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Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai? RTMC FF Prt 15-Page 82 (Page 78)

Riyaa16 Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2013 at 3:44am | IP Logged
part 15

she was scuffling with every passing moment why the hell she is not pushed him back...why she is enveloped between his arms..if someone saw them like this then what would happen...he bent his head to reach her lips then heard her heart beating loudly...she looked at him nervously n yelled-''di''aarav turned his face to look back but there was no one...taking advantage of that she moved aside to him...he stared at her with a frown -''whats ur problem koi nhi h yaha fir ''

she stammered with fear-''han han to agar di di aa jaati toh...or hume aise dekh leti to??''she asked innocently

aarav growled at her-''shut up...kal subah thik time par office aa jana warna''

she widened her eyes-''warna kya??''he came closer to her-''warna mein tumhe khud utha ke le jayunga samjhi''

she moved back quickly-''aap ...aap ko sharam nhi aati kya?''he moved more closer to reach her but again she moved back...he gritted his teeth angrily-'tum ek jagah nhi khadi ho sakti ho...don't worry im leaving''he turned n moved outside

she looked at him n a cute smile crept on her lips...she turned back to went in room but then heard a ring of mobile was coming out from the chair where he was sitting...she moved towards the chairs n looked at a small box...she opened it n shocked to saw a name flashing on screen-''hitler''she picked it up n stared here n there-'aarav ji n apne phone me hitler kyu likha h''

after few seconds she speak softly n nervously-''hello''

''yehi bolti ho na tum mujhe''aarav asked coldly...she gulped her breath-''''

aarav gazed at her from behind the wall-''iss phone ko apne pass rakhna''mahi looked at phone n asked quickly-''kyu??yeh to bhot expensive h aap pehle hi mere liye bhot kuch kar chuke h mein yeh phone nhi rakh sakti aap pls isse le jayeye''mahi replied in stuttered tone

aarav-''mahi look at me''she looked at exit with confused face then the wall behind her...he was standing few feet away from her...she stared at him and about to speak when he stopped her-''shhh...isse apne pass rakho...''

mahi felt a strange pleasure inside which soothing her...she smiled at him n then said-''but yeh bhot mehnga h mein sabko kya kahungi''

aarav-''kehna meine diya h''mahi frowned at him-''accha??wo log kya sochenge?

aarav smirked at her-''kya sochenge??''

mahi made her puppy face-''wo sochenge ki aap mujhse se pyaa...''then she stopped abruptly n lowered her lashes shyly...

aarav gazed at her beautiful face-''i don't care koi kya sochta h tum yeh apne pass rakhogi n thats final''he ordered her 

mahi stared at her n looked at him angrily-''aap yahi par khade h or phone se baat kar rhe h kyu?''

aarav-''toh kya karu tumhare pass aata hun to tum dur chali jaati ho to phone se hi baat kar sakta hun na''

mahi-''wo wo...''she stammered shyly when he said quickly-'bye im leaving''

mahi nodded softly n disconnect the phone...aarav gazed at her for few minutes then finally turned to leave...mahi looked at his name on screen-''thank u''she changed the name from hitler to aarav ji n chuckled with both hands on her face shyly

''mahi''mahi stunned to heard her name ...she turned n saw her mother who was smiling at her-''kya hua yaha akele khadi hokar has kyu rhi ho''

mahi managed her hairs n her face to normal-''nhi nhi to ma..mein kaha has rhi hun wo papa kaise h?''

seema-''ab thik h doctor ne kaha ki 2 din yahi rehna hoga ...tu or mahek ghar jaakar fresh ho jao or thoda rest bhi karna ok''

mahi nodded-''ok ma''n relaxed too...she walked inside when seema looked at phone-''yeh mobile kiska h??''

mahi closed her eyes nervously...she turned to looked at her-''ma ye...wo''seema smiled at her-''tune liya h kya ?

