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Telly Tadka Article on Arnav-Khushi

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 9:20am | IP Logged
For those who couldn't and who missed reading the Telly Tadka article on IPKKND. I am pasting it here...Its long but its worth reading...Every bit of it...TRUST ME...Smile

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...

One of the most interesting topic these days over the forums, and other TV blogging sites revolves around the current hottest pair/Jodi in Tellywood. From winning the hearts of millions around the globe to winning the Favorite Jodi Int'l, Fab Jodi India etc at various award functions Arnav-Khushi aka ArShi have dragged almost everybody into the recent happenings of their lives.

IPKKND has been a roller-coaster ride since the past few weeks and with everybody (Viewers/Fans/Reporters) giving out their version of what was happening, why it was happening, who is right, who is wrong etc etc Telly Tadka too decided to take a plunge into this never ending set of queries-debate-discussion which hopefully only the CV's/Makers can put an end to.

Let us start from the scratch...Whatever is it that we see on the show today in terms of story, scripting, dialogues, emotions, drama, wow moments etc majorly revolves around 2 characters thus making them the basic plot for discussion.

Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada and Arnav Singh Raizada.

To say that the two are diametrically opposite would be wrong because there are many streaks in their personality which are quite similar and reminds us of the other. For Example they both are stubborn, both are strong opinionated, egoistic etc etc but apart from these one trait that can be termed as Simple yet having its own set of Complexities is that these two can go to any extend for their loved ones...For Khushi this comes to her naturally with no terms and conditions but the same cannot be said for the mighty ASR.

Khushi--> Khushi is like an Open Book. She is a simple Girl who loves simple things in life. Its her simplicity that makes Khushi an Enigma to ASR. She came into his life like a tornado broke his set principles, set norms, set beliefs in short disturbed the balance and crumbled the world of illusion that Arnav Singh Raizada had build.

One major trait we come across in this larger than life character is that when she feels someone is hurt because of her, she wants to FIX it up. Its her nature and thus it kills her to know that she can't bring smiles on the faces of the people she loves. There are a zillion example to Testify this nature of Khushi but since its about ArShi why not pick an example that remains limited to them and one such in recent times would be Arnav confronting Khushi (Bridge Sequence). After Arnav gives in the reason for marrying Khushi, it leaves her stunned and shattered that he had misjudged her. Initially Khushi feels she owes him no expatiation because he had already formed an opinion about her. But could she actually stick up to it? NO!!! She could not come to terms with the fact that she out of all the people was the reason for Arnav's misery, for his heartbreak and ache. She had to clear it and thus does everything in her power to make him see and understand the truth. Can we tag her attempt Unsuccessful? Well more on that later...But in summary Khushi lives up to her name, she dissolves happiness in the lives of all those around her-Near & Dear, except when she's being used for selfish motives (Read Shyaam). She LOVES with all her heart and would never hurt anybody in the process.

Arnav --> Mr. Arnav Raizada is by far the most intriguing, most alluring character that i have seen on Indian Television and one well sketched for a T.V Hero. He is an enigma and you keep discovering layers adn layers to him with every passing episode. He has  a lot of issues and comes across as a highly insecure person.

One major trait that we come across in this larger than life character is his need to WIN. If life was a race, ASR has to come first. His sense of winning bets & challenges, cracking a deal, getting a contract by using any methods he pleases comes from his INSECURITIES which are deep-rooted. Arnav has been subjected to a huge loss during his childhood, the memories are etched fresh in his mind and the scars left behind has made him the way he is. He does not care a damn about what others think about him as long as he gets things done his way. Do i even have to cite examples for this one??? I am sure we all can come up with at least a hand full. But does this mean he is a heartless monster? A devil in disguise? NO!!! Then what does one call to all the antics he has been doing in the name of LOVE? Well more on that later...

