Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUN AROHI FF.."JEENA SIRF TERE LIYE"...thread #1 (Page 90)

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next update in 45 minutes

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Will read it the first thing in the morning! Hope Arohi Believes Arjun Atleast this time :(

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will wait
varsh it's separation timeShocked

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PART 25:

 arohi reached the office and walked inside the corridor towards his cabin..she opened the door and the sight in front made her head spin..she was shocked and surprised..She just stood there for a minute... Blanked. Not sure what to do...only words came out from her mouth was his name.."arjun.." she said in a trembling voice and found him staring at her with eyes popped out...

arohi's world was moving again, she stood on her place numb with shock and a pain inside her looking at arjun who was standing straight looking at her and her eyes moved to the girl..."natasha..." she said in a painful, hurt voice..

it was again the same, the man she love...her husband was standing in front of her with another girl in his arms...

Natasha stepped back and turned around to hide her embarassing face...cursing herself on her act..

arohi's steps retreated back from him ...a sudden coldness sat inside her body.. her eyes..

He stood there looking at her who was staring at him woth a cold fury but with lot of pain in her eyes..her eyes were not questioning him but shows how she was broken from inside..a shiver ...shiver of fear ran down in his entire body thinking about what she will think..he knew from the very first day of natasha's arrival this fear regarding natasha was there in her mind which he always ignored giving excuses of their friendship but today he too was proved wrong...

Her whole body was trembling..trembling with shock,,with fear..with pain.."i love you too.." natasha's words echoed in her mind..."too.."..."too"..she said and her eyes become wet..she giving a last glance  to both of them ran from there slamming the door behind her...

Arjun was in shock because of natasha's act but right now only arohi was ruling over his thoughts..this time he cant even say to her that whatever she is thinking is all rubbish cuz she herself has seen something which is not true..he was abt to step towards her when she looked at him with anguish in her eyes and then disappeared running out of the cabin...

He trembled feeling the anguish..pain..anger..hatred in her eyes..his steps staggered stepping back and  he held the table for his support..rubbing his face with his palm he without even looking back at the girl who was the reason behind all this..he ran behind arohi trying to stop her..

Arohi came out of the office building in the parking area..walking with heavy steps towards her car..images of arjun kissing natasha and natasha's words.."i love you too " was still flashing and echoing in his mind..

"matlab arjun ne natasha ko propose kia.." she said to herself and felt a sudden tightness in her chest.."arjun ne natasha ko propose kia?..." she asked herself shockingly..."arjun aur natasha abhi bhi..." she said..."matlab wo ab tak mjhse jhoot bol rahe the.."..."wo aj bhi natasha se pyar krte hen.."..."natasha un ka past hi nahi..un ka aj bhi hai..??" she said and her heart started beating fast recalling all what she saw and heard..

She shook her head and tears started falling from her eyes..She thought herself a fool, complete dare she thought that someone finally meant for her...she should have not forget that this marriage was only based on revenge and not love, trust and understanding...he married her just because he hated her and wanted revenge from her and she married him for her family's can she forget his casanova can she fell in love with him..

Why she fell for him...arjun's nice behavior towards her was just because of the guilt of not trusting her..saying bad words to her and nothing could she think it to be love..her fairy tale world was broken..she should have got her lesson from her past tragedy..why she believed in this fairy tale world ..why!!!??

arjun came in the parking area following her.."arohi ruko..arohi meri baat suno.." he screamed in order to stop her...arohi on hearing his voice doubled her walking speed but arjun was fast enough to make her stop..he by holding her arm stopped her.."meri baat suno tumne dekha wo..wesa kuch bhi nahi hai.." he said...his heart felt a sudden pinch when his eyes fell on her drenched face..."arohi...jesa tum soch rahi ho wesa kuch nahi hai..natasha zabardasti..." and was interupted when arohi freed her hand jerking his hand away and pushed him away from her.."kuch nahi sunna mujhe arjun...kuch bhi nahin..." she shouted...arjun's heartbeat accelerated...he was getting scared that how will he make everything alright this this time the matter is thousand times worse than before.."arohi ek baar..sirf ek baar meri baat ..." he said and again was stopped by arohi's words.."arjun...ap ne mjhse jhoot bola...jhoot bola ap ne mujhse...ap aj bhi natasha se pyar karte hein...meine har baar apse pocha par ap ne har baar jhoot bola...matlab har baar jo mere shaq the wo sahi the..."...she said in a very sad and hurtful voice which made him close his eyes..."arohi tum..." he said..but arohi was not ready to listen anything from him..."arjun...ap ne mujhe use kia hai..sirf apni satisfaction k liye...insan ki fitrat kabhi nahi badalti arjun tu mene kese maan lia k ap ki bhi badal gai hai...nahi ap aj bhi wahi arjun singhania hain jis ka shoq sirf aurtoun se eik hi cheez pana hai...arjun ap ne patni k roop mein apni zarurat k liye mera pora faeda uthaya...ghin arahi hai mujhe ap se..jhoote hen ap..jhoote.." she said and cried hard..

He stood there hearing her words which hit him like thousands of arrows thrown on him..on his heart..each and every word from her mouth was a big shock for him...she is thinking such low of could she think this low of him..her every word hurt him deeply...but whatever it is not her fault...what she saw few minutes back justified her anger and agony and her bitternesss...he knew she is saying all this because she is angry on him...he sighed and managed to speak.."arohi..natasha ne zabardasti mjhe kiss kia mein tu khud shock hogaya tha..." he said in a pleading voice very desparete to make her believe him..."great arjun...aur kitna jhoot bolein ge ap...arjun koun larki kisi larke se zabardasti karti hai...? tu ap ne nai baat kar di...arjun kahani wo banaye jo such bhi lage...saaf zahir ho raha tha jo hua wo ap donu ki marzi se hua...u proposed her arjun..u proposed her..." she said and wiped her tears...

