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Dream Comes True - 06/04 ~ COMPLETED!! (Page 5)

Rishi87 Goldie

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Posted: 24 September 2012 at 11:26am | IP Logged
selvi you didnt tell me about this update
i will give my comment after reading it

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luvharshiti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 September 2012 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
very nice update ...too good..
waiting 4 the next update ...
please update soon ...

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AASUS IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 7:13am | IP Logged
Wow Selvy this is amazing :O
I would have never imagined you'd bring a twist like this - this is shocking wow!
Kulraj and Kiran are simply awesome :D
Daljeet and Ash seemed so focused and I wonder what made their plan fail - I guess Ash was v careful on hiding her social life from her mom.
Prem's parents being supportive finally is a good thing. So interesting how Heer tried to solve her problems and take care by herself on a new unfamiliar environment. I think you wrote this part really well - good job. We are able to understand her fear.
Eagerly waiting to see how Prem and Heer will meet. Will Tasneem help Heer or she will never know about Heer's situation? Really curious.
Great update and loved this chapter. Thanks so much Hug

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Rishi87 Goldie

Joined: 29 September 2009
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Posted: 27 September 2012 at 6:52am | IP Logged
awesome story
so prem and heer are in a middle class life and the story is very natural and realistic liked the story

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iheartChai IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 October 2012 at 6:33pm | IP Logged
Awesome update!

So that is how Heer is wearing a mangalsutra.

All these days she's been pretend living with Prem as her husband and Prem has been pining and dreaming about Heer.

Can't wait for the next chapter cause I know you're going to make them met each other again.

Thanks for posting Selvy!

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newt2007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 4:23am | IP Logged
Thanks friends for all your comments
Here comes my christmas special.

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newt2007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 4:26am | IP Logged
Shot 4

Prem wished Kulraj 'congrats di.' Kulraj teased him back 'congrats mamu.' Prem smiled. Kulraj didn't take much time to shift her topic. 'Prem, i felt like talking to you.' Prem too didn't want to waste his time beating around the bush. He straight away came to subject he wanted to discuss with her. 'di, today i saw Heer.' On the other side Kuldi almost shouted and started firing questions to him. 'is it? Where? When? Did you spoke to her?' Prem's reply silenced her. 'no di. She didn't see me.' Kulraj 'why Prem? You should have' Prem interrupted 'di, she is married.' Complete silence on Kulraj side indicated her shock.

Kiran and G3 are looking at Kulraj who is lost in her deep thought without responding to Prem. Prem unable to control his tears broke down. 'di, i was jumping in joy when i saw her. But everything lost only for few seconds.' Kulraj 'Prem, wait. Answer me. How do you know she is married?' Prem 'i saw mangalsutra around her neck.' Kulraj scratched her head. Kiran 'what happened Kulraj?' kulraj signalled him to be quiet for some time. G3 confused. Kiran and G3 exchanged confused look.

Kulraj took a deep breath. 'Prem, tell me clearly how? And where you met her?' Prem 'but what is the use?' kulraj 'Prem, tell me everything in detail. I'm confused.' Prem 'what is the confusion di?' kulraj 'Premmm.' Prem 'okay di.'


Prem went to security monitoring room which has the monitoring system of cameras in that hotel. Prem is manager of that hotel. A big business man of that city has kept her daughter's marriage in that hotel. Many big shot from all over country and world are gathered there. Prem is checking to make sure everything is perfect. He is talking to Security monitoring in charge about the security status of the places taken for wedding. His eye fell on a monitor.

Prem quickly went to that monitor. He asked the person who is sitting in front of that monitor 'which area is this?' person 'dining area sir?' Prem quickly ran to the dining area. He looked around. He spotted some decoration in the monitor. He searched for that location. He managed to find that spot. He looked around for Heer whom he saw in that system.

Prem stopped when he heard two women pointing a girl and talking about something. Prem whispered 'Heer' his heart beat started beating fast. Woman 'that girl designed bride's costume.' Another 'she must be a big designer.' First woman 'no she is working as designer in an ordinary shop. Her shop is in Bandup. Cinderella's' Another 'but the design is amazing.' Prem stepped forward towards Heer who is now facing her back to him.

