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" Oh common Arnav!! don't act as if u knw nothing!!! u and khushiji never had a was a contract rite?? YOU THREATENED HER THAT IF SHE DOESN'T MARRY U YOU WOULD STOP PAYAL'S MARRIAGE,DIDN'T YOU?",the man spat out the dark truth in front of the whole family...yes,it was none other than SHYAM MANOHAR JHA.He managed to blurt out the truth in front of the family in an attempt to justify himself.Arnav was shocked at the exposure of the truth in such a way,he looked at Khushi whose eyes were now glassy with tears that would emerge out any time. Naniji was the first to speak,"Chote, tell me that what this man is saying is not the truth,tell me that you married khushi for u loved her...BOLIYE CHOTE!!! HUM AAPSE KUCH POOCH RAHAT HAIN!!",she said shaking him by the shoulders.

Anjali was the next to speak," CHOTE you told me you loved her then wats going on here,its true that i still think shyamji is not at fault then why am i feeling that what he is telling now is a truth?? and that too a bitter one...Khushiji,atleast u tell us wat the truth is na??we beg of you!!",and turned towards khushi.

                                      And the next thing to be spoken was by the snake himslf," Rani sahiba...u ppl believe it or not,this is the truth!!Arn-..."he stopped when he felt arnav's death stare on him."why do you stare at him bhai??if u think he is wrong then for god's sake open ur mouth bhai!!" It was Akash...noone expected him to  talk... everyone was asking for an answer and the two lone and only witnesses stood qiuet..

          " Enough!!!!!! THAtS it!!! U ppl need to know the truth?? fine, i'll tell u wat the truth is. YES!! I AND KHUSHI HAD A CONTRACT MARRIAGE...IT ENDS TOMORROW!!!"Arnav finally spoke the truth... and the silence that follwed was deafening!!Everyone stood rooted to their places with their eyes wide-open with shock. The only person who was happy was none other than SHYAM MANOHAR JHA..

P.S. : scroll down for part 1

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MemoriesDieHard Senior Member

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MemoriesDieHard Senior Member

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                                                   PART 1

The sound that followed was deafening...everyone stood rooted to their places trying to visualize what had just taken place and the only soul happy was SHYAM MANOHAR JHA.


"If i can't have her Arnav,then I'll make sure that she doesn't become yours either!!",this was what he thought when he had that smile on that face of his. 


Khushi stood beside Arnav with her hand entwined in his,the very thought of leaving him scared her and she held on to him like a child that held on to her father in crowded place. Arnav placed his hand on hers giving her consoling look even when he knew that what was about to come. The silence remained still. But someone had to break it and this time it was a person whom nobody expected to fire out.


It was not ANJALI.


It was not NANI.


It was not AKASH.


It was not SHYAM.


It was PAYAL. yes the soul which never her opened her mouth,but when the reason for her sister's sydden marriage was herslef..she couldn't stop herself from breaking the silence..she wen to khushi and said," Why did u do thid Khushi?? you think you will sacrifice Your life for my sake and when i come to know the truth i'll keep quiet?? how could you khishi?? how??"


"JIJI...i..." but khushi was cutoff by payal,"NO khushi...thats it... aaj se you dnt have to sacrifice your life for me or your happiness for the sake of others...aaj se tu apne liye jiyegi...samjhi tum??"payal threw out her words at Khushi and continued," you are not staying with this man anymore Khushi,you are going back to Buaji's place now"


khushi was shocked at this statement of her sister," par di...hum inke saath Khush hain...hum inse pyaar karte hain!!" khushi confessed with her eyes in direct contact wid her Arnavji and held on to him even more tightly.

"Khushi!!! ebough!! you are not staying with this man who doesn't even know what marriage or love is... you are leaving now...and u are not his BLOODY WIFE KHUSHI...DO U GET THAT??",payal said as she dragged Khushi towrds the door.

"ARnavji...please jiji ko rokiye na...hume nahi jaana"'Khushi pleaded as she was being dragged out of the house.Arnav who had been the silent-spectator all this while spoke up,"ENOUGH PAYAL!!! leave khushi now...U said that she is not my wife rite?? now I'll rightfully make her my wife in front of the whole world!!". Everyone turned to Arnav who were shocked...





