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AR FF ~~Relations for Life~~ | Part 6 | 3.8.2012

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Hey guys,

I am continuing my FF, "Somebody to Love", but I have changed the title, as I think it better matches the track I have in mind now. Thus, I have started a new thread. 

All the parts from the previous thread have been posted below... After going over them again trust me I was not really happy...wanted to fix a whole lot...but just couldn't bring myself to do it...I knew if I would start with editing, by the time I would be done, I will probably loose the motivation to write the new part...So here they are as if...Hope you will still like them :)

The new part is towards the end...please pardon the mistakes/grammer...I was just so eager to post it, didn't have the patience to proofread the part...I have no idea how am I doing so please don't forget to leave a comment...Its been awhile since I have written anything...I wouldn't want to continue if  there are no readers interested, so let me know if I should continue...

Happy reading!!

Note: If you would like PM for further updates please add sar_m_pm to your budy list. I will be sending out PM from that account.


Part 1- 5 :
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Part 6 : page 1

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Previous Parts

Part 1

Rajeev Malik opened the door to welcome the guests in the house with a huge grin on his face.

"Itni deer laga di yaar, kab se tera intezaar kar rahe hain" and he pulled his best friend, Shashank Gupta into a rib crashing hug…. "haye thand pe gayi…kaisa hain mera yaar".

"Bas dekh le badiya hoon, aura abb dost se mil kar tabiyat kush ho gayi", Shashank smiled full heartedly. Breaking out of the hug Rajeev greeted the other members of the family. "Nameste bhabhiji, kaise hain aap, aao baccho, meri bachiyain kitni badi ho gayi hain, kaise ho baccho??"

*Wow I did not know pa and uncle are such good friends, pa always tell us their college stories but I thought after uncle moved to Canada 15 years ago, they friendship must have distanced but guess I was wrong, they still seem like they share a very strong bond…..Anyways what a nice house yaar, the house is as mesmerizing from outside as it is from inside*
, Ridhimma came out of her chain of thoughts as she heard a women speak

"Bas abb sari batein yahi karoge ya ander bhi anne doge" everyone turned to see Ananya Malik standing at the door.

After an emotional and a heart felt greeting session everyone was settled in the living room…

"Ananya, bacche kaha hain, its been 7 years since we have seen them…abb to bahut bade ho gaye hoge…call them na", Padma asked cheerfully.

"Padma, Rahul and Armaan to tumhe abhi nahi milenge, Rahul had to leave for office early this morning and Armaan bhi college gaya hain. Mini was on the phone last I checked. I will just call her."

Ananya asked the servant to go and call Mini.

"Bhaisab aur inki to baat hoti rehti hain, Ananya you tell me how are you doing? Shashank was telling me Rahul is a CA now, what firm he is working with? and what is Armaan and Mini doing?" Padma asked.

"yeah  Rahul got his CA designation this year, he got hired with Deloitte then. Armaan he is in his second year Engineering. And Mini she is grade 11…." Ananya spoke with pride for  her children….

Their talks were interrupted as they saw Mini coming down the stairs…She looked gorgeous wearing a purple summer dress. She came down and greeted everyone. Padma got up and hugged her "God bless you my child…you are so beautiful, kissi ki nazar na lage, Padma iski aaj nazar ootar dena. She was two when you guys left and now look at her, how time flies…" Padma lovingly patted Mini on her head.

Everyone got busy chatting again over tea. Ridhimma chatted with Mini for a while and talking with Ananya in between. She was the one in the family who would take sometime getting comfortable with people, whereas everyone else could easily talk to everyone and anyone. Shashank and Padma was so excited to see their old friends after so long that the excitement took over their tiredness from a 21 hour long flight. On the other, Anjali was busy talking with Mini and Ridhimma was dozing off sitting on the couch

Rajeev noticed Ridhimma heavy eyes, struggling to keep herself awake when the tiredness was taking over. He smiled at her innocence, and spoke "Ananya abb inhe rest karne dete hain, humari baatein to khatam nahi hongi aur Ridhimma beta yahi so jayegi"

Ridhimma turned red embarrassed at being caught " Wo..umm sorry uncle, I am just a bit tired, sorry...ummm"

Rajeev lovingly gave her side hug " Oh no beta you don't have to be sorry, we should be sorry but you know na how we old people are…we love to talk…Now you go and have some rest"

"yeah we should get going now…Hum log phir sham ko milte hain", said Shashank standing up.
"Tu kaha ja raha hain…Bhabhiji abb app isko samjha lo…..Dost ke hote ve ye Hotel main rehne ki zid kar raha hain…Jab tak app log ke liye paas me ghar nahi dekh le.. aap sab humare paas rahenge…Have I made myself clear... abb baar baar gussa mat chada…varna maine baat nahi karni", said Rajeev and he pretended to be angry and turned his back towards Shashank….

Shashank didn't want to be a burden on his friend, but seeing his friend get serious he thought he will hurt him if he would not stay with them and after all if they would have come to India and stayed at a hotel he would have felt bad as well. So he agreed, deciding he will try and find a home at the earliest.

"Yaar abb tereko naraaz kar ke main marna thodi hain, chal abb room to dikha..badi nind aa rahi hain" and Shashank pulled Rajeev in hug, in a way apologizing, if his actions have hurt him….

Rajeev finally broke out in a smile. Ordering the servant to take their luggage from the car to their respective rooms. He asked Mini to show Ridhimma and Anjali their rooms, while he showed Shashank and Padma theirs.

Ridhimma and Anjali room was on the third level with the other kids whereas the elder people had their room on the second level.

Mini took them upstairs, "So this will be your room and the room next to yours is Rahul Bhai's and the one opposite is Armaan Bhia's and the one next to his mine. So I am right there if you need anything. Rest well, I will see you guys later", Mini left closing the door behind.

As soon as Mini left, Ridhimma slammed on the bed. "Finally…..bed"

"Ridizii…could you atleast take off your shoes….How tired are you really?", spoke Anjali.

Ridhimma sat up on the bed pouting. Taking off her shoes hurriedly,  she adjusted the pillow and got into the comforter and spoke yawning, "You have no idea di…how hard I was trying to keep my eyes open downstair…."

"Oh yeah I have an idea….", she chuckled remembering how Rajeev Uncle caught her little sister dozing off. "By the way, did you see their family pictures on the stair wall…I must say both the brothers looks damn handsome"

Ridhimma who was already half asleep now, replied in her sleep, "No did not see the pictures properly, guess we will find out in the evening".


"Yes bhai I will get home on time. I know dad's friends are over from India today…I don't understand he is dad's friend so why do I have to get home early. Anyway, I will be there in an hour.…", a drop dead gorgeous guy talked on the phone as he drove his Audi Q7 home.

"Armaan, an hour means an hour. I will be home in 10 mins. I don't want mom to keep instructing me to give you a call.  So get home on time." Rahul spoke instructing his kid brother.

"yeah bhai I am on my way. Trust me I will be there. By the way bhai, how long would they be staying with us?"

"I think what mom told me was they have moved to Canada now, so dad is going to insist they stay with us until they buy their own place. So may be a month or so..", Rahul moved the phone away from his ear hearing Armaan, shrieking at the other end.

"No FUC**** WAY ….You are kidding me right??", Armaan asked hoping.

Rahul, "Omg Ammy could you not swear please and try to control your language in front of the guests. They have two daughters for god sake."

"Holy smokes, I have no idea how I will survive in my own home. One month no privacy and plus two girls. I am sure you know they will be like the girls they show in the Indian TV shows which mom watches. Backward thinking types. And on top of all that….mom tantrums when guests are staying at our place. Beta do this, beta don't do that, Beta come on time…ARGHH,…..I think I will have to move with Atul for some weeks now", says Armaan frustrated, just with the thought of having guests over for a month.

Rahul on the other hand could not stop his laughter hearing him whine like a little girl, "Serioulsy Ammy you are such a girl, its just a month dude…. You would not even realize it and plus I have heard they are fun people. So stop being judgmental and wait until you meet them. Alright I will see you soon, I am outside home. And come on time."

"I am not being judgmental for god sakes…you wait and watch bhai who is right….and yeah stop being mom I will be thr..ok bye now", spoke Armaan irritated, ending the call.    


Anjali woke up hearing some noise from downstairs, she checked the time finding her watch,
"6 pm, wow…. guess everyone else is up…wonder why noone came to wake us up yet" She looking at Ridhimma sleeping peacefully beside her…..

"Hey sleepy head get up, its 6' o lock….everyone is up….I am hungry….get up lets get fresh and go downstairs", Anjali said trying to wake Ridhimma up, when there was a knock at the door. She got off bed , fixing her hair and went to open the door.

As Anjali opened the door she saw a handsome guy dressed in crisp off-white shirt and brown pants. She remembered he was one of the guys from the pictures.

*Wow…not bad…he is quite hot…guess staying with Malik's will be fun*  She smirked thinking to herself. Seeing him starting at her with a slightly open mouth she smiled and said "Hey?"

Rahul was in surprise, he probably believed what Armaan said and was expecting a girl dressed in Indian outfits and shy and all, but the sight in front of her was something else….A talk girl dressed in pink top and shorts which reach till her upper thigh was not what he was expecting…He got embarrassed realizing he was probably staring at her for too long, cursing Armaan in his mind. He would not have reacted in such a way, if he didn't have different expectations.

Anajli not able to break his gaze, waved her hand infront of his eyes, "Are you okay?"

Rahul gave an embarrassed cough, "I am sorry, I just….umm…, I am Rahul" He extended his hand.

She smiled taking his hand, "Hi I am Anjali"

"Nice to meet you Anjali, Hopefully I didn't wake you up?", Rahul asked feeling kinda guilty of waking them up. He knew how tiring the flight from India is, but he was just eager to meet them he told himself. His curiosity took over and he volunteered he will go check on them when Padma was coming upstairs to wake her daughters up.

"No no don't worry about it, we were just coming downstairs.", Anjali said.

"Oh alright. I guess I will give you girls some time to freshen up and will see you downstairs?", Rahul said smiling.

"Yeah, give us 5-10 min", Anjali said.

Rahul went down stairs while Anajli went in the room to wake her sleepy sister up.

Rahul smiled to himself thinking, *Ammy you are in for some surprise, I can wait to see your reaction. It be fun!*


Part 2

Anjali went and shook Ridhimma who was sleeping unware of Rahul visit…."Ridzii ooth, ooth yaar"

On the other hand Ridhimma just dig her face deeper into the pillow. Anjali was having a hard time waking her up now. She decided to use her old trick, she knocked on the table making it sound like there was a knock on the door. And then went toward the door opening and said "Hello uncle, yeah we were up. Come inside"

Ridhimma who was half awake now, quickly sat up on the bed, fixing her hair, expecting Rajeev Uncle to enter.

