Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

|| Happy Birthday To The Ace - Kunal K.Kapoor ||

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Because you're very special

Hope yr Birthday holds in store

Happy Hours that overflow

With All that you are wishing for

And hope the days that follow it

Make up a year that brings

Everything that you deserve

In short A million Happy things

I've  always been the type to say what I feel
So basically I keep nothing  inside
And with you it is no different
I wanted to tell you all, believe me I've tried

I guess I'm your secret admirer
That name seems to fit just right
I don't know what I like about you
But you seem to rule my thoughts , day and night

Maybe it's the way you look
That I can't get enough
Or how you come across
That I instantly forget all other stuff

Maybe it's the way you talk
Or maybe it's the way you smile
Then again it might just be everything
Getting to see and know you seems worth my while

But I guess I'll never know what it is
My true feelings I have revealed to you
I'll just admire and wish for you from a great distance
I'm not sure what else there is to do

A million Wishes


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Kunal's first screen appearance was as the geeky stammering nerd Varun in Remix. He followed it with the role of a jovial army Cadet Yadhuvansh Sahni (Yudi) in Left Right Left on Sab TV He later played the baddie Angad in Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya for which he received a lot of appreciation and popularity.

Kunal has been appreciated much in  his first lead role in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha in where  he plays Mohan Bhatnagar a Crime Reporter

 Kunal is not only a perfect actor but comes across as an articulate, well read, well- travelled young person whose life has never been formulaic but a journey full of surprising discoveries. His responses to questions in various interviews (even when the questions ramble) are not formulaic either.

** His biggest gift is his ability to express something which is inexpressible**

He says, "For Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya (where he played a paan chewing baddie), we shot in Allahabad and I strolled out of the hotel and walked into a theka (a hooch shop) and it was interesting to sit and watch and hear how people conversed. I don't consciously study such things but if I can retain five percent of the body language, the mannerisms, the accents, it is enough. I love to travel and if I am in Indore, in one day, I will start talking like an Indori and pick up the nuances." And the quirks, ofcourse.

I honestly don't know if I will get to do it some day but I would love to. My future, I would like to believe will have exciting, adventurous moments but am a floater basically. I don't have any solid plans. And in the last one year, things have happened (on their own)." And maybe, more will unfold in the future on its own too. The state of Indian television, barring a few exceptions, including his own show bothers him. He talks about it without bitterness or malice or superciliousness but it is clear that as an artist who likes to take his time over nuances, this industry and its rough shod ways disturb him. He says, "Honestly? I don't like television or the way it is handled. It is a factory, a machine where actors after a while are not even expected to act but to just deliver because the episode has to be finished. I am fortunate that I work with a sensitive creative team but I wish the television industry would get rid of the pressure to complete episodes, and get into the format of seasons. I wish, it would not pull you down and give you time to develop and grow. The rut can kill you."

When u hear the name Kunal Karan kapoor - Your first thoughts?Blushing

When I hear the name Kunal Karan Kapoor, I think of his
dialogues "Arre Yaar", "Sunna Naa" and him being Nanhi's spiderman. He is the most geniune actor out there and just want to say thank you soo much for bringing the character of 'Mohan' to life for me! Embarrassed Embarrassed


My first thought is Kunal's sweet smile and his eyes, with his dialogues "Arey yaar" and "Sunnn naaa"LOL


a good and nice actorEmbarrassed


My first thoughts are: He is Nanhi's spidermanThumbs Up


Believe that, He is what he is shown/seen as behind the scenes! And for that, this guy deserves to get what he wants! Let him be this cool, down to earth even when he goes heights!


An awsome actor who make viewers glued to the scene with his perfomance...his each emotion is felt and lived by the viewers ...such strong only favourite in tv...

kunal is a wonderful human being in real life...hats off to such a great person...


Everytime I hear the name Kunal Karan Kapoor (KKK) my face lightens up with a smile SmileTongue. Thats my first reaction to it. My first thoughts about it are "how can anyone be sooo awesome???"...He's seriously the awesomest (if that's even a word) person I've seen.


