Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX ; The Three Musketeer's !!

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Heyy All,

@ Anna ;  what a delight, wonderful delight in reading ur thoughts...The way u have brought out the thoughts of Arnav,  The way you have defended him... Kudos girl...You truly are his PNC  !!

@ Bush ;...You are turning out to be a Onion  >>>Decode that !!  * Devilish Grin !!**

@Jhals  ;  A softly running brooke ! soothing n calming...

@ Koel;  beautiful take on Anjali ...and Arnav !! somehow it touched me a lot...

@ Kops ; 
what a piece...U have  illuminated the hidden thoghts and feelings of Khushi  so movingly...

@ Nia; A Balanced review !

@ madhu ; 
Sharp , clear ..pertinent , loved the questions you posed...Absly agree with you BS was  darn Good !!

@ Divya ;... what  a beautiful  start  to the post..loved how u began the journey from Anjali_shyam and brought it to the other couple,Arnav_Khushi..

@ Teju ;
  His Life ..the wife...U stole me there ...

@Supna ; bahut din ke baad  ek light poem from you ..One which I understood in the first reading

@ Ritika  ; Just like the episode , ur post to had the dash of humor, emotions, feelings in it...welcome to Redux and glad to have u onboard,  my friend !!

@ Areeba, ; I am happy to see that despite  the hurly burly  of shifting , You still have maintained  ur benchmark !! 

@ Naz &  CB ; I have already shared my feelings about ur post ..but still want to say..Loved ur takes ..both were stand outs !!

@ sam ; I loved u clearly u explained the  'Lies' ...very insightful and commendable , hun esp writing with a fever...Kudos to u..

@ Sumi..Ur enthusiasm  brings a huge smile of joy  , keep  the enthu always !!

@ Mona ; A Honest the point n precise !!

@ Sheila ; Brilliant !! Brilliant Take ...  loved the angles u presented !!

@ Fari ; The Blue font sent me into raptures...Hugs Buddy !!  am  so delighted to see u and read You !!   Post ke baare main kya kehna.. sensitive,absly lovely ... the post of a true lover !!

@ NK ; A startling  view ...and ur Insight is a delight to read !!

@ Vidya ; short but well laid out  ...

@ Ranju ;  It was IP Soup for the soul !! yummy, Heart warming and left  me with a glowing feeling...

@ Ninnav ; Tilchatiyas ...a para  quite small but the effect was magnified...Wow ..a seasoned writer can do that n U did !!

@ Sharmi ;
Different facets of marriage and relations, explored dispassionately and honestly..loved the maturity of thoughts  n the way u penned it down

@ Riti; Even though  I have already expressed my feeling I would love to reiterate that ur post was the best written one on the 5 touched a chord in everyone..

@ Sul ;
My Star Girl !!

@ Tring Tring ;  U r the Natures Medicine  to the soul !!

@ Shazzy  & Sumana 
...A special applause and  kudos to u girls for always spreading cheer n warmth in the thread ..Clap

@ Sree/Shoorps ;
Thanks Love ..the post was  sweet n thoughtful just like u


Read the chatpata Analysis  of Sheila/S003 here ;

NK Bhai's insightful insights here

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@ Sats...I am a very big very fat onion...front front see bhat bhat you get to see LOL



Akash is back and he looked really cute in his sky-blue shirt...but his love affair with PINK continues and he chooses PINK wrapping paper for Di's ladies and gentlemen add another color variation of pink to our collection of the 50 shades of PINKBig smile

The Crux of the story:

A beautiful ode to the beautiful occasion of Raksha Bandhan..where a sister ties a rakhi filled with love and prayers for the well being of her brother and the brother promises to protect his sister forever...

This is the exact relation that has been portrayed between the two siblings in IPK...Anjali the mother hen, over protective, overly concerned sister of Arnav Singh Raizada...who has vowed to protect his sister from all the evils and unhappiness...and that vow became even stronger at the tender age of 14 when they were left alone in this cruel world to fend for themselves.

With no one to rely on but themselves and each other the sibling bond grew so strong that no other bond mattered above it...Anjali became a mother figure for Arnav...she knows it and cherishes the position she holds in her brothers life and she in turn considers her brother as good as her son...she has always been loving, kind and patient with him putting up with all his nakhras and anger...completely knowing his likes and dislikes and mannerisms and handling him accordingly...just like one does with a child. 

The sibling though very steadfast only falters when the brother in his over protectiveness for his sister decides to hide some cruel faces of reality from her..thereby creating doubts in her brain on his love for her and her place in his life especially now that he is married.

But the brother will do anything to put the smile back on his sister's face...luckily he has been blessed with a partner Khushi who like her name lives for the happiness of others at the cost of her own. She too will sacrifice anything to make Anjali and in turn Arnav happy be it the enduring of acerbic remarks, humiliation, forfeiting the right of her happiness or enduring the pain of walking away from her love.

The episode today:

The son of the house returns from Mumbai spreading cheerfulness all around...the mother, the grand mother and the wife are all excited but he is still put off from his wife and therefore when she tries to help is mildly without words told to mind her own business as he can manage...

