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Manveer OS- When In The First Rain

panchaali IF-Sizzlerz

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At first Happy Friendship day to all, this story is dedicated all who love Manveer...

When In The First Rain

Summer air

Why do you glare?

When true love blooms so rare!

Blazing sunlight

You know it's not right

To hold, which is yet untold

So radiate love with your light

Be with love,

Be little kind..

A scorching summer afternoon in Jaigarh, a wealthy small town in Rajasthan. Where none dare to risk a step outside a shelter at this hour of day, for the mighty burning Sun can give sunstroke at any time to anyone, He wishes to. But Love, amazing love and a lunatic lover can do anything'.

"Jainandini I love you"'.Suddenly someone woke up from a dream, and of course from day dream. As if she was expecting those three magical words from someone and recognizing the voice, which is not of course his but her sister's lunatic lover she sighed.

"Dear Mr. nutty head, our house is certainly not a suicide spot." She yelled in frustration.

"Excuse me, madam", The lunatic said, " You are no one to tell me how and where do I love to die in your sister's love" and to irritate her more he added, " Namaste Manyata jiji, don't be so rude!!".

"Mister, don't play with my patience, my sister has nothing to do with an empty head, just go home and give your mind a rest, you will know it by yourself."

"What happened Jiji?" her sister came forward.

"Oh! My Aphrodite, I was freezing without a glance of yours." The lunatic smiled baring his teeth.

"Jay, I am just tired of these monkeys of yours, you go to school for studies or for these monkeys?"

"Both jiji" She answered arrogantly.

"Ha!" She was horror stricken by her little sister's behavior, who is still a kid (as Manyata considers), who still goes to school (though high school). But younger sister always remains young.

"Jay, such kind of arrogance is unexpected from you and you tell him to go away, he can get sunstroke at any moment."

"And heart attack." Jay muttered under her breath and blows a flying kiss at his direction.

Manyata raised her eyebrow, "Jay, do you want me to call Mom?"

"Okay sorry jiji". Jay lowered her eyes.

"Honey" Jay told the lunatic seductively "Can you leave me alone now?"

"Your wish is my command Goddess!" The lunatic leaves.

"Jay, what is this! Three boys proposed you within a week! You are just a kid dear." Manyata astonished by her little sister's weird change.

" You are not mom, so do not try to act like her, and for your kind information  I am seventeen, no more a kid!"

Manyata breathes deeply, " Okay I get it. But three guys in a week!!!"

"Just can't follow you, one guy in a year!!! And, still no confessing!!! Amazing! aap toh daily soap ke heroine bhi haar mana doge."

Manyata looked sad, "Jay, no need to meddle in my personal matter."

"Then, why do you meddle in my personal matter, Jiji?" She retorted back. She was just leaving the place, just then remembered something and turned around'.

"Don't act like an innocent lily, I totally know how many boyfriends you had at your high school in Mumbai!"

"Jay!!" She was just going to slap her but stopped, knowing that her sister is not that wrong. She actually had dated a lot of guys earlier.

 But one guy, whom she met at the very first day in this town, changed the definition of love to her forever.


Last Summer(About a year ago)

It was an evening in Jaigarh and the Brijraj Singh just shifted with his family. He is an architect and thereby shifted here for job purpose. His younger daughter still upset at him for living Mumbai and his wife is also not very happy. But Manyata (The elder one) seems lost in her dream the moment she had entered the town. While her mother and sister constantly blaming her poor father. She just said , " Just look at the sunset". All did it and in a moment an astonished Jay yelled, " Wow mom, the sun is so big and so red!" Her mom also looked breath taken at this view. And her poor father nodded a "Thanks" silently. She closed her eyes while smiling, meaning, " Anytime dady."

That evening was a busy one, making that house a home was a huge job. Manyata has to go to the market for buying some necessary things with her father, while her father was chatting with the shopkeeper Manyata was lost in the view of the town, and then the very special incident took place like an accident''

Someone bumped on her and she closed her eyes thinking she will fall, but a strong arm protected her, when she opened her eyes she saw him for the first time, and heard his musical voice.

