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Virman SS : Bahon ke Darmiyaan Part 14 pg 54 (Page 8)

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Originally posted by meant4uonlie

Hey all I am back with an update .. Hope I meet your expectations ... If there is anything you guyd dont like or wants something better to read from me ... please do let me know ... I ll try my best to meet your expectations ... Thank you so much for making the time to read My story ...



Its a nice sunny morning in the streets of Chandigarh, sun beaming inside the room of virat. Where manvi is sleeping, she opens her eyes and remembers where she is. She quickly gets up and looks for her partner, but he is no where to be seen. She sneaks out of the room quietly and goes to her room. Suddenly the thought and fear of last night runs through her. She was again stopped at the door when she heard some noise coming from downstairs. She turns to see the whole family gathered and viren narrating them the whole story of what happened last night. All she could see was shock on everyones face.

Viren: Dadaji baghwan ka lakh lakh shukar hai, koi badi anhoni nahi huwi. Aur manvi bilkul theek hai. Aur us insaan ko uske kiye ki sazaa bhi mil gayi. Par afsoz is baat ka hai, ki bechari manvi ko yeh sab sehnaa par raha hai.

Swamini Bua: Lekin Viren itni ghatiya harkat humare ghar mein karne ki himmat kismein thi ... aur kissi ko kya pata .. ki manvi kaunse kamre mein hai aur koi manvi ko kaise ...

Viren: Badi ma woh ...

DadaJi: Tumne uska chehra dekha ... aakhir kaun tha woh ... (viren remained silent) jawab do Viren

Viren: Dadaji woh ... woh vicky tha ... Virat ka dost ... all shocked hearing this ... especially manvi ...

Dadaji: Vicky ... shaking his head and anger fully show on his face ... "uski itni majaaal" dadaji screamed off his lungs ... everyone freaked out, even manvi who was listening to everything ... dadaji walks towards virat ...

"Kitni baar, kitni baar meine tumhe kaha tha ... us insaan se door raho ... essay dost mat banao lekin tum ... kabhi kissi ki suno tab naaa ..."

Viren: Lekin dadaji ...

Dadaji: turns to face viren anger on his face ... lifts his hand up and with his hand asks viren to "shutup" not to interfere ... again ...

Dadaji: Virat batao mujhe kitni baar tum apni man maani karoge ... jab tumne kaha ki tumhe U.S. mein parne jaana hai ... meine tab tumhe mana kiya tha ... kiya tha naa ... aur phir bhi tum api marzi se waha gaye .. aur phir kya hua ... kya hua waha jaake ... tum waha se khali haath wapas aaye ... ek dum ek hare huye insaan ki tarah ... jab hum tumhe kissi baat se mana karte hai woh humesha tumhare ache ke liye hota hai .. lekin nahi ... tum theh re VIRAT ... jo kabhi kissi ki nahi sunta ... (virat had his head down and was just listening to his dadaji, everyone had tears including manvi) ... tum humesha apni manmaani karte ho aur humesha thokar khate ho ... tum kabhi apni zindagi mein kaamyaab nahi hoge ... kaise hoge jab tum ghar pe humesha aise pade rahoge aur auro ke tukdo mein palo ge ... (virat lifts his head up slightly and looks at his dadaji shocked but still dont utter a word cuz somehow somewhere he knew whatever he was saying was true at a certain, the rest of the family shocked to hear what dadajis last words were, viren had closed his eyes tight shut, jeevika holding on to virens shoulder and vanshika ma had leaned on sofa for support tears rolling down her cheeks) aaj tumhari wajah se sirf tumhari wajah se us bechaari bachi ke upar kya bita hai ... tum jaante bhi ho ... tumhe kya maaloom ek ladki ki izzat ke bare mein, tum kya jaanoge ... jisko bado ki izzat nahi woh kissi aur ki izzat ke bare mein kya shochega ... (virat had lowered his gaze by now) jaante ho virat yeh  sab sirf aur sirf tumhari wajah se huwa hai ... and turns his face from virat ...

virat didn't utter a word which was unusual, whenever dadaji wanted to speak to virat he always used to stormed out of there in anger but this time he was there for the whole time till dadaji stopped talking to him stopped yelling at him,  he just took few steps backwards and turned around to go towards his room ... while going up his gaze fell over manvi who were just staring at his eyes, she could see the pain in them, she wanted to say something but he moved his gaze and left for his room.

