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ArHi SS -: "Only & Only Mine!"(Last Part @ Pg117) (Page 82)

LyssaPie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
such a wonderful update!
can't wait to see what they get up to in his room 

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priyapradhi Newbie

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Posted: 26 August 2012 at 2:13am | IP Logged
arnav's jealousy make me the update dearie.

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riyar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 August 2012 at 9:04am | IP Logged
wow awesome ff...

pls add me in ur buddy list and plsss dont forget to pm me...

im waiting...

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JerryTheMouse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2012 at 12:31pm | IP Logged

Too cute and funny! 

Poor Khushi. Now she will pay the price for making Arnav  jealous! Or is Arnav going to pay the price? Lol! Either ways, as long as both are confessing... 


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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 August 2012 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Thanks for commenting guys! Hug And sorry to keep you guys waiting for so long! Big smile Hope you enjoy this one! Do leave comments. Tongue

WARNING-: Slighly Mature Content. (Well, if you literally imagine the scene, then its going to be highly mature one) WinkLOL

                                                                     Part-: 10



Arnav brought her in his room and pushed her aside roughly, causing her to whimper again in the process. While Khushi looked bewildered at him, he closed the door and locked it, so that no one could disturb them.


"What do you think of yourself? And why have you brought me here…?"


She asked in extreme anger, as she caressed the area of her wrist where Arnav had held her tightly. But it seemed that her questions did not have any affect on him. Infact, he was still facing his back towards her, while his hand rested against the locked door. He was paying least attention to Khushi's questions, as his mind was filled with the words that he heard downstairs few minutes ago- how Anjali asked Khushi about NK, and she even said that how much she liked NK, and Arnav could not bear this.


"Why aren't you speaking anything? Why have you brought me here? And why the hell have you locked the door? What would others be thinking, when they saw you pulling me towards your room? There is a limit to everything Mr. Raizada, but it seems that your misbehaviour has no end…"


Khushi would have hardly finished speaking her sentence, when Arnav quickly turned towards her and holding her both hands roughly, he pinned her to the wall behind, and hungrily took her lips in his, kissing her mercilessly, without caring of the damn world or anything else.


She wiggled beneath his tight grip, as she tried to push him back and escape from his wild attack, but her all efforts were in vain, as Arnav pressed her both hands harder to the wall.


Arnav kissed her roughly, biting her lower lip, and in the process, Khushi let out a low moan in pain, but he did not stop his assault. Infact, he made the kiss even wilder, and it seemed that he would engulf her entirely, not letting her go away from him.


He waited for Khushi to give in, and kiss him back. At first, she too was being adamant like Arnav, but soon she gave in. She kissed him back with equal passion and wildness, and in between, he again bit her lip, causing her to open her mouth due to pain.


After a long time, Arnav broke the kiss unwillingly, as they both needed some air to breathe. Khushi opened her eyes slowly, and saw him staring at her with a mixed expression of anger, jealous and love. For a moment, she felt herself melting in those intense gaze of Arnav, but when she witnessed immense anger in them, she too became angry on what he just did to her few seconds ago.


"How…dare… You…"


"You speak a lot Khushi… So this was my way to shut you up!" Arnav barked angrily, making Khushi to look at him in mere surprise. "So what the hell were you saying in hall? That you like NK?"


"Y-yes... I... Aaah…" Khushi whimpered in pain, feeling him tighten his grip on her delicate skin.


"Dare to speak that again!" He groaned.


"Leave me… Arnav ji!" Khushi said in her stern voice, trying to move him away. "You have no right to behave like this with me…"


This increased Arnav's anger. He looked dangerously at her; as if he would murder her right then and there for even saying such a thing, forget of liking NK! He pressed her both wrists tighter to the wall, making her cry in pain. Khushi shut her eyes tightly, when she felt tears forming in them.


"Why… are you… Hurting me?" Khushi cried.


"And what about me Khushi?" Arnav screamed in anger, "Don't you think that you're also hurting me equally?"


Khushi slowly opened her eyes, as a tear rolled down through her cheeks. She looked at Arnav in surprise, while he was still angry and fuming in jealousy. Today he would finally confront to her, whether by hook, or by crook.


"What… have I done?" She asked, looking fearfully at him.


"You know that I don't like to see you with NK, then why do you keep on talking about him? How dare you praise him?"


Khushi was surprised to hell after listening this. Though she very well knew that this was Arnav's jealousy speaking, but she could never even imagine that he could be possessive for her to this extent. Infact, at this moment, she realized that Arnav's possessiveness had no limit.


"Remember, that evening in trial room?" Arnav continued, "I said that I don't want you to wear such revealing dress in front of anyone except me, then why did you wear this saaree? And how boldly you're showing off your bare back…?"


"It's…. My wish Arnav ji… I will wear whatever I like… Who are you to order me like this…?" Khushi questioned annoyingly, though from inside, she was extremely eager to hear the reason from his mouth, and wanted him to confess his feelings for her.


"Who am I?" Arnav looked at her with oblivion. "Fine, let me tell you who am I!"


Saying this, Arnav leaned down to her neck, and pushing her hairs behind, he took her soft flesh between his teeth and bit her as hard as he could, making her scream in pain. Starting from her throat, towards the sensitive skin beneath her earlobe, down to the collarbone, he went on placing several bruises on her fragile skin, and he was so much lost in the moment, that he did not even remember to breathe in between! Khushi gasped at this sudden assault of Arnav, and struggled to push him back, though she was enjoying this magical feeling of his manly lips on her delicate skin.


"So I have no right on you, is it?" Arnav spoke in between.


