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Nandalala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 11:46am | IP Logged

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." 
~Anais Nin

I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR FROM YOU, SWEETUMS!  Hope all is well at your end!Smile I won't say welcome back because you were never gone for me...Smile THANK YOU so much for taking the time to pen down your thoughts...I will go back and read this special Crooner & then comment...

I hope God showers his choicest blessings on each and every one of our pals here!  I am so fortunate to share this space with all of you!SmileHug  Happy Friendship Day!


Conscience.  A play of conscience surfaced at almost every level this week.  Just a few Crooners ago, we had talked about how Arnav's conscience was clear in the context of everything he was doing to bring back his love--well, that was before the showdown at GH!  When love trumps the conscience, we are truly at peace.  In light of everything that happened earlier in the week, we now know Arnav is not there...yet. Your post today makes the connect so obvious...

In my post yesterday, I referenced Anjali's wedding and its impact on a young Arnav.  The darkness he fell into because he was helpless, he was lost.  But now, love--requited and pure--allows him to see light.  But somewhere this love is not whole--humari baat abhi khataam nahi hui...haunting words...yet, the subtext-more than the words themselves--holds significance here. The strand of pearls around her hand represented a poignant moment; to take Archu's word: an "awakening." It also turned a mirage into a beautiful reality...her dream...his expression--beautiful! A continuum in their love story.  But it is not a new chapter...yet.  The "key"(pun intended) here is that conscience...A conscience riddled with hatred, pain and guilt: in play here on two levels--each related to the wedding night...On the one hand, Anjali and the child to come, and on the other, Khushi herself and all they've shared together.  Until Shyam's truth came in front of him, his conscience justified every action he had taken as right. Love was pushed into a corner, only glimpses to be seen from time to time.  All that changed on the bridge that fateful day...and in the weeks that followed.  Yet, when Khushi emphatically stated to him on Wednesday that nothing about them mattered to herhe appealed to her conscience asking if it really was that easy for her to walk away, and that was when he finally realized the gravity of his actions. Spurred by her words, his very conscience channeled itself  towards love, and that fighter's spirit to do right by her, come what may! And to this end, it became about successfully winning Khushi --on her terms!! 

Friday was a first step to show how far he willing to go to bring her back as she would want it.  Somewhere that "overpowering love' was allowing his conscience to become clear again...but until Khushi is completely released from the "terms" of that "contract", Arnav's conscience will continue to haunt him...thus the true confluence of love and conscience--MOHABBAT AND NAFRAT-still my opinion, nafrat  is a forceful reluctance to accept love because his conscience won't allow it. Quick kudos here to how beautifully you've explained the relationship of the pearls to the Taj Mahal and its significance...the tears represented in that eternal symbol of love, and its resonance in true loveNow, that initial step to put those tears to rest as he returns her happiness back to her in the form of that strung necklace...

However, the triumph of love over conscience--or in the Bard's words you referenced today: 

"No want of conscience hold it that I call, 
Her love for whose dear love I rise and fall..."

will happen only after his self absolution is complete--and she will be critical --the "key" here!  Thats the day--metaphorically and I hope, in person, tooSmile--when the necklace will be more than just a string of pearls held in her hands.   But for now, we walk along the "sands of time...", and yes, the curse of the "white" pearl still persists!

Priya, I loved your connect to the roses and what they represent for Anjali and Khushi's relationship.  Anjali has known from the beginning Khushi holds the "key"to everything good for Arnav and the family.  Which is why she implored her brother to look into that mirror that day and to recognize who this woman was to him.  I also have to say the symbolic significance of the rose cannot be dismissed here...beautiful, but with thorns...perfect, yet imperfect.  A metaphor for relationships and people. Having said that, I don't think Daljeet's acting did complete justice to mark this new beginning; Anjali's expressions left me wanting more and doubting...and I shared as much on Saturday!

Ah, I am so excited to delve into those two scenes you've referenced in the end...The telephone call, and the lock and key reference at the GH.  The phone call only emphasized Khushi as the "gatekeeper" to all things Raizada and his kin.  She will be a protector, now and always.  Ever the Queen (or is she now a valuable pawn--kaniz-- per Sree and Aquiline's analysis?), her move will only be for her king.  Indeed, AaqaJahanpanah and every other "kingly" reference did not go unnoticed!Wink  Yeah, dust off that chessboard! 

As I had mentioned on Wednesday, the lock and key conversation and the emphasis on the lock in that one shot was very, very poignant for me.  Her heart as the lock, his love as the key...BUT going further, it is the truth about her Arnav, about the boy who turned into this man--understanding his pathos and his conscience--which will be the ultimate KEY! Naani and Anjali had started the conversation--KEY-ing the Chumbak!!--when he was kidnapped...Now we add to it with the "past" and and all its "baggage" on the RM doorstep (Gandhari's astute observation over the weekend!Big smile), and his Amma's letter, which will also reveal itself soon enough to us and our Khushi!