Everytime i hear this name " Kunal Karan Kapoor " my reactions are " arre yaar, yeh toh bilkul mere jaisa hi hai, same to same !! LOL" i think it's mostly because despite being a wonderful actor and a celebrity, he doesnt have the starry attitude about him, he's frank, speaks his mind without being politically correct while being interviewed no matter whatever the question is, he can make anyone around him feel extremely comfortable to the extent that one can conveniently forget that (s)he is with a star and enjoy his company.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Whenever i hear the name Kunal Karan Kapoor - I think of NBT serial.His character Mohan Bhatnagar is just awesome. He fits the role so well that i could nt imagine anyone on this earth other than him.I wish him all the best for his future and i am sure to see him as a superstar in Bollywood very soon.My God Bless him with all the good things in life and help him acheive his goals.
Many Many Happy Returns in Advance to my Adorable Kunal Karan Kapoor.


When i hear Kunal Karan Kapoor the first thought that comes to my mind is of a person with strong personality.
Through all the interviews of kunal which i have read or heard or watched one thing that reflects about him is his honesty, we cant find a person nowadays who is so honest, so genuine, and so very down to earth. You have a heart of gold kunal, you are so so brilliant in your work, u convincingly portray the character of Mohan Bhatnagar and make us laugh, cry when mohan does the same, very few actors have the ability and capability to do so. If i start talking about you i know i can go on and on, so am ending here by wishing you a very happy birthday, have a great future ahead and shine like u have always been
love u loads-


e hi Naam Dil Slip ho gayaEmbarrassedLOL


When I hear the name Kunal Karan Kapoor, I smile the widest as the guy's super cute face with this classy name flashes in my mind. I start thinking of him, his style of being straightforward and so polite and sweet, his antics, randomness and his super contagious smiles in all his segments, and also keep on dreaming of him and his on screen character Mohan Bhatnagar and realize how he means a lot to me and every other fans of him!


Whenever i hear the name HeartKunal Karan kapoorHeart...the first thought is...his sooo cute ...adorable smiles...& the very first thing is that...i am hearing the name of the very very brilliant actor.,,,


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Happy Birthday to our MonuStar

Hug  Hope you will always find happinessHug
CoolIn whatever you may doCool

DancingSmiles and laughter, joy and cheerDancing
PartyHope your birthday brings all these and more Party
HeartFilling your life with surprise and joys galoreHeart
StarGod bless you and thank you so much for being "Mohan"Star


" />

May the sun shine all year long,
Everything go right and nothing wrong,
May your beloved (NBT here) bring love to you,
And may all the dreams you dream come true!

Hope lovely surprises
Are coming your way,
To make your Birthday
A wonderful day!

May everything happy
And everything bright,
Be yours on your Birthday
From morning till night!

Your heart deserves everything
You desire,
So dream a birthday dream,
'Cause I wish you to fly higher!!
Wishing your birthday is
A memorable one,
Just filled with surprises,
Pleasure and fun!

Many many happy returns of the day kunal
When god made u he was having a good day! coz ur so special , so kindhearted , that its difficult 2 tell in words ... happy birthday


Hey Kunal dearie,HeartHug

I am one of the greatest admirers of you. I love you and your character Mohan Bhatnagar
Heart so much, words can't explain the depth.Approve

Mr. Kunal Karan Kapoor,
Approve You know, you are the brightest shining star of the television industry.Big smile You are beautifully illuminating the whole telly world, with your outstanding and stupendously brilliant performancein the show,  "Na Bole Tum... Na Maine Kuch Kaha".Clap You will always be the ever shining brightest star of the television Industry. Needless to say, YOU are an Amazing Actor with so much versatility and flawless Expressions.ClapThumbs Up

You have always emoted every scene, oh so beautifully,
Clap am always awestruckDay Dreaming with your awesome and heart warming  performance, and tremendous yet unique talent.Thumbs Up You enact different shades of emotions so well and with so much ease, every scene will become worth watching.Hug You are a perfectionist.Approve

Being your ardent fan makes me feel so proud.
Hug Everyday, watching you and admiring you has become a routine to me.Day Dreaming Mohan Bhatnagar has become a part of my life. Can't imagine a day without Mohan and his sweet nuances.Approve Its always a pleasure watching you on screen, whether in the show or in any interviews. I just adore your chemistry with each and every actor. Thank you Kunal, for portraying the epic character - Mohan Bhatnagar. Hug

Everyday, eagerly wait for the next episode to be aired. I am fully addicted to you and NBT. I compulsorily need a daily dose of the show.LOL