"Naa… Aaahh... Aah…"


Khushi moaned loudly, while Arnav did not stop his assault, and her moans coming out involuntarily provoked him to go on more wildly. He brought his hands down, caressing her soft arms, and snaking around her bare waist, he again went up to take her lips in his.


"Mmm... Arnnaavv…ji… Please… " She tried to speak in between that passionate kiss.


"What?" He asked, biting her lower lip mercilessly.


"Please…. L-leave me…"


"Do you really want me to leave Khushi?" Arnav asked in his husky voice, looking at Khushi with intense gaze.


"I… Just…"


"You know what, your eyes say just the opposite of what you just said. You don't really want me to leave… You're enjoying this moment, isn't it?"


"No!" Khushi denied, moving her eyes away from him.


"No?" Arnav's jealousy and anger lowered down, as he saw this innocent girl shying away from her own feelings, "Are you sure?"


"Why are you doing this Arnav ji…?" Khushi looked at him in anticipation.


"Doing what?" He asked, sensually running his hands all over her bare waist.


"Teasing… Me!" She said, trying to control herself, "Please… Stop it…!"


"But that day you said that you don't feel anything, when I do such things, eh?"


Arnav smirked slightly, on observing that how hard Khushi tried to keep control over herself, and deny the fact that she did not feel anything on the proximity between them!


"Arnav ji… Please… Leave me…" Khushi said in a pleading tone.


"No… I won't." Arnav said in a stern voice. "Until and unless you say that only I have all rights on you!"


"Why should I?"


Khushi questioned in slight anger. And this made Arnav's jealousy to reach at high peaks; all he wanted was to hear Khushi saying that she belonged to him only, and only he had rights on her. But she too was adamant like him, and did not gave up so soon, even after witnessing merciless and sensual assaults on herself from him.


Without caring about anything, Arnav again made his way to her neck, leaving harsh love bites on her sensitive skin, which had already turned red due to the assault caused there before. He mercilessly bit her all over her skin, without caring that his marks would be causing pain to the fragile Khushi.


"Aa…rr...nnav…vv… Aaahhaan…"


This was the first time, when Khushi addressed Arnav without adding 'ji' to his name. A slightly surprised Arnav stopped his merciless assaults and looked upto her. Damn, how much he was loving to see this girl losing her all control in his love; he loved to hear his name from her mouth. It sounded so sweet and passionate at the same time. The way she moaned out his name clearly showed that how much she was enjoying the moment, and how much more she was craving for!


"You're loving this, isn't it?" Arnav asked in his deep sexy tone, as he stopped giving her love bites, and instead, ran his tongue sensually all over the area where he had left his marks to soothe it.




She moaned at the feeling of his hot tongue on her sensitive skin, which burnt on the new sensation. Her hands involuntarily went up and entangled around his broad back, encouraging him to do more. She knew for sure that she had to give in today.


"I knew it!"


Arnav stopped and took a step back, looking devilishly at Khushi, who opened her eyes, and looked at him in slight irritation, as she had started to enjoy the moment, and he suddenly stopped his sensual play on her. He smirked on seeing this annoyed Khushi, and when his eyes fell on her reddened neck, the animal inside him felt proud, to see his royal marks clearly visible on her milky white skin.


"Now do you agree that you belong to me only?" Arnav asked in a slight teasing tone, giving more emphasis on the last five words.



"I won't…" Khushi said, looking away.


"Speak Khushi… Say that you belong to me… Only!" Arnav groaned, as he held her tightly from her shoulders.


"Why?" Khushi asked out of frustration. "Why should I say that I belong to you, when I don't?"


"Because I LOVE YOU damn it!" Arnav admitted angrily, tightening his grip on her even more, "And I WANT YOU all ONLY TO MYSELF, do you get that?"


Khushi looked at him in awe. Finally, finally Arnav had spoke out those three words which she was craving to hear from his mouth. She stood still, realizing that whatever happened was not a dream for her, as she used to dream every night.


"Do you hear me Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta?" Arnav yelled again in possessiveness, while his grip became gentle on her, "You belong only to me, and no one else! Only I have the right to talk to you, to touch you, to hurt you, to pleasure you, to make love to you… And I won't bear if any other man even looks at you! Only I have that right! Only I have those rights on you Khushi…!"


"Arrn…nav ji…"


Khushi stammered in surprise, but more kind of happiness. She could hardly utter out even his name, when Arnav again pulled her in a hungry kiss, as his both hands went behind her to caress her bare back. Khushi felt current pass through her body, when she felt his rough hands teasing her soft skin, and she arched her back in pleasure, kissing him back with equal passion. Her hands went behind him and her fingers played with his hairs, ruffling them, as if to say that how much she was enjoying the moment.


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-JollyJabeen- IF-Sizzlerz

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YEAH BOY I'm first! Tongue (Kya super cool hai hum? LOLLOL)

OMGGG! This update was EPIC.

The confession! The most awaited confession came out so beautifully! Gosh i love Arnav as a character<3 For gods sake! Argh LOLLOL I love it when he gets possessive, It's just so beautiful! And gosh NK has haters in this FF! LOL Well.. a hater, Arnav! LOLEmbarrassed The kiss was amazing! I can't believe! EEEK *Dances excitedly like a Fangirl* Embarrassed Khushi's so adorable! She finally got her confession! Super happpyy<3

YAYAY You updated! Tongue And fulfilled your scrap promise<3

Please update soon! Embarrassed

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amritafan IF-Dazzler

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arnav confesses.wohooo
party time

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KSG_luv IF-Rockerz

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Wow awesome update!! Big smile

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