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It's Complicated;Family Tree on page 100 (Page 6)

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loved their meeting! v.cute!

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Location- ROY VILLA


Anjali regaining consciousness tells Shyam and Arnav everything about Khushi and Armaan. Arnav calls Akash and tells about Khushi.








Akash: Payal''''.Payal'''.we got the news of Khushi'''

Payal: where is she? How is she? Oh, what a good news

Akash: no''not good

Payal: why?? You are not happy for your sis??

Akash: she married Armaan two weeks ago' London

Payal: but'but'.why??...who told you?? Aman bhaiyya??

Akash: no'.Ar'..wait'..Aman is in London'.

Payal: ya'so??

Akash: got it''He is also included'.that is why'my plan succeeded'

Payal: I can't understand'.what plan?? Which plan??

Akash: I told you that Arnav is in a live-in relationship with Lavanya'.

Payal: (confused)'.yes'

Akash: it was a lie'

Payal: crying'.you told me lie'crying

Akash: listen'please'.listen there was a reason and please don't cry in this condition''''.

Payal kept hand on her growing tummy and looked at akash. He loved her so much. How could Khushi misunderstand his own brother??


Payal sensed something big was in Akash's brain'else he never tells lies'''.she stopped crying and started listening to him.

Akash said that he had a doubt that Aman was somehow related with Armaan. So, he told this lie to Aman when he was going to London. If Armaan was really involved with all these things he would use this news and marry Khushi finally. After all Armaan was Mrs. Sen's son.

Payal: Who is Mrs. Sen?? And again Armaan??

Akash: yes''''.again Armaan''..and this time I will kill him'''I will not allow him to spoil my Khushi's life anymore. Mrs. Sen was our family friend. I can't tell you more about her. Shamu Bhai has asked me not to tell anything.


Akash left saying he is going to Mumbai as Shamu Bhai called him and asked her to take care of herself and their coming member.

(Akash's parents are there with Payal to take care of her.)




Payal went in their bedroom. She opened their family album. She had met Khushi only after her marriage with Akash. Her marriage was first arranged by Aman with Arnav. But Arnav broke the marriage at her request. She was in love with Akash and after their marriage Payal disclosed to Akash that it was not Khushi but Arnav who helped them and made Aman agree. Akash was grateful and started accepting Arnav as his friend.

But unfortunately, Arnav's accident created a great misunderstanding between Khushi and Akash.




[Payal: how could you tell Khushi that??

Akash: I don't have an option'

Payal: you used her?? Your own sis??  For business empire??

Akash: that was a lie

Payal: you lied??(Crying heavily)'you broke my trust'Khushi's trust

Akash: if you swear you will never disclose I will tell you the truth

Payal: I swear'.with your name'tell me''.

Akash: Armaan did that accident

Payal: (crying) then why had you lied her?? Why didn't you tell that it was not you.

Akash: I can't tell her the truth.

Payal: why??

Akash: Arnav requested. He wants to sort out himself all these.

Payal: do you know how much Khushi hates you now thinking that you wanted to kill Arnav bhaiyya??

Akash: I know, but I had to do to save my sister's marriage. If I say her the truth that Armaan did. He will surely kill either Arnav or me and will use some dirty tricks to fool Khushi. And I can't leave my lil sis in danger.

Payal: but what is his problem with Arnav bhaiyya and Khushi???

Akash: he is Arnav's opponent that's why.

Payal: I don't get you''I saw Armaan for the first time in Anju di's wedding. And he came as Arnav bhaiyya's friend. Then how?? Opponent?? And how do you know him?? And you never told me about him earlier.

Akash: Well about Armaan, I knew him since college.

Payal: how is Armaan related with Arnav bhaiyya??

Akash: He was always behind Khushi since her college days. Armaan and Arnav hated each other and even they liked the same girl Khushi. Everyone knew that since Singhanias and Maliks are rivals in every sphere so Armaan will get Khushi. Well obviously that didn't occurred.

Payal: ya''.but only Khushi made you and Arnav bhaiyya together''.whereas she is not here''..(sighs)

Akash: that is why Armaan started hating him more and tried anyhow to separate them. Even I was dead against their marriage. Khushi was strictly handled by us. We kept an eye over her and send her to Mumbai for studies.

Payal: then??

Akash: Armaan. He informed about their affair and thinking him as our well-wisher I sent her at Shamu Bhai's after his marriage.