Not getting any heads or tail of her words he completely lost his patience..she was blaming him without knowing the could she say that he proposed her...and why would he propose her when he loves arohi only...only arohi...hearing arohi's words made him angry as never in his dreams he thought of her showing disbelief in his love...slipping left hand into his pocket to hide the clentched fist ,he gradually started walking towards her while loosening his tie feeling suffocated by her words..

arohi on having him close to her tried to step back but was blocked by the car behind her...arjun moved closer to her and cupped her face which was fully drenched with tears..his own eyes become wet seeing so much disbelief, so much pain, so much hatred, so much bitterness, so much agony, so much her eyes just for him...

arohi tried to turn her face but as he was cupping her face in his palms he stopped her to do so and made her face him.."arohi..tum aisa kese soch skti ho..aisa kese keh sakti ho...meine aj tak kabhi tumse koi jhoot nahi bola ..kabhi bhi nahi...arohi mein such keh raha hua wo wesa nahi hai jesa dikha...arohi mein tu tumhara intezar kar raha tha par achanak natasha agai..aur us ne mjhe propose kar dia..mein tu us ki baat sun k shock mein hi reh se pehle k mein kuch bolta she kissed me...mein bht koshish kar raha tha use khud se door karne k liye par wo zabardasti...arohi mein such keh raha hun..."...he said in a pleading tone..arohi let out a small laugh..."acha tu us ne ap ko i love you too keh k propose kia arjun???...aisi kesi koshish ki arjun ap ne use apne se door karne ki k wo apki bahoun mein hi rahi...aisa kia jado kia ap ne us pe jo us ne do baar ap ko kiss zabardasti hai..??..." she said coldly..arjun's anger increased..he was loosing his patience on not having her believing him..."arohi tum smjh nahi rahi..." he screamed...but looking at her face he calmed himself .."arohi meri zindagi mein sirf ek hi larki hai sirf ek...arohi tum aise kese keh skti ho k meine tumhe use kia..k mene natasha ko kiss ki..k mene natasha ko propose kia...aisa kese kar skta hun mein arohi...kese...arohi tumhare saath guzara har lamha meri zindagi ka khobsurat lamha hai..tumhare saath har lamha jee k mujhe har wo lamha bhi tumhare saath hi jeene ki khuwahish hoti hai jin mein tum mere saath nahi hoti..arohi koi mujhe itni achi tarha se naa jaan saka hai na jaan skta hai jitna tum mjhe jaanti ho...arohi no one could ever see me..seems like you are the only one who knows what its like to be me..arohi tum meri wo sbha ho jis ki kiran mein har roz sab se pehle dekh k apna din shoru karna chahta hun...arohi you are that  someone i have always laughed with and even at my worst, i am best with you..arohi tum mera sapna ho jise mein sirf jeena hi nahi chahta par pora bhi karna chahta hun..."...he said and tugging the strand of her hair behind her hair  looking into her eyes with love, his heart confessed.. " know why arohi?!... because ... I... becaouse I love you ...I love you arohi...i love you"... he almost cried out...unable to control his feelings he sealed his confession with a passionate kiss placing his lips on hers... providing her proof of his confession, of his sincerity, of his honesty, of his purity, of his true wa not the way he has planned to express his love in those magical words but he knew if he will not say it now then never ever he will be able to make her believe in his love..

As he said those words she stood there with tears in her eyes with his lips on hers.. unable to move..Falling weak on her knees but was held up by his strong arms..she wanted to believe him...she wanted to believe him so badly..she thought she would have believed him..his love if she had not seen what she saw few minutes back ...but now these words are only letting her know how much he could lie..and her mind kept on warning her for the consequence of falling for it...she knew he was making fool of her all over again..he is lying..he is lying..he is lying ..her mind kept on repeating.. he is again making fool of her.and now she can not let him make further fun of her..her love..her life..her feelings..her will not believe him..she is just another girl..another girl..for fun..for satisfaction..for timepass..yes she is a time pass on a name of a wife...she will not believe him..not responding to his actions she pushed him away with all her strength feeling disgusted of herself for the first time being in his arms.."dont u dare touch me...smjhe ap...i dont believe you...ap kisi se pyar nahi kar sakte...mein ap k jaal mein aur nahi aoungi arjun..mein ap ko mjhe use nahi karne doun gi..kabhi nahi.." she screamed..

hurt by her action by her words by her emotions he managed to speak but was stopped hearing natasha's voice who was coming running towards them..."arohi...arohi.." she said...arohi shifted her gaze from arjun on the girl screaming her name...natasha came to her side and breathing heavily she spoke.."arohi..arohi plz eik baar hamari baat suno...arohi it was just a kiss...hamare beech mein kuch bhi nahi...hum bas apne jazbaat mein beh gaye arohi...kuch pata hi nahi chala ek dum hum itne qareeb...arohi trust was just a mistake...wonder of the moment...hamare beech mein..." and she was stopped as she got rewarded by a tight slap from arohi...

on hearing natasha's words was just like someone stamming her with hammers...she was just saying something opposite of arjun..and was admitting their action unlike arjun who was saying it to be a forceful action by natasha...not able to hear her more she slapped her hard in order to pour all her anger on her...natasha got shocked on this act of her..with her hand on her cheek where she slapped she simply stared at arohi...arohi shifted her gaze to arjun and with tears in her eyes she managed to say those words which she never ever wanted to say it to him but in her anger only those words were the one which she found appropriate.."i hate you arjun...i hate you.." she said and sitting in the car she drove away...

on having natasha on arohi's side he was sure that she will tell all truth to arohi but hearing her words were the biggest shock then her action before...she was making their kiss as their mutual act..wonder of moment and a mistake...her words made his tongue jammed..he couldnot even open his mouth to protest that whatever she is saying is absolutely was so shocking, diasppointing, sad and hurting for him to see that her own bestfriend is making his life hell by talking all false things...he was in his state of shock when arohi's words "i hate you arjun...i hate you.." heard in his ears...this made him completely speechless and he was left just staring at her absorbing the fact that she actually trusted all false story by natasha then the truth spoken by him...and lastly she just simply said that she hates him...her words were like needles pricking his heart ..he saw her leaving and couldnt even utter a single word..."arjun..i...m..." natasha's words brought him out of his shocked state his thoughts..his eyes fell on natasha..feeling disgusted by her he stepped forward and gave a tight slap on her face due to which she fell down on the floor...without glancing back  he sat in his car and drove back to home..

