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Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai
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KYPH - Update for 03rd May, 2005

chillyflakes Senior Member

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Posted: 03 May 2005 at 10:49am | IP Logged

Today's Episode Update is dedicated to the following Forum Members!

Rano, Jots, kewlsarah, queenkumar, crazyfan, puja, angadsdoll, usagirl, rupa, Safiyah, jassifan, stunning, sukh and sugarsweet!




CONCERT IN PROGRESS (Kya tum wahi ho, jiska is dil ko intezaar tha, kya

 tum wahi ho jiske liye mein har pal bekarar tha, kya tum wahi chaand ho jo meri raaton ko roshan karta hai, kya tum wahi khawaab ho jo meri neendon ko udata hai – Angad to Kripa….btw, this couplet has been just invented by me, it's a Chilly Original!)

Angad looks thunder-struck as the stage lights falls on Kripa's face, which is glowing and she looks awesome…she actually looks stunning! Angad looked as if he has swallowed a full egg and it has got struck in his throat!!! Kripa keeps looking at Angad with that same, love-struck expression and keeps singing. As she comes near Angad, he is completely besotted and seems to have forgotten everything around him and just keeps looking at her mesmerized! Kripa kind of feels awkward and shy and as she stops singing her lines, and now its cue for Angad so sing. The stage & the audience is completely still and muted as Angad keeps looking at Kripa, and she is so taken aback by Angad's reaction, that she nudges him very cutely and tells him, ''Angad gaon naa'' He still doesn't react, just keeps looking at her, she again tells him to sing, and then suddenly Angad is back to Earth and the performance begins!

It was a very well orchestrated song, though I found the last bit with Angad & Kripa dancing very funny, the steps were plain silly. But over all, it was a sizzle, sizzle song….though dunno why I thought that Kripa looked a little on the plumper side, especially her waist! But whatever, I found her overall very attractive and sweetly seductive, something of a child-woman, sexy yet innocent!

The performance is a huge hit and the stage bursts out in an encore!


BACKSTAGE - Kripa insults Angad and over-reacts (as usual)

As Angad goes backstage, his fans surround him and he somehow escapes them and Kartik takes him aside. Kartik is elated and tells him that this Concert has been one of Angad's biggest successes and that the Media and audience is going crazy! Angad is happy but his eyes seem to be searching for someone! Just then Tania is shown to enter and she goes to Angad, crying and tells him that she wants to speak to him. Angad very kindly tells her that ofcourse, why not, please go on. Tania and Angad seem to have some conversation, whereby Angad has a modest, sober expression while Tania is weeping and explaninig something to him. Kripa walks by (she has changed into an Indo-Western outfit) with Harshini who tells her that she was awesome today and burned the stage and that she looks beautiful today. Kripa is very excited and tells her that its all due to Harshini that today Kripa has been able to see so much success, just then a hoard of fans gather around Kripa and tells her that she not only has a beautiful face but a lovely voice too. Kripa is overwhelmed and gives autographs to some of them. Harshini is shown to feel bad and she steps back and thinks about her Nainital days when she had told Kripa that she wants to become a huge star someday when she reaches Mumbai. As Kripa gets away from the crowd, she glances over at Tania and Angad and follows them, she is not able to hear their conversation, but only look at Tania breaking down and before Angad can react, she rushes out. Kripa looks furious and gives one rotten look at Angad (who has not seen her) and goes behind him to his Green Room (she can't leave him alone, can she!).

Angad is quite surprised to see her and before he can say a single word, she launches a scathing verbal attack on him by saying that he was not content with his Mother throwing poor Tania out of the Concert and leaving her penniless, now that she had come to see Angad's show out of her love for him, he makes her all the more miserable. As Angad hears, surprised, shocked, upset and then fuming, Kripa goes on and on and gives him quite an earful. Angad, who has the most amazing cold fury expression on his face is just looking at Kripa with an intense, quiet look as she continues her tirade and says that there is no point in being a bestseller singer, one has to become a good human being, and that way Angad is the pits. Kripa tells him that he is ruthless, inhuman, insensitive, selfish and self-centred and that he doesn't deserve one bit of love and support of the audience or for that matter anybody. Kripa says that she had spent years dreaming about singing with her Idol one day, and now today when she did get that opportunity, she feels disgusted at having such a thought. Angad tries to butt in and stop her, but Kripa raises her hands and tells him to shut up and listen to her and let her finish. As Kripa completes what she has to say, Angad is absolutely livid and looks ready to kill her, but is stone silent as Kripa walks away from the Green Room!


KRIPA AND TANIA – (Badi wafa se nibhayi tumnein haamari thodi si bewaafai…Kripa thinking of Angad!)