mahi nodded-''han meine liya h wo jarurat padhti h na isliye''

seema caress her face-''chalo accha h tune apni savings kisi acchi jagah lagai h is baar mehnga lagta h par accha h''

mahi hugged her mother n smiled forcefully


at evening

amita was standing near the window all lost in thoughts...avinash came nearer-''amita what happen is everything ik''

amita turned to saw her husband-''nhi avinash kuch bhi thik nhi aarav thik nhi h wo kab humse apni saari baatein share karega...mujhe darr lagta h ki kahi wo fir se humse dur na chala jaye''

avinash put his palm on her shoulder-''amita don't worry aisa kuch nhi hoga...hum aarav koi kahi nhi jaane denge...bachpan se humse dur rha h isliye usse aadat nhi apni baat kisi se share karne ki ...time lagege but im sure sab thik ho jayega''

amita nodded at him then asked-''apne mahi se baat ki''

avinash -''nhi amita itna easy nhi h yeh sab...mein mahi se yeh kaise puch sakta hun ki aarav usse pasand h ya nhi...use kitna awkward feel hoga''

amita frowned -''aap bhi na ek kaam nhi kar sakte accha mahi or aarav aapas me kaise baat karte h...kahi aarav or mahi ki ladai to nhi hui na jiski wajah se wo itna pareshaan h''

avinash stared at his desperate wife-''tum jaanti ho aarav ko wo kitna rudely baat karta h sab se to mahi se kaise baat karega?''

amita sat on bed sadly-''aarav ko wo ladki hi sudhar sakti h mujhe mahi se milna h''

avinash pat his head-''amita kabhi kabhi tum baccho ki tarah react karti ho...thoda patience rakho mein khud baat karunga usse''

amita-''but jaldi han'' avinash nodded quickly-''yes your highness''


next morning

clutching her bag nervously she entered in her cabin...she stared at window of his cabin thank god he is not there...then she heard everyone  wish him...she looked at him he looked handsome as always in dark blue shirt with black coat as he approached her she said quickly-''gdmg sir''he raised his brow n went in the cabin without replying her...she felt bad-''hitl...''then stop n sat on chair angrily

after few hours

he closed his laptop n glanced at window...he smiled n walked towards it...he looked at her cabin but she was not there...he dialed her number but phone buzzed on table...he went to her cabin-''mahi''

he turned when he clashed with her-''what are u...kaha thi tum??he asked angrily...she stared at him-''wo mein bahar gyi thi thoda kaam tha isliye''

he picked the phone from table n put it on her palm-''ye table par rakhne ke liye nhi diya h mene tumhe''she glared at him-'sorry kuch kaam tha?''

aarav -'nhi ''n walked towards the door...she looked at him questionably when he turned to saw her-''loose ur hairs''

little startled she stared at him -''what??''

aarav -''i said loose ur hairs right now''he said angrily but still staring her...she stood like statue struggle to understand wht he exactly want...he move closer n she backed off-''ok''he stopped in midway n gazed her...she pulled her hair band down ...her hairs snaked on her waist n caressed her cheeks ...he smiled n left the room

she made her face n looked at window mirror red colour spread on her face...his cheeks turned crimson she smiled shyly n looked here n there if someone saw her smiling like that...she sat on chair tried hard not to smile...but she failed to control herself


at evening

aarav irately switch on the bluetooth device on his ear-''mom pls im not coming with u''

amita-''but aarav this is important son''

aarav sit in the car n started it-''oh sitting in front of that stupid priest is really very important for u''

amita replied sternly-''aarav don't speak like that...he is our family priest son...n this time i wanted a special pooja on your birthday

aarav-''no way'he said straightly

amita pretended to be angry with him...ok fine i'll cancel it ...sab guests ko bhi mana kar dungi that my son is not interested ''

aarav frowned-''what aapne sabko bata diya ki mera birthday h kal''

amita smiled-''han sabko invitation de diya ab sabko mana karna padega''she said with sad face

aarav stopped the car n scroll down the window mirror...he looked at her n for a second there eyes met...

aarav u can here me''aarav jerked-''yeah mom just a minute''he stared at her -come''

mahi came nearer-''no thanks mein chali jayungi aap jayeye''aarav growled at her n came out from the car...he walked towards her when she looked at peoples standing there waiting for bus...she moved back but he grasp her hand...n after a second she found herself in his arms...he lifted her n went towards the car...startled with his behavior she looked at peoples staring at them n giggled...she stared at him angrily-''aap kya kar rhe h sab dekh rhe chodiye mujhe''

aarav made sit her in seat n closed the doors...on the other hand amita listened their conversation n felt happy after so many days-''i think she is mahi hmm''she thought n chuckled

aarav sat next to her n started the car...she frowned at him-''yeh sab kya tha ??yeh sab log kya soch rhe honge?''

