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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

FF: We Complete Each Other.. Ch 11, Pg 31 (03/07) (Page 14)

-krazyriya- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
Editing... as meri behena ka sawaal hai...OuchEmbarrassed. nahi toh yeh zaalim bidzie pata nahi uska kya karegi...CryROFL

finally you update..yayy..Big smile.. n i'm super happy ! i was about to ask you for this... as i know ab toh hum sab velle hai..LOL. n 3 mahine inn yaadon ke sahare hi kaatne hai...Ouch.Embarrassed

chal now without any bak-bak... straight coming to the update...its too sweet n blushing part yaar..Blushing... i loved every moment here..Hug...!

the first part...goshh...mohan looking at megha...Day Dreaming. n how first he was about to pick the phone...but suddenly realizes where his hand is... the grip..Blushing..awww n he blushes... looks so lovingly at her...Day Dreaming. falling for her... wanting to loosen up himself on was so romantic...Day Dreaming. goosebumps ran down my spine..Blushing.. haayeee ! its so heartwarming yaar...Heart. i could actually imagine everything right in front of my eyes...mohan going all Awe at megha...*heart beats running* ! and megha's..."sone do naa..." aww simply too cutee..Embarrassed..!

i loved the way you scripted this scene...Day Dreaming. too simple..but way too special in its own...Blushing. n i guess girls like us...would want something this much lovely in our lives too..Day Dreaming..!

Mohan gayab..LOL.. n megha bechari in gussa-cum-worried... totally justified..Approve..! i loved megha- with in-laws scene..Embarrassed.. indu n arvind are sweet..thank god ! atleast no saas-bahu jhik-jhik ya smthng like that...LOL. i'm loving the simplicity n realistic touch of this story ! Big smile

mohan's bhoot wali line...haha..rofl..ROFL. was too cutee n naughty on his part...Wink. i LOVE this mohan..Hug mujhe bhi chahiye pleasee...Day Dreaming !  megha's sharmanaa... haayeee !

Mohan taking his wife to the new house..Smile..his dream house... was so sweet..Big smile..! i loved this thing... ki he shared this dream with his soul-mate... jo ab uski life hai... n has the right to know his everything...Approve ! the beautiful thought behind this moment..Embarrassed. touched my heart...Heart.!

seeing mohan teary.. megha also having tears...Embarrassed n their hug... awww was so sweet n touching..Day Dreaming !

beautiful part behena... superbbly written n presented..Clap..! each line/scene gave a heartwarming feeling...Day Dreaming maza aa gaya yeh padh ke...! i seriously wish kaash yeh first part NBT mein bhi dikhaya hota...Smile. i wanted to see Mohan's wo wale expressions n megha's cutely "sone do na.." EmbarrassedLOL

anyways...awesome work dear..Clap...keep it up...Thumbs Up...!

love you...Hug
teri behena...Varshu..Heart

Edited by -krazyriya- - 07 October 2012 at 1:11am

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Originally posted by -krazyriya-


*dances and jumps* Dancing
sehar mehrotra IF-Sizzlerz
sehar mehrotra
sehar mehrotra

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Bidzie-

Originally posted by sehar mehrotra

unrej chunLOL *renu vyaj ishtyle* Cool

Kar diya unreserve...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sehar mehrotra


Yayyy...Bidz is bak...pata hai while readin i actually felt that NBT is was dat awesome!!!!

Tujhe boht tight jhappi dene ka mann kr rha hai darling!!!Hug...m really glad tune isse likha...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Now cumin bak to the FF...the parts I liked the most was dat in ur FF AB is a great father in law and there are no villains in ur story...LOLEmbarrassed

Next was Mohan bhoot dialogue when he cum s bak and Megha's sharmana and alll...u captured each and every emotion sooo welll...I felt like i was their in the room witnessing everythingEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Aww thanks a lot and am glad you loved the stuff you mentioned but what about the beginning part? Blushing
pratsy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 October 2012 at 12:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Bidzie-

Heya everyone , 
I was away from net since 2 days for some reasons , so I ended up writing this .. I didn't want to post this at all as I thought of my previous record of how I discontinued few of my stories due to my laziness (I hate myself for that LOL) but then my dearie behena Varshu told me to post it for her sake & I agreed ! 

