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Jab Pyar Hua Tho......(Sindoor) (Page 2)

moderngirl Goldie

Joined: 24 November 2005
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Posted: 21 June 2006 at 1:54pm | IP Logged
Thanks Tongue !! The next part should be posted either by tonite or tomorrow morning!! Big smile

zhasan2 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 August 2005
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Posted: 21 June 2006 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
kk! can't wait Tongue
moderngirl Goldie

Joined: 24 November 2005
Posts: 2058

Posted: 22 June 2006 at 11:08am | IP Logged

Its early in the morning

The Birds are chirping

Scene starts off at the Agarwal house

You see someone asleep on the bed

Shes smiling in her sleep

When you hear someone calling


The girl turns around and moans as she gets up and goes to the bathroom

You only see the back of her head

Downstairs you see a woman sitting at the table eating..scene zooms in

Its uma!

Vedika comes downstairs all dressed up

Uma (smiles)
arre Vedika,(looks at her) kahin ja rahi ho!!

Ved (walks close to Uma)
haan mama, mein shopping karne ja rahi hoon!!!

Uma (concerned)
Nastha nahi karogi??

Ved (happily)
nahi mama, mein apni doston ke saath nastha karloongi!!

Uma (happily)
teekh hai lekin Jaldi vapas ajana, maine Rahul ko shyam par dinner keliye bulaya hain!!

Ved (kisses uma)
ji mama!!

She leaves the house as uma sits at the table with a smile on her face

Now Scene moves over to the Raizada house

Everyones at the breakfast table waiting for Dhruv!!

Nih (hungry)
yeh Dhruv itne dher kyon laga raha hain!!!

Titli (rolls her eyes as she talks quickly)
hai hai!! Yeh ladka tho aaj meri death hi karadega!!!! Itni bhook lagi hai ki kya bataoon!!!(drinks the entire glass of water next to her plate)

Tara (laughs)
titli mami, lagtha hai aaj bhaiya hum sab ko bhooka maar daalega!!

Kavita (laughs a little but in a soft but stern voice)
Rudra beta, Dhruv kahan hai??..kya woh ab thak soh raha hai? Usse jaa kar kaho ki hum sab uske intezaar kar rahe hain!!

Rudra (smiles)
ji ma..mein dekh kar atha hoon

He runs upstairs

While in dhruvs room

He's humming away in front of the mirror as he combs his hair

Rudra enters the room

Rudra (angry to see him humming away while everyones starving)

Dhruv jumps at the loud voice and looks at his brother

Dhruv (walks closer to Rudra)
kya hua bhaiya?? Aap itni naraaz kyon hain!!

Dhruv Tumhe pata hai ki hum sab kitni dher se tumhare intezaar kar rahe hain!! Neeche sab bhook se pagal ho raha hain aur tum yahan itni relaxed thaiyar ho rahe ho!!!!!!

Dhruv (smiles)
whoops, sorry bhaiya!!! Mein tho bhool hi gaya ki kitni dher ho chuki hain..

Rudra shakes his head as both brothers go downstairs

Titli (sees them)
hai hai!! Dhruv puttar!! Itni dher kyon laga di!! Intezaar karte karte tho hum sab ki death hi hogayi!!

Dhruv (feels bad)
sorry titli mami!!!

Dhruv sits down and all eat

The women start talking about diwali stuff as the guys talk about business

Later on

Rudra leaves for work and on the way drops off Tara at college

Tara hangs out with her group of friends as they all walk to their class

Kavitas calling all her friends and inviting them over for the diwali party at their house in a week

Nih and titli are helping with the guest list

Dhruvs bored so he decides to go to the mall and do some shopping

He leaves

While at home nih and kavita talk about who to invite

While talking to some of her friends kavita finds out that one of her best friend's daughters gotton engaged!!

