Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

MMT-Sunday_NBT 2.0 Top Scenes of the Week

Sunna_Deewani IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
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Sunna_Deewani IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 18 March 2011
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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
Happy Friendship Day to all! 

Post on Mohan -Guru Friendship (Friendship day special on colors website)

Na Bole Tum

Colors TV Website Banner with this question: Will former Mrs. Vyas find happiness as Mrs. Bhatnagar? 

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Sunna_Deewani IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 9:34pm | IP Logged

New guidelines & rules for MMT members!!

As you all know we need to reform ourselves to avoid further warnings. So here are some guidelines for the members which will be strictly implemented. Smile

1. No one-line messages will be posted on first 3 pages of MMT. Simply write as Reserved.
2. Only people who are going to write an analysis of the episode or show must reserve on page 1& 2. After reserving your post you should not leave it reserved after episode is aired. You must post either analysis or pics.
3. No chatting is allowed till 3 pages & till the episode airs. 
Chatting should be done in old thread & it should be regarding the show. No personal talks till 20 pages. LOL
4. Cut down quoting other member's posts. Each & every member doesn't need to be quoted. Only relevant part should be quoted. 
5. On weekends when no episode is going to be aired. We shall have a special thread dedicated to stroy/actor/symbolism/prediction/crew members. So members should try to write something about the topic. The topic shall be decided by the members collectively one or two days before. 

Lastly those who committed mistake of breaking these rules shall be punished. LOL
Toh ab punishment bhi bata doon. Wink
Jisse bhi galti hogi usko NBT pe ek OS/FF likhna hoga. Those who make VMs will have to make a VM on the song chosen by the members. Wink
Please co-operate & keep the thread neat & clean & well-organized. Smile



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sitamma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
have  marked my attendence.
now what to do?
shourie is writing in detail..i have told her what to write..and so for my update also pl check her post...!!!!LOLLOL

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shourie IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 June 2012
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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
NBT 2.0 just cracks me up all the time! LOL
well so the topic is top scenes of the week!...
Okay basically i am passing my time underlining as i am having a really tough time thinking about good scenes.LOL Confused After all it is NBT 2.0 not the original so to extract, or pull out the mineral will take a good amount of time from this "Second Hand jawaani" of NBT!...
(I may start to criticize rather than emphasize on the positive do forgive me for i really HATE this Rondi track from the core of my heart)Dead..sorry in advance Embarrassed

If I have to talk episode wise then it will be from the first episode after Mohan and family return from the next door neighbour's house...That episode was filled with Indu and her constipation Deadand Guru being Megha's new mother-in law LOL...from that episode i guess my favourite scene would be... (well i thought that the episode was totally filled with did not like it much! Ouch)..but if i have to talk about something..then it would be the new cutie pie Addu(though i miss the old one)..and Guru being the saas performing all the rituals...and trying to make Megha not be upset about Indu because she is like a coconut(i thought Guru meant it literally..that she looks like oneLOL...and Miss Rondi has to make an entry and make us sulk throughout the episode...Dead...her handwriting is extremely bad i must say...she sent a ca'R'd Wink...with her initials and the message was illegible! Dead...I guess Mohan had a tough time deciphering the message LOL!...i loved the renu describing the "tim tim" lights as well! because of which she was unable to sleepD'ohLOL