Anjali closed the door and walked inside giving her a winning smile, "Always works"

Ridhimma was annoyed now, "Kya di….app hamesha aise karto ho…I am gonna stop talking to you if you use this silly trick on me again….Let me sleep..whats the rush?"

Anjali looking for a dress in her suitcase looked at her sister not believing how can she be such a kid, she is in someone else house and yet sleeping so peacefully. *Well when it comes to sleep I guess no one can beat her. Sleep and Ridhimma are like soul mates*

"Sleepy head, what is wrong with you. Get up its 6:30 now. Even Rahul came upstairs to call us and I am not lying"

Ridhimma gave her a not believing look, "You are joking right?"

"NO I am not….and did I tell you he is gorgeous", Anjali spoke while going in the washroom to change.

Ridhimma got up quickly from the bed and stood beside the washroom door. "Seriously di…you met Rahul already….Why did he came upstairs? Rahul is the older one right?"

"Yeah ridzi, he is the older one. I don't know why he came upstairs, may be aunty told him to check on us, Now stop asking me questions and get changed I told him we are coming downstairs in 5 min", Anjali spoke from inside the washroom.

Both of them changed Ridhimma wore a Skinny jeans with a top. While Anjali wore a summer dress.
As they descended the stairs everyone was in awe for the girls. They went and joined everyone.

"Aao baccho, nind kharab to nahi huyi humari wajah se." Ananya asked lovingly.

"Nahi aunty hum log bilkul disturb nahi huye", Anajali responded smiling.

"bacho tum Rahul se mille?", Rajeev asked. patting on his son shoulder.

Rahul got up and walked toward the girl, "I met Anjali dad but Reedheemma se nahi", he extended his hand towards her. "Rahul". She took his hand smiling, "Ridhimma" she said correcting him as he spoke her name with an accent and not in the right way "nice to meet you".

"Ridhimma not Reedheema, right? I am sorry about that. Nice name its different, never heard of it."

"Don't worry about it Rahul. You can call her Ridzi. We all call her that", said Anjali interrupting.

Ridhimma looked at her pissed but quickly realizing everyone was watching her. She smiled back to Rahul, who gave her his best smile.

*God such a nice smile….Di was right indeed he is gorgeous. But why did di have to tell him my nick name though. Only my friends and family call me that and he is not even friend yet*, Ridhimma frowned thinking.

She was lost in her thought when Rahul waved his hand in front of her, "Hey where are you lost? You want to join me, Anjali and Mini for coffee in the backyard"

"Umm….yeah..yeah sure", she replied fumbling. She followed them to the backyard. Anajli, Mini took a seat on the swing in the backyard when Rahul and Ridhimma sat on the sofa.

"So what do you do Rahul?", Anjali asked curiously.

"I finished my CA this year Anjali and now I am working with Deloitte", Rahul responded.

"OH yeah Auntyji was telling. So you work closeby or is it a long drive?", Anjali asked.

"Well I work in downtown Toronto. So it is an hour long drive but if there is traffic, it takes much longer.", Rahul responded.

"Mom was telling you got placed with National Post here, what will you be working as?", Rahul asked Anjali.

"Oh yeah, I have my joining in two months. I will be working with their fashion section. I think their office is in downtown Toronto as well" Anajali responded cheerfully.

"That nice, Fashion interesting…That explains your greats sense of style.", Rahul said complementing her. He was indeed impressed with the sense of style of both the sisters. Though Ridhimma was simpler in style than Anjali but both were nothing like the girls from the typical Indian shows. He smiled recollecting Armaan prediction of them.

"Thanks Rahul. You yourself have a great sense of style.", Anjali said appreciating Rahul.

"Well I guess the credit will go to Mini as she does the shopping for me and Ammy. I mean Armaan my younger brother. You know how guys and shopping does not really go together.", Rahul chuckled.

Anjali was surprised, "Really Mini…Wow I am impressed…"

"Thanks Di", Mini replied smiling.

"Hey nice nail art Mini.", said Anjali as she noticed her nail paints.

"Oh thanks di, I have whole collection do you want to see it", said Mini excitedly.

"Yeah sure", Anjali said smiling getting up to go to Mini's room. Both of them left leaving behind Ridhimma who was feeling really awkward now. It will always take her time to get comfortable with people. People who knew her always commented that she will be very quite in the beginning but when she gets free she would not just stop talking.

"Wow guess Mini found a companion. So its two of us now.", Rahul smiled looking at Ridhimma sitting by her side.

"So what are you studying Ridzi?? Oh I hope you don't mind calling me that", Rahul asked trying to start a conversation.

"No its fine. I did my first year in business administration in India and I will be starting my second year in Wilfred Lurier Unversity here from September.", She said smiling at him.

"Oh really wow Armaan goes to Waterloo. It is on the same street as your university.", Rahul said.

Their talk was interrupted as Ananya came to ask Rahul to check on Armaan. Rahul sighed thinking his brother would never change. He excused himself and walked to a distance to call Armaan, while Ridhimma waited for him.

*Hmmm, well he seems like a nice person. Here I was thinking he might not even talk to us properly and all. But he is attending us well….I guess the younger brother is the spoilt one……Guess we will find out soon..what his name…Armaan…hmm desire…nice name…but wht the heck is Ammy..wht kind of a nick name is that….well I should not be commenting…ridzii is also a unique one*, Ridhimma thought smiling to herself.

She stood up hearing everyone suddenly talking a bit louder as if someone came. She saw Rahul coming to her shaking his head sarcastically, "My brother…never on time….Lets go inside. I will introduce you guys…."

She followed him inside, she didn't know why but she was curious to meet Mr. Armaan urf Ammy….

As she entered the living room, her eyes fell on the most handsome guy she has ever seen in her life…..clad in a black tee with V-neck which showed his well chiseled chest and broad shoulder with blue jeans. He looked like a greek god. Rahul called him to get his attention to them as he was busy talking to Shashank.

"Ammy….meet Ridhimma", Rahul said.

Rahul smirked seeing the reaction on Armaan's face, *I knew it*

Armaan was in a daze, He extended his hand by instinct not exactly aware of his actions, "Wow…. I mean….Hi Armaan.". He quickly corrected himself, said giving her his million dollar smile.

*Wow I thought Rahul was hot. This guy is like hotness personified. Omg dimples. Can god make him any more tempting. Wait did I say that…stop thinking like a pevert Ridhimma*, she came out of her thoughts as she saw his hand extended towards her.

"Hi Ridhimma" she replied kindaa nervous.

"Ridhimma nice to meet you". Armaan said smiling *Hmm she is beautiful..I meant well she is not bad..I have seen girls better than her, wait now who is that….*Amraan thought looking at Anjali coming down with Mini. He was in total surprise now; he was expecting girls in Indian clothes. And these girls were nothing like he expected.

Anjali extended a hand toward Armaan noticing his reaction. She smirked to herself, she knew she had this effect on guys. "Hi Anjali"

Armaan tried to be normal and took her hand, "Armaan, Nice to meet you.."He was still in surprise. Rahul who was watching there interaction could not control his laughter anymore seeing his kiddo confused expressions.

"What so funny bro?" Amraan asked defensively seeing Rahul giggle.

"Umm nothing…I was just..nevermind we will talk later. Mom I am really hungry. Lets have dinner now. I am sure everyone else must be hungry as well.". Rahul said trying to change the topic.

Armaan excused himself and went to get fresh.

Ridhimma was confused now, she did not know why but she was jealous when she saw Armaan looking at Anjali that way. *Common ridzi…you are getting it wrong….He was not wooed by her….Even if he was why do you care…You know Anjali di have this effect on guys…Well she is too hot afterall….wait why am I pacifying myself…am I jealous of my own sister…No No…Ridzi…* Shaking the thoughts out of her mind she joined everyone one on the dinning table.


*What a nice family, they are soo much fun, Ananya aunty is hilarious and so caring…And Rahul is soo adorable, I love the way he was taking care of Dad and Mom. He is so well mannered unlike his brother who didn't even bother joining us for dinner….I guess he is all about good looks but no brains… social sense really…..He is just the way I was expecting all of them to be after all they have lived in Canada now for 15 years and they were so young when they came here…so can't really expect them to be all Indian and stuff…Thank god Rahul and Mini are not like him…They are so much fun….*, Ridhimma chain of thoughts were broken as Anjali came and lied down beside her.

"What took you so long di? Did you forget the way from the washroom?" She teased Anjali.

"Yeah right…wo met Armaan outside. He was a apologizing for not being able to join us during dinner. Nice guy. He said good night to you as well….God he is hot or what….shit he is younger than me or I would have…arggh…", Anjali replied regretting the reality.

" Whatever…", Ridhimma replied and turned in bed now her back was facing Anjali.

"Oh it seems like Armaan didn't leave a great impression on you….", Anjali.said noticing Ridhimma annoyance at the mention if his name.

"It not like it matters….Well I would say I didn't like him…..I know what would you say, but he seems like he is just too into himself…didn't join us for dinner…well who does that when there are guests over at your place. Rahul and Mini are so nice…but he just nah…." She said as a matter of fact.

"Ridzi…he must be busy or something…didn't u hear Anaya aunty say he was working on some project with his friends. Oh just met him..How can you not like him..", Anajali said persuading Ridhimma. But that was Ridhimma once she made up her mind it was hard to change her opinion.

"How busy can he be? Anyways Di why are we arguing? He is not important. I am tired now…Good night", She got up and quickly gave Anjali a kiss on her cheek and lied down covering her face with the comforter.

"Good night", said Anajli, turning off the night lamps.


Next morning still half sleeping Armaan came downstairs wearing his shorts only. His hair falling on his face and eyes still half closed. He woke up early feeling thirsty and not finding water by his side came downstairs to get some. He headed towards the kitchen when he spotted Ananya and Ridhimma sitting in the backyard. He looked at the time and it was 6'o clock.
*Mom wakes up early but why is she up so early in the morning….weird* , He grabbed a glass of water and went toward the backyard.

He rubbed his eyes adjusting to the light outside. Sun was up bright and early. He mumbled a good morning to Ridhimma and went to give a side hug and kiss to his mom.

Ridhimma stopped breathing the moment she saw him without shirt. She could not move her gaze from his perfect body. He just woke up but he looked hotter than ever. With his hair all messed up their was innocence in his looks.

"Armaan beta don't come outside  you will get cold….How come you got up so early in the morning?" Anaya asked ruffling his hair as he nuzzled closer to her. And closed his eyes.

She was at awe at the scene in front of her.

He spoke still with his eyes closed, "I was thirsty and there was no water bottle on my bed side"

"Oh I am sorry beta…totally forgot it last night", Ananya said apologizing.

"No worries ma…I am gonna go sleep, slept late last night", Armaan said standing up give Ananya another quick peck "I will see you later Ridhima"

Ridhimma who was till in a daze jerked up and gave him a quick smile.

*haye kina hot hain and and kina cute…haye…*, she thought as she saw his retreating back….still smiling in a stupid way.