Arey yaar, Kunal, your smile is so infectious, I feel am losing my mental stability.LOL I am totally enthralled, captivated, bewitched by your expressive eyes and your cutest smile.
Blushing I just adore your long curls dear and when it flutters on your forehead... its heaven to watch.Day Dreaming I am totally in love with your awesome Zulfein.Day DreamingLOL Please, maintain them.Stern Smile

On the occasion of your Birthday, I wish you to achieve greater success in life. Please take care of your health and quit all the bad habits. May God bless you.Hug I pray that all your worthy wishes be fulfilled.
Wink I wish you to excel in life. Keep growing.Hug

I got this opportunity to share my heart with you.Embarrassed I am so grateful to the India-Forums.Embarrassed

With Best Regards,

Big smile
HugWish you a very Happy Birthday Kunal Dear!Hug
Thumbs UpWishing you success and prosperity in life.Thumbs Up
Wishing you health & happiness on your special day & always.
ApproveHave a Wonderful Birthday!!Approve



A Wish For You On Your Birthday:-

Whatever you ask,
May you receive
Whatever you seek,
May you find
Whatever you wish,
May it be fulfilled.
On your Birthday and Always


heyy Kunal wish u very happy birthdayParty. i m a very big fan of u and just love ur character Mohan .May God bless u and hope u have a great year ahead.

KUNAL-The Amazing Actor
Happy Birthday,Many Many Happy Returns of the Day,God Bless You


wishing u all the success n happiness...
Wishing you the treasure of happy yesterdays and the gift of brigtht tomorrows..
gift for u:-(will send real gifts only wen i start earning..till den,u can only be content seeing these..)

Smilekeep smiling...becoz dats means a lot...

Kunal wishing you a very happy birthday! May you get evrything that you have evr hoped for and all your wishes come true!!

You are perhaps the most genuine and down to earth actor I've come across in the past few years. You are not perfect and you don't even try to be, that is perhaps one of your best qualities. You are the way you are and we love that about you!!Hug

Your interviews are always a treat to read or watch. You are such a charmer that even the interviewer ends up becoming your fan...LOLEmbarrassed...You are truly a rockstar dude Embarrassed.

Have a blast!!WinkParty

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!

I must tell you one thing, I had never been an active fan. Though I used like watching my favourite actors on screen very much, I NEVER wrote letters to  them , neither did stick their pictures in my room, nor spent precious 'ZZZ' hours singing their 'bhajans', let alone making VMs... I was always a distant, silent admirer. 
But, things changed with 'Na Bole Tum...'. I was so captivated by it's great story, simplicity and 'MOHAN BHATNAGAR' that I started doing many things which I never did before!!LOL And Kunal, you are the reason no. 1 for this change. Without you, this phenomenon called 'Mohan Bhatnagar' would not have happened and I would not be charmed enough to brush the dust off and get the 'pankha' in me rotating!!Wink 
Thank you for bringing 'Mohan Bhatnagar' alive and making him so lovable.
So, I am here, with warm wishes for you on your birthday and a personal invitation!
Since you are very  much interested in travel and adventure, I invite you to visit and explore my 'Karnataka'. I assure, here you will have all the fun you wish for and deserve. Take a holiday for a week, travel a few hundred miles down south, and just chill out!
If at all you do not have a week's time but only 2-3 days, come to Uttara Kannada (district). You will have everything Karnataka offers in a single package here- sun & sand, forest & wildlife, adventure (hiking, river rafting), history & tradition (Karnataka's first documented history started from here), culture, different cuisine (Konkanese,Havyaka, seafood, North Karnataka food)... You name it, you will have it. Enjoy!!

So, Please Come and Visit Karnataka.
Here is collage for you.  


Many many happy returns of the day Kunal. I'll always remember NBT as your best show till date. You are a wonderful actor. May god bless you and you get whatever you desire in your life.

Dear Kunal...

You are the most amazing actor...I love you both onscreen and have this amazing flair while giving have this easygoing warmth in you that gives me a pleasure just watching you...
your smile, your expressions, the looks you give...everything makes you even more charming and even more special...

I hope you know your are loved by millions because of your million dollar smile...keep smiling and be happy always...wish you all the best for your career and for whatever you do and dream in your life...
and here is something for you to hug while you sleep...

