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ARSHA OS : We are just good friends !!!

a_happy_2000 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
Hi Friends,

Here's an OS on Arsha .. Had been thinking of this from sometime .. now got the time to pen it .. 
Do read it and let me know how's it .. 


"Gadha kahan rah gaya ?" she muttered under her breath ..

I am waiting here from past 1 hour .. "Samajhta kya hai apne aap ko .. mujhe attitude dikha raha hai " .. she was fuming with anger .. she had already drowned 3 cups of coffee .. she had called him atleast 30 times .. but his cell was ringing and he hadn't picked up .. she had messaged him a number of times but all efforts were in vain ..

"Maam .. some of your fans have seen you come in .. would you like me to call them to meet you ?"

"Rakesh .. I have told you so many times , I come here for some private time .. please don't disturb me .. I always call you before I come here so you can usher me from the back door ' so please understand .. " she lost her cool on the 5 star hotel's coffee house manager now ..

"I am sorry .. I will manage "

Why is everyone bound to spoil my mood today .. Today when there is just .. hmm .. I guess some 24 hours left for me to leave this country ..  God !! .. why .. why can't I leave this place in peace .. with a smile .. like how everyone would do that ..  

Why hasn't he showed up yet .. Its 1 AM .. What the hell is he doing ..  

She checked her cell for the umpteenth time .. gave a sigh ' looked out of the window to calm herself ..She saw the road with hardly any traffic  .. the bus stop .. some people still stood waiting for the bus .. maybe for the last bus ..

She recollected around 3 years back ,  how she and Mukti would wait for the bus at that stop and look at this very hotel .. she would say to Mukti  "When I become famous .. I am going to come to his coffee house for midnight snacks, I will sneak out for some personal time .. away from my fans and family .." ..

 She smiled to herself .. how destiny has brought her exactly what she wanted  .. she had lost count of the number of times she had visited this place .. sometimes with friends .. sometimes with her sisters .. and sometimes with herself .. alone .. she had come many a times just to think and relax ..

But, the best time she had spent here was with him ..

Suddenly she felt someone hug her from behind and place a kiss on her shoulder ..

She closed her eyes to feel the touch of his lips on her bare shoulders .. but turned with annoyance in her voice .. "Kunwar .. do you even know for how long I have been waiting for you ?"

"I am so sorry , Shaks .. " he grinned .. his famous boyish grin .. his weapon against my anger .. and yes it always works for him .. it just melts me .. Hell .. why can't I ever be angry on this guy .. come on he made me wait .. me .. Shakti Mohan ..

 "Can't you just give me a call or message to let me know that you would be late ?" I again tried to show some of my fake anger .. but both of us knew that I was acting ..

"You know na Shaks .. we have to keep our cells on silent during the shoot .. I said am sorry ,Baby .. the shoot was till 12 and then after pack up there was a slight discussion on what has to be done tomorrow .. but I made an excuse and ran from the discussion "  .. he ran his fingers thru his silky hair .. a gesture which makes my heart skip a beat ..

Hmm .. fine .. whatever .. I have so less time with him .. and I can't waste that arguing ..

He continued .. "Moreover you give me such a short notice to come to this place .. its difficult for me to manage .. yaar "

I twitched my nose .. trying to show that I understand his situation ..

"This place is near your house .. but almost half an hour drive from the studio .. "

I couldn't take it anymore .. I have not come here to talk all this nonsense .. he has come .. he is 1 hour late .. ok .. chuck it .. now I have less than 24 hours with me .. and I really don't know how much time with him ..

I was responsible for this situation .. I had put my conditions .. he was happy bothways ..

I tried to control my emotions .. but  a tear trickled down .. "I missed you , Kunwar"

He immediately got up from his chair and came and sat next to me .. held me close to his heart .. "I missed you too Shaks .. and I am gonna miss you like hell for the coming 4 months "

I sniffed "Me too "  .. he entwined his fingers in mine and squeezed it ..

He lifted my chin with his index finger .. looked deep in my eyes .. "You want to go on like this ?"

I took some time to understand what he was asking.. " Yes .. As of now I really don't want anyone to know about our relationship .. I know you are hurt by it " .. he placed a finger on my lips ..

"No .. I want you to be happy .. "

I buried my face in his chest .. It felt so peaceful here .. away from every eye .. just him .. his heartbeat .. and me ..

We were in a relation now for more than a year now .. he would have loved to announce it to the world .. but .. it was me .. I wanted to go slow .. I wanted us to achieve our dreams and then share it with everyone .. especially our fans .. am sure they would go just gaga when they hear this .. I wanted this to be my personal moment .. not to be shared with anyone .. as of now ..

I know how you feel .. you want your family and everyone to know about us .. but  Kunwar .. please wait for sometime .. I know I love you very much .. I know you love me .. I guess more than myself .. but I want to keep this between us as of now .. I don't doubt your or my intentions .. but ..I just don't want to go public over it '

He was caressing my hair .. as if he read all my thoughts "I know you are a bit scared of relationships ..  but I assure you .. we will share about us only when you want whom you want and how you want.. "

"Thanks Kunwar .."

"So tomorrow is the flight ..right ? .. All prepared ?"