Kripa rushes out to see Tania and stops her, Tania is still crying. Kripa feels miserable (and looks awful too, something is wrong with this one, she looks ethereal in one scene and sickly in the next, her lipstick was so bad, it clashed so badly with her dress, she looked very funny in this scene) and tells Tania that there was no need for her to come today and let Angad break her heart once more. Tania stops crying and says that it is when your heart feels gratitude and remorse for someone, that tears and happiness both intermingle. Kripa is shocked and asks her what is she talking about. Tania says that she had grossly misunderstood not just Kripa but Angad also, and if it was not for Kripa telling Angad about her state of affairs, she doesn't know what would have happened of her. As a pale-faced Kripa listens, Tania says that when Angad came to know that Tania is facing a host of financial and personal crisis, he not only repaid all her outstanding loans, but brought her own house, paid for the entire operation that her Mother had to undergo and besides that got her a well-paying job with some other group and has promised to sing with her in his next album. Tania says that we always misunderstand people and take them on their face value, she had grossly miscalculated Angad's friendship and mistaken it as love. As a shaken and stunned Kripa hears, Tania says that it is not necessary that whom we love should love us back, Angad had never once told her that he loves her, and the short-term relationship they did have was based on just a casual fling and it is not really Angad's fault if Tania fell in love with him. Tania says that the society to which Angad belongs is heartless and ruthless and Angad inspite of his background and inspite of the fact that he is such a successful star, helped Tania without expecting anything in return and wished to remain anonymus. Tania says that Angad is a gem of a person behind his reckless faade and a truly genuine and good human being. As Tania goes away, Kripa is traumatized and shaken and the lyrics go…


Bin jaane kiya faisla hamne, waise nahi ho tum jo hamne samjha hai,

Shayad ye tasveer teri, dekhi hai humne adhoori

Shayad yakeen tuhjphe aane lagne phir se

Badhne lagi aas hai….

(Sugar baby, correct me if I have missed something here)


Angad and Kripa (O Mere Sona re Sona re Sona re…de doongi jaan, juda mat hona re, mein tujhe badi der mein jaana, hua kasoor khafa mata hona re – Kripa to Angad!)


Kripa goes to meet Angad at the Khanna House and as she apprehensively climbs the steps to go towards Angad's room, the Camera simultaneously shows Angad punching his boxing bag like crazy. He looks awesome, all passionate, forceful, angry and sweaty….and yeah, sexy! As Kripa goes inside Angad's room, trembling and guilty like hell, Angad notices her but does not stop boxing. Kripa is barely able to get the words out of her mouth and her eyes are filled with tears of remorse. As she manages to utter that she spoke to Tania and now knows the truth, Angad punches his bag harder and harder (oh, boy…he does look dishy when he does this!) and Kripa trembles harder. As Kripa comes near him and again tries to start off to apologize, Angad stops punching his bag and gives that lean, mean, killer machine look of his (which has made Nitica and my heart do pole vaulting all the time, kya bolti Nitu?) to Kripa and in the same way as Kripa had lifted her hand to quiten Angad, he does the same thing and Kripa is just fearstruck and speechless, as she realizes that the words that tumbled out her mouth cannot be taken back and that she has lost her best available chance to creep into Hottie's heart!!!


THE KHANNA HOUSE (Kartik baby blowing his own trumpet as usual and Kripa giving seductive glances to Angad, much to his amusement!)

Kartik, Mannan and Anita are all sitting in the living room and gloating over the Concert's success. A bunch of newspaper is lying all over the Coffee Table with Angad and Kripa's picture pasted on all of them and the review praising the good-looking and talented couple. Kartik is elated and tells a bored Anita that the show has been an unprecedented success and that Naina is going to be elated when she comes back. Just then Kripa (wearing a very smart Indo-western Outfit) enters and her eyes look towards the stairs and as she waits at the door-step, she sees Angad walking down, disinterested and lost and he looks at her. Both of them give strange looks at each other, mainly Kripa looks guilty and has a ''Mujhse Dosti Karoge'' expression while Angad is like, ''Kisi Rajkumari ka banoonga mein toh sapno ka raja, Teri jaise lakhon mere aage peeche hongi, tu ja ja…''. Kartik spots Kripa and in a rare friendly manner calls her inside and tells her that the show was a huge hit and that Media is praising Angad and Kripa to sky high! Kripa doesn't seem to be too bothered by what Kartik is blabbering and her eyes and ears are only for Angad as she again gives him wistful, dreamy looks and Angad is like, lay off, will you. Angad goes and plops himself on the nearest couch and as Kartik gives him a newspaper to read, Angad looks at it with disinterest and boredom, but keeps giving side glances to Kripa, who looks ready to kill herself for a smile from Angad! The scene was very cute with our future love-birds giving funny looks at each other, it was romantic in a very sweet, innocent manner. Just then Harshini enters (looking sulky as usual) and Anita is pretty rude to her and tells her that are we having an open house session or so. Kripa looks ready to give a stinging retort to Anita but looks at Angad and keeps quiet. Kartik then announces that they are having a grand party tonight to celebrate the success of the Concert and that Kripa has to come for that, he also adds very condensingly that Harshini can tag along if she wants to. Angad looks bored and tells Kartik that he is very tired and will not come, Kripa immediately looks upset, then Angad very sweetly says that he might or might not come, he cannot commit anything now. Kartik says that once he reads the reviews the Press has given to him, he will surely come, Angad is like, yeah whatever.