-(a true admirer)

Many many happy returns of the day KUNAL...GOD bless u n all ur dreams do come trueSmile

Hi Kunal!

I wish you many many happy returns of the Day..May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shining dreams.

Happy Birthday Kunal!!!!!

A brand new year gifted to u by god, packed with lots of love & sent to u from heaven above. All the angels of heaven singing the birthday song , for today is day, when on earth a star was born.
Have  a great birthday !!!!
Special person like u is just like a rare flower, it doesn't bloom everywhere but, where ever it blooms, it brings a smile everytime !!!

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Hey Kunal,

First and foremost

Happy Birthday, Kunal

Wishing you all the success and love

I seriously don't know how to put all this in words, just at loss of words for your birthday message for whatever reasons, I am not aware ROFL.

It feel so special to be part of your Fan group, to be fan of someone who is honest, open, down to earth and always filled with positive energy, well you look that to us. One of the most finest actor telly industry got ever blessed with and it feels so good to see you getting what you actually deserve, its just that starting phase and I just wish to you redefine success one day and touch a new height of sucess. Have been seeing you from your first show, unintentionally I have watched you everywhereLOL and it just gives me imminence pleasure to see how far you have come, feel so proud at your achievement. A nerd in starting finally made to funky, cool, cute cadet which made me fall for you,  Yudi was my most fav character in the show, his innocence, cuteness and will to do anything for his friends made me fall him big time, I still cherish Yudi along with others characters. Followed Yudi were totally different characters by you, I suppose you are the only one who have given such variety of characters and not with not a single trace of past character in them, you just get into the skin of the character and that is what separates you from the group. There could have been no one better than you to play any of the characters you did, you made them look so separate.

Your intentional or unintentional inputs in Mohan is what made him Mohan Bhatnagar for us, the character who is on lips of every one. 

Its like our day is incomplete without talking about you or Mohan or watching the show. You give us a reason to smile through the character and a complete entertainment for 30 lond minutes where we can just sit, enjoy and admire you for being such a great actor.

Thanks a ton for giving me Mohan Bhatnagar, Yudi, Amreek and all the other characters.

Keep working hard. Keep Smiling and Shining.

I have nothing special to wish on this day since every day I just wish God to bestow you  with more and more success, name and fame and all the desired dues.I just wish that your every day should start and end with a big smile on your face.

Its an absolute honour to be a fan of someones who is not just a great actor but equally good hearted person. If its love and craze for Mohan Bhatnagar then its adoration for Kunal Karan Kapoor.

We all just love you for the way you are. And all your fans will always be there for you supporting you in every phase of your life and carrier

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day



Happy Birthday Kunal! HugMay you have a very special birthday filled with everything your heart desires and may all your birthday wishes come true!

Thank you thank you thank you so much for playing Mohan Bhatnagar's role- you have made him adorable n real and now he is so much a part of our life. His chemistry with Megha, Nanhi, Guru, Renu bhabhi, Maa(Indu), Papaji... i just love it! Clap Clap Clap Thanks a lot Spiderman!

Had seen you earlier in Remix and Pratigya and LRL and you as MB is so different... here's wishing you lots and lots of good projects in your future- substantial roles that are on par with the character sketch of mohan! 

May NBT be just the beginning to a very adventurous journey towards stardom.

Also, wishing you get to travel to all the beautiful places in the world. Keep sharing the snaps with us fans ok?

that reminds me i never thanked you for keeping in touch with us!

Before i stop my bak-bak i once again wish you lots and lots of experiences as wonderful as you!

Happy Bday Dear kunal...HugDancing
Your wonderful amazing handsome hot  nd the best actor for me...EmbarrassedBig smile
May God give all the joy , pleasure and success in your life...Big smile
Just loving  u and ur character mohan bhatnagar a lot...and also will be loving
4 everHeart

   " Lovely msg for a Lovely Person from Lovely Friend 4 a Lovely Reason at a Lovely Time form a Lovely Mind in a Lovely Mood in a Lovely Style Have a Lovely "BirthDay" "

masala bhindi for kunalLOL

Wish You A Very Happy Birthday Bro...
May all your dreams & wishes come true...
May Allah bless you with all the success & happiness in life...
Don't forget to have fun & ENJOY...
This is YOUR day...Hug

Dear Kunal
May you see the world
May the world see you
May your joy keep growing
With each day that's new
Happy Birthday my Sweetheart Heart
Keep Dreaming, Exploring, Travelling and most of all Believing in Yourself and Following your Passion.