arohi reached home and was relieved when she saw that no one was around to ask her any question..she rushed upstairs to her room and closing the door behind she leaned against it and sat on the floor letting out a loud cry...She tried so hard to keep her tears in control but they were not stopping. That awful bitch kissing arjun. Arghhh... She was not able to accept it...She was sometime cursing god sometime herself n sometimes arjun and natasha.. least she knew sometimes its not us but circumstances are wrong... Her hatred for natasha increased hundred times... An excruciating pain gripped her like someone burried her body in ice.. Slowly her crying decreased to whimpers... She took bath and sat on the bed..she picked her mobile and dialed sahil's number..."bhayya...mein ap sab ko bht miss kar rahi hun...kuch din ap sab k saath rehna chahti hun..." she said...sahil smiled.."haan q nahi arohi...tera jab dil kare tu aja..." he said...arohi :"bhayya kia ap mujhe abhi lene aasakte hein..wo kia hai na arjun ko kisi kaam se kahin aur jana hai..."...she said.."are ye bhi koi kehne ki baat hai..mein adhe ghante mien pohanch raha hun..tu ready rehna.." he said..

arjun reached home driving the car like a plane..he atonce rushed to his room and on opening the door he found it locked..."arohi darwaza kholo...tum aisa nahi kar sakti..tumhe meri baat sunni hogi.." he said and was hitting the door with his hands.."darwaza kholo mene kaha.."...arohi was listening to him but she ignored his voice and started packing her clothes.."darwaza kholo arohi warna mujhse bura koi nahi hoga.." he screamed in an angry voice..arohi sighed and holding her suitcase in her hand she opened the door...arjun sighed on seeing her but the suitcase in her hand shcoked and scared him.."kahan ja rahi ho.." he asked instantly..arohi didnt reply and walked out of the room passing him..arjun's heart beat increased and fear of loosing her freshened in his mind in his heart..."mujhe batau ye tum kia kar rahi ho...kahan ja rahi ho.." he said stopping her way but she again didnt reply..."arohi mein kuch poch raha hun tumse.." he shouted on her but his words went in air as she went downstairs...arjun closed his eyes and his hand clentched in a fist...punching it hard on the wall he ran his hand frustatedly in his hairs and rushed downstairs behind her...

"are arohi puttar tu kahin ja rahi hai..." asked dadi on seeing the suitcase in her hand..."bhabhi akele akele kahan chali.." said rashi..arohi sighed and tried to control her shivering voice and in a calm tone she spoke.." mom dad k pass ja rahi hun..actually mujhe unki bht yaad arahi thi phr karan bhi mujhe bht miss kar raha hai..tu socha kuch din un k pass reh aoun...mein jaun na mom.." she said...arjun's heart beat accelerated.."arohi mujhe chor k ja rahi hai.." he said to himself and tried to control the tears which were ready to flow out from his eyes..kumud smiled.."haan beta zarur jao wese bhi shadi k baad bhi pag phere k liye tum zada time nahi reh pai thi..ho ao..." she said..dadi too smiled and asked her to go..just then sahil entered..greeting everyone and taking blessings from dadi and kumud he asked arohi.."chalein.." to which she nodded..she looked at rashi dadi and kumud and hugged them with a heavy heart and without even glancing back at arjun she left with sahil...

arjun didnt know what to to stop her..he was just staring at her and his heart clutched when she left the house without even looking at him...feeling so much powerless he rushed back to his room leaving everyone confused..


.Arjun was in his room all devastated with the thought of her leaving him..he lost his grip on the situation
today completely..he knew whatever she saw justifies her anger but moreover natasha's false admission to the
fact has also made this matter worse...natasha gave the story to the sight seen by arohi today...but now her
leaving him was something he cant tolerate..he cant live without her he loves her and this is the biggest
truth ever..

almost after half an hour he dialed arohi's number..the bell rang but she didnt answer..frustrated he
rubbed his face with both of his palms..tears started coming out.."arohi tum aisa nahi kar sakti...tum mujhse
dur nai ja sakti.."..."arohi plz wapis ajao.." he was speaking to himself..hearing the opening of the door he 
turned to see who it was and seeing the person anger rushed back in his mind overcoming the pain.."tum...natasha
just get out of my room..get out.." he said in anger..natasha sighed and tears flowed from her eyes.."arjun i
am sorry..i know what i did was completely wrong..what i said was completely lie..par pata nai mere moun se 
nikal gaya..mein nahin janti mei kia bol rahi thi..i just wanted to express my feelings so that i wont regret 
in future..tmhare aur arohi ka rishta kharab nahi karna chahti mein..arjun mei kuch din k liye sunaina k haan 
ja rahi hun rehne..q k jo mene kia us k baad mein tumse nazrein bhi nai mila pa rahi..arjun mein arohi se baat 
kr..." she said and got interupted by his harsh and rude voice.."get out.." he screamed on top of his
lungs..he was not getting any of her word at this moment..only anger and hatred was the feeling which has left for 
natasha in his heart..natasha  looked at him hurt from his actions..feeling sorry for him and guilty
herself.."i am sorry" she mumbled and left..arjun threw the cushion in his hand towards the door as soon as
she left in frustration..


Arohi reached her home greeted everyone.."bht acha kia jo tu agai...isi bahane kuch din ki ronaq hamare ghar b lage gi.." amrit said..karan too was very happy seeing arohi.."di..ab ap ai ho tu ap mere saath sari games khelo gi..ok.." he said excitedly..arohi smiled.."ok superman.." she said..sudhir and
dj also embraced her giving her their blessings..she wanted some time to free her mind from the haunting flashing moments she witnessed today thats why decided to come here but she knew she cant even live without him but now it seems her absence will not bother him anymore..he has got natasha..she came out of thoughts hearing the ringing of her mobile..seeing his name flashing she felt the urge to instantly answer the call but
again natasha's words echoed in her mind which stopped her..this time the matter was not about only doubt this time its completely has been broken..limits have been crossed..heart have been have been lost...she shook her head and  tried to get herself involve in the company of her family...


