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Dream Comes True - 06/04 ~ COMPLETED!! (Page 3)

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eagerly waiting

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So many friends waiting for my update.
Sorry Sorry *holding my ears*.
next time i'll be doing it fast.  hope so.Big smile
thanks for loving this.
Athi thanks for Tom and Jerry. always reminds us of our Harshiti.Wink

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Part 2

Heer opened her flat door. She went to her bedroom. Dropped her bag on the matress. She sat down. She burst out in tears. She wanted to cry aloud. She doesn't know whether to be happy for seeing him after two years or cry thinking her bad luck.


Past 3 years Maya and Meher were her friends. Heer came to Delhi as very innocent girl. She is from manali. She is not used to this big city life. She is also from a very poor family. Her father and mother died when she was ten years old. Her nani is everything for her. She decided to study fashion designing because she got scholarship. She also wanted to earn some money so that she can take care of her nani who is very sick. When she was thinking about her hostel fees, Maya and Meher who are staying in house offered her place to stay with them. Maya and Meher are rich and taken a separate house. They had a maid to cook food for them. No expenses for Heer as Maya and Meher refused to take money from her. Heer is staying free of cost. Heer refused to travel by their car so all three go by bus to college. They had fun travelling in public transport.


Heer is sketching something on a paper. Maya and Meher pulled the paper from her back. Meher 'ha ha.' Heer 'give that to me'. Maya 'we have seen it. What is the use.' Meher 'so Heer is in love.' Maya 'what is his name?' Heer 'don't know'. Meher 'one minute. I have seen him some where.' Maya looked at the picture 'ha me too.' Heer pulled the paper 'me too. He is coming daily with us.' Maya 'bold girl.' Meher 'i thought you are a shy girl in this matter. But beat us.' Heer 'i'm also human.' Maya 'ya we know.' All laughed. Meher 'how far is your love?' Maya 'i have seen you both looking at each other. But you both never exchanged any words.' Heer 'he seems to be in love.' Maya 'ha ha' Heer 'but not revealing it to me.' Maya 'ask him directly.' Heer 'how?' Meher 'ha, you have only one day. I know you don't know about him.' Heer 'trow he will confess.' Maya and Meher interestingly 'how do you know?' Heer confidently sat looking at them 'i know.' Meher and Maya exchanged look. Meher thoughtfully 'today he sat next to you.' she paused 'you said something.' She cursed 'that lady didn't allow me to hear what you was telling to him'. Maya 'so you confessed.' Heer shook her head 'no'. Maya 'then' Heer 'i told him trow last day.' Meher and Maya 'oh no. You are a idiot Heer.' Heer shook her head negatively 'no.' She happily 'just wait and see.'


Heer's friends Maya and Meher teased her lot after they returned from park. Meher 'Heer, why you came so early. You should have spent more time with him.' Maya 'there is always a kick in talking over phone.' Maya offered her mobile as Heer don't have one for herself. Meher 'ha ha call him.' Heer got up pushing them away 'i don't have his number.' Maya and Meher shocked in one voice 'what?' Heer 'ha. I didn't ask him.' Meher 'you are such a fool Heer.' Heer 'no.' Maya 'you should' Heer interrupted 'until trow evening he will dream about me only.' Meher hit her head 'arrey this girl is stupid.' Maya seriously 'Heer, why you didn't ask him?' Meher too became serious. Heer 'hi why are you both making it as big issue now? Trow evening we are meeting again. He too didn't ask about me.' Meher and Maya became thoughtful. Heer looked at their sad face. 'what happened?' Meher tapped her index finger on her cheek 'Heer, i'm feeling little suspicious about this guy.' Maya 'you and your detective brain. Don't confuse her.' Heer confidently 'Prem is for Heer only. Don't worry.' Meher and Maya prayed nothing should go wrong.