Dadaji's eyes fell on manvi he called her out, : Manvi beta idhar aao,

manvi came down her eyes are facing down ... she came and stood beside him .. he touched her head and said beta jo bhi hua uska humein afsoz hai, ussey bhi zyada dukh is baat ka hai ki yeh sab is ghar ke bte ki wajah se hua hai ... manvi looked up and she couldn't take it anymore ... she wanted to say something but before her ...

Swamini Bua: Bauji yeh kya kahe jaa rahe hai aap, in sab mein virat ki kya ghalati thi huh ... agar uska dost kharab niklaa to is mein virat ki kya ghalati hai bauji ... jab se usse pata chala hoga usse kitna afsoz hoga ...

Dadaji: kya zaroorat thi usse aise dost banana mein ... phehle doston ki wajah se woh US mein jo hua kya kum tha ab yaha uske hi ek dost ki wajah se manvi ki izzat pe daag lagte lagte bach gaya ...

Swamini bua: Manvi ... comes near her ... kya tum Vicky ko jaante the ... bauji agar manvi usko nahi jaanti to woh uske peeche kyun aata ... manvi jawab do (turns towards her) ... kya tum pehle Vicky se milli thi ...

Manvi was quiet and was just weeping ... viren and jeevika looked shocked ...

Manvi: Bu...aa Ji iii ... said through her sobs ... jeevika rushed to her and said "Mannu"

Jeevika: Agar aap sab bura na maane to kya hum iss bare mein kabhi baat na kare to behtar hoga ... jo hua so hua aur hum sab jaante hai ismein kissi ki koi ghalati nahi ... jo hona hota hai ho jaata hai ... aur us insaan ko uske kiye ki sazaa mil chuki hai ... to dadaji mujhe maaf kar dijiye lekin ...

Dadaji: Jeevika bahu shayad tum theek keh rahi ho ... jo hua so hua ... humein iske aage ka sochna chahiye ... ab is ghar mein iske bare mein koi charcha nahi karega ... samjhe sab ... and den he marched towards his room ...

Swamini looked disappointed and walked to go to her room as well ... within moments everyone left except for Jeevika manvi and viren ... Viren came near Jeeman and held them both by shoulders from behind ...

Jeevika: Viren ji ...sobbing vire giving her his full support because he knew deep inside she was realy upset cuz she had to talk to everyone in a stern voice cuz she wanted to protect her sister her manvi from going through all that she went through last night

Jeevika: Virenji ... aapne kuch notice kiya ... aaj jab dadaji ne virat ko daant ussey kitna kuch kaha ... woh sirf sar jukaaye sun raha tha .. usne palat ke koi jawab nahi diya viren ji ... humara virat badal gaya hai ...

Viren nodded his head ... tears in his eyes and smile on his face ... he knew exactly who is behind this change in virat ... He gripped manvi's shoulder tightly gesturing his head towards her as if he was saying Thankyou to her ... manvi understood and she smiled...

Virat was sitting in his bed and was continuously staring at one place, thinking about each and every word of what Dadaji said, he heard a slight knock on the door. He ignored it and still his gaze fixed at one place ... it was already night and he was still in his room ... breakfast, lunch and dinner he didn't had any. No one had the courage to come and talk to him because they didn't know what to say, they didn't know how to handle him.

Viren walked in with a tray of food in his hand ...

Viren: Virat tune kuch kha ya nahi hai subah se ... chal kuch khaale ... (he didn't get any response from him and silence filled the room he was sitting near virat holdin him by his shoulder, after a while viren broke the silence ) Virat sun dadaji ki baat ka bura mat maan yaar ... unke gusse ko to tu jaanta hai naa ... Tu unki baato ko dil se mat laga yaar, woh humse bade hai aur tu to jaanta hai papa ke jaane ke baad hum dono ki zimmewari unke uppar hai aur woh kabhi nahi chahenge hum ghalat raah pe chale tabhi woh aaj thoda ... ... (Virat gets up and walks towards the window and Jeeman also enters)

Virat: Bhai ... dadaji ki baat ka mujhe bura nahi laga ... unki baat to mujhe ab jaake samajh mein aayi hai ... unhone jo kaha ghalat thodi naa kaha ... unki har ek baat sahi hai ... mein manta hoon meine jo bhi faisle liye hai zindagi mein woh sab ghalat saabit huye hai ... mein humesha se ghalati karta aaya hoon ... sach mein ... meine apni zindagi mein kya haasil kiya hai bhai ... kuch bhi nahi ... mein sirf aur sirf ek naakaara, bhigra hua, aur ek haara hua insaan hoon ... mera khud kaa kuch bhi nahi hai ... kuch bhi ...

