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*ENTWINED* RTMC ff-chapter 13 pg 43 pg 43 (Page 5)

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 12:54am | IP Logged
thankyou so much for pm very nice waiting for part 3

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Originally posted by disha15

Originally posted by Kasurbest

Dishuuu! part 2 up! yayyy! U know i am much more eager for the one thats gonna come next! and u also know my views on this update! PART 3 -ehhh waiting for it! 

its ready monal :D will update in like two-three days Smile

Nice, and I know its ready! Just waiting for it! 

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updating part 3
.FemmeFatale. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2012 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Writer's Note
Me on a writing spree Tongue I am updating now only coz i dunno when i'll find the time next,so you guys read whenever possible.This particular part is somewhat close to my heart-mainly bcoz for some odd reason i have a strange liking for dark stories (i dont think its strange!but people think so)Only a really good author can be able to write dark stories-more so,GOOD dark stories..and make the reader actually feel dark emotions  within him/her and you know induce some sort of haunted feeling Big smile And i havent come across a dark novel for a while now,so pleasing myself with my 3rd class writing skills,trying to make it as dark as possible Ermm 

Im INTRODUCING a VERY IMPORTANT CHARACTER with this one point of time,i had thought bout making this character the male protagonist..but for some reason i couldn't associate the character with Rajat-you'll will get to know why so,later on.Its just that Rajat seems too good a person to be playing such a role Embarrassed Yes,i could have made it an anonymous story,but i somehow wanted my first ff to be an RT-MC one Tongue so incorporated both the stories i had in my mind,into one.

Enough of my barking,PLEASE proceed reading the chapter,but BEFORE THAT!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL OF YOU to listen to this song ( youtube ) before reading the chapter.The female vocals in the song sum up Dhruvi's feelings in this chapter,the male vocals doing so with the NEW CHARACTER'S feelings towrds Dhruvi and it will also give you the kind of feeling i want you'll to feel with this chapter (hopefully!)Embarrassed 

The cold breeze was in full swing.It was colder than usual today.Well,that may have been because people have all of a sudden become cold hearted.It was well past 9 p.m.The traffic was still at its peak.The sky was pitch black and there was no light apart from that of the moon and  of the fermimetre sized stars.The city looked beautiful as she viewed it from the top.The lights from the houses and street lights looked like twinkling stars.The cars on the multi laned roads were moving swiftly and as they moved with constant pace,it somehow enhanced the beauty of the whole backdrop.

The current population of the world was 7.031 billion and yet there wasn't even a single human being who was by her side at the time.No one who made her feel safe.No one she could depend on.No one who could help her out of the devil's cave.She was totally helpless.She couldn't take U-turn and go back to where she was nor could she move forward as the view ahead of her was a deadend.
She was standing on the edge.Her lustrous long hair left open.Her ever so pretty eyes looked exhausted.Her eye sockets were swollen,thanks to all the tears that had escaped her eyes no matter how hard she tried to hold them in.But now, there weren't any more tears left.She had sobbed enough for a million years.Her body shrugged.It looked weak,that might have been because she hadn't eaten at all for days together and well,sleep had given up on her too.But mostly because,there were other things occupying her mind and body,food and sleep didn't even make it to the list of the last necessity.The only piece of clothing protecting her dignity was an over sized t shirt which looked old and was crumpled.When the most important person in her life had unclothed her of all the dignity she had for herself,clothing herself with a piece of textile seemed useless.
She clenched her fist.She pressed her toes towards the edge of the shaft,she bit her lower lip and closed her eyes,one last time,as though trying make her change her decision.

She could see everything in flashbacks.The first time she had seen him.The first time her heart had skipped a beat for him.The first time his gaze pierced her eyes..The first time he smiled..Ah..that smile..the smile that made her forget everything in the world.The first time he touched her...the time his lips burnt against hers..she had felt an unknown volatile tsunami inside of her..there wasnt anything like it..she would completely lose herself in him..she had never been happier-or so she kept saying that to herself...her perfect dream sequence shifted focus-The first time he slapped her...the first time he had used her flesh to plaese himself and then slammed her against the wall..the first time she had begged him to stay...the first time she desperately caught his feet..the first time he hadn't returned any of her calls  after they made love-made anything but love.the first time he  - She couldn't take it any more.There was only one way out.Her heart was thudding with increasing velocity and she knew only one way to slow it down.

She was on the boulevard of broken dreams.Her life was nothing but a wreck.She had seen the cruel-side of the world-all within a few months.The harsh reality of life had been taught to her in the harshest way possible.