Payal: but Anju-di got married with Shamu Bhai and you didn't have any problem??

Akash: no. because though we didn't like the Maliks''''.Anju di became my bhabhi'''.so!!!!

Payal: so how did this miracle happen??

Akash: Shamu Bhai and bhabhi were in love with each other. Mamaji had no problem with the Maliks. It was also a way to decrease the enmity between Maliks and Singhanias.

Payal: so Shamu Bhai was the bond??

Akash: sort of.

Payal: then how did Armaan intervene?

Akash: yaa'''..wait''''.wait'.let me complete. Khushi told me that they bhabhi and she will go to Nainital for a friend's wedding. I believed Shamu Bhai and agreed without a second thought.

Payal: then??

Akash: Armaan informed me that Khushi was in Nainital with Arnav not bhabhi. I was almost killing him there for telling lies about bhabhi. She was always Khushi's well wisher. But still I went as it was regarding Arnav and Khushi and took Armaan to prove he was wrong.

I went in Roy villa and found that Armaan was telling the truth. Bhabhi was there. Khushi always lied to me regarding Arnav and when Shamu Bhai and bhabhi revealed their plan of sending Khushi and Arnav together, I got extremely angry at Shamu Bhai and declared that I will get Khushi married with Armaan.

THAT WAS MY BIGGEST MISTAKE. I just waited for them to return.

Payal: didn't Khushi say anything regarding her marriage??

Akash: Khushi didn't know about it until she returned.

Payal: didn't she protest??

Akash: yes''..she cried for two days and next morning we had to send her to Mumbai as Khushi's college re-opened but with the condition that if she doesn't agree or tells Arnav we will kill him. Well I went to Agra first to find out whether Arnav was in Raizada's and then Lucknow in Sheesh Mahal to warn him. But Arnav was in London. When I called him he said he wants to merge the business with us for sake of Khushi.

Payal: so Arnav bhaiyya suggested??

Akash: yes''''.and it was very unnatural. Mamaji was his legal advisor in business and all his attempts failed miserably because of Arnav's ego and stubbornness''''''

Payal: and you all merged and cancelled that marriage??

Akash: no. I opposed this time'''''.but he said he want to do this for Khushi's happiness. I informed him that within a month Khushi will be married and that too with Armaan''''and she has agreed

Payal: you told lies??

Akash: but he was very smart and he understood my moves and arranged a meeting at Shamu Bhai's firm with me. Shamu Bhai also requested me for Khushi. But I didn't agree until she gave me two shocks. She tried to commit suicide.

Payal: oh god!!! She became so desperate ???

Akash: yes''..that was my first shock'''.and I agreed to meet.

Payal: what was the second??

Akash: that was the bigger shock than this.

Payal: what was that??

Akash: Khushi was pregnant''''.with Arnav's child.

Payal: ohh''''.and this made you allow them for marriage.

Akash: I tried to convince Khushi for abortion but she was hell-bent and that day they got legally married and within a week Singhania-Malik joined.

Payal: what did Armaan do??

Akash: he lost this time again and this was the deadliest one. Armaan was enraged and anyhow he tried to get Khushi by isolating her from both of us.]



Payal came back from past to present.


Payal saw her mobile''''''..the caller ID was Aman bhaiyya.


Why is he calling now? She thought. But received the call.

Aman: how is my dear sissy??

Payal: fine bhaiyya. When are you returning from London?

Aman: will come within few weeks.

Payal: why so long??

Aman:'er'''some works are still left. Arnav has given a lot of work this time. Well please call Akash I need to talk to him.

Payal was confused. Will she tell Aman that Akash is in Mumbai or will tell a lie.

Aman: Payal''.Payal'''.are you there??

Payal cut the phone in perplexity. She tried to contact Akash but his phone was unreachable. She now called Arnav because Aman has gone London for Arnav's business only.


She spoke with Arnav and came to know that Aman had finished his all his meetings and conference by 2 weeks.

Arnav: i asked Aman he excused saying he was busy as you have given him a very very long list for shopping and being a man he would obviously need more time.

Payal: Arnav bhaiyya''''.i never said him such things. I even didn't know that he was going London. He called me after he had spent a week in London.

Arnav: you never asked him about shopping stuff??

Payal: no'''instead he said you had given lots of work

Arnav: what the'''..??? all his works had been completed a fortnight ago.

