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ArHi SS -: "Only & Only Mine!"(Last Part @ Pg117)

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Background- Akash & Payal's wedding functions are going on and all are happy regarding this marriage, but a different story is cooking between Arnav & Khushi. While he is jealous to see Khushi with NK, she spends more time with NK to increase Arnav's jealousy and irritation, as she loves to annoy him! But till when will Khushi's tactics work on? ;)


                                                                      Part-: 1


"I would wear the bangles which you selected for me Nanhe ji!" Khushi smiled sweetly, battling her eyelashes and checking out those bangles with a combination of red and yellow.

"Oh Khushi ji that's so sweet of you!!" NK too reciprocated the smile back, all the while getting shy and sometimes smiling like an idiot.

"No Nanhe ji, I must say that it's sweet of you to select bangles for me. I mean, look, everybody in my home is busy for selecting jewelleries and dresses for Jiji, but no one is worried for me!" Khushi frowned slightly.

"There is nothing to be worried about Khushi ji' I'm always there to help you!!" He made her smile. "After all, you are bride's sister!"


Their conversation was going on, as Khushi went on praising NK for caring so much for her, but little did NK know that his cousin Arnav, who was sitting in front of them, was fuming with jealousy in himself. He felt to throw the cup of tea on NK which he had in his hand.


Khushi swayed her hands in air, as she tried the bangles on her hands, but she did not forget to steal the glance of her jealous Laad Governor. She gave a victorious smile to herself, as she loved to annoy Arnav, and seeing him like this was like a treat for her!


"Nannav, see, these bangles look so pretty on Khushi ji's hands, isn't it?" NK smiled, as he disturbed the thoughts of Arnav.

"You were the one who selected those bangles NK, so what do I know!"


Saying this in quite anger, Arnav stood up to leave, but not before giving a stern look to Khushi, who still enjoyed his jealousy.


"Why he gets so jealous to see me with Nanhe ji?" Khushi thought to herself, as the bright smile which was glued to her face slowly disappeared. "Does he has the same feeling' which I had' to see him and Lavanya ji together?"

"Khushi ji, where are you lost?" NK waved his hand in front of her, bringing her out of her serious thoughts, thinking that she must have felt bad of whatever Arnav said, "Please ignore Nannav Khushi ji, you know that he is least interested in these stuffs right?"


Khushi smiled slightly and shook her head in positive. NK began looking at some more bangles, but she was damn sure that the matter was something else! And Khushi was clever enough to notice that he did not like to see her with NK, or any other person. But why? That was the main question!






"Damn those bangles!"


Arnav walked from one corner to other in his room, pissed off at the fact that NK selected some bangles for Khushi, and she at once agreed to wear them. He threw the file on bed, which he was holding a few seconds ago and pretending to be lost in it, but even he himself knew that his mind was glued towards the hall, where Khushi and NK were still together.


He could clearly hear the laughing and giggling sound coming from the hall. This made Arnav even angrier, and he came out of his room, to see whether what so funny was going on in the hall.


"Nanhe ji, I must say, you have a really good sense of humour!" Khushi laughed again, but this time, she did not know that a pair of strong gaze was fixed on her.


For a while, Arnav felt himself lost in the smiling face of Khushi. He clearly noticed the way she laughed, and it was damn so attractive! But soon he came back to his angry-cum-jealousy mode, when Khushi praised NK again.


"Khushi ji and NK Bhaiya look good together, isn't it Chhotey?"


Arnav looked behind slightly, and saw Anjali standing, looking in the same direction where his eyes were constantly fixed.


"They both make a good pair!" she smiled.

"There is no need for you to become a match-maker for these two stupids Di!" Came the harsh comment from Arnav, as he again saw Khushi laughing with NK.

"What kind of thinking is this Chhotey?" Anjali became slightly angry, "I'm NK bhaiya's sister, so I should think for him, isn't it? I like to see him with Khushi ji'"


"But I don't!"


Arnav muttered to himself and walked downstairs angrily, much to Anjali's happiness. She smiled widely to herself, as she too witnessed the jealousy on Arnav's face when she talked about Khushi and NK making a good pair!


"If you guys have done with your non-sense chatting, then you should leave Khushi!" Arnav barked in anger, as he noticed the closeness between her and NK.

"Relax Nannav, what's there to be so angry? We were just having some fun!" NK replied.

"Exactly, that's the matter!" He said and looked at Khushi, "You're here since morning, and I guess now you should go back to your home' your family must be waiting for you, isn't it?"

"You need not worry about my family Arnav ji' they know that I am fine and I might return late because of some important work." Khushi replied, looking away.

"Yeah, really an important work!" Arnav sighed, looking at her and then at NK.


Meanwhile, Anjali too came down with that teasing look on her face. But as Arnav looked at her, she controlled her smile.


"Why are you being so angry Chhotey? I only asked Khushi ji to stay for a while, because I wanted to select some jewelleries for Payal ji, and she knows that what would look best on her sister!" Anjali interrupted innocently.


"Right. Why the hell I'm being so angry? So jealous?" Arnav thought to himself.


"Anyway, Khushi ji, please come with me to my room, I have ordered some jewelleries from the shop, so you can choose the good ones from those."



Khushi gave a confused look to Arnav and walked upstairs with Anjali, and NK came to him with his as usual 'super-cool' attitude.


"Nannav my brother, I keep on saying you that anger is not good for health'So please stop getting angry at little things!" NK smiled slightly and patted Arnav's shoulders.

"The day you start staying away from Khushi, my anger will automatically lower down!" Arnav again murmured this and walked towards his room.

"What have I done?!" NK wondered, scratching his head in mere confusion.


I hope you loved reading the first part! Do hit the 'like' tab and leave comments, as they encourage me to write more. Embarrassed Suggestions are welcomed too! Embarrassed

P.S -: I will continue this SS only if I receive maximum of likes and comments, because, being a writer, it really hurts me that I take much time to write something and only few people appreciate my work! Ermm It would simply take 5 minutes to comment! Big smile

P.S -: Those who want to read the further parts of this SS and if they are not in my buddy-list, kindly send me buddy-request and leave a comment here so that I can PM you whenever I update this one. Embarrassed


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nice dear.. Smile

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very nice...please do continue looking forward to more jealousy and anger from ASR..Angry

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Great start, Plz update soon! Plz pm me aswell

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great story:) pls pm me

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You have no idea how badly i wanted to read a pre MU SS or FF. Even today i want to post a request to writer on this. you are GOD sent. thank you. I loved your intro ... can't wait for more. It is a brilliant idea to change the scene from the current track.

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beautiful start
plz update soon and pm me plzz

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V nice.. Plz pm me

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