Ananya called her but not getting her attention she walked up to her and shook her lightly, "Where are you lost beta?"

She looked up clearly embarrassed….. Ananya smiled seeing her go red, and a thought strike her *Armaan and Ridhimma…hmm ye jodi ban sakti hain?*  Then leaving that thought for later she asked ridhimma, "Coffee?"


Part 3

She nodded and followed Ananya inside the house, cursing herself in her mind, *Stupid idiot…its just your first day here and you have already made an impression on aunty…omg what will she be thinking…you are such a jerk…can't you control you emotions and not make it so obvious that you find her son irresistibly hot….…Arggh I am such a jerk…..*

Ananya served her the coffee and both of them settled on the couches in the family room talking. Ridhimma was amazed at how comfortable she felt talking to Anaya, she was so nice and considerate.

"oh it almost 7. Rahul must have woken up.", Anaya said looking at the clock. And just then they heard someone coming down the stairs. Rahul was dressed in a black track suit, holding a bottle and ipod in his hand, he approached them.

"Good morning mom", he said giving a peck to Anaya.
"Good morning ridzi", he said cheerfully. She smiled wishing him as well.
"How come you are up so early?", he asked Ridhimma taking a seat beside Anaya.

"Jetlag…." She said pouting

Rahul chuckled seeing her make a cute face, "awww…what time did you wake up?"

"Don't ask I was up at 4'0 clock but kept tossing on the bed and finally around 5:30 I just couldn't lie down anymore so came downstairs and Aunty was already up. She is an early riser." she said smiling at them.

"4am wow you have some bad jet lag, I hope its gets better soon." He said getting up , "Oh by the way, I was going for a walk. Do you want to join?"

Ridhimma being a morning walk person herself readily agreed.

She quickly changed into her track suit. And both of them headed out.

Ridhimma: So do you go for a walk regularly?
Rahul: Yeah I try too, he said winking at her.
Ridhimma: oh nice…me too
Rahul: That's great….I guess I will have a morning walk buddy now.
Ridhimma: Sure. What time do you have to leave for work?
Rahul: I am not working today, it Saturday and we have two days weekend here. And I am also off next week Yay!! But usually when I am working I leave at 9.
Ridhimma: I see. So you are on vacation next week. How come?
Rahul: I had my vacations pending and you guys were coming so I though I might as well take them now and have fun with you guys….you know show you Toronto and stuff…He said excitedly…..
Ridhimma: smiled thinking how genuine this guy is and so thoughtful. "Thanks Rahul..that really nice of you."
Rahul: Oh common you do not have to thank me…You know what we should go to the beach today. The weather is going to be nice in the afternoon, we should go. What do you think?
Ridhimma:Sure I am up for it….. I totally love beaches…
Rahul: Great…. I will also call Muskaan….. Armaan love beaches tooo…I am sure he will come along as well ……
As soon as Rahul mentioned Amraan's name Ridhimma thoughts wandered to imagine him on the beach….hmmm shirtless.  

*no not again….what is wrong with you…I know he is physically attractive but control your hormones girl….he is a jerk remember….yeah yeah a jerk"* and without realizing she said the last part a loud enough for Rahul to listen.

"jerk…" He narrowed his eyes and looked toward Ridhimma in mock anger…."Did you just call me a jerk?"

Ridhimma flustered at being caught, quickly defended, "No No I did not call you a jerk…"
"I am sure I heard jerk ridzi, common out with the truth now", said Rahul still not letting her off the hook…
"No I did not call you a jerk…I just wo…", she said uncertain not knowing what to tell him and without another thought she said, "I was calling myself a jerk, nevermind that…… who is Muskaan?"

It was Rahul turn to be caught of guard; he did not realize in excitement of going to beach he mentioned her name as well.

Ridhimma asked generally, catching the name from their conversation before her thoughts were captivated by Mr. Hottie but now seeing Rahul hesitation and what seemed to her, "is he blushing?", she thought and then as she observed him more. She was sure Muskaan is indeed someone special.

Rahul was on the otherhand confused on what to tell her, "She is ummm she is…",

"How cute", Ridhimma thought seeing him conflicting to find the right words. "your girlfriend?"
As she said those words, his head shot up as he looked at her comprehending her words.

"No no she is a friend yeah just a friends", he said quickly correcting her more like convincing himself in the process as well.

"yeah RIGHT", she thought out loud.

"What?" Rahul

"I meant yeah…she is your friend", kicking herself mentally for thinking out loud again.
"oh we are home already, didn't realize the time ehh", she said as she saw Malik residence now in sight, quickly changing the topic.

"Yup that was quick", Rahul said as he followed her inside the gates.

"I have no idea which route we took, the roads and all are so confusing here", she stated generally.

He chuckled, "It okay Ridzi you will get used to it….it just a matter of few days"

"Hey Niki is here", Rahul said as he saw an Audi parked in their driveway.

"Niki?" She asked as they entered the house now.

"Yeah Nikita Malhotra actually, Niki for short…She is Ammy's best friend", Rahul replied.

As they neared the living room she saw a beautiful girl chatting happily with her mom.
*Best Friend…or Girl Friend??*, she found herself thinking and felt a pang of jealousy uncertain why? Seeing her standing up to greet them, she put on a smile.

"Hey Rahul. How are ya?", Nikita said giving Rahul a side hug.
"I am good Niki. How have you been? Oh meet Ridhimma", he said introducing them.

"Hey Ridhimma, nice to meet you", Niki said cheerfully extending her hand.

Ridhimma genuinely smiled back and shook her hand, "Hey…same here"

"So how do like it here so far?", Niki asked…

"Well we just came yesterday but from whatever I have seen it really pretty nice here", Ridhimma replied as they took a seat beside each other.

"Oh that reminds me Niki, I was thinking we should go to the beach today…..why don't you and Abhi join us as well?", said an excited Rahul…

"Mum what say? Aunty?" Rahul asked Padma and Ananya.

"Yea aunty lets go……it will be soo much fun…Lets go lets go", said an excited Mini almost jumping at her seat.

"Beta let us old people rest for few days, hum log ghar main gup shup karenga app bacche ghum ke aaye...Kyu Ananya?", said Padma

"Hain Rahul beta…..agar Ridhimma and Anjali ka mood hain to app bachche ghum ke aao. Kyu Anjali beta?", Ananya asked turning to Anjali.

"Aunty mujhe koi problem nahi hain, par aap log bhi chalte", she asked hopefully.

"It okay Anjali, we will go to the beach again…. all of us the next time…I will go ask Armaan…Oh Niki how come you are here so early? Everything is fine na", Rahul asked Niki realizing it was only 8'o clock.

"Oh he didn't tell u guys, we have a project deadline coming up so heading to Sean's place for a group meeting…..we were supposed to leave at 7:30 and this jerk just woke up….if I wouldn't have come, he would have kept on sleeping…I wonder when he will start setting up an alarm", said Niki rolling his eyes….

"What a project meeting this early in the morning", said an astonished Rahul.

"yeah dude….the deadline is coming Wednesday and we haven't started working yet….and plus one of our group member is leaving this afternoon for States and won't be back until Tuesday so have to discuss and then divide up the work before he leaves…Ammy was suggesting web conference but you know how much he loves to procrastinate work… I was adamant on having a meeting this morning….you have no idea what I had to do to convince him….", Niki replied annoyed….

"Would you stop complaining for once..bhai she is such a liar", Armaan joined everyone else in the living room, dressed in a white-tee and blue jeans…his hair still wet from shower…

"Good morning everyone", Armaan greeted.

Ridhimma heat skipped a beat as she laid her eyes on him *why is this dude so fu**ing hot……is there a time when he does not look so tempting*

She quickly looked elsewhere as she saw him look back at her and pass his killing smile…*Ridhimma stop behaving like a teenager and for heaven sake stop ogling him..I hope Ananya aunty did not see me again…I am in such deep shit….*, she thought walking to the kitchen to help Ananya and Padma as they left to prepare breakfast.

"I am not lying…you know me Rahoool…", said Niki pouting…..

"No not that look….Alright lets go Niks…we are already late…", Armaan said pulling Niki by her arm to the door, while Rahul followed them…

"You two will never stop fighting will you…Anyway before u guys leave…Ammy…we were planning to go the beach today, you think you guys will be able to come?", asked Rahul

Armaan smile widened at the mention of the beach, " Beach?!?" he said excitedly "I am so game"

"And who will do the project", said an angry Niki glaring at Armaan with hands on her hips….

"Common babes we are meeting this early, after we drop Tony to the airport I am not working on it anyways so we will go to the beach then..yo don't worry…. the project is due Wednesday we still have a LOT of time…we will ACE it…don't you trust me??", and that was the trump card…

"OK fine" , said Niki surrendering to his best friend as always…. "We will meet you directly there Rahul, you guys can go early then"

"Thats like my girl", Rahul said give a side hug to Niki.. "Hey call Abhi too?"

"Yeah I will ask him", said Niki blushing

"Oh common you guys have been dating for a year now and you still blush at the mention of his name", said Armaan shaking his head in disbelief. "Bhai I am inviting Atul and Diana too and Sean and Amanda might come as well "

"Do you have to invite Diana?", said an annoyed Niki

"Niks what kind of a ques is that? she is my girl friend of course I have to invite her, otherwise she will kill me as we already had plans for the evening…some stupid chick flick she wants to see", said Armaan annoyed at the thought of another stupid movie he might have to sit through… "If she comes to the beach I will at least be saved from going through a torture"

Niki gave him a "whatever look"

"Don't worry yaar Niki we will have fun yaar….they will do what they always do the best at all our outings...", said Rahul mischievously to Niki.

Getting a questioning look from Niki, Rahul continued, "I meant as always…..cling onto each other and ignore everyone else as if we do not even exist….Why do you guys have to do a public show, instead u know Ammy it be nice if you just get a room"

And they both burst out laughing, while Armaan stood fuming, "Shut up Bhai, we never ignore you, you guys are just so insensitive to her, always teasing her, I wonder why you guys don't like her".

And before anyone of them started their speech to answer his question, he cut them off, "I don't wanna know actually" And he pulled a still laughing Niki out of the doors, who shouted.

"Bye Rahul I will see you in the afternoon."


"Hey Rahul, Where are you guys? Have been trying to reach your for an hour now"

"What do you expect us to do on a beach Niks? Are you guys here?"

"Yeah we will be there in another 10 mins, what beach area should we come to?"

"Oh come to Number 7, I will just come to the parking lot or you guys will never be able to find us..."

"Alright see you then", And Niki hung up the phone.

Rahul waved to get the attention of the girls who were still playing in the water
at a distance...

"Ye rahul abhi tak kyu nahi aaya?  Phone check karne main itne ghante lagte hain," said,
an annoyed Muskaan.

Ridhimma and Anjali also started looking around to see if he was anywhere near in sight..

