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Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai? RTMC FF Prt 15-Page 82 (Page 54)

Radhikerani IF-Sizzlerz

Captain Javitri
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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 2:54am | IP Logged
Loved It To The Core !!!!

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swati_prithvi Groupbie

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 7:26am | IP Logged
Thnx so much for d ud dear..
It's awesome as always..
so Aarav was thinking that he is kissing to Mahi..
that's so cool & at the same tym lil sad too..Wink
Mahi really talks too much..
& that scene was so funny..
wen she was busy with her dupatta..
& thn told to Aarav..
aap train ko rok nhi sakte the kya?
main busy thi aap to nhi..
kaash main waha hoti Aarav k expression dekhne us tym..
definately that will be perfect..Smile
thn Mahi told abt her family..
oh so she is adopted..
they r nt her real parents..
bt I never felt so..
her family luvs her so much..
she is really lucky to hav family lyk that..
she shudn't b sad at all..
& Aarav he is in luv wid her..
Oh my...
itni jaldi..
thn what is this???Shocked
he kissed her..
& even..
Mahi too kissed him..
hayo rabba..
kya baat he..Embarrassed
& thn d precap...
wow it's so interesting..
waiting for d nxt ud..Smile
u write superb yaar...

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dhwanimehta23 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
Awesome Update!!!!SmileSmileSmileSmile

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pranita1202 Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 5:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arshi4ipkknd

Originally posted by pranita1202


aarav bhi naa kabhi nahi sudrega 
main bhi kisse bol rahi
hitting my head against the wall

humesha meri princess ko get lost bolta

aarav tu hi ho ja get lost meri princess ke pyaar mein

abhi tujhe bhabhi ke baare mein fantasize karne se time mil gaya

tu designer dhundega

iske designer ke chakar pe kuch panga naa ho jaye

talk abt panga and STINKY is here , mahek re

so now on i m gonna call mahek stinky

""my neighbour's cat name is pinky

aaj se hum mahek ko bulayenge STINKY

finally mahi cha gayi

mahi the rockstar

ooo mahi looking red hot in saree

mr john ko kyu bola dat u r not mr n mrs

next time jab u guys will cum on again , wapis se xplain karna padega dat u guys r hubby n wife

aarav bored ,

iska kuch nahi ho sakta

coat ka scene awesome tha already itna bola hai coat ke scene ke baare mein earlier. aur nahi bolti

after talk kitni awesome 

aarav my angel">">">

u will be loved very soon


hottie n nottie

me so happy dat i will xpress it by dancing

i love all your comment they are soo funny and heart-winning with the words you use and plzz teach me too how add picz in comment cause i m so dumb at it i tried it once but it didnt came wen i post the comment and i was like...WHAT THE... or ha app bhi to RTMC ke FF likhti haina maine dono padhliye hai par me to aapke ''CINDRELLLA STORY , RAJAT MUGDHA  '' ka kab se intezaar kar rahi hi hoon 2 mahine hogaye hai aur abhi tak apne update nahi kiya ...Unhappy


kal hi exam khatam huyi hai

will start work on cindy

and here is the link of these smileys

monkey smiley

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pranita1202 Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 9:20am | IP Logged

part 9

mera sunder sapna toot gaya

let me re read it if maybe i got it wrong

no its dream. let me wake up

umeed dikha ke dil tod diya

sniff sniff


ria tune mera dil thoda
sirf sapna dikha ke choda 

I M going back to sleep so i cud relive the dream

Good morning i m still pissed 


baad me baat karenge jab humara ghussa shant hoga

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pranita1202 Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 9:31am | IP Logged
ok i m back

rest update mujhe awesome chahiye  .suna tum ne  

hope i m clear now

so it was a dream ..a dream ...a dream...



main yeh saaf nahi karne wali 



dream sequence huh!
wait a minute dream sequence dream sequence 

dream sequence   dream sequence

yeh angle toh maine socha hi nahi 



aarav ne dekha sapna

sapne mein banaya usne mahi ko apna

omg main ye angle kaise miss kiya


munde ko kuch ho raha hai. now we have a graphical proof

mubharakha , mithaiya , patake  


mahi di mahi di train toh ja rahi hai , saree ko chodo train pakdo

yeh kya one piece ,two piece.