Viren: Virat dekh ... aisi koi baat nahi hai ... tujh mein har wo kabiliyat hai ... jo ek kabil insaan mein honi chahiye ...

Virat: Bhai, please mujhe is bare mein koi baat nahi karni hai ... Sorry bhai please mujhe thodi der akela chod do ... (he turns around and he sees two other there listening to him) His eyes was caught only by manvi's ... they had an eye lock for a while ... and viren noticed that...

Viren: thike virat ... he comes near him and puts his hand on his shoulder ... jeevika chalo ... dey walk towards the door ... hmmm manvi tumhi hi ab isse khana khilao ... all looked puzzled ... manvi just nodded her head and smiled ... viren and jeevika walked out of the room leaving virat and manvi alone ...

After a while manvi took a huge breath and turned towards virat " ab isse kaise samjhao ..." manvi thought ...

Manvi: Virat chalo aao kuch kha lo ... (no reply) virat khana thanda ho jayega

Virat: Mujhe bhook nahi hai ... with a straight face and stern voice ...

Manvi: oye partner bhook nahi hai kya matlab ... tum bhook hartal ke bare mein to nahi soch rahe kya ... nahi nahi agar aisi baat hai to batado mein tarun se keh doongi ke ek aadmi ke liye khana kam banaye ... khane ki bachat ho jayegi ...

Virat gave her an angry look ...

Manvi: Mujhpe pe aur khane ke upar kyun apna gussa uttar rahe ho haan ... nahi batao tum samajhthe kya ho apne aap ... jab dekho ... angry young man wala look de dete ho ... kisko daraane ki koshish kar rahe ho tum huh ... mujhe .. MANVI CHOUDARY the great ko ... jaake shakal dekh lo aaina mein ... aur mein nahi darti warti tumhare angry wale look se ... (he gave her an irritated look)  she realised that none of her ideas are wrking to calm his anger down ... she walked towards him ... and stood right beside her ... and looked out the window with him ... her eyes fell on the stars above ...

Manvi: Virat woh dekho ... woh rahe Mama papa .. pointing towards the two twinkling stars in the sky ... pata hai jab mein rishikesh mein thi naa ... tab biji mujhe humesha daanti thi ... daanthi bhi kyun nahi ... humesha kaam bigaarne wale jo karti thi ... aur di ... di  bhi kabhi kabaar unka saath dethi ... dethi bhi kyun nahi ... ghalati jo meri thi ... to jab mujhe gussa aata tha to humesha terrace par jaati ... apne mama papa se baat karne ... aur pata hai kya ... mein apne dil ki baat humesha unse karti ... aur woh chup chap meri baat sunte ...  jitni mein apna gussa nikaalti utna aur woh khamosh rehte ... unse baton hi baton mein mujhe apni ghalati ka ehsaas hota aur mein phir woh ghalati khabhi nahi karti ... mama papa humesha mere saath naa hoke bhi mere saath the, hai aur humesha rahenge ... jaise tumhare ghar wale ... pata hai jab dadaji tumpar gussa ho rahe they... maine dekha tum bhi khamosh they ... chup chap unki har baat sunli ... palat ke jawab bhi nahi diya ... dekhna virat dadaji ko bhi unki kahi baton ka ehsaas hoga aur aaj ke baad woh shayad tumhe kuch bhi naa kahe ... waise bhi woh  agar apne dil ki badaas tumpe naa nikaale to kisspe nikaalenge ... padosi ke bte ke uppaar ... Pata hai Ghar ke bade humein daantein hai ... Humein sahi raasta dikhane ke liye ... taki hum apni zindagi mein sahi rah pe chale ... lekin hum bhi kissi se kum thdi naa hai ... karte hai manmaani ... lekin humein yeh nahi bhoolna chahiye ki so humein sabse zyaada pyaar karte hai woh hi humein thokte hai jab hum ghalat raah pe chal rahe ho to ... Lekin Virat tum to ghalat rah pe nahi chal rahe ... tum abhi bhi shahi raah pe ho ... tumhe sirf apni manzil ka pata karna hoga sirf apni manzil ka ... aur tum dekhna jis din tum apni manzil pe pahunch jaoge ... dadaji ko unki kahi huye baton ka ehsaas hoga ... tumhe dhikana hoga unhe kit um bhi kissi se kum nahi ho ... agar tum chaho to sab ki chutti kar sakte ho ... Kar sakte hai naa partner ...

