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Arranged or Forced Marriage?NO its a Love Marriage

MyAnastasia18 Goldie

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 9:24am | IP Logged
INDEX: (On Hold)

Charackter Sketch: Below
Chapter 1: Below
Chapter 2: pg 3
Chapter 3: pg 3
Chapter 4: pg 6
NEW!! CHAPTER 5: pg 8!!!



Character Sketch:

Arnav Singh Raizada: 27 years old
He is our rude bold arrogant etc. ASR, the most famous and popular buisiness tycoon in India and the owner of  AR Designs. (He is like in the show): He loves his familiy and his Di. He has a lot of female fans who can do anything to spend time with him but he dont care. He thinks that there is no girl who can match his perfectness but he dont knows that this girl will soon enter his life and will mess up his life... but will he let her go so easily? NO; NEVER she has to learn a lesson to mess up his thoughts and feelings...Disapprove

Lavanya Kashyap: 28 years old
She is one of the most important designers and models in AR Designs. She is very beautiful but arrogant and bigheaded. She thinks and behaves like ASR girlfirend but she just want him for his money and fame thats why she can never share Arnav with someone not even with his family and his Di. She hates his family and his Di the most and always try to seperate them. Thats why Arnavs family doesnt like Lavanya but they cant do anything bcoz they think Arnav loves Lavanya and they want to see him happy. 

Anjali Manohar Jha: 29 years old
She is Arnavs sister and just like in the show and is happily married to Shyam and he loves her a lot. They will soon have a baby. Her wish is to see her brother happy with his family but she thinks Lavanya is not a good partner for him but she cant do anything bcoz she thinks that he is happy with Lavanya

Shyam Manohat Jha 30 years old:
He is not the villan he is happily married to Anjali.Thumbs Up

Akash Singh Raizada: 28 years old
He is Arnav and Anjalis cousin and is also the owner of AR Designs but he likes to work under Arnav thats why he takes Arnav opinion about any decision and after his agreemnet he do anything. (He is like in the show). He is the opposite of Arnav he is sweet, gentle and always helpfull. He handles all the other things from media to the shows from AR Designs. He is secretly in Love with Payal Gupta and they will soon tell it everybody

Khushi Kumari Gupta: 23 years old
(She is also like in the show)She is really cute, bold, bubbly and always like her name happy. She is the adopted daughter of Garima abd Shahi Gupta. Her problem is that she is to innocent and never understands when someone want to harm her bcpz in her eyes all people around her are good people an nobody would ever think to harm her. She will start to work in Arnavs office as his PA. She is really happy to join the biggest Fashion House but will her happiness last long??? 

Payal Gupta: 25 years old
She is Khushis step sister but loves her like her own sister. She works as a lawyer and handles all legal formailites from AR Designs. She is secretly in Love with Akash and they will soon tell it everybody.

This story is about how one person will destroy his own Love and Trust with one wrong step and destroys all happiness in everybodys life. After that how he will start to regret it and try to make it up...But will he manage to gain his lost trust and most important his love again back??Broken Heart

Arnav & Khushis family members are like in the show...
Other characters will be introduced later on in the story

what you guys think, should I continue plz plz comment and share your thoughts with me plz plz its really important for me and plz likeWink


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Maz786 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 7:51pm | IP Logged
Wow.intrigued. Please keep me posted with your chapters. Looking forward to reading it

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love.piyali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 7:15am | IP Logged
hey plz do pm me wen u update..
MyAnastasia18 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Here I am with chapter one enjoy and plz like and comment otherwise I 
cant continue but Im really looking forward to continue this. 

Chapter 1:

Morning in RM:
Arnav: Akash come on lets go.

Akash: Yes, Bhai.

Anjali: I hope you both had your breakfast...

Arnav: Yes, Di. Well see you in the evening.

Anjali: Ok but come home early and dont you dare to come late with an lame excuse of office work. Understood??

Arnav & Akash: Yes, Di.

In the car:

Arnav: Akash did you choose a PA for me?

Akash: Yes, bhai...She is really good, friendly, pretty, sweet and

Arnav: Did I ask you about how she looks? I just want her prefossional informations like education, he says with an annoyed look.

Akash: Yes bhai. Sorry bhai. So she is really educated. I saw her profile she has no work experience but still in her college and universaty she was the best so I think we should give her a chance. But still if you..

Arnav: No Akash. She might be the best in her college or universaty. I want to know what made you choose this girl among all the other girls? Whats so special in this girl what other girls dont have? Why is a girl with no work-ecperience better than girls with work-experience? I want a convicing reason, he said with a stern voice.