Heer wiping her tears entered the house.  Maya and Meher drag her to room and started asking her question. Heer unable to control her tears started crying. Meher and Maya tensed by Heer's tears urged her to tell what happened. Heer told everything to them. Maya shouted 'he is ready to convince them why you advised him to marry another girl.' Meher 'Heer you should have accepted his plan.' Heer 'how can i tell him to ignore a dead man last wish.' Maya 'Heer atleast you should have asked him time to think.' Meher 'ha Heer, okay no problem,' she took her mobile. 'tell his number', Heer 'i don't have.' Maya screamed 'stupid fool'. Meher shouted 'what the hell you are thinking Heer. are you mahan?' Heer cried without any answer. Maya and Meher were shouting and crying like mad people. Nothing went into Heer's ears. She is totally shattered. Meher sat next to her 'okay don't cry.' Maya rubbed her back 'no problem. Nothing has changed.' Meher 'ha, trow we'll catching him in that bus.' Heer 'no use.' Maya 'me and Meher are talking to him.' Heer 'but'. Meher 'Heer, you both are loving each other. Promise given without thinking others heart won't do any harm.' Maya and Meher tried to comfort her. Heer is caught in the dilemma between her love and Prem's father promise to a dead man.

Maid 'beti, call for Heer beti from her nani's place.' Heer ran and attended the call. Heer 'ha i'm coming now.' Heer started packing her things. Meher 'what happened Heer?' Heer 'nani is not well. I have to go now.' Maya 'okay you go. We'll come there with Prem.' Heer don't have hope but wanted to see Prem badly now. She shook her head. Maya and Meher dropped her in the station.


Heer throughout her journey to Manali cried thinking Prem. She felt him as the only person close to him now. They never shared anything. They hardly spoke a word. Still she felt his need now. She wanted to cry in his shoulders. She thought 'why should i fall in love with him? Why did he come to tell his love to me? It lasted only for 24hrs.' She tried to hide his tears. But of no use. Passengers sitting next to her started asking the reason for her tears. Heer managed 'my nani is not well.'


Heer went to her house in Manali. There is one elderly lady trying to help her nani. Heer called 'nani'. She dropped her bag and rushed to her nani who is struggling to breath now. Lady 'see your grand daughter has come. You will be alright soon.' She looked at Heer 'you sit with your nani. I'll get something to eat for you.' she left them alone in the house.

Heer sat next to her nani. She held her hands and cried 'nani what happened to you?' nani struggled to talk 'nothing beta. I'm old and its time to leave.' Heer cried 'nani'. Nani pat Heer's hand 'do one thing.' She pointed a ancient iron suitcase in the corner. 'there is a bag. Bring that to me.' Heer hesitate to leave as she felt that is not necessary now. Nani unable to repeat the sentence again shook her head to do it fast. Heer went and opened the box. As nani said there was a small bag contain a box and a letter in it.

Heer came to nani with that bag. Nani whispered 'open it.' Heer opened the bag and pulled the small jewel box out of it. Nani signalled her to open the box. Heer opened the box. Inside there is two pair of bangles. Nani 'your mother's.' Heer with tears looked at it. Nani spoke in her whisper voice 'i kept it safely for you. your father and mothers blessing. Keep it safely with you.' Heer shook her head with tears. Nani continued 'there is some money in that side space.' Heer saw the side pocket of that bag. She saw some hundred rupees note. Nani 'there is a address. you go to this address.' She pointed the small paper in Heer's hand. 'your mother Tej's friend. She is in Mumbai. Last week she came here. That time she gave this address and asked to send you there.' Heer 'now i can't go there. Leaving you like this.' Nani smiled 'i was waiting to see you. i won't stay long.' Heer 'why are you talking like this?' Nani touched Heer's head 'keep that safely.' Heer went to keep that in her suitcase. She closed the suitcase and looked back hearing breathing heavily sound.

Heer rushed to her nani. 'nani'. Nani smiled 'God bless you beta.' She kept her hand on Heer's head. With that she breathed her last. Her hand fell down. Heer didn't understand what happened. Everything looked dark to her. She screamed 'nani'. Hearing the sound nearby people came in.


Neighbours helped Heer to sell few things in that house. Elders advised 'beta be careful. Mumbai is a very big city. Don't trust everyone. We are praying for you.' Heer took blessings from some of elders known to her from childhood and left Manali. She is alone now. Last few days are very bad days for her. Within in 3 days she lost her loved ones forever. With tears she closed her eyes to remember her days with her nani.