They waved back, gesturing him to come back in water when they saw Rahul waving at them...

Rahul acted with his hands that he has to go get other and will be back in 10...where
on one hand Ridhimma and Anjali watched Rahul do some actions without a clue what he
was trying to say, shaking their hands to make him understand they are not getting what
he saying. When they watched Rahul show them thumbs up and they turned to see Muskaan
gesturing back at him.

"Did u get what he said?", asked a confused Ridhimma.

"Ridzi, what kind of question is that, Mukaan to Rahul ke bina kahe he bhi samjh jayegi
wo kya kahna chata hain", and both sisters burst out laughing, when Muskaan on otherhand
blushed profusely.

Muskaan, Ridhimma and Anjali hit off instantly as they met each other. Muskaan was a very warm
person, bubbly and a total chatter-box. Girls gelled together unbelievingly much to Rahul surprise  
They talked endlessly during the three hour drive to the beach after Rahul picked Muskaan up
on their way. They were talking as if they have known each other for ages and much to
Rahul dismay, they kept chatting mostly in Hindi. He was not very good in Hindi, though
better than Armaan and Mini. He would understand it, if someone talks slowly but the girls
were talking like an express train and with their shrieks and excitement in between Rahul was
only able to get bits and pieces.

Anajli guessed it instantly that Rahul and Muskaan were not "Just Friends" as Muskaan
stated. And Ridhimma doubts from the morning walk also got confirmed.

And after non stop tease from Ridhimma and Anjali, Muskaan confessed to them that she has
a crush on Rahul, but nothing else. And took a promise from them to never tell anyone.

Ridhimma and Anjali made up their mind instantly that will work to bring together the two
love birds as they knew the attraction was mutual on both sides and perhaps they are
just shy to tell their feelings, finding it weird as they have been living in Canada
for long now but at the same time it was really cute.

"Shut up guys, you girls are so mean….I should have never told you", Muskaan said angrily, seeing Ridhimma and Anjali were still in fits of laughter. She splashed water on them taking out her frustration….

Ridhimma and Anjali stopped her and took her in a bear hug, "Awww….sorry muski…bas promise tujhe aur tang nahi karenge". They winked at each other while hugging her.

And trying to turn sober, Ridhimma asked her, "btw rahul keh kya raha tha?"

"He said he is going to get others and will be back in 10", said Muskaan with a straight
face to avoid any further embarrassment.

Ridhimma heart raced as she heard Muskaan words, *OMG he is here...alright why I am
getting I look okay...shit I am all wet already...ridzi...wht r u thinking??
since when u have started caring about how you look...This guy is gonna drive me insane*

She came out of her thoughts as she felt Anjali nudging her, "Where are you lost now?"

"Umm no nothing…I was just thinking may be we should get out of water…..and meet all of them first", Ridhimma said trying to hide her thoughts for the umpteenth time in two days…

"Yeah sounds good let go", Muskaan replied.


Armaan eyes did not move a wink since he spotted Ridhimma, it was something about her, that was attracting him towards her.
He watched her laugh trying to get out of Muskaan's hold as she was tickling her. And just watching a smile crept on his lips *She is adorable*
He came out of the daze as he heard Niki shriek, "Muskaan…" and she took her into a rib crashing hug.
"Niki you will kill her, leave her and let me introduce everyone", Rahul said.
Anjali nudged Muskaan and mouthed "Ooo possessive" at Rahul's comment…..
"Everyone this is Ridhimma and this is Anjali and you all know Muskaan", said Rahul gesturing towards them.
Ridhimma felt suddenly conscious as she could see Armaan watch her intently. She was wearing a white shirt over a multi-colored bikini. With white shorts which reach till the middle of her thighs. Her shirt wet now, cling to her body showing her curves. She picked her beach towel and wrapped it around herself feeling shy.
"Guys meet Abhi, Abhimanyu Modi, my boyfriend.", said Niki holding Abhimanyu's arm.
"Why are all hot men taken?", mumbled Anjali a little loud atleast it could not miss the ears of the guy standing beside her.
"Not every hot guy is", Atul whispered slightly bending towards Anjali and then straightening up quickly he extended a hand towards Anjali, "Atul", and then whispered again, "single and ready to mingle"
Red color crept onto Anjali's cheeks instantly at the intended comment….. while Atul winked at her quickly.
"Oh and guys meet Diana, Ammy's girlfriend", Ridhimma eyes shot up to the girl dressed in bikini and shorts clinging onto Armaan.

She forced a fake smile, when in heart she felt as if someone has snatched something that belonged to her. She tried to ignore the feeling but her heart felt a sudden sadness.

"Alright guys enough of the introduction, we have come to the beach to talk? Let's go in water guys", pouted Niki.

"Lets go babes", saying Abhi picked Niki over her shoulders carrying her to the water…..while she yelled,
"Abhiii…leave me….we will fall"
While other burst out laughing….Muskaan and Anjali pulled Rahul and Atul along, joining Niki and Abhi as they ran towards the water….
Anjali stopped half way and screamed, "Ridzi chal"
"Di you go I will join you guys in 10 mins", Ridhimma shouted back.

She took a seat on the beach mat, drying her hair she faced the other way with her back at Armaan and Diana now…..

"Babes lets go", she turned around hearing Armaan say the words, but immediately realized he was talking to Diana.

"Can we go later sweety, I wanna soak in the sun for a while…please..", Diana replied in a childish tone which made Ridhimma cringe….

Ridhimma turned around quickly as she saw Armaan shed his shirt. *No not again*

"Sweety could you put on some sun screen lotion on my back", saying so Diana lied down flat on her stomach on the mat close to where Ridhimma was sitting. Ridhimma back was still at them. As she now felt Armaan take a seat as well, she did not know what got into her and she stood up and started walking…..*Ewww eww…now will he apply lotion on her back as well…..god she is sooo irritating…don't know wht he saw in her…bad question Ridhimma did you not see her huge a** and b**bs, which even that two suit fail to hide…arghhh….all guys are the same*

"Hey where are u going?", she turned around composing herself.

"Umm I will be back, I just need to…" not finding an excuse, she was fidgeting with her shorts pockets when she felt keys in it. She quickly added, "I just need to get something from the car"

"Oh hold up I will come along", quickly kissing Diana on her cheek he got up and walked to her.

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Part 4

Armaan watched her as she met everyone, his eyes not leaving her for some reason….roaming all over her and that probably did not go unnoticed by her as she picked and wrapped the beach towel around her

*ohh dude she probably caught you checking her out...what is wrong with me anyways...well she is cute and sexy actually, if she doesn't try to hide her perfect curves all the time...why is she soo shy anyways………Can't even say all girls from India are like that, as Anjali violates that notion…..Argh…why am I even bothering…*

He watched her take a seat on the mat as everyone went in the water….
*Beautiful* He took a sigh as he watched run her fingers through her hair….*snap out of it dude…wht the f*** is wrong with you….she is not like the prettiest thing you have ever seen….or may be she is…god u have lost it*

As he took a seat beside Diana, he saw Ridhimma stand up and she started walking without even sparing them a glance and he did not know what came into him and he spoke aloud, "Hey where are u going?".

He watched her fidgeting as she turned to answer his question, and he could not help but a smile formed on his lips.

"Umm I will be back, I just need to…" not finding an excuse, she was fidgeting with her shorts pockets when she felt keys in it. She quickly added, "I just need to get something from the car"

"Oh hold up I will come along", quickly kissing Diana on her cheek he got up and walked to her.

As he walked towards her, he could feel her getting nervous and he was enjoying the effect he was having on her.

At the moment Ridhimma was having butterflies in her stomach, *Aright why are you so nervous…He is just a guy for heaven sake….yeah a guy who is unbelievingly gorgeous*, as her eyes moved down his perfect chest, *Gosh why did he have to take off his shirt just yet….he is irresistible already* She controlled her urges and put up a forced smile as she saw him walk toward her with a mischievous grin
*Why is he smiling like that? don't tell me my face is making it so obvious right now that I totally smitten by him.*

"Hey", he said nearing her giving her a lopsided smile, showing his only one dimple.

"Hey", as she replied back still in daze, he motioned his hand to indicate her to proceed saying, "Shall we"

Ridhimma gave out an unreal cough to hide her embarrassment which did not go unnoticed by Armaan.

"umm yeah, actually you know you don't have to escort me I will manage." , Ridhimma said as Armaan started walking beside her.

"I am sure you can manage, what makes you think I am escorting you because I think you might get lost", which he sure was thinking but he lied through his teeth, giving her " you think I care" look. Well from Armaan's experience girl who says things like "I will manage" usually does not like to be dependent on others and he was sure if he would have answered with "no its okay I will still accompany you incase you can't find you way around"…she would have made sure he does not come with her. So it is wiser to play "I would care less if you would get lost" role…

Ridhimma was taken aback with his reply….she was expecting anything else but not this….
Her mouth left open and she watched him with daggers in her eyes, suddenly feeling at the loss of words….
*That is just so rude*, she thought. Finally coming out of her state of shock after some good seconds she was about to retort back but stopped thinking, *I don't even know this dude and plus I am staying with his family…wouldn't look nice if we end up having a fight…when this jerk would care less anyway..but I am sane enough..yeah that the right thing to do ridzi just ignore him*

Armaan could not miss the change of expressions on her face…he watched her get furious and was ready for probably a comeback when she opened her mouth but stopped and her expressions changed to a thoughtful one, as if she was debating in her mind.

And then she mouthed a "Whatever" which could have been easily missed if Armaan wouldn't have been watching her so intently….and then she started walking a bit briskly, looking straight ahead….

*Ohh shoot not the silence, I am sure she was gonna spat back at me but then what stopped her….God girls why are they so complicated…. Is she like really pissed now….arghh well do I care?!?! Oh no Mum will be so so mad, if she figures out…..oh I gotta fix this…would she complain though…she doesn't look like a cry baby….Are we back in elementary school here…dude talk to her*, coming out of his thoughts he realized she has walked a bit far now, not bothering if he is beside her or not….

He jogged a little, catching up with her….

"Ridhimma hold up, hold up now", reaching up to her and realizing she was not gonna bother stopping, he caught her elbow and a little strongly turned her to face him.

"Oww…", she shrieked in an impulse…

He let go off her hand quickly, "Sorry….but you walk so fast and I have been calling you and you were not stopping", he said defending

Ridhimma gave him another furious look while massaging her hand…

"You okay?", he said feeling guilty now.

She looked up from her hand to see his face, full of concern, he looked so adorable. She eased out a bit, , "Yeah I am fine.." and saying she started walking again.

"You sure?", he asked.

"yeah… lets go now". And they started walking with an awkward silence between them….

*Gosh Ammy that so not like you, I never thought I can start on a wrong foot with a GIRL…now this is awkward…I mean she is shy why am I not talking..I think its time I work some Armaan magic*, he coughed to get her attention as she was walking looking straight ahead moving a strand of hair  behind her ear every now and then, probably too conscious of her surrounding.