P.S. : sorry for the late update... i think this a long one... i have done the proof reading so please forgive me for the grammatical errors or anything else!!!



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heya its pm me wen u update...
fffan123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Liked the update. Hate Shyam Angry Now please someone ensure that Shyam is beaten badly.
Please pm me when you update

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                                                  PART 2


 And with that declaration of his, Arnav singh raizada flung to his roon dragging khushi along with him while everyone else lokked at the two walk away. What would they say when none of them knew what was happening?Shyam decided to take advantage of the situation and spoke,"huh...he thinks this is all a joke? marriage is not a joke at all and may be thats known to Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada. he-" and before he could continue he was cut off by Akash."Jeejai...eventhough i dnt like to call by that name,let me ask u one thing,how on earth would u know what a marriage is when u urself are a cheap,despo and a third-rated man? and how dare u talk about my bhai?? forget dare u enter this house,YOU bas***d??".and the next sound that was heard was shyam slapping Akash."Dont u dare talk a word against me Akash!!! I'll have u torn to pieces!!!"the snake showed its true colour.and then again there was the sound of a slap that left everyone was ANJALI. yas,she had slapped the very man she had trusted and prayed all her life."ENOUGH SHYAM!!! just because i believe u blind-foldedly that doesn't mean u can slap my brother!!! AUKAD KYA HAI TUMHARI??KHABARDAR JO WAPAS ISS GHAR MEIN AANE KI KOSHISH KI TOH...shocked??let tell u one thing Mr.JHA...I believe my brothers and i knew that u were a scoundrel a long time back. I thought that OUR child will change it,but now i tell u dont u dare come near ME or MY CHILD!!! ."

                           "RANI SAH-" and before he could complete his watever nonsense he wanted to talk the next he knew was he was thrown out of Shantivan." U will pay for this MR.ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.just wait and watch




he stood near the pool of his room,looking at the stars."MAA,yeh sab kya ho gaya?? aap mujhe jab chodke gayi,toh it took me a long time to move on... I-I can't go through that pain again ma...i need Khushi,I love her..u know that na ma??" he spoke to the stars with his eyes moist.Just then he felt two tiny hands crop up from his back and hug him from behind."DEVI MAIYYA KI KASAM ARNAVJI...hum aapko chodke nahin jaayenge...warna hamari saansein ruk-" and before she could complete she felt his lips crash against hers.NO...tthe kiss was not that of the desire within was for him to show her that how much he needed her.he kissed her gently,it was not a ferocious one.He moved away from her such that their noses brushed against each other,he cupped her face and placed a gentle peck on her fore-head. He then looked at her and said," Khushi,I AM SO SORRY...i didn't want the truth to come out in such a way,I-I-" she placed her finger on his lips pleading him to just calm down and signalling him to sit beside the pool. He sat down as Khushi sat with her head resting on his shoulders."don't worry Arnavji...everything will be fine...Whatever comes... WE WILL BE TOGETHER"




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NOTE:the first part is 16= i read it at your own risk!!!

 The morning rays hit her face,starting to play with her milky-white skin... she nudged herslef closer to the hard torso of the man.. HER MAN who was lying near her,fast asleep.All of a sudden all the pain that they were going through seemed to have vanished when she saw his face filled with innocence,HER Arnavji who was in a deep slumber. how she wished that life could be same way it used to be a month back...but today,it was going to be different. she didn't know why but she felt it that way.then coming back from her disturbing thoughts she nuzzled closer to him...he turned in his sleep giving a sigh of irritating him while sleeping," let me sleep Khushi..." and then he was gone again into his slumber. and she lay beside him,watching him or to be more precise staring and admiring her husband-her better half. She knew that she could spend her whole life by just staring at him that way... She loved to do that. " I LOVE U ARNAVJI" she said to him...or may whisper would be the write word. and she heard him reply," I LOVE YOU TOO KHUSHI,now let me sleep!!".She looked at him shocked,forming a prfect O of her mouth... "LAAD GOVERNOR,patha nahi inko sirf yeh baath kitne bhi dheere hum bolein to bhi sunayi kaise detha hai..."And the next thing she knew was with one sudden movement he had pulled her down and pinned her to the bed,with him on top of her. 