"arohi plz wapis ajao..mein tumhe sab smjhaunga..natasha ne jo bola wo sab jhoot tha ..arohi itna tu yaqeen kar lo.."said arjun while talking with arohi on the phone..almost after 5 hours of calling her on her mobile and she ignoring all calls finally she answered the call and as soon she received the call he asked her to come back..arohi didnt reply to him and tears started falling.."arohi plz bolo na kuch...arohi seriously you are the only one i love..i love you arohi mera yaqeen karo.." he said pleadingly.."yaqeen hi tu tor dia ap ne mera arjun.." she said disappointedly and disconnected the call..arjun stood with mobile in his hand staring at it..did he lost her?..will she never come back?..she really hates him?..were the questions he kept on asking himself but he himself was not getting answers...

That night was the longest one for both of them which they spended tossing and turning on bed thinking abt each other.."mein hi pagal thi jo maan lia k ap mujhse pyar karte hen.." she said to herself wiping her tears...

arjun turned to arohi's side finding her space empty his life lonely..he holding arohi's picture sighed,.."i love you arohi aur mein tumhe apni mohabbat ka yaqeen dila  kar rahun ga.." he said to himself..


"what the hell jay ek kaam bhi tum theek se nahi kr skte.." arjun said shoutingly at jay in their office..jay got confused why he shouted as there was nothing to shout about.."arjun tu thek he na mein 3 din se dekh raha hun tu kuch pareshan lag raha hai.." he asked concernly..arjun sighed.."sorry jay...aisi koi baat nahi..sir mein dard ho raha hai bus.." jay knew he is lying but he thought he will talk to him finding the right moment and place..he simply went out of the room asking him to relax himself..arjun clentching his fist punched on the table...He felt so lonely without her..her absence was killing him..there was always  a picture of her in his memory when he needed to concentrate on his work..seeing an empty room, having breakfast without her, not feeling her warmth..not hearing her voice..not feeling her love..not having her was just painful..

It has been 3 days since she left and didnt even talk to him once..He missed her whole day and kept on calling her on her cell her home..but she was not talking to him..he also sent her some flowers with a note.."i am sorry...plz ghar ajao..." but her heart was not melting in anyway.. He went to her house too..


"are arjun beta ao.." said amrit on seeing arjun at the door..arjun smiled and entered the without her was the biggest punishment one could ever give him..he was hating this punishment which was also killing him..he in order to bring his arohi back has finally decided to come here at alluhwalia's house as he can not let her be angry with him and stay away from him at any cost...

"lagta hai arohi k bina dil nahi lag raha q arjun.." said purvi teasingly..arjun forced a smile and sat on the couch..looking here and there to have a single glimpse of her..noticing this dj smiled.."arohi kamre mein he apne..jao  .. Chale jao.." dj said..arjun hesitated.."nahi..wo..mein tu bas aise hi.." amrit smiled.."jao beta tum mehman thori na ho jo jhijak rahe ho.." she said..arjun nodded and went upstairs  to her room...opening the door he smiled finding her standing near the window leaning against the wall.."arohi.." he said making her aware of his presence..arohi who was still cursing her fate for snatching every happiness from her on listening his voice instantly looked at his side and stood straight..arjun walked towards her .."kesi ho.." he asked but she didnt reply..he sighed.."kuch bolo gi nahi.." he asked..arohi sighed.."arjun ap yahan q aye hen.."..she asked..arjun:"tumhe wapis le jane.." arohi rolled her eyes and turned away.."mjhe ap k saath kahin nahi jana.." she said..arjun:"arohi kia tumhe meri mohabbat pe yaqeen nahi..tumhe waqai aisa lagta hai k meri ankhun mei tumhare lie jo hai wo pyar nahi dikhawa hai.."..hearing him arohi felt sad cuz yes she has always felt his love for her..his passion his desires which can never be called as lust..whatever she experienced in these 3 and half months of their marriage it was not any regret and guilt but only love..she has felt the same emotions in his eyes which she herself felt for him but apart from all these whatever she saw that day cannot be ignored..she heard natasha saying "i love you too.." she saw them kissing..which too was a passionate one..she cannot forget natasha's words.. She was perplexed in her thoughts..what to believe and what not..she sighed and shook her head coming out of thoughts and giving him a last glance she left the room leaving him alone all over again..arjun stood there watching her go and simply prayed.."god plz sab theek kar do..mein aise nahi reh skta.."

flashback ends..

Arjun sighed..he was feeling very much powerless ..was not able to concentrate on his his mobile a last glance to check whether she called or texted him but disappointment was there too..he grabbing his car keys left the office..

Since the last 3 days living without him was like hell for her..she was still angry, sad and hurt on whatever happend that day but somehow there was a little fear inside her heart.."kia mene jald bazi tu nahi kr di ye faisla le k..".."kia waqai jo mene dekha wahi such tha.." .."mene tu arjun ki ankhun me apne liye pyar dekha hai wo pyar pehchanne mein me galat nahi hoskti tu kia arjun pe bharosa na kar k me kuch galat kar rahi hun..".."par natasha ne jo kaha...".."arjun bhi tu keh rahe the k sab jhoot hai.."..she closed her eyes as she was tired of all such thoughts..she was not talking to 
him..not receiving his calls and was tooo hurt by this act of her feeling bad for him but imageses of that day were still playing in her memory which were not letting her trust to him.. no matter how strong how pure how true her love is but witnessing the scene that day has made her perplexed abt the true tendency and intensity of her and his love...


arjun reached home and as soon as he entered kumud asked confusingly.."aj itni jaldi agae.."..arjun looked at her.."wo..sir mein dard tha.." he said and rushed upstairs to his room..

