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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX ; The Three Musketeer's !! (Page 2)

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Chanda hai tu, mera sooraj hai tu
oh meri aankhon ka, tara hai tu,
jeeti hoon main, bas tere liye, 
is toote dil ka, saahara hai tu

I know, I know! This is not the song for rakhi..A "phoolon ka taraaon ka sabka kehna hai, ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai", would be appropriate for highlighting today's epi. 
Where as the song that I have used, defines the overwhelming love a mother feels for his child,The Bond a child shares with his mother!

And that is why, lovely ladies, I use this song today!

The epi today was definitely dedicated to Rakhi, the auspicious festival of brother's promise to protect his sister and sister's promise of everlasting love. When I looked at Anjali today, she came across more as a mother to me. A mother whose only purpose of living was Arnav when their mother passed away. A mother, whose life revolved around him. A mother whose only wish is for him to be happy always and be with her.

And when I looked at Arnav, he too resembled a son, a son whose life resides in his mother, a son who acknowledges what his mother has done to make his life, a son who vows to protect his mother from all dangers in the world.  

The bro-sis bond that they have shown in this show has always been amazing, pure and beautiful. But today, for me it surpassed its boundaries. So much love from Anjali towards Arnav teetered on the boundary of being motherly love, the purest form of love ever known to mankind! 
And so my dedication of the song.

Though,a thin line to differentiate between the two relationships and if you ask me why I felt it was more of a mother-son rishta than a bro-sis, i will not be able to answer that. I just saw it! Felt it!

Now to the actual epi, things to ponder:
  • Akash is home and doesnt let Payal take his suitcase.Frankly speaking, i didnt feel there was anything wrong in that. My husband too wouldnt let me carry his luggage. its normal according to me and doesnt specifically hint at Akash being miffed at payal. Though from payal's disappointed expressions and Mami's gloating ones, we can surely assume so.Confused
  • More screen space to NK bhai so that means more light-hearted comedy scenes. Enjoyed that. Love his toota-phoota hindi. Sometimes I feel, he just deliberately says it so that he can steal some smiles around him. I have no real scene/proof to validate this, just my hunch! But nevertheless, his moments do spread a smile  in his family as well as viewers! And he calls Arnav a Devil, a comment which ASR hears and chooses to ignore!LOL
  • Arnav is surely loosing his patience at mami's constant gibes at khushi. The day is not far when he gives her a doze of her own medicine!
  • Kaksha-bandhan?LOL What Nk bhai? and then Rakesh-bandhan? like what? seriously??
  • Nani, the family matriarch, asks about Buaji and babuji. Liked the scene for its natural treatment. The minute the Bahu enters the sasural after few days, ask her the haal-chaal of her family..So true and applies to every household.
  • Nk asks something to do supercool for Di, and Arnav looks at him as if saying, "you are thinking about it now, I have already thought about it since a long time". He declares the same and both the brothers comply. Love how he literally "rules" the household.
  • Khushi's hesitance to enter and Anjali's pondering over before nodding her head, very well executed. Khushi is not sure of her boundary as yet, she is not sure if she is welcome in di's world. And Anjali is not sure if she should, if she could let khushi enter her world. Showed both the sides very well.
  • Khushi insistence to tie the rasha dhaga around her hand and Anjali's resistance to that, such a subtle message. Khushi wants to protect Anjali from all the obstacles in the world, "Read Shyaam"...and Anjali does not want to be protected from anything.."Again read shyaam"LOL...Very well done!
  • Anjali wants her gift, not from Arnav but from khushi. Because from her POV, its khushi who is the diwar between her and her happiness. Khushi is the woman who "took away" her brother, her life! So instead of asking the brother for a rakhi gift, she chose to ask the woman. Not directly of course, but very subtly. After asking she even inquires gently if what she has asked is too much for her to give! Beautiful scene.Clap And wonderfully enacted by Daljeet and Sanaya. I loved Daljeet in the scene.
  • Anjali descends along with nani from the staircase and can easily catch nani's pretense. Loved the voice modulation here when she asks nani what she is hiding from him. Cute Anjali is back Smile!
  • The decorations were nice. And knowing Anjali, they decided to decorate her Mandir, place whcich gives her ultimate calm and joy.LOL Nice touch.
  • The 2 men dressed in kurtas coming down from the staircase, did indeed look dashing, a point well noticed by Anjali. 
  • Loved Mami's shayari "ye to sirf jhaanki hai, Blockbuster surprise to abhi baaki hai"...Wah!Wah! Ghaalib ki yaad aa gayi...LOL And Khushi's smile at that moment. I wonder what she was smiling about. The surprise that di will get or how aptly Mamiji compared Arnav with "Blockbuster"...LOL

