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SS: Chotey Ki Ayegi Barat Ch:10 pg 29*COMPLETED* (Page 20)

-Grace- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 October 2012 at 3:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by TwilightHorizon

iqra yar plz update soon
i daily visit this ss 
plz plz plz jaldi update kr do 
aww shafaq im really awed and glad u r enjoying it that much but im sorry cus i wont be be able to update for a while got a mid term on 16th a few projects too so uske baad hi i can do somethingEmbarrassed

TwilightHorizon IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 2:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Grace-

Originally posted by TwilightHorizon

iqra yar plz update soon
i daily visit this ss 
plz plz plz jaldi update kr do 
aww shafaq im really awed and glad u r enjoying it that much but im sorry cus i wont be be able to update for a while got a mid term on 16th a few projects too so uske baad hi i can do somethingEmbarrassed

ohh so then its ok
now finally u disclosed why u r not updating i m fine
but really yar u wrote it so well before this SS i have read some of ur OSs also
but they were different like serious and emotional they were also good
but this one becomes my obsession so thats why i m so desperate for the update LOL
anyways best of luck for ur mids and projects
hope u will do goodSmile

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..Ankita.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Not really an IPK fan, nor do I love Arnav very much...but I am LOVING ur work...the way you characterize and portray ur characters...Clap Clap Clap

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-Grace- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 October 2012 at 2:14pm | IP Logged

Hello Guys!

I know I know it's been forever since I updated but I was so busy and had no inspirationSleepy 

But now, I'm finally recovered from the writers blockLOL

So I thought it wont be cool to make you all wait any longer, so here it isBig smile 

Dedicated to cherry… ,bhadraparsad   and fffan123


For always commenting on my works Embarrassed

Happy Reading!

Chapter 6



Di told me today is havan, I don't know what that is neither I'm interested nor I care but Di being Di forcefully gave me a detailed significance of the event.


So Lavanya and her family are coming over for the pooja and all.

I so don't want to sit in the pooja but do I ever have a choice?


The house was well decorated with yellow, orange and white chunris

I knew it was a work of her, my certain someone. But where is she? I searched for her everywhere but couldn't find her.


"kisse dhoond rahe ho chote?"  Di asked as soon as I entered the hall looking here and there.


"Di who Khush-" control Arnav! You gotta control! This is Di we are dealing with, the same Di who makes a rumor out of nothing.


God! What control? You've said her name. The last letter won't save your life now will it.


"yeh sab Khushi ne kia hai na? look its all wrong" I said pretending the decorations weren't as good, while trying to do something with the chunri along the railing.


Kya din agaye hain. Arnav you are a complete fool. A disgrace to businessmen.


"haw…sab kuch itna acha to hai" she said looking at the decorations.


"aur tum kharab kar rahe ho" she said while slapping my hand.

"chalo ab baitho jaake pooja mein" she said while pushing me towards the area where the pooja was about to be held in minutes.


I rolled my eyes at my extra enthusiastic sister and walked away obediently.

She is the sole murderer of ASR I tell you.


The pooja began and it wasn't even ten minutes into the pooja when my ears started to hurt and her absence was getting on my nerves. Di had made me sit beside Lavanya and her jasmine scent was so strong that I could feel my sense of smell getting damaged. Looks like she had spilled the whole bottle of perfume for today's event.

Even her outfit was outrageously loud. A bright color of orange that was overflowing with sparkles.



I could hear the fashion guru cry in despair.


I realized everyone's eyes were closed as they folded their hands in prayer. This was the golden chance and I sneaked out before anyone could notice.


I heard Di telling Nani that Khushi will be here shortly and that woman was still not here! Urghh.

How irresponsible.


As soon as I entered my room, it felt strangely chilly when I had clearly remembered closing the poolside doors.


To my surprise the doors were slightly opened and the teal curtains were flying. I stepped outside the French doors only to be greeted by the most awaited site.


She stood there, her back facing towards me. She had left her hair open and they were flying in every direction. He orange duppatta flying towards me that was carelessly touching my face.


She turned around as soon as she felt the presence of another being.

"Tum? Yahan?"


"this is my house and to be more specific my room?" I raised an eye brow.

"I know… I was just asking you know…aise hi" she said gesturing with her shoulder.


Her bag was placed near the recliner. That means she just arrived.


"so..arent you going for the pooja?"  she asked casually.


"I was sitting there"

why does she have to talk about the most unimportant things.


"kisi ko tumhari shakal pasand nahi aayi?" she asked making a puppy face.


"Not funny" I said moving closer

"you are…funny looking" she said with mischief and a sparkle in her eyes that were narrowed, followed by a cute pout and her close proximity.


My heart accelerated exponentially and the breathing went out of control.

Why things go crazy when I see her? This is too much to handle.She is too much to handle.


I was still dazed when she passed by me and stopped at the doors to slide them more. The noise of the doors brought me back on earth and before she could escape I got a hold of

her duppatta.


Baby be my side, my love has come alive

I fly so high that I can touch the sky


Her silky locks flew aimlessly and the time had seemed to stop.

I was enjoying the wind and the blooming atmosphere.


Baby I'm in paradise, the stars above are shining bright

Don't walk away now don't say goodbye


I started moving towards her, while her back was still facing me.



How dare he.

Holding my duppatta like it belongs to him? Apni dulhan se competition hai kya.


I could feel him walking closer to me, and even though I couldn't see him I could feel him smiling.


Let's take it slow so you gotta go

Let's take it slow so you gotta go no more


He kept coming closer and I could feel a shiver down my spine. Why? I have no idea.


Chod do aanchal zamana kya kahega

Chod do aanchal zamana kya kahega



I don't know why I was holding her duppatta but I just felt like it at the moment and I didn't feel like letting it go.