he was in his room laying on bed still thinking of the way to make her believe in his make her trust him..the door of the room opened bringing him out  of his thoughts.."mom ap.." he said sitting on the bed..kumud smiled and walked towards him and sat beside him.."gussa hai tujhe bht haina.." she said smilingly..arjun looked at her confused.."matlab.." he said..kumud smiled.."arjun tujhe kia laga tu kuch bataye ga nahi tu teri maa ko bhi kuch nahi pata chale ga.." she said..arjun rolled his eyes.."kia keh rahi ho mom mujhe kuch smjh nahi araha.." he said..kumud calmly.."arohi tujhse naraz ho k gai hai na arjun.." she said..arjun shockingly and surprisingly looked at her and was abt to lie that this is not true but she said.."ab natak mat karna k aisa nahi hai wesa nahi hai..mein sab janti hun ye jo tera chehra teen din ka utra hua hai na ye khud sab kuch bol raha hai.." she said..arjun looked at her and couldnot control his emotions and finally hug her and started crying.."mom..plz ap hi kuch karo..arohi ko wapis le ao..wo meri baat bhi nahi sun rahi...mein us k bina nahi reh sakta.." he said in between his crying..kumud sighed and comforted him..she kissed his forehead and smiled.."pagal ho gaya hai tu..pati patni k beech mein tu jhagre hote hi rehte hain..aur wo utni hi jaldi khatam ho jate hen...arjun mein nahi janti tum dono k beech mein kia hua hai..par mein itna zarur janti hun k jo hua hai us mein galti teri hai q k arohi rishta torne waloun me se nahi rishta jorne waloun mei se hai..agar us ne ghar chorne ka faisla kia hai tu zarur koi bari baat hogi...arjun mujhe wo baat nahi janni q k ye tum donu ka personal matter hai par mein sirf itna kahun gi k mujhe apni beti is ghar mein wapis chahye..wo bhi bht jald.." she said authoritatively..arjun wiped his tears.."mom..arohi meri baat sunne k liye tayyar hi nahi hai..wo smjhti hai k..." and he was interupted by kumud.."arjun arohi tujse bht pyar karti hai shaed gusse mein he abhi..thandi hogi tu sab smjhe gi..bas use kisi tarha mana k wapis le ao sab theek hojae ga.." she said..arjun nodded and hugged her again..kumud smiled and left..


"ap ye number jis ka hai us ko janti hain?.." a person asked arohi as soon as she answered his was arjun's call that he was trying from last 3 times but she didnt answer,.finally on the fourth time she gave up and anwered the call saying "kia hai.." but the other person's question confused her.."g mere husband ka hai ye number.." she said confusingly.."oh maam luckily last dialed number ap ka tha tu humne ap hi ko call mila di..jin ka bhi ye mobile hai wo yahan city park mei behosh gire hue hen..wo.." said the man..hearing the man her heart beat stopped..she without listening further rushed out from the house.."mei arahi hun.." answering back to the person..

"hogaya ap ka kaam.." said the man to arjun..arjun smiled.."thankyou so much.." the man smiled and left..arjun smiled.."jab ghee seedhi ungli se na nikle tu ungli tedhi tu krni hi parti hai arohi..ab tu tumhe meri baat sunni hi hogi.." he said..

Arohi was in the rickshaw going to the city park as there was no car in the house..whole way she was crying and praying to god.."arjun ko kuch na ho..bhagwan plz arjun theek hun.."..on reaching the park she paid the fare and rushed inside in search for arjun..

She sighed in relief seeing him sitting on the bench playing with a small boy..she ran to him and hugged him.."arjun ap theek haina..ap ko kuch hwa tu nahi.." she said cryingly..arjun smiled and hugged her back.."jab meri arohi mere pass hai mjhe kyun kuch ho ga.." he said..

Realisation struck arohi and she pushed herself back.."wo phone..ap behosh.." she said and noticing the smirk on his face she pushed him back in anger.."tu ap ne phr jhoot bola arjun.." she said..arjun with same expression on his face.."jhoot kahan arohi..mei tu such me apne hosh kho raha tha q k tum mere saath nai thi.." he said irritated she was so much tensed thinking abt his state and was praying for his well being and here he was making fun of her emotions by lying abt his health.."arjun...ap ko sab mazaq lag raha hai..abhi bhi?...itna sab hone k baad..ap ab bhi..." she said and sighed..."arjun ap ne nahi socha meri kia halat hogi ye sun k..ap ko mera zara bhi khayal nahi aya..." she continued then looking at him.."khayal aega bhi kyun..ap k lie jis tarha ye mazaq hai..hamari shadi mera pyar sab bhi mazaq hi hai ap k liye.." arjun listened to her calmly and all his smiles faded away when he heard the words from her mouth..

He sighed and stepped forward towards her..he cupped her face.."arohi kuch bhi mazaq nahi hai..mein tumse baat krna chahta tha aur tum meri baat sun nahi rahi liye mjhe is tarha tumhe bulana para.." he said..arohi shook her face away but he held it again and continued.."arohi q nahi hoga mujhe tumhara khayal pyar karta hun tumse..nahi jee skta tumhare bager..arohi meri zindagi sirf tumse shoru hoti hai aur mein ye khatam bhi tumhare saath karna chahta hun..arohi mein tumhare bager har lamha kese guzar raha hun tum ye soch bhi nahi skti..arohi tum.." but  Was stopped by her next words..

Arohi was listening to him silently..wishing she could believe each word from his mouth but the images of him kissing the right to that girl which only she had over him..everything was fresh in her memory for which the words were not enough to let it fade..she didnt know what made her say the next words.."arjun agar mein kisi aur k saath is tarha pai jati tu ap kia karte.." she said..arjun's grip on her face loosened and her question hit him like a block of ice has been thrown on him..he just left staring at her like if she is an alien..he knew very well that his arohi can never ever be found in such situation...not just cuz she loves him but cuz she is pure..he has seen her purity her sincerity her love..he knew that such day will never come neither in this life nor in any other life..he has full faith in his arohi but still his tongue was not supporting him...