Payal: Aman bhaiyya is acting strange

Arnav: ya I know'you take care of yourself

Payal: Akash is going to meet you and Shamu Bhai. Aman bhaiyya wanted to talk to Akash.

Arnav: so what did you say??

Payal: I cut the phone''''

Arnav: tell him he is in Mumbai for the new project with me.

Payal: ok bhaiyya'''''.

And she hangs up.



Arnav was now getting some things clear''''''.Aman in London for 1 month ago'''''''.his and Lavanya's rumour said by Akash to Aman''''3 weeks ago(Akash didn't tell him the reason'''.just said it would help them)''''''''.Khushi's marriage with Armaan''''''''''..around 2 weeks'''''''.he connected the dots''''''''everything was crystal clear'''''..


Aman is involved and is related to Armaan for sure. Because he knows his Khushi''''''..though she is frantic, irrational, emotional'''''.she will never do or take such a hasty decision of marrying someone else. Why Akash?? Why did he do?? But at least he got to know about Khushi'''.4 years''''''4 long years''''''''.he could avenge his worst enemy ARMAAN'''.and could get back her''''''''.for that  fateful day caused by Armaan he lost both his wife( Khushi) and child''''''.and after that Khushi changed completely''''''''..she left him''.left him forever''''..he received the divorce papers from aman along with some pictures of Khushi and Armaan and a letter by Khushi'''''that was the last touch of Khushi.

##### FLASHBACK #####


[''six months after their marriage





Arnav was in a meeting'''''an emergency call from the nursing home''..

His heart was going to stop as he heard the news''''''his Khushi in an accident''''''..he was mad''''.completely mad''''''he rushed to the hospital'''''.called Akash.


In the nursing home, doctor said him though he can save Khushi but her condition was a bit critical because she was in her sixth month and'''''the baby can't be survived'''..Khushi had a miscarriage.


The doctor requested him to be calm and patient as the patient is both physically, mentally weak and needs lot of emotional support'''.


Arnav: doctor''..she knows??...about m''''''mi'''misca''' (he gulped'.his throat was dry and his tears were almost coming'but he can't cry''''he can't'''.)

Doctor: 'no Mr. Raizada''''..she is still unconscious'''.Mr. Raizada it will be better if you inform her''''..

Arnav turned and walked towards I.C.U. ''.'.where his bubbly, cheerful Khushi was there'''''''


Arnav can't take any more''''''his dear wife''''his life''''.in such a pathetic condition''''''..he can't be a good father''''he couldn't save his own wife''''''he couldn't save his own child''''''''''''''''the great ASR failed horribly this time''''''''..he can't do anything for Khushi''''..

He promised her'''.he promised her that in spite of his work he will be a good husband he will be a good father'''''''''..but he failed'''''he failed so badly'''''.that his Khushi is in a dangerous condition'''''till date he had been the reason for all her problems''..for him'''.she lost her brother from her''now her baby'''..she saw many dreams''''.many for her baby''..but he destroyed'''.she was right he was really inhumane.


Few hours later,

Khushi moved''''.she was coming back to her senses'''.the first thing she uttered''''..A'''..AR'''.ARNAV'''''ARNAV''''

She tried to open her eyelids'''..very slowly'''''..very slowly''''and saw him'''''she felt comfortable''''..but suddenly all thoughts came to her mind'''''.she was in hospital''''..she could sense a bad pain in her abdomen''''her hands went there'''''.but''''.but''''..she couldn't sense anything''''''her tummy was flat'''''.not at all bulging''''..her baby''''..her BABY'''''..the symbol of her and arnav's love'''''''where is her BABY??? She felt all her world has turned upside down''''''.she looked at Arnav with a terrible thought running''''.her BABY died''''''..tears started flowing from the corners of her eyes'''.she can't see him properly'''..but with teary eyes she saw Arnav who was as quiet as a lifeless corpse'''''.not at all reacting''''''his eyes were cold and silent''''which Khushi frightened the most'''''Khushi tried to sit and Arnav helped her.


Khushi was overflowing with tears and grief''''''..she still asked'''''" OUR BABY??? "'''''''..arnav silently nodded showing denial and hold her hands and squeezed her palm and brought to his mouth and said "sorry Khushi''.sorry'''''.I can't''I can't''''..I failed''''''.I m sorry''.. I can't save'''I can't''''." and left her hand and hugged her tightly in his arms''''.to absorb all her pain in himself''''''he felt Khushi not responding''''.she broke the hug to find that she has fainted again.