Girl standing next to Heer asked 'Heer, when is your husband coming?' Prem moved sideways to get her face clearly. One lady is standing between them. Prem seeing her face clearly and also can hear their conversation. He is shocked to hear her friend asking about husband. He thought 'Heer married.' Tears threaten to come out of his eyes 'why you didn't wait for me Heer?' he felt his expecting for him is stupid as Heer know him only as a married man. Heer pushed her hair aside to control the hair falling on to her front. He saw mangalsutra around her neck. As he stood processing these thoughts, he got a surprise by hearing Heer's reply. He wanted to move away without disturbing her. But Heer's word made him stand to listen their conversation. Heer calmly said 'don't know.' Girl 'you are telling this for past two years.' Heer 'not two years.' Girl 'joke? Almost two years. Your second wedding anniversary coming. No sign of your husband. Is he holding entire Dubai in his shoulders?' Heer trying to push her talk 'he will come when he get leave.' Girl 'when will he get leave?' Heer 'don't know.' Girl 'what do you know about your husband.' Heer proudly announced 'i know everything about him.' Girl 'then why he is not coming?' Heer 'he is not getting leave.' Heer diverted her subject. 'Geet, now we need to go home. Finish fast.' Geet 'for past two years you are escaping like this. 2nd wedding anniversary coming na.' Heer turned towards Prem side. He quickly turned away thinking 'i should not disturb her now. Let her live happily.' he walked away. As he stepped away his mind was jumping in joy but his heart was crying. Finally only think registered in his mind is Heer is in Mumbai.


Prem 'after that how can i talk to her di?' Kulraj 'did she had sindoor in her maang?' Prem thought for a while 'i didn't see di.' Kulraj 'Prem, you go and talk to her.' Prem 'but why should i disturb her married life.' Kulraj 'she is not with her husband.' Prem 'he is in dubai.' Kulraj 'for past two years?' Prem 'ha.' Kulraj 'Prem, think. You and Heer met two years back. That too not two years completed.' Prem thought for a while 'how can i forget the day i confessed my love to her.' Prem 'ha di, few more days left.' Kulraj 'you and Jiju went to Manali and checked about Heer. the villagers told about her grand mother death. They didn't tell anything about her marriage. Then how come her 2nd wedding anniversary will come so soon?' Prem thought for a second. 'ha di me too confused.' Kulraj 'Prem, Heer was in love with you before you confess your love. In that case she can't marry so soon. she don't have anyone to force for a marriage. I'm 100% sure she is faking herself as a married woman.' Prem with a shock 'but why?' Kulraj 'that you need to ask her. Tomorrow morning you meet her and talk to her. First tell her you are still an unmarried man. Otherwise she won't reveal her side if she is faking, thinking you as a married man.' Prem agreed.


Prem is in his bike heading towards Bhandup. Based on the info he heard in two women conversation he managed to find Cinderella's address. He parked his bike in front of a complex. He removed his helmet and walked into the complex. He found a direction board for ' Cindrella's' his heart is beating fast with prayer 'like di said Heer should be fake her marriage.'

Life door opened indicating first floor. He stepped out. A man is cleaning name board. Looking at Prem 'arrey, here only ladies are allowed. Men saloon is in second floor.' Prem looked around 'no i want to meet Heer.' Man 'Heer madam will come only after 9.' A lady came out of cinderlla's with a broom stick, dustbin. Lady kept things on the side 'who is that bhai?' she is wiping her face with her -saree. Man 'he wants to see Heer madam.' Lady 'who?' she looked at Prem.

