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KR OS- 7.55 Ki Fast Local

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Hey there friends….. just a random musing of an unoccupied brain.Embarrassed

I know, I should be writing something else. But I was simply bored out of my mind. *sigh*

Hav'nt proof read... Sorry for mistakes.Embarrassed
Hope you'll like this.Smile




7.55 Ki Fast Local




Crap, he was late!


Grabbing his bag he headed for the door, "Mom, I'm leaving!" he yelled.


"Rey?" She followed him with a glass of what appeared to be milk….. Another reason for him to escape. "At least finish your breakfast, beta."


"Maa! I don't have time….. Woh chali jaayegi."


"Woh? Woh kaun??"


"Erm….. Meri 7.55 Ki Fast Local."


"Oh." His mom eyed him cynically, wondering from where had the transition in her son's attitude come from? Rey, who was never in his life punctual, was worried about missing a train? He was the kinds to be an hour late for exams and not even care. So what was so special about this 7.55 Fast Local?


Sensing a question around the corner, Rey quickly gave her a peck on the cheek, "Love you, Maa. Bye." And fled.





"Taxi!" he hailed for a cab, which came at a screeching halt near his feet, causing the water from a nearby puddle splash all over his jeans. "F**K!!"


Was the cabbie blind?


Well, he dint have time to fret…. At least he found a taxi on a busy Wednesday morning. Besides he was already drenched from head to toe. Thanks to the Mumbai rains.


 "Churchgate Station?" he asked the driver.


"Sorry sir, I can't go there."


"What? Why?"


"Umm….There is a roadblock up ahead due to water logging. You wouldn't find any transportation taking that route. But I can drop you at to the next nearest station."


"No, I need to go to Churchgate."


"Sir, then I'm afraid you will have to walk."




Taking a quick glance at his watch, he broke into a sprint.


'Walking' was not the word he would have used….. He was literally swimming! The BMC sucked. Ok fine…. There was no time to crib about sewers. He would do that later. That is, if she left before he saw her for the day.




Will he make it?


He still had to cover a good amount of distance in mere 10 minutes. Cursing himself for sleeping in late, he scooted through the crowd to reach the station, not caring as he knocked one of the pedestrian on the way.


"Hey dude….. Watch where you go." he bawled.


"Sorryyy!" Rey screamed, not even bothering to look over at the man rubbing his bruised elbow.


His eyes darted to the huge timepiece at the station above his head.






"Excuse me, Mister." Someone in a black coat caught hold of his arm, "Can I see your ticket please?"


Damn! He had no time to purchase a ticket. Now what?


"Umm, Sir….. I don't have a ticket."


"Then please come with me." The TC started to direct him to his office.


"Listen, Sir….. I promise to come back and pay the penalty, but right now please let me go. I have to hurry. Warna…… woh chali jaayegi."


"No, I can't allow……"


"Here… you can keep my I-card" He quickly shuffled for his college Id in his back pocket "I swear I'll come back to take this." He said, handing the plastic over.


The TC shook his head, "Sorry son, I can't help you. You have to come with me."


Rey groaned out loud. What was this man's problem? Hadn't he ever had an infatuation?


"Fine then, first you come with me." Rey yanked the old man's arm, almost pulling it out of the socket.


"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" he complained. "You can't just drag me with you…. I have my job to attend to."


"So do I!" Rey muttered. "And if you can't spare me five minutes….." he checked his watch again. "…. Even though, I have just two left….. then you leave me no other choice."


"Arre but….."


"Ssh!" Rey hissed, still pulling the man along. "Just walk quietly."




He was almost there. Just a minute to go.


Please god! Let him not miss her.


Dragging the heavy weighted TC through the crowd was bogging him down. Now he wished he had just paid the cold fish his reparation and be gone.


Finally' he managed to reach his usual spot and looked over at the opposite platform.


"By the way, Son?" the TC frowned, "Who are we looking for?"


Just that instant, his eyes feel on her!... Standing on the other end, in a stunning, pristine white Churidar suit. Her hair was a glorious mass, falling off one of her shoulder. She brushed a wayward strand irritating her beautiful hazel eyes and Rey sighed at the sight of….. "The most beautiful girl on this earth." He whispered, in turn answering the TC's question.


