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Arranged or Forced Marriage?NO its a Love Marriage (Page 3)

MyAnastasia18 Goldie

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Posted: 15 September 2012 at 12:09pm | IP Logged

 Ill try to write in English bcoz then you guys dont have problems to understand and I dont have to translate it. Its a hard to write in English and hindi..But Ill also write in Hindi but with subtitels..So dont worry. And enjoy the next part.

Chapter 2

Payal enters Akashs office.

Payal: Akash, aapne Arnavji se baat ki?

Akash: Kis bare mein, Payal?, he says while adjusting his files on the table

Payal looks at him with a serious look on her face. When she didnt answer Akash looks up from his files He sees her serious look and remembers what she is talikng about.

Akash: Oh Yes. About Khushis Job. Yeah I talked to Bhai and he want to take her interview before he hires her.

Payal: Interview? Oh no. I hope Khushi dont mess with him.

Akash: What do you mean? She shouldnt be like Lavanya or other girls who get on him.

Payal: Yeah I know. I mean she talks a lot and behaves like a child sometimes.

Akash: Oh..She has to control herself infront of him bcoz Bhai dont like people who talk too much and on top who talk nonsense.

Payal: Ill tell Khushi. When is her interview?

Akash: Oh... I forgot..I have to ask La when Bhai has time..Wait Ill call her and ask her.

Payal nodded.

Akash calls La in his office.

But La takes her own sweet time. After a while La enters Akashs cabin without knocking.

Akash did not like that at all but he didnt said anything bcoz he dont want any fight with Arnav so he remains silent.

La: Yes, Akash you called me, she said with a big fake and annoying smile on her face.
Akash hates when she behaves like this but he ignores it.

Akash: Ehm..Yes La..I wanted to ask you when Bhai has free time today or tomorrow.

La: But why??

Akash: Actually...Bhai wants to
But Payal interrupts him.
Payal: I have to talk to him regarding an financial problem of the upcoming show, so thats why could you tell me plz? She said with a smile on her face although she hates La.

La: Yeah sure...But why you came to Akash regarding this and not direct to me?

Payal hates how she takes Akashs name but controlls her anger:
Actually I am working under Akash SIR thats why I asked him..

La: problem..anyways..I also can handle such little things you know..why bother Arnav? Let me help you Payal bcoz Arnav would be really busy.

Payal: I would prefer to talk to Arnav Sir, PERSONALLY.
She said that so La would shut up with her nonsense.

La was fuming. She also hates Payal bcoz she thinks that Payal is behind ASR and thats why tries to maintain a distance both of them.

La: You know Payal your Arnav Sir AND MY ASR are going out thats why it wouldnt be possible.

Akash could feel the jealousy in Las voice.
Akash: Never mind La but I think Bhai would prefer work before going out with you. So if you like to tell me now when he has free time or should I myself talk to him, bcoz I dont have the whole day for this.. So plz hurry up.

La panicked bcoz if Akash would ask ASR about going out with La, then ASR would surely fire La, bcoz he dont like when people who lie, gossip and spread rumors about him.

La: No need.. Ill talk to ASR and he will surely agree to postpone our date..Hell understand bcoz I think work is more important than going out and..she starts blushing.

Akash and Payal looked at eachother and gave disguisting looks to La, who wasnt loking at them.

Payal: So La when does Arnav Sir has time?

La who came out of her dream land: yeah in one hour.
With that she turned around to go.
La: Ill take a leave now..bye Akash she said in a flirty tone which shocked Akash.
La: And yes Payal be on time you know na that

Paya: I know Arnav Sir hates to wait.I will be on time.

Akash: And yes La plz knock next time when you come in someones room or cabin...I mean bhai wouldnt like if you walk in his cabin before knocking. Its a bad manner. And yes one more thing when we are in office plz call me Akash SIR and Arnav SIR, but I think ASR is fine...He said with a smile on his face.
La felt like she was slapped in her face:
Yeah sure..Bye

Payal was fuming: I JUST HATE HER.
Akash laughed first at La and then at Payal who felt jealous bcoz of that La.

Akash: Payal why do you lied that you want to talk to Bhai?

Payal: Bcoz I know of La knows that we are hiring a PA for ASR and that too a girl shell surely something so that Khushi dont gets the job.

Akash: You are really smart.

Payal: Thnx but after you..

Both laughed for a while...

Outside Akashs office:

La: I just hate that Payal and how could Akash talk to me like this infront of that bitch. Anyway you both see what Ill do..

Payal calls Khushi to tell her when she has to come.

Payal: Hello Khushi..

Khushi: Hello, Jiji.. What happend...You called me?? Missing me already?

Payal: Shut up.Khushi and listen to me..Hello Khushi are you there?

Khushi: Main chup hu. (I am listening)

Payal: O Khushi stop being childish. Ok now listen you have in one hour an interview with our boss Arnv Singh Raizada..

Khushi: But for what I am giving an interview?

Payal: OHO bataya to tha (I told you) for the post as the PA of ASR. Got it?

Khushi: Yes ok bye.

Payal: Wait wait...Khushi plz dont mess with him otherwise no one can save you from him and behave be mature and intelligent.OK?

Khushi: Ill try..Hehehehe

Payal: Khushii..I will..

Khushi: Ok Ok I was just joking Ill behave but jiji what should I wear?

Payal: Wear something normal and decent and yeah one more thing plz be on time ASR hates when he has to wait for someone..

