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ArHi SS -: "Only & Only Mine!"(Last Part @ Pg117) (Page 9)

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Thanks to all those who read this SS and commented on the first part! HugHug  And now, enjoy the next part. Embarrassed

P.S-: Many of you have a doubt regarding Shyam's character in this SS. So let me tell you guys that since this is an SS focusing fully on Arnav & Khushi, so I did not felt the need of making Shyam a negative character in this one. I don't even think that he has some role in this SS, but if I write his part in further updates, Shyam will be a positive one. Big smile


                                                                      Part -: 2


"Right. Why the hell I'm being so angry? So jealous?"

Arnav still wondered.


He laid on bed, with his one hand resting under his head, as he went on thinking about the day's event. The way Khushi & NK spent time with each other made him feel hell jealous. His facial expression would turn green immediately, as soon as he remembered the scenario where Khushi laughed even on the stupid jokes of NK, but she always ended up quarrelling with Arnav!


"Fine. Let her be with NK... I don't care!"

He thought and then turned to sleep, but he couldn't.


As he closed his eyes, all he could think was Khushi smiling and laughing with NK. Really he didn't care of Khushi being with NK? Didn't it affect him in any way? Frustrated with these thoughts, Arnav kept on changing his sides, so that he could sleep, but it was of no use.



He murmured, and threw the blanket off in anger.


Arnav stood beside the window, lost in deep thought, as to why he felt so jealous to see Khushi with NK... Infact, he felt jealous to see Khushi even with any other person. What did this mean? He HATED when she praised someone else for being nice and he felt to punch the man who simply talked to Khushi in a sweet way. He wanted Khushi all to himself... Only to himself.


But why...?




"What's wrong with you Khushi?"

Payal questioned, when she felt Khushi changing her sides, and biting her nails thinking something very deeply.


Even she was sleepless like Arnav, but the only difference was that she wondered why Arnav did not like to see her talking to NK!


"Nothing jiji.." Khushi replied with a faint smile.

"Then why you seem to be so disturbed?" Payal questioned.

"Jiji, if I ask you something, will you answer me?" Khushi asked innocently.

"Of course!" She replied, "But what's bothering you?"

"Jiji, if a girl talks to some other person, and the other man feels irritated to see them together, then what does that mean?"

"Why, who is feeling irritated?" Payal asked worriedly.

"Uhh... Jiji, you are supposed to answer me, not to question me back!" Khushi sighed and sat on bed, "Please tell na, if a girl talks to one person or some other people, and a particular man feels annoyed, then what it means?"

"That's jealousy Khushi!" She smiled slightly.


"Yes... And jealousy happens only if we immensely love someone." Payal blushed slightly, "Even I used to feel slightly jealous when Akash talked to some other girl..."

"Really??" Khushi questioned, as if it was something really unusual and indifferent thing.

"But why are you asking all this?" Payal came out of her trance and looked at Khushi with slight suspicion.

"Umm... Just like that..." Khushi smiled, as if trying to avoid Payal's questions, "Ok jiji we should sleep now. Good Night & Sweet Dreams!"


She quickly laid on bed with a worried look and faced her back towards Payal, shutting her eyes tightly to sleep and putting the blanket on herself till her forehead.


"What's wrong with her?!" Payal wondered, but then thinking that her sister was a crazy girl, she too went to sleep, switching off the table lamp.


But Khushi was still awake. She recalled Payal's words, and tried to connect it with herself and Arnav, who was that person who felt annoyed to see her with some other man, or his own cousin NK.


"Arnav ji... jealous..?"

She wondered. "But why would he feel so?"


"And jealousy happens only if we immensely love someone."



Khushi was shocked, and her eyes popped out in astonishment, as Payal's words again echoed in her ears.

"Maybe that Laad Governor dislikes Nanhe ji, that's why he hates to see me and him together! Yeah, this is the only reason, and nothing else!"

Khushi consoled herself, thinking this, and then smiled nervously.


"But let the reason be anything... I'm simply loving this game of annoying Arnavji!"

She smiled naughtily to herself, and then went into a peaceful sleep. But the naughty girl was unknown of the fact that soon she would know the exact reason behind Arnav's jealousy, and that too from himself!




Khushi continued with her silly plan to annoy Arnav. He had been observing keenly that since past few days, she has been giving more time to NK in the name of helping the Raizada ladies for the wedding preparations. He would always see Khushi with NK, either in the hall, or outside the house, even in the kitchen too, all the time chatting and giggling among each other. Wonder what was there so interesting topic to talk on?

And to add more to his jealousy, he had his sister and grandmother beside him, who showed that they loved to see Khushi with NK. Arnav felt to scream out that he wanted Khushi all to himself, and he could not even bear to listen her name with someone else' name.




"I love him so much!!"

Khushi beamed happily to Anjali, while she went on describing his looks and attitude to her. "He is truly my hero!"

"I didn't know that you're too much crazy for him!" Anjali grinned, while chopping the potatoes.


The both ladies sat in the hall, and went on talking. Arnav could clearly hear her voice till his room, and his attention was immediately diverted towards downstairs, where Khushi was talking of some person.


"What the...?"

Arnav came out of his room, with the Bluetooth attached to his ears, and he saw Khushi still drooling over some person! "Is she... talking about... NK?" He wondered in disguise and then angrily stormed towards the hall.


"Khushi ji, I've never seen a person like you who loves him so much!" Anjali wondered.

"Exactly Anjali ji..." Khushi smiled widely, "I love him so much! I wish I could belong only to him..."



Arnav yelled in slight anger.


Don't start bashing me!! Shocked I know all of you must be angry because there was nothing special in this part, but this part holds some importance in its own way. Tongue I promise to you all that the next part is going to be slightly romantic, as the story is progressing forward. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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wwo lovely dear...was waiting to read something like this...loved it very much...pliz ad me for future pms...buddy req sent..thnx...

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great update

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cute! continue soon and pm me! :)

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loved the ending
that was hilarious how he told her to shut up
y did u end it there
please continue soon
thanx for the pm

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Very cute dear..

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Hiii Ria
Awesome update
Loved it
Arnav in love
Loved da jealous Arnav
At da end was Khushi talking about her fav actor salmaan khan
Nd Arnav shouted at her
Can't wait 4 more
Con soon
Thanks 4 da Pm

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