  • And what a Blockbuster surprise it was. When the king descends, the difference is visible!  The man-in-white undoubtedly stole the thunder!What looks, what walk, what attitude! Killer.Embarrassed Day Dreaming

  • The surprise and shock on everybody's face when Arnav descends from the stairs was nice to watch. But what difference between khushi and everyone else. Anjali's  "O" in complete shock was so varied from khushi's. For khushi, her jaw just dropped open! It just did in that pure female delight and appreciation after seeing a hunk of a manEmbarrassed! I loved, loved that jaw-drop! It so mirrored my own...LOL

  • I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that the mighty ASR is conscious of his wardrobe!LOL Can you believe it!How he looks at his dress and checks himself. Loved how he portrayed  his happiness on seeing his Di's satisfied smile even though he is feeling awkward and is at discomfort on wearing that dress.

  • When Anjali asks him in utter amazement that if this is really him, he answers "I dont know, pata nahin di".. It got me thinking. So he is not sure who is the man standing in front of his di wearing the kurta, that is he the same man who once told her that ASR can never wear such pieces of cloth which will ultimately go in his shelf of unused clothing? Or the man who has understood that how with simple and little effort, one can bring a smile on a loved one's face! Loved how he delivered this line. His utter disbelief at his own actions was very well portrayed by Barun!Big smileClap

  • Her reminder of their mother and telling him how happy she would have been to see him like this, was touching. But what was more touching was the assurance he gives her that it is she who matters, If she is there, he doesn't need anything else, her presence is enough for him. Because she is his mother! Loved this to T.

  • It was very nice to see the family sharing some light-hearted moments. From Arnav's "why is everyone staring at me, even those two wore kurtas"LOL to NK competing with Arnav for Anjali's most-handsome title was fun to watch!Big smile

  • Arnav so easily caught on to khush's attempt of passing on the praise to NK. Just a tiny hesitation on NK's part and Bam, khushi pakdi gayi! His sigh in the end was like "No khushi, not again"LOL

  • Anjali doing teeka for NK and throws chawal on him. And he catches it and eats it?ROFL..and Akash is like "What the"? ROFL ..Echoes the sentiments of everyone..Nk, u are a true gem of this showLOL
    And Akaash's gift just has to be in Pink color! Oh my!! Akash bitwa and his saacha ishq for pinkLOL!!

  • Today, what was absolutely brilliant was the constant admiration and love of Arnav for his di. His eyes never leave her at any point of time. Her smile fills his heart with happiness, he is adoring her, literally worshiping her, thanking her , for making him what he is today! Just like a son looks upto her mother! It touched me like nothing elseBig smile.

  • The rakhi tying scene reminded me of last year's rakhi with Anjali feeling the same satisfaction of fulfilling her sisterly duties. 
    For Arnav, it is somehow more meaningful this year. His expressions conveyed what turbulent times their relation has gone through recently, the test they had been asked to give and the way they have come out of it with flying colors. Beautifully beautifully enacted by Barun Clap

  • Of course, the smile on khushi's face everytime she sees Anjali happy,or Arnav happy or both of them , is worth applauding for. When Anjali asks arnav how did he wear the kurta, he doesnt have an answer. But khushi has. She is feeling proud of and content with herself for making him do this for his di. Is there any other love more selfless than this?

  • Loved the BG music and the lyrics. My Fav scene of the epi was when she starts doing the rasam for arnav and the male version of BG music goes like this

    "Muskura kar jab tu mujhe, pyar se samjhaati hai,
    tere chehre mein us pal, mujhko maa nazar aati hai.
    Teri dua har uljhan mein, Jeena sikhati hai.