Every girl is brought up in such a way that she inevitably believes that fairy tales do exist,that true love lasts forever,that the guy she loves will stand by her no matter what.But she was forced to believe vice versa-the hard way.She would have learnt the truth sooner or later,but no,the evil monster had taken an oath to teach this naive teenager a lesson-a lesson for trusting him, a lesson for always helping him out of a situation,for being his companion,for being his support-system through all his troubles,for being with him even when the entire world told not to.

She felt cheated.Even if, all of this  was part of a deal for him,his half of the deal was still pending.He had promised to talk to her even after they parted ways..that was the only condition she had putforth.That was just a small deed he SHOULD have done for her in return of the vast sacrifcies she had made for his sake.

She was this talented intelligent confident young teen,whose bright future was standing inches away welcoming her with opened arms,but now,her future seemed to have reached its doomsday.

She looked at her bruised hands,the deeper scars were gifted to her by the satan and the fewer ones,the incipient ones,encrypted by herself.Her eyes then fell on something that shined,that's when she noticed it for the first time in 7 months.It was a bracelet Prithvi had gifted her on her 14th birthday.A mild smile curved her lips,simultaneously a tear drop made its way through her eye cornea again.This tear was different.All these months she had been crying for not having something she deserved but wasnt hers,but now she cried because she lost the one person she didnt deserve,but was ALWAYS HERS.
She missed Prithvi.

'I wish i had listened to you Prithvi.I wish...I know this is stupid,but if you're listening,please stop me from doing this.Please Prithvi...Please' she said as she sobbed uncontrollably now.

She then took a deep breath,made herself firm and looked down.

She was standing in the balcony of a 23rd floor apartment in a posh building.The plinth had a  balustrade with a circular wooden shaft over it made for support-the whole purpose of the structure being-prevention of a fall.But Dhruvi was standing ON it.

'I lost myself in you Advait.And lost everything.I destroyed MY life and that of all the people who cared about me.I deserve to die.' Dhruvi said firmly.

She was looking confident now.Her view was now focussed straight.Her movements,firm.She was setting herself free.She was breaking free from the physical,mental and emotional turmoil.Her eye lids closed themselves timidly and then she...


"Prithvi!!!!" she screamt and straightened her back and sat up on the sofa.She was gasping for breath.She felt her forehead,sweat had formed a thin blanket.Another nightmare.It had been a while since she had them.But they keep recurring,keep finding their way back to her fragile mind.

Within a split second,she felt strong arms enveloping her upper half,comforting her.She took another few seconds to re-collect what was happening.

"Im here Dhra.Dont worry.Im right here." Prithvi said to her affectionately as he embraced her,comforting her.

She laid in his arms for a few more minutes and then put her arms around him too.

"I dreamt about it again." she said uninterestedly.

"I know." Prithvi uttered softly.

"Prithvi,do you think i-" before she could complete her sentence,Prithvi spoke again "No,you dont need a psychiatrist.This is the last time i'm telling you."

He pulled away from her,looking straight into her eyes,as though making her believe in what he was trying to convey.

Dhruvi gave a stern face and then nodded.

After she fainted,Prithvi had carried her and laid her on the sofa so that she could rest.He had sprinkled some water,to which she had responded,but soon enough she had fallen asleep.

"How long was i out?" Dhruvi asked as she stretched her legs and let them rest on the ground from the sofa.

"Not much.4 hours." Prithvi responded coldly.

"4 HOURS?"Dhruvi repeated in high volume,her eyes bulging out,more than normal :D

Prithvi chuckled and got up.

"I'll get you somethign to eat Dhra." he said and went towards the kitchen.

Dhruvi sat there for a while,rubbed her eyes and then tied her hair in a knot.

She saw Prithvi and felt guilty for some reason.

"Advait is the opposite of Prithvi..i cant believe i was in love with him-I cant believe I THOUGHT i was in love with him." Dhruvi said to herself.

She could see Prithvi plating up something.

" could i have been immune to this greek god 5 years back?" she uttered to herself as she gaped at Prithvi.

"Well,not that Advait wasn't any less of greek god.But his actions were anything,but godly.He was born evil.As they say,looks can be deceiving." Dhruvi murmured.

Prithvi was making a chicken salomi for her-she loved the snack and he happily made it.Worry clouded his thoughts,but it was not at all evident on his face.He looked calm.

'I need to put an end to this once and for all.She still lives in the shadow of her past,the past which haunts her even now in unimaginable ways.She needs closure.No matter how hard it might be for her to face him,she has to do it...more importantly,no matter how hard it would be for me to keep his bones in one piece,i have to do this.' Prithvi thought to himself.