Scene shifts to RM living room where NK is applauding Akash's return on time for the occasion and inquires about Arnav and Khushi..Just then a dejected Khushi and a silently fuming Arnav mark their entry into the house to the delight of all...NK cutely comments "devil ka naam liya aur devil hazir"...

The moment they enter mami starts her taunting on her return and gives payal the option of visiting for buaji's help...quickly negated by Khushi as she tells that Buaji is all better...earning a disbelieving, angry stare from Arnav on her lie yet again...however nani informs all that she met buaji in hospital yesterday and all is well...(IMO a shocked look was required by the leads on this revelation as they were well aware the buaji was not unwell and they should have thought that what of the cat was out of  the bag and the lie caught but a repeat close up was used probably because of their absence which didn't make sense...editing glitches...these patch up jobs i tell you can never let you guess correctly what was meant to be shown...Angry)

NK diverts attention to the issue at hand of RB and wants to surprise Anjali...only to be informed by Arnav that he has a surprise planned in his usual Mr. ASR has planned jewelry as a gift...yet again underestimating relations and trying to make the other happy with materialistic things...and not understanding the value of trivial things in life...but why phear when khushi is here.???

This episode was rushed and inserted in the track clearly to accommodate the occasion of Raksha Bandhan..and therefore seemed a bit standalone considering the emotional roller coaster we have been riding recently but I would like to applaud the CVs for the seamless patching  up...I agree we did not get the continuation of the scene yesterday but atleast we were shown the cold vibes between the husband and wife. Also what was shown was his apparent anger on Khushi for lying when he stares at her when she assures everyone that buaji is all wel now and Khushi's deliberate attempt of not talking to Arnav...NK's dialog about the devil took me back to the shaitan and rajkumar story...after days of turmoil and the whole kidnapping saga khushi had finally got her RajKumar but that Raj Kumat had flung the contract in her face in order for her to complete the 6 months of marriage..(where again she had failed to notice that he wanted  to stop her at any cost and as his love and requests were not working he had to stoop to this level...All is fair in love and war)..and turned back to the shaitaan...the devil...the devil who made her life hell in the past couple of hours just to bring her back to RM...little does she know his reason behind it...the love he is  hiding behind all that mean and irritating demeanor.  

Khushi goes to meet Anjali with the Raksha dhaga for the baby given by buaji...though anjali accepts it she very tactfully avoids khushi tying it around her wrist...Khushi is hurt yet again but covers it up by commenting on the beauty of the rakhis...very sweetly trying to initiate conversation she comments that she wishes she had a brother too and then lets see if her brothers have planned a good surprise for Anjali ...only to get a cold response from Anjali of not wanting anything apart from some time with her brother...she further drives her point home and makes khushi guilty by saying that her demand is not a very big one!! 

@blue above: Is  that an opening that will be used by Shyam...will he pretend to be redeemed and reformed and willing to get a rakhee tied by Khushi in order to enter RM as last Raksha Bandhan Anjali had wanted it????? Or is it the past indicator?? where it is pointed that Shyam's sister had a brother i.e Shyam...lets wait and watch!!

Scene cut to Arnav's room where HP my mistake drops some kurta's and profusely apologizes to Khushi...I think even he is aware that Khushi is donning more of Arnav's traits and thus is scared of her....on seeing the eastern wear khushi gets an idea as she remembered very clearly that Anjali had gifted the Kurta to Arnav and he has refused to wear it...

She makes NK her partner in crime who comments on her being the bechari naari always but acquiesces to her request. She indirectly gets Arnav to wear the Kurta gifted to him by Anjali...involving the whole household they prepare a surprise for anjali by decorating and the brothers dressing up for the occasion...A very cute scene where Anjali is surprised by the whole setup and ends up crying on seeing Arnav in the clothes gifted by her..she mentions their mother only to be shushed by him that she is the mother for him...making her fell again well loved and cherished ...but for how long will her security stay??

What stood out was NK saying Pappad ka dukhda for Arnav and wishing Rakesh Bandhan to Anjali...The former implying that pappad ka tukra i.e Arnav will be having a dukhra for quiet some time...meaning still sad times awaiting Arnav...latter dialog...Rakesh meaning the Lord of the night...implying Shyam...a clear indication of Anjali's connection with Shyam...the man who spreads darkness in  her life without her knowing it...but like today Anjali has three handsome brothers in her life who will light up her life and spread happiness by shooing away the darkness..Embarrassed

The end of the episode is with Anjali receiving the mysterious or not so mysterious phone call and obviously going  out to meet is that someone shyam, a middle man for communication between shyam and anjali or is she hallucinating?? but the hallucination will only fit if CVs follow Karthik calling Karthik route with Anjali setting up the phone ring as an alarmConfused..

Highlight of the episode:
HP advising Arnav to change clothesShocked..HP bhaiyya kiya hogaya?? you are scared of Khushi and chummy with Arnav??? Dear Prakash brother...the role reversal is only between husband and wife not for the whole world...LOL

Irony of the situation...last RakshaBandhan Anjali had walked out of the house angry with Arnav for he had made khushi quit...she wanted her back and thus was angry and hurt by her brothers behavior ...this Rakshabandhan she is again angry at her brother but for lying and the very Khushi whom she fought for then is now for her a cause of distance from her brother..