"Umm Ridhimma", he spoke finally breaking the silence between them.

"Yea?", she turned her head to face him.

"Ridhimma I am sorry I was just joking when I said all that…I was gonna go get my shades anyway and then you were leaving so I thought I would go with you…and we can have a proper introduction as well, as we haven't had the chance to interact since you guys came", he said making a cute, innocent face which would make anyone believe in his cooked up stories…but only difference which even surprised him, he was saying the truth…and he could not understand in the world why he blurted all that out, which was in his heart so plainly 

"Its alright Armaan I think I over reacted…", she said giving him a first proper smile assuring him she is fine.

"Are you sure my apology is accepted or would I have to do things to apologize?", he said a bit flirtingly

Her eyes shot back to his face, *is he flirting? God can it get anymore awkward*

And she replied immediately, "No…No its fine…you are forgiven."

Armaan was certainly enjoying her discomfort and before he was able to pass anymore flirty remarks…he was interrupted by Ridhimma who asked quickly changing the topic, "Anyways, how was your project meeting this morning??"

He could help but chuckle at her attempt to change the topic, and decided it'd good if they do some 'normal' talk now…

"It went well….next week is probably gonna be a busy one…you know how university projects are?", as she nodded in response, he continued, "Oh by the way what program are you pursuing?", Armaan asked curiously.

"Business Administration", Ridhimma replied.

"Oh that interesting, I have a lot of friends taking that program….So you liking it here so far?", he asked.

"Umm yeah, well its been great so far, everyone is so nice." she replied genuinely. Then speaking her mind a little louder, *except you of course*

"Huh??...Did u say something?", Armaan asked cocking his eyebrows to confirm if he heard something about himself…

"Umm no nothing", she said biting her tongue, cursing herself mentally….. To her relief she spotted Rahul's car and quickly added "Oh there is the car" and she started taking big steps towards the car, not giving Armaan the chance to continue the conversation.

He followed her to the car and as he saw her getting the keys from her pocket, he asked curiously,
"How come you have bhai's car keys?"

"Ohh Anjali di forgot something in the car so I went to get it, Rahul gave me the keys then and I forgot to give afterwards..", she said clicking the car open, avoiding looking at him for too long as her eyes would automatically start going down to his perfect chest.

"Weird…bhai hardly let any girl touch his car…except Muskaan of course", he mumbled to himself but Ridhimma caught his words….

"You know I should be offended", she said in a matter-of-fact way..

"No …. I meant like he really trusts you, to let you touch his 'baby' ", he quickly corrected himself before offending her the second time in the same day

She couldn't help but chuckle, "Well I would take it as a compliment…ignoring your previous frame of words….", she said playfully.

"Umm yeah …..Ridhimma I am gonna go get my shades…my car is parked just a couple of lanes down from here….you get what you need and I will be back", and he started walking before acknowledging a reply from her.  

She was back to cursing him in his head as she watched his retreating back..*Gosh this guy…what is he really…….we have hardly interacted and I would not in the world know how for heaven sake is his blood sense of humor…. I really thought he was serious when he gave me that look….did he actually mean it….that is just so rude…well he apologized now….arghhh….what is this guy….how can he be so insensitive even if he was joking…we are not like friends from ages, that he can just say anything…..I think I was right in thinking he is a total jerk…a smoking hot jerk though and one moment he will be rude and other he be so nice…and what was that 'will I have to do things to apologize' was he flirting….why would he though..he has a girl friend for heaven sake….God I don't understand him….Arghh…and now what do I need from the car….common ridzi think think…what could you need and then she fumbled her bag for quite few minutes before she spotted a hand sanitizer in her carry bag…yeah I could need this…..*

"You got your stuff",….She twirled around as fast as she could hearing a voice so close to her ear…
She nearly had a seizure in those few seconds…she frowned taking a deep sigh realizing it was only him with a hand on her chest…. and only the next moment she realized how close they were standing to each other, and on an impulse she backed up only to hit her leg with the edge of the car, twisting her ankle she shrieked in pain,  

"Ridhimma are you alright?"

She held the door of the car for support, massaging her ankle at the same time, she frowned, "did you have to creep on my back like that??"

"I am so sorry, let me see it", he said apologetically, bending down to have a look at her ankle.

She let out a soft gasp as his hands brushed past hers to get hold of her foot, he softly messaged her foot pressing at different points, "Let me know where it hurts"

"You don't have it…I am fine", she said hesitantly moving her foot back.

"Ridhimma don't be a kid…let me see it…" and he got hold of her foot.

An unknown desire arouse in her heart as his hands so gently massaged her foot, sending her in frenzy.  

"Here?!?….  here", he asked gently pressing his ankle.

"Oww…yeah right there,", she replied in pain…

"What is taking you guys soo long."

Both Ridhimma and Armaan turned to the source of the voice, where Rahul stood now with a look of worry on his face.

"Are you okay Ridhimma? What happened?", he asked keeping a hand on her shoulder…. giving a closer to look to her foot which was in Armaan hands.

"Nothing Rahul, I just twisted my ankle", she said trying to hide her pain not wanting to create a scene.

"You should be careful Ridhimma…Don't worry I have a spray in the car, it should help…..Armmy could you get the spray from the front holder….I will help her here…", he asked Armaan while helping Ridhimma sit in the car sideways with her legs hanging outside.

Armaan got the spray and handed it to Rahul.

"Armaan you should go back and save your girlfriend, before Muskaan and Niki take the advantage of you not being there", Rahul said smirking.

"Oh No…", Armaan sighed in response, running a hand through his hair… "I hate these girls…..I am gonna go…you sure bhai you guys will manage…."
"You have doubts", Rahul asked raising a brow.

"No I meant,", Armaan said sheepishly…

"Just go Kiddo…Ridzi and I will join guys once she feels better" Rahul said..

Armaan made a run to get back….Ridhimma who have been quite all this while, spoke watching Armaan disappear in the crowd…  

"You guys don't like his girlfriend?!?!"
Rahul looked back at her and he couldn't help let out a chuckle seeing the look of disbelief on her face…
Then putting up a straight face he asked her, "So you like her?"

"Well I don't know her much to say if I like or dislike her", she replied genuinely.

"Well to answer your questions….lets put it this way…us boys, we don't mind her…..well she is a pleasant sight you have to agree", he said with a flirty smile

She made a disgusted face at first but then let a out a chuckle and nodded in agreement, "I can understand that"  

Rahul continued on, "well but the girls are not really fond of her, and they would be the best to explain why?"

"Ohh.." mouthed Ridhimma

"how is your foot now", he asked.

She tried moving it..And it certainly felt better…*effective spray*

"I think it's good, I don't feel the pain", she said smiling

"You wanna try walking" He gave her, his hand….She got off from the car and walked…There was still some pain but not unbearable, thinking no point fussing about it… she said, "Its good…Thanks Rahul…Lets go back now"… "You sure Ridzi"…"yeah I am totally fine".
He locked the car and they started walking back…

She was now sitting in her bed pondering over the day's event, gulping the not so tasty 'haldi wala dudh' (milk with turmeric) with a bandage wrapped around her swollen ankle.

The volleyball game in the water, swimming, and the endless jumping nevertheless how enjoyable it was ending up worsening her already hurt foot and she walked out of the water with a swollen foot.

She smiled as she remembered Rahul horrified face ,
~~ Flashback ~~
 "I thought you said your foot was better", he had said
While she returned him a sheepish smile, "I thought so too"
"Oh god mum is gonna kill me…", he said exasperated…
"It's really fine Rahul…it just some swelling…...stop freaking out", she tried convincing him not able to understand why he was making a big deal out of it.
"I am freaking out…wait till you see mum's reaction", he said.
 ~~ Flashback Ends ~~

And how right he had been….Ananya aunty was freaked out…and she thought only her mom was capable of making  mountain out of a mole hill and the wrath which Rahul had to face, *Poor Guy, so much cost to be the eldest one*
She thought, when her mind drifted to Armaan who had been missing with his girlfriend for the rest of their stay at the beach, ……*When the actual culprit is don't know where, probably getting it off with his girlfriend as niki had said…… eww… eww..only if he wouldn't have scared me like that I would not have been sitting here with a swollen foot….* she thought gritting her teeth. Her chain of thought was broken as she heard the door bell *may be its Armaan*
And she was right as next she heard Ananya voice saying angrily, "Armaan you come here right now"
The next moment, she hurriedly placed the still half full glass of milk on the side table and limped to the door of her room with an evil grin on her face to overhear the conversation or the 'lecture' as kids say it.. Armaan was going to get downstairs…
*This is going to be fun*, and she let out an evil laugh…

Part 5

*Ohh dude your are screwed, mum seems angry*, he took a deep sigh closing the door…
He puts up his best smile, if that could save him from the wrath he was going to get.
"Hanji ma", he said while hugging Ananya tightly.

"Ohh no no you don't try hindi on me now", she said while twisting his ear. While Armaan eyes widened in shock, he never expected her mom to scold him and on top of it pull his ears in front of outsiders and to his dismay everyone in the room could not suppress their giggles.

"Owww…oww…MOM?!?! That hurts", he said freeing his ear from her hold and rubbing it to ease of the pain, while giving an angry look to Rahul for not saving him.

"What did I do? Why are you so mad anyways?" he asked her making an innocent face.

"Oh so now you don't even know why I am mad?", she asked giving him a "I don't believe you" look. "What will I do of this boy, bhagwanji??", she said looking up as if talking to the god.

He chuckled watching her mom throw melodramatic antics, *She watches too much Indian shows*
But he put on a straight face as soon as he saw her looking at him still furious with hands on her hips.

"Where were you? Why did you not come with everyone else?", she questioned him.

"Ohh I was with Diana. I had gone to drop her home ma. Didn't bhai tell you?", he said giving another murderous look to Rahul.

"What? You are still with that dayan, I thought you broke up with her last week?", Ananya said annoyed.

"Mum?!?! " he says indicating she is scolding him in front of everyone( who were quite busy laughing now) and discussing his personal life.

"And its Diana…and no we did not break up….We are still very much together.", he said correcting her and was visibly furious now.

"Yeah Diana, Dayan ek hi baat hain….Armaan beta tumhari choice ko ho kya gaya hain…wo dayan bhi koi ladki hain….pata nahi wo tunhe pasnad kaise aayi hain", she said disapprovingly.

Armaan was clearly furious now…not that he really cared that Anaya didn't like Diana, *it not like I am gonna marry her* , he thought. No one really liked her but he was least bothered…as far as he can have fun and with Diana there are no strings attached…that's all he wants…

He composed himself and said slowly so only Anaya could hear it, smiling to the other people in the room, "Mom you are embarrassing me now…can we please go to my room and you can scold me there…I think you are forgetting there are other people in the room"

And to his dismay Ananya responded in not too low voice…."Armaan wo sab ghar wale hain, inhe bhi to pata chala humra beta kitna bigda wa hain….armaan tum kab bade hoge beta, kab responsible hoge?", she asked with motherly affection.

