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ArHi SS -: "Only & Only Mine!"(Last Part @ Pg117) (Page 117)

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awesome parts
thanks for pm

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rennie Goldie

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loved it...

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Great update...nk is in this plan

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Hot update!
Am loving this Arnav
I wonder what'll happen in the car! Blushing
Cant wait for the next chapter!

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Last part is here! PartyParty Let me tell you guys that this is the most guttery part of this SS. Silly And also, this is the LONGEST part I've written EVER! ShockedShocked So I need more and more comments and likes! CoolEmbarrassed

P.S-: Please read the Ending Note at next page. Tongue


                                                                   Part-: 12



Arnav happily drove the car towards Gupta House. Khushi too was happy, as she had finally succeeded in making Arnav confess his feelings to her. But she could not express her happiness, as she was fearing about what he would do next. In spite of him warning her to stay away from NK, she talked to him in a more friendly way and was even ready to come home with him. She feared, thinking that what this mighty ASR would do now, as he was extremely angry in front of NK.


But she was slightly bewildered to see Arnav in a light mood, as he stole glances from her, while driving the car. She tried avoiding his gaze, though she couldn't. Infact, she had a mixed feeling to see him looking at her and admiring her beauty from head to toe; his eyes feasted on her perfect shaped body just in the same manner as they did before, when she wore a red saaree for the first time in AR Company, and another time during Diwali Celebrations too.


Khushi felt conscious to see him staring at her with his hungry eyes, and she pushed a small strand of her hair behind her ears, trying to look away.


"Why are you... staring at me?" Khushi finally asked, after a long existed silence ever since they drove from Shanti-Van.


"Like I said, only I have the right to look at you!" Replied a slightly naughty Arnav, who loved to see that what affect he had on this pretty damsel. "Why... do you have any problem on that?"


"Stop staring at me Arnav ji!" She said, "And drive fast, it's getting late."


"But I remember you're afraid of high speed, isn't it?"


Khushi was touched to hear this. She had admitted a long back time to him that she was still afraid of high speed, because she lost her parents in an accident, and after that, she never mentioned of it. She thought that Arnav might have forgotten, but to her surprise, here, he remembers everything! Khushi looked at him with much love, thinking that he is the same Arnav Singh Raizada, who pretends to be ruthless and arrogant in front of the entire world, but he too has a soft heart!


"Now why are you staring at me Khushi?"


Arnav asked in a naughty way, trying to make her forget her past, as he could clearly make out that she must be thinking of her dead parents at the moment.


Khushi immediately moved her eyes away from him, and looked down in slight embarrassment, and said nothing to his question. It seemed that her fear of high speed was proving an advantage to Arnav, as he would get enough time to spend with her, and make her admit that she belongs only to him. Yeah, he still had to complete the incomplete bedroom task deliberately, much to his happiness and pride.


Again there was silence. And this silence was disturbing Khushi, as she was alone with Arnav in car, and there was high possibility for him to do the same thing with her which he did few minutes before with her in his bedroom, or maybe, even complete his task! Trying to avoid the distracting thoughts that were flooding in her mind, Khushi looked out the window to see where they were, and much to her surprise, Arnav applied brakes and stopped the car.


Though it was night, but Khushi expected that the lights of her house should have been switched on, because her mother and aunt had still many things to complete for the wedding, and what she saw in front of her left her surprised.

There was darkness all around, and a completely silent atmosphere. Infact, the place was so dark, that Khushi could see nothing, except the blinking lights of the SUV in which they both were seated.


"This... is not my house! What kind of a place is this? Where have you brought me?"


"What do you think Khushi, why have I stopped the car... At such a lonely place, where no one can disturb us?"


Arnav asked in his deep husky voice, giving more stress on the last five words, and raised his eyebrow, looking devilishly at her. He leaned closer to Khushi, making her go deep red because of his actions. She moved her face away, when she felt his hot breathe on her face, sending shivers through her spine. God! This was simply the start to the game, and Khushi was having such high affects of him...What would she do when Arnav would actually show her that what lustful desires evoked in him whenever he saw her!




Khushi tried to keep her voice as stern as she could, making Arnav damn bewildered at her response. Well, he got a nice chance to tease her, either by words, or by his actions!


"Is this the same Khushi Kumari Gupta, who was pulling me towards herself in my bedroom an hour before, and enjoying the moment when I kissed her...?"


Arnav whispered seductively into her ears, blowing sensually over her earlobe, down towards her sensitive area on her neck.


"I...mean that... We're on the road..."


"Oh, so that means you wanted me to do this in the bedroom itself, is it baby?" Arnav looked intently at her, smirking at her reddened face due to embarrassment.