A special mention to the BG score while the Rakhi scene...the male version added chaar chand to the already good song just like last rakhi sequence...and ofcourse to all the actors who emoted brilliantly throughout the episodeEmbarrassed

Now if you liked Arnav in white Kurta, Khushi is the gold suit or saree, Akash's PINK wrapping paper or HP's new found confidence..then don't forget to press 'LIKE'Tongue

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What the... Me on the First page...? Sathya, i'm realy sorry for this. Naa...i'm not saying this becoz of humility... I mean it... This was a place, that deservd an 'indepth analysis of d episode'... Sorry...!Smile

As today is the 'Rakshabandan', i dedicate this post to 'Arnav and Anjali' and Barun and Daljeeth...Embarrassed

'Di and her 'Chotte'...
My 'Mary' and 'her little Lamb'...

When Anjali was a little girl, i'm sure, Arnav was her Favrite 'Toy'... A one year old Arnav... A cute little buddy, who with his chocolate eyes will 'smile' at his di... Making dat Little girl, beam with pride and joy...

When Arnav said his first word, it must hav been 'di...' n I can see a girl with pony tails, etching those words forever in her heart...

It must hav been the 'lace' in Anjali's frock, that a baby Arnav first played with...when she lifted him in her Lap...

It must hav been Anjali who placed the 'first kiss of warmth and affection' on his chubby cheeks, for d first time and every time, she returnd frm her School...

She was the one, who understood him, before he could speak...

It must hav been Anjali, who on a rainy night, when her baby brother cried, gave him a spoon of 'cerelac' or 'farex' and tasted it a bit, herself too...

How many times the baby boy would hav bit softly on her finger tips with his two and a half 'milk teeth'...

Everytime a little Anjali was scolded for her 'pranks' n cried... It must have been an 18 month old Arnav who kicked on her small palm with his feathery soft foot... Wanting her to pick him up in her arms, so dat He can wipe away her tears with a 'velvetty Touch'...

On a dark cold night, when a 3 yr old Arnav burned with Fever, it was his Di...who wud hav 'tucked him firmly' in a warm blanket n kept him close to her heart, till he fell asleep...

How many 'lullabies' would she hav hummed to lull him to sleep... And how many lines would he hav hummed back in half sleep...

She would hav patted his back when he slept on her tiny cant we see his baby fingers patting her back too...

How many 'sweet fables' would hav Anjali told him...before he went to sleep...

How many 'toffees' would she hav saved for him, though he can't hav them...

It must hav been a 4yr old Arnav, who made Anjali forget her 'crippled legs' n made her run behind him...

Its the Same chotte, who gave her a 'i'm khatti with you' look n prickd the balloon... Bt, long before that, he had built a 'fortress' called his heart n bequeathd it to His di... Which can never break...

Anjali may not be able to walk properly... Bt isnt it the same Anjali's little finger, that Arnav held on to, each time, his baby steps falterd...

How many times, would hav she carried him in her arms, up and down every Stair case... Across every Garden, every room...

How many times would hav Anjali ran back frm School, with a trophy in her hand to Show it to her 2yr old Chotte...

How many pink coloured T-shirts of her, would he hav paintd in mud...

How many times Chotte would hav walkd slower so that his Di can walk with him...

How many games wud he hav forsaken for his be with her n talk to her...

What all would hav he blabberd to her in his baby language... Perhaps a 'waaa tha' too...

Every smile frm Arnav has its reflection in Anjali's eyes... Every Smile frm Anjali has its reflection in Arnav's heart...

How deeply would he hav loved her to 'give up each of his smile if that can erase her tears... Bt that is not a sacrifice... Her happiness is and always hav been the reason why Arnav Singh Raizada lives...

Anjali never saw a 'devil' in him, becoz she always knew how to be his 'angel'... A place that she earned with sheer understanding...

Arnav was born, because destiny knew, his Sister needs a 'guardian angel' in her life...

Life would hav given 'many more Laughters' to Arnav, if hadnt shushed them for her tears... But, Life wouldnt hav given Arnav, the 'heart felt joy' and 'heart melting affection' if Anjali was not there...

They say, 'life' is greener on the other side... Bt, Arnav has been the one who transformd Anjali's 'mirage' of a happy life into a real 'Oasis', where life exists for real...

They are not just a Universe to each other. Bt for Anjali he is the builder of her 'happy world'...

Her Lap wud hav been the place, that cocooned him ever since he was born, and thats exactly why... A 27 yrd old Arnav still goes back to her Lap n curls up there, when he is hurt...Smile

i dont knw what their past is, bt every sibling must hav had such their life. I dont hav a sibling... Bt, Arnav n Anjali has made me dream about it. Barun And Daljeeth hav given that dream a perfect face...

I knw, this was just 'pure Paagalpan'...Wink

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A lovely episode dedicated to bro-sis love bonding festival Rakhi!!

Will not write dislike today...(will club with next episodeWink)

Loved the entry of Arhi in RM... raat ko kuya hua nahi bolaAngryLOL
Love Khushi's dress... from where does this come?Confused
NK, Akash attire was really good!!
ASR... gosh how can one be so hott in simple white kurta payajama?Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Khushi changed to saree...the suit was much better and classyApprove

Maami did nt taunt sisters much...ErmmLOL

Mixed laxmiji.. she does nt wanna tie rakhi to anybody?

