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Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai? RTMC FF Prt 15-Page 82 (Page 71)

tejjo Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2013 at 8:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Asyalover

OMG aarav is relly Hurt Emotionally and bit physically too...:(
thanks dear

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tejjo Goldie

Joined: 19 January 2012
Posts: 2399

Posted: 17 March 2013 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ridzzi

awww...valentines pe itna dardnak update...Ouch
ye abhi uloo ka patha...isi time pe entry marna tha thodi der se ata to kuch ho jata kya...Angry...n lo ye abhi kam tha jo ye mehek bhi a gayi...kaha kaha se love story main vamp's ate h bye god...Confused
hey bhagwan ab toh amita ka hi sahara h...mata ji plz ab ap hi in dono ko saath la sakte ho...
n precap...oh aarav you shouldn't say like this to her...Cry
update soon...
luv u...Smile
aww so sorry for saddy part really very sorry
will ud soon dear
love u
Asyalover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 March 2013 at 10:23am | IP Logged
aap kab update karege??????? plz update soon

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tejjo Goldie

Joined: 19 January 2012
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Posted: 17 March 2013 at 10:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Asyalover

aap kab update karege??????? plz update soon
will ud vry soon dear
sweetnandu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 9:59pm | IP Logged
waiting for the update..
pls update soon..

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sonalimurat Senior Member

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Posted: 19 March 2013 at 7:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tejjo

Originally posted by sonalimurat

update pleaseeeCry
will  ud soon

thank you Tongue
eagerly waiting Day Dreaming
jaldi de do na  

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tejjo Goldie

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Posted: 22 March 2013 at 9:37am | IP Logged
part 13

mahi looked at herself in morror n remembered the events that had happened in her life after his entrance ...everything is changed ...she is changed ,her life changed,her daily routine changed...why ??she thought n wiped her tears ...why the hell he came to her life n ruin everything...why he didn't want to hear at least once...she wants to say her feeling her emotions to him but how????he don't want to listen her...everything is finished...her thought come to halt as someone knock the doors...she wiped her face with dupatta  n turned to saw her mother...her mother surpsrised to saw her gloomy face-''mahi kya hua...tum ro rhi thi kya??''mahi startled by her words-''nhi to kyun??while wiping her face...

seema came nearer n caressed her face with her palm-''to fir tera chehra itna utra hua kyun h?kisi ne kuch kaha kya tujhe mujhe bata''

mahi  wanted to hug her mother n cried out with all her mighty...but how could she tell her that she loved someone n he misunderstood her...she smiled forcefully-''kisi ne kuch nhi kaha fine office me kaam bhot tha im little tired''

seema smiled too-''ok to tu rest kar ...mein tujhe dinner ke liye baad me bula lungi''

mahi nodded softly n went to washroom ...

aarav gazing at laptop screen which had a pic of mahi in red saree ...he had took this pic secretly unknown by mahi...he loved to gazing at this pic when he was free...his every work started by looking her pic on screen which he had set on wall paper...she looked like angel who come straight from heaven just for him...her black silky hairs snaked on her waist...n blue oceanic eyes looked best in whole world...then he saw someone embraced her tightly n his gaze turned into glowering...anger filled in his eyes n his face turned red with anger..n very next moment laptop was on floor in two pieces...he glowered at it-''i hate u...i just hate u''

he stood up n saw himself in mirror...behing him she is smiling...he took the paper weight n threw on mirror...which soon broken into numerous pieces...amita n avinash came in his room with abhi-''aarav ...what happen??''

amita winced to saw the conditon of his room n went nearer -''aarav are u fine son...what happens to u??is everything ok??''

avinash looked at aarav while abhi still staring at laptop n mirror...

he turned n looked at his mother-''im fine mom''amita frowned at him-''i asked u what happen to u n i want a truth aarav''

aarav looked away from her-''im fine mom u can go now''avinash sternly said-''aarav??/what is could u talk like this to ur mother?''

aarav closed his eyes for a moment-''im sorry mom''n left the room angrily...amita saw her husband worriedly-''kya hua h usse avinash..he is in pain pls kuch kijiye na''

aninash consoled her-''don't worry amita ..this is not new for us...after sometime he will be fine just relax''after saying this he went to his room but amita was still frightened for her son-''no avinash this is never happened with us...aarav gusse me yeh sab karta tha but i have never seen tears in his eyes''


''how did u got hurt''abhi asked while pulling his palm for putting ointment on it...aarav looked at him-''while closing the door of car''

''u should carefull about that aarav...u r not a kid''he said sternly while bandaging his palm...aarav looked at shy-''i'll be carefull from next time''n pulled his hand back after bandage-''thanks anyway''

abhi smiled n looked in his direction-''why are u upset??''...aarav turned his gaze from sky to him-''who said im upset absolutely fine''

abhi smiled-''really??then why didn't u hugged me...we are meeting after many days??right??''

startled..he turned at him-''i..i forgot bhai sorry''n hugged him ..abhi smiled n hugged him tightly-''it's ok don't woory everything will be fine im with u always''

aarav nodded slightly-''thank u bhai''

next day

mahi got up early in morning n took a shower quickly before getting ready for office...then her mother called her for dinner...