Akash: Ehm...Bhai it was Payal our lawyer who told me about her, so thats why I thought why not give her chance and also it would take AR Designs higher, that a big company like ours still gives chances to new peolple.

Arnav: Whatever...I dont need anyone to bring our company higher its on the top. So thats not convincing for me to hire her.

Akash: Bhai, if you dont want to have her as your PA its ok Ill look for another one. But Bhai the main reason why I choose her above all other girls is that she is simple and will not try to get on you, she will maintain a distance and will always be professional with you.

Arnav: How you know?

Akash: I dont know her neither I met her. Payal told me so thats why I would like to give her a chance so do you agree? Should I hire her?

Arnav: Not so fast let me first meet her and make a pic of her, after that we can talk, still not convinced with Akashs answers bcoz he thinks that there is no girl who can stay away from him .He want to see this girl and want to know how she could convince Akash without even knowing him.

Akash: So when should I call her?

Arnav: Do it as fast as you can. Ask La when I have time today or tomorrow and then call her. I want it to be done fast so that La stops to play my PA bcoz I dont like it, he says annoyed of La.

Akash: OK bhai, trying to stop himself from laughing bcoz he sees how annoyed his brother is from La and that poor girl thinks that THE ASR is loves her.

Arnav: Did you said something?

Akash: Eh, no bhai...

Morning in Gupta House:


Garima: Stop screaming Khushi. Im talikng and I dont understand what the Buaji is saying, she said wth a desperate look on her face.


Buaji: Sanka Devi...Chup bilkul Chup, humra sarr tumhare chikhne se dard kar raha hai. (Sanka Devi...Shut up...I got headache bcoz of your screaming.)

Khushi: Koi baat nai hum dobadenge (No Problem Ill squeeze it), she says with a mischievous smile on her face.

Buaji: NAI NAI KOI ZAROORAT NAI HAI...Garima dubadegi tumne to humara gala hi dubaden hai. Tum saab ko khana do, chalo. (NO NO NEED.. Garima will do it you will surely kill me. You give everybody breakfast,)

Khushi: Arre ab aap kyun chikh rahi hai aap ka sarr dukh raha tha na? (Why are you screaming now. I thought youve headache) And I just wanted to help you...If you dont need my help its ok.

Buaji: Sharam nai aati. Aapne bauji ko kahan diya nai aur khud khane beth gayi. Besharam. Aur tumhe kitne baar kaha ke angresi main barr barr mat kiya karo zaroor humme kuch keh rahi hogi.(You dont feel shame, do you? You are eating before you give your father something to eat? Shameless. And you are again talikng in english, surely you are saying about me.)

Khushi: Aagar hum Besharam hai to humme Sharam kaise aayegi? (If Iam Shameless how can I feel Shame?)

Buaji (now confused): Tumhe hum nai chorenge. (I will not leave you.)

She begins to run after Khushi a d Khushi hides behind her father.

Bauji: Kuch nai hota. Hum lelenge. Bitiya tum khao. (Its ok. Ill take my breakfast. Khushi you sit and eat.)

Khushi: Arre nai bauji hum aapko hi khana de... (No, bauji I wanted to give you yout breakf..)

Payal comes in a hurry.
Payal: Ok Khushi Im getting late so could you plz pack my breakfast?

Khushi: Yes, Mam.

Khushi goes in the Kitchen and Payal follows her. Payal grabs Khushis hand and turns her around so that she can face her.

Khushi: Kya Jiji. Aap humme aise kyun pakar rahi hai jaise hum aapke naashte ke saat ghar se bhag jayenge. Humme Khana pack karne dejiye warna aap late ho jayengi. (What, Jiji. Why are you holding me like Ill run away with your breakfast? Let me pack it otherwise youll be late.)

Payal: Chup Khushi. (Shut up Khushi.)

Khushi: Aap aise kyun baat kar rahi ho? Kahi aap Ghar se to nai bhag rahi ho? Challo acha hai jo paise tumhari shaadi ke liye amma bauji ne rakha hua hai woh humari shaadi mein istamal ho jayenege. Par aagar aap ghar se bhag rahi hai to aap humme kyun batayengi hum aap ki kya madad kar sakte hai?(Why are you talikng like this? Are you running away from home? But its ok well use the money which Amma Bauji saved for your wedding in my wedding. But if you are running away why are would you tell me, how can I help you?) She begins to think and to talk to herself.
Payal: Khushi. Chup, bilkul chup aur meri baat suno. (Just Shut up Khushi and listen to me.)