ASR asking for khushi...why.. remove his kurta kya?EmbarrassedLOL

Anji secret will be out soon?... Khushi again walking alone without informing ASR...Ouch

chalo my bak bak over.. lets listen some cool rakhi songs

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"I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my brother and I found all three."

It was a beautiful episode that touched upon the everlasting, lovely bonds of relationships. Yes, it did focus mainly on Anjali-Arnav, but more than them, I loved the handling of Anjali-Khushi bond.

I have always loved Anjali-Khushi's relationship. Regular readers might be bored when I repeat yet again for the umpteenth time how Anjali and Khushi started their relationship on the 'right foot' - with Khushi being guided by Anjali to place her 'right foot' forward first to enter Shaantivan.

Theirs is a common bond since both had two common elements in life - Arnav and Shyam. While Arnav gave these two women the love, support, and care that they deserved; Shyam gave these two women lies, betrayal, and blackmail. Anjali is still unaware and unready to accept the true face of Shyam - but she will soon come to see him for what he is.

Their bond goes further than that. Anjali and Khushi have always found comfort, solace, warmth, understanding, care, and love in one another. Anjali is almost like a sister to Khushi - always guiding her toward Arnav. Khushi has always been conscious of Anjali's happiness (yes, she's conscious of everyone's happiness), but Anjali's happiness is of high importance since she is Arnav's sister, and to see Anjali happy, is to bring happiness to Arnavji - simple love behind it all from Khushi.

Since Arnav has brought her back to RM, Khushi knows that while she is here, Anjali won't be thoroughly pleased with her presence. In light of that, Khushi attempts to thaw their current status, she goes to Anjali's room, raksha dhaaga in hand, and light conversation on her lips. She tries to gently mend the fences with Anjali. All Khushi wants is to ease the tension between them, to trim away gently the thorns, to re-establish the connect they had between them. Khushi does all this because she knows that Arnav would be unhappy seeing the two his most important women in life at opposite ends. Also, she treasures her bond with Anjali, and typical of Khushi, will try to rebuild their sisterly relationship.

Anjali liked Khushi right from the start - from the moment she saw Khushi debating whether to step in to Shaantivan with the right foot or the left foot. Anjali guided her that day, and has continued guiding Khushi throughout their relationship. Anjali knows that Khushi is a genuine, pure-hearted soul. She was one of the few who identified Khushi's unsuccessful attempt at lying. Anjali also knows that Khushi lives for other people's happiness, her honesty, child-like playfulness, her thoughts and actions are all directed toward bringing smiles and laughter on other people's faces. Khushi is like a little sister to her. She enjoys teasing, pulling Khushi's legs, and tricking her (during Holi) - just like any other sibling would do.

The previous day, Anjali came to know that Khushi, and Arnav lied to her about Buaji's health. She feels let down again that her Chotte had lied to her, and that the honest girl she knew all along too had lied to her. She could have brought it up, she could have asked them point-blank about their lie, but she didn't. I haven't understood Anjali's character completely, but I'm wondering if she'll store this for later use - especially when Shyam enters the ring, will she pull out this lie and cut down their points against Shyam?

If Khushi is trying to bridge peace between them for Arnav's sake, then Anjali too attempts to let Khushi know how peace can be brought about. Anjali knows that Khushi understands the value of a relationship. She knows that Khushi respects relationships, and that she would understand Anjali's need for Arnav's support and time right now. It is not out of meanness, or selfishness that Anjali questions Khushi if she is asking too much from her, it is out of a need for someone to understand her in the current situation - It is a request to see things from her stand-point, it is a plea of help to assist her when she is most vulnerable.

Khushi immediately understands her. This was one of the reasons for which she had left the house. But since Arnav brought her back, Khushi does the next best thing to bring a special basket of smile and happiness to Anjali. She takes the help of her ever loyal and faithful friend Nanheji to make Arnav wear the Sherwani that Anjali had presented to him last Raksha Bandhan. 'The little things in life, the little moments of life, are what are really special' - Khushi knows this, understands this, Arnav is still to learn and apply this lesson in life! Jewellry might have made Anjali happy, but nothing beats genuine, heart-felt happiness when your brother walks toward you in the Sherwani you had gifted him! The thought, the feelings behind the action is what counts and represents itself the most in such occasions.

Khushi's simple idea worked wonders didn't it? It brought an emotional, teary-smile to Anjali's face. She could hardly contain her joy at seeing her Chotte approach her in the outfit she had presented to him! It made Raksha Bandhan all the more special - especially at a time when she needed the security of her brother with her. His words, that even if their mother wasn't there, she, his sister was there for him, made Anjali feel even more wanted, needed, important, and special. All she needs is his company, his presence, and assurance. Arnav gave her all of that yesterday! He gave her his undivided attention.


Arnav-Khushi entering RM. Arnav still silently fuming at Khushi's audacity to prepare for the end of their marriage. Khushi with a subdued look at again being brought to RM against her wishes and plans.

