Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

YAHI HOTA PYAR HE KYA2 part15 on PAGE 126 MAY23RD (Page 7)

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Arjun is ready in hurry cuz no one in the palace deny dj's order .he is looking tense cuz he know whtas the thing will be next of discussion. He come to the breakfast table where everybody is waitng for him. He said "good morning " to all and take his seat silently . he thought to avoid argue with all cuz its better for him otherwise they will start to counting his mistakes wich is not mistakes for arjun. Dj clear her throat and said " normally people come to home at night but some people start their days in the night . was I m getting old day by day rudra or earth turn its position. Arjun know this taunt is for him.he keep quiet . rudra look arjun who eating his breakfast like nothing is happened .some anger appear on his face and he said" I think arjun mom wants to talk with you something ". Arjun look him and said " I thought she is talking with you ". Rudra withanger " how many times I have to told you that give respect to your elders? And arjun snapp back " and how many time I told you dont grabbing me in your disccusiion.?" Kumud with raising voice " arjun". Dj signal to servants leave them alone .they all leave and dj said " arjun we are seeing your behavoiur and tolerating every day . now see this news paper .again one scam from you . at least maintain  family's reputation. Don't forget from which family you belongs. There was a time nobody had gutss to ask us anything and now cuz of you media always keeping eyes on us and asking question to us . its really embarrassing . arjun with irritate "then who told you to react ,avoid media ." rudra throwing napkin on the table " its worth to disccusion with him ." dj with disbelief" then ok arjun we will not saying you anything and never stop you for anything ". Arjun is surprised how they change in seconds and then dj added" but we have one condition ". Arjun without realizing " I am agree whtever your condition ". Dj with smirk " think again ". Arjun again said " I said I will do whtever u said ". Dj said "then you have to marry with girl which we choosed . arjun with shock stand "what ". And dj said "yes if you are ready to marry then we wil not intefearing your life". Arjun with disgust look" what u think that am I idiot ?" rudra with raising voice" maintain launguage ". Arjun realize wht he said front of her grnad mother and in apologizing tone " I am sorry dj but its not happen .cuz I m now 22 years old . dj snap " when rudra got marry he was 20 .arjun again back " but that was different time ,dj answer back " yeah its different time but that time children not arguing like you ,they obey what their parents choose for them . and arjun said " you have no rights to put yout thoughts on me . and dj said " then you have no rights to use our money to spend on some randoms girls . arjun said " its my rights". Rudra inturrupt " you forget son .your just an one employee in our empire and m still live .i will decide whos rights and whos not .so better come to earth and try to see reality . arjun look his father and said " so you guys blackmailing me." And rudra said " whtever you say. And yean if you have guts then go from the palace earn money yourself and do whtever you want ,we will never say anything ." with that they all leave the discussion to left arjun with open mouth in the middle of palace .

"disgusting "arjun throw the files from his cabin . gauri enter in his cabin and rubbing his shoulder and said " what happen babby ?" arjun swipe her hands and said " just leave me alone ". Guari with seductively "ohh honey plz calm down ,and I am just come here to remembering you tonight we have to go robby's party .and arjun with irritate "I don't think so I am able to come there." And gauri grabbing his hand "come on lets come with me ".

Arjun laying on gauri's bedroom thinking about what his famiy said him to day morning . gauri ruining her face on his chest " come on arjun what happen ?today your not responding what happen ?" arjun with tense " my family force me for marriage ." and gauri sit up and said " then lets go ,we will meet them today ." arjun wipe her hand from his body and said " listen gauri I told you before I am not believing in commitment and you know better ." gauri with changing expression " then what is the solution?" arjun said "I don't know ". After some time gauri with smile " ok I find the solution". Arjun look her surprisingly "what ". Gauri said " see your parents wants you to marry right then marry what they choose for you .after that give her disvorce and show your family that the girl they choose for him is not good and characterless and etc. after that you will be free and they will never force you for anything . arjun with smirk roll over on gauri " that s why I like you sweet heart . finally you get the solution ." they both start to laugh .

Next day everybody is shocked when arjun say yes to them . rudra with some dout " dj I have some dout ,don't know but I cant trust him anymore .." kumud with agreeing tone " yes rudra you are right ,even I also feel same there is something which he try o hide from us . dj with smirk" don't worry I will handle it but the thing is find a girl who will see him right direction of life .and it is the most toughest target for everybody .

Next few days arjun's family see lots of girls for arjun but his family don't like anybody cuz everytime arjun trap girls in his charm . finally they leave to find girls for him.

Arjun is happy now . his family not forcing him for anything now and he is leaving his life like normally the way he used it . one day dj asked arjun to go temple with her .first arjun deny but inerside he cant say not his dj after all she is his dj . he loves her so much .