In the next began with Saroj and Jiji calling Megha...i really liked jiji's silent conversation with Megha through the window after Saroj left and her expressions were good when she was assuring Megha that everything is fine and Megha returned her reply with a smile Smile. Then Addu wanted to go home as the shaadi was over...poor guy..anyone would want to go home after seeing Indu in her constipated darindi avatar,pushing two little children to make her way out Dead Angry...After the chidiya ud game in which poor Addu lost...there was the most memorable "tai tai phish" dance ROFL(it totally cracked me up)...Mohan even called him cartoon network LOL..after that enter Mrs. Bhatnagar in her new avatar...making her presence felt as Mohan was completely mesmerized by her at that moment Day Dreaming Blushing...even the children were ready for bed when they saw their mummy, the disciplinarian trying to put them to sleep...Megha sang a lull-a-by for Addu.who soon woke up once Mohan joined Megha in the singing LOL...finally Addu's wish is fulfilled as Megha and the kids head back for Vyas house with Monu's permission as it is not possible to sleep in a new place Shocked Sleepy LOL...poor Mohan is left alone with the rose petals to accompany him instead of his newly wedded second wife! Ouch LOL..and Megha is also shown pacing up and down the room looking at her sasuraal and husband through the window! Embarrassed...suddenly  the famous chavvani's bell is heard!..Mohan comes through his usual route to the terrace searching for her only to be greeted by "aji sunte ho" ! does the camera freeze and the epi ends..keeping the viewers and SR fans (according to Shamil) the end of their wits thinking about what will happen next!!..Embarrassed LOL..they are left to analyze and rip the episode part by part! LOL Wink

Its Wednesday 10.30 and all NBT's SR fans jump to their sofas to tune in to colors to see what happens after "aji sunte ho" LOL...but they are left disappointed as Megha madam doses off on Mohan's shoulders Embarrassed...Megha and Mohan have their little share of conversation where Megha tells him that now she knows his secrets and why she is "Spiderman" which Mohan says that your daughter is very unreliable now LOL..she spilled out all my secrets...then he asks about what Megha's intentions were as she had called him "aadhi raat ko" Shocked Wink..and he moves closer to her! Blushing (though the camera angle was really weird i felt)Confused..only to excite the SR fans but Megha moves away as she wanted to swing at that time!..she was generous enough to give Mohan some place as well! Embarrassed...then they were staring at the sky, stars and everything else and suddenly both of them had something to say to each other! that too at the same instant of time..perfectly synchronized.Clap..Megha then tells him about how she hated him but inspite of that she fell for him and she wants to trust his trust Day Dreaming only to leave Mohan purplexed and guilty of his first marriage Confused..and as he is about to tell her the truth he discovers that she is soundly sleeping on his shoulders Embarrassed...leaving Mohan to confess the truth to the sky and the she had not heard it!..and then even he puts his head on hers and the two of them fall of to sleep in serenity! Day Dreaming...The next day he is sleeping on the swing like a baby Hug..and Megha comes to wake him with a cup of hot tea confused about "tum" and "aap" Confused...after several attempts when he finally wakes up...they have another conversation about Mohan wanting to wake up everyday seeing her in front of him Embarrassed...then Saroj calls Megha and she leaves...Mohan while drinking the special tea is also called by guru who has happily told Indu that Mohan and family have gone for their honeymoon! ROFL (poor guru..he did not know the "real meaning" of honeymoon)Wink...then he arrives seeing Indu in her constipated face Dead as usual inquiring about where his son had been...and where his wife and kids are!..and that his kapde looked like "honeymoon ke kapde" ROFL..even i have the same question as Mohan..yeh "honeymoon ke kapde kya hote hai?" Wink LOL..then there is a scene of the missij renu bhyas! Embarrassed Embarrassed who was surprised to see the TIRAY arranged in front of her! and she was totally shoked to see Megha back Shocked LOL..loved her expressions! Embarrassed