Maamiji telling Payal to visit Maika: me wondering if Payal more trouble is brewing for PayAsh, which may make her leave RM for some time?

Anjali-AnjShyam photo-Khushi: That photo is such an integral part of important scenes. Anjali and Khushi are carefully trying to not overstep their boundaries with each other, Khushi gives the raksha dhaaga for protection, and all the time, that photo is in between them. The threat, the looming danger is present, the cause of the slight rift between Anjali-Khushi. However, Khushi will offer the protection to Anjali, probably by making Anjali actually face the truth while everyone else shields her from it?

Arnav "I don't know, Mujhe pata nahin Di...": This is in response to Anjali asking Arnav if it is indeed him in a Sherwani she had gifted him. His response is an enigmatic one. He isn't sure how he has changed, how he has metamorphosed into a combination of ASR and Arnav. Which is the true him? Khushi's love, and his love for Khushi have induced a new look to his personality while keeping the original qualities intact.

Khushi's smile and happiness at seeing the brother-sister content together: So cute, and just like Khushi! She has always been instrumental in bringing Arnav-Anjali closer, just like Anjali is mostly instrumental in getting Arnav-Khushi together!

Arnav catching on to Khushi's white lie again: Her instant call that it was NK who planned for Arnav to wear the Sherwani, helped him see that it was she herself who took NK's help to get him into it. He knows why she said the white lie this time, so I don't think he will get angry this time around.

The pooja scene!: I always love the pooja scenes in this show. A heavenly, gentle, happy, peaceful atmosphere descends when they gather as a whole family to pray o Devi Maiyya! The Bacground music is one of my favourites, and with the addition of the male part, it was truly beautiful, and captured the whole significance of Raksha Bandhan in the scene!

HP and Arnav: LOL... couldn't stop laughing at this one! What nerve HP has! Get's scared of Khushi bhabhi, and advises Arnav bhaiyya! Even he has noticed the role reversal, kya?

Khushi's outfits! She looked utterly gorgeous, beautiful, and the perfect Mrs. Aranv Singh Raizada in the first off-white and maroon outfit. The bright saree complimented her too because of her fair skin tone. Can we please have her in such outfits now on? Or is it that only after the re-marriage happens that she will get to dress as Mrs. Raizada?

Arnav in white sherwani. I had a wide, goofy smile all over my face, until my jaw started aching... even then, sigh... what a vision - couldn't relax my aching jaws what with handsome, yummy dream before my eyes!

NK!!! Oh, my cute-shweet-dollop of fun and sunshine was in his element! Anjali didn't say toh kya hua, I'm there na... you looked totally handsome NK!! And also, very charming!

Anjali-DM-Arnav Triangle: The first and second pictures in my post show that clearly. Clearly, this bond will stay strong because of Devi Maiyya's blessings on the brother-sister relationship. Of course, Devi Maiyya's favourite child, Khushi is there to help preserve this lovely, endearing bond!


Barun Sobti, Sanaya Irani, Daljeet Bhanot, Karan Goddwani - awesome performances. Loved every bit of it!


Apologies for posting so late! My servant did a vanishing act today, so was Nia-bai for the day! Hence the delay, and hence the short chotu post. May or may not write for Friday episode. If I don't write, then here's wishing you a happy weekend, in advance!

Thanks for your faithful 'Likes', lovely 'Comments' and heart-warming PM's!



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 "In truth a family is what you make it. It is made strong, not by number of heads counted at the dinner table, but by the rituals you help family members create, by the memories you share, by the commitment of time, caring, and love you show to one another, and by the hopes for the future you have as individuals and as a unit"- Marge Kennedy

The Raizada's has seen so much in these days that they forgot what smile is. But a single occasion and feeling of togetherness today made them brim with joy. They all were together smiling and praying before Devi maiyya that always the happiness should stay. What an episode gave me the feeling that I was also one among them smiling happily enjoying the festival and shared love. All working together a common goal that is to bring smile in the face of the daughter of RM.

Sometimes two people need to step apart
and make a space between
that each might see the other anew,
in a glance across a room
or silhouetted against the moon.
~Robert Brault

Khushi and Anjali:

Anjali and Khushi shared a beautiful relationship. She accepted Khushi into her world without any demands, Loved her as a friend, welcomed her every time and made her comfortable among her family members. Stood by her side whenever her brother tried to hurt her. Cut off him saying that its not manners to speak to someone. She was the first one to find out that Arnav and Khushi had some untold feelings towards each other and with all goodness wished that they should marry. She was the first one to understand what Khushi thinks.

Khushi too loved Anjali a lot. She was impressed by her sweet nature. She knows Anjali can never harm anyone. Whenever Anjali needed help Khushi was there for her. Always wished a smile on her face and was ready to do anything for her.

