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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

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honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 11:18am | IP Logged


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Newbiesoapfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Welcome back priya ... hope all is well in your life! Missed you!


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shwetachauhan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 11:27am | IP Logged

Welcome back my jaan!!! Hug


Deba.. This is such a beautiful analysis of some of those 'key' moments and noteworthy one liners from the episodes over the entire week..! I must say, some of those I acknowledged as important and meaningful while a few others I had simply dismissed as plain dialogues!! But the pearls.. I knew they were waiting to be described in your words..! Smile
I knew you were eager to pen down your thoughts particularly on this one! And this is much appreciated because we were also waiting in earnest to know what you had to say about the pearls strung back together! Smile

The ongoing tussle between ASR and Khushi due to the Contract and its clauses! I had a feeling that Arnav had started to consider the contract insignificant after the bonding they shared over and after the kidnapping phase, hence, he did not even remember that the stipulated six months were coming to a close! He only realized the extent of hurt and effect it has had on Khushi when she went away from him! On finding her lies, her excuses, he understood her dilemma! But yes.. 'aap jante hain hum ye kyun kar rahe hain'.. this is not the only reason! She remembers why this contract ever happened.. it was for Di and her unborn child! It was for everyone's peace and happiness! And how can she compromise on that front!

You have driven attention to a very important point! He doesnt call the contract off..! Instead he says, he doesnt care for what happens after ten days..! As I see it, for him, its more important that Khushi comes back to him for his love, for their togetherness and happiness! He wants her to realize the importance of their relationship, of what they mean to each other, irrespective of the contract! He doesnt want to let go and he doesnt want Khushi to let go either! The contract may be for his Di.. but he wants Khushi to come back for him! The contract can be taken care of once emotions are acknowledged, once relationship is safe!

Love how you have shown the symbolism of roses and their significance in the episodes! Anjali has acknowledged Khushi's efforts.. she has always known what a selfless, giving and loving person she is! She may also be beginning to see her as the positive change in her Chhote's life, a gate keeper of their secrets, a key to their past (I have been waiting since long to see the connection) and a cradle to their future! But can she so easily forget how Khushi has rocked their present, her present, her happiness? I am glad to see that Anjali wants to start anew but something tells me there will be hindrances! Those clandestine meetings and secret phone calls are telling a different story! Maybe she is saying what Shyam wants her to say?.. that is, if its him she is meeting!

The pearls.. you had said with such conviction that he would string them back together and he did!! I marvel at your grasp and understanding of the nuances of this story and script! I cant tell you how much I love your reference to the 'Moti Masjid'! Wow!!

Yes, it was her dream coming true and it was his desire, his expression of his love and he knew what it meant to her! Her dream, his gift, his surprise! Even in her dreams, she sees them fallen apart in one and then she sees him gifting her the strung one and putting it around her neck! He turns that dream into reality for her! The 'dor' stringing the scattered bits of their life together! He is bent on making her life a fairytale indeed! And the breathless Khushi cant stop smiling now!
Even I think this is not over yet.. coz he dint put it around her neck, Khushi was not wearing it, in fact, she seemed to be searching for it the next morning!

It will be interesting to see the sheesh mahal connection and the other sands of time! Also curious to read the discussions on the chessboard layout binding the past and the present! I am most intrigued!! That phone conversation? Really? Cant wait to see you elaborating on it!

For your thoughts and views on some other aspects of the past episodes, will wait for you to expand on them in later crooners when you have had the time to relax and watch the episodes again at leisure! Smile

PS: This forum and especially this space is my choice of escapism from the busy, hectic, stressful and sometimes monotonous life outside! I have always come here to have a good time with all my friends here who share the same love for our show, discussing, exchanging views, phangurling, ranting.. loving it all! That is how I would love to continue too! I dont want to go looking for a means to ease the stress that sometimes this forum generates these days!! I can so do without all the politics, mechanisms and the undercurrents!! And I am so glad I still remember why and what I am here for!

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subiscs IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 11:29am | IP Logged
yayayyy happy friendship day !!!!!! u r back HugHug 

awesomeee crooner gal!!!SmileHug

okay...i totally freaked out seeing pearl strings!!! omg priyaaa...its like..crooners 69 , 79 and dreams the connections...oh good lord..everything is coming to life...!!!!! these were my first thoughts
copyrights is say!!! demand royalty !!!!

oh ya the wedding night!!! history repeats itself in a diff way i suppose...totally agree with ur take on itSmile
and yeah anjali's dialogue that day is still haunting me..she is still enigmatic..rem the crooner where we discussed abt the rift between the siblings and the aftermath it might have,,,!!! but we never had shyam out of the picture did we!!! 