night mein walk

yehhh blazer diya

ab aarav u play sick tommorow


mahi will take care of u

mahi don't cry

let me cheer u up a bit with my small gag

mahi- i don't have mommy

aarav hugs her ,try to calm her

itsi bitsi corrupt thots

aarav - mahi don't cry. ok u don't have mommy i can't do anything abt it . u wanna b one . i can help wid dat


mahi - r u nuts

aarav- geez gal  u in saree makes me go a complete nut. so wat say


mahi to me = aarav kabhi chance nahi marega

me= don't worry ek din zaroor marega

mahi= pata nahi . woh din kab aayega , part 9 ho gaya ,ab tak kuch nahi kiya

me- arrey but already pehle...

mahi- i know but i m taking abt ,foreign location kuch karne ki baat
me=ooo any way best if luck hope iss update ki end mein kuch kare

mahi= woh toh riya maiya pe depend karta hai

OMG pranita ka best of luck chal gaya

finally hero ne  foreign pe kuch action dikhaya

seeing them like this

i m 


bye jaate jaate yeh dekho

It seems so pointless… but.. can't.. stop… watching. Funny Animated Image

Edited by pranita1202 - 18 December 2012 at 10:12am

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Riyaa16 Goldie

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Posted: 19 December 2012 at 2:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arshi4ipkknd

appko hi me yaad kar rahi thi aur abhi adhe ghate pehle hi me is ff pe aayi thi check karne ke liye par aab to meri khushi ka thikana hi nahi hai ... main bohat bohat khush hu abhi aur apke pm ka link bhi mila to mila kab ...jab me apna fav song ( tera mera rishta pura ) started in my mobile and i am double happySmileSmile abhi tak maine updt padhi nahi me to dekhte hi khush hogayi ab me jati hu updat padne ke baad phir comment karungi thanks thank you so so so much...<3Star

P.S: aur ha me apse kuch puchna chahti thi kya yeh FF padha hai Love hurts and cure Invitation&part18 page71&94 ...Smile
thanks dear mujhe yaad karne ke liyeEmbarrassedme bhi bhot bhot khush hun to see ur commentTongue thank u so much 
Riyaa16 Goldie

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Posted: 19 December 2012 at 2:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arshi4ipkknd

Originally posted by tejjo

part 9

(she stood silently keeping her gaze on ground...a cold breeze of air struck to her face caused her hairs caressing her pink cheeks...she closed her eyes with pleasure to loving the feel of air...she look beautiful in red sari like goddess of beauty.she was pure n divine...he just gazing at her without blinking his eyes...her  sari folded neatly on one shoulder n embroidery of her sai caressed her skin...which exposed her velvety n creamy waist...

he moved towards her curled his hand around his waist which made her looked into his eyes in great astonishment...he pulled her closer to him made her more curious...he spun her in a circle n held her from beside encircled his both arms on her small n creamy skin of waist..she gasped n closed her eyes tightly as his fingers caressed her waist..his warm breath create havoc in her senses...his warm touch just melted her...he pulled her n spun her around him..she revolved around him without breaking their eye contact...he moved her closer to increase their proximity n put his hand on his waist ..her palm automatically came towards his heart which beating fast...his warm breath fanned her face he entwined their fingers n moved their body in wavy motion she quietly followed the steps but barely met her gaze with his..she continuously looking at the ground but her heart skipped as her gaze fell on his hard wall like clean shave chest which peeping out of his shirt...her heart beats fasten but thank god he spun her n her beats became normal now...he spread their arms gently with head leaned on back side ...she leaned her head on his chest n closed her eyes in bliss...

he crossed his arms around her body n caressed his cheek with her cheek..she nervously curved her head to made his way to other cheek...his every touch melted she enjoying his touch silently with little  hesitation she turned n rolled her body against his ...he looked at her black large eyes affectionately...he tilted her chin upward forced her to looked in his eyes...his eyes darkened with desires..he passionately gazing her n made her blush...n he knew that his charm affect her but he loved her when she nervously gasping in front of her...he locked her hairs behind the ear n moved towards her...her face turned red with increasing proximity she smiled n pulled him back...before she move he held her hand n pulled her...n lifted her in his strong arms...she spread her arms in air n leaned her face on his face...her hairs covered his face n he swap them away..she moved her palm on his face n kissed his nose tip...a sweet smile crept on her face which made him lost under her breath...he alighted her on floor safely she curled her  arms around his neck n move closer to him-''hitler''he smiled n clasped her waist-''u look beautiful''he held her palm n kissed it lightly...she blushed while he shook her body with his gently