"Yes .. I am highly excited "

"I love you .. I want you to achieve everything you have set your eyes on "

"You too "

"I have already achieved you " he chuckled ..

Again I felt a pang of guilt .. "We will be able to sail thru this , rite ?"

"Of course .. " he was so confident ..

I felt so good hearing the assurance in his voice .. I looked up and encircled my hands around his neck .. kissed him hard .. he in return showered me with all his love with his fierce kiss ..

"Don't you think we should clear the rumours which are running around me " he asked after a while

"No .. let it be there.. let everyone think what they want to .. you just keep mum .. "

He smiled .. he knew it when he was getting into all this .. he had proposed her .. she had accepted but had frankly told him that she didn't want anyone to know about them.. initially he was a bit doubtful as to why she was so secretive about them  .. does she doubt his feelings towards her .. or her own feelings towards him .. but as time passed by .. he knew she just wanted to enjoy this phase this relation away from public eye .. she didn't want it to be on national television .. just like her every move was shown .. he wanted to enjoy this like a normal girl .. he understood her and respected her decision .. they always met in the nights .. he would just wait for the whole day to get over  just to be with her .. now how would these 4 months pass .. he heaved a sigh  ..

"Can I see you before you board the flight ?" he asked hopefully ..

I just nodded my head in negation ..

" I will call you once I reach .. " she just hugged him tight.. they remained for a long time in each other's arms .. saying some sweet nothings in each other's ears .. they had realised that their "Together" time was always precious .. they always made the most of it and cherished it ..


"Hi Shaks .. what are you doing ? " .. he excitedly spoke on the phone ..

I yawned .. looked at the bedside clock .. 7 AM .. this idiot calls me to ask what am I doing ..

"I am playing cricket "

"Oh great .. what's the score "

"KUNWAR .. just cut the crap and tell me why have you called ?"

"I have come to meet you .. "


"Have you learnt only to shout in NY and nothing else ?"

"Shut up .. are you seriously saying you are in NY ?"

"Yep ..Baby "

"I don't believe you .. where are you ?"

"I am in my hotel .. and I won't meet you until you search me down"

"WTH are you saying ?"

"Yes .. You need to find me .. "  .. "And one more thing.. I have just 3 days with me .. so find me fast "

"What rubbish .. just come down to my apartment "

"No .. "

"Kunwar .. I want to see you .. please "

"Ok .. come to Times Square at 10 am sharp .. then you will know where you can find me .. "

"Kunwar ' I really missed you .. don't do this to me " she said in a soft and low voice

"I missed you too ,Baby .. I know you will find me .. bye" ..

The phone clicked ..

What the hell .. how am I supposed to find this guy on the NY streets .. is he insane ..


At 10 AM Shakti was standing at the times square .. she was looking around just to see if Kunwar was standing somewhere .. just then her cell beeped ..

She saw Kunwar's message  "A place where your mirror image stands next to you , you can touch it but it has no life and soul "

Shakti pondered over the message ..she re-read it .. then ran as if there were springs attached to her shoes ..

She entered Madame Tussads museum .. As it was early Sunday morning ..there were not many people ..she searched for Kunwar .. finally she came to a place where there was the wax statue of one of the best ice skating dancers .. she found Kunwar standing in the corner ..

She literally flew in his arms .. "How did you know that I wanted this  ?" she mumbled '

"I know you want to be so famous that your wax statue would be kept here " he held her tightly in his arms .. took her a bit more in the corner .. and then crushed his mouth over hers ..

"I hope now no one catches us here  .. in this position " .. he just pulled back to breathe in some air ..

"I care a damn .. " she was breathing hard .. but took his lips again in hers ..

After a while .. Kunwar pulled up .. "Lets go out and shoot you for your fans "

I frowned ..

He continued .. "you had told me that your fans want you to speak to them "

"Oh yes .. "


"This is Kunwar Amar .. presenting you Shakti Mohan , the dance diva ,live from NY "

I started laughing .. "Cut that from the video .. ok "

"Ok .. ready "


1 ..2..3.. Go ..

"Hi ' This is Shakti Mohan ..

'. <<The video which is on her FB>>

Love you all .. "

"Impressive "

I smiled ..

"Ok .. Shakti Mohan .. one question which your fans are eager to know .. what do you think of Kunwar Amar ?"

He held his hand if it's a mike .. to her ..

"Hmm .. Kunwar is a sweetheart .. he is an amazing dancer .. amazing actor .. but we are just good friends " she winked at him and blew a flying kiss .. and  burst out laughing seeing him roll his eyes and pout ..



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Zehnaseeb. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 2:03pm | IP Logged

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d3kriyansh Newbie

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
as always awesomeClap

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Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 2:27pm | IP Logged
dil khush kardi tune...

loved it to core...


itna acha laga ki...

chod na 

bata nahi sakti...

i just fell in love with it

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The007Shivani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
aww it is amazing

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GayatriJethani Goldie

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 7:54pm | IP Logged
Awesome os...

just loved it to the core of my heart...

great work Clap

Arsha are so adorable...

keep writing more...

thnx for pm

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..-Chabhilal-.. Goldie

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
Awww cute OS
really love it
Nd loved the story
Thnx 4 da pm

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magical_mania IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 8:34pm | IP Logged
superb work
loved it to the core!!

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