or is it time for our chess board to be back to play..for dadi's entry and the most anticipated shyam's entry is just strengthening my thoughts on the not so active chess board these days!!! anjali s still the queen of the other side..lets see when her king makes an entry...holaaa yyayyy game begins again!!Smile!  (((( suba just stop...calm down!!!)Confused)) i loved the quotes on that crooner abt the king and the pawns...and we spoke abt castling too...oh how i love chess board and our show...Smile 

the has crept up at its own pace with superb dialogues that has been a backbone of our show...Smile well that raksha dhaaga scene,,,was telling archu too..anjali dint hesitate to get the dhaaga but dint let her tie it..!!!the uncertainty.,,she is unable to understand khushi's intention..first for she is not able to get grasp of things cos of her own sorrow..and second the lie ..she has not questioned khushi or arnav abt it..its surely somewhere in her head...!!!
 humare chotey badal gaye hain...!!! i totally loved how u connected the rose scenes and that symbolism... cos the anjali we know was the one who found khishi was the one who came up with kurta idea...and like u pointed out..khushi is the gatekeeper..and unknowingly the past has been intertwined...!!!! and ya like arnav who called her bluff anjali will also do it but with she will learn it with the changing circumstances...

ek nahi shuruhat karthe waiting for episodes to roll out to look out for this change in equation for these two women are the hero's life...they are so similar yet different..with both loving simple things , genuine care and love...and beliefs!!!

dus din ke baad mujhe ko farak nahin padtha..the episode ended that day with the dialogue and i so thought the scene will continue the next epi...mind went haywire thinking y he said that,,,contract like u mentioned..the towering presence of contract..the truth that is still to be unmasked...!!!! they both know and feel their love..but still something always stops them.,,hmm hero has to go through trial and tribulations..and well after he wins his wife back...they will stand by each other to face the storm!!!Smile

and now pearls...omg!!!! how much of pearl anaylsis we crooner 69..and that talked abt khushi's monologue i think..(sorry if thats wrong no!!!)) i loved the tajmahal and pearl link...Smile
and yeah the scattered pearls in her dream..the pearl which he has...the string of pearls he got her now...her dream of this...him giving life to that...beautiful scene that was...

rem we had theories where.. 
if a gal sees a dream of her losing pearls or breaking it she will suffer a lot..loads of misunderstandings but she will earn it back!!!
 and the pearl tale where the hero  has to go through various obstacles..fight the demons and dragons(as per the tales ) in order to seek the pearl..for pearl always symbolises joy purity and the human soul!!! he ripped her off the pearls and now he had to string them the curse of pearl is yet to be seen...

we have seen paayal ,pearls coming to life and oly thing that is left in that list is the mannat ki chabbi!!!Smile
so whatever it is...waiting to see how the story unfolds now...!!!! its been a great week in ipk land...romance ka bhi aur story ka bhi!!!!Smile

P:S--- pearls and chess are my fav!!!! oh gosh...still get excited talking abt itEmbarrassed will edit if something suddenly hits me!!!! WinkBig smile

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archanan14 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 11:35am | IP Logged

First of all - am I SO glad you're back! Now I can sleep peacefully again (as much as my work lets me)! All puns intended! Wink Belated happy friendship day to all!

LOVED the Sunday edition of the Crooner - what a masterpiece! Loved the beginning quote especially - the Bard at play again!

The take on Arnav and Khushi's relationship - yes, you're right. Arnav never denies the contract, he never invalidates it, he never says that it doesn't matter! He just wants a relationship that rises above - both of them know so well that they love each other, they are bound together now - and the words still don't matter that much, but the reasons for the relationship they are bound in do matter - Di, and her unborn baby. And like you said, the two wedding days - "maa nazar aati hai" the song played - she is the mother figure to Arnav - what an effect the past has had on Arnav, and on Anjali - and how it's influenced his actions - trying to assume control at every stage when he feels it slipping out of his hands, wanting to dictate his destiny himself, never letting him feel helpless at the hands of anything that happens ever again! That love is more important right now - all else 'dus din ke baad' don't matter any more!

On the other hand is Khushi, who will walk away from her happiness, and from everything she holds dear, from Arnav, who she loves, because she knows that the reason for that contract has not changed. Things might thawing between her and Di, but there are still enough unsaid things, enough moments to relive between her and Di, which are needed to correct the balance of the relationship - so much to put right still there! Secrets, lies of her own - what runs in the mind of that woman, who remains an enigma to most of us!

And yes, the past is coming up once again - how Khushi is the key to their past and their future - I can't wait to see! Won't say much more than that - you know how I get when it comes to decoding! LOL
But I am so happy I can't do analysis and decoding - it would have been so pheeka against this! When I saw the pearls, all I could think of was you, so I'm really glad we got this Crooner! How beautifully you have explained it - the rethreading, what is remaining, the Taj Mahal connection - I am just speechless - I've read the Crooner about 5 times so far but I am still stunned by the depth of your understanding! Won't even dare to comment more on this! And about the dream, I've anyway said too much in my last post - it was so beautiful, so fantastically linked together... wow.

