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Dream Comes True - 06/04 ~ COMPLETED!! (Page 4)

kiran_28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 9:24am | IP Logged

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JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 5:12am | IP Logged
awesome update di..poor heer and i'm confused abt the marriage part.. 
pls continue soon..

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AASUS IF-Stunnerz

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Selvy Hug

Yeah T & J LOL glad you liked the card.

Thank you so much for updating.

pg 3
Maya Meher are such good friends with Heer. Love that part.
Her going to Manali, her feelings and then in Mumbain her confusion 
and fear are v. well described.
These things could happen in real life. So we can relate to Heer's pov.
Wow Heer went through so much turmoil in her life Unhappy
So Heer's thinking of Prem and doesn't know what happened to him.
We're in the same boat - we don't know about him either LOL 
You're going to tell us next right?
When you said Nani is giving address of Heer's mom's friend, 
I thought it may be G3 but it turned out Tasneem. 
I love the Mandir scene, though sad but so peaceful too. 
wow she had a help from God/angel who guided her all the way to her mom's friend. 
This was cool.
I'm glad her mom's friend was welcoming and sympathetic towards Heer.
Wow a twist Shocked Heer's married to who?
Wait was she married to Prem then got separated and she doesn't know where he went?

Please update so we can find out. Love this chapter.

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kiran_28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 4:01am | IP Logged
pls update soon

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newt2007 IF-Rockerz

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Part 3


Prem fell on the bed after having dinner. He don't feel like eating but to escape from ma's scolding he has to finish what she has kept for him for dinner. Prem still not out of after effect of seeing Heer after two years. He is happy for a second thinking her face. Then he became sad. His mood is swinging between happy and sad. He wants to talk to Kulraj. But its not possible now. His sister is the only person he always feel like talking his heart. But Kulraj will be tired and sleeping now. He looked at the clock. It showed 10:30. He doesn't want to disturb her at this time. Today evening she delivered baby and will be having happy time with her new born baby.

Prem ran fingers through his hair. He is restless. He wants to share his heart out. He punched wall. He hit the bed. He covered his face with his palm. He smiled. He cried.


2 Months after Balwant's death.

Kiran 'Kulraj, get ready. Bapuji will get angry if you delay like this.' Kulraj sitting in the bed with tearful face. She looked at Prem who is sitting on the floor hugging his knees and crying like a baby. She pointed Prem 'see, how he is sitting? How will he marry forgetting his love. He loved Heer as his own life.' Hearing his sister's cryful words Prem started shedding more tears. Kiran 'now we can't do anything. Prem should either accept this or he has to tell the truth to Bapuji.' Kiran walked here and there 'but i don't think Bapuji will ever step back from his promise.' Kulraj 'he will not.' She got up from the bed and angrily murmured 'for him his promise is important.' She walked here and there.

Kiran 'kulraj, now you get ready. You have to be there for mehendi. Prem is not needed today.' Kulraj 'no. I can't. I can't write Prem's name in that girls palm.' Kiran looked at the door once. he leaned closer to her. 'Kulraj, listen. You go.' He paused. Kulraj with confusion looked at his face. He continued 'try to find an opportunity to stop this marriage.' Kulraj 'but how? We couldn't stop that for past' kiran interrupted 'we'll try our level best. We have time till mangalsutra wearing ceremony.' Kulraj 'but Kiran.' Kiran assured her with his eyes 'i'm with you in stopping this marriage.' Kulraj agreed.

Gay3 is about to enter the room 'Kulraj beti, till now you are not ready.' Kulraj 'ha ma. Few minutes.' She blocked her mother so that she won't see Prem who is crying silently. Gay3 'where is Prem?' kulraj 'he is inside. Today he is not necessary.' Gay3 'but your bapuji' Kulraj 'ma. only Mehendi. not marriage. Gay3 about to say something. But Kulraj dragging her mother walked out of the room.

Lalit 'Gay3 check these things.' Gay3 went to check those things. Kulraj is about to go to her room when the phone rang. Kulraj picked up the receiver. Suddenly she is about to jump but managed 'what?' Lalit and Gay3 tensed. Lalit 'what happened?' Kulraj signaled him to be silent. Lalit and Gay3 were exchanging confused looks. Kulraj 'bhaiya, are you sure?' after hearing something she placed the receiver and turned to her parents with a sad face. Gay3 'arrey tell what happened?' kulraj 'ma Bapuji' she dragged. Lalit 'tell fast.' Kulraj took her parents to sit. Gay3 'Kulraj' Kulraj shouted in a sad voice 'Prem' Lalit 'arrey Kulraj.'

Sensing something Kiran and  Prem came running out of the room. Prem wiping his face managed to ask 'what di?' Kulraj 'Bapuji, Nihal bhaiya called from the hotel.' Lalit 'ha what he told?' Kulraj 'ma, Aish ... today morning ... ran out of house ... married neighbour's son.' Lalit and Gay3 are shocked. Kiran and Prem are happy but stayed silent. Lalit 'did you asked properly? How is it possible?' kulraj didn't pay attention to all these.

