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dP: theOlympians. #13 /membersonly.

Mohabbateinn IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 January 2012
Posts: 19193

Posted: 04 August 2012 at 8:05am | IP Logged


we are a bunch of crazy girls who have a bomb time whenever we see each other.

basically, we are inseperable ;)
try to keep up with us, u cant.

and rules u ask? LOL psshht. spam, have fun.. and NO RHONA DHONA ALLOWED!!

#1 we make jaws drop and hearts stop.

-Vanshikaa- aka Vanshika
DaMiniii aka Damini
Aussie_Girl aka Sania
V.I.P/PureSwag aka Jenny
nityah aka Nitu
..-Jia-.. aka Jia
--Aartzz-- aka Aarti
*~sneha~* aka Sneha
DilDostiDanceD3 aka Jasman
Asha_ArShaaka Asha

--if u are inactive in the CC for more than 2 CCs in a r o w , then u have been removed :) --

Nicknames !

Vanshika - Vansho, Vanshi, Vanshu,  VD, Brunette, Chick 
Damini - Mini, MiniMouse, Shona, Baby, Blondie, Damzie, Damzel
Jasman - Jas, Jasu, Joya, Jazi, Ipod, Radio
Sania- Sanii
Sneha - Snehuu
 Jenny - Jen,Jen-das, Jenwa
nityah - Nituu
 Jia - JD, Jaydee, JM, Teddy
 Aarti - Aartsu, Aartz, AD, Aartsi, Aartzie
Asha - Ashu, Ash, Ashy, Ish

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Mohabbateinn IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 January 2012
Posts: 19193

Posted: 04 August 2012 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Jia - AUGUST 20
Jas - AUGUST 20
Vanshika - SEPTEMBER 8
name: Jia
bday: August 20
hobbies: sleeping, listening to music, dancing, cooking/baking, siggy/avi making
shows: IPKKND, EHMMBH, Madhubala
3 words: Friendly, sweet, caring
name: Damini
bday: July 19
hobbies: Dancing, Reading, Listening to music, Playing lacrosse
3 words: Crazy Funny && Outgoing ;)
name: Vanshika
bday: September 8
hobbies: sleeping, photoshopping, IFing, music, and enjoyinglife:)
shows: Punar Vivah, EHMMBH, Madhubala, IPK, Amrit Manthan, Surveen Guggal, Dil Se
3 words: sweet, lively, fun :)
name: Sania
B'daaay. May the 8th.
Hobbies: Hangin' out, dancin', spammin'
3 words:. Loving, caring, sweet.
Shows I watch: IPKKND, EHMMBH!

Name: Aarti/Aartzz
Bday- June 16th
Hobbies- Swimming, Running, Dancing, Being Lazy LOL
Shows- IPKKND, EHMMB, Punar Vivah, MBala, Tere Liye and Geet before they ended :(
3 Words- Crazy, Sweet, Outgoing


Name: Jasman/Jas

Birthday: August 20th
Hobbies: music, tv, movies, hanging out
3 words: crazyLOL, friendly, caring

bday 6th feb 1994
hobbies - bashing.. web design.. blasting music.. SOCCER
shows - dil se di dua ..saubhagyavati bhava. and sony shows, on and off.

name: Nityah
bday: 21st March
hobbies: Cooking, surfing on net and many more
shows: IPPKND, DEK, MB
3 words to describe urself: Crazy, emotional and a little shy ;)

name/nn : Asha
bday: 19th Feb
hobbies: Sleeping, listening to music n travelling
shows: IPKKND, D3, Suvreen Guggal, EHMMBH, Madhubala
3 words to describe urself: sweet, quiet n i donnoTongue

if u find a moment that u want to be added in our HOF PM me the the witty line ;)

June 21 -
Sneha has shown interest to skype with le kangaroos. While, Vanshu fears getting her arse chased by one. Sani confesses she has conversed with le kangaroos. Ermm

June 22, 2012 - Trilingual Imran officially trolled by Sneha, Aarti, Vanshi, and Cindy. All four of us are now fully trained in a new form of the Urdu language, and we have a invisible jiju now because of Snehu ;) Wink
..and Aarti broke her leg because she slipped on water in the pool area. way to go lifeguard.LOL

Sani: Everyone is ...
Vanshu: LOL! its 2 am what do u want me to do -.-
Sani: You were hyper y'day same time. thats why.=P
Vanshu: ROFL i wasnt getting bit by mosquitoes at that time LMAOO

Damz: what country do you live in Vanshu?
Vanshu: the country above urs.
Damz: u mean canada?
Vanshu: lets pull out the map.
Damz: im confused.
Vanshu: well we can eliminate alaska and greenland.
Damz: :( idk my countries Vanshu!!
Vanshu: Ermm

June 23, 2012 - Vanshu, Nityah, and Sneha admit they are haircut rebels -- and disasters have happened. ROFL
--completed CC#1--

Mini finally realizes how much pyaar she has for her Di's after many f**k you's to vansh.