She came towards Prem in hurry 'arrey shab where did you went all these days?' man 'do you know him?' Prem is confused. Lady 'arrey, he is Heer madam's husband.' Man dropped his cloth down 'sorry sir,' he pulled a chair. 'sit sir.' Lady is in demanding answer 'why you didn't visit madam for past two years. All the time she is thinking about you. you didn't have time to visit her. What job you are doing in Dubai.' Prem is totally confused. He thought 'they misunderstood him as Heer's husband.' Prem felt she is going to fire him. Prem wanted to find Heer's address using this lady anger. 'where is her house?' Lady started scolding 'ha. Past two years you didn't come that is why you didn't know her house too. Don't you' man came to Prem's rescue. He interrupted 'arrey, he finally arrived na. Why you are wasting his time here. Let him go and meet his wife.' He looked at Prem 'sir, madam house is in next building, first floor 105.' Prem 'thanks' luckily lift door opened as soon as he pressed the button. He escaped from lady.

Prem walked to next building thinking about lady scolding him. He thought 'that man didn't recognise him. But this lady identified him as Heer's husband. Why?' by that time he reached the house in that flat. He pressed the calling bell and waited restlessly.

Prem heart beat started beating fast as he heard foot step nearing the door. The unlocking sound made him more tensed. He doesn't know what to pray. As she opened the door he stood frozen seeing Heer standing in front of her. She must have taken bath few minutes ago. Her wet hair falling on her shoulder. She is in blue salwar. Without any makeup her face shined like moon. He looked at her neck. He is happy there is no mangalsutra around her neck. But she didn't wear earring too. He is confused and want to ask everything. But he is scared to ask anything.

Heer too shocked to see Prem standing in front of her. But quickly a smile spread on her face. 'Prem.' Prem came to sense. He managed to let out a tensed smile. Heer opened the door widely 'come in Prem.' Prem stepped in.

Prem looked around the room. Heer closed the door and come to him. She pulled a chair from dining table and asked him to sit. She quickly 'how are you Prem? How is ma, bapuji and' she paused for a second 'your wife.' Prem unconsciously 'all are fine.' Heer 'you came alone.' Prem sat in the chair 'ha. Ma and Dad are with di. Yday she delivered boy baby.' Heer 'oh nice. You are mamu now.' She went to take water for him. Prem 'ha' still his eyes are searching for wedding picture of Heer. he didn't find anything. Room has hangings which looked like Heer's handwork. His mind processed Geet asking about her husband, Kulraj telling about Heer faking her marriage, lady scolding about not visiting Heer for two years.

Heer gave him water. She pulled a chair in front of him and sat 'when did you come to Mumbai? How do you know i'm here?' Prem didn't answer as he is still thinking about whether she is married or not. Heer 'having any kid?' Prem confused 'kid?' he then only thought his answer to Heer about her enquiry about everyone at home. Prem quickly 'i'm not married Heer.' Heer with mixed feeling smiled. Prem saw her face giving out a relieved smile. Heer expression indicated to him that she wants to hear more clearly. Prem 'Heer, i'm not married. Ash ran away with someone else on the day of our wedding. From that day i'm searching for you. y'day i saw you in wedding. I'm working in that hotel.' He finished it in one stretch and waited for her response. He don't have strength to see her face. His heart praying Kulraj guess should be true.

Prem felt weight in his lap. Prem looked at Heer who is now sitting near her feet on the floor and resting her face in his lap. Prem bent down and lifted her face to see him 'Heer' tears rolled down her cheek, smile of happiness in her face, she looked at him 'Prem' she took his hand and kissed his palm several times with tears of joy. Prem still confused between two thoughts wants to hear clearly from her mouth. Prem got down from the chair and knelt before her. He cupped her face 'Heer' he started crying 'Heer, please tell. I'm expecting something from you.' Heer shook her head in understanding 'i'm not married Prem. I'm living in a fake married life.' Prem got hope but want to hear everything from her mouth without any confusion.

Heer continued 'I left Manali after my grand mother's death. To escape from unwanted eyeing of men I wore my mother's mangalsutra. Thinking me as married woman, people around me helped me. I safely reached Tasneem aunty's place. But i forgot to remove mangalsutra before i meet her. She thought i'm married. Unknowingly i accepted to her that i'm married. Geet is very naught girl she diged every details about my husband. To escape from her continuous questions, i told my husband is in dubai.' With tears of joy 'all believed i'm married and my husband living in Dubai. When they asked my husband name, i told your name.' Prem with tears of joy looked at her 'so you showed my picture to them as your husband.' Heer shook her head in acceptance. Prem 'where did you got my picture?' Heer 'i'm good in sketching.' Prem sat on the floor properly pulling her on to him to hug tightly. He kissed her forehead 'i love you Heer.' Heer buried her face in his chest and cried 'i love you too Prem.' Both cried hugging. They shared their journey till date.