"Well... I.."


"I would have done it in bedroom itself, but you see, there are some irritating personalities roaming around in Shanti-Van!" Arnav said, leaning downwards to her neck.


"Nanhe ji isn't an irritating personality!" Khushi retorted in disapprove, trying to move back.


"Ok fine, he isn't irritating, but when it comes to you, I can't tolerate him even looking at you... Because you're all mine my love.." Arnav placed a butterfly kiss on her neck.


"But I haven't yet admitted that Mr. Raizada..." Khushi said naughtily, enjoying the jealousy expressions on his face.


"As you know, I'm Arnav Singh Raizada, and I get what I want at any cost... even if it's all about you! I'm going to make you say that you belong to me only!" He smirked.


"You.. Can't...!"


Her breathing became heavier, as she felt Arnav's hands moving up to unpin the pallu of her saaree again. She again tried to move back, but the closed door behind her didn't allow her to do so.


"The door is locked Khushi, so you better stop moving back and give in. Say that you're only mine, and I'll let you go."


Arnav smirked on seeing that how desperately Khushi tried to open the door. She felt dejected because of that locked door, as she had no other option left other than to obey Arnav and allow him to do what he wanted. And she had to appreciate the fact that he was intelligent enough, as he had cleverly locked the door from the main lock, and even switched off his cell phone, so that no one could disturb them. Though it was difficult for Khushi to compliment him, but she couldn't even deny it! Well, atleast she could compliment, appreciate and drool over him in her mind quite openly, as he could not hear her! She was supposed to be angry on him for his shameful deeds!


"You better say out whatever is going on in your mind; I would rather feel happy to hear you complimenting me!" Arnav said naughtily, struggling with the pin on the pallu.


"Haaaww... You can read my mind?" Khushi exclaimed in mere surprise.


"Well, I can! Infact, I can read many other body parts of yours... They're damn craving for my touch, eh?"


Arnav said in the same tone, and with that, he pulled down her pallu in one jerk, tearing her blouse form shoulder. Khushi was left astonished at this act of Arnav, but he did not seemed to be much affected.


"You... Laad Governor.. You... tore... my blouse.." Khushi muttered in anger, as she fearfully saw her blouse, and then her pallu lying down, giving Arnav a nice view of her chest.


"I don't want any damn thing to come between us Khushi..." Arnav said, much pissed off at her pallu, which was avoiding him to devour her body.


"So that... Means you will... also... tear my... saaree..."


"Well, I won't mind doing that!" Arnav smirked, as his hands traveled towards her back and sexily caressed the soft skin there, playfully touching the only dori which held the blouse together. "Since the moment I saw you in this saaree, you can't even imagine that how many sinful thoughts have been flooding in my mind... Infact, I don't want even this blouse over you... You see, it's avoiding me to feast on your delicious..."


"Arnav ji please!"


Much to Arnav's astonishment, Khushi immediately threw her arms around his back, and hugged him as tightly as she could, clutching his silk fabric like a child. He smirked at her reaction, as he was gradually succeeding in his plan. He was damn sure now, that Khushi will say what he wants to hear from her.


"Please Arnav ji... Don't say anything else..." Khushi said, still clutching onto him, as if she was a kid and someone was snatching away something very precious from her.


"Why?" Arnav asked, snaking his arms around her petite waist.


"Because.. I...I feel something strange.. When I... hear such things.. from you.." Khushi said.


"Enough of this game Khushi.." Arnav whispered hotly, and breaking the hug, he cupped her face, "Stop torturing yourself, as well as me.. We both know very well that we need each other... We want each other... So now there is no turning back. Admit that you belong to me only... You're only mine Khushi..."


Arnav said, and leaned down to kiss her neck again, and moved his head further down, while his hands were playfully caressing her bare waist, teasing her to limits. Khushi shuddered, feeling the magical sensation of his tongue on her navel. Arnav's hands came in front, with an intention to explore her sensitive parts, while she had already lost control over herself, and her fingers were entangled in his hairs, encouraging him to go on.


"Aarr... nnaaa...vvv..."


"Do you have any idea, that how turned on I feel when you moan my name in pleasure?" Arnav said in between kisses, as his hands were gently stroking her sensitive core over the white fabric. "Damn sexy..."


At this moment, Khushi felt herself melting at Arnav's sensual touch. Though he was not practically making love to her, but the feeling which she was having at this time could not be even described in words. She felt being teased by him, she wanted him to stop this torture here itself, but at the same time, she even wanted him to continue. A new sensation had taken over her, when she felt Arnav so intimate, so close to her for the first time. Khushi had never felt so good in her life before!