As tomorrow is her birthday , I'm totally dedicating this story to her with a promise that I won't discontinue it , no matter what happens and how late i update .. Embarrassed 

But this doesn't mean that I won't complete my other FF and this is a god promise .. so my old readers , please don't panic .. LOL

Anyways, Varshu, my twinnie, advance happy birthday & here's your gift Hug

We Complete Each Other
For the first time, I tried writing something different .. Embarrassed
It's a journey of a girl who got something in her life she had never expected .. the togetherness of a loving life partner ! Heart

A realistic story (no connection with the show's story or its theme) with no suspense and drama .. Hope u guys will like it ! Embarrassed

Love , 
Bidzie ..Heart


Chapter # 1
Belief in Your Smile.

'Yeh raha aapka.. i mean.. aapka aur bhaiya ka kamra..'

The words made her heartbeats fast. She slowly raised her eyes and looked around.

The room was beautifully decorated with candles, roses and white coloured balloons. She clutched her silver embroidered red dupatta in nervousness. As she walked inside, she could hear the girls giggling and closing the door behind her.

The realization of her present struck her. She stood still, trying to register the fact in her mind that she was now a married woman and it was her first night.

Walking straight near the window, she looked outside. The moon was shining bright, lighting the surrounding. Sigh! What a beautiful sight! She thought and slightly smiled.

Just then, she heard the sound of the door opening. She widened her eyes in fear and then instantly closed them while calming down and convincing herself to relax. 'Teri shaadi insaan se hui hai, koi bhoot se nahi jo tu itna darr rahi hai..' She said to herself in her mind.


She jerked and quickly turned around, only to find the man of her life, her husband, Mr. Mohan Bhatnagar.

'A..aap a..a.. i mean.. a..ap k..kab..'

'Ssshh!' Mohan gestured her to be quiet by putting the index finger on his lips.

Megha was silent. She just kept on looking at Mohan, baffled, trying to read his face.

'Shaant ho jaao aur phir dheere se baat karo..' Mohan tenderly said to her.

She smiled a bit and nodded innocently, just like an obedient kid. 'Thank you..' she said gratefully after a moment.

'Kyun?' Mohan confusedly questioned her while taking out his night suit from his cupboard.

'Mujhe.. s..samjhne ke liye.. Mere k..kami ke baad bhi..' She sadly lowered her eyes and continued, 'baad bhi m..mujhe..'

'Megha..' Mohan interrupted and walked near her. 'Dekho meri taraf..'

Megha looked in his eyes slowly and was in awe of the softness in them.

'Phir kabhi yeh mat kehena. Bas ek baat yaad rakhna ki tum perfect ho.. mere liye tou bilkul perfect ho..' He assured her with a friendly smile.


'Ek aur baat..' Interrupting her again, Mohan pleaded, 'Please mujhe 'aap' kehena chodo. Pleaseee!'

The way he requested her broke her in a laugh. 'Theek hai..' she happily affirmed. There was a sense of relief and comfort in her tone. 

Mohan grinned. 'Main change karkey aata hoon. Tum bhi change karlo. Yeh jewelries and all.. tumhe suffocate kar raha hoga..' he said casually and walked inside the washroom.

Megha looked on with a wide smile until Mohan was finally away from her sight. With a content-filled look in her eyes, she took slow steps towards the window and gazed at the moon. Subtly smiling, she started sharing her feelings with the nature, 'Bachpan se main sochti thi ki meri kami ki vajah se koi mera life partner nahi banega .. Koi mujhse pyaar nahi karega .. Lekin tab yeh kaha pata tha ki upar waale ne mere liye bhi kisi ko banaaya hai .. Yeh jaante huye bhi ki nervousness mein main baat kartey waqt stammer karti hoon, usne dusro ki tarah mujhe reject nahi kia ..' 

Smiling in bliss, she went on a flashback of the memorable day in her life when Mohan happily announced in front of their parents that he would marry Megha. She remembered how she doubted him by thinking for a second that he was pitying on her by accepting her but as soon as she noticed his genuine smile, she couldn't stop herself from falling for it and believing that he was indeed the right choice for her.