Khushi: got it. Then Ill be the first person for whom the great Arnav Singh Raizada has to wait..Hehehhe...Anyway what about Amma Buaji?

Payal: Khushi stop joking be on time...Ill talk to Amma Buaji later on if you get the job..

Khushi: Ok Ok..I am going to get ready..See you there bye.

Payal: Ok bye.

Khushi is selecting a dress for her: WITH LOTS OF PROBLEMS:

Khushi: OMG I made a mess and Ill have to clean it up but still I dont know what to wear. What should I do..What should I do? OK OK relax Khushi you still have 1 hour to get ready...Dont panick


Sry guys to end here. Actually I was also planing Arhi meeting but I didnt know what Khushi should wear so plz tell me which dress she should wear or give some links where I can find beautiful dresses.
I promise in the next part Arnav Khushi will meet.Big smile 


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please6 IF-Dazzler

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iM FIRSTDancing

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely update I like third one...
waiting for the next part

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love.piyali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 September 2012 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Hopefully now arhi will meet...yayy!!...btw gr8 update...thnks 4d pm..

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MyAnastasia18 Goldie

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Hi Guys...I know I am late with my update...Thats why I am really really sooorrryyy.Smile


Chapter 3:

Khushi finally found a dress which she could wear for the interview. She quickly got ready and went...

Thats her outfit (I know I gave you other dresses to choose but I think that they were a little bit too much for a job interview and Khushi is also a simple person so thats why I chose this dress...I know this dress is also a hot BUT A CUTE DRESSBig smile...but you can imagine her in the other dresses...I will use them later on...)

Khushi finally reaches AR Designs...She still has 10 min left for her interview so she goes to Payals cabin...

K: I dont know where Jijis cabin is...what should I do now?? Maybe I should ask someone for help...but whi will help me??
She was walking when she suddenly bumped into someone...Khushi was about to fall down when someone held her from the waist and made her stand again...

La: Ouch...You idiot...Cant you see where youre walking...she said while rubbing her arm making it red...Look how much she hurt me it will surely be a bruise, she said indirectly to Akash who kindly ignored her and askes Khushi...

Akash: Are you allright? 

Khushi: Yes...I am sorry I wasnt looking where I was walking so I bumped into you...But when I wasnt lookind you could look and go out of my way...So are you also an idiot??? She asked innocently with a hidden smirk on her face..

La: You...Who are you and who let you in?? I dont think that I have seen you here before

Khushi: Yes..I am Khushi and I am here...

Akash was amused by Khushis confidence...he didnt knew that shes Khushi Payals dear when she was about to tell La that she is Arnavs future PA, La would definately do something that will make Arnav throw Khushi out of the office, he cut her off...

Akash: Ah Khushi??

Khushi: Yes...

Akash: Hi, I am Akash..I know why you are here I will lead you...Ehm La you go to the confrence room I will be back...

La: You know her...who is she and why is she here?

Akash: Ms.Kashyap I said you go to the conference room I will be back, he said in a bossy tone.

La: Yes...with that she left..
Who could be this Khushi? And what was she doing here? And why does Akash knows her? I have to find out...
Akash: So..Ms.Gupta right?

Khushi: Yes...but how do you know me?

Akash: Yes actually No...Payal, your sister who is working under me and handling the financial stuff of AR, told me about you and..

Khushi: Oh Jiji told you? Where is she? I wanted to meet her before my interview..

Akash: Yes sure I will lead you to her...

And they went to Payal.
In Payals Cabin:

Khushi: Jiji...I am here...

Payal: Khushi...they both hugged and Akash was looking from a far
So Khushi are you ready?

Khushi: Yes...I am ready but really nervous as its my first interview...I dont know how bhaiyya will be and also that...

Akash + Payal: BHAIYYA??? WHO BHAIYYA???

Khushi: The Boss of AR who else??

Payal: Khushi..he is not your bhaiyya call him ASR or Sir...BUT NOT Bhaiyya...I tell you for the last time dont mess with him or I will...

Akash was laughing like hell (to himself): Oh God if bhai will come to know that a GIRL called him her bhaiyya he will surely go crazy...OMG Payal was right she ist the best for the job...

Payal: Akash stop laughing, thats not funny...

Akash: Ok..Ok

Khushi: I am really sorry...I swear Jiji I will not do anything wrong...Oh jiji its time for the interview and I dont know where to go...

Akash: Khushi...Khushi relax I will bring yout to Bhais cabin...

Khushi: Ok thnx...Look Jiji he is also calling him his bhaiyya why cant I?

Payal: OH GOD khushi, thats bcoz he is his real bhaiyya...

Khushi: Oh sorry sorry..So lets go...Bye Jiji...

Payal: Good luck...

Akash and Khushi left from there..but they didnt saw that somebody was watching them...
Thats it for today... I know its a little bit short...I normally write more but I wanted to write something for all my thats why this is short...
And I know Khushi and Arnav were supposed to meet but something came into my mind thats why they will meet in the next chapter...


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please6 IF-Dazzler

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im firstDancing
loved it lol bhaiyya no khushi no not bhaiyya more like saiyya lol anyways loved it and thanks for the pm and plzzz update sooner

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rkapoor1382 IF-Sizzlerz

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awww tht was an awesome one..

loved it
so did LA listen to it
update soon cant wait to read their meet

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love.piyali IF-Dazzler

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That ws wow!!...truly amazin...loved it!!...thnks 4d pm..

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