Heer got out of the train in Mumbai station. She never saw this much a crowded place before in her place. Manali is a very calm place. Delhi is populated but Mumbai seems to be horrible to her. She felt the whole world is standing inside the station. Crowd just pushing her away here and there. She don't have any idea how to go out of the station. People were just pushing her away as if they are not considering her as human. She felt like standing in a unknown place with tied eyes. She came out of the station mostly by the pushing of the crowd.

She looked around. She moved to side where she felt having little space to breath. She kept her small bag between her legs and checked her handbag for address paper. She read the paper. Above Mumbai, Bhandup is written. So she came to conclusion she should go to bhandup now. She thought 'how do i go there?' She felt hungry. In the train she had tea. She didn't eat properly for past few days. And the journey made her almost sick. She really felt weak. She looked around for a shop where she can get something to eat. She don't want to go to any hotel to have breakfast. She just want a piece of bread and water. She need to gain some strength to reach that place. She thought of asking someone for help.

Her neighbours word of warning came to her mind. She saw a man staring at her. He is talking to someone over phone looking at her. She got scared. She quickly took her bag and walked to a shop nearby. She looked at the bakery and entered into it. She ordered for a small bun. When a little boy served the bun to her, Heer asked him 'where is bhandup?' she thought it must be around somewhere. Boy looked at her 'di, are you new to this city?' Heer thought for a while in confusion then said 'ha'. Little boy 'cross this road di. In the opposite take a bus or auto to bus stand. From there you take a bus to bhandup.' Heer paid him and got up to leave. She thanked him. Boy 'little long distance to bus stand. careful di. Bye.' Heer smiled after a long time seeing that little boy's concerned words.

Heer thought of taking a bus. She asked a lady standing there. lady 'you can walk little distance instead of waiting for bus.' Heer walked and walked but didn't see any bus stand. She stood in a place looking around. A auto came to her 'want auto' Heer 'ha to near by bus stand.' Auto went away saying 'no'. Then again one more auto came. Heer 'near by bus stand.' Auto driver 'i know you are trying to go somewhere. Tell me the place. I'll take you.' as he was talking to her his eyes were scanning her. Heer felt uneasy 'no i don't want auto.' Saying this she started walking towards bus stand direction. Somehow she managed to reach bus stand. Its not too far. But because of her weak body she is not able to walk carrying her small bag.

She got into a bus with lot of struggle as many tried to get into the bus at the same time. She is holding her things tightly close to her sat in a seat. Its long journey through crowded roads of the city. She thought 'how i'm going to live in this city. Everywhere crowded.' It took almost more than two hours to reach that location. She is sitting without knowing that the bus has reached the last stop, her destination. Suddenly she saw another group of people rushing into the bus. She looked outside and understood it as bus stand. She enquired 'is this bhandup?' passenger 'ha.' Heer quickly got out of the bus.

Again she has to search for her mother's friend. She saw a lady standing alone. Heer 'excuse me madam. Can you please tell where is this street?' lady 'no idea.' She didn't respond further instead she is calling someone in her mobile 'i have one item... no 2 lakh.' Heer quickly walked away from there in fear. She walked out of the bus stand and started walking on looking at the address board on top of every shop. She walked crossing many small and lengthy road. Her water bottle is empty and she felt dizzy too. She got out of the train moring around 7. Almost 3 in the evening now. She thought 'where will i stay tonight if i couldn't find Tasneem aunty's house.' She is scared to get into an auto. She feared to ask any one passing on the road. Holding her tears she walked. She came to a point that she can't walk further.

She saw a temple in front of her. She decided to go inside and sit for sometime. She entered the temple. Prayed. She sat in a corner leaning on her bag. She cried in her heart. 'God, why you took my loved ones away from me. Now i'm alone.' Tears rolling down her cheeks. she closed her eyes. no idea how long she was like that. She felt a hand on her shoulder.