Breaking News: Vansh eats Mini's whole dabba while Aarti watches scared that's she'll eat her dabba :P

Mini opens photoshop sucessfully without having her ass tracked down by the FBI

Mini: Which link do I pick?
Aarti: fyeahtutorial-tumblr
Vansh: this youtube one claims you can learn photoshop in 4 minutesEvil Smile
Aarti: yeah use that it took me 2 weeks !
Vansh: Evil Smiletheres a shortcut for everything these days
Aarti:For example
Shortcut to death
Taking a knife and stabbing yourself repeaditly.
Death in less than 1 minuter Thumbs Up

Vansh:ROFLdamzel's shop... this is how i imagine it.

hello my name is Mini/Damz/Damzel aka Mini Desi Pakora ROFL My PS gurus are the highly talented, sweet, and undeniably amazing -- Aarti di and Vanshu di. I would like to thank them for enduring me on a beautiful Saturday night..teaching me how to PS in 4 minutes. ROFL It has been a wild journey, from not knowing how to download PS to being afraid of the FBI chasing my arse. The threats of viruses was also not any less. Now, I know where the lock button is and drag button is. Rest is history. ROFL
Aarti: Amen. Ammmeen

Mini: *Bangs Head*
Aarti:it'll be worth it when u spend countless hours trying to blend photos and staying up all night trying to find one good tutorial. have fun. LOL
Vansh: Clapcountless hours and staying up all night ^the 2 key phases to success.

June 24, 2012- Nitu finds out about our chipkoo jiju aka Sneha's "hubby"LOL
Nitu:are you talking about the member named as _____
Sneha:Yeahhh him only.He's sucha brainiac.Newton would feel dumb infront of him. LOL

Sneha educates Mini, Vansh, and Aarti about the howabouts of a coolbie -- WU way.
the reality is as follows:
Vansh: you can only become a (coolbie) WU if you live in Pak or India, where the timezone matches with the airing of shows -- over here shows air 10 hrs later.
Sneha: hhaha ikr!
hey evryone sorry im.10hrs late in this update and you've all probably watched the epi but here's the written update! :D

June 26, 2012 -
Aarti:I feel so alone at the moment *sniffsniff*
Mini:Aww what happened AD!? <3
Aarti:I was coaching for the and kids kept on staring at me an laughing cuz i have a humongous ass cast an i wobble around
Mini:Why didnt you slap them?!
Aarti:i cant slap little kids! child abuse!
Mini:@AD I was kidding *goes to cry in a corner*
Vansh:awww dont cry <3 ROFLits not as bad as the time when u asked who is stephen harper ROFL
Jenny:Californian Swag LOL
Mini:to AD and VD ->
Aarti:bahaha mini i dont think ill like the feeling.of shoving paper.up my butt :P
Vansh:i can never look at a piece of folded paper in the same way again

Jen:It's 3:51AM..and I'm hungry now...
I don't want to go upstairs and get some food Disapprove
1. im scared. 2 dark.
2. my mum wud know im awake
3. she will tell dad tommorow morning
4. dad will show attitude then

July 7, 2012 - Jen's bannedass becomes a GOLDIE !<3 and Jasu becomes a ROCKERS!
Andd -- All of us share our personal pics <3 We are truly head turners by fate.

July 8 - Sani becomes SIZZLERR :)

July 9 - Nearly all of us are HOOKT :P

July 10 - Vansh becomes ROCKERSS ;)
Mini:*trips down the stairs* ROFL
Vansh: @jen- check her mansik santulan; ask her who is Stephen Harper !Evil Smile
Jen: Sani showed Minii her picture, and wrote " this is 3 yrs old back"
Minii replied: " you are beautiful but you don't look 3 years old Stern Smile "
Vansh and Jen:ROFLROFL
Mini: Dont make fun of me it was 3 in the morning and i was zoned out Ouch
Vansh: so you confused the time with Sani's age as wellROFL
Jen:You are beautiful but you don't like 3 years old ROFL
And it was 5 AM, imagine me that time ROFL
our BLONDE!!!

once again Jen manages to corrupt our minds. ROFL
<3 this is EPIIC baby! ;)

JULY 19 - DAMINI's no longer babypakora ;( BIRTHDAAY GIRL !! but for us she will always be baby of forum<3

July 23: Mini: You inspire me Jen!
Jen: That really makes me happy, Mini.
Mini: It does?