"i trust you arohi.." he said after few moments of silence..arohi looked at him and smiled.." situation mein ap dialogues na tu ap bhi jante hen...hotel wali baat tu yaad hogi ap ko.." she said..arjun was shocked that she actually mentioned that incident.."arohi wo baat ki mein tumse maafi maang chuka hun..tum us baat ko kyun beech mei la rahi ho.." arohi rolled her eyes.."mujhe ghar jana hai" she said and started walking..

Arjun ran behind her and stopped her holding her hand.."aise nahi jao gi tum..pehle meri baat suno.."..arohi  jerked his hand away "arjun plz ab bas kijie..mujhe kuch nai sunna der ho rahi hai ghar jana hai.."..arjun lost his he is trying to talk to her explain her everything but she is not bothered abt anything.."arohi for god sake ek baat k peeche hi par gai ho was just a kiss not sex.."..he said and realising his words he closed his eyes in regret...arohi stared him and again tears she is getting mad over what has happened and for him still it was not a big still doesnt matter him.."yes arjun it was just a kiss and not sex..jis tarha shaed hamare rishte mein tha..only sex not love.." she said and ran from there..

Arjun clentched his fist..yes whatever he said was wrong but whatever she said was also wrong..their relationship was not based on was their love..their bond..they didnt only have physical attraction but mental and emotional attraction too..his love was not only based on lovemaking but his love was enjoying her company ..feeling that warmth and that passion which reflected in her eyes in her body..his love was his anticipation of the future with her..a beautiful future..not sex..his love was not sex..he sighed.."galtyun pe galti kia ja raha hai tu arjun"..he said to himself and ran behind her..

He sighed looking at her as she tried to hail a rickshaw..."wait arohi..mein drop karta hun.." he said..she threw him a glare..she started to walk in front of a speeding rickshaw attempting to stop it..he grabbed her arm and pulled her away.."what the hell!.???...maarna chahti ho kia khud ko.."..he screamed..."haath choriye mera..door rahiye ap mujhse.." she screamed with tears pouring out of her cheeks and sat on the first ricksaw which stopped and went away with arjun standing looking her leave him  Once soon as arohi left his mobile rang..without looking at the name he answered.."hello.."..."yes..".."haan sab ready hai final approval k lie ap jab bhi ajaen..".."ok phr 3 din baad mulaqat hoti hai..".."haan office mein hi.." .."sure..".."bye.." he talked and drove away to his office..


"hey arjun.." said natasha coming in his cabin..arjun looked at the person and got angry.."tum?..tum yahan...chali jao yahan se.." he said..natasha started crying.."arjun ek baar meri baat suno..arjun i m very sorry.." she said..arjun rolled his eyes and ignored her..she stood in front of him.."jo hua us k lie mei bht sharminda hun mjhe tmhein aise kiss nahi krna chaye tha aur na hi arohi ko wo sab kehna chahye tha..arjun mjhe kuch smjh mei hi nai aya..arjun mei.." she said and was stopped by him.."out.." he said coldly without looking at her..natasha sighed and giving him a last glance she left the cabin..


Arohi came home from the park and sat on the couch..thinking abt what happened today..she regretted for her behavior at the time of hiring rickshaw..she was being so rude and angry that she was not even caring abt his feelings..she finally stood up.."jo b baat k liye tu arjun se maafi mangni ho gi..".."kia chala jae ga agar mei arjun ki baat sun lungi..".."mjhe arjun se baat krni chaye.." she said and again went out of the house to his office..


She was going to his cabin when she saw natasha coming out from his cabin and again all the images flashed in her mind..her anger increased seeing her coming out from the cabin and she rushed inside his cabin slamming the door open..arjun looked at the door shockingly and was surprised to see her there..

"sharam nahi ati ap ko..ap ab b us natasha k saath..itna sab hone k baad bhi.." she said and walking towards him she continued.."arjun ap ko kia such mei koi farq nahi parta..ap mujhe apni mohabbat mere lie nahi par natasha k lie sabit kr rahe hen..ap.." she stopped looking at him who was not even bothering to look at her and to speak back..arjun was already very angry with natasha and when he saw arohi and heard her shouting at him for the same bloody reason his anger increased..he was not in the mood to replay all the arguments..he knew she is already very angry and will not listen to him and he too was now very angry so he thought to remain quiet so that he dont utter any nonsence..arohi got irritated with his silence..she closed her eyes to calm her self and turned around.." i hate you.." she said in anger and slamming the door behind she left the cabin..arjun stared at the door in anger and picking the crystal ball from the table he threw at the door letting out all his anger and frustration..


3 days passed with arjun and arohi both still angry on what happened at the park n then the office..since last three days they had no conversation with each other..arjun too didnt even try to make any attempt to ask forgiveness or explain anything..

Arohi was sitting alone in her room and purvi came there looking for her..she   Was noticing from past 6 days some uneasiness between arjuhi and sadness in her face so she thought of asking from arohi..on asking from her arohi first hesitated and denied that there is nothing like that but on purvi's insistence she told her everything that happened since natasha's arrival till that day in office ..purvi listened to her very calmly and after arohi was done telling her entire story she said.."arohi ab mein bolun?.." arohi nodded..purvi continued.."arohi tu faisla lene mein itni jald bazi kab se karne lagi.." she paused for a second and continued.."arohi tune ye sab kar k sirf itna sabit kia hai k tumhe arjun pe raddi bhar b bharosa nahi.."..arohi looked at her surprisingly..purvi continued.."arohi tune eik baar bhi nahi socha k arjun such keh raha hoga k natasha ne zabardasti kiss ki..arohi tune kese maan lia wo tujse pyar nahi karta.."..arohi's eyes filled with tears..purvi continued.."arohi hum sab ne arjun ki ankhun mein tere liye pyar dekha hai tu kia hum sab ne bhi galat dekha hai?..arohi arjun agar tujse pyar na krta hota tu tujhe manane tujhe wapis ghar le jane k lie itni mehnat na karta aur jo tu apne lafzoun se us pe waar kr rahi ho wo bhi chup chap na bardasht karta..arohi tu pagal hai jo garam dimag se hi sari baatoun ko socha..ek baar tu thande dimag se sochti..arohi kia pata ye tera imtehan tha teri aur arjun ki mohabbat ka imtehan tum logo k ek dosre pe bharose ka imtehan jis k har paper mei tum fail hogai..arohi par abhi bhi waqt hai abhi bhi akhri paper rehta hai is mein tum acha kar skti ho tum pass ho skti ho bas jaldi ja k apni seat pakar lo..ja k arjun se baat kr lo abhi bhi der nahi hui..".. Arohi looked at purvi and give her each word a thought and finally realised that she has done something very wrong and should apologize to arjun ...she thanked purvi for her advise and was abt to leave when her mobile rang..she looked at the screen and the number was unknown..she answered the call.."hello.." and there was a pause for few minutes and she was shocked at what she heard..her mobile fell down from her hand and she stood there silently feeling regretted on her behavior..for not trusting arjun for not believing his love..for doubting him.."mjhe abhi arjun se baat krni hogi.." she said and rushed out of the house leaving purvi all confused from her behavior..


