Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Dream Comes True - 06/04 ~ COMPLETED!!

newt2007 IF-Rockerz

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Friendship Day!!!PartyDancing

How can we wish our friends without thinking our Premeer. We all became friends becasue of Premeer. We + Premeer = Friends.

First thanks to our Premeer / Harshiti for giving us wonderful bunch of crazy friends.

Second thanks to all those keeping our Premeer spirit alive. My friends.

PartyPartyHAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!DancingDancing

Here i'm dedicating this small piece of crazy scribbling to all my friends in this forum.
Dream Comes True
Part 1

Prem parked his bike infront of a house in a hurry. He ran towards his house. He can't hide his happiness for long. He wants to share the happy new with his mother and father. All are waiting to hear this for 2 years. His mother is doing pooja daily to hear this news. His father walks to nearby temple barefoot daily in the morning and evening praying for this news to be heard soon.

Prem restlessly knocked the door 'ma bapuji.' After few restless knocks his eyes fell on the lock. Big lock hanging indicating her parents are not inside the house. Prem for a second felt as if he didn't have anyone to share the happy news. He inserted the spare key to open the door. He entered the house 'how happily i came to share the news? Where is ma and bapuji?' He closed the door. He fell in the old couch. He leaned backwards. He threw the keys on the small table in front of the couch. He stretched his legs to relax a bit. He kept his legs on the small table.

His eyes fell on a piece of paper sitting under a water bottle. He leaned forward. Without seeing that piece of paper, he took the water bottle and leaned backwards. Something stricked in his mind. He sat straight and looked at the table again. He took the paper in his hand. 'bapuji's handwriting'. He is confused. He started reading it.

Dear Prem,

Kulraj is admitted in hospital for delivery. Just now Kiran called and informed us. We are going to Pune. We tried calling you but your phone is always engaged. I'll call you as soon as we reach Pune. Ma kept food in the fridge for dinner.

With love



Prem took a deep breath. Smile spread on his lips. 'double treat.' He clapped his hands 'i got double treat. today Kuldi delivering baby and I got' he covered his face in happiness. Unable to control his happiness he ran to his room. He kept hands on his hips. He smiled looking around 'I was searching you all these days. I got you now. I got you. OMG I got you.' he covered his face with his palm. He tried to control his happiness. He fell on the bed flat with wide open hands 'oh God. Thanks. Thanks again.' He is keep on blabbering.


Kulraj entered shouting 'Prem'. Prem staring out of window in his room. Kulraj stopped in front of Prem. She looked at him closely. He lost in his own world. Kulraj called again 'Prem'. No response from him. She shook him 'Prem'. He came out of his dream world. he smiled hiding his stupidity 'ha Kuldi.' In action she asked 'what are you thinking?' He 'nothing. Just looking at the sky.' Kulraj looked out at the sky. 'sky? Nothing is there.' He 'simply.' She looked at his eyes. He tried to look away 'ha di when did you came?' she turned his face, he looked away. She again turned to face her. 'look at me. You are hiding something.' He 'no di. I never did.' She 'ya. You never did.  but now you are hiding. why are you doing it?' Prem hestated 'woh di. That is.' She immited him 'what woh? That?' he 'di' he looked back to check whether her ma or some elders are there. 'woh di' she understood. She teased him 'what is her name?'  Prem 'di' again he looked back to check for their mother one more time. She turned him to face her 'Prem, are you in love?' Prem 'di' Kulraj 'Prem. Its not a time for hiding already ma and bapuji are talking about your marriage. Kiran jiju also got some girls details.' Prem is shocked. 'di, i love her.' Kulraj quickly 'who?' Prem shyly 'Heer' Kulraj 'Heer. nice name.' Prem 'she is also nice girl.' Kulraj 'accha. What is she doing?' Prem 'she is in her final yearsof UG.' Kulraj 'final year. Exam must have finished by now. ' Prem 'ha, trow her last exam.' Kulraj 'acha do one thing. Give her photo. I'll talk to ma and Bapuji.' Prem 'I don't have her picture.' Kulraj looked at him with a surprise 'loving a girl. Don't have her picture. As soon as you confessed you rlove, you should have got one picture of her.' Prem 'ha di. I didn't.' Kulraj 'what i didn't?' Prem 'i didn't confess my love to her yet.' Kulraj 'arrey what kind of boy you are?' she sat on the bed 'do you want me to teach that also?' Prem 'i really don't know di.' He sat next to her 'i don't know how to do that.' he pleaded 'Please di. help me.'