they danced n looked at each other lovingly...didn't knew when their vicinity come to an end n he filled the distance between them with a kiss on her cheek...she thumped n numb with his touch conceede his kiss n grabbed his coat...then he moved to her lips she closed her eyes content n bend her face to allow he about to kiss her lips..the long whistle sound of train jolted him..he came to reality n looked around him like sum 1 just pinched him from his beautiful dream Pinch)  aur yea sab aarav ka dream thaBlushingBlushingBlushing i must say he desire's her so much and bechara apna dream ka end bhi acche se nahi kar payaDisapprove ...peoples rushed here n their n shopkeeper peeping out from their shops...n she was sat next to him smiling at the coming train...

''yeh to jayegi na hotel''she asked him while smiling...he looked at her confusedly -''what was that??''he thought purra confused hai like a lost child Confused 

she made her face-''sir btao na yeh train jayegi ya nahi'' aur yea memsab sab ko to kuch pata hi nahi ki uska boss uske hi khayalo me khoye huye haiLOL 

aarav shook his head n looked at the train-''yeah''he stood up  n moving towards the train when she stopped n looked at her sari pallu which got taut between the irons of bench...he rolled his eyes-''jaldi karo'' abhi tak iski akad nahi gayiAngry

she looked at him annoyingly -''kar to rhi hun ''n concentrate on her pallu''she tried to freed it but her efforts were gone in vain..he moved towards her but she stopped it quickly-''nhi aap rehne dijiye mujhe apni sari one piece me chahiye two piece me nhi wo bhi ek chota or ek bada '' Clap awesome Clap ROLF she is funny

 aarav smirked-''yeah one piece is better than two'' she looked at him while pouting-''how disgusting aap aisa bhi sochte h'' Batamiz aaravEmbarrassed aur seriouslywat did mahi really tought at this  

aarav-''really mene to kuch nhi socha tum khud soch rhi ho mein to tumhari sari ki baat kar rha tha ''she looked at him with wide opened mouth while he moved towards her-''by the way tum kya soch rhi thi'' aakhir mere man ki baat puchli aarav tumne she was still in same position n somehow managed herself to speak-''mein ...mein bhi sari ki baat kar rhi thi''LOL

he pointed his eyes towards her sari-''jaldi nikalo isse''she looked at her sari-''meri sari ''n after some minutes she successfully got her sari in one piece..she chuckled to saw her sari-''im proud of u mahi'' i love the way she talks to her self and gives compliment to her own n looked at aarav who was sitting on bench n looking at her...she angrily said-''aap baithe kyun h chaliye na''as she looked at railway platform she pout again with her both palm on mouth-''hayoo rabba train kahan gyi''she turned n growled at her-''rok nhi sakte the aap mein to busy thi aap to free the itna bhi nhi hua aap se''pointed her finger towards him hayee mahi akhir wo kyun rokta trin ko use kuch aur zyada samye jo milega tumhare saath waqt bitane keliyeEvil Smile ...he leaned backwards-''oh my god im scared '' Cool he stood up n pulled her back-''shut up sab tumhari wajah se hua h jab se tum meri life me aayi ho tabse koi kaam seehe se nhi hota mera idiot''shout on her angrily..she gulped under her breath-''sorry''he gave her a stern look which made her shivered...Stern Smilebechari daar gayi

after sometime

''waise night walk health ke liye acchi hoti h saara khaana digest ho jaata h''she said while smiling akhir aahi gaya na khana mahi ke khayalo me LOL

he stare at her-''kitna khaya tumne jo night walk par nikli ho will u please stop ur useless blabbering''she nods n walked quietly ROFLROFLROFL

she looked at him again-''kitna boring h yeh''are mahi aisa mat kaho wo apna confusion solve kerne me laga haiWink he again stared at her she quickly put finger on her lips-''sorry''

she rubbed her arms against her palm..due to cold whether she shivered n  conceal herself in her arms...he turned his gaze n looked at her...''ab kya kiya meine''she asked confusedly...he turned his gaze n remove his blazer..he gave it to her without looking at her..she wanted to took it but he was very rude with her from past few how could she accept his coat...she refused n turned her face-''nhi chahiye'' mahi ki ek romantic khwaish to puri huye hero apna coat heroine ko dehi diya na abDancing