Once Anjali was really depressed and sad that her husband went to work leaving her alone in their anniversary celebrations. Khushi has that time told her that Rishte ek atoot bandhan hai. Ek Pati Patni Ka Rishta Jise Koi Riti Riwaz Koi Rasam Ya Chaaye Kitni Bhi Paise Karch Kyuna Kiyo Iss Sab Ki Koi Zaroorat Nahi Padti Uski Shakti Toh Pati Patni Ki Aankon Mein Hoti Hai. Unki Chuupi Mein Hoti Hai Aur Mushkil Waqt Mein Chehare Pai Muskurahat Laanen Mein Hoti Hai. That brought back the lost smile in Anjali's face and today exactly the same thing happened. Khsuhi will always be instrumental in Anjali's happiness but now the relationship has been Strained. Cold waves are being exchanged between them.

Misunderstanding and distance are growing larger and deeper.  But Anjali will understand Khushi that she is not the reason for the two important persons going away from her. For that the lost trust and love, care should be rekindled. That will bring the old memories back and will make her think what sort of person Khushi is and for that Anjali has to be freed from certain manipulations.

Ironically what Khushi said to Anjali about pati patni is exactly was Arnav is doing and she is doing for him. Both are trying to bring the lost happiness in each others face in the time of crisis.

Arnav and Anjali:

Muskurakar Jab Tumujhe

Pyaar Se Samjaati Hai

Tere Chehare Mein Uss Pal

Mujko Maa Nazar Aati Hai

Teri Dua Har Ulajanu Mein Jeena Sikhati Hai

Tera Ehsaan Hai Mera Armaan Hai

Tujpe Kurbaan Dil Hojaaye

Dil Shuru Aur Khatam Tujse

Har Khushi Aur Gham Tujse

Vaade Aur Kasam Tujse

Doesn't this song sum up Arnav and Anjali's relationship. Yes it does and the moment she tied the rakhi to him just my eyes were welled up with tears. What a amazing Brother Sister bond these two share. Brother is ready to give is life for his Sister and Sister beautifully plays the mother and sister role for him. He has always told her whenever she talks about their mother that she is enough for him. Even we got that glimpse today. Yes now this relationship is also on the verge of straining. Once in Arnav's life it was only and only Anjali. But now when his family is on the expanding stage and his wife has come the same time Anjali has lost her husband support that too how we knows and the reason for her is Khushi, His wife. And we see a series of events prove that Arnav and Khushi are lying to her to have moments together. So the mother in her seeks attention when nobody is there for support.

Arnav in the mandir told her that his real life is she alone and he did not want to lose her and the same goes for Anjali too. The insecurities are the only factor that is playing a bigger role here

Last Raksha Bandhan Khushi witnessed the depth of the brother Sister relationship. Last time for her Anjali was upset and Arnav and Khushi had to bring back the Anjali who went missing and this time it is because of her Anjali is upset. How time brings us in a tough position. Really felt for Arnav Khushi and Anjali. This Raksha Bandhan she is not the witness but she is the bridge. How much she is able to sustain it from damage is yet to be seen.

Outside the picture seems to be cosy and perfect and happiness filled but inside every heart is savouring the feeling of hurt. When the real emotions will flare up then will arise the spark and questions that has been sealed till now. All these relationships are strained by one One black spot that is Shyam. Now who will clean the stain and bring back the real happiness. Yet to be seen till then lets enjoy what the future episodes brings us.

There is a lot more to the characters that can be explored and thats where i give thumbs up to the creators for laying so many shades to the characters of IPK that its hard to predict what will happen and when

Today it was out and out a family episode for me where it touched on all the relationships so I focused only on that. It was a beautiful episode for me. Such a nice feeling it gave today. I really from my heart thank the IPKKND team for such a bonding episode. Loved NK, Aakash, Nani, Mami, Payal and HP.

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Chani123 IF-Rockerz

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Posts: 5332

Posted: 02 August 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged
        From Chhote to Di----                 

                                   We gain and lose things everyday.
                                       But trust me on one thing.
                                          You'll never lose me.
                                         I will always be here.
                                                                 ~ Author unknown

               A Brother and A sister: And a world of their OWN

Once there was a girl who lived in a huge palatial house with her parents.. The girl was loved and adored by everyone in her family.. All the members sheltered her with love and care.. All this love she saw around herself.. she wanted to shower it on somebody.. Her wish was granted.. and she got a gift of her own in the form of her little brother.. She only knew one thing from the moment she saw him.. She will always love her brother.. She will always protect her brother.. She will be there for him always..

When the brother spoke his first words.. she was alone in the room.. Her excitement knew no boundaries.. She felt that now that both of them could talk.. they will have a relationship where they can share everything.. 

 The brother grew up and even at the tender age of four wanted to shield his sister from everything.. He would do anything to save her from punishment.. The sister, naughty as she was, stole the ice cream which they both ate without any restrain and ended up with sore throats.. The parents punished the sister for it was her fault.. But the brother could not see this.. He stood by his sister and punished himself, told everyone it was his fault.. Not his di's.. He cried and hid in a brass vessel, in which he got stuck.. The vessel had to be cut open and the little boy who was only four cried.. He cried not because he was hurt.. but because he was punished.. The sister's love for this little one grew deeper.. 

The sister wanted her brother to smile and be happy.. The brother though loved her did not appreciate her open affection, nor he was able to reciprocate his love for her openly.. The sister if wanted to wish him birthday with a balloon, he would burst the balloon and leave her alone. 