Armaan sighed in defeat, *can I ever expect mom to not embarrass me, so much for the impression in front of the guests, I should just stay shut before she open my list of faults in front of everyone*  He just looked down, while Anaya kept giving him motherly advice on how he should be more responsible like always…

Ridhimma grin was getting wider with every second…she was clearly enjoying the wrath Armaan was getting downstairs, *He soo deserves this*


And Rahul was having a gala time…when Armaan was giving him murderous looks for not saving him…

However the next words out of Ananya mouth caught his attention, "bichari bacchi ka par itna sooj gaya hain"

"Huh who bichari?", he asked unsure what was going on.

"Now don't tell me you don't even know Ridhimma got hurt? Where you not with them….…her leg is so  swollen…you should have taken care of her…", Ananya said giving a disapproving look to Armaan.

Armaan probably for the first time did not retort back, he was actually feeling guilty now.
*How did her foot get swollen? She just sprained her foot, and that spray should have helped, it does not make sense*

His chain of question was broken as she felt Padma pat his back, "Bus bhi kar Ananya, sab baccho ki dant laga di tune, bichara bhar se abhi aaya hain… usse bhook lagi hogi." 

Then moving toward the kitchen she told Armaan, "Beta main khana dal deti hun…tum dinning table par aa jao"

He mumbled a thanks to Padma avoiding the deadly stares from his mother. "Aunty I will just go check on Ridhimma, will be there in a minute" and before Ananya say anything he quickly climbed up the stairs…

Ridhimma who was having fun overhearing everything, now panicked as she heard Armaan say he will go check on her. She quickly closed the door and started limping back to the bed but her swollen foot and the bandages wrapped around it was not helping much…She was not even half way when she heard a knock on the door. She forgot walking and stood rooted at her spot.

Armaan bent a little and saw the lights of her room were on, so he knocked again assuming she won't be sleeping.

"Ridhimma can I come in?", He said softly.

"Umm yeah, come in", she said a little loudly still standing in the same spot taking support from the footboard of the bed with her bandaged foot lifted off the floor.

He opened the door hearing her answer, and was awestruck at the sight in front of him.

She was wearing an oversized long night shirt reaching till her mid thigh and shorts underneath it which was hardly visible beneath the shirt. The shirt had a big owl saying "Lights Out". Her shirt was coming off shoulder from one side showing her red bra lace strap.

Armaan could not understand why did this girl leave him awestruck every time. *I will say she is looking quite hot despite of the fact there is a fluffy cute owl on her shirt…ooo nice legs* and then the sight of the bandaged foot brought him out of his chain of thoughts.

On the other hand Ridhimma could feel his gaze on her and she suddenly was conscious of what she was wearing. She never felt this way before with a guy….she nervously pulled her shirt sleeve up which had slid down because of the quick moment and gave a nervous cough to kill the awkward silence….

"I am sorry…ummm I meant how is…how is your foot?", Armaan asked stuttering, realizing yet again he has been caught staring….

"Oh…its okay I guess…still some swelling", Ridhimma replied smiling…

"Did u apply any ointment on it or took any medicine?", he asked now walking closer to her…

"Umm yeah Aunty bandaged the foot after applying some ointment", she said nervously, *Why the heck do I start having butterflies in my stomach when he is around*

"Why are you standing here anyway, you should be resting?", he asked curiously and yet in an authoritative tone.    

*Oh crap*

"Umm wo..I was.." she looked around trying to come up with an excuse…. "I was thirsty and wanted water", she said noticing the water bottle on dressing table across the bed.

Armaan turned to see the water behind him on the table.

"I will get that for you, you go get in bed", he said ordering her and turned to get the water bottle.

He got the bottle from the table, turned to the see the cutest sight in front of him.

Ridhimma was hopping her way to the bed taking support of the side rails, not touching her bandaged foot to the floor.

In that moment he just wanted to lift her in his arms and cuddle her. Astonished at his own thoughts, he ran his hands though his hair and focused back to sight in front of him.  Ridhimma wobbled a little but finally managed to get back to her side of the bed with much effort. Unaware of the entertainment she was giving to guy standing in the room. She gave out a winning smile when she finally got in her bed. But to her dismay Armaan burst out laughing. He was literally laughing holding his stomach, "Omg…omg…Ridhimma…omg.." Now getting furious looks from Ridhimma who was fuming with anger and muttering to herself. He tried sobering himself, getting murderous looks from Ridhimma.

"Alright peace….I am sorry, but you looked so cute".

Ridhimma couldn't help but blush at his comment. But to hide her feeling, she gave another furious look to Armaan.

"I am sorry na, I know I should not have laughed",  he said in a more serious tone.  "But the way you were hopping" and he started laughing again.

"Armaan, its not funny. You are so rude", she couldn't understand what made her say that. She was reacting to him as if they have been friends forever.

"Ek to pehle tumhari wajah se mere par ki ye halat ho gayi hain, upar se hans rahe ho, tumhara  jaise idiot ladka to maine apni life main nahi dekha", she went on totally annoyed by his non stop laughter.

"Hey hey…What did you just say? Are you like swearing at me in Hindi?", he asked in mock anger.

*Oh thank you bhagvanji apne baccha liye….main to bhool gayi thi isko hindi nahi sanjh aati*, she thanked god in her mind.. *thank god he couldn't understand it or what would he have thought*

She gave him a mischievous grin and spoke in sugar coated voice, "No of course not…how could you even think I will swear at you… obviously you have done nothing wrong"
"Alright then what were you saying?", he asked playing along.

"ummm..wo…wo I was saying" she stuttered….  "I was just going to ask you why you came upstairs? Did u need anything?" she finished

"I am sure you did not say that in Hindi" he said glaring at her…while she gave her a nervous look "But anyways I just came to check on you…ask about your well being…and here you are swearing at me"

"I told you na I was not saying anything …I just didn't realize u don't understand hindi and out of habit I started talking in hindi…I am sorry about that", she said in a more convincing tone covering up her lie.

Seeing her get all defensive he decided it was time to let her off the hook…"it's cool …I understand…lot of my friends at university do that all the time…but now I think I should improve my hindi…would you help me learn it?"

"Umm me..umm…yeah I means sure", she said  not really sure about this new idea *I am getting jitters being alone with him in the same room…and teaching him hindi…that doesn't sound very exciting*

He was enjoying the effect he was having on her.

"Great!! Anyways can I get you anything", he asked genuinely.

*Awww….he is soo cute*, she thought looking dreamily at Armaan.

Armaan saw the dreamy look on her face and couldn't help but chuckle

His laughter brought her back from the trance…

*Ahhh great..I just have to make a fool of myself in front of him again n again*

"Thanks Armaan…I don't need anything…I was just going to sleep", she said ignoring looking at him and slipping into her comforter.

He got off the bed to make room for her to lie down comfortably. She looked so cute, he just wanted to tuck her in bed.

He ran a hand through his hair, his thoughts were definitely getting weird.

"Good night Ridhimma. You want me to switch off the lights." He asked walking to the door.

"Thanks Armaan", she replied smiling….*Why can't he just stay sweet and not be annoying…I don't get this guy*  

"Don't mention it", he said switching off the lights and closing the door behind him as he stepped out.


"Di I am walking as fast as I can, don't push me or I will end up breaking both of my legs", she said annoyed by constant pushing she was getting from Anjali who was supposed to be helping her come downstairs.

Her foot was no better and now she was starting to feel pain too. She was tired sitting in the room entire morning…she woke up early as usual because of the jet leg and the growing pain in her leg. So she decided may it be better to go downstairs and sit with everyone else which will keep her distracted of the pain in her leg. She had to of course convince Anaya but thanks to Rahul it was not as bad.

But now looking at the set of stairs she has to go down with her injured leg she was thinking may it's a bad idea. She didn't tell anyone of the pain as she didn't want to create a fuss about it…Anaya was already not happy with no improvements in her swelling, if she would have known she is also feeling pain now that would have created hell of a scene.

"Jaldi kar na ridzi I am starving", Anjali said impatiently.

How was she supposed to go downstairs with one leg. She can't really hop on the stairs, that definitely didn't sound like a good idea. May be she has to put some pressure on her swollen ankle.

She hesitantly put her injured foot down and took the first stair but as soon as her body weight was on that ankle she felt immense pain and she clenched Anjali's hand and shut her eyes on an instinct.

"Ridzi you Okay? Is it hurting?", Anjali asked concerned now.

"Umm yea Di its hurting a bit, but I will manage", she said with tears brimming in her eyes now, avoiding looking Anjali in the eye..She took a sigh to regain composure and take the second stair.

But Anajli understood her lil sis must be lying…she was never the whining types.

"Ridzi you wait here I will go call dad'', Anajli said and she quickly climbed down the stairs before giving Ridhimma a chance to say anything.

"Di wait I am fine…don't call dad", she said from behind but it was of no use.

She held the railing from both hands to try and walk on her own. After taking a deep sigh she was about to put her foot down when she was interrupted.
"Hey...Morning", said a cheerful Armaan standing a stair above her, dressed in fawn shorts and white vest, looking gorgeous as ever, his hair still a little wet from the shower.  And here she was still in her night suit.
*Now this is all I needed*, she mumbled to herself looking down.

When she was on the verge of crying, with much difficulty she smiled back at him, "Morning.."

"You don't look so happy…how is you foot?", he asked not standing beside her.

"Still the same", she said looking down at her bandaged foot.

"That sucks….may be we should call the doctor. Did you tell mom?", he asked.

"Its no big deal Armaan, I will take a medicine after breakfast and it will hopefully be fine soon", she said trying her best to sound convincing.

"Okay…let me help you atleast go downstairs" and he extended his hand.

"I will manage Armaan, its okay.. you go…", she replied.

"Common Ridhimma just give me your hand…you don't have to be shy", he said cheekily.

"ohh please…I am not being shy", she said thrusting her hand into his.

He just chuckled looking at her cute frowning face. He held her hand tightly and slid his other hand around her shoulder to give her better support.

Ridhimma gasped at the sudden proximity. His strong arms and chiseled chest touching her back was creating different emotions in her body which she has never felt before. His intoxicating cologne was driving her crazy. 

*No not again…get a grip girl before you make a fool out of yourself yet again*, but it was much harder when there is hotty holding you.

"Alright now slowly put your foot down", said Armaan calmly who was unaware of the effect he was having on the girl he was holding.

With much difficulty she focused on the stairs and took the other step.

Armaan was watching her, pain was clearly visible on her face as she took the next step, but he had to give it to her…. not even a word of complain….He has known girls who would create a  

A smile crept on his lips as he saw her take a deep sigh before taking the next step.

"Ridhimma"  she looked up from the stairs to Armaan, giving him a questioning look seeing him smile.