Heer opened her eyes with a panic. She saw a lady sitting infront of her with a smile 'why are you crying beti?' she gently caressed Heer's cheek. Heer felt comfortable. She quickly searched for the address paper 'i want to go to this address. But i don't know' she started crying. Lady 'i'll take you beti. Come with me.' Heer without thinking took her bag and followed her.

Lady called an auto. She told the address. Lady 'get in beti.' Heer got into the auto. Lady didn't speak anything to Heer. now and then she looked at Heer and smiled. Heer returned a smile to her. After half an hour travel, the auto stopped in front of a big complex. Lady got out of the auto first. 'come beti.' Heer got out of the auto. Lady paid the auto driver. Lady 'this is the address beti. Go inside you'll find the person you are searching for.' Heer smiled 'thanks aunty.' Lady returned a smile. Heer looked at the complex. Lady 'go beti.' Heer turned to say 'ha'. But surprised the lady is not there. She looked around. She thought 'where is she? How come she vanished so quickly.'

Heer came to sense a man in the gate 'madam don't stand in the way.' Heer 'bhai, where is Mrs. Tasneem sharma's house?' man 'house? Here only offices and shops.' Heer showed the paper 'this address only she gave.' Man looked at the address for a while. He looked at another man at the gate. 'bhai, who is Tasneem Sharma?' another man 'that beauty parlour owner.' Man 'ha' he looked at Heer and pointer his hand in one direction 'you go this way. You will find a lift. Go to first floor. There she will be. Entire floor is her beauty parlour.' Heer 'thanks bhai.' She thanked with heartful of happiness.


Heer opened a door of Cindrellas. A lady in the reception 'yes. Can i help you?' she looked at the state of Heer. her hair are messed up and her dress in very bad state. Heer 'Tasneem aunty.' Receptionist took a deep look at Heer. seeing her state she paused. Heer 'i'm Heer, Tej's daughter.' Receptionist with doubt called Tasneem. Before she keep the receiver down, a  lady came from another room and shouted 'Heeer'. She stood for a second seeing Heer's state. She hugged Heer. 'my beti'. Heer burst into tears. Tasneem 'why are you crying?' she wiped her tears 'how is your nani?' Heer started crying more. Tasneem 'what happened?' Heer 'nani is died two days back.' Tasneem consoled her. Heer 'she gave your address before closing her eyes.' Tasneem 'we are there for you na. Come. She took her inside shouting 'Geet' entire people around them are staring at them.

From that day Tasneem became Heer's guardian. Her daughter Geet is like a sister always sticked with Heer. Tasneem husband Sharma is also like a father always there to guide Heer. Tasneem opened bridal collection section in her beauty centre seeing Heer's fashion designing knowledge. Geet also helped Heer.


Heer cried thinking her past. Two years passed. Today she is happy to see Prem. But. She held the mangalsutra in her hand 'what is the use? Our ways are parted. I'm unlucky. Why did God allowed me to see him after two years?' she fell on the mattress and cried. 'why? why? what will i do now? how he came to Mumbai? did he noticed me? no he didn't.' she wiped her tears. 'Lucky he didn't see me. Two years... must be having Kids.' Her face became sad.

She got up. she went to washroom. Opened the tap and splashed cold water on her face until she felt exhausted. she cried 'i'm unlucky. i loved him so much. if i told my love earlier. that won't have been happened. i lost.' she sat on the bathroom floor and cried 'i love you Prem. I love you.'
She stopped suddenly. 'this is not right. i should control myself. i should not spoil his happy life.' she got up from the floor. she decided to take shower to wash of her seeing him today.


To Be continued...
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plss dear update ur other fanfictions plss

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luvharshiti IF-Dazzler

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awesome SS ..loved it ..
eagerly waiting for the next update ...
please update soon ..

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Yay!  You updated!

That's so sad what happened to Heer.  But is she married?  Where is her husband?  She keeps thinking about Prem and how she doesn't want to spoil his life now.

These two have to meet again and get things straighten out.

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heer's story was so touching.. beautifully written... and is heer married???.. hope prem and heer will be together soon...loved the update

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umm a little confused ... let me check few things and then i l come backk .. iss prem ki toh .. all time making our herriye cry cy cry

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