The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

||SS|| Never Forget || PanSh||Note. pg 20 (Page 15)

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Me feeling like reserving even before you update... Bwahaha!
Tomorrow morning i'll read pakka.
Night night wild dreamer!!

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Chapter 5

The cars zoomed past them on the road as the two of them walked silently on the footpath. Mumbai was its usual bustling self in the day. The skies above were holding a gathering with the clouds and they had started to gather. But no one was free enough to look up and take in the sight of the sky. The sun was shedding its light down on the ground before the clouds, being their playful self, hid it behind their wide, soft bodies.

He looked at his side. She was matching his small steps as they walked, her eyes looking at the ground. From behind her open hair, he could see the lost look on her face. Silence surrounded them as they walked towards their destination as if they had all the time in the world. A wave of wind hit them, feeling cold on his slightly sweaty face and making her hair move slightly. Sighing, he looked up in the sky. Then to the road where all kinds of busy people rushed passed them not even looking at them. Who cared about two school students walking silently on the footpath anyway? Who cared that they shouldn't be like this? Who cared that just by walking silently away from everyone who knew them was completely wrong in its own sense?

Really, who cared?

"Aur kitni door hai?"

His voice made her jump and she looked at him blankly. He wasn't looking at her but at the road ahead. From the corner of his eye, he noticed her looking around and taking in the surrounding. She gave a quick glance backwards.

"Almost there. It's just round the corner." She said simply and continued walking. KD clicked his tongue and looked at her. She was no longer looking at the ground but that lost look was still on her face.

No, that wouldn't do.

"Tum kismat pe kafi yaqeen rakhti ho na?"

She looked at him and raised her eyebrow. He mentally chuckled. Seriously, he had the weirdest ways of starting a conversation. She inhaled and breathed deeply.

"Haan!" The hints of chirpiness returned to her voice. She moved the traces of her hair from her face and tucked them behind her ears.

"I just always have this weird feeling ke jo bhi hota hai, ek reason ke liye hota hai. Ais dunya mein aisi koi cheez nahin hai jo without reason ke liye. I feel ke every moment, every incident is this whole build up of what's in store for us in the future." She smiled slightly before giving him a fleeting glance. He snickered.

"Typical girly conception."

"Hey! I am a girl!" She looked at him with a shocked expression before frowning. A smile crept on his face.

"Anyway, I don't buy that. Ye kismat, ye reasoning, it's all utter crap. Hum apni kismat khud banate hain. Upper se likhwa ke kuch nahin aate." Without knowing how, some bitterness mixed in his voice. Taking a moment, he composed himself. No, this was not a time to engage in an age old battle with himself about his identity.

"Nah, kismat ek kafi strong cheez hai. For instance, ye kismat hi tou hai ke hum ek hi class mein hain jabke mostly scholarship students are assigned section B."

"Pure co-incidence."


"Just a bogus conception."

"Nopes! One of the fundamentals of life."

"Life mein aur bhi problems hain other than wasting time on such superficial stuff."

"It makes us what we are."

"No, we decide what we are."

"It's a major driving force."

"Hmph! Just a thing that cowards blame when they are too scared to take the actual charge of their lives."

"Oh God! Keshav, tum bhi cheez ho!"

"Mujhe paneer zyada pasand hai."

"What?!" She stopped in her tracks and looked at him fully for the first time they had started walking. He set his face in an obviously fake and innocent expression. Her mouth was slightly open for a few seconds before she shook her head at him.

"That was a very bad joke!" She said in her usual tone which she used when she was slightly annoyed and started walking ahead of him. Biting his lip to hold back his chuckle, he joined her in few big strides.

"Ye sach hai!"

"Whatever!" She rolled her eyes and turned around a corner. It was a slightly commercial are with a few shops and many old buildings. It wasn't completely low-class or a place which high society people would prefer to visit. It was just another corner of the city which wasn't discovered by many but still it existed. It wasn't too crowded to extremely colorful. It had a sense of simplicity in the air. The overall look of the place was quite peaceful. It was unlike the usual hustling and bustling scene of the city.

She took the lead and quickly moved towards a shop with red shades covering its entrance. Reaching there, she didn't stop and pushed open the door. KD followed her inside. It was a decent place with a counter just opposite the door. There were round 10 tables in the room. There were some stairs at the end of the room. He guessed there might be another floor for the customers upstairs. Almost half of the tables were occupied.

Panchi walked towards a table near the window. He followed her and sat opposite to her on the table for two. They put their bags on the floor. Resting her hand on her palm, she hummed an unfamiliar tune slowly and looked outside the window. He preferred to look at her. Luckily, she was looking at ease now.

"Oh hello dear! So nice to see you back!" A woman's voice made them pull out of their individual thoughts. A middle aged woman was standing at their table and smiling at Panchi. A broad smile broke on Panchi's face.

"Hey Martha! How are you? Ab aapka paaoun kaisa hai?" Panchi asked kindly and the woman named Martha chuckled.

"Oh dear, it wasn't even that painful. You know this girl is made of honey. I don't always see young girls like her taking such keen interest in old strangers like us." She looked at KD and said. KD wasn't expecting this so he just looked at her, at an apparent loss of words. Martha's gaze, which had been kind a moment ago, turned into stern and analyzing when she registered KD's appearance. He found it very uncomfortable, as if she was scanning his very soul. Though it was a bit rude, but he broke the eye contact and started looking outside the window.

