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Pt6/7/8 "Sacred Sin" Thrd1 Pg75/98/119

anshra IF-Sizzlerz

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anshra IF-Sizzlerz

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anshra IF-Sizzlerz

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Sacred Sin


Part 1

This FF is entirely and totally different from debt to pleasure, only first part may feel similar.

It was a moonless night. It was pitch black in the surrounding, making everything hardly visible. But he could not allow this darkness to act as hindrance in his plans. Arnav Singh Raizada, a well-built man was standing, taking refuge behind the tree. His face was more mature, more shuttered than ever before, and impossibly handsome. He had dark eyes that seemed to hold all the mysteries in the universe, a long nose that flared slightly when he was mad, frustrated. The features of his face seemed to be carved from stone.

"Akash, are you ready?" He barked, adjusting his blue tooth.

"Yes Sir," Akash answered with full confidence, preparing himself to kill anyone who would come in between his target. But his hands shivered a bit, because this was the first time he may need to kill someone. But he couldn't show his weakness in front of his boss, Arnav Singh Raizada, who only knew one thing and that was perfection. And he demanded nothing else but perfection, and when it comes to fulfill a task, he never cared about anything, not even himself or his life. And right now their main task was the person who was about to make his way out of the backyard.

"Akash, keep in mind, I want him alive and I want him today at any cost. Payal is waiting for you, in the car outside. As soon as I shoot him, you drag him into the car and move from here, wait for me till I join you guys.

I don't think he is prepared. There won't be a much problem. But, I will stay here, in case security personals come in between. You just concentrate on the target and don't stop, no matter who comes in between, I don't care, UNDERSTAND?" Arnav ordered him.

"Yes, Sir," Akash replied back, settling himself properly in the bushes.

Arnav was still hiding behind the tree, waiting for the target when his eyes fell on something or rather someone. There stood an angel under the hollowness of the sky, dressed in white. Her skin glistened even in the darkness. Her eyes were the hue of polished emeralds, in a setting of perfect pale skin.

She seemed like a dream that might fade away the moment he would open his eyes. Dream, a beautiful dream but he was not even allowed to dream. This was not a part of his life. This was just not him. Unaware of the pair of eyes gawking at her, she ran her fingers in her hair.


He tried to lift his gaze from her but something was holding him back. He was failing to take off his eyes from her. There was a strong urge, just to look at her more closely.

Or maybe, just to hold her once. Or maybe, just to touch her once to make sure she was real. Or maybe, just to kiss her once. Or maybe just to...

The more he gazed at her, the more strong this temptation grew.

Oh, darn this girl. He cursed her. But he couldn't help but to stare at her again. He stood there dazed by the beauty of that angel.

His heart beat increased as he saw the target coming out of the main gate. He cursed himself and settled his gun at the target.

"Akash, he is here. The moment I shoot him, just drag him in the car and you both are out of here. I will cover you guys. Remember, shoot anyone who comes in your way."

He disconnected the blue tooth and targeted the man and next moment he fired the bullet that went straight through his leg.

He turned his head to glance at her for one last time, and found her moving in that direction.

It was dangerous. He had told Akash to shoot anyone who comes in his way. Or maybe if his guards arrived on time, then she might get hurt in the cross fire. She might die.

NO..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His mind screamed.

This one thought jolted his entire body, he ran towards her, without thinking even for a second and dragged her behind the tree and squished her between the tree and his strong body.

Her eyes widened in shock. He was covering her body completely, pressing her in rather a seducing way.

No man has ever dared to come this close to her. His body heat and the strong pressure created a strange sensation within her. Her breathing got ragged and her lips trembled, while her mind was unable to process this new sensation.

His eyes were fixed on those luscious lips with an urge just to taste them once. Unknowingly, he rubbed himself against her, to feel her once.


He was totally lost in her, oblivious to everything, when she pushed him back. He looked around and closed his eyes for one second in frustration and turned his head to see that Akash was already gone with the target.

To their luck, there was no guard or witness but how could be so careless??? He was supposed to cover Akash.

"Oh damn!" He banged his hand on the tree in frustration and turned towards the girl.

She raised her hand and slapped him on his face.

"No one dares to come close to Khushi, remember that. How dare you touch me?" She yelled at him that seemed more like an order.

He pushed her against the tree and slammed his lips on her.



The moment he took those lips in his everything changed, the pleasure he felt was something he had never experienced before, her scent, her taste her softness everything was so inviting. He kissed her angrily for making him insane, just with her one look. He took all anger out in that kiss.

He never intended to deepen the kiss but the never ending pleasure was provoking him to do more, more than he should.

Khushi was unable to react. She didn't know such feeling could even exist. She couldn't understand what it was. She couldn't comprehend it at all. All she could feel was some weird sensation and immense pleasure.

Was this pleasure really forbidden?? This temptation was so very alien to her but the feeling the both share at the moment, was mutual. A feeling that something is so right but yet you know it's wrong. A feeling when you are stuck between something, where the line between right and wrong blurs. A feeling when you don't want to stop, when you want it to go on forever, yet you know that you need to stop.

She couldn't resist and he deepened the kiss. She was too naive to respond back although she wanted to give in to that kiss but she couldn't comprehend how.

He parted when they both were breathless and instantly jerked her away.

"Now, I have touched you."

She placed her hand on her mouth, covering it. And stepped back, unable to cope up with what occurred just a few seconds ago.

She knew only one thing. It was forbidden. It was not supposed to happen.

"It's, it's a sin." She uttered those words in a trembling voice.

Yes, she was right. It was a sin, a sin that he should have not even think of committing, let alone doing. It was not permitted.He thought as he heard those words.

He looked away in frustration because somewhere he knew that there was something different, something more to it.

"Yes, it is a sin," He told her.

She looked up directly into his eyes. Those innocent eyes were desperately, trying to seek an answer.

"Yes it is a sin, but it's a sacred sin." Unintentionally, these words escaped from his mouth and he was shocked to hear his own answer.


Next Part 2


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Interesting start!!
Continue soon!!Smile

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Wow, A new FF,Awesme!Big smile
Di, Superb StartClap
Loved the first partHeart
So Arnav is a bad boy here,right Di?? CoolCool
Continue soon, DiSmile
Thnx 4 the PMHug

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Nice...started with a bang literally...Wink

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