    Tera ehsaan hai, mera armaan hai,
    tujhpe kurbaan dil ho jaaye.
    Din shuru aur khatam tujhse, har khushi aur gam tujhse
    Vaade aur kasam tujhse, har khushi aur gam tujhse"

    Wao! this scene was phenomenal. Every expression on Barun's face matched with the lyrics. Equally, Daljeet was brilliant here. Her almost crying in the end was very very touching! I loved it! Seriously, dil se. Clap

  • Undoubtedly, the pic of Arnav-di with DM in the BG holds lot of significance. Their bond is been looked over by the almighty himself and no shyaamwa can break it! Good message to the viewers on rakhi.

  • Family pic. First khush is standing behind along with payal, distant from Arnav. And then later moves near him. Just like in her life. How gradually she has taken her place alongside him when in the starting she was the outsider.

  • The mysterious phone calls continue. The caller retains the DM's sense to call on her mobile and not play "hello hello" with rest of the RM members!

  • Why in the world HP bitwa try to give "advice" to his once-upon-a-time khadoos master? Loved Arnav's incredulous expressions. He couldn't believe it!LOL Also he has not seen khushi maybe since last 10 min. Which is too long a time for a man possessed with love. So the kurta is the perfect bahana to get the biwi closer! Oiyee! I love this Arnav in love...Embarrassed

  • So khushi is the one who will see the face of the "mystery man". the question is, will she share this with Arnav? I think she will as she knows nothing good can come out of it by hiding it from him. Esp if it is about Anjali. For her sake, she can hide. Not for others.
Note to CVs:
  • Showing the same scene as "coming up" in both the segments and then in precap as well...Not done! Only because it kills us to wait this long for a scene like that.LOL

  • When naniji mentions she met Buaji in the hospital, there is no expression on Khushi or Arnav's face. Shouldn't they be a little alarmed about naniji finding out the "truth" about Buaji's health? Shouldn't they be a little worried about their lie being caught and they being declared as a liar? I dont know, it didnt go down well with me. Just a small eye-lock between the leads also would have done it. But it was shown as if they both are not bothered about it at all.. And that bothered me.

  • Rakhi or no rakhi, festival or gloom, we want the same type of clothes for our leads! Please see Sanaya in that beautiful Anarkali suit and the superb Orange sari and decide if she is looking absolutely gorgeous or not. And what to say about Barun-In-white. Probably will go to hell for saying this for the 3rd time(**being a married woman**) but wasnt he looking yummiliicous CVs?? Just look at him! I mean you have someone looking like that and still you dont have unconscious bodies floating around in your sets! Amazing!...Anyways, please change his suits to white, all his shirts to white and I will never complain...Big smile
That's all from me today! Phew, looong post!!

Love, Sumi.

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Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon- Act III
Recap  Act I
Hate on the brink of turning to love backtracks with a sham marriage ...
Recap Act II 
The sham marriage slowly obliterates the hate, anger, feeling of betrayal and ushers in love... but the relationship meets the hurdles of family dynamics before it can move forward...

Place: Shantivan,
Day: Raksha Bandhan ,
Time:Early part of the day

The entire family having a conversation together in the living room as Arnav and Khushi walk in... A nice start to the next phase in the drama on the day of Raksha bandhan, a day of celebration for the brother sister bond  with their kith and kin...Big smile The family dynamics are now obstacles in the relationship of the much in love couple Arnav and Khushi... The situation needs their combined attention...

Khushi returns with her potli of happiness at RM. The gloom changes into celebrations as Nani brings Anjali from darkness to light in the mandir of Devi Maiyya at Shantivan...The old happy chirpy Anjali returns spreading smile on the faces of her loved ones...  Loved the scene depicting hope for Anjali to embrace the joy of life  with the help from her family... Her cup of  happiness over spills as she  glimpses her little brother donning  the ethnic attire which every year she had wished for but her brother denied...Arnav is very happy that this little gesture from him has lightened up his Di's current dull existence. He looks up for acceptance from the two people who were instrumental in getting him to do this to fulfill his sister's long awaited wish ... His wife is happy to see that her efforts have indeed spread cheer all around . She gives the entire credit of transformation of Arnav to his other brother NK... Anjali is overjoyed that all her brothers have put in so much effort to please her as she is an integral and important part of their lives...