aarav -''tumhare relative h ye sab''he asked while raising his brow...she turned her face-''nhi''

aarav-''then why are u worried for...''mahi fumed with anger -''apko yeh sab karne ki kya jarurat thi'

aarav-''nhi karta agar tum ek baar mein sun leti to''she looked at him shockingly-''aap aise kyu h''

aarav turned his attention on driving when her mother interrupted -''aarav are u listening me''

startled to hear her voice-'mom?aap ''amita smiled -''wo wo kya hua abhi awaz nhi aayi mujhe ?shayad network problem hogi''

aarav asked hesitatingly-''apne kuch suna kya?'

amita chuckled n put her palm on mouth to control herself-''nhi beta kaha na network problem thi so u r coming ?''

aarav irately replied -''mom pls im not coming how many times i'll tell u''

mahi widened her eyes-'apni ma aise baat karte h kya?''aarav looked at her-''what?will u pls shut up''mahi annoyingly turned her face

amita -''aarav kisi ladki se aise baat karte h kya say sorry to her''aarav -''whats wrong with u both?

amita-''ok fine tum ghar aa jao fir baat karte h''

aarav-''kya baat karni h aapko bola na im not coming''amita made her face-''lekin its ur birthday son''

aarav irately-''mom aap ek kaam kyu nhi karti aap newspaper me ad de do ki kal aapke bete ka birthday h gud idea na??''n disconnect the phone angrily

mahi stared at him-''kal aapka birthday h''aarav stopped the car-''tumhara ghar aa gya''she came out from the car-''thank u''he gaze at her n drive off leaving her alone on road staring at his car


at night

abhi-''lekin aarav its ur first birthday with us na''...aarav turned to him-''so what??jab itne saare birthdays celebrate nhi kiye to is baar kyu??

abhi put his hand on his shoulder-''aarav agar tumhari family tumhara birthday celebrate karna chahti h to problem kya h''

aarav-''problem is that i don't want to celebrate my birthday and pls don't force me''he took his file from the table n went upstairs...abhi looked at his mother...amita felt bad -''its ok abhi agar wo nhi chahta to hum uska birthday celebrate nhi karenge''abhi nodded n hugged her mother

mahi walked too n fro in the room n looked at was 11:45...she sat on bed when mahek knocked her doors..she opened it-''di kya hua''

mahek-''tum soyi kyu nhi ho abhi tak lights on kyu nhi h jaldi so jao subah office bhi jana h''

mahi nodded-''di aap aaj office kyu nhi gyi?''mahek turned her face-''im not feeling well ''mahi touched her forehead-''u have fever''

mahek pulled her hand back-''ab thik h tum so fine''n went in her room

mahi stared at her she was walking weekly-''di thik nhi h ma papa ko bhi nhi btaya hoga or mujhe bhi nhi btaya''she went in kitchen and after some time she came with a cloth piece n cold water...

she sat silently near her bed n kept a drenched cloth on her forehead...mahek opened her eyes-'tum kya kar rhi ho mahi mene kaha na thik hun mein jao yaha se''mahi didn't budge an inch-''aap baad me gussa kar lena mujhpar...gussa hone ke liye bhi energy chahiye na...n u look so week''mahek growled at her-''mahi im fine jao yaha se''n turned her face

mahi sat on bed -dii me chali jayungi aap bas thodi der so jao''mahek looked at her-''mahi''mahi made her face n stood up from the she moved mahek grabbed her wrist-''mahi''mahi turned n looked at her

mahek-''thodi der baad chali jaana''mahi smiled n sat on bed...

after few minute mahek got slept n mahi put drenched clth on her forehead...she lookd at clock it was 12;00am she touched her skin..n felt relaxed

she closed the doors silently n went in her room...aarav in deep sleep when his phone rang...he picked it up still closing his eyes-''hello''

