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OS: Just A Kiss

farah53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
OK..So I just couldn't digest the gap between the hug on Rakhi & the morning after. Like all of the fandom, even I had done a lot of speculations as to what might/might not have happened. So here goes my version of what might have happened.Wink

OS: Just A Kiss

Khushi felt Arnav smiling against her neck as she clutched his back with her left hand,while her other hand was still holding on to the pearl necklace. She too smiled through her tears. Laad governor did all this for her! Laad governor gave her a string of pearls!! Not white gold, not platinum... Pearls. Did he know, those beads gathered together with a string wasn't a jewelry, but they were hope for her? Hope that someday, eventually, he would gather together all of her scattered broken dreams with the string of his love.

As Khushi's teardrops fell on Arnav's shoulder, wetting the blessed sherwani in the process, she felt him pull away from the embrace. As she started to look up to his eyes, she noticed some starnds of her hair stuck to his stubble. She felt laughter bubble in her throat, & before she could stop all of it, a small laugh escaped her lips. Her eyes twinkled with glee.

& precisely in that instant, Arnav Singh Raizada, again met with the prank-pulling child-woman that was his wife Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. He smirked to himself. Look at the ridiculously large name she assigns to herself. Paagal. Then instantly sobering up, he noticed the twinkle in her eyes, the curve of her smile, her hands still lingering on his biceps. & he realized what a child she was in her heart still. He almost certainly knew any husbandly advances from him now, & she would turn into a nervous, shy woman. & while that woman only drove him to farther insanity, there was something endearingly familiar & soothing about this childish Khushi. Taking in a deep breath, Arnav made a painful decision. What's a couple more night to these excruciatingly painful last months?

He let go of Khushi's waist, & turned her towards the direction of the bathroom holding her shoulders. 'Go on. Change for the night. While you're in the wash room, I'll get out of these atrocities too.' he said flippantly.

Khushi blinked several times to clear her head & understand what was happening so quickly. But before she could turn around & search Arnav's eyes, he again gave her a nudge. Irritated slightly, she shrugged, took her nightdress from the cupboard & went inside the bathroom.

When Khushi emerged from the bathroom, changed in her pristine white night dress, she saw with amazement that Arnav had not only changed into his own night dress but he had also cleared the bed of his surprize gifts, which were now lying in a neat pile on the coffe table. Her white dupatta lying at the foot of her side of the bed. & he was lying sprawled on his side of the bed in a totally relaxed posture as if resting at the end of a very uneventful day! She stared at him bewilderingly for a few moments, then turned around disappointed & started removing her earrings in front of the dressing table after draping her hair over her right shoulder.

'Khushi?...' Arnav called her expectantly. Turning around to watch what he wanted, she did a double take to see he was propped up on his elbow on the bed, while his other hand was extended towards her in a magnetic invitation. Everything stood still for Khushi. Her whole world beacme centered on that inviting hand. She dropped the sole earring in her hand on the floor, the other already lying on the dresser. Before she could stop herself, she clutched at the hand like a drowning person would clutch at a straw. Arnav didn't pull her, he just held her hand firmly. Khushi swallowed a gulp of air. Then in a couple of hurried movements she jumped on the bed, lied down facing him, & hugged his waist tightly, burrowing her face in his chest. She prayed fervently to her Devi Maiyya that Arnav ji would hold her as tightly as he was doing before. Just hold her.

Arnav could feel her shaking like a sparrow, holding onto him for dear life. In that instant he felt such an overwhelming feeling of love for her, that he was sure that he would never in a hundred year would be able to express the full extent of it to her. Instead of holding her closer, to give his libido some time to calm down, he hooked his index finger under her delicate chin & tilted her face up, smiling a most sweet smile telling her what his vocal cords wouldn't. As Khushi saw that smile, she felt the breath constrict in her throat.

Lyin' here with you so close to me
It's hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breathe
Caught up in this moment
Caught up in your smile

She tried to take a deep intake of breath to fill her lungs. Then gulping nervously, she did the most daring thing. She couldn't believe herself as she saw her right hand rise & her fingers tracing the corner of his lips, feeling his smile. They looked at each other for several moments , gauging each other's reactions. Then Arnav tuned his head slightly, looked up at her eyes & kissed her finger tips lightly. & after what she saw in those eyes, Khushi knew she had to ask this. 'Why did you send me to change just now? When we were.. I was.. You know..' She faltered lowering her eyes, coloring slightly. 'Hugging?' Arnav asked raising his eyebrows,tongue already in cheek. 

Khushi narrowed her eyes at his cheekiness. 'How can you be so shameless? Saying things like these in joking.. But why am I even asking? Shameless should only be your middle name. Arnav Shameless Raizada! ASR!! To think the things you did in Buaji's house!!! You had the gall to...' she was going on at the speed of a race car. before she could turn it in to WWIII, Arnav intervened. 'Shh.. Khushi!! Trying to show your wife your feelings isn't shamelessness!' he stated firmly, his hold on her waist getting tighter.