Life went on.. Their bond growing deeper with time.. The sister became the center of her brother's universe..The brother became the recipient of all the sister's love and affection.. He filled his heart with her love.. 

Then arrived the day when the brother was for the first time smiling from ear to ear looking at his beautiful sister as bride.. both were at the peaks of their happiness.. only to be crashed down to the rock solid ground with nothing to cushion their fall.. The day which was meant to be the happiest of their lives became the day on which they faced the greatest tragedy of their lives.. Their mother left them alone in the world forever.. Their father also was lost to them.. The sister's marriage did not go through and she was left unwed in the mandap! If this was not enough.. they were thrown out of their HOME with nowhere to live..

The brother forever lost his childhood that day.. He steeled his heart and vowed to protect his sister and do everything possible to keep his sister happy.. The sister clung to the brother who became her only support in this hard times.. The NEED to shelter her from harm increased many folds.. The FAITH that the brother will always set everything right also deepened.. 

He stopped believing in fate and God.. and learnt at a very young age.. that money and material things mean everything in this cruel world.. The world considers people with emotions as fools and will rip apart such people.. He became a hard man with only 2 motives in life.. To earn a NAME for himself.. and to keep his sister happy ALWAYS..

Then came a man in his sister's life who loved her very much despite her tragic past.. The brother was happy to share his sister's love with that man because the man made his sister happy.. Much happier than he had seen her in years.. They started living their lives together.. He was content with his life.. 

Every year on the auspicious occasion of rakshabandhan, the sister would herself make the rakhi for her brother.. Both the brother and sister would fast together and open their fast together.. and the brother promised her sister 
"main aapki zindagi mein kabhi koi dukh nahi aane doonga.. Main aapki khushi ke liye apni khushi chod doonga"

The sister was sad to see that the brother had become a very hard man.. The little brother whom she loved and was capable of limitless love was lost somewhere deep in him..Occasionally she would catch a glimpse of that boy but he seemed to be invisible most of the times.. The only time when he showed any emotions were when it was related to their mom.. Else he wore a mask of anger and hatred for the world to see.. 

The sister urged her brother to let go of the past and move on.. But was unable to convince him to do so.. 

If she ever talked to him about love.. about finding that one person without whom you cannot live, he dismissed her calling her talks stupid.. telling her that he lived his live with brain and not heart..

Then came a girl, smiling, laughing, spreading happiness around who touched a chord in the brother's heart.. They hated each other from the first instance.. But gradually something started growing gradually..The sister noticed the changes this girl brought to his life.. She noticed his softening for the girl, his possessiveness for her and was happy.. 

But to her surprise, one fine day, the brother married this girl and brought her as his wife.. The sister was hurt to the core.. but tried to come to terms with the situation.. The sister was unaware of the truth behind the hasty marriage.. She was oblivious to the fact, that this forced marriage was to protect her marriage and family, which would have been shattered otherwise.. His and the girl's sacrifice went unnoticed..

 The girl was able to win everybody's heart and she helped the girl to understand her brother.. She told her

"Aap ko pata hai, bach pan se chhote ko sabse zyaada kis cheez se dar lagta hai. Woh cheez se jo na kabhi unse hoti hai,, na ho paayegi! laad karna, pyaar karna pasand nahi hai unko..Pyaar kar to sakte hain lekin jata nahi sakte. itne saalon baad hummare pyaar ki aadat ho gayi hai unko"

She noticed the deep love her brother had for his wife but was not willing to accept it.. She tried to make her brother look inside himself and find his true feelings for his wife.. 

This story as you must have guessed by now is of none other than 
Chhote and his di.. 

they lovingly recite the following lines which they wrote for each other
  "toffee se meethi hai, Imli se khatti hai,
   Khatti meethi hai teri kahaani, Anjali di hai sabse sayaani"
   "papad ka tukda hai, jab dekho ukhda hai.
    deta hai apni di ko aanssoon mote mote, woh hai gusse waala humaara chhote"

Last raksha bandhan when Anjali left the house and Arnav went looking for her.. He told her the most beautiful lines a brother could ever say which expressed his deep affection for his sister..

" Di main badtameez duniya ke lie hoon, aapke liye nahi. Mera gussa auroin ke liye jaayaz hai, aap ke liye kabhi nahi..Mujhe iss duniya se koi matlab nahi hai di.. Meri duniya toh aap ho, bas aap mujhe kabhi ma ki tarah chod ke chali mat jaana.."

This raksha bandhan a storm has come in Anjali's life.. And the actions of her brother who always swore to protect her world, have disrupted her world.. Her faith in his brother though shaken a bit is still maintained.. She is faced with momentary doubts of her importance in her brother's life.. but so far he has been able to reassure her.. 

When asked what she wanted for rakhi, she said she only wanted her chhote to be there with her forever.. She does not need anything else..

This raksha bandhan.. despite all the turmoils in her life, Her chhote was able to bring a smile to her face... She was so happy that for the first time she felt that if their mom was with them then, she would have been proud of him. He did not let her finish her sentence and told her.. You are there and that's enough for me!

