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IP Redux; Nemesis !!! Third thread (Page 66)

shivikrocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by doodleberry

Originally posted by sree07

Originally posted by doodleberry

Heelloosss Hug

Shall I cry or laugh that my Laptop is back in action ??? LOL

Cry *tears of happiness
I caught up with your 2.5 week old analysis es in the last weekend
jaddo ki jappe...Heart

As of now you are my BFF in reduxHug

You elevated my shyamu's status from a mere skirt-chaser to a cunning master-planner who is in the game for revenge.Day Dreaming

What do you want in return?

Just give me a BIG SMILE of yours ... Bas humhein aur kuch nehin chahiye ... Big smile

Hi Doods and Sree happy Friendship dayBig smile..Doods your analysis was just fantasticClap

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Cheena007 Goldie

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sarra0

Originally posted by Cheena007

Originally posted by sarra0

HugMorning allHug

Hi sarraBig smileGood morning ! this is cheena , we never spoke before , where are you from ?

Hi Cheena, I'm 4rm England, how bout u? Im on my way to work so goin to b in and out

 Oh its Ok ,I am from Delhi ..nice meeting you .

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sree07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pals13

Originally posted by sree07

Originally posted by doodleberry

Heelloosss Hug

Shall I cry or laugh that my Laptop is back in action ??? LOL

Cry *tears of happiness
I caught up with your 2.5 week old analysis es in the last weekend
jaddo ki jappe...Heart

As of now you are my BFF in reduxHug

You elevated my shyamu's status from a mere skirt-chaser to a cunning master-planner who is in the game for revenge.Day Dreaming

What do you want in return?


Sree,@Red: i had the same expressions as Khushi has in ur DP

he he know doods called my shyamu a skirt chaser thrice in her earlier analysis.
Doodlewa... ya i kept note...Wink

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riyya6 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:15am | IP Logged
doos: ur analysis... Thumbs Up... Ur genius...LOL
 to tell u the truth, one time  did not understand... after many many times i understood... the post... LOL
A Heartfelt thanks for writing... We begin to see deeper on each episode...Thank you doods...Tongue

Edited by riyya6 - 06 August 2012 at 12:18am

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clarissajohn IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by doodleberry

Heelloosss Hug

Shall I cry or laugh that my Laptop is back in action ??? LOL

Happy friendship day and thanks you for that wonderful post


Don't feel that after you told all ramayan im asking who is sithaLOLLOLLOL


I have Q


How khushi is responsible for arnavs past . im still in confusion in this part

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abavi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nancynair

Good Morning lovely ladies and Naresh,

Below is my version of the past, please let me know your thoughts.Smile

ASR s father had illicit affair with low class lady. ASR's moms Mu  bola Buaji s   daughter.

(Story recounted twice to Buaji and Dr)

The lady conceived, could not abort, went away.

(Anjali wanting to do away with her baby)

She wanted to commit suicide,   came in front of Khushi's parents car, miscarried, lived but caused death of Khushi's parents.

Khushi came in front of ASR's car when she agreed to come back to RM, almost got run over

As she was ill, brought back by ASRs dad to Sheeshmahal, but she turned   bitter like Anjali after Shyams ouster.

(Khushi in plaster, forced by ASR to return to RM)

The lady felt like a intruder in the family home, and resented the life of ASR's mom and dad and children, could not take it that everyone was happy and celebrating (   Wedding of the daughter- Anjali) when she was mourning her babies.

( Anjali's reaction to Khush's Birthday and Arnav and Khushi spending time together)

On the night of Anjali's marriage she pulled the trigger, on ASRs dad, mom died as she came to save her husband. Dad committed suicide.

Lady jailed.-Life term 14 years

Present day in the life of the Raizadas,

Chaachaji took over and threw children out.

Daadi left for ashram.

Nice prediction..  
But why do you think the lady miscarried?
and Arnav's mom sacrificing and Dad commiting suicide.. is little difficult to believe with Arnav's screaming Ma.. everytime he thinks of past... He doesnt think of his Dad..
Also- I thought it was in the genes for Anjali when she tried to hurt herself to get rid of the baby... maybe she inherited that gene from her mom... sensitive and haste!