Their private moment is disturbed by knock in the door. Heer got up wiping her face. Prem too got up. Heer went to open the door. Tasneem and Geet came in pushing her aside. Geet 'where is he?' he saw Prem standing few feets away behind Heer. Tasneem 'oh this handsome man is your Prem juneja?' Heer shook her head 'ha'. Geet walked to Prem 'why you took two years to return?' Prem looked at Heer with confusion. Heer came to Prem 'he didn't get leave'. Geet pushed Heer away 'i want answer from him.' Prem looked at Heer and repeated the same 'I didn't get leave.' Geet 'how many month leave?' Prem 'leave? No.' Heer dragged Geet away 'he is not going back.' Tasneem 'he will be with you.' Heer 'ha'. Tasneem looked at Prem 'is it so?' Prem shook his head 'i'll be with Heer only. Not going anywhere.' Tasneem 'good boy. I came to punish you for leaving Heer alone. You have taken good decision of staying back in India. So you escaped from my punishment.' Geet 'even then' Tasneem interrupted 'Geet, we can talk to him later. Now come let them spend time together.' Geet hugged Heer 'have a nice time.' Heer smiled. Tasneem 'Heer, you take leave.' Tasneem hugged Heer and walked out of the house with Geet.

Heer turned closing the door. Prem hugged her tight and started kissing her. Heer 'prem what are you doing?' Prem 'love.' Heer 'please Prem.' Prem looked at her 'don't you like me kissing you.' Heer 'what are you telling Prem. I like but.' Prem 'but what?' Heer 'what ma and bapuji will think?' Prem cupped her face 'ma and bapuji were praying daily for this day in our life. Kuldi was the one who gave me clue you may be faking marriage.' Heer with a surprise looked at him. Prem 'want proof. Wait' he took his mobile. He dialled a number and switched on the speaker.


Kulraj attended the call. First question she asked 'Prem, did you met Heer?' Prem smiled looking at Heer. Prem 'ha di, i'm with Heer. you are correct about Heer's fake marriage.' Kulraj didn't listen let him to continue. 'thank God. Prem, you wait there. i'll talk to ma and get back to you.' Prem 'ha. Di.' Prem disconnected the line 'happy.' Heer shook her head. Prem put his hand around her. Heer leaned on to his chest. both were quiet for sometime.

Heer broke the silence 'had your breakfast?' Prem 'no. I woke up, took bath and came in search of you.' Heer broke from his hug 'wait i'll bring breakfast for you.' she went to kitchen. He followed her. Heer 'you sit there Prem.' Prem hugged her from back 'i help you.' Heer 'helping.. but you are hugging me.' Prem 'that is the only thing i can do in kitchen.' Heer teasingly hit her head on his 'naughty'. Prem 'ha i'm very naughty. i'll show it you soon.' Heer 'is it? Okay. now you hold this.' She gave plates in his hand. She took a vessel in her hand.


Prem mobile rang. He answered 'ma'. Heer little tensed. G3 'Prem, happy our prayers are heard and you got your Heer.' Heer blushed. Prem pulled her to lean on his chest. he put his hand around her. Prem 'ha ma. Its all because of your prayers.' Prem kissed Heer's cheeks. He slipped his hand around her waist and pulled her more closer. G3 'Prem, you do one thing. You send Heer's bday or kundali details to Kiran. We'll fix a date for your marriage.' Prem 'okay ma i'll send all the details now.' G3 'you both go and buy wedding dress for you both. Kulraj can't go out here. We don't know about Heer's taste too.' Prem 'okay ma.' G3 'you send the details fast. Your's also in the cupboard.' Prem 'okay ma.' He paused 'ma, Heer told everyone here my name as her husband's. so everyone know her only as married woman.' G3 'its okay beta. First we'll fix a date. Then you both can live together.' Heer worried. Prem 'maaa.  I can't leave Heer alone here. Everyone will doubt her then.' G3 ordered 'first you go and send the details. Give us time to think about you staying with Heer.' Prem in sad voice 'okay ma.' G3 'ha Prem, don't take Heer to our house.' Prem confused 'why ma?' G3 'Prem, we need to do everything slowly. No one should talk bad about Heer at the same time we can't suddenly show a girl as your wife to our neighbours. So you go alone take the Kundali first. Rest i'll tell you after discussing with bapuji.' Prem agreed.