Khushi smiles as she has once again brought happiness to people all around her... She only knows the art of giving happiness in return for love...She has never experienced what it feels to receive love and see the delirious joy her acceptance of it brings to the person showering it...The feeling of being cherished and wanted  for oneself  is still unknown territory for her... The nine days that are left will be hopefully a journey of this discovery for Khushi... Arnav today again experienced the selfless act of Khushi ... her nature of doing good but never trying to take the credit..rather treat herself as expendable for the greater good. Arnav Singh Raizada has his work cut out for him in 9 days...make Khushi realize that she is worthy of experiencing love which is unconditional...

Anjali tied Rakhi to her brothers for the promise of rakhsha when the need arises.. Khushi too gave her the raksha dhaga for protection... Anjali took it unwillingly and expressed displeasure at her for claiming a share of time and love of  Chotte... which previously used to be reserved only for her... Interesting to note was the portrait of Anjali and Shyam in the background...will Khushi's try to save her from Shyam's evil clutches be thwarted by  Anjali herself ?

Anjali has always experienced love which is unconditional...she is unaware that at times love demands that you give selflessly without expectations and in return  be happy that it brought sunshine in the lives of people you care about even if you end up being unacknowledged...

A journey about learning the different  facet of love for  the two women has started...

We have a long day ahead for more emotions to be laid bare , conversations to  be spoken and heard  with love to be experienced in new ways...

A note from the Confusion Corner...

Today's episode had an abrupt beginning... the conversation was incomplete  and it's aftermath  not depicted... we started afresh with no inkling how the storm that passed the day before impacted Arnav and Khushi... their emotions, facial expressions were too casual... reminded me of  the format of plays that have an abrupt start and ending in the individual acts to be tied in the final act... but unfortunately we are watching a TV serial and not a play so please do remember this...

Khushi was aware that there is a strain in the relationship between her and Anjali... and it was the reason for her leaving RM... then why did she again venture into Anjali's room with the raksha dhaga and insist on tying it on her wrist instead of asking any one else at RM to do the needful?

Thank you  Tants, Jhals,Maria,Shaz for the lovely comments. Appreciate it.Embarrassed

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Thanks shaz 4 urbeautifulwords its sweat wasool praised naSmile...I really thanked u frm bottom of my heart...

@Supna ;bahut din ke baad ek light poem from you ..One which I understood in the first reading

Sathya...samajh samajh k , samajh ko samjho
Samajh samajh k samajh ko samajhna hi ek samajh hai
Samajh samajh k bhi , jis ko na aye samajh
Meri nazar main woh NASAMAJH hai...WinkLOLLOL

"Brothers and Sisters Share A Unique Blend

Of Love, Comradery, and Friendship"

Meri aankhon mein tu muskuraye

Meri dadhkan pe hain tere saiyen

In my eyes you smile

My hearbeats are in your shadow

Meri aankhon mein tu muskuraye

Meri dadhkan pe hain tere saiyen

In my eyes you smile

My hearbeats are in your shadow

Poojati hai nazar

Tujhko haathon peher

Kaun tere siva yaad aaye

My gaze worships

The sight of you from head to toe

Who else would I think of but you

Zindagi ke karam tujhse

Har khushi har gham tujhse

My life's deeds are due to you

All joy, all sadness stems from you

Vaadein aur kasam tujhse

Har khushi har gham tujhse

Promises and vows are made to you

All joy, all sadness stems from you

Zindagi ke karam tujhse

Har khushi har gham tujhse

My life's deeds are due to you

All joy, all sadness stems from you

Aa ke dekhe koi yahaan

Sapne hote hain kaise

Someone come here and see

what dreams are like

Jashn khushiyan manaati hain

Ghar jannat ho yeh jaise

Joys celebrate [here]