"Are you hurt Miss?" In a moment she forgot anyone's presence. And then her eyes fell on his.

"Yes, those eyes she always dreamt while imagining her prince in dream."

The scent of his breath, made her realize it's not her dream, she is indeed in the embrace of her prince.

And he made her stand properly.

"I apologies to you for this misbehavior miss." The musical voice rang again.

Her father came forward and obviously he looked like he'll kill him for touching his daughter. But as a gentleman he maintained his anger in control.

"what is the matter with you, Young man? Are you drunk?"

Manyata tried to protest her father, but she was too late. Those eyes grew sad, " My sister got an asthma attack sir and I need to buy her medicine, so I was in a hurry'.." He could not finish his sentence her father said in between, " Oh no, I am extremely sorry, Do you need any help?"

"No sir, I think I can handle it and don't want to bother you." He answered in a calm voice.

"No, I must help you. Come, I have my car with me." Manyata's father loves to help people and though Manyata's voice was not coming out in front of this gorges humble guy, she somehow managed to utter, "It'll be our pleasure Mister." He didn't argue.

That day only she found out his name, Udayveer Singh, a princely name indeed! She smiled. 

And a third year engineering student, her father smiled at that. "Engineering! Great! By the way which college? Actually Manyata also wants to study engineering? And you are in which stream beta?" Her father asked him a lot of questions without taking a breath that irritated her, but he answered all in a same calm voice.

"An engineering student, so classy, well mannered and chivalrous like Shakespearean hero!" she blushed at her thought.

In Autumn

Dear autumnal breeze-

You're making a heart freeze,

He is staring like her love,

She is flying like a dove-

But still unaware,

 What they already have!

Yes its love-

Though untold,

Eyes cannot fail!

 Words of romance

Must be uttered in silence..

There was local fair in the town Jaigarh. A fair in India is a place of mouth watering food and dating. No one will find the lovers in this huge crowd.

She was dancing with some local kids, like a bird. Her white dupatta flying like wings on her back. She was very happy,for no reason or may be for some newly found reason, she didn't even know that eyes of her dreams admiring her from a distance.

"Yaar uday, come here, I am hungry, let's have some kachori." His best friend called him impatiently.

"You carry on Vijay, I am not in a mood to eat." He answered without looking at him; he can't miss a moment with this fairy. A rare smile crossed his lips as he uttered her name silently, "Manyata".

In a Winter Evening

It was the Christmas party in The Mount Engineering College. Manyata and Udayveer are in the same college, and luckily (Or Unluckily) in the same stream. The last thing she feared that Udayveer will be her college senior. And it happened only because of her father.

 In this college seniors and juniors act like they are kind of brothers and sisters. She complained her father several times for admitting her at this very college where she can get a heart attack at any moment. But her father thinks it is best for his daughter where guys like Udayveer is around.

As a result Udayveer never talks with her. But she can always feel his presence around. Like he is watching her from a distance. She doesn't know why she feels like this. "Is it because I am so much in love with him?" or "He too loves me". Thinking of the second her heart jumped too first and she thought she will find it out in the Christmas party.

Merry Christmas cried everyone except two people in the party. When everyone was enjoying, those two people's heart burned in silence.

Suddenly all heard a girl's voice, announcing, "It's time to dance!!!" And everyone rushed for a partner. Most of the girls are trying to impress Udayveer, but his eyes were somewhere else.

Teardrops fell from her eyes, thinking, she would never get this guy in her life. Beautiful girls were roaming around him like bees.

 He rushed towards her like a storm, looked at her, offered his arm for support and then his handkerchief. He didn't utter a single word. She looked at him being amazed, and took the handkerchief, wiped the last trace of her tear. And just then a spotlight fell over them, someone announced-King of heart dances with the new girl in the town and music started..

If you only knew
What I've been going through
Waiting and wanting you
Could this be love

She looked at his eyes, those eyes of her dream, in search of an answer.

How, tell me how will I know
Will my heart make me believe it so
Or can I trust the way I feel
If you could read my mind
You see how hard I've tried
Still I can't decide

She lowered her eyes feeling that he too was looking at her eyes without blinking.