Kulraj quickly 'Kiran, you go with Prem.' Kiran and Prem understood. They rushed out of the house. Lalit and Gay3 thought Kulraj is sending kiran and Prem to console DJ. Brother of DJ also came home and apologised for Aishu's behaviour. Lalit and Gay3 are confused and silent without knowing what to do next. Kulraj is walking up down in the hall. Gay3 got up 'good she ran before the marriage. Its not our mistake.' She announced the news to few relatives in the house. They all walked out with sad face to give the family time to digest the news.


After an hour Prem and Kiran came with a sad face. Kulraj ran 'did you saw her?' Prem straight away went to his room. Kulraj confused. She looked at her brother running away with tears. Kiran 'no Kulraj, she left the city.' Kulraj 'so what. got her address?' Lalit confusingly came 'why are you trying to find a girl who ran out of the house?' Kulraj didn't pay attention to him. She asked Kiran 'did you enquired about her friends.' Kiran 'ya, we somehow managed to get their number and called them. They went to Manali after a week. By that time she left to Mumbai. No one has any details about her after she left manali.' Kulraj holding her head sat on the floor 'i told him to be quiet. This stupid spoiled everything.; Gay3 'Kulraj, Manali, who?' Lalit 'spoiled what?' kulraj shouted angrily 'all because of you bapuji. You didn't ask Prem once before giving promise.' She started crying. Kiran standing helplessly. Gay3 'Kulraj, what are you telling.' Lalit 'ha i'm confused. You are asking why i promised? If Prem is not in love with why he is now searching for Aishu?'

Gay3 thought for a while 'wait, you 3 are hiding something.' Kulraj is not in mood to explain anything. She is crying thinking her brother's bad luck. Kiran 'ma Bapuji, Prem is in love with a girl, Heer. just few hours back the day you promised to Balwant uncle, he confessed his love to Heer. she also agreed. We were planning to inform this to you. but promise happened. Kulraj told him to keep quiet. But Prem informed Heer about your promise. She stepped out telling him to respect parents wish. We tried our best to stop his marriage with Aishu but everything failed. Today after hearing Aishu marrying another man, we went to find out about Heer. we got the news the same day she went to her village to see her grand mother. Heer don't have parents. Grand mother also died on that day. After that Heer went to Mumbai to be with a friend of her mother. But no one in the village has that address. Even her close friends don't have any info. Two weeks back Heer came to college to collect her final marks. This info we got it from college office. She didn't meet her friends. So we currently don't have any info about Heer.' Kulraj cried 'Prem loves her so much.' Lalit and Gay3 are shocked. Gay3 cried 'you could have told this.' Lalit 'how will we find her now?' Kiran 'we have to bapuji. Prem is totally shattered. After hearing about Heer he didn't speak single word.'

Kulraj went to Prem. Prem sitting on the bed. Silently tears following out of his eyes. Kulraj wiped his tears. 'don't worry Prem. We'll find Heer.' He asked in action 'how?' kulraj 'we'll. God gave us this much chance. Won't He give Heer back.' She wiped her tears 'we'll find Heer. we'll search entire Mumbai.' Prem looked at his sister without hope. Kulraj 'your sister's promise. You will get your Heer.' she hugged him. Lalit and Gay3 with tears came into the room.

Kiran came talking over phone. 'ha he'll be there... Monday morning sure.' He disconnected the line. 'Prem, i spoke to a manager in one of my office client. He has vacancy for you.' Lalit 'job, what are you planning now.' Kiran 'bapuji, first Prem has to go to Mumbai. Luckily we know Heer is in Mumbai. Once he goes there he can search for Heer.' Lalit 'are you joking? Mumbai is not a village. Its a big city.' Kulraj 'Bapuji, without giving any try we can't search Heer.' Gay3 'its like finding a needle in sand.' Kulraj 'i'm ready to knock each door in Mumbai city to find Heer for my brother.' Kiran 'ma, Now we have to find out Heer. that is the only way we have.'

Kiran looked at Prem 'Prem, this you take it as green signal. He was about to advertise in the news paper. I called. He gave it to you straight away. So this shows you will meet your Heer soon.' Prem shook his head. Currently he want to find Heer. He is happy his sister and jiju understand him.


Prem came to present hearing his mobile ringing. He looked at the screen 'jiju'. He took the call 'ha jiju. Congrats.' Kiran 'thanks Prem.' Prem 'how is Kuldi?' Kiran 'ha she is fine. She wanted to talk you that is why i called you.' Prem felt like getting some energy. His sister always sense his need before he tells her. Prem 'ha. Me too want to talk to kuldi.' Kiran 'ha that is why she asked me to call you. wait. She will come in a minute.' Until Kulraj is ready to attend the call, kiran and Prem were chatting about some random things.