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JRia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by abavi

Originally posted by riyya6

Originally posted by abavi

Doods- that was one breath taking deduction!  Subhadra - chakravyuh- Abhimanyu- Oh my My Clap So the nemesis is one strong willed lady who took 14 years to prepare her army! waiting for the battle!
Dadi has come to Shantivan.. to prepare this side for the battle perhaps... Wonder who will blow the conch to start the war!
Tants- Was refreshing to read your Analysis after a break! Agreed we are watching Kushi transforming into a Woman! and Clap for connecting why Arnav hates Middle class girls!
Bushy- I am missing your Humor punch girl! Why so serious? is it because darkness is around the corner for the Raizadas and Raizada turned Maliks?
Pooja thal connection from teej was good- waiting to see how it blooms!
Anna- yeah girl! the epi was so touching with these two making up for all the days wasted and now when they want to make a move- another interupption knocks the door in form of dadima...
Shreya- nice points! 1LOL, 2 - rolling eyes, 3, 4,5,6Embarrassed, 7- MIGBlushing, 8- D'oh, 9-Wink,10- D'oh, 11-Smile
Nia- Loved your Post! and the inbetween thoughts as well
Finally completed  typing my Analysis...
Anjarai Petti!
Parthathil Nonthathu- D'oh
 Kushi goes in search of Anjali herself- I fail to understand why she feels she shouldnt tell anyone... it is not as if Anjali has gone missing again.. probably Anjali has gone for a walk informing someone in the family right? Maybe Kushi likes to play Scotland yard a lot...Ok.. she finds her outside talking to someone who is not shown... She is happy finding her... and brings her home.. She is a little curious who was entertaining Anjali or rather who was listening to Anjali's rona dhona talk all this while but is not that successful and reaches home with Anji baby.
- For some reason she is very happy no one found out that Anjali was missing.- Yo girl she was just outside the gates...You treat her as if she is a mentally imbalanced person who was not supposed to be let out of the house... And by the way why are you feeling suddenly all cheerful cheerful talking to Arnav? Did I miss an episode? Last time I saw you were fighting with him over not coming back to RM and that guy finally threatened to release the marraige tenure secret to your family to bring you back... Some continuity I see!
-Did you all notice a shadow passing after Kushi turns back? Shyamu lurking behind?
Parthathil Pidithathu- Thumbs Up
Arnav waits for  Kushi's arrival, fears if the girl has run away again... haha.. dude how long before you get out of this fear that your wife has run away... there she is actually in fear that your sister has run away... relay run?  Ok, now he finds her finally and brings her back to the room... gets all mushy mushy - riling her up about the stupid Kurta idea and she spills that it was her idea in the first place... And then surprises her with gifts- each one she opens, she finds it is her kind of gift.. what she likes... Finally Her hubby succeeds in bringing that smile in her face without forcing her for one! and then comes the beautiful scene - an apology silently asked- and silently accepted... Loved the expressions of the actors here... All the while when Kushi was opening the other gifts, Arnav was amused, smiling and chuckling and when it came to the string of pearls, the expressions changed to a more sober serious one, little anxious, little pleading... Kushi who was laughing and jumping like a little child for the rest of the gift, becomes a little surprised to see a jewelery box, Opens it to find a string of pearls.. and drops of pearl flow down her own cheeks, letting him know equally silently that his apology, his wow to keep her safe is all accepted! -then a Hug of Acceptance by both of them to seal the promise of love!

Parthathil  Rasithathu- Embarrassed
Kushi comes to make peace with Anjali- who is in search of her lost love- her pooja thal and hands over the thal along with a bunch of roses from her husband's garden which Anjali accepts with thanks...Kushi starts to make a convo about the past two three weeks but promptly stopped by Anjali who tells her that she wants to give everything a new start- Is this a hint that the lady has accepted her Husband's fault and now wants to give him another chance ? Anajli thanks Kushi letting her know that she is aware that Kushi was the one who brought in the new change in Arnav...
I was happy that Anjali caught it.. otherwise there is no point in her being his little mother... She should know who will be able to influence him and she being the little mother- accepts the change in this welcome change and is happy for him...
This proves once again that she has always felt happy for him to get settled with his girl, Whatever she was acting like for the past few weeks were only because of her insecurities!