Megha returns from Vyas niwas and tells Mohan that she will make his breakfast but he has already eaten it thanks to Indu ji!...Megha goes to touch her feet but as usual she blasts out her constipated dialogues at her again and leaves Dead ..then there is Renu Bhyas again! Embarrassed..this great verbal war between Renu and Indu totally cracked me up ROFL..and i will always support Renu in such fights!..they both start their respective best dialogue delivery..Indu starts her constipated dialogue throw again and Renu is at her best taking balayi of Indu and constantly taunting her about Megha..ultimately the war ends with "POSEJJHIBE MUMMY JI" ROFL ROFL and Renu calling her "auntyji" ROFL..then Sanjay arrives at Mohan's place to take permission to take Megha for Pag phera!...and he is attacked by Indu devi again! Dead...Mohan gets a call from Rondi..who tells him about signing the divorce papers..and they meet at the cafeteria...Really liked AS's expression when Mohan said that he will not be able to make it for lunch...she was emoting Megha's dissatisfaction at this refusal very well! Rondi and Mohan sign the court papers..which were filled with bloopers! LOL..then Mohan leaves after telling Rondi to mind her own business and to let him tell Megha the truth!...But Rondi seems to have chalked out her own plans and is ready to execute them! ..The Rakhi ceremony takes place and Nanhi, Jiji and Megha all tie Rakhis to their brothers...i hated Tannu's useless scowlng face at this moment Dead...but Nanhi demands for  a gift and Megha tells her that she will get it by the evening...Embarrassed

So for Friday's episode all the fans are geared up to see whether Rondi will turn into a vamp or not Confused
It starts with MM phone convo about the gift and "aap" and "tum" discussion again "aap" finally tells "tum" to get nanhi's gift and he agrees to get the best for his chavanni! Embarrassed...Megha sees smoke Shocked and runs back to her sasuraal find that Guru has left the sabzi on the gas and has not switched it off... "kisi din aag lag jaayega is ghar mein" says Megha without realizing that Rondi was coming to set fire at that very moment Ouch...Megha realizing that she was the "M" mehendi waali girl welcomes her thinking she is Mohan's friend..little did she know that Rondi was actually her sautan! Ouch..but she was to know in a short while as Rondi tells Megha that even her husband is the Prabhat Leher's best reporter Mohan Bhatnagar!..Megha becomes super confused at this.Confused.and Rondi reassures her and tells her to react after listening to the entire thing carefully!..Guru who witnesses Rondi and Megha immediately calls Mohan and tells him about it!...I could not find the connection in between when Megha was shown walking towards Vyas the entire convo was not shown...Confused...then Mohan arrives and again tells Rondi to mind her own business!...But i wonder where Guru had disappeared all this while! Confused...Mohan goes to Vyas house and Renu checks him out with her teekhi nazrein and gives him ishaara to go in Wink Embarrassed Embarrassed ...Nanhi and Addu are super happy to get their gifts but Mohan is equally restless as he needed to meet Megha at that very moment!...loved the little scene between jiji and Mohan where he hugs her when she tells him that Megha is in her room Smile..Mohan knocks on the door to be opened by a very serious Megha..who turns her back towards him! BUT it is still not clear whether the truth is out or not..i don't think so it is..because Megha seemed to be more upset because she heard some truth from someone else and Mohan had not told her! Confused...and not what the truth was!..and Rondi was constantly trying to tell Mohan that it was not the way he was thinking about don't think the truth is out yet!Confused
Hopefully the bomb will blast soon and Rondi track will be over! Ouch

I totally digressed from what i was supposed to write and made this super long write up about all the epis of the week! Shocked ROFL...but this is because i seriously was finding it difficult to search for good scenes! Ouch...God please please return the original NBT! *ties a hanky knot like nanhi* Embarrassed

I finally give up...Embarrassed LOL
thank you! Embarrassed

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sitamma IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 August 2011
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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
i am ready to write about the bottom 5 scenes of the week.!! is is enough??

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Sunna_Deewani IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 18 March 2011
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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sitamma

have  marked my attendence.
now what to do?

Talk about ur favorite scenes from last week. 

I have forgotten if i liked any scene or not and have to recollect after others start postingLOL

Sita! why so negativeLOL? Talk about one scene you liked. It need not be 5 scenes. 

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shourie IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 June 2012
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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sitamma

i am ready to write about the bottom 5 scenes of the week.!! is is enough??
That will take up a lot of time as will have a tough time selecting from so many! LOL.

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