Heer switched off the light and lied on the matress. With her wide awaken eyes she is staring the darkness around her.


Tasneem introduced Heer to Geet. Geet hugged Heer 'i got sister.' Tasneem smiled. Geet 'now i have sister to love and fight.' Tasneem pat both on their back. 'Geet, you take Heer to our vacant apartment in the next building. She looks very tired.'  Geet 'okay ma.' She looked at Heer 'did you had anything?' Heer shook her head egatively. Tasneem 'you take Heer. i'll ask Suraj to get food for her.' Geet 'okay come Heer.' Tasneem 'take the keys. Its in my table.' Geet went to take the keys. Tasneem 'Heer, you stay in that house. It has everything. You go with Geet now. I'll come there later.' Heer shook her head.


Geet opened the door in the flat. Its in 2nd floor. Single bedroom house. Necessary furnitures are there. Heer kept her bag down. She followed Geet as she opened bedroom and kitchen and showed her everything around the house. 'i think its enough for you.' Geet looked at Heer. 'you are married?' Heer tensed. Geet 'where is your husband?' Heer 'woh.' Geet 'what is his name?' Heer struggled. Geet 'oh, i'm sorry. I'll ask one by one. Where is he?' Heer didn't think these question will be asked to her. She thought for a while and managed the situation 'he he is in Dubai.' Geet 'when will he come?' Heer 'not now.' Geet 'what? Now not? mad man. Beautiful wife is here. What he is doing in desert.' Heer took a breath. But not for long. Geet interrupted with her next question 'what is his name?' Heer 'Pr Pr Prem.' Geet 'what name is this? Pr Pr Prem.'  Heer 'just Prem.' Geet 'just Prem. No surname.' Heer didn't ask his surname but once someone in the bus called him as 'juneja'. She assumed it as his surname. Geet 'Don't you know his surname?' Heer 'no' Geet 'no?' Heer 'no no i was thinking about something else.' Geet 'oh.' Heer thought 'managing this girl is very difficult.' Geet looked at her face 'till now you didn't tell his surname.' Heer smiled 'Juneja.' She felt some confidence 'Prem juneja.' Geet 'good. Now you are looking smart. How beautiful name? Prem juneja and Heer juneja. Perfect. One minute.' She looked around. Heer 'why?' Geet 'i just want to find out how much you both love each other.' Heer 'we both are in very much love. You don't have to check it out.' Geet teased 'oh you got strength as soon as you prounced your husband name. Till then you are like scared person. Prem juneja magic man in your life.' Heer blushed. Geet 'okay you take rest. I'll come later to disturb you. i'm not a good girl okay. i like to tease others.' She left the house. Before she walkout a man came with a food parcel. Geet asked Heer to eat and rest went out of the house.

Heer closed the door and sat on the floor with tears. Everything happened in a fraction of second. She lost her Prem, grandmother. Now she got to lie Prem as her husband to escape from her stupidity.


Heer is walking to railway station to catch train to Mumbai. Her Village elders words came to her mind. Their advise to be careful with men in Mumbai disturbed her lot. She also remembered an elderly person worrying about Heer out of this village alone without marriage. All girls leave only after getting married. Another man saying about unmarried girls face difficulties in Mumbai. Heer came to conclusion. 'if i'm married then no one will dare to come near to me.' She has seen only girls who are not married are always target for boys.

Heer went to the restroom in railway station. She took her mother's mangalsutra which her grandmother gave along with her mother's bangles. She wore it around her neck and went to catch the train. She decided to wear this mangalsutra until she reached Tasneem aunty's office.


She forgot to remove the mangalsutra before entering into Tasneem office. Instead of telling the truth she gave new story to this lie. She don't know how she is going to manage here without telling the truth. But she felt happy as she told Prem as her husband. She wanted to stay as his wife in her dream. She is confident no one will come to know about the truth because she don't have any relatives in the world now. Tasneem aunty don't know anything about her past so Heer thought its not difficult to maintain this lie. In the heart she want to live as Prem's wife.



Heer closed her eyes. She thought 'seeing him after 2 years brought back all my dreams. But it will remain as dream forever. He can't be mine. But for me he will remain as my husband forever. At the same time i'll stay away from him and his family. Lord, don't bring any more uncomfortable situation between me and Prem. Keep Prem happy all the time.' She drifted into sleep. But her eyes were shedding tears of joy and disappointment.

To Be continued...
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Hcsee17 Senior Member

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Plss update ur other ff alsooo

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kiran_28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update yaar
thank god heer is actually not married. She is still living wid prem's memory and so as prem
pls cont soon

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It was a relief that heer was not married... awesome update.. and thank you so much for udating di.. and  now eagerly  waiting for the next part

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