Arohi entered the office and rushed to arjun's cabin..arjun was sitting alone in his cabin working over a file and talking on phone.."haan wo jese hi ayen unhein cabin mein bhejna.." he said to the person on the phone..and continued with his work..on seeing arohi entering the cabin he smiled as he saw her after almost after 3 days..arohi came towards him.."arjun mujhe ap se bht zaruri baat karni hai..arjun wo natasha.." arjun was happy seeing her but when he heard natasha's name from her mouth  he thought that she again will fight over those matters for which he was not at all ready..he sighed .."not again arohi.." he said and left the cabin.."arjun suniye tu.."  she called him but he left..

arohi was lost in her own thoughts..she knew she has hurted him and as when she was not ready to speak to him
in her anger then arjun's anger is also justified..yes he was not wrong..she cursed herself for not believing him and not trusting his love..she now feeling very guilty and ashamed of herself after hearing the phone call..she has to ask forgiveness from him..she must say sorry to him and ask for her punishment...she needed to be punished very badly for mistrusting him.. his love.. his sincerity.. his feelings.. his emotions.."arjun ap mujhe jo saza denge mein khushi khushi lungi aur agar ap ne koi saza nahi di na tu bhagwan ap mujhe saza de do.." she said to herself..

a person knocked on the cabin's door but as arohi was lost in her thoughts she didnt notice the sound..the person entered the cabin and walked in..he has been asked by the receptionist to wait for arjun inside the cabin so he walked towards the chair..

"bas bht hogaya mujhe arjun se maafi mangni ho gi aur arjun ko meri baat sunni hi hogi.." she said and turned to leave only to be shocked by the person in front of her..


arjun came out from the cabin and was going through jay's cabin.."arohi kab band kro gi tum ye sab..q tum roz mjhe usi galti k liye blame karti ho jo meine ki hi nahi.." he said to himself..he stood outside jay's cabin when his mobile rang.."purvi tum ne call ki ..sab theek hai na.." arjun asked answering the call..purvi.."arjun arohi ko plz maaf kar dena..wo dar rahi hai pata nahi k tum use maaf karo ge ya nahi..arjun arohi tumpe bharosa karti hai..bas halat kuch..." she said and was interupted by arjun's confusing voice.."kia keh rahi ho purvi mujhe kuch smjh nahi araha.." he said..purvi.."arjun arohi office ai thi kia?.." arjun confusingly.."haan par mene us se baat nahi ki.." purvi.."par q nahi ki arjun..wo tu tumse mafi mangne aur sab clear karne ai thi..aur ghar se bhi kafi pareshan halat mein nikli thi.. phr bhi tumne.." hearing this arjun got embarassed that he didnt even listen to her and felt guilty that this time also she took first step in apologizing..asking forgiveness..she surely has a very big and nice heart..


Her heart beats got accelerated the moment she turned and its beating stopped all of a sudden when her eyes fell on the person standing inside the room in front of her...her vision became blurred in a second.. Even though the room was well aerated she felt suffocated and was in a need of oxygen at once.. she clentched her fingers tightly on a nearby chair for support to steady her balance...she felt it would be better if the earth under her feet to split and swallow her or the roof ..the sky above her head to break and fall over her head...her blurred vision witness few tears in her eyes which were too stubborn to shed from her eyes.."nahi ye nahi ho sakta...n...nahi...nnahi.." she repeated..she couldnot believe that she is alive as the person in front of her can not be seen in this lifetime...she was highly shocked and her tongue stopped supporting her...the entire room around her was like rotating..she felt the sight in front of her some kind of joke by God..same height..same eyes..same features..same complexion..same built..same..same..everything it was not a joke..or is it??..

she felt as if she will die if she stay here for one more second.. so she made her steps backwards one by one supporting her hands on the chair then the wall and atonce she stopped and without looking around here and there she rushed out of the room...

the moment she stepped out of the room ..Her vision was blurred by the sudden attack of her past memories...


"wo malhotras k saath jo company ki deal chal rahi hai mujhe us ki sari details chahye..aj se mein bhi arjun aur jay ko us project mein help karungi.."..said shefali to the manager standing in the corridor.."par maam wo project to jay sir aur arjun sir dekh rahe hein..ap ko tu us k bare mein kuch nahi pata ap kese karengi..upar se malhotra family ap se mili hui bhi nahi hai tu shaed ek naya banda project mein wo comfortable feel na 
karen.." said the manager..shefali sighed.."mr.nishant is ki ap fiqr mat kijiye unhe sirf apne kaam se matlb hai..mein tu wese bhi arjun aur jay ki help karun gi mjhe konsa malhotras se meeting karni hai.." she said..the manager nodded and left..shefali turned and seeing arohi in the office shefali exclaimed in excitement..."are arohi tu office mein...ruk mein aarahi hun.." she said in a loud voice from across the counter 
but was surprised that she didnt hear her and left without looking back at her..