Kulraj 'without knowing that you are staring at sky.' she hit his head with her fingers 'no one will any script for confessing from sky.' Prem shook his head sadly 'trow her exams gets over. I don't know anything about her.' Kurlaj shocked 'what kind of love is this? Don't know anything about her?' Prem shook his head negatively. Kulraj 'then how this love came.' Prem happily 'that i know. I tell you.'

Prem 'daily Heer comes in the bus i'm travelling to office. She always sits near the window seat near the steps. I used to stand near her seat. She will keep my bag.' Kulraj 'so you never spoke to her.' Prem 'not much. Except thanks.' Kulraj 'then how did you know her name is Heer.' Prem 'i heard her friends calling her as Heer.' Kulraj kept her hand on her head 'arrey what are you saying?' Prem took her hand 'di tell me na. How to tell my love to her. I love her so much. I'm seeing her for past one year. She is a very good girl.' Kulraj interrupted 'Prem this is not enough to love a girl. You haven't spoke a word to her. Then how do you know she love you.' Prem 'i know di.' He interestingly 'one month back  I too had doubt. So one day what i did?' Kulraj became curious thinking her brother has done something sensible to find that girl's mind. Prem ' i didn't get into that bus. I hide myself behind a man. When bus started from my bus stop, she searched for me.' Kulraj hit his head lovingly 'how do you see searched for you only?' Prem 'after that i ran behind the bus and got into running bus. I looked at her face. She was so happy.' Kulraj don't know what to say about his brother's love. but she didn't think his judgemnet was wrong. she wanted to find more clues so that her brother won't disappointed later. 'how do you know her exams getting over by trow?' Prem 'yday i got a seat next to her. She told me.' Kulraj 'did u asked her?' Prem 'no. She always tells her holiday indirect manner.' Kurlaj 'inderect?' Prem 'ha. Like she is telling to her friends. But today she said this straight to me.' Kulrja felt confident Heer to has some feeling for Prem.

Kurlaj decided to help her brother. 'Prem, do onething. Do you know what time her exams get over?' Prem smiled 'ha 1'o clock.' Kulraj 'good. she may take few more hours to come out of the college as it is her last day. you meet her in the college gate and take her to near by park. You tell your love to her in a calm way.' Prem 'she has to come to park.' Kulraj 'that is first signal.' Kulraj gave him few more tips. Prem like a kid shook his head. Kulraj prayed her brother's love should succeed.


Prem restlessly standing near the gate Teresa college for girls. As Kulraj told Heer didn't come out for long. Prem didn't give up. He is working in office. He took half a day leave to confess his love. His face became bright when he saw Heer with two other girls coming out of the gate. He became nervous. Heer noticed Prem and slowed but kept one walking. Her friends noticed Heer's sudden slow in pace. They looked around and found Prem coming towards them in nervous small steps. One girl whispered something into Heer's ears. Heer shook her head and stopped in her steps. Her friends walked to bus stop.

Prem 'Heer' Heer looked up. Her happiness hearing him calling her name for the first time is very much visible in her eyes. Prem without want to delay her returning home 'Heer, i want to talk to you.' Heer 'here?' Prem 'no. In the opposite there is a park.' Heer 'one minute. I'll tell my friends.' Prem 'bring them also.' Heer confused and looked at him. Prem 'so that you won't be tensed.' Heer shook her head in acceptance. Prem 'i'll wait for you in the park.' She walked towards her friends in bus stop.

Few minutes later Heer with her friends came to Prem who is standing in near the entrance of the park. Heer without telling anything walked few steps away. Prem followed her. Her friends stayed back in his place. Prem made sure Heer is calm. Prem slowly 'my name is Prem.' Heer 'i know.' Prem 'Heer, I love you.' Prem expected a shock or angry expression from her. But she calmly looked up and smiled 'I love you too.' Prem was shocked. Heer 'you are such a dumb. Even my friends know that we are in love. You took so long to tell that. I was really tensed yday. That is why i told you today is the last day. From the day i saw you i was in love with you. all these days i want to hear this word from you. ' Prem was happy. He wanted to hug her. Prem 'Heer.' he couldn't speak. Heer 'trow i come hear to meet my friends. You too come. I'll give you all the details. So that you can come to my house to talk about our marriage.' Prem thought 'she is super fast. Anyway i want her to be with me all my life.' Prem shook his head 'what time?' Heer 'evening after 6.' She smiled 'i don't want you to take leave trow also.' Prem smiled. Heer 'bye. I love you.' Prem 'i love you too Heer.'

