Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virman FF- Hum Toh Sirf Tumse Pyar Karte Hai CH 25

Crazyvirmanfan Senior Member

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 5:07pm | IP Logged

Heey, guys so i'm finally writing my story Smile In my story manvi is fit and fine she doesn't have cancer...my story is gonna take place from virat planning on telling manvi he loves her. There are going to be few mistakes in spelling since i'm not that good in writing hindi and this is my first time righting a virman story hope you guys like it.Smile

Chapter 1:

Virat and manvi have both given hints to each other that they love each other very much, but neither of them has ever confessed. Manvi has been staying in chandighar for the past 1 month and is staying for another few months since jeevika has called her over and strictly ordered her not to return back to Hrishikesh until she says. Whenever manvi came to visit jeevika it would only be for few weeks. The vadhera's were all loving manvi and her talks she simply joined in with everyone and made a space in all of their hearts even dadji, but there was one person who still didn't like manvi and that was swamini bua she didn't seem to like the way manvi was attached to the whole family. Manvi had created a huge space in virat's heart he had feelings for her from before but they weren't proper feelings, but now his feelings were genuine for her and  all he knew was that he loved her. They had become very close to each other, this didn't go unseen by Vanshika. She saw a sudden change in her son from manvi's this arrival. Manvi also started to have very strong feelings for virat but she never confessed them. Virat liked the way manvi's attached towards his family especially his mum. Viren and jeevika saw the attachment between manvi and virat but they never said anything to them. They secretly spoke about them to each other. Virat was definitely going to confess to manvi today he just couldn't be apart from her anymore.

Virat thinking to himself- Yaar ajj to manvi ko batana hai, best opportunity hai sab log bahar ja re hai and manvi to nai jari.( Today i'm going to tell manvi, its the best opportunity today very ones going out and manvi isn't)

Viren saw his brother sitting on the sofa in his thoughts smiling to himself. Viren walked down the stairs and sat on the opposite sofa infront of virat.

Viren- Virat mere bhai baara khush dehk ra hai tu kya baat hai? (Virat my brother you look very happy whats the matter?)

Just then virat came out of his Manvi land, and saw his brother sitting infront of him smiling at him.

Virat-  Haaa bhai vo umm kuch nai just like that.(haa brother that, umm nothing just like that) (Virat thinking- yaar bhai ko batao ya nai) (Should i tell viren or not)

Viren- Virat kuch to baat hai yaar, mujhe to bataa sakta hai (virat there is something, you can tell me)

Virat- Vo bhai mein mein urmmm mein mein umm ( well brother i i ummm i i umm)

Viren-  Virat kya mein mein Speak properly man ( Virat what i i speak properly man)

Virat- Thinking- mein kese ka hu bhai ( how do i say it) BHAI I LOVE MANVI!!

Virat closed his eyes and says is in one breath that viren just smiled at his brothers actions. As virat opened his eyes and breathed he saw his brother laughing. Virat gave his brother a confused look which said, What bhai?

Viren- Virat me and jeevika knew it but never said anything because we both wanted you guys to tell us.

Virat's mouth just hung open.

Virat- Bhai ap ko kese pataa (viren how do you know)

Viren- Yaar agar tum dono apne dil ke baat, batao batao mein ke dete ho  to yaar koi paagal he ho ga ke koi na samjhe, aur mein to tera bhai hu yaar ( man if you guys tell each other your feelings in your talks, then it would be some stupid person who would not understand you and i'm your brother man) *wink*.

Virat- Bhai your the best!!

Viren- Ab ja mere bhai and tell her about your feelings, i can tell you she also feels the same you tell in her eyes ( Now go my brother tell her about your feelings, i can tell you she also feels the same you tell in her eyes)

Virat- Seriously bhai aj mein usko bataa du ga aur vese bhi ap log to shaadi mein ja re ho aur manvi to nai jari so its the best opportunity ( Seriously brother today i'm going to tell her and anyways you guys are going to a wedding and manvi isn't going so its the best opportunity)

Viren- Vahaa baahi vaa, good luck! And hugs virat and virat hugs him back

Manvi was in her room sitting on the window sill and feeling the cold breeze outside enjoying the monsoon. Manvi was drifting in her thoughts about virat and just smiling. Jeevika entered manvi's room and saw manvi smiling to herself she observed manvi for a few minutes but manvi didn't even realise her di was in her room. Flashback: Virat- Manvi yeh mein nai kar sakta.( manvi i can't do this) Manvi- Yaar virat kya jaye ga tumhara kahlo ne bas je soup or toast hai please, agar di ne yeh plate empty na dehki to meri to band baaj jaye gee, please please please virat *puppy dog face* ( Man virat Nothings going to happen to you if you eat this, if jeevika doesn't see this plate empty then i'm done please please please virat please please). Virat- Okay fine i'll eat it. Virat starts eating the food just see manvi happy and keep her smiling. Manvi- Thank you so much virat. Virat-  Anything for you. Virat eats all the bland food and finishes it. Tarun- Virat baba breakfast ka time ho gaya ( Virat sir it's time for breakfast) Tarun leaves. Virat- Yaar ab aur nai mein nai kaha sakti ( Man not anymore i can't eat anymore) Manvi's just laughing her head off and virat saw her and just smiled at her with love. Virat in his mind- Manvi i love you and just smiled. Virat headed out of her room. Flashback ended:

Jeevika- Mannu kya hua tu apne ap smile kyu kari hai? Even though jeevika knew she must smiling to the thoughts of virat. ( Mannu what happened why you smiling all by yourself?)