As if this house is heaven

Ek duje ke bandhan mein

Band gaye hai hum aise

In a relationship with each other

we've been tied together this way

Koi shikhwa na ho

Daur jaisa bhi ho

Phasala beech mein aa na paye

There are no complaints

Whatever the race [of life] is like

No distance will come between us

Kabhi roothe na hum tujhse

Har khushi har gham tujhse

I'll never be cross with you

All joy, all sadness stems from you

Vaadein aur kasam tujhse

Har khushi har gham tujhse

Promises and vows are made to you

All joy, all sadness stems from you

Zindagi ke karam tujhse

Har khushi har gham tujhse

My life's deeds are due to you

All joy, all sadness stems from you


muskura ka k jab tu mujhe pyaar se samjhati hai

terey chehrey main uss pal mujh ko maa nazar aati hai

teri duaa har uljhan main, jeena seekhati hai

tera ahsan hai mera arman hai, tujh pe qurban dil ho jaye

zindagi k karam tujh se 

har khushi har gham tujh se

Brothers and Sisters:
"Separated By Distance, Joined By Love"
-Chuck Danes





The two siblings, the two orphan children, parentless children.

Parents whom are trees, tree that gives sheltter , sheltter from storm , storm the rains with a gale, that uprooted ourfeets from the earth and we fall and to be wounded, parent whom are shades for their children, shades that protect from sunshines, pain of sunshines that scroched our body and soul.

Anjali & Arnav , the two siblings without parent like as with no tree shades on their heads to save them from sunshines, to protect them from hot & cold weather, to save them from floods, floods of miseries, to protect them from evils eyes, to protect them from storm and hurricanes.

Just they both are alone, they are each other shades to save each other from sunshines, to protect each other from hot & cold weather of life, to save each other from floods, flood of life miseries, to protect each other from storm, storm of life pain, they both are black tilak of each other forehead to protect each other from evils eyes.

They both understand each other, they both care for each other , they concern for each other, they smile for each other, they laugh for each other sake, they sacrifice for each other, they cry for each other, they both hide their pain for each other happiness, they are conscious for each other , simply they live for each other life.

They are two people whom have different views of life , different thoughts about life and other people.

But for each other they have same views, and same thoughts.
They are two people and two souls living for each other.


They both are two flowers of a garden.
Without any gardener. Gardener that take care of garden flowers.
Anjali & Arnav are alone flowers of a garden. They odour each other and for each other, they bloom each other and for each other, they shines and bright each other and for each other, they are colours of each other and dyer ownself for each other, colour of sadness, happiness, cares and concerns.

They both are flower of Red Rose which is symbol of LOVE.
The two siblings dearest and beloved of each other and to each other.


bina shajar k sayen k,
bina kisi mali ki hifazat k

do phool hain ek gulshan k.
jo ek doojey ka sya'n hain
chamkati dhoop ki kirno'n se
jo ek doojey ka sahara hain
waqt k nazuk lamho'n main
jo ek doojey ka kinarah hain
dard e zindagi k sahil ka

jo ek doojey ki panha hain
zindagi ki ranj ki hawao'n se
 jo ek doojey ki peshani ka kala tillak hain
dushmano'n ki buri nazro'n se
jo ek doojey ki khushi mai khush hain
aur dhairo duaain banttey hain
jo ek doojey ki khushyan hain

jo ek doojey k gham main rotey hain
aur apne dil ka dard ansoo'n me bahatey hain
jo ek doojey k dukh ka sahara hain

jo ek doojey ki choti choti bato'n pe muskuratey hain
aur muskano'n ki kirno'n se ek doojey ko chamkatey hain
jo ek doojey ki haseen yaado'n ka nazarah hain

jo ek doojey khushyo'n pe qurba'n hotey hain
aur apney tanha tanha dard ko chupatey hain
jo ek doojey k maraham aur maseeha hain

Ek behan jo phoolo'n si nazuk hai
ek bhai jo seesa'h sa mazboot hai

jo ek doojey k pyaarey o dularey hain
jo ek doojey ko pyaarey o niyareh hain

agr dunya un ki ho jaye ghamo'n se andher tou
dono mil kar apney aansoo'n k deep jalatey hain

ek doojey ko dekh dekh k jeetey hain
jeetey jeetey hanstey hain...
hanstey hanstey rotey hain...
phir jeetey hain, phir rotey hain.phir hanstey hain


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Girls, we have finally moved in to the new house and probably I may be absent for a while! Will definitely miss reading all the love takes, besides that I feel to share my grief of survival without bloody internet! This is the 'the internet-surviour games'
Enough of my nonsense!

Anna; you are brilliant! Loved your view especially the way you defend Arnav in every step!