He laid her on the bed'''''''.and waited for her.


The doctor called him'''''..asked him to leave her now and complete the formalities.


He returned and saw Armaan leaving Khushi's cabin. he threatened him not to come near his wife and left him.

When he entered he saw Khushi terribly angry'''''.she must be sad not angry''''.it was unusual''..but he went and tried to talk normally as the doctor told him to be normal and not make her cry and not let her go through any emotional setback'''''he must react calmly that this can happen and life is long and so on'''''''''..

Arnav: Khushi'''.

Khushi just looked at him''' her eyes there was no despair, trouble, grief but anger, hatred''''..Arnav couldn't understand''''''.may be she is also angry on seeing Armaan not him.


Arnav: Khushi what happened??

Khushi: Armaan ji came her

Arnav: I saw him''leave him'..don't listen to his words'''..and I know his words made you angry''''.just forget about it.

Khushi: Arnav will you tell me truth??

Arnav: yes Khushi'''.always'''I never told you lies.

Khushi: did you know that I had an appointment to the doctor today for check up??

Arnav (confused''what is her reason for asking such a stupid question??):yes.

Khushi: you didn't take your own car today because it was punctured. You took my car'''.right??

Arnav: why are you asking such questions now?? You just take rest

Khushi: no'..tell me first''..i won't listen a word of yours until you answer me.

Arnav: yes.

Khushi: Now tell me why??

Arnav: what the?? You very well knew that I had a meeting today.

Khushi: so, you exchanged the cars very smartly'..right??

Arnav: Khushi are you insane''' was urgent'''.why are you thinking it deliberate??

Khushi: because you are the great ASR''''..who only knows BUSINESS'''.and I never mentioned deliberate'

Arnav: Khushi''''.just shut up and take rest'.you are not well.

Khushi: no Arnav I won't stop so soon''''..i know everything'''.and today I will ask and you will answer me''''.just answer me

Arnav: Khushi''

Khushi: what?? Answer me''..

Answer me''''

Akash bhaiyya and you agreed to merge the business for my sake'..right??? Was it deliberate that you went to Nainital instead of anju-di?? If I had not allowed you that night in Nainital did you plan to spread the rumour that I had been marked by you after this trip so that no one can else marry me other than you??

Arnav: I love you Khushi''''.this things do not matter to me now''''.please leave this que( Khushi stopped in mid-sentence)

Khushi: no''I won't stop''.that's not my answers''''I want my answers''..yes or no''''..Arnav yes or no??????????? Arnav don't be quiet'''tell me the truth''''Arnav''..?? I want my answers today'''..wh( her voice was rising with each word and Arnav's temper was getting hotter and hotter)


Arnav: YESSS'''''''all the answers are yesss''''you got your answers??? Now just SHUT UP

Khushi: (her eyes flowed with tears''..her heart was overflowing with pain, regret, grief'''''she felt stabbing her heart would have been less painful) you can never change never''''''.it was my mistake that I loved a BEAST''.you are a MONSTER'''INHUMANE''''I HATE YOU''''I HATE YOU''''''YOU USED ME''''.JUST LIKE OTHERS'''''.I HATE YOU''''and she fainted.

Arnav understood that who was behind all these''''''.Armaan came in this chance and used her weakness and didn't let her normalize from the shock to turn her against Arnav. Arnav really was affected by this''''..and for the whole life he never felt loser for his own works'''''why had he planned like that earlier'''''''..he thought everything and tried to get everything like business'''''..his biggest mistake''''..he COMPLICATED his own life''''just for his own bloody plans'''''.it was very natural for Khushi to react like that'''..any woman in this world can never accept the fact that the person whom she loved the most used her as a bridge for merging business. No woman can accept the most beautiful night of hers was actually deliberate and planned for some other purpose''''..but how could he make his Khushi believe that night was never deliberate''.he owned her that day with his full heart not with his business mind'..that night has no link with his business''''yes it was his plan earlier but he had not decided to touch her even'.it was love that made him change'''' could he make her trust''''it was near to impossible''''' to impossible to make Khushi trust him again''''''she already got her shock of life''''..losing her FIRST BABY'''''their symbol of love'''.