"Martha, he's my friend and classmate, Keshav. Keshav, ye Martha hai. Her family owns this restaurant." Panchi did the introductions and KD smiled at Martha who did not return her smile. She turned her attention to Panchi and the smile immediately appeared on her face.

"What can I get for you dear? The usual sandwich and the freshly squeezed apple juice?"

"Yes, that would do! Thank you!"

"And what about you, young man?" Martha looked at him and asked him sternly. KD looked at Panchi for some clue but she wasn't looking at him.

"Ummm...just a cold Pepsi."

She gave him one last sweeping look and turned around to leave. He clearly heard her mutter, "unhealthy hooligan" as she moved towards the counter. He didn't know how to react on that.

"I don't think she likes me." He confessed to Panchi who laughed at the way he said it.

"Don't worry. She's not that bad. Buss, just a little strict with boys."

"She called me a hooligan!"

"Maybe it's because you look a little older than the usual 11th graders?"

KD huffed and leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. Yeah, he was older than the usual students. And that was because he had started his schooling a year later than most of the kids his age. It wasn't his fault that the tough lifestyle of living in a chawl with barely enough money to meet the basic necessities of life had made him look tougher than his fellow students and had given a sort of permanent hardened look on his face.

Their orders arrived soon. He now regretted that he had only ordered a drink. The sandwich in Panchi's hand looked extremely delicious. He realized just how hungry he was.

She soon finished her sandwich and took the glass of the juice and sipped it. Her eyes closed as she took in the taste of the juice. "Seriously, yahan ki fresh juice is to die for!" She commented. He looked at his glass of Pepsi and gulped down the almost half glass of the extremely cold drink in one go. The cold drink burned his throat and he put the glass on the table.

"I'm done, chalen?" He said a little harshly and she looked at him in surprise.

"Arey! Let me finish!" She said quickly as he got up and picked his bag from the ground. She wasn't as fast as him and it took her a few moments to finish her glass. When she was done, he turned around and got out of there leaving her behind to pay up and give some excuse to Martha who had been seeing the scene with a very displeased expression on her face.

"Ye kya tha?" She asked him when she joined him outside but he didn't respond and started walking.

"Arey! Hello! Ruko! Aaram se!" She called behind him and almost ran to keep pace with him. He was walking fast, taking long strides. She, being smaller and slower, felt tired following him.

"Kya masla hai?" She stopped and cried out. He turned to look at him, holding the side of her stomach and breathing heavily. Immediate guilt riled up inside of him. What was wrong with him?

Huffing, she walked to him and stood in front of him looking directly in his eyes.

"Aise kyun react kar rahe ho?"

"Kuch nahin."

"Aise kaise kuch nahin! Batao na!"

"It's nothing."


She pointed her finger at him and said angrily. He was taken aback by her action. She never called her KD, a name which he was known by in the rest of the school. And she certainly never pointed his finger at her as she only did that when she was very angry. He had seen her point her finger at Ranveer at a couple of times and at those times, the expression on Ranveer's face had always been of utter horror.

Taking deep breathes, she calmed herself down and put down her finger. When she opened her mouth again, her voice was calmer but nonetheless, still commanding.

"Kya hua?"

"Buss thori bhook lagi hai."

"Tou wahan pe kuch order kyun nahin kiya?"

He didn't reply to that and she sighed. She looked around and bit her lip.

"Ab yahan pe koi jagah mujhe nahin pata khane ke liye. Wapas jaenge tou Martha sau sawal poochegi aur shayad tumhe dande se marengi bhi. She really was angry at the way you walked out."

She said helplessly and looked around. An idea came into his mind and he looked at her.

"Main ek jagah janta hun. Come, let's go."


Told you that the update will be fast LOL Hope this long chapter was good enough for you guys. Honest feedback is always appreciated! Embarrassed

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First of all,extremely sorry for not commenting on ur last this one is for part 4 and 5.
I really loved the interaction between these two.i must appreciate u coz writing abt cross over pairs is really tough.

Poor KD.he should have ordered something!.

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amazing update thanks for the pm

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Lovely update ClapClap

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Originally posted by Crazy_soul

First of all,extremely sorry for not commenting on ur last this one is for part 4 and 5.
I really loved the interaction between these two.i must appreciate u coz writing abt cross over pairs is really tough.

Poor KD.he should have ordered something!.

Arey it's ok! I updated without much break between in the chapters so it's completely alright if you didn't comment. That's why I also PMed the ones who commented on chap 3 as well as chap 4 LOL

Awww...! Thank you! It can be a little tough but as long as I am true to the concept and the characters, words just flow Embarrassed Yups! KD should've ordered something but he didn't realize that he was hungry till he saw Panchi eating. This happens to me a lot LOLOuch

Originally posted by The007Shivani

amazing update thanks for the pm

Originally posted by _Aanchal_

Lovely update ClapClap

Thank you! Embarrassed

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Awesome Awesome Awesome !

bt Mais No PMs frm the Last to Updates!  :(

Why ?

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Originally posted by kittu_arsha

Awesome Awesome Awesome !

bt Mais No PMs frm the Last to Updates! :(

Why ?

thank you!

I PM to those only who comment on the chapter. Maybe you didnt comment on chap 3, that's why? :/ if you did then I am really sorry for not PMing you. You will get the PM next time :)

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