And before she could realize what was happening she was lifted off the stairs. She clenched onto his vest at the sudden moment, tightly closing her eyes on her instinct. As realization dawned upon her she jerked open her eyes.

"ARMAAN…what are you doing?", she said shocked.

"put me down..put me down…please", she said wiggle in his hold. 

"Ridhimma stop moving…we both will fall down", he said quickly climbing down the stairs and putting her on the nearest sofa.

Unknown to the two of them there were other onlookers in the adjacent room, just at their back. Ananya and Padma looked at them their mouth slightly open. While Anjali stood by the backyard door with a mischievous smile playing on her lips.

Anaya coughed to get their attention. Both of them turned to finally see rest of them sitting in the dining room beside the family room.

Ridhimma adjusted her shirt quickly which has ridden up, she was red with embarrassment. She moved tresses of her hair falling on her face behind her ears, focusing on the now very interesting floor.

Whereas, Armaan running a hand through his hair and fixing his vest neckline with was crumbled becuase of Ridhimma strong hold... with a big smile, walked to his mom.

"Good morning mum", he said kissing her mom's cheek. Then moving torwads Padma he gave a side hug to her, "Morning aunty". And he went and open the fridge, pouring himself a glass of milk he asked "what's for breakfast ma"

Not getting any response, he turned to look at the three ladies looking at him with huge grins.

Confused he asked, "WHAT??"

"Nothing", all three of them said at the same time and then burst out laughing.

Still laughing Ananya walked beside the blushing Ridhimma, "I am sorry beta we were just teasing you guys." She said loving patting Ridhimma on her head. "How is your foot beta?"

"Its okay aunty", Ridhimma replied finally looking up.

"Let me check", Ananya said slowly taking off the bandage off her foot.

"Swelling is still there beta and it looks a little red to me…is it huring beta?", she asked pressing lightly on her foot.

"No aunty its fine…It will get better soon don't worry", she said hiding her pain.

"She is lying mum", Armaan said casually sitting on the kitchen counter….

"Who's lying?" asked Rahul entering the living room followed by Shashank and Rajeev as they returned from the morning walk

"Rahul take Ridhimma to the doctor, her foot is not getting any better.", Padma said making her way to the kitchen.

"But aunty its fine…I don't have to see a doctor", said Ridhimma pleading.

"No argument beta….Rahul beta go freshen up and take her to Dr. Philip after breakfast. I will take an appointment", said Ananya authoritatively.

"Yes mom", rahul said saluting at his mom and winking at Ridhimma.


"Bhai you go get the girls, I will bring my car.", Armaan said walking towards the garage.

"Ridzi, Anjie lets go", Rahul shouted from the door.

After a morning visit to the doctor, Ridhimma was feeling much better now. An injection and medicine sure did help to ease of the pain and swelling was reducing as well. Rahul was a darling as always, to Ridhimma he was like the big, caring brother she always wanted.

After having lunch the elders decided to go to a South Asian community dinner organized every year, which was of course most boring event ever according to Armaan. So the kids bailed out deciding to go to movie instead..

"Anjie hurry up we gonna miss the movie" Rahul shouted once more…Ridhimma was already ready and downstairs making her way to the door. She was still limping a bit because of the little swelling but it was not hurting atleast.

Rahul gave her his hand for support as she neared the door.

She obliged and held his hand, "Thanks Rahul"

"Oh common ridzi stop saying thanks now…..I can't even keep a count of the number of times you have thanked me since this morning…Really don't mention it", replied Rahul helping her walk to the car.

"Ridzi you sit in the front, there is more leg room. You will feel more comfortable", Rahul said opening the front car seat door.

"No Rahul, really its fine…I will take the back seat", said Ridhimma moving towards the back door.

When Rahul held her by her wrist and starting pulling her towards the front door. "No argument Ridhimma just shut up and get in the car.

She was now standing with her back on the front seat as the Rahul had already opened the door. Since this morning Armaan had been observing the interactions between Rahul and Ridhimma and even now. And could not help notice the comfort between Rahul and Ridhimma which she does not definitely share with her and for an unknown reason he felt kinda bad about it.

But shrugging the thought he concentrated back on the two people still arguing outside the car.

"Oh common now….you two stop arguing", said Armaan exasperated. But his words went unnoticed by the two.

He took off his seat belt and leaned to the other seat and caught hold of Ridhimma hand.

As his hand touched her a shiver ran down her spine. His touch would always make her nervous and arise an unknown sensation in her body.

He tugged at her hand, "Common Ridhimma just get in the car…Do you have to not agree with everything?"

Rahul rushed inside the home to call the other two girls who were still getting READY…*They are not going to attend a wedding, whats taking them so much time to get ready*

He was still holding on to her hand until she was seated in the front seat.

"Huh?", she asked giving him a questioning look.

"What huh…don't act so innocent now….", he said looking at her and couldn't help but smile at Ridhimma who was visibly irritated now.

*God she looks so cute when she is angry, look at that red nose…I just wanna peck it*, then realizing what he was thinking he shook his head,  *What was that dude…you can't get more weird*   

Ridhimma gave him another furious look, then crossed her arms against her chest and just looked outside her window. *What is this guy*

They were soon joined by Rahul, Anjali and Mini, who took the back seat unaware of the little fight between the other two.

"Lets gooo bhai, I don't want to miss the beginning of the movie", shrieked a super excited Mini.

"Oh so now we are running late because of me…why does it take you girls ages to get ready?", asked Armaan teasing his little sister…

"Bhai please not again, can you just drive fast…we will be late", whined Mini.

For the next twenty minutes ride to the theater, they joked..pulled each other leg….If anyone would have seen then no one would have imagined they just met yesterday…..Although Ridhimma avoided any comments or talking back to Armaan which did not go unnoticed by Armaan.

As the they reached the theater Armaan went to the other side to help Ridhimma. He opened the door for her and extended his hand to help her step out. Other were already out looking for Atul and Muskaan who were supposed to meet them there.

Ridhimma looked at his hand unsure…she was not in the mood to play anymore word games with Armaan.

She quietly took his hand and getting out of the car mumbled a thanks. As she thought Armaan was going to start saying something she called for Anjali who was standing some steps ahead of them.

Anjali walked back to them, "Hain bol ridzi"

"Di aap mere sath chal sakti hain", she asked Anjali innocently. Anjali sensed Ridhimma's discomfort, so she decided to handle the situation.

"Yea sure ridz…", she looked at Armaan still standing there… "Armaan you go join others… I will help ridzi here..we will join you guys in a bit"

Armaan nodded and made his way towards others smiling to himself. *So miss Short tempered is still angry... Its so easy to irk her….But she is not like that with bhai…She is so comfortable around him, it doesn't look like they met just two days seems they have known each other since forever...Why do I care...but I have to admit I love annoying her...she is so hard she tries to control herself to not spat back...lets see how long are you going to control yourself Miss Gupta* 

Turning around he gave her a devilish smirk and went to join the guys...

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New Update!!!

Part 6

Rahul passed four tickets to Minnie for the girls as she did not want to miss the upcoming movie trailers, while guys headed to get some refreshments.
The theater was jam packed, "Shit I knew can I ever expect to get good seats at last minute", whined Minnie.

There were some good seats at the top but one or two in between but they wanted to sit together.So, after asking some people, with puppy dog eyes and using their girl charms, to move around they were able to get seats about in the middle. Minnie went to get the center seat dragging Ridhimma along to sit with her. In order to save seats for the guys, Anjali took a seat after leaving one seat and Muskaan did the same.

Boys entered the hall with their hands full of snacks trying to balance drinks at the same time. The lights were dimmed as trailers had already started. They stood by the stairs trying to find the girls, while the girls were already engrossed in the trailers to notice them entering. After searching for good 2-3 mins they FINALLY spotted the girls...quite irritated... they made their way towards them, trying their best not to disturb other people's view which wasn't helping much.

Armaan spotted a seat between Ridhimma and Anjali. He never liked sitting in the middle, stuck between soo many people but he was tempted to sit next to Ridhimma. And it was easy as he was ahead of Rahul and Atul, so he moved in first to sit next to her.. He realized Minnie was sitting on Ridhimma's other side beside a young guy and his brotherly instincts kicked in.

"Mini come sit here...", he called out to her, Ridhimma had been too engrossed into trailers to notice him coming in. Her head shot up, hearing his voice and the jittery feelings were back*Shit...he is going to sit next to me*
"Bhai I am good...I like the view from here", Minnie tried to protest but getting a no-nonsense glare from Armaan...she stood up from her seat to exchange her seat with Armaan.

Ridhimma notice the look on Armaan face as well, unable to understand the reason she looked confused from Minnie to Armaan. *He is fighting in the middle of the theater for a seat?!? what is wrong with this dude? how old  is he? three?*  Then she noticed a cute looking guy sitting next to Minnie..And It clicked her...she couldn't control her giggle and rolled her eyes at him*Overprotective brother*

Armaan took his seat and leaning closer to Ridhimma whispered in her ear "Whats soo funny Miss Gupta?".
Skin on her neck tingled feeling his hot breath. She closed her eyes to gain some composure as faint blush crept on her cheeks. She shook her head lightly, biting her lower lip mumbled "Nothing..".

Armaan didn't miss a single change of expression on her face. He loved the way she reacted when she would be nervous or caught red handed or when he got near to her. It was not new to have girls blushing around him but she was different...And she smelled heavenly...

He let out a low chuckle and passed the drinks to Ridhimma and Minnie. He gave Ridhimma the bag of popcorn as she was in the middle. The whole time Ridhimma held onto her breath, he was just too close for her comfort. His arm was continuously brushing past her as he passed around the snacks.

Once he was done and rested his back to the seat, she heaved a sigh of relief and the next moment he adjusted his arm next to Ridhimma's on the arm rest. She moved her hand to her lap instantly as the goose bumps erupted on her skin...She clenched her teeth muttering *Just great* 
The movie started and she tried to focus her attention back to her favorite actor and not think about the deviously good looking guy sitting next to her, whose touch made butterflies flutter in her stomach.

Muskaan exchanged her seat with Rahul so she could sit next to Anjali, with Atul and Rahul now sitting on either side of them...The movie started and so the squeals and shrieks of the two girls...The two would not shut up...they had to comment on each scene "Omg he is sooo hot, I could eat him up", squealed Muskaan with a dreamy look on her face..."I know yaar Muskaan I could kiss him crazy all night", spoke an equally dreamy Anjali..."Just his mere smile turns me on"...

"Shut up you guys...Do you have any idea what you are saying??", spoke an irritated Rahul...
"What Rahul?!? Don't be jealous...He is Shahrukh dude...", Muskaan gave him another dreamy smile...
"I am jealous?!?!", Rahul said making a disgusted face." You have lost it Muskaan...just shut up you two and let me watch the movie" he said folding his hand in front of them...