Waiting to see how the chess board now plays out with the new character of Dadi coming into play - and if our dearest (or rather Shwe's dearest!) Shyamwa is back!!! All in all, promising times coming up!

P.S. Thank you once again for everything over the last week to everyone! (As those who know me well know, I have a "thank you" bimari, so please bear with me!) Makes me feel really blessed to have such wonderful friends, who have given me so much love always, but especially last week! I joined this forum a long time back to read written updates of some shows I used to watch, but it's IPKKND that has made this forum the special place it is for me - and most of that is thanks to the Crooner.

I'm very happy to have met people here who share my excessive (bordering on obsessive) love for the show, and for Arnav & Khushi. There are enough politics I have to deal with on a day to day basis outside of this place, and I used to find this place a haven to get away from it all - so the politics does bog me down a bit too!
I'd rather not have to go looking for another stress buster, so hope the negativity goes away soon! But yes, the love of the show right now supercedes it and keeps me here still! Thanks for keeping that alive in between everything!

For friendships and sharing, obsessions and sharing, and to romance and love - a song I am currently obsessed with!

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-Facetious- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 November 2007
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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 11:39am | IP Logged
Welcome back Priya!! Hope all is well at your end..

A very HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY again to everyone Big smile

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soni.b IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 January 2012
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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Welcome back Priya!!!!Hug
missed you sweetie!!Heart

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dennisdmenace IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 February 2012
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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 11:44am | IP Logged

Hey Priya,

Thanks for a wonderful Sunday crooner'.

My post might look like a bouquet of questions of course inspired by rose bouquet accepted by Anjalidi'.

The two most important women in Arnav singh Raizada's life'.di and Khushi..for one Arnav is her reason for happiness, source of her happiness whereas other one's happiness is what Arnav is pursuing'.right now nothing is more important to him other than her happiness'.her smile.

Rassi jal gayi par bal nehi gaya''inspite of his physical condition, inspite of current situations, or whatever horrible past is going to unfold Arnav is not going to compromise on her smile'.

Here Anjali continues to be a riddle for me'..she is still d same Anjali who had not let Khushi to tie her that rakhsha Dhaga, she is not clear about Khushi's stand in d whole Shyam Fiasco'she is yet to believe her allegations'now allegations part I understand'it's a basic human nature..more so a wife's reaction. But when she says I want some more time from my Chotey, what she means?

She forgets d fact that her brother comes back to feed her Kheer, but gets upset after knowing d truth of Buaji's sickness. Her face lights up when she hears that her chotey remembers her every single small talk'and it was for her benefit that he married Khushi'though here in 99% cases ppl will ask how and why'OuchOuch.its ok pass it off as creative liberty or hassles of daily soap'now suddenly what happened that she is letting bygones be bygones. Wearing kurta is of so much importance????

She accepts d flowers and wants to move on'.i  was so excited to know to know that rose stands for secrecy too. Thank you so much..probably that's d ray of hope for me to understand Anjali'.because I am not forgetting her phone calls, her uncomfortableness at the phone rings, talking to tree and wall and most important that SHADOW'.looked like jana pehchana'..reptile type'.

now one more kostin: gift apne di, surprise maine:
is it only Chotey's sense of humour or too many things unsaid...

It has been  Arnav's journey to wards realization of his love'.and now his walk towards Khushi to make her realize d love, d bond moreover d declaration of that love'.a relation which is divine'blissful. He continues with all tricks of love and war, wooing, cajoling, scolding, screaming, scarring'whatever he could lay his hands on '.to make Khushi come back to him.

I loved when you said he never mentioned a single time that d contract doesn't matter.

Is it a shart he has thrown at himself to get her back'to erase all her memories of d Shaitan and make her life a dream come true with d Raj kumar.

Pearls lying on d bed of ocean' Arnav'Pearls which is purified by Khushi's tears..lustre brought by his love'takes me to your analysis of pearls and how it fits in here'.d ones scattered by ASR at sheeshmahal ..has been strung together and gifted to Khushi'only thing I would have loved if he would made her wear it..tie it around her neck'..yeh dil maange more..Day Dreaming

I have already mentioned on Thursday crooner at I am absolutely anda in symbolism, similies and metaphor. That day too I asked for your intervention about mannat ki chabi'will look forward to that discussion.

Dadi: I will wait till d her entry at Raizada mansion. only information about her which makes me happy is that our mano mami is scared of her...bery dangerous u know...

Aakash bitwa: is ka kuch karneka pari..AngryAngry

First thing i dont understand his expressions...mumbai visit also ended in changes in his reactions, body language.

And why is he not disclosing d facts about Dadi to his wife'then they both are guilty of same charge'anyways he murmured that he doesn't know much'well am not surprised'little brother of Bhai.


Thank you note again' know why.Hug

P.S oops there is so much clues in that telephonic conversation too?ShockedShocked
me stooopid was thinking amazing BS as my akaa and me his blushing kaneez...anarkali...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

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