The TC followed Rey's gaze and rolled his eyes. "Teens!" he grumbled. "So now I know why you'll forget to buy tickets." But Rey was too distracted to pay any heed to his remark.


Rey saw her glancing at her watch and like as if she had sensed him watching her, she looked up….. her eyes colliding with his.


God, she was gorgeous!


Even with almost 30 feet separating them, he dint miss the pink hue creep on her glowing face and a hint of a smile, pulling up the ends of her lush mouth.


Was she expecting him? It sure looked like that way.




Where was he today?


It was 'the very day'….. Four months back!... When she had first seen him standing on the opposite platform, gaping at her like a psychopath! It had made her feel like f**king ET from another planet.


Initially, it had freaked her out of her pants! Never after that day had she made eye contact with the loon. And ever since, he had never missed a single day to come there and ogle.


But as the days had passed, she had finally come to terms with her harmless stalker. In all this while, he had never dared to come to her side of the platform, nor had he followed her around anywhere else. To think of it, he had never even got on the same train as her. Weird guy.


Ok, she wouldn't lie….. He had managed to intrigue her with his presence ever since. How much ever she tried to avoid, she always ended up peeking from the corner of her eyes.


Undoubtedly, he was a looker, with a face that could put Taylor Lautner to shame and with cute big eyes that could make a girl's heart mush. And let her not start with that physique….. The guy would be just 18, and he already had a body to be ripped off the clothes…..


Hell! She was crazy to think of a complete stranger that way. When had her subtle teenage hormones taken the overdrive?


If her bully friends found out about this…. They would eat her head off…. As if their banter about having a stalker wasn't enough…. Now she found him attractive? Awkward.


She glanced at her watch again…. 7.50am! But where was he? Had anything happened? It had rained heavily all night. And she had heard that some roads were water logged. What if he was stuck in one of..…


No! God, please let him be safe.


The very next second….. She sensed his eyes. He was here!!


She looked up directly to meet his piercing gaze and a flood of relief washed over her. She saw him sigh and utter something to some guy he was holding by the arm…. All she could catch was the word 'Beautiful' from his mumbling lips….. His eyes still locked on hers. And she could feel the blood rush to her face.



He was a mess! His jeans were covered in mud and it looked like he had swum the entire way. His doused hair falling in his eyes so adoringly, made her want to reach up and brush them off his forehead.


He made such a cute sight in front of her….. she couldn't help but smile.


And before she could break into an actual grin…..


The train arrived on platform no. 3 is 7.55 Fast Local for Borivali. (Announcement)


Blocking each other's view.






Yes, I'm a true Mumbai-ite! And Western Railway is literally my life.Big smile

Ok, So I actual thought of this during one of my journeys. And before you'll come to any conclusions…. No, this is not my personal story. Tongue But how I wish it was. LOL


Dedicating this to Vaishu…. aka Vaishali... aka kriyansh24.Smile

A very happy (belated) birthday, love! I'm sorry I missed it.Embarrassed

I know you weren't expecting this.

But the one you are expecting will still take time. Wink



New Readers, if interested…. Here's the link of the current FF am working on.


I'd really appreciate your Likes and comments.

Pms coming shortly.
Thank you!




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Will edit later (:


Ok now that I've taken my own sweet time to read and edit this I'll begin my mindless rant.
You ready for it, Tish?
Here goes...

That was sooo damn cute!
The whole concept was just so out there and the way you put it together was adorable.
Although I miserably failed at imagining a teenage Rey and Kria, it was really cute. Like really really cute!

Great job, Tish!
This was brilliant.
I loved it!

Now it's time you went and gave us an update for Stewing Temptation, don't you think so?
I'll be waiting (;

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i hate Priya for taking the 1st placeAngry

anyways, love it..

donno actually what to use to describe the OS..

just loved itEmbarrassed

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Awsome And Amazing OS...Loved It...and loved the Title too...7.55 ki last local...
Wonderful OS...Smile

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Superb OS Clap...
The way u described their POV's was Amazing Big smile...
Loved it Heart...
N thanks for the pm Smile.

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another amazing...
Jst 2 gud...
Thankx 4 d pm

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Awww cute OS
hehe never expected rey to be this fida over her
But he's cute
Thnx 4 da pm

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