"I am never sitting next to you...Jerk", spoke an irritated Muskaan..

The peace lasted for few minutes, the next romantic scene and they were back...Rahul took a deep breath and sunk deeper into his seat listening another, "Omg he is sooo hot". *Only if he had duct tape to shut their mouth..*

On the other hand, Armaan was least interested in the movie and more interested watching the girl next to him, from the corner of his eyes...
He could totally make out she was totally smitten by the actor...she was grinning through out...blushing at the romantic scenes...and he couldn't help but wonder, *would she blush to my touch like that...well she sort of already do...* then realizing what he was thinking he tried to focus his attention back to the movie...
Although he could not help but intentionally brush past her, touch her  throughout the movie, reaching for the popcorn, getting his drink or just shifting around in his seat...and he was delighted to watch her getting distracted by his touch every time.

Ridhimma was having a hard time concentrating, sitting next to him. Every time their hands touched she would get goose bumps all over her body... *When will the interval come, I can't sit next to him. I got to change my seat*. She felt her wrist realizing she forgot to wear her watch...She leaned towards Minnie and whispered, "Hey...whats the time? when will the interval come?"
Minnie chuckled, "Do you have to go pee?".
Ridhimma shook her head, "Nah...just wondering,...I forgot my watch"
"We don't get interval here Ridzi and its been 1 and half hour already...1 hour more of my Shahrukh left",  spoke Minnie giving her a dreamy smile and got back to watching the movie...
Ridhimma dropped her head in her hands, seeing her last hope to get away from his sweet torture go down the drain.
*I can do this...I can do this...oh yes I can do this*, chanting to herself she took a deep sigh and again shrinking further in her seat to avoid any possibility of his touch again...she tried getting back to the movie.


It was past midnight by the time movie finished. The cars were parked at some distance as they were late for the movie and could not a find a closer spot.
"I am never coming to see this actor movie ever again", said Rahul suppressing a yawn...
"Shut up Rahul...the movie was amazing...I wanna say it again", spoke Muskaan as she walked holding hands with Minnie who was singing a song from the movie, behind Rahul...
Rahul turned to give them a deadly glare, "AGAIN? you must be kidding me...and stop singing that stupid song head is already hurting from these girls nonstop comments throughout the movie"
Ignoring his comments they started singing even louder just to annoy him...Rahul at once closed his ears and made a run to join Atul and Armaan who were walking a little ahead of them deep in some conversation...
Anajli was helping a visibly tired Ridhimma walk to the car. She was clinging onto Anjali, hugging her side ways. "Whats up baby sis? you look tired...feeling okay, is your foot hurting again?", Anjali spoke lovingly moving the strands of hair away from her sisters face.
"No di, its not hurting...I am just tired and really sleepy...", she spoke leaning further on Anjali, "I think the meds I just took are kicking in"
"Do you want to wait here, I can ask Armaan to bring the car?" Anjali asked.
"No no di...I will manage"

As they reached the car, Muskaan and Atul were bidding others good bye. Muskaan took Ridhimma and Anjali into a hug...
"Good night my lovelies, I had fun", she high-fived Anjali and added with a wink, "We have to come up with more ways to annoy this Rahul". Then giving Ridhimma a kiss on her hair continued, "And you missy rest well and fix your foot."
"Thanks Muskaan...Ye I will", replied Ridhimma returning her hug. "Okay guys I will see you soon", saying Muskaan headed towards her car.."Wait Muskaan I will walk you to your car. Guys I will be back", saying Rahul followed Muskaan.
Anjali and Ridhimma gave each other knowing smiles. After wishing everyone a good night Atul left as well.

As Anjali and Minnie took a seat at the back of the car. Ridhimma followed them and took a seat behind drivers seat by the window. Armaan eyes were following her involuntarily, he noticed her going to the back but didn't say anything noticing how tired she looked and it would probably not be a good idea to annoy her now.
Rahul came and noticed Ridhimma sitting at back. "Ridzi why are you sitting at the back? Are you comfortable?"
"Yea Rahul, I am fine here...Lets go", she noticed Armaan eyes on her through the rear view mirror. He had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen...*He is total package from top to bottom* She shifted in her seat turning sideways to avoid looking into his mesmerizing eyes. Closing her eyes she rested her head on the window, confused at her feelings. She didn't realize when she slipped into a deep slumber.

Armaan found his eyes going back to Ridhimma every two secs, he watched her shift around in her spot with her eyes closed and a deep frown... trying to find a comfortable spot. Finally finding it or giving up, he was not sure, she rested her head on the window...And with time he noticed the frown lines fading away from her forehead suggesting she must have dozed off...

"Bhai I am hungry", Minnie voice broke his attention from the beautiful face he was soo busy exploring..
"Yea me too", added Rahul.
"Where do you guys want to go?", asked Armaan.
"Taco Bell" seeing Armaan make a face, "bhai please...please..please" pouted Minnie.
"Okay FINE", how can Armaan ever ignore his baby sis demands.

Anjali lightly shook Ridhimma as Armaan parked the car, "Ridzi...Ridhimma?" but as she did not buzz. She shifted his attention to others in the car, who were watching them intently, "I think its the medicines. You guys go ahead. I will stay with her"

"Yea don't wake her up...Lets just grab something for everyone and then we can leave. What can we get for you and her?", asked Rahul.

"Umm I don't know. I don't exactly know the menu Rahul, remember it's our first time. So get me anything?", said Anjali

"Anjie why don't you go with them and you can decide what Ridhimma and you would like and I will stay here with her.", offered Armaan.

"Umm okay", saying Anjali followed Rahul and Minnie inside.

Armaan leaned back in his seat once again watching her from the rear view mirror. *I can watch her all are something miss Gupta?* Then realizing what he was thinking he looked up to the sky from his Q7 sunroof, *Oh god...Why am I behaving like this? Why do I find myself watching her all the time? finding excuses to touch her?Its creepy really it is? if she noticed she will think I am pyscho...why I cannot help but notice how she reacts around me? how comfortable she is with bhai and not me BUT why does it concern me? oh god its been two days and this girl is making me a NUTCASE*, he ran a hand through his hair, his eye back on her face. When he saw her move, for a moment he thought she woke up but she just shifted resting her head on the back of the seat now. *Wow...she sleeps like a log...I wonder how she will react if she wakes up...I am sure I can never expect a normal reaction from her...alone with me...she would probably freak out* Next moment, he turned in his seat to look at her face directly. He quickly pulled out his phone and took a pic of her. *My Sleeping Beauty* He turned back just in time to see others walking out of the restaurant with brown bags of food. He pretended to be busy with his phone as they made their way back to the car *Dude... just in time*

Once everyone was settled back in their seat, he drove back home.

"Wake up Ridzi we are home", Anjali shook a still sleeping Ridhimma a little harder this time...only to hear her mumble something in her sleep... "Get up sleepy head or do you plan to sleep in the car", she tried gently patting her cheek. Ridhimma frowned and took hold of Anjali hand.

As they parked the car in the driveway Rahul and Minnie got out of the car holding the take outs..."Armaan please help her...I will get the door", Rahul said making his way inside.

Ridhimma was slowly getting back into her senses with all disturbance and continuous nudging from Anjali but her eyes refuse to open. Only when her side door opened, she popped open her one eye blinking it repeatedly to take in her surroundings and adjust to the sudden light. She saw Armaan holding the door with a dimpled smile adorning his face. She closed her eye again as if capturing the beautiful sight of him in her mind forever and gave him a dreamy smile still not in her senses completely. Armaan chuckled seeing her antics.
But the next words from Armaans mouth were enough to get Ridhimma back to her senses. "Anjie I don't think she is going to get up now, I will just carry her inside" He was about to bend over when Ridhimma jerked open both of her eye, "I am up...I will walk", Anjali looked at her sister confused, while Armaan shook his head letting out a chuckle...


Ridhimma was tossing around in her bed for a while now trying to get back to sleep... *Ahh stupid JETLAG*  she groaned hiding her face in the pillow...and even her stomach was growling now, *I should have eaten something before sleeping...I am so hungry...kya karoo?* she kept shifting around...
Hearing Anjali groan in her sleep ...she tried keeping still, not wanting to disturb her...and closed her eyes once again to try and sleep...but her hungry stomach was making it all more difficult...Giving up she sat up on the bed and glanced at clock on the side table *just 3:30am...this jetlag is driving me insane...I can't even wake up where do I find something to eat?...mummy... I miss home...* , taking a deep sigh...she got off the bed...*I don't wanna raid their kitchen but mummy I am soo hungry...ohhh...ohh...there are fruits on the dining table...* she made a face thinking it has come to this now...*chal ridizi beta...aaj apple se kaam chala maggi, chips, chocolate to milege nahi tujhe...* her mouth watering even thinking about her favorite midnight snacks...she made her way out of the room as quietly as possible...

Thankfully night lights were on by the stairs, so she didn't have to turn on the main light...She quietly made her way downstairs, *Stupid squeaky wooden can a person even move around here quietly...with all this wooden flooring...I just hope nobody wakes up...*  She concentrated back on the stairs once again...As she reached the first level she could see the family room lights on...
*Oh no...somebody is up...* She stopped in her spot debating whether to go down or not...*or somebody must have forgotten to switch the light off...ARGHH guess I will find out...I hope nobody is there...oh god plz*, crossing her fingers, she started descending rest of the stairs.
The light from the family room was enough to give her a sense of direction to the kitchen so she didn't bother switching any other lights on...She quietly made her way to the family room to see if someone is there...

And she was convinced now...god was certainly not on her side since she laid a step in this house...

The centre coffee table was pushed to a corner and Armaan was sitting on the carpet, with books and sheets of paper sprawled around him...He had headphones on, which were attached to laptop sitting on the sofa behind him. He had a notepad on his lap and was busy scribbling in it unaware of her presence.

He was hotness personified even in plain black jersey shorts and wife beater...his hair all messy falling on his forehead...She stood rooted in her spot...looking... more like ogling at this beautiful creation of god...

She smiled seeing him chew the back of the pen, as frown lines appeared on his forehead...He seemed to be stuck on something...

But the next moment her smile disappeared, as she felt a sudden heat rising to her cheeks and back of her ears, as his eyes met hers...  


Liked it/disliked it? Should I even bother continuing? Please do let me know!

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rosyammy Senior Member

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Posted: 03 August 2012 at 7:49pm | IP Logged
Awesome ff dear:)
i loved to read it...
plz cont soon...
Add me to ur  PM list...
its such a nice topicSmile

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shivi17 Goldie

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wow this is awesome :D i am loving it.. and pls pls plsss iss DAYAN ko hatao ABHIII
also add me to ur pm list :D

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roshni_A Goldie

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really nice one continue..

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Sar_M Groupbie

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Posted: 04 August 2012 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Thanks guys! I will start working on the next part soon...

Add sar_m_pm to your buddy list, if you want PM for future updates...

<3 Sareena

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