Manvi- Vo di kuch nai, ap ready ho gaye? (Well jeevika nothing, are you ready?) Manvi looked at jeevika  and smiled Vaa di ap bohat achi lag rahii ho aj to jiju gaye ( Wow jeevika you look really nice, jiju is gone today) *wink*

Jeevika-  Mannu chup meri chor tu kis ke khayalo mein thi? Jeevika was going to get it out of manvi today (Mannu Shh, forget me whose dreams were you in?)

Manvi- ( Yaar kya di ko pata chal gaya ya phir unko shaak ho gaya? Manvi kuch kar) ( Man has jeevika found out? Or is she suspicious? Manvi do something) Mein is ke khayalo mein gum ho gee di ap bhi na Mein eh...( Whoses dreams would i be lost in, jeevika please i'm no..) Before manvi could finish her sentence she was cut of by jeevika.

Jeevika couldn't take it anymore she needed mannu to tell her, virat told viren and she still hasn't told jeevika, but she understood that manvi was shy but manvi wasn't like those girls but still she thought i'm not going to be angry manvi has fallen in love with the right guy. 

Jeevika- Mein VIRAT se pyar karti hu, yehi kehna chati hai tu? Sach kyu nai bol rahii? ( I love Virat, is that what your trying to say? Why aren't you saying the truth?)

Manvi- Di ye ap kya bol rai ho? (jeevika what are you saying) Looking away trying to not look into jeevika's eyes because she knows her eyes can never lie to her di.

Jeevika- Mannu idhaar dekh (Mannu look here) Holding her chin and slightly turning it towards her. Mannu tu mujhse jhoot bol sakti hai liken teri yeh ankeh nai, mein tujhe bohaat achi tara jaanti hu akhir khoon ka rishta hai hamara, jab tu virat se baat yah usko dehkti hai teri ankhoo mein saaf saaf dehkta hai pyar uske liye, abhi bhi tu uske khayalo mein gum thi jaabi to smile kari thi ( Mannu you can lie to me but your eyes can't, i know you very well because we share a blood relationship, when you talk to virat or when you look at him in your eyes very clearly you can see love for him in your eyes and a while ago you were thinking about him and smiling)

Manvi was shocked, jeevika knew all this. Manvi thought to herself ( Yaar di ko to saab pata hai)

Jeevika- Mannu kyu statue ke tara still hai, sada shock maat ho teri behna hu teri maan ke baat samhaj jati hu, aur mein bohat khush hu ke tu virat se pyaar karti hai vo bohaat acha larka hai(Manuu why are you still like a statue, don't be so shocked i'm your sister i know everything that goes in your heart and i'm happy for that you love virat he is a very nice guy)

Manvi-  Diii Voo, apko i mean, mein kaya bolu ( jeevika well, you i mean, what do i say)

Jeevika- Kuch nai anyways tu ne kabhi mujhe batya he nai liken aj mein tere se ugal vana tha, mein thori se gussa hu ke tu ne mujhe nai bataya par koi baat nai its okay, anyways ab time maat waste kar aur virat ko jaldi bataa de (Nothing anyway, why didn't you ever tell me but today i was gonna get it out of you, i'm still angry that you didn't tell me in the first place but it's okay, anyways now don't waste time and tell virat everything) smiled jeevika.

Manvi ' Sorry di J Manvi holding her ears jeevika removed them. Anyways di ap pagal ho mein kyu batao agar vo mere se pyar karta hai to vo khud bataye mein nai batane vali, mujhe pata hai ap kaho gi sadaa bahao mat kaha ( Anyways jeevika have you gone mad why should i tell him, if he likes me then he should tell me, i'm not gonna tell him, i know your gonna tell me to stop being so stuck up)

Jeevika laughed at manvi and gave her a slight slap on her cheek

Jeevika- Mannu tu kabhi nai sud re ge ( Mannu your never gonna grow up)

Manvi-  Dii mein...

Before manvi could complete her sentence tarun called her and said everyone is waiting for her downstairs ready to go.

Manvi- when you come back i'll talk to you

Jeevika ' okay

They walked downstairs together and viren couldn't take her eyes of jeevika and manvi noticed this and nudged jeevika who just blushed.

Viren- Chale?

Dadaji- Haa chalo

They all walked out and viren wished virat good luck for his surprise for manvi and virat just smiled and looked at manvi who was too busy hugging jeevika. Everyone left and manvi and virat walked back in the house manvi ran upto her room and sat in her bed getting all cosy and turned on the tv when...


Sorry about the suspense guys but i will continue tomorrow or the day after Smile hope you like the story so far.

Please comment Smile it will make me more eager to write Big smile



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isha.raj_98 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 5:39pm | IP Logged
yay im first 2 comment lool but the story has started off really well n omg why the suspense i hope its nothing bad?!? lool
pm me!!!!!! really wanna know what is gonna happen next oh n make ur updates longer loool
Kanwal_chohan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 6:50pm | IP Logged
Awesome start loved it why the suspense yaar
Hope nothing bad happens hope they confess soon
Eagerly waiting for your next update
Continue soon and do pm me
meant4uonlie Senior Member

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 7:45pm | IP Logged
your story started pretty good ... nice concept ... and omg in first chapter there is a suspense wow :D
cant wait to read more please add me to ur pm list please :D

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Angeline124 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 7:58pm | IP Logged
Y u stop there? Pls continue soon. Want to see the confession.
hooriaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
First of All thanksz for the pm and second of all i loved the update and title
Awesome beginning loved jeeman and vv brosz conversation so cute
Amazing update
Continue soon and pm me please
Thanksz xxx
lakshm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
pretty good start continue...
VirMan_Ria Senior Member

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 11:22am | IP Logged

Heyy...nice start! :)
Suspense...Oohh..Loving it already!! Hope something nice happens! :)
PM me once you continue! :))

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