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ArHi SS -: "Only & Only Mine!"(Last Part @ Pg117) (Page 105)

angel_prachi Goldie

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 10:30am | IP Logged
ohhh myyy Goddd i just loved love love love this ff finaly he sad it finaly wowww its just awsome wonderfull nd write plllzzz update it sooonnn as possible cant wait fr the next part plzzz...:)))))))))

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mcmelina Senior Member

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
now that was something really magical!!

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-EndlessSmile- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 4:51pm | IP Logged

wow wow!!
Its Hot!!
So awesome..finally he said those words!!
Its wonderfull!!great job!
Update soon

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priyapradhi Newbie

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 5:10am | IP Logged
omg!!! love the update to the core .LOL

love u whiterose

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ShiningStar18 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 8:48am | IP Logged
Finally, a hot update! Wink
Haha he kissed her and confessed too! Such a treat Embarrassed
Absolutely loved the chapter
Update the next one soon sweety
Can't wait! Blushing

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rennie Goldie

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
finaly he confessed..yay!!!

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
                                                                  Part-: 11



Khushi stammered in surprise, but more kind of happiness. She could hardly utter out even his name, when Arnav again pulled her in a hungry kiss, as his both hands went behind her to caress her bare back. Khushi felt current pass through her body, when she felt his rough hands teasing her soft skin, and she arched her back in pleasure, kissing him back with equal passion. Her hands went behind him and her fingers played with his hairs, ruffling them, as if to say that how much she was enjoying the moment.


Arnav kissed her madly, forgetting every damn thing in the world. All he knew today was that he has 'his' Khushi with him, and no one can separate them. Khushi too was lost in the kiss, and she pulled him closer to deepen the kiss, to taste him nicely, to explore his not mouth through her tongue, but the devil in Arnav provoked him to break the kiss with great difficulty and make her frustrated. After all, he had to make her say that she belonged to him only.




"Say that you belong to me Khushi! I want to hear it from your mouth!" He said, pressing his well-built body against her fragile form. "Say damn it!"


"What if I... don't say it?" Khushi said with a naughty smile on her face.


"I won't spare you..." Arnav replied, leaning down towards her neck, "You know that what I can do... and what I will do..."


Khushi shut her eyes, feeling his warm breathe again teasing her skin. The next moment, she felt his wet lips on her skin, below her neck, as he left a trail of wet kisses there. Her hands went upto his back in pleasure, while he was busy feasting on her body, satisfying his thirst, which was in him since the day he saw Khushi for the first time.


His hands quickly went towards her shoulders and he unpinned her pallu from there, pulling it down from her shoulder. He moved her blouse slightly down and ran his tongue sensually over her warm skin, making her go crazy for him.


"Aaah.. Arn...naavvv ji..."


"Who do you belong to Khushi?" He asked, as he stopped kissing her and looked at her face very keenly.


"Arr..naavv ji... please..."


"Say, who do you belong to?" He asked again, pressing his body harder to her.




"Khushi ji? Where are you??"


Khushi immediately opened her eyes, as she heard NK calling out for her in the hall. She moved her head and looked at Arnav, who continued kissing her neck and shoulders desperately, as if she would go away from him.


"Arnav ji!"


She called him, tried to stop him, but in vain. It seemed as if Arnav was not at all affected, or even if he was, he gave a damn to it and was busy fulfilling his desires.

She again called him and pleaded him to stop, but again it had no affect on Arnav.


"Khushi ji... Where are you?"


Khushi was highly surprised to hear NK's voice from so close; he was now near to the room.


"Hai Devi Maiyya, what to do?" Khushi thought, and pushed Arnav with full force, and he slightly tripped over the carpet, but managed to stand properly.


"How dare you push me?" Arnav asked angrily.


"Can't you hear, Nanhe ji is calling me?"


Khushi said, as she was about to walk forward. But the moment she looked at herself, she was completely embarrassed. Her disheveled state made her completely flustered, but Arnav smirked on looking at her- his love marks were clearly visible on her neck, her lips were swollen, as she was well-kissed by Arnav of course, and her saaree was slightly ruffled, with her pallu lying down carelessly, making Khushi even more embarrassed. She was blushing at the same time, to see that where his eyes were resting devilishly on her chest, as if he was mentally making love to her.


"What.. Have you... Done..?"


"Marked you as mine... Forever!"


Arnav said proudly with his trademark smirk, as he came towards her, and caressed her pink cheeks sensually with his thumb, "Baby, now you have to accept that you belong to me only!"


"Such a shameless person you are!" Khushi muttered, adjusting her pallu properly on her shoulder and pinning it.


"Adjust it properly Khushi... I don't want anyone else except me to admire that sexy figure of yours!"


