on any of my threads. 

- I will delete readers from my list who have stopped commenting for a month or more as I will assume that you have stopped reading my stories and do not wish to be bothered with PMs. 

- There are a few readers who offer their comments via PM to me; while I quite enjoy your feedback, I request you to post it on the thread itself, as my PM box tends to become crowded as is.

 Even though it doesn't seem like it at times, I do read every single one of your comments and cherish them.  I show my gratitude by usually updating more often than to leave a note saying 'Thank you".  I hope you will take that manner of Thanks instead of my "Thank you's" anyways J

Lastly, I do encourage you to comment.  In the past, the best FF threads I have had (i.e. REEL, The Oldest Story, Love and Despair, Eden) have all had healthy and prolific discussions on the characters, situations, and the like with my readers becoming quite friendly with each other; they have become something of a reader group that travel together, I have noticed, even checking in when a key member is missing for a few days.  That sort of camaraderie and engagement is the greatest muse for a writer and the best reward as well. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this long(a$$) intro.


And now, a warm welcome aboard,




Hello Everyone,

  This is a short series (Edit: 8/3/12: It turns out that I don't know how to write SHORT stories!!!  It's now 17 chapters and I have not even covered a whole day!!) based on IPKKND.   The setting is a bit different from the show, but the characters of Arnav and Khushi are still somewhat similar to that of the show (Arnav more so than Khushi). 



Chapter 1  - In An Unknown Land

Chapter 2 - Kalarikkal House

Chapter 3 - The Condition

Chapter 4 - What Do You Know of Us Anyway?

Chapter 5 - Murderous Witch

Chapter 6 - Violence Begets Violence

Chapter 7 - Ruminations

Chapter 8 - Stillness

Chapter 9 - Umikiri

Chapter 10 - The Incident at the Pond

Chapter 11 - Kashi Chechy is a... Puli

Chapter 12 - Nalan's Lie

Chapter 13 - A True Disappointment

Chapter 14: You Owe Me

Chapter 15: What More Could I Want?

Chapter 16: A Memory of Something That Never Was...

Chapter 17: Shivan

Chapter 18: Shavathaalam

Chapter 19: Two and Two

Thread 2

Chapter 20: Sorceress

Chapter 21: Doppelganger

Chapter 22: Man-eaters

Chapter 23: Another Dawn

Chapter 24: About Last Night

Chapter 25: En Manamurukum...

Chapter 26: The Lion Cub

Chapter 27: Air

Chapter 28: Straight Talk

Chapter 29: Chamber of Secrets

Chapter 30: Navarasas

Chapter 31: Brothers and Sisters

Chapter 32: Acid

Chapter 33: Public Enemy

Thread 3

Picture Gallery







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-publicenemy- Senior Member

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 8:55pm | IP Logged


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Thumbs Up Congratulations on the new thread ... may you start many new threads for this story ... turning it from an SS into a mommoth of a FF  LOL 
 "Love is a grand tragedy - There are enough tragedies to be had loving those you can't help but love.  I have never particularly felt the compunction to add another layer of complication to my life by loving someone new."
Arnav's outburst was more like he was trying to convince himself that her outlook to life is wrong ...
They have barely met , it is not even twenty four hours since but there seems to be a connect somewhere ... she has touched a raw nerve in him ... and he has realised her total vulnerbility towards life ... it seems that she has reclined herself to the fate that awaits her ... like her grand aunt ...
Devi this chapter is too deep and intense ... have already read it at least half a dozen times and am not able to find the right words to comment ... cant just comment for the heck of it ... it would be insulting your beautiful and indepth writing ...
Mangal Dosha can be nullified if you marry a person with the same Dosha ...
(Aishwarya Rai too has this Dosh but Abhishek does not ... so they went through a whole lot of Pujas to nulify the effects of this Dosh )

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daljeet IF-Dazzler

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wow so tht is it.hmm,but i really fear for kashi's what raizada cans she save herself from tht pitiful fate.i mean she has thot abt it n she has found out her saviour in shivan.but but like arnav said,if she has to take more courage to live it up what all she wud hv to face n how is she going to save ehrself from the fate arnav explained.hmm!

kashi is a very bright girl,must say.

arnav is more sensible n sensitive in this story,atleast to a certain level.

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Congrats on the new thread!

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serialwatcher16 IF-Rockerz

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The like seems too meagre and minuscule as an acknowledgement of your effort on this update.

I had to read it five times and slowly, not the usual speed reading that I do to really understand the feelings behind kashi's words.

I love kashi but after this update I also acknowledge the entry and place for arnav in kashi's life. He symbolises that one person to whom she can just be herself, whether evil or good, not what she s expected to be as in terms of the 'people you have to love'. 

Star Update.

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aparnasvj Senior Member

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
I must say magical update.. I loved both chapters-19 n 20.. Bt shavathalam thrilled me..

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mak3mesmile Senior Member

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This is my favorite chapter. I have no more to say besides the fact that you're an awesome writer. Nuff said...

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