August 1, 2012 -
Jen: We need a name for our shop! But what?
Vansho: PanicAttack Arts
Jen:Are you trying to be smart? Is that an insult? That people will get Attacks if they see our Arts?
Vansho:ROFLim just damn good like thatWink

August 2, 2012 - MINI enters Sizzler!Party

Jas wrote RB song ;)
Jen ka, Aarti ka aur Vanshu ka kehna hai
Ek hazaron mein hamari Damzie hai!
Sari umar hum desi pakoras ne sang rehna hai.Big smile

And of course my kehna tooLOL
August 5, 2012
Vansho-ROFL from JD ur now JMom so JM ROFL and ur hubby is now HWD - honewaledad ROFL
Jas: Yeah, have you told Jiju about his hone wala child yet?ROFL
Vansho: woh bhi muft mein ROFLROFL
Jia:@Vanshoo: Your HWD will here about this bachoo. I am about to call him. He is probably sleeping Ermm Koi baat nahi, let me wake him up ROFL
Jia:I had water in my mouth and as soon as I read this I spit it out ROFL
No he doesn't know yet Ermm I will let him know slowly Big smileROFL
Jas :OMG

Jia: I have something to tell you.
Jiju: *yawns* Hmmm
Jia: I..uh...I...
Jiju: *rubs eyes* You can tell me.
Jia: Alright...woh kya hai have a hone wali daughter.
Jiju: *falls off chair* WHAT?!
Jia: And a hone wali daughter in law.
Jiju: ...

Youuu killed it.ROFLROFL

i hate to ruin the moment, but you do realize ur a grandmother also right ROFL ROFL
ROFL i adopted Mini yesterday !! and im sure she will glad to meet her grand mom Embarrassed maybe i can send her over for ..u know.. a couple of months.. and give u guys some bonding time.. ROFL
and I'm planning to adopt Sani toooEmbarrassed I think its time Mini has an elder sister to protect her !EmbarrassedLOL
Jas :
Or send her over for a couple of years...I wouldnt mind. Sach mein!ROFL
Jas:So we have 2 children? Decided? LOL
Vansho:2 kids enuf. ROFL
but both our kids are kaayaaamat ! ROFL
both of them look shaaant, and sweeet Tongue
..for now ROFL
Mini:But but i thought Jen was mah daddy

Vansho: Jen is ur part time daddy because she's only here once in a blue moon these daysROFL
Jen:  Niggi please. I have a job. I need to work and feed Damini. All you do is shopping.

August 8, 2012

Jas and Aarti discussing child options.

Jas:Aarti! I vote reincarnation! While we're making this CC a daily soap, might as well go all out.
Aarti: LOL
Reincarnation it is

Can we like reincarnate karan johar
and have a kjo baby? LMAO 


Jen talks about her various EMAs.

Jen: yeah well,  when you don't get enough satisfaction at home.. simply move to the guesthouse

Vansho:Ermmmylife is like the movie No Entry...

Aarti: GUYS
Jas:She said her life, not yours!ROFL



^creds Jas!Embarrassed

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..-Jia-.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 May 2009
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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 9:02pm | IP Logged

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Aussie_Girl IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 February 2012
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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 9:02pm | IP Logged

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Mohabbateinn IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 January 2012
Posts: 19193

Posted: 05 August 2012 at 9:02pm | IP Logged
ROFL nameless

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LD-Radha IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 November 2010
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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
Kudiyon ka hai zamana was going to be my suggestion.

Because you know I always have to put my two cents inROFL

But CONGRATS!Dancing Time to partyParty

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Aussie_Girl IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 February 2012
Posts: 14606

Posted: 05 August 2012 at 9:04pm | IP Logged

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Mohabbateinn IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 January 2012
Posts: 19193

Posted: 05 August 2012 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
ROFL from JD ur now JMom so JM ROFL and ur hubby is now HWD - honewaledad ROFL

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