Heer walked to her friends. Seeing her expression they cheered in happiness. All three walked away. Heer turned back and looked at him twice before going out of the park. Prem wanted to jump up and down. He calmly sat in the bench and enjoyed the happiness alone for sometime.


Prem came running. Gay3 and Lalit shocked 'what happened Prem?' Prem ran his finger through his hair 'nothing ma. Where is Kuldi?' Gay3 'she is in her room.' Hearing Prem's voice she sensed his happiness she came out of her room with a smile. With her eyes she asked 'success?' Prem shyly smiled 'ha di.' Gay3 looked at Prem and kulraj exchanging something through their expressions. Gay3 'whats happening between brother and sister?' Lalit 'after marriage Kulraj first time visiting us. Prem may be giving her some special things. Its between them. Why are you porking nose into their matters. Come. I want one cup of tea.' Gay3 gave suspicious look to Kulraj and Prem and went to kitchen.

Kulraj dragged Prem to her room 'ha tell.' Prem hugged Kulraj and kissed her cheeks. Kulraj calmed him sensing his happiness. Prem 'she too love me. I spoke one sentence. But she spoke till marriage.' Kulraj 'celver girl.' Prem 'ha di she is very much in love from the day we saw in the bus.' Kulraj 'is it?' Prem hugged 'thanks di.' Kulraj pat his back 'i'll talk to ma tonight about this.' Kiran pat his back 'congrats Prem.' Prem then only saw his jiju silently sitting and watching them. Prem'thanks jiju' he went to his room. Kulraj went to meet her mother. Kiran followed her for support.

Gay3 'whats going on between brother and sister?' Kiran seriously 'very serious matter.' Lalit 'is it?' Kiran 'ha. Very very serious.' Kulraj 'nothing ma.' Gay3 'i saw you both talking through your eyes.' Kulraj 'ha ma. That is.'

Their phone rings. Kiran 'good timing.' Lalit 'one minute.' He went to pick the pbone. Gay3, Kiran and Kulraj looked at Lalit talking in the phone. Prem too came out of his room and joined others. Lalit 'what? When?' Others are shocked. Lalit 'ha we are coming now.'

All are tensed. Lalit 'Balwant is admitted in the hospital.' Prem 'he was fine in the afternoon. I spoke to him also.' Lalit 'ya. Evening he got heart attack and taken to hospital by a staff.' Gay3 'how is he now?' Lalit sadly 'critical. He wants to see us.' Gay3 'ha come. We'll go.' Kulraj in deep thought 'Prem you stay at home.' Lalit 'why? Balwant want to see Prem too.' Kiran and Kulraj restless sensing something. Lalit 'come fast.' He started walking to the door. Kulraj whispered to Kiran 'Prem coming there is not good.' Kiran 'ya me too feeling the same. But how to convey this to ma and bapuji.' Lalit standing in the door and shouting 'what are you doing Gay3?' Gay3 followed him shouting 'i went to check the gas cylinder. Kulraj come fast.'


Balwant with tears begged 'Lalit, accept my daughter Ash as your bahu.' Prem, Kulraj and Kiran are shocked. Gay3 holding crying Ash. Daljeet is also crying. Lalit replied with tears 'sure. I'm happy to take my friends daughter as my bahu.' Gay3 smiled caressing Ash's head. Kulraj, Prem and Kiran were exchanging shocked look. Kulraj is about to say something. Kiran pulled her. Kulraj 'yeh' kiran 'this is not the time to think about that.' Prem with tears helplessly looking at his father proudly promising to Balwant. In the same second Balwant closed his eyes breathing last.



Only he and Kiran returned home after Balwant's funeral. Lalit, Gay3 and Kulraj staying to comfort DJ and Ash. Prem silently walked out of the house. He don't know how to come out of this shock. First time in his life he loved a girl so much. Without speaking a word she too fall in love with her. He felt himself lucky. Now he is shattered. Kulraj several time instructed him not to tell anything to Heer before he left the Balwant's house.  She asked to get Heer's details. She also promised to convince their father later. But Prem felt hiding from Heer won't be nice.