Khushi is a staunch believer in fairy tale happenings and ending. She knows the essence, the beauty, the dignity and the purity of it. When she lost her heart to someone (Read ASR), when she fell in love though confused she knew what it was. He would scream at her for the slightest things yet would be by her side when she needed him . Initially Arnav felt a strong force of attraction towards Khushi who was UNIQUE. He saw and experienced that she was INDIFFERENT to the materialistic things in life that he believed people placed above all. When the attraction turned into love he was as confused as Khushi or even more. She brought back the laughter that he seemed to have long forgotten. Love can never be compared or measured yet one cannot overlook the truth of how Khushi has been through hell and how she moved heaven and earth to find Arnav and help him escape (Kidnap Seq). Same is the case for Arnav, he hits Khushi on her head deliberately so that she would faint, covers her up beneath the stack of hay and willingly gets kidnapped once again.

Then where lies the problem???

It lies in Arnav's misconception about Love. Arnav does not realize that in LOVE you can't OWN that person. Love is not a bet where he needs to WIN. He has to earn it. He has to earn her trust, her love, her respect and everything else that he himself shattered.

Lets make a quick re-run to one of the most important turning point in the show- The Contract Marriage

We all are witness to the fact that ASR did make life a living hell for Khushi. His meanness and ruthlessness saw the 7th sky when he thought Khushi was trying to break his sister's marriage and he leaves Khushi with no choice but to accept his marriage proposal if she wanted to see her sister- Payal's Wedding take place without any obstruction. Not knowing what she had done to face the wrath of ASR and unable to put her sister's life at stake once again when she held the reigns in her very hand, Khushi decides to say "I DO". It resulted in Khushi facing the wrath of everybody, losing the faith and trust that her family her instilled in her especially because she was ADOPTED, and also of the Raizada's (Read Nani, Anjali, Mamaji and Akash). Her dreams got shattered and she had to pay a very huge price for no fault of hers.

Phase 1 (Mainly Arnav Singh Raizada)
1) Ab tum meri patni ho, sirf duniya ke nazaron mein...aur sirf 6 mahine ke liye...Uske baad mein TUMHE AAZAD KARDOONGA. Par tab tak, tum mere ghar mein, mere saath meri patni ban kar rahoge...Par yaad rakhna yeh sindoor, eyh mangalsutra sirf ek samjhotha hai...Na main kabhi bhi tumhe apna biwi manoonga, na meri biwi ka darja doonga...

2)Tumhe Jo kuch chahiye tha, woh toh tumhe mil gaya...Ek Amir Aadmi, jisse shaadi karke ek jhatke mein tumhe woh sab kuch paa sako jiske aaj tak tum sirf sapne dekhti aayi ho.

3) 6 mahine, patha nahi kaise bardasht karoonga main, ek hi kamre mein tumhare sath...Jahan tum saas logi waha main bhi s...Disgusting! Iske baare mein sochta bhi hoon toh...

4) Is kamre ke bahar hum ek happily married couple ki acting karenge...Jaanta hoon acting karne mein tum maahir ho...Par is kamre ke andhar tum mere liye kuch nahi ho...You mean nothing to me. Aaj se meri jahan wahan hai (Bedroom) aur tumhari waha (Swimming Pool Arena)

Phase 2 (Everybody as a whole)

Khushi being Khushi slowly and steadily climbs the ladder of love, faith and trust slowly winning everybody's heart once again and she literally erases off the scar that the ArShi marriage gave to either families.

Phase 3 (Arnav Singh Raizada again) corresponding to Phase 1

1) Arnav had swore to himself and to Khushi that he would free her by the end of 6 months. Now with Just 10 days remaining Arnav is trying frantically every measure to see that she is not freed. That she stay as Mrs. Khushi Kumrai Gupta Singh Raizada till eternity. He told her that he would never accept Khushi as his wife these days every 1 minute he keeps reminding Khushi that she is his wife. He told her that he will not give her the status of being his wife, today if she takes a little freedom and then reprimands herself, Arnav himself comes forward and reminds her that she is his wife and she has every RIGHT over him.

2) He told her that she marrying him ASR, she would get all that she wishes in one go. Yet all that she ever got were tears and more tears. Not once did she ever dream or wish for the Luxries that she could get being a Raizada.