Khushi: Hum to chup hi rahenge ab jo karna hai aapne hi karna hai. Itna bara faisla aaone bina sooche to nahi liya hoga na. Mijhe aap pe pura yakken hai. (Ill be shut-up. Now you have to do what you have to do. I know that you thought before you made such a big decision. Ill trust you)

Payal: Khushi tu kya bole jah rahi hai. Main tumse yahan tumhari job ki baat karni ayi hun aut tum? (Khushi, what are you talikng about. I wanted to talk about your job and you..) She says tired with Khushi bizarre conclusions. 

Khushi: Kaunsi Job? (Which Job?)

Payal: Tujhe pehle bhi kaha tha, ke maine tere liye aapne office main job ki baat ki hai. (I told you before that I have talked about a job for you in my office.)

Khushi: Oh acha haan. (Oh yes.)

Payal: To tumne kya soch hai? (So what did you think?)

Khushi: Meri taraf se tumne jo karna hai karo par amma bauji ko kya kaho gi tumhe pata hai na ke wo mujhe job nahi karne denge? (Do what you want but what will you tell amma bauji you know that they will never agree.) She says in a disappointed voice. .

Payal: Pehle tu bata tune job karni hai ke nahi? (First you tell me, do you want to do a job?)

Khushi: HAAN, (YES) she begins to jump.

Payal: Khushi, chup. Tumhare inhi bachon jaise kaam ki wajah se amma bauji tumhe kaam nahi karne dete. (Khushi shhh. Bcoz of you childish behaviour Amma Bauji dont want you to work.)

Khushi: Acha, par Amma Bauji ka kya? (OK, and what about Amma Bauji?)

Payal: Unhe main samjhaungi ke main tumhare saath hungi taake tum kuch ghalat na karo aur nahi tumhare saat kuch ghalat ho. (Ill talk to them, that 
Ill look after you that you dont do something wrong and let nothing bad happen to you.)

Khushi: Mere saat kya ghalat ho sakta hai? (What bad could happen to me?)

Payal: Tu nai jaanti ke bahar ki duniya main kaise burre log hai. Tere liye to sab ache hai. Sab mard tere bhai sab lagkiyan teri behen aur sab uncle aunties tere uncle aunties. Zaroori nai ke jis nazaar se tu sab ko dekti hai aise hi sab tujhe dekhe? (You dont know how bad the world outside is. For you all people are good. Every man is your brother and every girl your sister and every uncle aunties your uncle anuties. But it must not be so that every person looks at you like you do)

Khushi: Jiji, mujhe to kuch samajh nai arahi hai, (Jiji, I dont understand anything)she pouts.

Payal: Kissi din tu samaj jaegi. JIS DIN... (One day youll understand.. When..)

Khushi: Haan, JIS DIN mere raaj kumar ayega aur mujhe le jayega. Jiji yeh ek hi mard hoga jo mera bhai nai hoga. (Yes, when my prince will come and will take me with him.. Jiji this man will not be my brother.)

Payal: Nahi JIS DIN tujhe aakal aygi, pagli. (No, when you get some brain, idiot.)

Khushi: Jiji..

Payal: Acha chal main ab chalti hun warna main late ho jaungi...mera breakfast?? (Ok Ill leave now otherwise Ill be late...My Breakfast?)

Khushi: Haan theek hai jao par jab tum aogi tab main tumse.. (Ya Ok but whe youll come home then Ill..)

Payal: Pata hai aapne raajkumar ke baare main sunao gi ke wo kaisa ho ga, kaise ayega aur tujhe le jayega. (I know youll talk about your prince, how he will be, how hell come and take you along.)

Khushi: Haan. (Yes)

Payal: Bye.

Khushi: Bye.

Pre-cap: Maybe Arnav Khushi meet (depends on your comments and likes)Embarrassed

Sorry for mistakes.Sleepy

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MyAnastasia18 Goldie

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rkapoor1382 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
amazing start...
khushi is really innocent in this one..
Arnav i hope he is flat seeing khushi...
he is already irritated with lavanya...
loved it
continue soon n do pm me the nxt part

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MyAnastasia18 Goldie

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Originally posted by rkapoor1382

amazing start...
khushi is really innocent in this one..
Arnav i hope he is flat seeing khushi...
he is already irritated with lavanya...
loved it
continue soon n do pm me the nxt part

Sorry to disappoint you its a DARK LOVESTORY. So Arnav would be not like that and Khushi has to bear much things. HOPE YOULL LIKE IT
love.piyali IF-Dazzler

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Finally i got ur ff link!!!! The update was fab..! Thanks for the pm n plz update soon...

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