Virat: (smiled) tum kitna bolti ho ... and smiled again ...

Manvi: muh baghwan ne bolne ke liye diya hai ... band rakh ke chup rehne ke liye nahi ... aur ek aur cheez ke liye ...

Virat: Woh kya ...

Manvi: Khana khane ke liye and she feeds him a spoonful of food to virat ... with his surprise ... he eats it and smiles back at manvi ...

Virat: Manvi ... i am sorry ... agar tum mere saath Tanya ke party mein naa jaati ... waha Vicky se naa milti ... to aaj yeh sab nahi hota ... meine sapne mein bhi nahi socha tha ki Vicky ... us raat ke baad kabhi tumhari taraf murk e bhi dekhe ga ... sab meri ghalati hai ... jo tumhare saath hua sab meri wajah se ...

Mavi: Virat chodo na un sab baton ko ... waise bhi ismein tumhari kya ghalati hai ... us raat tumne usski batamazi ki  sabak sikhayi ... sikhayi naa ... agar woh apni doomb sidhi nahi rak ssktaa kute ki taraah to ismein tumhari kya ghalati ... chodo yeh sab ... yelo khana khao ... she feeds him again and virat was busy eating and admiring her ... until the plate was done ... Virat got up walked towards the window for a while then turned around walked baack towards manvi who was sitting at the edge of the bed ... he put the plate away from her ... he knelt infront of her and took a hold of her hand ... manvi was surprised at his reaction ...

Virat: Manvi meine soch liya hai ... mein dadaji ko dikha dunga mein bhi kissi se kam nahi hoon ... mein unko apne pero pe khade hoke dikhaunga ... bina unki madad liye ... mein unko kuch karke dhikaunga ... apni manzil ko mein khud chunu ga aur apni manzil mein pahunch ke dikhaunga ...  I PROMISE YOU PARTNER...  

With that he put his head resting on her lap ... manvi couldn't help but smile... and was caressing his hair ...


Let me know how was it ... your feedback is very much important to me... After getting many responses from you guys i decided to continue ... hope you guys dont get bored reading it ... Getting positive response from you all ... motivates me to write more... 

Thanks to all ...

Love All



 P.S : Sorry if I missed out anyone this time for PM ... Please Buddy me ... and i ll try to send Pms Later on as well ... Thanks :)

 Hey that was fantastic ... Pls continue!!!





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mika17 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:25am | IP Logged
Awesome update

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tadi-maro IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 7:24am | IP Logged
awesome continuation... update soon...
    thanx 4 pmHeart

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aysha1989 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:01am | IP Logged
I loved Manvi's lambi speech...
Felt bad for Virat though...
Nice update... Smile

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-MariaMars- IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome.. Loved manvi feeding him food and Virat putting his head on her lap.. Want to see this onscreen too.

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Shabana0786 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
Lovely update!..
Was emotional,I felt really sad for Virat..
Too cute at the end,adore their(Virman) bond!..
Thanks for the pm..

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Shona1907 IF-Rockerz

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Superb huh... Dadaji's words wer realy harsh... Evn i was feeling bad for virat... Manvi comforted him very nicely... Virat ki manzil toh Manvi hai lol... N ya now came to noe how Manvi had met tat vicky stupid guy... Virat ne usko mara tha hero banke apni heroine ko BACHANE!! Wow yaar kya filmy scene hoga na... Hmmm so i hope virat proves it to Dadaji tat he is no less n ofcourse Manvi will help him... Virman moments r very cute... Sorry for late comment i dont like to read any story in a rush so main aaram se padh k fir comment karti hoon... Cont soon n thanx for pm!!

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hooriaa IF-Dazzler

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Superb Update!
I Felt So Sad For Virat Dadaji Sed So Much To Him Yet He Didnt Say A Word Poor Virat Im Glad Dadaji Is Supporting Manvi But Im Sad And Angry At His Behaviour And Attitude Towards Virat
Loved VirMan's Conversation...
The I Promise You Partner Was Fabulous And He Without Hesitating Placed His Head On Her Lap And She Carressed It So Now Manvi Is Guna Help Virat Build His Own Image
Awesom Update Beautifully Written
Update Soon And PM Me Please

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