He never felt such a loser'''''..he lost his mother'''''..and now KHUSHI''''''''..he hated Armaan from the bottom of his heart''''''he hated him more than anyone else in this world'''''his hatred for his dad, uncle, Singhanias were nothing compared to Armaan'''''..his hatred for others were like a drop of water in the ocean''''..and the remaining ocean Armaan himself.


He decided to finish Armaan.]


Now,he has got the opportunity''''.he will wipe him out of his and khushi's life forever''''he was sure it was his another game claiming as a Raizada kin'''''he can't take it anymore'''''he has decided and even GOD can't change his decision today.

chapter one in page 1

chapter three scroll down...

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His fashion show in Mumbai for which he came was an instant hit''..he had mixed feelings.

He was climbing high and high on the rungs of the ladder named business. And he was stepping down and down in the ladder named relations. He was failing from that fateful day of Khushi's miscarriage. Then, her sending of the divorce papers, those disgusting pictures of her and Armaan'''..and now her marriage with Armaan'''..he was feeling to cry to shout to take Khushi in his arms and never ever leave her'''..he was damn confused. He called Shyam and told that he is going to London.


Shyam didn't ask him'.as he could very well sense what was going to happen.


He just told Arnav that if he was going to meet Khushi and talk to her, then take Anjali with him. He had asked the doctor'''..after 3rdmonth there will be no problem in travelling.

This was the reason why everyone depended or took advice from Shyam'''..he knew his close ones extremely well'''.he really wanted to meet Khushi and he knew Khushi would never meet him at any cost unless he tried with his business mind and he don't want to hurt her any more. At personal level he had lost Khushi forever. Anjali was the last ray of hope for all. So, Arnav finally took Anjali with him. He called Aman and asked him to book a hotel for him and his di in London. Aman wanted to know why he was coming. Arnav knew how to sidetrack Aman. He said as he (Aman) was there for Payal and doing his brotherly duties likewise Arnav was flying to London for his di's health as she had some complications this time. Aman got relieved''''..but he was mistaken. He was a good GAME PLAYER but he forgot whom he was dealing with''''.ASR''''.who was no doubt a BETTER GAME PLAYER than him.

He was going to sit in his place in the flight and a small girl was chattering a lot'.he looked there and saw that kid wearing a baby pink frock with a Barbie sash on it. He was moving back to his seat and started remembering about his first meeting with Khushi'''.

##### FLASHBACK ####



A teenage girl tripped and fell on his arms. He was in his college fest. All the ex-students and present students of ST. JOSEPH AND MARY'S COLLEGIATE SCHOOL had been invited to the annual high school-college fest. He was an ex-student of that school and in present he was the student of that same very college.

A very sweet pretty doll fell in his arms. A human being can't be so cute...and the girl was wearing pink all over and had a sash on her written BARBIE.

He came into senses when the girl called him and asked him to leave her. She was sweet, cute, beautiful...but unlike the others she had a gravity which made her different from all the other girls present in this fest. She went away.


All girls were dying to come near him.

Different songs were playing and when a Hindi song was playing


"... zaara zaara touch me touch me touch me...zaara zaara kiss me kiss me kiss me...zaara zaara hold me hold me hold me..."

He could see all the girls were grooving and their eyes were saying the same for him, except that BARBIE'''his eyes longed for the first time to see any girl. Till date he had been a playboy and never thought of love'to him mattered only lust'.pure lust''he used girls like toilet papers'..he changed his girlfriends like changing his weekly routine.

He was 21.

He saw that BARBIE''''.with Anjali. He also saw Armaan who was trying to near that BARBIE and flirt with her.

His most famous challenger in every sphere of his college life''..studies, sports, co-curricular activities'''.and even the count of girls. It was like almost every girl in their college had been the girlfriend of his or Armaan. Armaan though flirted with the girls of their school (it was a co-ed school along with the co-ed college) but he never did. He knew his limits. He did only when the girl too wanted just fun like him. Till date he had flirted with lots of girls but he didn't bother about those teens ever. He never felt guilty or had an urge to be a protector.


But this Barbie's innocence troubled him.

He knew nothing about her but felt like protecting from Armaan. He wanted this innocent beauty to be left untouched. He can't accept to see this girl losing her chastity for some one like Armaan.