''ok fine''he was about to wore it when she interrupted quicklu-''dobara nhi puch sakte kya??'' she soo shweet he moved towards her keep it over her-''tum ek baar mein nhi pehan sakti har baat me drama karne ki bimaari h tumhe'' haayee Day Dreamingshe put her arms into sleeves n crossed her arms-''thank u''

then he again continue their walk when they crossed a lake..she excitedly shout-''wow so beautiful''he followed his gaze towards the lake -''so what pehli baar dekha h''she ignore him-''singapore me to pehli baar hi dekha h na''n again looked at glittered blue due to reflection of sky which look just eyes pleasing...-''kitna accha view h na''he ignored her again-''agar ho gya ho to chale mujhe aaj hi hotel phuchna h'' haww aarav u r so not romantic...Angry

she nodded uninterestly-''ok''
after few minutes walk they reached a shop.-''tumhe kuch pina h ''she nods n he went towards the shopkeeper-''one soft drink...''he paid him n looked at shopkeeper who staring at mahi''aarav growled at him angrily the shopkeeper turned his gaze immediately...n they left from there... aww abhi se hi possessive pata nahi abhi itna possessive hai to mahi aur abhi ko ek sath dekh ke iska kya hal hoga Dead  

she enjoyed her drink while he walked angrily..she looked at him-aapko nhi chahiye''he didn't answer her-''tumne aaj yeh sari kyun pehni thi''he asked directly to her..she looked at him-''kyun acchi nhi lag rhi mera favourite color h or mr john ko indian dresses pasand h to hume indian attire hi carry karna chahiye tha isliye''abb to mahi pe hi apna haq jamayega na wow first tym compliment for mahi...Blushing

mahi looked at him again-''kya hua aapko accha nhi laga''he stared at her face which was so innocent he immediately turned his gaze-''acchi h '' wow first tym compliment for mahi...Blushing she smiled n continue her drink again.-''aap ke maa bhot sweet h'' awwwSmile

he looked at her surprisingly-''how u know that?''she giggled-''apke wallet me aapke mom dad ki photo h na wahan dekhi''he smiled-''oh hmm she is very sweet sabke mom bhot sweet hote h''n he waited for a answer but there was a he looked at her he shocked to saw her teary eyes-''mahi tum ro kyun rhi ho''she looked at him tried to smiled-''sabke mom dad nhi hote sir''these few words create havoc inside him..he felt her pain but somehow he gather himself-''u mean tumhare mom dad''he nods silently n tried to wipe her tears but fresh tears crept her cheeks...he wanted to console her but how-''mahi stop crying im sorry''she tried to smiled but her tears made her way again..he moved closer to her wiped her tears..her tears hurts him it seems someone pinned his heart...he wiped her tears but this was not so easy to control her pain..he cupped her face -''im sorry mahi''she looked at him with teary eyes n held her wrist-''kya mein itni buri hun ki wo mujhe chodkar hi chale gye agar wo log mujhe god nhi lete to pata nhi kaha hoti mein''aarav embraced her tightly-''mahi calm down its ok''even he didn't controlled his tears which rolled out from his eyes he immediately wiped it n pulled her to face her-''kisne kaha ki tumhare mom dada nhi h jinhone tumhe ab tak pyaar kiya h wahi tumhare mom dad h kabhi yeh mat sochna ki tum akeli ho..ur family loves u''' aww he is so caring...
she wiped her tears again n nods...he gazing at her moist eyes n rubbed her fresh tears with his thumb-''rote hue bhot kharab lagti ho ''she smiled with moist eyes he loves her smile..he move closer to her lips n kissed her lips which crept a beautiful smile...she melted in his arms n kissed him backBlushing ahhh omg omg omg this is aarav's secont kiss to mahi and mahi's first willing kiss to aarav...Blushing


aarav looked at her once n again busy in his work-''kyun mene tumhe kiss kiya tumhe accha nhi laga??''she shockingly looked at him-''nhi bilkul nhi''he stood up n move towards her-''to tumne mujhe kiss back kyun kiya''she gasped-''wo wo...wo'' Embarrassedaww she is so embarrassed aur aarav ab ek bhi moka nahi chorega mah ko tease karne me...Clap

i loved precap and now egarely waiting for the next updt so tell me when are u updating plzzz tell meDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming loved it so so much 
dear will update it very very soon don't worry jyada wait nhi karungi is baar pakkaSmile
but a big hug for ur beautiful comment

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