Shes thrilled to hear the news and deicied to give her a call

Kavita picks up the phone and dials

The phone rings

Uma picks up the phone


hello uma!! Kaisi ho

arre kavitaji! Mein teekh hoon, aap?

mein bhi teekh hoon! Suna ki tumhare beti ki sagai hogayi!!

haan, abhi tho sirf sagai hui hai...Sangeet aur shaadi thodi din baad rakkoongi!!

acha tho humne diwali keliye apne ghar mein party rakki hai..kyon na tum sab kuch dino keliye yahan rukh jao..issi bahana mein tumhare damaad (son-in-law) se mil loongi!! (laughs)

haan han kyon nahi!! yeh tho bahut hi acha idea hai!! Ved bhi Mumbai mein apni kuch outfits kareedh lengi!!

Kavita agrees and says bye

While at the mall

Dhruvs doing some shopping

He goes to the watch shop and buys a expensive watch

Hes wrapping his watch around his wrist as he walks out of the store when he bumps into someone!!!

Dhruv (looks at her person)
Iam sorry maam, I wasn't looking!!

its ok

She picks up dhruvs watch that had fallen on the floor and hands it to him

Dhruv (takes it)

Both smile as they walk different ways

While at the agarwal house

Ved arrives in the nick of time

Its almost 6

She quickly goes and changes

Then helps uma set up the plates as rahul and his mom are coming for dinner

The door bell rings

Ved runs and opens the door

Its rahul and sundari

Ved (smiles)
namaste aunty (opens the door wide so both can come in)

Rahul and Ved say hi as both go and sit to have dinner

While everyones enjoying dinner uma tells them about kavita invinting them to her house for diwali

Ved excited to hear the news

Rahul looks happy but has a weird look on his face!

Rahul (thinks)
arre aunty!! Mein nahi apaoonga!!

Ved (looks at rahul)

Rahul (looks sad)
voh muje apne business keliye america jaana hai...iam going for and I will be leaving the day after tomorrow issliye, I wont be able to make it!! Sorry!! (cont eating)

Ved smile fades

Uma looks disappointed!!

hrithick_luvr IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 June 2006 at 11:39am | IP Logged
hope ya guys liked it. i will be posting the next part in a bit
indiandoll89 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 22 June 2006 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
Great job guys!!! can't wait for the next part!!!
zhasan2 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 August 2005
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Posted: 22 June 2006 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
great beginning!!! can't wait for the next part Clap Clap Tongue
moderngirl Goldie

Joined: 24 November 2005
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Posted: 22 June 2006 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Thanks. Glad you liked it!! Tongue
hrithick_luvr IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 July 2005
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Posted: 22 June 2006 at 1:37pm | IP Logged

Uma: Lekin Rahul beta, Kavita Aunty tumse milnai ko bauhot kaish kari thi.

Rahul: I know Aunty, lekin yeh project bauhot zaroori hai, aur agar mein yeh nahi kara, to humare company ko bauhot bara nukhsaan hogayga.

Uma: Teekh hai beta. (still disappointed) lekin hum kya karsaktai hai. Kaam to zaroori hain.

Rahul: Thanks for understanding!

A little while later, both Rahul and Sundari leave. Vedika walks Rahul to the car as Sundari is talking to Kavita inside.

Vedika: Rahul, that's not fair. Are you sure tum aa nahi saktai?

Rahul: arre baba, agar main aa sakta tha, to main aatha, lekin…tumhe kya lagta hai, mujhe diwali aapno ke saath mananai ko dil nahi lagda. Haan? Lekin yeh mere majboori hai aur tumhe pata hai ke mere company merai sab se important hain.

Vedika: (feeling sad) Teekh hain. (gets an idea). Fine, lekin tum mujhe kal shopping lekay jaana hoga, mujhe shaadi ke liye kuch cheezai lena hai.

Rahul: Vedika, umm…mere kal ek bauhot zaroori meeting hai, sorry. lekin aik minute, Loo mere card lo aur jakai jee bharka shopping karo.

Vedika: Kal bhi meeting, teekh hai(she takes the card and puts on a fake smile, but is still pretty disappointed).

Sundari comes out.