3) Once he felt disgusted that she was in the same room as he, today he is trying so hard to make her come back to his house, his room. 

4) " You mean nothing to me"...had taken a 360 Degree turn and has become "You mean everything to me". Arnav is desperate to have Khushi back in his life coz today he knows there is no meaning to his existence without her.

What i am trying to show here is the Transitions, the changes Khushi managed to bring about in Arnav. These happenings from Phase 1 to Phase 3 did not happen in a day or two it happened over time, it happened eventually. She forced him to change his opinion about her with her genuineness and pure heart. I had asked if she was successful earlier...the answer is "YES". She won his trust, his faith and his love...Thus winning him over. The key word is "She EARNED it"... she had to work for it and she did it with her entire heart and being.

She was ready to let go of everything, she was ready to forget all that had happened between her and Arnav (Read- Bitterness/Humiliation/Pain etc) all that he did to her, she believed that they could start fresh and that together she could mend the broken hearts and trust of the Raizada's (Read: Shyaam's Deceit) when Arnav's words soaked with poison bore into her skin and broke her heart once again. He cursed his fate for having meet with Khushi, and blamed her for everything that went wrong when he himself had admitted a day back that there was no fault of hers. It was the final blow and it left Khushi shattered in such a manner that even if she picked up the pieces and put them together it would wither away with the slightest force.

To top that Arnav isn't making things easier for Khushi. He may be going by the phrase "Desperate times call for Desperate measures" but its not helping. At every junction since Khushi left the Raizada Mansion Arnav has been subjecting her to challenges and creating hurdles in her path with the hope that she would go back to him. His intentions are not wrong because he wants Khushi back in his life, but can the same be said about the Method's he is been resorting to?

Arnav is used to getting things done the way he wants, but as mentioned earlier Khushi is no deal he has to crack, she is not a contract he has to obtain. She is his love, his wife. He has to win her Love. He has to EARN her trust just like she earned his. She is not blind to see the love the glistens in his eyes for her. In the last episode when he asked her "Is it really that easy for her?" Why was Khushi standing still, she could have reminded him of what he said the other day, given him reasons as to why she does not want to go back but she chose not to. Its her fear that stops her from letting herself carried away. Khushi needs a reason to believe in ASR a hope that this time if she gives in he will not let her down.

Another question i asked earlier was regarding Arnav. To answer them there are two incidents i would like to bring in at this juncture where Arnav realized the biggest truth of his LIFE. One being the Fatal Accident where he presumes that the girl who met with the accident is Khushi and the second being the recent Kidnap episode where Arnav thought that he had lost Khushi to death. So the truth that he loves Khushi or the fact that Khushi has become an integral part of his life, one who cannot be replaced and who has immense value and importance in his life is established. So he is not Devil in disguise but a man very much in love...Yet for a person who thought that he had lost her, for a person who felt the void the loss created even if for a few seconds, Arnav's approach towards Khushi comes across as a complete contrast and this is where Arnav fails as a Lover. Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws and that's the one thing that makes us realize that we are mere mortals...

As a viewer, as a woman i am appalled by is being shown on the part of Arnav. All i can see is Humiliation in the name of love. But the writer in me believes that there is more to this than what meet the naked eye or is it just another wishful thinking?

Author: Vijitha Rajan
Telly Tadka

Edited by rajla - 05 August 2012 at 11:30pm

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rajla IF-Dazzler

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109 Views and not one comment???
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good review
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Thanks for Sharing!!!
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Ohh I remember this article. I only got till half of it and stopped because it was so long. But thanks for posting this here. It's definitely worth reading!
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Good analysis. I think the women in everyone has got fed up of waiting for a proper redemption and apology from ASR. We cannot read ASR or the story writers minds. At least we have IF to read some intelligent analysis of what seemed like a confusing episode, but common janta does not have that luxury. If this is not cleared up properly before the next track starts, the interest level will start decreasing.

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well written
loved it
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tfs...well written article...

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