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amisuv IF-Dazzler

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Priya, Thanks fr this Sunday treat Hug What a beautiful detailed post, covering all the crucial points of the week gone by & also pointers towards what lies ahead Clap Clap
Quite an eventful week in the lives of Arnav & Khushi & a storm brewing at the doorstep.
For him, it was never abt the contract. The contract was only a shield, so that he could hide his weakness, that is his love for her. He was abt to pour his heart out on the day of wedding, but things turned out otherwise. Yes, he has confessed that he did marry fr Di & her unborn child. But deep down, he wanted to punish himself fr falling in love with this girl & despite the misunderstanding that she loves someone else, he could never let her go away. The pain he would give her, the reminder of his lost love.
As u said Priya, " social stigma " will come haunting & that is when the acutal closure will happen.
About the " nayi shuruaat " with respect to Anjali-Khushi convo, I have my doubts, so will reserve my comments here. I still cant take Anjali's words at face value.
Yes Priya, the curse is not over. But with the past looming large, the curse will cast its spell on the all the relationships, including this special bond. But as u said, the " key " will will open up the way to security & happiness  & the healing touch to those wounds inflicted 14 years back.
" Kaniz " " Jahanpanah " Some of the crucial words in that telephonic convo... But there r certain other key players who r yet to jump into the fray.
" Daadi " making an entry under the most tricky circumstances, at a time when things r not so hunky dory in the lives of her grandkids. Will she will be a trigger in bringing back Shyam into RM or getting the remarriage done??
Mr.Dhokla ne aise hi timepass karne ke liye thodi Daadi ko bulaya hai aur RC sir ke itne pasie bhi toh lage hain Wink

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--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Welcome backHug

Happy Friendship Day to all my buddiesHugHug

Hats off to you Priya for once again brining out such fantastic pointers out! Brilliant!! What a treat it is!!

Contract marriage - Social stigma: It never struck me! Yes, you are right, Arnav didnt call off that contract. Not once did he say it means nothing to him. It would be natural for him to do so especially since he knows the reason why she left him. The contract doesnt mean a thing to Arnav never did in the first place especially after what he saw Khushi go through to save his life. He understood her love for him, the pain that he had caused her, the pain that the marriage had caused her.  All he wants is for Khushi to return to him. This marriage may have been a compromise to start off with but cant let it remain a compromise. He wants her to acknowledge the feelings she has for him...he will take the necessary actions once that is achieved. Arnav is aware how sacred the institution of marriage is for Khushi...he knows he had robbed her off that one dream which she had since childhood. Now how the truth comes out is to be seen. If they exchange vows in private then Khushi will get back her happiness but what about her dignity? If Arnav lets out the secret then hope people will realize why they took such a step...and that today the contract doesnt mean a thing to them but they wish to solemnize their wedding. The family has seen them getting intimate so hope people dont point fingers at Khushi once again.

I loved the way you have connected the two weddings! Both the nights had devastated Arnav Singh Raizada!

Throughout the GH track, I could sense a second story being narrated. It started from the story that both Khushi and Arnav narrated about the nanhi si jaan. I feel it is connected to the past...the lady who is in Mumbai is connected to Arnav, Khushi and Anjali.

I also thought about the chessboard analysis when Khushi called Arnav jahanpanah! Ek ek senapati ko aapke mahal mein bhej denge...we have one person knocking at the door. Is she a pawn, knight, rook or bishop? The King of the opposition isnt missing...he has just take a backseat and is pulling the strings. Who is dancing to his tunes? Anjali or Dadi? Is Shyaam also connected to Arnav's past? We need to find out why Shyaam got married to Anjali in the first place...could he have some connection with Dadi? 

The mannat ki chaabi that Khushi will use to unlock the happiness...brilliant line. Their rishte ki gaanth has gotten stronger...the belief, trust, faith they have in each other has deepened. Will their relationship be able to survive another trial? Yes, they will emerge stronger. The past is only going to wreck their lives...Arnav's past which means the reason why his mother committed suicide will be out...will he be able to discuss about his mother with Khushi. He has never spoken about his mother...the only person closest to his heart. The only person who he has probably worshipped...time for that pain that has been locked within to resurface. The pain that only Anjali has witnessed...will Khushi be able to wipe out that pain when she herself is drowning in pain?

I just realized, I have only posted questions here...if anybody has answers to my questions..pleej helpLOL

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Parsha Goldie

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Hellooos..hope all is well at ur end!!!


Thanks for the Bachchan entry Queen B..!!
Crooner is at its ..write ups..thoughts..."meri Uljhano ka pata" many of my doubts cleared..

Infact was missing divi's monkeys...wished had few to put my summer -saults here...Tongue
I am unable to update my write up..not because of lack of time but because today's WU's froze my thoughts..

Baat humari khatam nahin hui abhi
Nahi jaoongi jub tak contract khatam na ho jaye
Aisa laga humari saansein ruk gayi
bijli ..nahin..panhi nahi..kaisa lag raha hai
badal gaye hai humare chotae
curse of the white pearl..sleeping beauty

My my..meaning behind ..i am speechless ..!!! and my curiosity about their past..links...tangled web:

Khuda ke waaste parda na kaabe se uthaa zaalim
kaheen aeisa na ho yaan bhee wohee kaafir sanam nikle
(Ghalib..crooners Fav.Ghazal ) Smile

Thanks for being their ..crooner buddies..!!! and happy friendship day to all of you Thumbs Up

The beauty ..liberated in love..with her string around..swimming towards light!! At least for now...Smile

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Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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Happy Friendship Day, Priya!! Hug

Hope things are ok & stable at home now..

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iria_luvsLindor IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 12:16pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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redwine1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by honeypriya

Post cannot be quoted


Priya .. a warm welcome back . . & u really sounded the gong on this one .. A SUBLIME READ .. so beautifully penned .. it looks like u spent a lazy sunday afternoon penning this .. a very relaxing read .. but festered with DEEP meanings .. 

CONCUR with all that you have written .. Incredible piece .. 

have taken to visiting crooner regularly these day .. & loved the healthy family feel of Crooner .. its a lovely place .. where u find good matured & responsible writing on the show .. a firm stalker .. 

Wishing u & ur family .. Best of health & happiness .. 

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Mepharm IF-Rockerz

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Wohoo...whattay pleasant surprise a PM from you and a crooner too...Missed you dear...Hope all is well at your end and I am sure you will sail through these times and emerge strongerHug

Loved the crooner and the past week episodes and as always YEH DIL MAANGE MOREEmbarrassed and HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY TO YOU TOOSmile

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