Khushi's mouth dropped wide open in a perfect capital 'O', as she heard such explicit words from Arnav's mouth! He was more than only a shameless one, she thought! Well, the innocent girl didn't know that it was because of her only that Arnav became so shameless, because, when it came to her, he could hardly keep control over himself.


Meanwhile, NK had reached till the room, and knocked on the door, calling for Arnav, and making him annoyed!

After Khushi had adjusted her saaree properly, Arnav made his way towards the door and opened it, giving an annoyed look to NK, while he smiled cheekily to him and entered in the room.


"Khushi ji, I've been searching for you all around!" NK exclaimed, "But what are you doing here?"




Khushi looked away to think of some lame excuse, while Arnav grinned naughtily at her; she angrily looked back at him, as she could not even say that he had brought her in the room, or else she would also have to reveal that what was happening in the locked room, between the two.


"Nothing Nanhe ji... I... just came here to look at the plants on poolside!" Khushi smiled, gesturing towards the plants which were nicely placed around the poolside. "But why were you searching me?"


"Oh, Di said that I need to drop you at your house! So I..."


"Thanks Nanhe ji, I was waiting only for you to come!" Khushi gave a sweet smile to NK, being ignorant of Arnav, who was again irritated to see her behaving with him so nicely.


"So come, let's go..."


NK smiled and walked out of the room with Khushi. Arnav went green to see this, just then he thought to complete his incomplete task while making the excuse to drop Khushi at home. He could make her say what he wants to hear from her, as they both would be alone, and no one around there! He smirked to himself and interrupted the two friends as quickly as he could, making a normal expression in front of them.


"What happened Nannav?" NK looked confusingly at him.


"You don't need to take so much pain NK, I'll drop her home!" Arnav said normally.


"What?" NK exclaimed in surprise, "You'll drop Khushi ji at her home?"


"Yeah, why, is there something wrong if I do that?" He questioned back with oblivion.


"No, not at all, but Nannav, I think something is definitely wrong with you!" NK looked at Arnav with suspicion, "I'm observing since past days, that whenever I and Khushi ji talk, you become insecure and behave as if I'm her enemy! What's the matter brother? Tell tell?"


"NK, I guess I can answer your questions later on, but I need to drop Khushi home quickly, as her family would be waiting, isn't it?" Arnav said out of irritation.


'No, I'll drop her home! She would come with me, isn't it Khushi ji?"


NK smiled, looking at Khushi, who was happy at the fact that he would accompany her till home, but the moment she felt Arnav staring angrily at her, she immediately decided to agree to go home with him rather than chit-chatting with NK.


"No... Nanhe ji.. I guess... I'll go with... Arnav ji..." Khushi said, smiling nervously.




"You heard NK, right?" Arnav said, "So you take some rest, as you must be tired by chatting with Khushi since evening, isn't it?"


NK again looked suspiciously at Arnav, while Khushi bid goodbye to him in a fearful way and walked out of the room with Arnav, as he pulled her quickly.






It was few minutes since Khushi left with Arnav from Shanti-Van, but there was still a lively ambience there, because of the wedding that was to be held the next day. NK was roaming in the hall, waiting for Arnav to come back, so that he could once again irritate him with his questionnaire, just then Anjali came there.


"What happened NK bhaiya?" She asked in her sweet voice.


"Congrats Di, our plan has finally worked out!" NK smiled widely, giving a side hug to her.


"Of course it had to work NK bhaiya!" Anjali exclaimed in happiness, "I know my brother very well, and I could clearly see that how jealous he became whenever he saw you roaming around Khushi ji!"


"Well well well, people keep on saying that I'm of no use, but now, I can say that I'm of great use! See, I helped you to bring Nannav and Khushi ji together!" NK smiled proudly.


"Who says that you're of no use?" Anjali exclaimed, "They can never understand your importance NK bhaiya!"


"You know me so well!" NK smiled, "By the way, what's the next plan?"


"Now I guess there is no need for any plan!" Anjali smiled naughtily, "It seems that something has happened between Chhotey & Khushi ji! That's why he held her hand so daringly and pulled her towards his SUV!"


"Waise Di, I must say, you're really very naughty!!" NK commented.


"Well, if I have a brother like Chhotey, then I need to be naughty, isn't it?" Anjali smiled back, giving a Hi5 to NK.


So after this update, you all came to know that making Arnav jealous was a joint plan between Nani ji, Anjali and NK. WinkCool And more of Arnav & Khushi coming up in further updates, keep reading and commenting please! Big smileEmbarrassed

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norolim Goldie

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 7:01pm | IP Logged
Holy. So hot.
Oooh Arnav is desperate eh? Wink Gaadi mein kya hoga? :O
Loved it!
Continue soon!
Cheers, Avi.

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