Do you know if it's true
That real love lasts a lifetime
Does it shine like the stars up in the sky
And do you know if you can fall for
Just a moment
Is a moment for all time

He lifted her, drew her closer where she can feel his heartbeat, and he felt her soft bosom carrying her heart which is beating at the same rhythm as his.

Why, why am I so unsure
Is that love knocking at my door
Or the sound of my beating heart
If you could read my mind
You know I just can't hide
What I feel inside

While holding each other's palm they both understood, they felt same about each other. The feeling was so strong that lips became weak to explain it.

In Spring

Romantic spring-

True desire you bring.

Oh vernal beauty!

Love is your deity,

So do not you limit her-

Only in those eyes!

Spread love, speak of love-

With the first ray of-


Today also she woke at dawn like last two three days. When her vai (he was her college senior and considers her sister) next door (Vijay) suddenly has grown passion on Martial Arts and keen to practice it at dawn at his terrace, and make ridiculous sound with it.How can his dear sister have a beauty sleep! She woke up while clutching her pillows in her hands, doesn't want to leave them and uttering some silent prayer to her vai, " Vijay vai please chup ho jaiye, let me sleep some more!" but vai is no Vagwan so he is continuing his acts with same disgusting sounds. She had to leave her bed. She can't sleep anymore. Suddenly she heard the musical voice,the voice she craves for every day and night, "Vijay, no need to make these weird sounds,  you can learn Martial arts without these." She opened her window. Her eyes have no more trace of sleep. Then she saw his muscular bare body in the first ray of sunrise. He was looking like a Greek God while performing Martial arts; she blushed, while staring at his muscular chest, but couldn't restrain herself from looking at him. Suddenly he turned around and she hid herself beside her window. He looked here and there as if he felt someone's presence, but none were around. "Who will be awake at this hour of morning?" He thought and sighed. Then the spring wind smiled at them, blew with such a power that made her long hair flow. He smiled, knowing that the hair belonged the exact person he has expected.

End of flash back

It is a summer evening in Jaigarh. Evenings are cool in Rajasthan. Some Mount College students are having parties in a club. Manyata is one among them.


"Hey, yaar Uday lets go to the party. Beautiful girls will be there." Vijay jumped.

"You carry on Vijay, I have some other works." Udayveer answered in a serious tone.

"Yah I know you have got many serious works now a day. Okay you go to your work. I think I will propose Manyata today."

"What! Are you out of your mind Vijay?" Uday yelled.

"I like a beautiful girl like Manyata, why should I have to be out of my mind for that!"

"Okay I know, she has a little bit heart ache for you, all the girls in our college have heart ache for you, so you mustn't worry about it at all."

Uday became furious," If you tell her a thing I will kill you."

"No you can't, I too know martial art now." Vijay made a face.

"See, Vijay I am not liking this joke of yours, you know, how much I love her."

Vijay started a happy dance, "Gotcha". The truth is Udayveer never told about his love to anyone, not even his very own self. Now in this summer evening when he has finally spoken his heart out in front of his best friend, he remembered the last year. How he met her for the first time, how his feelings for her grew with every season, how he started to feel for her without any reason, without knowing the fact he is falling for her slowly, and deeply.

" Oh my God! Why didn't I tell her anything?"

"Because, You only didn't know it!" Vijay yelled.

"You know Vijay, you are a true friend. I must go to party, I must tell her everything." Vijay gave a nod to his best friend.


The Mount College's summer evening party was running smoothly. It was Manyata's turn to sing. Her name is announced and she took the stage, in a white dress she is looking like a fairy. Then she started her song like a beautiful bird-

 I haven't slept at all in days
It's been so long since we've talked
And I have been here many times
I just don't know what I'm doing wrong

What can I do to make you love me
What can I do to make you care
What can I say to make you feel this
What can I do to get you there

There's only so much I can take
And I just got to let it go
And who knows I might feel better
If I don't try and I don't hope

What can I do to make you love me
What can I do to make you care
What can I say to make you feel this
What can I do to get you there

No more waiting, No more aching
Maybe there's nothing more to say
And in a funny way I'm calm
Because the power is not mine
I'm just gonna let it fly

What can I do to make you love me
What can I do to make you care
What can I say to make you feel this
What can I do to get you there

Love me..