CUTEST ANGAD SNUBS KRIPA SCENE (Hum se hai zamaana saara, haarenge kabhi hum nahin, jo karoge usse behtar, kar dikhange hum yahin, Boys are Best, Maanlon, Baat yeh jaanlon….Angad to Kripa!)

Lovely scene! Kripa and Harshini are shown to walk towards the Main-Porch, possibly leaving for the Academy or something, and Kripa looks lost and withdrawn, while Harshini looks upset and sulky. Just then our dude, looking, smashing in a black vest, black jeans and black leather jacket comes from behind them, whistling a tune and has an incredibly naughty and ''Wait, till I teach you a lesson, you arrogant girl'' look! Kripa's face alights when she spots him, and Angad goes past them and hops onto his Lal Gadi and vrooms it forward. He then stops the Car and adjusts the rear view mirror in a manner as to focus Kripa on it. Kripa smiles enderingly at him, poor thing assuming that he is going to give her a lift along with Harshini. Angad then gets a real time wicked look on his face and  then looking at the Mirror he does a wave with his hand, as if beckoning Kripa and Harshini to come in his Car. As Kripa grins like an innocent fool and goes forward, Mannan comes from behind and very coolly gets inside Angad's car. Kripa is like, ''What????'' and Angad breaks into a brattish grin and drives his Car away leaving Kripa stunned!


PRITHVI AND MISHTI (Sun sun sun, bhaiya tere liye ek rishta aaya hai, sun, sun, sun, bhaiya tere liye, ik rishta aaya hai)

Prithvi is gazing at Kripa's picture in the newspaper and wondering over how he has fallen so hopelessly in love with her. As he thinks to himself that he has never felt this way about any girl previously in his life, Mishti comes from behind and teases him like anything. Mishti gives him a paper and a pen and tells him that if cannot tell his Dil Ka Haal to the girl he is in love with, he can atleast write it out on paper. Prithvi is all blushes and all and chides Mishti!

Hey, I love their chemistry, they look so cute and warm on the screen, makes me all fuzzy and awwww!


KRIPA AND HARSHINI (Dil aisa kisi ne mera toda, barbaadi ki taraf aisa moda…Harshini to Kripa)

Kripa is getting dressed for the Party and she calls up Harshini to ask when is she going to come to her place so that they can leave for the Party together. Harshini is in a very bad mood and is pretty rude to Kripa, who is surprised at her behaviour and becomes very upset.


SPECIAL ''TADKA'' COMMENTS BY CHATPATI CHILLY SINGH! (Espesally, aapke khatir meherbaanon & kadardaanon)

Angad, tera kya hoga kaliya?........Let me refrain on commenting about Angad, he will be straight up on the neighborhood ''Chane Ki Jhaad'' after reading his praise and all….and lemme concentrate on the current favorite punching bag, Ms. Kripa Sharma! She looked very good in the Concert scene, actually very good (And she does have a great pair of legs, btw!) but as I said, she is very inconsistent in the way she looks, because in the next scene with Tania, she looked awful! But Kripa is Kripa and I like Neha as Kripa, can't think of anyone else in her place (except perhaps Dinku!) And as Sonynyu said before, Kripa looks very, very endearing and adorable in the ''Love-Struck'' scenes, the expressions she had when she realizes her mistake, then when she goes to apologize to Angad and then the way she looks at him, while he is waiting in his Car were just so cute! It brings out the innocence and childishness in her character beautifully!

Angad & Kripa's chemistry was so vivid, so tangible and so overwhelming, that it was tough to not hold your breath for a while…..it was romance at its peak! Amazing expressions, excellent performance….absolutely scintillating  feat by Angad and Kripa……..I just remember the English Song which goes ''U take my breath away……….''

I love Prithvi and Mishti's scenes together, they bring mischief, youth and energy to the Serial, the way Angad and Kripa bring Passion, Romance and Verve to it!

Very good episode, loved the Angad snubbing Kripa scene, gosh, his expressions are just priceless! I felt equally bad for Kripa and laughed aloud in this scene, it was so cute!

Ekta Maayi, sahi manzil ki taraf jaa rahi hai aapki gaadi, kripaya speed-breaker na aane de!

urmajesty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2005 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Thanks Chilly for the update. You do an awesome job.
*Shona* IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 May 2005 at 10:59am | IP Logged

TongueClapThanks for the super duper update Chilly!ClapTongue

current IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 May 2005 at 11:05am | IP Logged


  WOW ..a bsoultely mind blowing episode ..thx chilly can't wait to see it


  love your funky style of writing and it is soo graphic,...do seriously consider a writing career girl!

Safiyah Senior Member

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Posted: 03 May 2005 at 11:05am | IP Logged
Thank u soooooooooooooooo much for another amazing update. Thanxxx.
dancing babe Goldie
dancing babe
dancing babe

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Posted: 03 May 2005 at 11:06am | IP Logged
lovefool Groupbie

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Posted: 03 May 2005 at 11:08am | IP Logged
thanks chilly!! ur so quick wid d updates.. awesoem effort.. Big smile
kool*kariya* Goldie

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Posted: 03 May 2005 at 11:11am | IP Logged

chilly were do u get all those song ideas from???????...........good selection

cool updates.............well looks like love is in da air


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