Tanthya; you rock as usual!

Nia , bush, jhalak, Koel and kopal; brilliant stuff! Love the analysis

Rest if you guys on the first three pages, fatigue memory right now but it was s pleasure reading you all!

"Every magic comes with a price" - Rumpleskin/Mr.Gold

-Once Upon a Time, Season One

What the episode brought today was a magical and refreshing change to the havoc building in each of the lives we view everyday. Happiness has knocked on siblings door but for a brief moment because there in the dark shadows, is the evil lurking ready to pounce at the first opportunity.

It started with Akash making a come back, the grandmother, mother and wife looking in joy. A start of 'All is well' when the rift between the husband and wife shows up.

Arnav and Khushi entering at their mention. What I distinctively loved was NK mentioning Arnav as the devil. That's is what he shows himself to the world as and that is what he is to Khushi at the moment too. The blank look on Khushi's face and the frown on Arnav again highlighted the rift between them. The support if the lies had hurt Arnav and once again with Khushi clearing that Bua ji is fine, Arnav wasn't too happy.

Materialistic gifts show the responsibility one owes to the other, while the gifts from the heart are the ones that bond the two people together bringing them closer. Arnav till now had considered himself to be responsible for Anjali and her well being creating a wall between both of them where he beard and would unburden himself to her. Look closely at the situation and see that since the beginning, Arnav had never once confided in Anjali about his regular problems where as Anjali had! She would bring the little of the things to her, and somehow between all this she started be owing depended on Arnav while Arnav took the responsibility if his sister to only see the light!

What Arnav had planned was the jwellery ordered from one of those expensive places where as what Khushi did to bring the smile was to just fulfill a wish!
*btw, Arnav didn't like Khushi giving credit to NK for her brilliant idea. Bitwa was't a bit pleased!

"Bechari Narii, so true!"

The six month contract will be out along with Arnav's target if making Khushi's life hell. NK has been a witness of at least what Khushi went through when Arnav was gone. What Kgysji had suffered was more than the tears fallen in those two weeks, and it would be after that, that Bua ji will put in the conclusion of their relationship which over course rode towards love.

The cold war from Anjali's end is still on. What she had requested Khushi was her brother back sho has bent in someone else direction and although Anjali is in a state not fully realizing the impact and meaning if her words; Khushi's theory of being a cause for the rift between the siblings just got stronger!
>>Also the raksha dagha from Bua ji can be a sign to show that it'll be Bua ji who'll rescue Anjali from the clutches of Shyam through Khushi. The circle already started when Bya Ji proposed Shyam and Khushi later causing the cheating to cone out in open and Anjali physically separated from him fir the time being!

The case of missing phone calls continue and detective Khushi was on the spot! Bless the girl! She has a tendency of being at the wrong place at the wrong time!
Arnav bites actually called fir Khushi! That was the first time!!
HP seemed to feeling quite at home with Arnav these days. Poor fellow was only trying to be if help!

The episode was remarkable with clear hints thrown in! Shyam will be back soon I presume; Akash and Payal joined hands to bring a surprise for Di, hope they try to mend their relationship too with both putting in the same effort.

[color=brown]The three musketeers would obviously be NK, Arnav and Akash who'll save guard Anjali from Shyam!

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Gals me on a break today
I hv a small note of appreciation for all
do chck n HAVE a GREAT Raksha Bandhan frnds

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@ Divya ;... what  a beautiful  start  to the post..loved how u began the journey from Anjali_shyam and brought it to the other couple,Arnav_Khushi..

Sathu Thanks a lotHug

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Some relations are Forever <3


A very nice episode for me as on a personal front I was missing my brother on this day and it did bring some fond memories. Today's write-up is dedicated to this festival and all  brother and sisters in this world.Embarrassed


Episode opens with all coming together in the family to celebrate a festival close to their heart- it is sister's day out and for such family where sister's happiness is the central focus of everyone's life, no doubt this was all about making her happy.


Khushi goes to meet his Di and a very significant scene takes place. She wishes good for his Di and always has wished good only but destiny has made her biggest reason for this woman's grief. We all can argue over how anjali should behave with khushi, I guess for every woman it will be difficult to shower love on that woman who was object of desire for her husband. Anjali says that she doesn't need anything special from her chotte just need his some time .Enough has been written over this sister about her possessiveness and her jealousy .For them it was eye opener, she just needs him to be by her side just for some moments perhaps. These moments are necessary to keep that faith intact that she is still same Di for her chotte.