'Oh Yeah?? Then why did you turn me away just then?' she said while pushing at his chest with her fists. Then another thought struck her mind. Narrowing her eyes she asked indignantly, 'Or do you only try to come near me because I wouldn't let you? You just want to prove you can do whatever you want to do, & I can't stop you, right? Hai na??!!'  

Arnav scanned the liveliness on her face,the redness of her nose with growing amusement. 'I don't need to prove something which is already established, Khushi.' Then seeing how it irked her farther, he contemplated telling her his reasons. Would she understand him? He shrugged a little, making up his mind.

I've never opened up to anyone
So hard to hold back when I'm holding you in my arms
We don't need to rush this
Let's just take it slow

'You are my wife Khushi. While I know, for you a marriage is for seven lives, for me it's not.' as he felt Khushi stiffening at his words, he kissed her forehead & continued. 'I don't really believe in reincarnations. But I guess it would be nice, if I had you to create innumerable problems for me in those lives too.' he chuckled & saw he had his wife's full attention now. 'We are married Khushi. I don't have to take advntage of whatever opportunity I get, while thanking my lucky stars for them. Contrary to whatever you might think, you are not going anywhere leaving me alone.' he noticed with satisfaction how Khushi's fists clutched his vest at his words of her leaving him alone. He continued, ' So Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, I am going to spare you tonight. & we'll continue this...' he saw how Khushi's eyes focused on his lips, concentrating hard on his words, not wanting to miss his next words. Laughing inwardly, he said flippantly, 'Whenever next I feel the inclination.'

He felt rather than saw waves of indignation surging through Khushi's body. Before she could ruin this moment with another one of her childish tantrums like the one in the Amezing Developers' office, he pulled her even closer & said in a breathy whisper, 'But let's give this night something to make itself memorable?'

There was a tender question in his eyes, that made Khushi ask almost immediately, 'What?'

Arnav answered just an inch away from her lips, 'A kiss goodnight...'

Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight
Just a touch of the fire burning so bright
No I don't want to mess this thing up
I don't want to push too far
Just a shot in the dark that you just might
Be the one I've been waiting for my whole life
So baby I'm alright, with just a kiss goodnight

Khushi felt her eyes fill with tears as she saw the genuine question in his eyes. He isn't just gonna take it, when they both know it's his for the taking? Does he really know this, that if she gave it to him instead of him just claiming it, it will just be that much more precious?? She remembered her fairytale of the Beast. When did her beast turn into this prince? Or was she the princess, who was woken from a deadly slumber by the kiss of her true love? She was sure, Arnav was giving her her fairytale. She just wasn't sure anymore which one was it. Was it all of them, or was it neither of them? Did her Rakshas, her Shaitan just create a new fairytale for her? But it feels more right, it feels more real than any of the fairytale she ever heard. Given a little time, she was sure Arnav would beat all of those Prince Charming, since he was such a perfectionist!

I know that if we give this a little time
It'll only bring us closer to the love we wanna find
It's never felt so real, no it's never felt so right

Arnav saw her lost in thoughts, & he tilted her chin up with his finger tip. She looked up at him, & to his relief he saw only anticipation there, no fear or nervousness. He lowered his lips ever so slowly & then in a swoop took her lips in his. & then before Khushi could understand what happened, he pulled back, his pupils a little dilated. then he shook his head & said smiling ruefully, '& that's what they call a goodnight kiss. Sweet dreams Khushi.'

No I don't want to say goodnight
I know it's time to leave, but you'll be in my dreams


Khushi looked at him for a few moments, then she let him settle her head in the crook of his neck & tried to calm her pulsating nerves.

'Now go to sleep. All that brain storming that you do in a day must leave you thouroughly exhausted. By the way, what IS the matter with you? How come you sleep like Sleeping Beauty here at Shantivan, while at Buaji's house, it seems like you're playing Shaolin Soccer? Is it something psychological, or something...' he felt Khushi's even breathing indicating she was fast asleep.

He laid her head down on his pillow & looked at her sleeping form. He traced a finger down her cheek & chuckled softly. 'Our talk isn't finished yet Wifey. But never mind. It's always easier to talk to you when you're unconscious. Did I ever tell you, how I met Aman? It was not through a formal interview, you know? He actually came in the building for a meeting with Mamaji. Then...'

As Arnav Singh Raizada talked away to his sleeping wife to his hearts content, his wife on the other hand wasn't sleeping so comfortably. She kept dreaming her Arnavji was staring at her like he usually does, & her breath was becoming constricted, like it usually becomes...

Song Courtesy: Just A Kiss, by Lady Antebellum

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Rhysenn IF-Dazzler

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Aww, that was so sweet!!

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This is really sweet. Brilliant! 

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So sweet <3

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so sweet and beatfuel 
i love it 

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That was sooo beautiful nd sweet :D

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that was really sweet one..
brilliant work...

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So cute!

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