" why does ur mouth form that 'O' always Khushi??"


"nahi toh...aa-...aap toh so rahe the na??


"zaruri nahi hai khushi gupta singh raizada ki agar kisiki aankhen bandh ho toh woh so raha ho" he said with his famous smirk


" yeh kya baath hui?? aapne hi toh kaha ki hum aapko sone dein?"


"haan,kaha toh tha...lekin ab iradha badal liya"


Oh no...that smirk again...why does he do that?? he knows that i can't resist myself or as a matter of fact HIM when he smirks...LAAD GOVERNOR...Khushi thought to herself.


And before she could know what was happening,his lips were already on hers... she knew that he would do this.He pushed his way into her mouth exploring her sweetness and everytime he did that, he felt that he was doing it for the first time...she responded to his kiss,their tongues danced to the tune of their love. while His hand roamed all over her..her hand was busy pulling at his hair from the back...




"hmm..." he answered continuing to place feather kisses along her jawline.


" Arnav...I need to go...its time..."


"hmm" and again with that hmm of his he continued to assault her senses...


She knew that if she stayed there even for a second more...she would be in trouble.. and thankfully his foreplay was stopped by a knock on the door.And she pushed him.



"Kaun hai??" arnav with asked with a hell lot of a sign of irritation on his face...


"Hum hain...Payal"


Khushi ran near the door and opened it," jiji...aap??


"haan khushi...hum..maaf kijiye arnavji humne aapko disturb kiya,par dadi ne aap dono ko neeche bulaya hai. Zaruri baath hai",Payal said to khushi. but before Khushi could reply...her jiji was gone.




"Naaniji, aapne hume bulaya?" Arnav enquired as he and khushi went to nani.


" haan chote...hume aap donon se kuch jaruri baath karni hain... Khushi bitiya,aaj shaam ko madhumathi ji aapko lene ke khatir aavat rahi hain..aap unke saath lakshmi nagar jaane ki taiyyari kijiya."

If shyam manohar jha had been there,he would have loved to see Arnav's expressions..


" But why nani?? i told u that-"


"chote...shaadi se pehle ladka aur ladki ko alag hi rahna padtha hain... aap samajh rahen hain na?". Whwn she heard the word MARRIAGE, khushi knew what was about to come,and she knew what her man would rply to it now.


" par nani...i dont understand...jab hum donon ne shaadi ke liye haan kar di hai..toh khushi ko jaane ki kya jaroorat hai??"


"Bhai...even i went through its your turn!!" Akash said as he came down.


"Aur waise bhi chote... hum khushiji se keh denge ki woh roz aapke sapne main aaye...teek hai?" anjali said in her chirpy voice...and in the same room someone was turning red with shyness.. was Khushi.



Madhumati ji had arrived and was very happy with the concept of khushi and arnav marrying again for the sake. 


" nand kisore ki kasam...hum bahut vkhus hain ee sunkar ki arnav babua biyaah ke liye maan gaye..."


"arre buaji,hamare chote toh itne uthavle ho rahe hain ki woh aaj hi shaadi kar ke khushiji ki ghar le aayenge.." Anjali said while she served tea to buaji...


" accha nankishore hame ab chalna chahiye...khushi??"


"ji hum abhi bulaakar laathe hain" Payal wen and brought khushi along with her...


" Khushi...dadi ne buaji ko tumhare contract marriage ke baare mein kuch nahin bathaaya hain...isiliye tum apna mooh bandh rakhna..teek hai??" payal whispered into khushi's ears...and she got a nod in reply.


"aa gayi khusi..chalo titaliya...chalte hain...bahut saari taiyyariya karni hain"and khushi left shantivan along with buaji awaiting her bridal day.


and from above,he stared at her and watched her leaving him. He had never wanted her to leave..but considering the scenario he had decided to cope up with the family. he watched her leave expecting her to turn around and look at him just once and that was what that exactly happened.Khushi turned to look at him...her eyes looked into his and both the pair of eyes coneyed silent messages to one another...WE WILL BE TOGETHER


NOTE:phew...that was a long one...please leave your comments. They mean a lot. i did this besides my busy please press the like button and comment!!!

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