she settled herself on chairs n looked at vaccant chair near her-''ma papa kaha h"'

seema looked at her-''wo aaj unka check up h na usi ke liye gye h...pichle week ki medicines bhi khatam ho gyi wo bhi lani h to jaldi chale gye aaj''

mahi-''aapna mujhe kyun nhi bataya mein chali jaati''seema served her breakfast-''mahi tu office ja saare kaam tu hi karegi kya mahek gyi h unke saath wahi se wo office nikal jayegi''after listen that she smiled-''thik h''


she entered in office with heavy steps n wished not dashed with him..but it seemed everything was hell bent on her to irritate...before knowing anything she was in his arms...he looked at her with mixed expression of anger n shock...his one hand on her waist to support her n one hand held her tightly on her wrist...he tightened his grip n she screamed in pain as her bangle broken inside his fist...he push her back irritely...which caused her stumble on foot n hit her back on wall-''ahh''

he came nearer to her with cool expression n smirked when he almost reached her lips-''it seemed u enjoyed embrace of different men...yesterday there was someone else n today its me n tommorrow?? she turned red with anger n yelled-''just shut up...''aarav grasped her both arms so hard she cried out-''leave me ''

''dont talk to me like that next ur boss??u r not my boss ...get it''he said harshly while pointing his finger...he pulled her back forcefully n about to leave when she utter-''u r my boss that doesn't mean that im ur puppet...n u behave in any way as u please''aarav turned towards her n stared at her 

his gaze firghtened her little but she couldn't stopped herself like that n she continue''when u like u touch me ..when u like u kissed me...when u like u yelled at me why im ur employee not ur servent that clear to u mr aarav mehra''aarav clutched her hairs n yanked her towards him-''just shut up ..''

mahi tried to freed herself but failed n looked at him with moist eyes...aarav looked at her angrily but then suddenly loosened her hairs n left from there silently...


-''this is my resignation letter''aarav turned his gaze from file to letter n stood up from the chair..he tore the letter in pieces in threw on her-''agar job chod dogi to apne bfs se kaise milogi waise how many bfs u have other than my brother'...atleast 7 to hene hi chaiye roz naya??''red with anger mahi barked-''why u r doing this??i just want to talk to u but u always makes fun of me...why??what do u want??u r feeling less person u don't have feelings for anyone thats why ur family brought to u abroad...''anger clearly seen on his face but he jusr listen her...

she looked at him angrily-''i thought u r very good person...but thank u so much u make me feel that u'll never change...''by saying this she pulled the doors when his words stopped her-''if u bugde an inch then i'll kill u''

she looked at him-''sorry mr aarav mehra but from now i can't recieve ur orders''by saying this she left his cabin

at evening

an auto came to halt in front of sharma house n sanjay came out with support of mahek n auto driver...seema shocked to looked her husband like this ...she rush towards him almost faint to saw bandaged wrapped around his knee which was red with blood...she gathered herself-''kya..kya hua yeh sab''mahek made him sit on couch n consoled her mother-''ma pls sambhaliye apne aap ko ...''

seema looked at his knee n sat down nearer-''hua kya yeh sab kaise hua''n cried out loudly

mahek-''wo hospital se nikalte time ek car ne papa ko hit akar diya ma''sanjay tried to consoled her but his efforts gone in vain when he saw mahi stood on main doors shockingly...she came nearer n hugged him-''are u fine papa??''sanjay too hugged her affectionately-''im fine beta bas chota sa fracture h doctor ne kaha h 1 week me thik ho jayega...''

seema with tears-''hmare saath hi yeh sab kyu hota h''while mahek went outside n paying to driver

somehow sanjay succeed to make understood to mahi but seema knew that something seriously wrong with him...after mahi left for freshen up... seema looked at him worriedly -''kya hua h mujhe to btaiye aap''

sanjay looked at doors one again to make sure that there was no one around them-''seema there is not a knee bone broken completely...doctors said operation is compulsory or wo bhi 2 din mein nhi to mein kabhi nhi chal payunga...''seema put her palm on mouth to conceal her pain n scream...n cried out once again...n this time sanjay to saw her with moist eyes-''im sorry seema meine tumhe sirf pain ke siva kabhi kuch nhi diya..or ab firse''seema looked at him-''aap aisa kyun keh rhe h ...operation hoga na hum karayenge kitne paise lagenge??''

sanjay nodded negatively-''hum afford nhi kar payenge seema...kam se kam 5 lakh''seema numb after hear the amount-''itne paise kaha se ayenge??''

n once again that room filled with pain n silent cry...

outside the room ..mahi stick to wall...she was stunned n numb after heard her parent conversation...soon her cheeks became wet with tears...


seema put her jwellery out from self n looked at it-''5 lakh kaha se ayenge''mahek looked at her mother-''maa 5 lakh rupee kyu chahiye aapko''

startled seema looked at her-''wo tumhare papa ke treatment ke liye chahiye honge na??

mahek-''treatment ke liye 5 lakh chihiye kya?''...seema nodded-''han aaj kal medicines or treatments kitne mehnge hote h na''

mahek-''don't worry maa mein apne boss se baat karungi''seema nodded hopefully...

little far from them mahi too hopefully smiled to heard her sister...


next day

''sir i need some advance..its very urgent'mahek said pleadingly...abhi looked at her n smiled-''oh sure how much??''

''5 lakhs'she said quickly...abhi shockingly looked at her-''mahek this is not possible 5 lakhs bhot jyada amount h or tum abhi yaha new ho mein tumhe 1 lakh de sakta usse jyada really sorry''

mahek looked at him tensely-''sir pls its very urgent''

abhi saw her pleading face-''ok i'll give u 2 lakhs isse jyada possible nhi h ''mahek nodded defeatedly-''ok fine''

mahi moved too n fro in the room-''5 lakh arrange hue honge ?/she talk to herself when her mother said-''mahi tu abhi tak office nhi gyi??''

mahi looked at them-''ma...wo ''

seema looked at her lovingly-''don't worry tumhare papa jaldi thik ho jayenge''

recape-''he pulled her in his arms-''ab tum wahi karogi jo mein that clear to u''

sorry for delayOuch

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kespari Goldie

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Posted: 22 March 2013 at 10:31am | IP Logged
nice both acha hai lovely

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