Here for a change I will mention Khushi thoughts too for this bond (Don't laugh,I can be unbiased at times LOL)


She doesn't have a real family alive and this one real relation exists for her husband-most important person in her life. We may wonder why this brother-sister bond is important for khushi.It is important as somewhere she sees arnav having that relation which she never had. No doubt her foster family loves her and her jiji too loves her but she is still adopted for them. She voiced it out too today that she wished she had bond like theirs.


Now coming to my favorite part.


A brother does a small gesture and is helped of course by his love in that. A small gesture enough to bring smile on his di's face. I am too emotional to pen down on that scene so I take help of a song to describe a Brother's feelings for his sister.


Ye na jaana duniya ne tu hai kyun udaas,
Terii pyaasii aankhon mein pyaar ki hai pyaas,
Aa mere paas aa, keh jo kehana hai

Ek hazaaron mein meri behanaa hai


All she needs is little love from her brother and her brother knows it.That was the only reason he came back that night to her for kheer .He understands her pain but is helpless to bring her happiness back ,her love back. Teri pyaasi aankhon mein pyaar ki hain pyaas – He assures her that he is there for her forever as his own dialogue-main hun aapke saath hamesha. Aa mere paas aa keh jo kehna hain – A brother's promise with that Sacred thread that Trust me and say your heart out as always I am there for you.


Jiivan ke dukhon se, yuun Darate nahiin hain
Aise bachake sach se guzarate nahiin hain
Sukh kii hai chaah to, dukh bhii sahanaa hain

Ek hazaaron mein meri behanaa hai


She is facing perhaps one of most difficult times in her life but there is brother's assurance that he is by her side, she just has to face truth. But sadly she seems to be going to other side this time .What she believes in –her brother's truth or her delusional love is what will decide the future of their relation.


On last scene – will wait fr tomorrow on that but just want to add a last bit.-I love that man in white kurta….Please give him such clothes more often!!


I just realized that perhaps this is longest I have written….so thanks for reading Big smile


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My take on today 2/8/2012

An episode dedicated to the most beautifully presented sister-brother relationship in the world of television as far as I remember. Simply adored the episode.The episode belonged to Arnav and Anjali and they rocked it ! I won't go for character dissection or analysis or research today, would keep it simple by simply pointing out some of the key points of the episode !!

Blopper of the day: When Anjali gave that kurta to Arnav, Khushi was not a part of RM or of their lives so how come she got the fb !!!! The fb would have been appropriate for Anjali but not for Khushi !! Just to show she insisted him to wear it (or to make Anjali happy) the cvs insisted us to gulp down the blopper of the day !

Interesting dialogue of the day: Di aap hai na, mere liye kaafi hai!!! Deeper meaning: Di you still hold the same importance you had in my life, don't worry I won't drift away and neither should you. Nobody would and should come between us! An assurance given, a promise asked for in return.

Interesting expression of the day: The way he abruptly made Anjali stop discussing their parents. His expression showed he doesn't want it to be discussed in front of others, too personal. It is between both of them and he wants it to be like that !!!

Things to look forward: Whether Khushi would say anything to Arnav about Anjali's talking to Mr. X.

Amazing performance by Barun Sobti and Daljeet Bhanot. They give new dimension to this relationship everytime they come on screen together. Makes people tend to forget that they are sibling on screen only.

Shyam is most likely gonna be back soon, thus restructuring the dynamics of this beautiful relation. Anjali's statement: "Hum iss photo ko hamesha apne saath rakhenge", does have some meaning I guess. The photograph, a memento of the happy times they shared, the time when they were the world to each other till others intruded between them and their world fell apart.

Cvs, thank you for such a beautiful episode. And thank you much for changing the costume of Arnav, finally!!!!!!   

Rest: NK added spice to the scenes. Akaash drank too much saline water in Mumbai, brain got muddled so he forgot that before he left, things got sorted out between him and Payal.

Khushi: Drastic transition in behavior, all for the "parivaar" !!!! Hmmm...

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