: acha beta, ab hum chaltai hain.

Vedika: teekh hai aunty, bye! (they both hug)

Rahul: Bye vedika!

Vedika: Bye!

The next day, Uma and Vedika start packing as they will be staying there for a while, so Vedika can do her wedding shopping.

A few days later, its time to go. They both are on their way to Kavita's house.

In the meantime, Riazada house is up and buzzing. Everyone is trying to get things done quickly for the party.

Kavita: Titli!! Titli! Titli! Ufo yeh Titli kahan hai?? Titli!!

Titli: Haan haan sunle, Kavita didi, apke yeh cheek(yell) se mere to death he hojayge.

Kavita: Titli, baatein ban karo, aur please zara dekho agar khana sab tyaar hogaya.

Titli: haan haan, dekhti ho!

Rudra and Niharika both come downstairs.

Kavita: Arre, Niharika aur Rudra, yaha aao.

Rudra: Gee ma.

Kavita: Beta, kya tum dono kuch chise pick karsaktai ho?

Niharika: of course, kya chayai?

Kavita: Beta, tum dono jakai diya lao, hume to bauhot sarai chaiya, aur haan patakai(fireworks) bhi, aur bachoon ke liya sparklers(sry forgot how to say that in hindi).

Rudra: teekh hai ma, hum abhi jaatai hain.

They both leave.

A little while after they leave, the doorbell rings.

Kavita runs to the door to open it.

She gets a huge smile on her face.

Kavita: Uma!!! Kaisa ho, aao andar aoo!

Uma: Main teekh ho Kavita, tum batao?

Kavita: Main bhi teekh hoon.

She sees Vedika.

Vedika: Namaste aunty! (she bends down and touches her feet)

Kavita: jheete raho beta, ab batao tum kaise ho? Bauhot sundar lagri ho?

Vedika: thanks aunty, mein teekh ho.

Kavita: aao, tum dono, aake bheto.

Kavita then calls down Dhruv to meet them. (everyone else has gone out)

Kavita: Dhruv beta, zara neeche aao!

Dhruv: Coming!

Vedika is busy looking around.

Dhruv comes down.

Dhruv: Arre, Aunty aap?? Kaisa ho(bends down and touches Uma's feet)

Uma: Jeeta raho. Tum kaisa ho?

Dhruv: mein bhi teekh ho.

Uma: aik minute beta, Vedika! Zara aao

Vedika was turned around looking at the picture.

When she turned around, both Dhruv and Ved were shocked to see what they saw.

D&V: Tum?!?!?

Kavita: Kya tum dono ek doosra ko jaante ho??

Vedika: kinda, we actually bumped into each other at the mall the other day.

Uma: Oh!

Dhruv: Hi, I'm Dhruv.

Vedika: Hi, I'm Vedika, nice to meet you!

Both shake hands.

After they all meet, everyone is back to the prep.

Uma: Kavita, main aur Vedika kuch madat kare?

Kavita: nahi, aap log bas aram se bheto, mehmaan kaam nahi kartai.

Uma: Arre, yeh kaise baat hoy. Main to yeh apna ghar samajh te hu. Aur apne ghar main kaam karta haina?

Kavita: acha teekh hai, aao, mujhe thora diya sajanay ki madat karo.

Uma: Aur Vedika ko bhi kuch kaam do.

Kavita: teekh hai, ek minute…Dhruv!

Dhruv: yes mom!

Kavita: Dhruv, wo jo mein mithai(sweets) ka order de ho, usse jake pickup karlo, aur vedika ko bhi saath leke jao, aur ha, aur decorations bhi chaiya, aur haan, phool bhi. Vedika tum jao Dhruv ke saath.

Vedika: jee aunty!

Kavita: Aur Vedika, phool tumhe choose karna, aur bauhot saara.

Vedika: teekh hai aunty!

Dhruv: So, shall we go?

Vedika: Sure!

Dhruv and Vedika both hop into Dhruv's car and proceed to the shops.

Hope you guys liked it! Big smile

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