Hope lovely surprises are coming your way
To make your Birthday a wonderful day

Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer
New happiness that stays throughout the year
Hope your birthday brings all these and more
Filling life with surprise and joys galore!

So on this very special day
I would like to say to you
I hope you'll always find happiness
In whatever you may do.

So many wishes
So many smiles
Too many memories
Too few words
With one big Birthday
Happy Birthday!


Birthday Graphic #54Birthday Graphic #125

                     Birthday Graphic #138

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday kunal...! May you have a very special birthday filled with everything your heart desires and may all your birthday wishes come true...!Party

      Many many happy returns of the day Kunal.You are a brilliant actor and humble person stay as you are forever.All the best wishes for your future and hope you get the best.God bless.

Kunal you are such a great actor and ur doing a great job as Mohan, no one else could've played Mohan's character better than you. Keep it up Kunal, U totally rock!! Hug

Your birthday is a time to
dream of a bright new future
that brings into your life
all the things you desire!

Wishing you a very happy Birthday!


May you be blessed with all the happiness and success in your life!

Dedicating a birthday song for you Kunal!

Hug Heart Hug Heart
Party Dancing Party

kunal, many many happy returns of the day in advance...may god bless you and u may succeed and be successful in everything you do...u r such a wonderful actor...god blessed actor...and a very good human being...enjoy nd rock ur day.

Hey Kunal,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. May Almighty bless ya with love, happiness, peace, lots of success, everything you desire for and fulfil all your dreams.

You are the perfectionist and an amazing human being. My love, respect and admiration keep on growing for you every time I read any articles on you or watch your interviews / segments. Everything about you, be it your simple and classy personality or genuineness and down-to-earth nature, make me grin always, no matter how terrible my mood is. I can't help but be in awe of you !

Your mega adorable and infectious smile is to die for. I don't know how to explain it in a better way but few months back, when I was going through a bad phase of my life, you were the only person who has made me happy, smile and laugh by being the flawed yet perfect Mohan Bhatnagar and so you're damn special to me, more than you can imagine.

Just be the way you are cause this is what made me love and adore you and become your proud fan for the rest of my life. You're truly an inspiration and motivation for the people like me who lack confidence and tend to give up easily during their struggle or at time of taking some important decisions in their lives.

Anyways finishing off my senti speech here. :P Many many happy birthday once again! A giant-sized packet filled with best wishes and unlimited affection will soon be knocking at your door, all over from Canada. :D

Keep rocking and the smile intact on your face!


Wish you a very very very Happy Birthday Kunal...Party
May god bless you...Embarrassed
May all your dreams n wishes come true...Day Dreaming
May you get all what you desire n deserve in your life...Approve
May you get lots of success n happiness in your life...Embarrassed

Keep progressing..Thumbs Up...keep rocking...Wink.. love youuu..Heart...just love youuu beyond everything ! Hug

You are fantabulous versatile n natural..Day Dreaming..! You do each n every scene so flawlessly...Clap.without any efforts... but with such excellence..Star...that it just took my heart away...Day Dreaming..! You make me for truth...with each of your have always taught me something ! The conviction with which you do your roles makes me go crazy over you n in your admiration..Silly.Approve.!  We love you as Mohan Bhatnagar...Heart... and as in person too...Embarrassed...your cuteness n genuineness differs you from just everyone in this industry..Day Dreaming...!

Seeing you...I just get lost...your charm is really so irresistible...Blushing I thought to write so muchh... but now mind's not working... bcoz you're seriously beyond words...just too good a person n actor ! Approve

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Credit for banner n headers- Sugi Embarrassed

Spl Thanks to Bidzie ...bec iski help bina this thread wudnt b possibleHug
And Thanks to All KKK fans who contributed with their Wishes ,Sigs, VM's Embarrassed

N Ya Spl Spl thanks to meShockedROFL...that I cud compile write and put this up without forgetting

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Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Kunal Karan KapoorParty

Finally its 22ndDay Dreaming the day all your fans have been waiting forDancing


Wish you all the happiness, love and luck
Have a prosperous future and may your this birthday turns out to best so far and with every year your joy just keep getting bigger and bigger.
Keep smiling and shining always

Lots of love


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