Parthathil Paravasam- Blushing
Kushi gets up to catch her husband lost in her- his eyes flashing with desire, his dried throat swallowig the lumps of anticipation perhaps about her reaction, She gets uncomfortable noticing the absence of her dupatta that adorns her neck... gets up to cover herself with it, Notices her husband's move towards her and fels the color rising on her cheeks- all the while Arnav's amused smirk is in place- He knows his proximity affects her and basks in the warmth of it and would have advanced to rile her up even more if Nani had not knock their room door this early in the morning.. He leaves her with a comment that their talk is not over yet- A clear warning for the night to come girly- beware of your hubby dear!
Parthathil Viyanthathu- Ermm
Dadi is coming home... Dadi's gone missing and her impending arrival manages to upset Manorama Mami... Mami who is not even scared of her own MiL is scared of her Sis in Law's MiL... while Nani and Arnav goes in search of Missing Dadi who for some reason has denied to come home all these years- the dadi reaches the front door of Shantivan!
- Dadi brings with her a pandora box which will let out the story which happened 14 years back
- Dadi's name is Subhadra devi- Thanks Doods and Tants for the insight into the chakravyuh - Abimanyu connection
- What made Dadi to change her decision and visit her grandson's house after all these years?
- Will Dadi accept her rightful Granddaughter in law- or would she demand a marriage before she can accept the girl? After all this girl is not a Raizada Bahu- she is a Malik Bahu- one who will be giving the next heir to carry on the generation of Maliks.
Vathaluku Thothal- Thumbs Down
- Why is Payal treated like a rug mat? They need not tell her about the past.. But can atleast tell her that they are talking about Arnav's Dadi?
sorry to quote but ur post is Thumbs Up you should be writing daily Smile
Thanks for encouraging me Riya... Will definetely try Hug
Vi Hug
Nice take
Do write often

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Nareshkota Goldie

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by abavi

Originally posted by Nareshkota

Originally posted by tanthya

Originally posted by nivedha84

Originally posted by sarunrocks

Originally posted by tanthya

Originally posted by anurao.66


Maybe Anjali and Kushi's parents were involved in the sme accident. Maybe Shyam started his revenge from then. He was the cause of the accident. Kushii's parnets died and Anjali developed a limp maybe the leg had to be amputated. People suffering with polio as far as i know will be wearing braces with a boot for the polio stricken leg. I feel that is how they are related. 

Then Shyam will adorn a new idendity and woo Anjali and get married to her so that Anjali who developed a comple after her limp will beeternally gratefulll to him.

Another option is Kushi's parents are known to Shyam' sister. But i cant get any connection there. 

Life is too short, Enjoy it too the fullest


Leg was not amputated, Anu..

She wears a corrective Brace !!

How is Khushi related to Anjali's past ??

Could Deedar be one way of it ??

Sathu i don feel there will be any direct link of Khushi with regards to Anji...May be Khushi's parents car would have hit These ppl's car and hence her name is taken...

I also have a thought that we don know how the kids reached the raizadas and how anji got the limp...So may be some child back story in lucknow can come up where Khushi can be unintentionally be the reason for Anji'd disability

Agree with Divya here, i dont think there was any direct link to kKhushi with arnav-Anji Past,apart from the Accident,and we still dont know the reason behind Anji limping,
And i dont think any of Khushi's relarive was bridegrrom for Anji
The marriage ended bcoz someone was shot(it may be Senior Raizada shot himself and his wife died of heart attack witnessing the horror)
we stil dont know what equation dadi share with Anji-Arnav,if she is loving and caring why would she leavve his younger son throw these kids out of seesh mahal.
ok now i have a Q?
Is anyway Garima related to Khushi apat from she married Bauji.Confused

What caused the Accident ??

Deedar >>> Same hometown >>>

I think the story didn't end at accident...

Khushi's parents might have died but no one from her family trid to know the person who killed or what caused the accident that should lead to something..
How about after the accident, Kushi's relatives fighting for justice in front of Sheesh mahal?
A forlorn Kushi reluctantly coming up near a devastated Mrs.Malik asking for her parents... when Arnav watches over... - I want a scene like thisDay Dreaming
Shyam could have chosen Kushi among all other girls knowing this secret! very plausible!

complete bollywood khichidi..

but enjoyable..

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