He had hated Advait from day 1.He had known he was bad news all along.He was a player,with a PhD.Not only in the science of manipulating with a woman's emotions,but also in the quantum theory of mechanics.He was a big brain,head to toe (metaphorical context)

Gemins(zodiac) are believed to be attracted to the opposite sex by their degree of intelligence,their sense of wit and their communication skills.Though Dhruvi was a gemini,Prithvi always believed that Dhruvi was the last person who could have fallen into his trap,but then,she did.And as she did so,not only did she end up  breaking her heart in the near future,but also Prithvi's heart.His heartbreak didn't have to wait for the future as it kept breaking in every single passing moment he spent without her.

'I wonder what reminded her of him today..I mean we were having a talk and then she got angry(he kind of chuckled thinking of the reason behind her angst) and then she was about to leave,i caught her,she kept saying lemme go lemme go,i said not to utter  those words and then how can this remind her of him?' Prithvi kept thinking about this.

He lifted the plate and started walking towards the drawing room.He masked his face with a broad smile,so as to hide the massive queue of thoughts maddening him.

He sat next to her,picked up the sandwich,looked up at her and cheerfully said "Open."

Dhruvi on the other hand who had been lost in her thoughts,heard 'OPEN' and was kind of misinterpreting his intentions.

"What-What did you say?" she asked with a confused tone.

"What 'what what'?Open your mouth idiot.I come bearing food you see-so unless you open you mouth,how can i feed it to you?" Prithvi said innocently,unaware of her thoughts.

Dhruvi was embarassed at herself now.She quickly held Prithvi's hands which were gripping on the sandwich.She nibbled on the sandwich without a break.She didn't want him to figure out her interpretation.

"Whoa!Someone's hungry!Slow down woman.I do not want you to die of choking." Prithvi said. 

Dhruvi slowed down,but she couldn't meet his gaze,still feeling embarassed.

'God Dhruvi.Prithvi would be the last person who would come up with such a cheesy pick-up line-OPEN.that's so sick.You're unbelieveable Dhruvi!' Dhruvi mentally slapped herself.

She finished her sandwich and then Prithvi placed the plate down.He picked up a glass of water and gently let it peck her lips.She took some sips and then moved away from it.Prithvi wiped of some droplets of water which had fallen,off her chin.

She looked at Prithvi in amusement.It used to always amaze Dhruvi that Prithvi cared so much about her.Even when she was just another ordinary girl,even though she wasn't the prettiest girl around him(OR so she believed.Dhruvi had been unaware of how perfectly pretty she was all her life),even though,in the past, she hurt him in a way that no normal human being could have  forgiven her.But Prithvi..hmm..she sighed as she thought about it.

The guilt of having hurt his golden heart pierced hers..She would make it upto him,yes,she would..she kept saying that to herself..even if it would take her a lifetime,7 lifetimes.But even then,it would never be enough.Deep down,she knew that the magnitude of what she would do,in order to return his favour,could never be equivalent to what he had done for her.He was there for her,even when he didn't have to.Even when she didn't deserve his sympathy.Even when she didn't deserve someone so noble.Yet,he was there for her;not once,not twice,but infinite times.

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Said most of it in my comment in rtw. I won't ruin the depthness of what I said by adding more to it over here. So, rush over to your sasural ! 

Love <3 

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reso jii
 edit wil take time.. sry again

maine ek bhott bada cmnt lkikha tha lappy main.. but voh post nahi hoa../.. n galti se voh saara ka saare( combined wid cmnt of shikar n lov a mistake..) sab cut kiya tha...
achanak se net ka cneection hatt gya..
phirr lapp  restrt kiya. den..
 sab udd gya..
 but dil se kah rhi hun.. sachi main bada cmnt tha..
 usmain dheersaa ri advait k liye galiyaan thi..
 [email protected]@LKA, [email protected]@..
 hw dare he be wid hruvi like dat. hoe rude. a animal , sachi main main..
 voh scene bhoot beautifully likha h..
sachi main jaan bhari h usmain..
 lovely creations of visuals..

god, kitna dari hoi thi dhraa...

yahi tho dhraa.. aakhein h yah button...
 tumhe prithvi nahi dekha kya..
 koi ho voh advait... prithvi se jyada handsome.. mann hi nhi sakti..


chalo.. ab prithvi ne agar guarantee le li h ki sab thikk karke raha ga tho, i m a bit relaxed.. only a bit...

dese two lover need each others love,...sirf pyaar hi pyaar..

n tum ek jhappi paa lo.. u r wondoful...
lov u

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Originally posted by Mugdhafan01

nice update loved it..Smile waiting for the chap 3Wink n my siggy???Cry

thanks a lot surbhi!and siggy D'ohso sorry babe..will pm by this weekend ok really sorry! 
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Originally posted by hairdresser

thankyou so much for pm very nice waiting for part 3

thank you! Hug

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