Heer looked at Prem. 'why are you silent Prem?' Prem 'ma won't allow us to stay together until we get married. I can't stay without you even for a second. I lived in dream world with you.' Heer caressed his cheek 'Prem me too lived all these days in a dream world with you. just few more days. After that we can be together all the time.' Prem 'but ma is asking for Kundali. If it' Heer closed his mouth with her plam 'think positively Prem. If we are not meant to be united we won't be meeting like this after so many months.' Prem held her wrist and kissed her palm 'i love you Heer'. He looked at her. She smiled. He caressed her cheek admiring her beautiful face. He leaned forward. He nuzzled her other cheek with her nose. She closed her eyes enjoying his breath on her face. She slipped her fingers into his hair. He kissed her eyes. He kissed her cheeks. He slipped his hands around her. One hand around her back and another around her waist. He pulled her closer. She buried her face in his shoulders. He kissed in the crook of her neck. She jerked in pleasure. He tightened his grip around her. His lips moved on her neck line. She titled her head back signalling him to move his lips on her throat. He nuzzled her throat with his wet lips. He moved his lips to her jaw line. Her partly opened lips invited him for a kiss. He kept his palm under her head. Other hand caressed her waist. She let out a slight moan wanting him to move further. He placed a kiss on her lips. She tighten her fingers inside his hair. He placed another kiss on her lips. Not wanted to move away he captured her lower lips. Slow and rhythmic move of his move on her lips invited her into pleasure. She responded quickly for a kiss. Slowly they went for a long passionate kiss. They kissed until they felt the need for breath. They broke the kiss. He buried his lips in the crook of her neck. She rested her face on his shoulders. They stayed quiet holding tightly. He rubbed her back in a rhythmic manner. She whispered 'Prem, you are romantic the way i dream.' Prem 'its just a starting.' She giggled 'i know.' Prem 'i want to stay in your chest.' Heer lifted her head from his shoulder 'its always yours. but you need to send our kundali to jiju now.' Prem 'ya.' He leaned on to kiss her lips again. Heer pushed him back 'first we'll obey to ma'. Prem shook his head in acceptance. He got up from the floor. He adjusted his shirt. 'i'll be back soon.' he placed a kiss on her forehead. Heer smiled in acceptance.

Prem 'give me your Kundali.' Heer went to her bedroom. Prem followed her 'nice room.' He looked around. Heer gave him her Kundali. He pulled her closer. Heer 'Premmm. You finish this work first.' Prem 'ya. I'm trying.' He tried to kiss her. She didn't allow him 'Prem, i'm telling about Kundali.' Prem 'oh ya.' He placed quick kiss on her lips. Heer punched his chest playfully. He smiled 'i'm very clever.' Heer teased him 'we'll see.' He took his mobile with a smile. 'tell your number.' She told. He stored her number 'given missed call to you. save it. I'll be back.' He ran out of the house in a hurry. Heer stood thinking what happened she felt unbelievable. She blushed.

Two hours passed. Heer is restless. She called Prem several time. But he is not picking up the call. She is worried. As the time passed, her fear increased. 'why Prem is not attending my calls?' she walked here and there dialing again and again.

To Be Continued...
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kiran_28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 4:49am | IP Logged
nice update dear
so finally premeer are together now
loved their romance Embarrassed
now eagerly waiting for their marriage
pls cont soon
thanks for the update and
thnx for pm

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