He was confused with his feelings. No girl in his life made him think about innocence. Every girl was mature, experienced and so on. But what was the relation of this girl with Anjali?? It seemed as if they are well acquainted with each other. But Anjali never spoke about her. Should he enquire? Anjali knew his flirty nature and that's why he couldn't ask'if she thinks that he just want to flirt or something. He was thinking whether to go or not his eyes moved to see that Barbie. She was not there. He just saw Armaan and his two friends Vicky and Rishi were talking something and the boys went out towards the gymnastics area'he felt it was related to that Barbie somehow. He increased his pace and went there. He was not wrong. He could see from the distance that she was busy talking with someone in her phone and Vicky was standing behind her and Rishi was with a glass of vodka. She ended the call and turned and Vicky started teasing her'Rishi offered her the drink. She refused and tried to walk away but these two were constantly teasing her. Arnav saw Armaan hiding behind a pillar. He understood that they will drug her and' then the next day she will come to know and would surrender. So this was Armaan's way of getting young girls from school, he thought. When Rishi forced her to drink that she waved her hands off him, took the drink and


on Rishi's face and also gave a tight slap.


But she was young and did not know the consequences'Arnav started running towards her. Meanwhile Vicky grabbed her hands and Rishi tried to take her legs'she started screaming at the top of her voice but due to large music in the fest no one could hear her.


Arnav came there and shouted'." STOP'"


They were taken aback. Rishi left her and was going to tell something and he gave a hard punch on his face and Rishi fell unconscious. Vicky left her and any how took Rishi and ran away from there. She was full of tears and said thank you and he made her wear his coat as one of her sleeves was almost torn out. She looked at him with full of gratitude and hugged him around his waist and cried. He can't stop himself. He hugged her back to console and patted her head and tried to make her feel better. Suddenly he felt her grips loosening. He broke the embrace and saw her fainted. Luckily Anjali came there finding him and saw him carrying Khushi. He told her that he just wanted to move from the music and sticky girls and told her everything he saw except that he had also seen Armaan.

Anjali asked him to help her take to the car and Arnav said he would immediately drop her home. But Anjali refused and said Khushi's family does not stay here. She lives at her cousin's and they came in the fest. But her cousin left for some urgent work informing Anjali. So she has to take her to their home only and next morning she would be sent to her own house. Arnav drove but his eyes were often at the backseat where his Barbie or Khushi was lying in Anjali's arms. Arnav tried to know about her in a different angle. He enquired why she was wearing such dress Anjali told him it was for the ramp walk by the school girls. She has a knack in modelling and wished to become a showstopper but was scared to follow her dreams as she belonged to a well-established and famous family.

Arnav: so you know her very well. How??

Anjali: I told you that her cousin is a friend of mine.

Arnav: may be she is your friend but this Barbie

Anjali: Chotte, Khushi'Khushi'not Barbie.

Arnav: whatever. But both of your interaction was not that of a friend's cousin.

Anjali: she treats me as her friend-philosopher-guide. Now keep quiet and drive. She is just 16, quite young for your flirting.

Arnav stopped talking and he felt bad at how his sis misunderstood him now'but he can't blame her. He was actually a famous playboy of his college. He didn't ask her anymore about Khushi.]

chapter two scroll up

chapter four scroll down

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That little girl in the flight was wearing his design.

Few years before, he had collaborated with a famous kids-wear company. It was one of his first worldwide project theme was FANCY & FANTASY and he made many BARBIE like dresses thinking about Khushi and she herself was his Show stopper, his lucky charm, his lady love. With success he got a hard blow by identifying that his Khushi was no other than his rival Singhania's daughter. All these years he had not asked her surname.

Meanwhile in India,




Location- ROY VILLA


Akash came inside and informed Shyam and Mr. Roy about Aman (Payal informed Akash.)

Shyam knew that his father was the common friend of many business tycoons and magnates. So, he must know something about Armaan as Mr. Roy was well acquainted with Mr. Sen long before. He wanted to do a background check before he did anything with Armaan about his inheritance.

Mr. Roy who was a retired lawyer but was working just as Arnav's and Akash's Law Consultant and he also helped in some of Shyam's case. Shyam asked him and he denied telling anything about Armaan until he came to know that Armaan had married Khushi. Finally he broke that dirty secret of Armaan and Mrs. Sen.

Not only had they come to know about Armaan's origin they came up with more of their families' histories.