"Only I can do such things to you Khushi... It's only me who can pleasure you in this manner.. Say that you're mine... You belong to me only.. Say damn it!" Arnav groaned, as he made his way back to her neck and bit her soft skin there, marking her as his.


"Aa..aah..." Khushi cried in pleasure, "When did I deny the fact that I belong to you Arnav ji?"


At this statement, Arnav immediately looked up at her, only to see Khushi grinning naughtily at him. He was confused at her behaviour, while she decided to reveal to him that she was purposely annoying him these days, and even today, she purposely spent more time with NK, sat with him in the puja, only to make Arnav confess his feelings.


"What do you mean?"


"What I mean is that, I never denied that I belong to you... Have you ever tried to know that how much I want you Arnav ji?" Khushi said, as she brought her both hands to cup his face, "Whatever I did in past few days was only to annoy you; I loved to see you jealous, but I don't know that when I began enjoying this game, and then I decided to make you say that what do you feel for me..."


"And it seems that you're plan had backfired on you, isn't it?" Arnav smirked, raising his one eyebrow.


"I didn't know... That you are so possessive for me.." Khushi smiled with twinkling eyes. "I'm only yours Arnav ji.. I belong to you only... And no other person can pleasure me, or touch me as you do..."


A proud look adorned Arnav's stubble face, when he heard Khushi admitting what he was dying to hear from her. He smiled with content, as Khushi hugged him again possessively, burying her blushing face in the crook of his neck.


"And I love you too Arnav ji..."


She whispered happily, clutching more tightly on his silk shirt. Arnav was filled with so much happiness that he could not even describe it in words. He simply hugged her back with equal possession, making her feel protected and secure in his manly arms, and kissed her shoulder.


"Say it again Khushi.. Say that you love me... You belong to me only..." Arnav said in a pleading tone this time.


"I love you Arnav ji!" Khushi giggled slowly.




"I belong to you only..."


"Only me?"


"Only you Arnav ji... I'm only yours..."


Khushi smiled with twinkling eyes. Arnav looked at her seductively, and then pulled her in a wild kiss, which seemed to be ending no where, until her phone vibrated in her purse and Arnav groaned in frustration at the disturbance caused.


"My phone.."


"I want your phone to be switched off the next time whenever you're with me..."


Khushi smiled to see this annoyed Arnav, and opened her bag to take out her phone. She quickly received the call, as it was from her home and informing her mother that she would be reaching home in few minutes, she cut the call and looked at Arnav, who was still annoyed.


"Amma wants my help at home... Can we please hurry?" Khushi pleaded sweetly.


Arnav frowned at this, and sat properly on the driving seat to drive again. Khushi was amused at this childish behavior of Arnav, and moved to peep out of the window, when her eyes fell on herself; her neck was showered with numerous love bites, thanks to Arnav who gave them to her, and made her blush to hell. Her face was completely red; she tried to hide those marks, but in vain. She gave an angry look to Arnav.


"What?" Arnav asked casually, as if he did not know anything and his full concentration was on the road.


"How am I supposed to face Amma, Buaji and Babuji...?" She questioned angrily.


"Just like you face everyday... What's the big deal?"


"But everyday I don't have... these.. These marks... you know..." Khushi blushed furiously, remembering the moment when Arnav went wild and gave those marks to her.


Arnav stopped the car right in front of the Gupta House, where the lights were still on because of the wedding preparations. Arnav smirked to see a blushing Khushi in front of him, who felt even more embarrassed after reaching at her home. He moved a bit from his driving seat and leaned before Khushi, adjusting her saaree pallu in such a way that it hid some marks, and the rest of the marks were hidden by her long silky hairs. Seeing her marks hidden behind her hairs and saaree pallu, Khushi felt relieved, and took a deep breathe before stepping out of the car.


"But don't forget whatever you've said few minutes before... You're Only & Only Mine Khushi..."


Arnav said with pride, looking at her with his bedroom eyes. Khushi turned back to give a shy smile to him and then went in her home, having strange but exciting feelings towards him.



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Finally my SS ends here! Party But frankly speaking, I'm feeling very bad after ending this one! Unhappy This was my first SS ever on ArHi, and I'm completely over-whelmed to receive your fabulous comments! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I'm really thankful to all the readers of my SS, who encouraged me to write better by commenting regularly, and I hope that I have lived upto the expectations of each and every reader! Cool Please tell if there were any faults in any part of this SS, I would take it as a lesson for future works! TongueEmbarrassed


P.S-: I'm thinking to write another similar SS on ArHi, most probably sequel to this SS. But if the time allows to do so! Ermm

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Beautiful Ending...
your descriptions are shooo beautiful...

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