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ArHi SS -: "Only & Only Mine!"(Last Part @ Pg117) (Page 71)

fend IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 7:50am | IP Logged
awesome update ria loved it cont soon  thanks for the pm

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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                                                                       Part-: 8



Khushi's victory smiled suddenly disappeared, as shyness took over on her and she blushed to hell, recalling that sensual evening when she was locked with Arnav in the trial room. She remained silent on the phone, which clearly indicated him that she was embarrassed!


"Now why are you silent Khushi?" He asked innocently, "I hope you very well remember that evening... I locked myself with you in the trial room... We both were standing so close to each other... And..."


"Please stop!!' Khushi said, as she could clearly see the images of both standing close to each other.


"Why should I stop now?" He smirked, "Think over it Khushi. What makes you blush in front of me? Why do you become conscious when I'm around you? And why do you love to annoy me?"


"I... Well, I don't know." Khushi replied, being ignorant of his questions, which were more like teasings to her.




"I'm keeping the phone!"


Khushi said and immediately kept the phone, while Arnav was smirking at his own words which he said to her few minutes ago. Maybe he had realized that he loved Khushi and cannot see her with any other man, or he was still realizing it? But whatever it was, he was thoroughly enjoying this game now, as the things were slowly coming under his control, especially after his encounter with Khushi in the trial room!






The Raizada's were having their evening tea on the dining table, and completely enjoying, as after a long tiring day of work, they all were together to have some light conversation. But even here, Nani and Anjali's naughty minds were in full mood to provoke Arnav, who was least interested in the conversation, and was only there because of his sister. Anjali gave a mischievous smile to Nani.


"Waise NK bhaiya, you know, one day Khushi ji was telling me that how much she loves Salman Khan!" She said to NK, who was immediately delighted to hear Khushi's name.


"Yeah Di she does!" He smiled, "Infact, she's the craziest fan of Salman I've ever met! She even has a poster of him in her room!"


"What?" Arnav looked at him in anger, "When did you go in her room NK?"


"Who said that I went in her room?" NK asked confusingly.


"Then how do you know that she has a poster in her room?" Arnav questioned in jealousy.


"Relax Nannav, how can I go in her room? She herself told me that she has a poster, no, infact, she has a collection of Salman Khan posters with her!" NK replied, "You see, we often keep chatting, so she..."


"Exactly, you guys don't have some other work to do..."


"Chhotey calm down, why are you so much angry?" Anjali asked, acting like a confused woman.


"Someday I'll murder both NK and that Salman Khan!" Arnav thought, as he grew green in jealousy, "What's there so much fascinating about that actor? And what the hell this NK has which I don't?"


"Whom are you thinking to murder Chhotey?" Anjali asked, looking carefully at her brother, who was surprised that how she understood about what was going on in his mind.


"How.. Did you... know Di..?" He asked with the same surprising look on his face.


"Haawww... That means you were actually thinking to murder someone?!" She made a fake shocking expression.


"Umm.. No.. I mean... Why do you think... That I'm going to murder someone?" He changed his tone.


"Because of that murderous look which was on your face few seconds ago!" She replied teasingly.


"Anyways, I want to remind you all that since the wedding is to be held next week, Pandit ji has adviced us to keep a puja before the wedding day. And I want everyone to be present in puja. Even you Chhotey!" Nani said, looking towards Arnav.


"I won't attend it in any case Nani!" Arnav said quickly, "I have an important meeting on that day!"


"Chhotey, your presence is necessary, after all you're groom's elder brother!" Anjali said, "And it'll take hardly one hour!"


"Di you know I'm not interested in such stuffs!" He retorted.


"Ok, as you wish!" Anjali frowned, and then looked towards other family members, "By the way, have we informed Khushi ji and her family to come in the puja?"


"What? Khushi would be coming in the puja?" Arnav turned back to look at Anjali in surprise, who was grinning to see Arnav's desperation.


"Of course Chhotey!" She replied, "Remember, she's bride's sister? And not only Khushi ji, but her family would also be coming!"


Arnav stood still, his desperation turned into a slight smirk.






"What's wrong with him?"


Khushi thought carefully about Arnav, when she was in her room, munching into the piece of jalebi like a small kid. His changing behaviour was confusing her day by day, and she remembered everything- since she met NK, Arnav was irritated to see them together, and he often yelled on both when he saw them chatting and giggling together.


Khushi loved this game to trouble him, but after whatever happened in the trial room and the way Arnav made her remember about that on the phone, she came to know that her own game was now backfiring her, as everything came under his control.


"Fine. But why doesn't he reveal the reason behind his jealousy, his possessiveness?"


She said to herself in a bit frowning manner, as if she was extremely desperate to know that reason from his mouth.


"Aye Sanka Devi, again you are lost in your own thoughts??"


Khushi heard Buaji yelling angrily on her. She immediately turned back and walked towards her.


"Hai re Nandkishore!" Buaji screamed, "What do you keep on thinking day and night? I'm completely pissed off at you! God knows what thoughts are you lost in! We have to attend the puja tomorrow at Shanti-Van, do you remember or shall I remind you?"


"I.. remember... Buaji.." Khushi said in a low tone, after listening to the scoldings of her Aunt.


"Then why are you still awake? Can't you go to bed early and sleep like a good child?" Buaji said angrily to Khushi, "And have you decided that what you're going to wear tomorrow?"


"Ye...yes Buaji.." She stammered fearfully, and then opened her cupboard to show the salwaar kameez to her Buaji which she would be wearing for the puja.