Prem saw Heer happily waiting for him in the park. Today she is alone. Prem managed to smile at her. Heer smiled but not take much time to identify his sadness. 'what happened Prem?' Prem 'Heer' Heer 'did your parents refused for our marriage?' Prem shook his head negatively. Heer 'then' Prem 'Heer' Heer kept quiet so that he will tell with out hesitation. Prem without out looking at her told everything about Balwant and his last wish.

After a few minutes of silence, Heer wiped her tears 'Prem, my love for you is true. But we should also respect a elder person's last wish. We can't live happily crushing elders wishes. You go and marry her. That is good for you and your future.' Prem 'Heer but i love you.' Heer 'i know Prem. But God didn't plan to bring us together as husband and wife. Only the daughter of your father's friend has been meant for you. Go Prem.' Prem 'Heer' he looked at her eyes. Heer 'Love means caring for each other. I'm happy to get your love. That is enough. I love you and you love me. That is true.  But we can't do anything more than that. Bye Prem.' She walked away. Prem stared at her with tears. She didn't look back. She walked out of the park. Prem sat in the bench covering his face.

Prem came to present when their house phone rings. Prem wiped his tears and got up with a smile. 'surely, bapuji's call. I have to tell them this good news. They will be happy too.' He picked up the phone and happily 'halo nanaji.' Lalit on the other side 'halo mama ji' both laughed. Lalit 'Prem Kulraj delivered health boy.' Prem 'happy bapuji.' Lalit 'ha my boy too sounds happy today.' Prem 'ha bapuji, i'm also happy today.' He paused. A flash of Heer came to his mind. Mangalsutra in her neck made him forget everything. Prem thought 'Heer is married.' Lalit on the other side 'Prem' Prem came to sense. He managed 'ha bapuji. I'm happy becasue i'm mamaji now.' Lalit laughed. Prem 'how is Kuldi?' Lalit 'she is fine. Listen. I'll come back in two days. Gay3 will be staying here for few more days.' Prem 'you too stay with your grandson for few more days bapuji.' Lalit 'you will be alone.' Prem 'no problem bapuji. I'll manage.' Lalit 'okay Prem. Take care.' Prem 'bye bapuji.' before disconnecting Lalit instructed Prem to visit Kulraj in the weekend. Prem too agreed.

Prem fell in the couch 'Heer married?' he thought 'two years passed. Surely her parents should have found a guy for her.' He felt all his happiness are always short lived. Just few hours back he is happy to see his Heer after two years. In that happiness he forgot the mangalsutra in her neck. Tears came out of his eyes 'why? Why i'm always losing Heer when i go near her.'
To Be continued...
Don't forget to leave your comments.
Part 1(1)    Part 2(3)   Part 3(5)   Part 4(6)
Last Part (9)
~~ ~~ ~~

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Hcsee17 Senior Member

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its a nice fanfiction but a sad one
pls continue soon

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kiran_28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 2:04am | IP Logged
hey nice OS
seems interesting
pls cont soon

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-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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OMG an update from u ..thank u so much such a beautiful gift for friendship day!!!!

Coming to the update... loved the concept... sad that prem and heer got separated and the love story end before getting started and now she is married shocked...looking forward to see what is gonna happen next..

awesome update... great  splendid..

do continue soon... take care

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sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome start waiting for more

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JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome starting selvy di..
waiting for the next part..

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iheartChai IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Great another one short treat from you and on Friendships Day at that!

But you left it incomplete...hope we get the second update really soon.

Happy Friendship's Day!

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AASUS IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
Hey Selvy Hug
Thanks for the gift .

Happy Friendship Day Big smile


wow what a complicated situation PH are in Shocked I have to say you made the scenes move so realistic so I couldn't complain. So Prem is quite shy and Heer is quite straight forward. Big smile
This was really cool. They met in bus wow. 
I'm glad Prem finally asked for help to Kul di and she guided him to at least open up to Heer.
Although it looks like a mess, the story is v. interesting. I would like to know how parents will find out what happened between PH. If Kulraj or Kiran will do anything to help them.
Please continue with the next ch.

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