''happy birthday aarav ji''he opened his eyes after heard her voice

precap- abhi-''im sorry din ke liye''mahi smiled-''its ok sir mein wo sab bhul chuki hun aap bhi bhul jayeye''abhi too smiled-''ok then ek sorry dinner to banta h ''

mahi looked at him strangely-''dinner??''abhi said hesitatingly-''mana mat karna mahi mujhe lagega tumne mujhe maaf nhi kiya pls''

mahi -''mein kaise aa''abhi-''pls mahi shaam ko 8 baje milte h ok''

she picked up the phone -''hello''aarav-''mera birthday gift nhi diya tumne?''mahi smiled n looked at window-''kya chahiye aapko?''

aarav gazing at her n she blushed-''shaam ko 8 baje i'll pick u''mahi shocked n looked at him-''8 baje?lekin me nhi aa sakti''

aarav-''mene tumhe pucha ki tum aa sakti ho ya nhi ..mein tumhe bta rha hun ki 8 baje mein tumhe lene ayunga''

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ridzzi Goldie

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wah wah kya likha h...riya bahut mast update tha...
arav toh by god...mahi ko pura ka pura pareshan karne ki kasam kha rakhi h...pata nahi use pyar karta h ya use nafrat wala pyaar...
khayal bhi rakhta h n slaves ki tarah order bhi deta rehta h...paglu
n yaar ye amita, maa ji apni kripa karke arav k b'day par mahi-arav k engagement announce kar dijiye...
n ye abhi toh by god haath nahi pura ka pura naha dho k mahi k peechey pad gaya h...gadha kahi ka, beta abhi tu mahi ko nahi mahek ko line de, use bhi koi mil jayega...
n precap:- 8 baje abhi k saath bhi n arav k saath bhi, ab mahi kya karegi????????...well just hope she goes with arav to give his b'day gift...
all in all full on entertaining part...
update soon...
luv u...   :-)

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ridzzi Goldie

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sry net prob. k wajah se do baar edit ho gaya    :-)

Edited by ridzzi - 10 May 2013 at 6:29am
Asyalover IF-Dazzler

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wow...update...ii am sooo happy nowww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so sweet update

hhaha...Aarav to mahi ko apna possession samaj ne laga he ...and bechari ko apne khayal bhi nahi sunta bus apne order de deta hai...

precap: becahi mahi phirse phas gayi dono bhaiyo me...hope she cooses aarav or else he is going MU her again..


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sweet_challa Newbie

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awesome updateClap
plsss update soonBig smile

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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Part 2 
Mahek is irresponsible. Such a brat.
Awe! Mahi is just so sweet. No fear when Mahi is there. She is such a pillar of support to her family. 
Oops! Office mein aatey hi takkar aur wo bhi akdu, khadoos boss se! Poor Mahi. 
Lol no wonder she fainted. Poor thing. Who wouldn't after knowing her sworn enemy is her boss?
Seems like Abhi is already fida on Mahi. 
Arghhh! This Aarav is a real jerk. How dare he tear off her hard work just like that!!! Mahi just be yourself n put him in his right place.

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 11:58am | IP Logged
Part 3
So ya Mahek is not only irresponsible she's also selfish and its proven frm her mother's words. 
Oh! Now I can understand why Aarav is rude n arrogant. he never actually enjoyed the affection of his family and hence his solitude resulted in making him rude n arrogant.
These morons! I wish I was there to kill each of them. Thank God! Aarav came at the right time. Wow! he actually started the banter to bring her back to her normal self! Hmm...looks like changing process has began.
Woah! He actually kissed her n gave her an ultimatum to return it back to him. I seriously dont know what to think of this guy. He's an angel or a demon!

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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 11:40pm | IP Logged
Part 4

lovely update. Oops! Aarav's mom caught him n that 2 red handed. What a lame excuse Aarav dear. U cant hide nethng frm a mother's eyes.
Feeling so sad fr Mahi. She has shouldered all responsibilities of her family. She's just 2 gud.
Argh! Aarav you are such a brat, you'll never understand the value of the job to her n her family. but well there's some goodness in him 2 as he backed away n didnt let the poor girl to lose her dignity.
lol even Aarav's dad knows that only Maahi can handle his obstinate son.
Wow so both Maahi n Aarav are going to Singapore. Awesome.
Urmm...this Abhi seems to be thoroughly smitten by Mahi. Hope he stays away from her.

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