In the temple arjun talking on his fone and dj enter . arjun don't want to go insisde cuz he don't believe . after complete pray dj try to come out but one man in hurry push her and before her servant caught her ,one girl caught her to fall. Dj look a girl who wore white salvar kameez . she gave a sweet smile to her and dj said "thnks " to her . the girl said " don't need to thnks ,you are elder . she go inside .dj talking with prist about arjun's kundli but their gaze change when they heared someone shouting out of the temple. Dj and all come and look arjun who shouting on one child .actually arjun is talking on fone and one little boy run on the road and bash with arjun .the boy's hand mess with oil and it touch to arjun's whit coat . arjun galre him in anger . and boy with fear say " I m sorry sir , I didn't do it intensionally ,plz forgive me .i was in hurry " but arjun is not in mood to forgive ness he caught his shoulder and say" don't you know how much coastly my coat is ? u slum people I know your intesnions  and he tried to nodded boy and boy started to cry ,before dj stop arjun ,everybody shocked to see one girl slap arjun hardly . and dj noticed the girl was who save her from to fall in temple . arjun shocked to see sudden action of this .he leave the boy and caught the girl who slap him and pinned her to car " you b****h !!!1how dare you to slap me !!!and that girl push him and slap again him and say " this one is for caught my hand without my permission." Before arjun said anything dj inturrept and pull arjun back . arjun with red eye" I m gone kill this girl ". And girl with anger " don't you have manner how to talk with children ????that boy told you sorry lots of time but u didn't listen him and try to scare him. Just look his and your age . shame on you . arjun with anger " u don't know who I am ?" and girl said " whtever you are I don't care . after all you are also human .if you think u are different then i don't know . and arjun with anger " what the hell you think about your self , . but dj inturrupt and order him to go home .arjun sit in the car with anger and go. Dj look the girl who try calm that little boy who cried. Dj come to near her and say " I am sorry beta what my grand son do with this boy ." and girl said" no its ok and plz you are elder to me so don't say sorry even I am sorry ,I also react rudely but don't know whenever I watched something wrong I cant control my self . dj asked " if you have no problem can I asked your name ?" girl said " arohi !!!my name is arohi alhuwalia. And some one scream her name he go with that direction . dj watch her to go.

Arjun is out of mood . he is totally turn in animal. He is throwing things on the floor . everybody is socked to see his reaction. Jay enter in his room but he said anything arjun scream " just get out from my room jay otherwise I will kill you . " jay with question "but what happen ? why are you behaving like this ?" arjun with anger " what the hell she think about her self .dhe don't know who I am .i m gone mess her life . jay ask " who ?" and arjun said " leave me alone ."

Arjun drink more and more ,he dont forget the slap. He cant sleep properly . he just want to destroy that girls life right now . how dare someone slap arun singhania . arjun is totally turn in animal . he called his servants who went with dj in temple and order them to find address of girl who slap him. He is totally in lost . in the club when gauri hug him ,he swipe her hand from him and said " don t try to touch me ,I am out mood ,just get out from here." Gauri look him and starr with confus but she know very well if arjun was angry then nobody has guts to inturrupt him.

After 2 days arjun's man giv him the information about arohi .arjun is sitting on the couch and listen what his servant said to him " you highness the girl name is arohi alhuwali. Industrialist sudhir ahluwali's daughter . she was only one child of his father . and people said that she had affair with some middleclass boy . her father don't like it but her father against she engaged with him and after 1 month they are going to marriage . arjun order the man to leave his room and put his hand on his cheeks and murmered with smirk " arohi alhuwalia !!!tumne muje sabke samne thappad mara tha aor meri insult kit hi ab me tumhe wo thappad marunga jo puri jindgi bhar nahi bhlongi ".

p.s sorry late update i know its short update but i will update tomorrow again  

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1st :)

hayeh meri "Zansi ki Rani " aahi gayi ;)
two slap Shocked
shez engaged :@ kiske saath naam kya hai :@
hehe kya karega yeh *angry arjun* ?

will wait 4 tomorrow to no more :)

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Ouchhaha maja aaya... do char or lagane ki jarurat thi.. LOL kitna gussa karta he ye sadu..Angry ri8 sneha jansi ki rani aa gayi uski band bajaane.. ClapClap  i think wo aaru se badla lene ke liye uske sath marriage karega.. 
 and i hate this gauri chhiii . me uska khoon karna chahti hu. bar bar arjun se chipakne kyu aa jati he. or koi kaam dhandha neh he kya uske paas.. uska or arjun ka plan k baad me aaru ko divorce dene ka -kuch kaam neh aane vala. aarohi ka pyar arjun ko ye karne neh dega..Star

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Aha awsome! Arohi slapd arjun. Wao! Bt arohi engazed! Nah,dat nt gonna happen. Btw di plz update it nxt again. Plz plz.

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--Anjali-- IF-Rockerz

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u update 2 parts of this FF??? Shocked Shocked
Aaarzu Groupbie

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nyc one jaya 2-3 or deti kaan k niche Ouch..hosh thikane aa jate Angry...know Arjun will marry her use revenge lene k liye SmileDancing

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I dint like arohi's affair !

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nice.arjun ko slap omgShocked.ab arjun arohi hi sa sadi karaga badla la liya hope so.o god arohi is engazed.arohi ka lover bad ma bohot problemAngry karaga arjun ko lagta hai.lets see age kya hota hai.update soonDay Dreaming

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