She felt about Uday, she dreamt about Uday, every line of this song was meant for him and finally when she sees him in the front row she was just going to faint. The curtain dropped in that very moment. One backstage girl came to help her.

"Are you okay dear?"

"Not at all. Tell one thing Claire, what is Udayveer doing here? As far as I know this party is only for first and second year students of our college."

Claire smiled, "Udayveer is a stud, and there are no rules for studs."

Manyata yelled, "What?" then muttered under her breath, "I am so gonna die today, I nearly proposed him through my song!"

Just at that moment Udayveer entered the backstage.

"Are you okay Manyata?" (This is the first time he addressed her by her name)

She actually wanted say a huge story but couldn't answer anything.

"Well, then I think you must go home. Come, I will drop you home."

She couldn't believe her ears and eyes. Claire winked at her.

Now she is alone with Udayveer in a town's road, which is totally deserted, no people are there to be seen. Only two of them accompanied with nice evening wind, she is chilled by the wind, and unknowingly come near and nearer to him. He is looking at her now and then; she is also stealing his glances.

Then he spoke first, "Take my coat, I think you are getting cold."

"No its okay, I can manage."

"Don't act like a stubborn girl. Take it." Udayveer thinks she is stubborn she enjoyed it very much, now she totally started acting like a stubborn girl.

"No, I don't take coat of a stranger."

Now he is startled, "Am I really a stranger to you Manyata?"

Her heart started beating fast; she doesn't know how she will answer him. She looked at him helplessly; and at the very moment lightening occurred in the sky accompanied with a huge noise of thunder. She hugged him tightly without giving a second thought and he hugged her back.

And then the first rain hit the town. By the time she has understood her stupidity she was in warm embrace of Udayveer. She thanked herself for acting that stupid. When their embrace broke,they confessed their love to each other, the first rain drenched them more and drew them closer. When all of their unspoken feelings were spoken, their lips embraced in a kiss.

Oh first rain!

Don't go in vain-

Color nature with your tear-

Close all distance-

Of those hearts,

Which aren't still near...

Shower love-

Show warmth,

 in your cool drops-

Lips aren't just meant to apart-

Even if you stop...

The End (Or the Beginning) Wink

Note:- If you like this story, please hit the like button and leave your precious comment. This my very first Manveer OS.

 "Could this be love" is a song by "Jenifer Lopez" and "What Can I Do" is a song by "The Corrs".

The other poetry are all mine. I wrote summer, autumn, spring and the first rain poetry only for this OS. So guys please leave comment for my poetry too.

With Love 

Panchaali or Payel Smile

Waiting for your replies.


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..IshqShava.. IF-Sizzlerz

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the story is so wonderful! i felt so delightful reading it:)

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panchaali IF-Sizzlerz

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My Manveer Poetry:-

My First Love (just Click)

Manveer One shots

Break Of The Dawn (click)

My First Manveer FF:-

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panchaali IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Chamakchallo30

the story is so wonderful! i felt so delightful reading it:)

OMG Haven't expected a comment so fast, I still didn't pm a single friend of mine

Thank you very much...Smile

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Asmimelody IF-Rockerz

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very nice:)u know its raining in my place n i felt like im actually seeing it on screen...

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jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Manveer lugv blossomed thru all seasons.It was a diff beautiful sweet  innocent os.has off 2 u 4 ur poems

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panchaali IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Asmimelody

very nice:)u know its raining in my place n i felt like im actually seeing it on screen...

 Its raining heavily at my place too, and I can't send the pm...thank you for liking my story Smile

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panchaali IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by jasminerahul

Manveer lugv blossomed thru all seasons.It was a diff beautiful sweet  innocent os.has off 2 u 4 ur poems

 The best comment so far...thank you dear Smile

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