Every time I see the depth of love these two share, I am so touched.. These 2 truly have a very beautiful relationship.. In our lives we will always face some challenge and adversities.. things will always shake our beliefs.. but what happens in the end matters.. A fragile relationship will not be able to wither the storm, but a deep bond like the one Arnav and Anjali share, will survive everything.. They may lose each other for some time, but there will always be an invisible thread of love which will bind them together.. and no matter how far they go from each other.. it will help them find their way back to each other!

I loved today's episode.. It was a perfect tribute to this brother-sister duo.. Their love and affection was visible through out the episode.. I loved the scene where Anjali tied rakhi on her chhote's wrist.. The way he looked at her with so much love and adoration.. was simply superb.. I was stumped.. 



PS: Thanks guys for the likes and comments.. Smile 
Awesome takes everyone.. So many different colours and flavours.. Every single one is a treat for the eye and the mind!

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-MKB- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 August 2012 at 11:37am | IP Logged
waiting for it tant.
and here i go..

chalo since it is rakhi today and plus i was so happy watching the i will go on with my blabbering
1) first thing first...the thing which i LOVED  the most was khushi's new saree and suit...! such a classic color combination...truely she looked like Mrs.ASR today...and sanaya what should i say about her yaar...beautiful she is...blessed with natural beauty...nazar na lagey! Day Dreaming
2) why is akash still angry with payal i fail to understand...i think the role reversal is taking place here as well...ASR is becoming the lovey dovey akash and akash is becoming the angry young man ASR...i wouldn't be surprised if akash starts pinning payal everywhere OR if he starts barking orders at aman or at poor HP...ROFL
but it was good to see akshay after a long time...and even he was looking very dashing in kurta...! Wink
3) you come here for a hug...its always a treat to watch you...thank you for being with RM people and lightning their mood on rakesh bandhan Tongue..and since poojali didn't say anything i will say. you looked charming today as well..and your new hairstyle suits you a lot than those spikes...keep it up Thumbs Up
4) the return of super woman -KHUSHI...*drum roll*
only she was able to sense poojali's distress and thus made a plan to put a smile on her face which was so contrary to husband's idea of gifting jewels...*face palm* when will he ever get to realize that everything can not be bought with money ...the day he does i will do bangra ASR's style ...Tongue
but i did feel bad that she was again at the receiving end by anjali..though not a hard core bashing but yes she did indirectly taunt her of khushi's influence in her chotte's life ...are you kidding me ? 
well thats poojali..i wouldn't be surprised if she will ask chote to act like bachelor again!
but kudos to khushi for a very simple, sweet surprise but yet so effective that it was able to bring that 1000 watt smile on anjali's face which i so wanted to see from the past few days...Clap
even i want a bhabhi like you...who knows may be even i will get surprises like anjali ...LOL
4) and man ASR in sherwani and that too white?? *THUD*...only i know how my breath was caught and i was out of breath for few time since i whistled a lot and that too a fultoo gawar whistle ...Blushing Silly
sobti again proved that he can look dashing,charming,sexy,hot,elegant, smart in like anything!...and in white he looked out of the world. i am telling you he should copy right this color one has ever looked so breath taking in white before atleast for it t-shirts, shirts, pull overs and even his white shoes!...i bow down you your hotness sobti!...Clap
5) i felt so good to hear anjali's BG music after a long time..and that too with a male part...this music brings positivity everywhere...
but it was so emotional the entire rakhsha bandhan segment between the siblings...hahah NK forgot to give her the gift ROFL well thats NK!
and aww arnav avoided talking about his ma..he doesn't want to get caught crying in front of his wife...
but it was so cute! and i hugged my brother after seeing this segment...since it touched my heart so much!...
such a pious bond they have yaar...!..for arnav she is his mother and he again said it today !,...
so kudos to CV's and arshad for executing this scene very well Clap
6) arnav asking for khushi...*wink wink*...some thing is cooking up surely...does he want her help to remove the sherwani..
plls say YES say YES!...i so would want to see a scene like this!
and HP pls you dont interrupt  between them...there must be a reason why he has not removed the sherwani till your work waise bhi you have ruined their kiss once now dont ruin their rabbav ve's Angry
and also loved it when he was able to sense khushi's mind behind the sherwani idea...glad to see that understanding between them...hope he is able to detect her "i hate you:" and "aap rakhshas hai " lie as well..since we all know the hidden meaning behind it...LOL
7) aaooo...khushi has again put the detective cap...and this time she doesnt even have her phone nor anjali has hers...dont want them to get into any trouble! ..i hope this time khushi doesn't hide anything from arnav ..she has already faced the consequences of hiding some thing from him! Disapprove
.and SHYAMU is coming back! yayayayayayayay!...shyamu chalo enough of your vacation in bahama's with i need my goat back as well as my villain with flaring nostrils and daiyaa ho BG music back! come soon..Tongue
8) ASR yaar ab toh tum dono ki portrait laga lo room mai..
come one you guys have clicked good photos together..especially today when khushi moved from the back and came at front..
and still if you dont have ..take it from IF girls..we have many..mind you many pics of you both..edited bhi aur unedited bhi...
jo chahe le lo..LOL
though i was a bit sad for not getting any rabba ve's...but then an episode like this surely covered that sadness!
i am so happy with this episode! Big smile

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