Mr. Roy started,

"Sanyukta Sahay now known as Mrs. Sanyukta Sen. She & Nupur Roy (Akash's mother) were very good friends. Nupur got married in the Singhania household and Sanyukta was married in the Raizada's.

Few months later we heard she was pregnant. But she was not a very good woman as she was secretly involved with someone who helped her kill Inder Singh Raizada in a car accident. Avantika (Arnav and Anjali's mother) came to know about her deeds and she threw her out of the house and told her she can never be a Raizada bahu and also abused that she was carrying someone else's child. But Armaan was indeed Inder's son. Sanyukta came to me when Armaan was just few months. I thought that may be after knowing that she was carrying Inder's son she had changed and regretted and now she wants to go back in shantivan. But I was wrong. After a year of Inder's death she wanted to marry some Mr. Sen and wanted to make a fake birth certificate of Armaan. I rejected. She warned me and went away.

Meanwhile Nupur died few days after giving birth to Akash. She died of slow poisoning done by Sanyukta. Nupur died because of my mistake. I regretted and I didn't want to lose my family and for their sake I make fake documents.

Meanwhile Poonam's (Mr. Roy's wife) younger sister Neelam's marriage was fixed to Shashi Gupta. But she refused telling Shashi had a son. Eventually she married Mr. Singhania. This was quite confusing for everyone as she hated Shashi Gupta as he had a son but she married another person who too had a son. Only Poonam knew the reason. Before dying (medical reasons) she just said that Aman was not Shashi's adopted child but his own blood but requested me not to let Neelam know that I know. Unluckily I couldn't know who Aman's mother was.

Avantika died because of Sanyukta's cheap tricks. Avantika had suicide as she thought Arnav's father was in a relation with Sanyukta. She was a clever woman and she wanted to take over Raizada's property and used Arnav. She made Arnav believe that the Singhanias and the Maliks are responsible for her death as Singhanias did all those to get the property under Avantika's name. She knew Arnav would hate and try to take revenge and she would use him. But her plan backfired as Arnav hated both the families and unexpectedly reversed her plan and turned from Malik to Singh Raizada forever. But Arnav never came to know that Sanyukta was solely responsible."


Akash knew Neelam was his step-mother, but he never felt anything as he and Khushi was treated alike. Apart from that he too was unaware of their families' history like Shyam.


They learned rest of the things from Mr. Roy and left him and they flew to London secretly as they knew Arnav would take a hasty step towards Armaan. They need to stop Arnav and sort out the matters by some other methods.




In flight they were discussing and relating few incidents.



They remembered how she (Neelam) was happy to make Payal his daughter-in-law. Akash now understood why his mother suddenly became dead against his marriage. It was the day when she came to know Payal was Aman's sister and Shashi Gupta's daughter. She agreed in their marriage with one condition that Aman or Shashi Gupta will never be allowed in Singhania household.



Shyam also went further to connect the dots that their mothers were well aware about Armaan, that's why when Akash declared Khushi's marriage to be done with Armaan as his protest against Arnav they went against Akash and supported Khushi.


Meanwhile Arnav along with Anjali landed in London airport.


He got an urgent call from India.


Lavanya: ASR, your show stopper cancelled the contract.

Arnav: then use our contacts and make sure that she doesn't get a single show even as a B-class model.

Lavanya: but ASR, she is already recruited.

Arnav: what?? Which company??

Lavanya: FASHION FLORA, a new venture in London.

Arnav: who is the MD?? Arrange a meeting.

Lavanya: ASR''' is not disclosed for some security purpose. Give me 5 minutes.  Would call you back

Arnav hangs up. Who the hell is he challenging Arnav Singh Raizada??

He started thinking about his top class rivals'


The Malhotras




Chinese Whites








some new international concern??


His phone rang'.

Lavanya was stammering to say the name'

He was irritated. But when he heard the name it was a bolt from the blue.


It was,




It was really hard to believe that the Khushi who loved Arnav madly, passionately and did bizarre, weird, crazy things just for Arnav suddenly changed into a hard hater of Arnav and is just trying to defame him anyhow.


She is the one who is trying to remove the show stopper to humiliate and defame him now and earlier she was the one who became the show stopper to save Arnav from getting humiliated and to give him a secure position in the fashion industry.

#### FLASHBACK ####


[His first show in London and world's most renowned designers would come and his showstopper left just a fortnight ago. If it was a mere model he could have managed. But how will he get a new model as the showstopper.