'Arey tumne abhi tak change nahi kia?'

Coming back to the present, she turned her face and found her dear husband standing with a polite and friendly smile on his face. It was sweet enough to make anyone diabetic, she thought and blushed, and the moment she noticed him in black vest and white pajamas, her cheeks turned dark pink. She felt the goosebumps all over her skin and the butterflies flying in her stomach!

Chapter. 2 - Attraction

nice part huni..
bt megha me kami kyaa hConfused
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pratsy,read in megha's monologue when mohan goes to change..she stammers in her dialogues,u'll read dots in between the words,thts when she stammers..
pratsy IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by -Bidzie-

Chapter # 2


For the first time, Megha felt that her name sounded so sweet and magical when HE said it. She shyly smiled and lowered her eyes. 'Main c..change karkey aati hoon,' saying it, she quickly took out a night suit from her suitcase and rushed to the washroom without a sound.

Mohan looked on until she disappeared from his sight. Her nervousness made her look way too adorable, he thought, and his heart confessed that there was definitely something in her that was making him attracted. He couldn't help but smile in bliss, but the next moment, his mind questioned his heart back, was it only because she was his wife? Wondering, he was lost in deep thoughts. 

The door of the washroom creaked open, bringing Mohan back to the reality. He looked in that direction and there he was still. His eyes didn't blink as he was captivated by Megha's charm. Neither he understood what was happening to him nor he considered his wife as the most beautiful woman on earth like the other husbands yet there was some sort of feelings evolving in his heart FOR HER. He tried hard to hold onto his overwhelming emotions and even succeeded for sometime after he came in the room, but now it seemed that he was loosing his control over himself. 

Megha, in a pink salwar suit with a white dupatta, walked inside the room. Looking downwards, she managed to go near Mohan nervously. Her heart kept on fluttering constantly. 'T..thodi help c..chahiye thi.. Woh..' She barely whispered. Mohan stared at her and tried to understand what she wanted to say. 

Before he could ask her, she turned around and gathered her long hairs on her left shoulder, exposing her back. 'Yeh chain u..utaarne mein karoge please..' This time, her voice was soft and crystal clear. 

Mohan stood numb. 'She's your wife and you can touch her. Don't act so stupid.' his mind sternly told his heart in an obvious tone yet his heart was restless. 

Megha was standing still. 'Main itna kyun darr rahi hoon. Bilkul typical Indian wife ki tarah behave kar rahi hoon. Why can't i just behave normal? Kya horaha hai mujhe?' She confusedly thought in annoyance for herself. 

Mohan shook his head and tried to be normal. He gradually forwarded his hands towards her neck. As his fingers hovered on her skin, she shivered slightly, though knowing that it was her husband's touch yet couldn't let herself not being affected. 

'Balaji soaps ki heroine banna bandh kar. Damn! He's your husband and there shouldn't be any problem if he touches you.' Megha scolded herself in her mind and was irritated even more.

Mohan did notice that she trembled under his physical contact but didn't ask anything about it since he didn't want her to be uncomfortable. 

'Ho gaya!' Mohan, with a plain casual expression, as if nothing really happened, warmly said. Megha turned to him and smiled thankfully. Mohan gazed her calmly, admiring her simplicity and beauty. Silence prevailed but spoke volumes. 

Affected, Megha looked at a different direction and blushed. Mohan, being the usual himself, rubbed his head and sheepishly smiled. 'Kuch baat karein!' he finally suggested her in a friendly, sweet tone after a moment.


I'm really damn nervous and doubtful about my above update. Tried to make it realistic without any useless stuff yet not sure if I succeeded. Comments please. :)

hayeee...chain scene...fantastic *drools*

balaji soaps k heroineROFL

lol...1st night pe..kuch baat kreDay Dreaming

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Originally posted by -Bidzie-

pratsy,read in megha's monologue when mohan goes to change..she stammers in her dialogues,u'll read dots in between the words,thts when she stammers..
Big is her kami

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