"What's this? You'll be wearing this for tomorrow?" Buaji sighed at the blue salwaar kameez which Khushi held in her hand.


"Yes Buaji... Why, is there something wrong in this dress?" Khushi asked innocently.


"No, but something is definitely wrong with your brain!" Buaji hit her slightly, "Don't you remember, I said you to choose a saaree, because Payaliya would also be wearing a saaree tomorrow, and just in case she doesn't feels awkward around, she wants you also to wear one!"


"But Buaji, I don't..."


"Stop arguing titliya... Just choose a good saaree and go to sleep now... It's already very late!"


Buaji said and then left the room. Khushi kept the salwaar kameez back in its place, and was about to close the cupboard, when her gaze fell on a new white saaree with red thread work on it, that was neatly wrapped in the packet and kept beneath the dresses. That saaree was gifted to her by her sister Payal on her birthday.

She moved the other dresses aside, and picked up the packet, with a mischievous smile playing on her lips.


"So now, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada has to admit the reason behind his jealousy... Time for revenge!"


Khushi thought with a naughty glint in her eyes.




All the preparations for the puja were completed perfectly on time. Anjali was yet busy to check whether everything was ready or not, as she did not wished to see anything missing in this puja.

And the most surprising element in the event was Arnav, who stepped down in the hall, making everyone surprised!


"Chhotey, is everything Ok?" Anjali walked towards him.


'Yeah, but why are you asking so?" Arnav looked normally at her, "Is anything wrong?"


"You... here... I mean... you never attend puja..." She said, still looking surprised, "And you even had some important meeting?"


"Di, I've cancelled that!" He said normally.


"What?" Anjali looked astonished at this casual reply of Arnav, while Nani too was surprised at first, though the next moment she had a proud look on her face.


"Why, did I do something wrong?" Arnav looked at the Raizada ladies, who were looking at him from head to toe, observing his changed behaviour.


"No... Not at all Chhotey! Infact, we all are happy to see you here, especially Anjali bitiya, isn't it?" Nani smiled, looking at Anjali, who shook her head happily in positive.


"Hello hi bye bye, what's going on with you Arnav bitwa?" Manorama looked suspiciously at him, "You keep on canceling so many important meetings now-a-days... Seems that your company is running at a profit if you cancel your meetings!"


"Manorama, you can keep your mouth shut at least for today?" Nani scolded her, "We should be happy that Chhotey is attending the puja!"


"By the way, when is Khushi and her family coming?" Arnav asked out of eagerness.


"Oh... They must be on the way!" Replied Anjali in a teasing manner, "But why are you so much worried for Khushi ji?"


"I'm... not worried for Khushi... I asked because I don't want any delay in the puja..." Arnav seemed to be slightly embarrassed at his own question


"Is this my Chhotey speaking?" Anjali grinned, looking at his brother. "Earlier, you never even bothered for these things, but now..."


"Hey everybody, Khushi ji and her family is here!" NK came there happily to inform them, "And I must say, though the bride-to-be is Payal ji, but Khushi ji is looking absolutely stunning today!"


"Oh really?" Anjali asked, looking at Arnav with narrowed eyes, who was becoming jealous to hear NK complimenting Khushi.


"Yes! She is so beautiful! I can't keep my eyes off her..."


"Will you shut-up NK?" Arnav groaned in frustration, looking angrily at NK.


"Nannav my brother, please calm down!" NK smiled, "She's really looking beautiful!"


"Don't even speak a word for her!"


"Why are you being so jealous Nannav?" NK asked quickly, and then walked towards him, "Hmm... I think you are..."


"Ok I think we should go for the puja!" Arnav said, cutting NK's sentence in between.


"Umm... yeah sure!" Anjali said, who was thoroughly enjoying to see the light argument going on between a cool NK and the jealous Arnav. She walked forward.


Thanks for your precious comments on the previous parts! TongueEmbarrassed

I hope this was long enough for you guys. Wink I tried my best to make it much longer! And the ones who are desperately waiting for some guttery stuff, have some patience, as the story needs to progress for the same! Embarrassed

P.S-: Please read the note posted below. Smile

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Hey Friends! Smile

I'm really very happy to see that I'm getting such a lovely response from all readers. Thanks a ton for taking out time to read my piece of work and comment on it. Hug And see, I've decided to listen to your complaints, so you guys must be happy now that the latest part updated was quite a longer one. Wink

There is more coming up of Arnav & Khushi, as the ending is quite near.WinkEmbarrassed

Well, here are two banners which I have made for this SS. (Not actually made, but simply took the photos from google images and framed it as per my choice)

And since I really like both, I'm confused between the two. So I leave the decision upto you; you guys tell me that which one will be the best banner for this SS. Embarrassed

BANNER # 1-:

BANNER # 2-:

The Banner which gets maximum votes will be Posted on the first Page. Tongue

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awesome story Clap
add me to your pm list

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ShiningStar18 IF-Rockerz

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Haha i had my fingers crossed that he would finally confess infront of Nani and Anjali! LOL
Hope he confesses soon though.
Poor thing is scared of NK-Khushi's wedding LOL
Lovely part
Cant wait for the next one Embarrassed

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saduf IF-Rockerz

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fantastic update
Arnav is going all green in jealousy

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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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loved this cute update of arhi nok jhok, update soon the next chapter.
thanks for the pm.

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Roark IF-Rockerz

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Awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Please continue

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