He can't advertise now. That will be a bad impression. He tried to find through close sources. Lavanya came to his help.

Lavanya: ASR, an amateur named Khushi wants to take up and is here for audition.

Arnav: bring her in the studio. I will check.

Lavanya: yes ASR' and she left.


Arnav was thinking whether she is that Khushi whom he met 4 years ago. No that girl can't be. She may be married. No, Di told she was 16 then. So she might be 20 now. Quite young'.


His eyes fell on a girl and his breathing almost stopped. Yes it is she. That Khushi is no other than this girl.


After that night he stopped flirting and whatever nonsense he did. His attention completely shifted from girls to studies. He became a careerist. After a year, his mother's death and that made him ruthless, arrogant and Khushi's smile and her innocence influenced him to remain a genuine, good character person inside.


He stopped' came back to reality.


"I need a showstopper right now.

Concentrate for the show rather than Khushi."


He took her audition and she was exceptionally good.


She can't be just an amateur. She can easily make the show stopper.


He tried to talk to her and wanted to know how she could perform so well just like an A-class model.


Khushi didn't reply anything to him.


When he used his tactics she replied.


The answer was very astonishing and Arnav was speechless'


He was tongue-tied. He was dumbfounded.


Khushi: I committed to memory that night of our school-college fest. That day you became by saviour. It was just a token of my gratitude towards you and thank you for sending me red roses on my birthday for the past 4 years.


He always kept single information about Khushi. Her place of staying on those two days and send her a bouquet of red roses on her birthday and that day when he first met her in the fest. Every year in these two days he did this religiously. But he never wrote his name.


Arnav was taken aback.


Arnav: how could you know that it was me not anyone else??


Khushi: good point Mr. Raizada. If it was someone else then he would not send me on the day of fest.


Arnav: how did you come to know my name??


Khushi: for two reasons. One is good another is bad.


Arnav: okay tell me. Would accept that with whole heart


Khushi: you excelled in studies, sports and also co-curricular activities.


Arnav: another one?? Come on tell me.


Khushi: the infamous flirter or playboy of our college.


Arnav: that was my past. After that incident I changed.


Khushi: I know that.


Arnav: well your parents won't scold you for modelling?? Di told me then that you belong to some reputed family. So??


Khushi: they are on a holiday trip. I cancelled at last moment to be the part of your show.


Arnav: hmm'interesting. So why didn't you meet me for these four years??


Khushi: I was afraid for many reasons.


Arnav: what reasons??


Khushi: can't tell all of them. One reason is because Shyam is your Di's boyfriend.


Arnav: what?? Di and Shyam??


Khushi (frightened): why?? You don't like'


Arnav: no'.no' he is a nice guy. So, Ms. Khushi Roy. Here is your contract and our show is just after 12 days.


Khushi: I m not Khushi Roy.


Arnav: then??


Khushi: I m sorry I can't tell you my surname. But I promise you if the show turn out well I will disclose publicly and you have to promise me one thing.


Arnav: I would agree and I promise you.


Khushi: you don't want to know what is the promise??


Arnav: I trust you and I love you Khushi


Khushi: you must promise that after the show when you come to know about me compare all your feelings with the rest that you will feel that time and if your love weighs more than that, then only come back'else try to forget me after that.]



The car has reached hotel.

Anjali goes in her room and he goes to his room.


He calls up Aman and asks him to arrange a meeting with the MD of FASHION FLORA.


Aman agrees and he hangs up. He meets an old friend and she invites him over coffee at evening.


It was noon. He freshens up. He remembers his first coffee date with Khushi.

scroll down for the precap of chapter five

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Arnav: Khushi enough'.. I know it is you and you are doing all these stuff just to take revenge on me. What do you think of yourself?? Don't I know that you are hurting yourself to hurt me.

Khushi: (sobs) no you are wrong and why do you want to meet me again?? I am happy in my new life.

Arnav: really?? Then why do you use Raizada instead of Singhania or Sen? Give a proper reason and I won't force you to meet. But if you falter to give a proper reason make sure to see me in your house within an hour.

Khushi: okay'okay when do you want me to meet??

Arnav: today. Within an hour. Venue will be your choice.

chapter five at end of page 7

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Nice precap.. Waiting for update

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Awesome updates

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Nice Precap
Update soon

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