Tum chali jaogi mar jayega deewana

Zamana kya kahega


Chod do aanchal zamana kya kahega

Chod duun aanchal deewana kya kahega



The organ on the left side of my chest got too excited and I felt it would jump out any minute. What is happening? All this has no logic, no stats no explanation.


Yeh kya zamana hai, kitna anjana hai

Jo dil ki rahon se hai bekhabar


Meri bahon mein bhool ja

Saari dunya bhool ja

Nayi hai manzil hai naya safar


I was standing an inch away from her, her hair flying on my face, and her Japanese cherry blossom scent created havoc in my senses.


Hai pyar ka tujhe vaasta


I could feel her breath constrict along with mine.

She turned around slightly. Her gaze met with mine.

She bit a smile, and snatching her duppatta she ran out the door


"Pagal" she whispered.


Hai pyar ka tujhe vaasta na jaa




After the pooja and all Di forcefully (again) made me hang out with Lavanya. Seriously.


"Arnavvv" she said clapping her hands under her chin.


I know im too hot to handle but why the clapping?


"La-Vun Ya?" I tried to sound excited but it won't come out if its not there.

I hope I wasn't too rude.


I don't hate her its just that I don't like her in that way.


She batted her eyelashes, just like last time.

Did I just say I don't like her? Well this is the reason.


"so…how are you?'

This is not me. This is not me. Asr does NOT make small talk. This is not me.

Di I will get you. SOON!


"im good, you? You don't look too happy"


Why did she even agree on marrying me, I don't even know why she agreed on marrying me. I mean I know im handsome rich and successful but I tried to pull my worst behavior. Even that didn't work.


Kaise log hain yeh.


"oh no, im fine"


baat to aise kar raha hai jaise main iski nahi iske door ke rishtedaar ki hone waali biwi hoon.

Can't show some courtesy? Ghar waale kaise bardasht karte hain? Shaadi ke baad mera kya hoga?


Jab haath maangne aaye the to apne bhai ko kyun nahi laya saath? I know he's handsome and all, but his cousin isn't half bad, plus he has a dimple. This guy will make my nerves explode.




"Choteeyyy choteyyy"


"kia hai di" I said not bothering a glance at her. My dear laptop is much more precious and needs me more than the circus occupants.


"aaj humein tumhari hone wali ke ghar jaana hai" she tried to tease me while giving the information. What a fail.


"chunri chadane"


"to?" I said giving her a i-have-better-things-to-do look


"to yehhh…ke tum humare saath aasakte ho"


Why is she acting like im dying to participate in the so called ritual?


"ab jao tayaar hojao jaake"


"di for the love of god! Leave me alone"


"theek hai sado yahin! Shaadi tumhari hai aur khud hi koi interest nahi hai…and by the way it wont won't kill you to call Lavanya once in a while"


Call Lavanya? For what? What am I supposed to talk about?

The time on the day of havan was enough. I can't torture myself more than that.


Thankfully Di understood that I was on the verge of losing my patience and she left.




It's been a while since Di left and it feels quite empty here, no noises, no one is running around

Hmm….looks like everyone left. Good…this feels like a dream come true, I mean I never thought I would get this kind of silence in this place. Ever.


Ohh…the beauty of silence.


"Hariii Prakassshhh!!"


I knew it!!!! it was too good to be true.

I strode out of my room to give the intruder a piece of my mind.


Reaching the hall, I saw her.


Giving a piece of my mind? Ehh never mind.


"hari prakash what is this? Maine kaha than a yeh sab decorations utaar do, we have to re decorate for the sangeet?" she said with her hands on her hips.


God, she's so cute that I can just eat her up right now.

Why must she torture me like this.


She started removing the decorations and Hari Prakash helped her.

Were those decorations more important than me? How dare she not see me.




"aaayiyee aaayiyeee…aaayiye" she spoke in mock respect.


"to bechare chotey ghar pe akele hainn?" she said looking at me while passing a comment to Hari Prakash who seemed to suppress his laughter.


"apna kaam karo tum" I said angry.


"tsk tsk…tumhari bechari dulhan, shaadi ke baad to barbaadi hai uski" she said making an expression of pity.


"jee nahi! Mujhse jo bhi shaadi karega who bohat lucky hoga"

I said proudly.


"ohhh to aapko yaad hai ke aap hi ki shaadi ho rahi hai?" she said sarcastic.


I rolled my eyes.


"waise shaadi hone waali hai usse tumhari a call wont harm you" she said while putting the chunris in a box.


Carbon copy of Di.

Looks like these two are sisters and I am the stranger.


"faltu time nahi hai mere paas"


again and again, again and again this girl brings up the most unimportant topics. It's not everyday when the circus maniacs leave me alone, and even more so when she's around.


This girl is hell bent on ruining every moment.


"faltu time?? Tsk tsk….bechari Lavanya kahan phas gayi…hone waali biwi hai ab to tumhara saara time uska hone waala hai…ignorant aadmi"


Did she just call me ignorant?

Im not the one who doesn't notice people's presence when clearly their existence should be acknowledged. Ahem ahem.



Lavanya. Biwi. Time.


I m getting married. To Lavanya Kashyap?.




Note: This story is coming to an end, 2-4 more chapters and I will be doneLOL

Buddy me if you wish to receive PMsSmile



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butterfly06 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 October 2012 at 2:39pm | IP Logged
Aww...omg arnav confess to khushi

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TwilightHorizon IF-Dazzler

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wow amazing chapter loved it
but i m missing SC

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please6 IF-Dazzler

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did he just realize that he's getting married to lavanya lol well looks like nk will marry her and him to khushi anyways loved it and just found this ff and found it interesting anyways loved it and plzzz update sooner

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Awesome updt...Thx for the PM

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