shefali was now a days very much busy in her new project which she has got from rudra to prove herself...she was completely involved in 
her project since last one and half month that she didnt even get much time with her friends jay arohi and arjun rather than few minutes talking on phone..she was missing their company very much..even at the parties she was invited but she jut attended them to be there for not more than one she came back from sydney after 4 days and now had plenty of time for herself as finally her project was completed..seeing arohi she got excited to spend time with her and was also wishing to have jay and arjun and to have all the necessary details from them about their ongoing projects and other deals of the company as cuz of her project she was completely out of the office information while being the part of it but again thanks to jay and arjun who supported her as a friend and truly fulfiled their duties of a friend by not letting her waste her time in other projects and deals and asked her to concentrate fully on her individual project..she looking at arohi and when she left she smiled.."shaed shor mein waqai sunai na diya ho.." she said to herself.."arjun aur jay se milti hun kitni sari baatein hein karne ko.." she smiled and left from there..


arohi was walking through the corridor in her shocked state having flashes of her past..not knowing anything abt her surroundings she kept on walking and reaching outside the office she stood by her car and turned to look back to see whether her past followed her till here or not..she didnt know what she saw back in the office room was real or her dream..her bad dream..she sat in her car and drove the car..

from behind the car a shadow appears with anger on her face.."jao arohi gari tumhe zindagi k nae safar pe le k jae gi..." she said and laughed.."arjun sirf mera hai..sirf mera .." she said and sat in the car and drove..

arohi was driving the car..fresh tears formed and started flowing from her eyes..still shocked on the sight of a person witnessed by her eyes..."ye nahi ho sakta.." she said to herself..her entire life was flashing in her mind as a reel..her vision was completely blurred cuz of her tears..she increased the speed of her car and hit her hand hard on the steering wheel.."nahinnn.." she screamed...she closed her eyes to get past of all the 
memories which were flashing in her mind and as she opened her eyes her entire body got numb seeing the truck 
which was coming on her way..she applied the brakes and shocked to found them failed.." brakes q hogaya inhe.." she said panickedly...her hands started shivering feeling her death so close to her...she tried to turn the car but at that moment the truck hit her car strongly which made the car jumped...rolling the car turned upside down...


arjun after hanging purvi's call atonce rushed to his cabin to meet arohi.."i am so sorry arohi..mene tumhari baat nahi suni.." he said to himself..on entering his cabin he found it empty.."oh god..arohi kahan ho tum.." he thought..instantly coming out of the cabin he got bumped in with shefali.."arjun kahan ja rahe ho itni jaldi mein.." she said..arjun didnt reply and walked towards the corridor.."shefali aa keh baat karta hun.." he said and continued walking..on reaching the parking area he looked around for her car but it was not there..he asked the guard standing there.."arohi madam ko dekha?.." he asked..guard.."haan sir wo abhi abhi yahan se nikli hain seedha gayein hein.." he said..arjun nodded and rushed to his car and drove to the same route..

he drove the car in a fast speed and atlast saw her car..he thought of calling her to stop her.." office mein hi reh gaya.." he said..he continued following her car but got shocked when she speeded up the car.."ye itni speed mein car q chala rahi hai.." he said to himself..
he continued following but was again surprised seeing her to speed up her car more and when he saw the truck 
coming to her car he stopped his car and stepped out.."arohi car q nai rok rahi .." he said to himself..he 
again sat back in the car and drove and his hands got numb when he saw the truck coming more near to her car and she not stopping the car..he opening the mirrors of the car screamed.."arohi stop the car.." he shouted on top of his lungs and his car came to a stop when he saw her car rolling and turning in front of his eyes.."arohiii.." he screamed her name and sat there watching the car meeting a horrible accident in front of him..gathering himself he jumped out of the car and rushed to her...


"arohi...arohi..arohi ankhein kholo.." he screamed..his heart beating fast...he tried to turn the car up but alone he was not able to do so..he let go the car and tried to bring arohi out of the car..he pulled her closer to him bringing her half body out of the car from the mirror.. their bodies touching...her slow, heavy breath resounding in his ear...he cupped her face.."arohi..arohi kuch bolo..ankhein kholo.." he said in a shivering voice..her whole body was covered with blood her face was completely red with her blood.."arohi...arohi.." he screamed her name..arohi with so much difficulty and pain opened her eyes and found him in front of her.."arjun..." she said in a low voice but still it was audible to him.."haan 
arohi..arohi tum bolo...mein idhar hi hun tumhare pass...kuch nahi hoga tumhe.." he said and tears started flowing from his eyes..his eyes fell on her mobile and he instantly picked it up but her words interupted his action.."arjun...i love..u..mjhe...dont leave...wo na...natash..arjun..nat.." she said in a dizzy voice and her eyes got closed..she stirred in his arms..hearing her words he reached out to hold her hand.. to reassure her that he will not going to leave her... Not like this.. never like this... he held her hand tight ... tight enough.. making sure to not cause her any more pain... She shivered at his touch and opened her eyes  to find his eyes, drowning in fear, staring back at her... She closed her eyes and a lone tear escaped from her eyes which flowed from the edge of her eye, and stopped at the bridge of her nose...stubborn that it would rest there...He moved his face, slowly, to the bridge of her nose and kissed her tear and said.."arohi i love you..mein tumhe kuch nai hone dunga..ankhein kholo arohi.." he said in a panicked voice..

He pulled her up..closer to him, but as soon as he moved her she groaned in pain... her leg was stuck... The steering wheel had lowered with the force of the accident and her seat had jerked forward, making it impossible for her to move without getting any further pain further injuries..He moved his hands toward her and cupped her face.."kuch nahi ho ga arohi..mein sab theek kar dun ga...mei...mein.." he said and cried..he picked her mobile and called the ambulance..he throwing back the mobile looked back at her and realised that he can not lose her..she was all he had..his love..his life..his happiness..his dreams..his everything and he would not let her die..she was fighting for breath for life and he couldnot see it... he moved his head closer to her.. their foreheads barely touching... He moved a stray strand of hair away from her face, allowing the blood from her head show... and he crinched with hurt which went beyond his heart.. beyond his body...seeing her like that was killing him..and he was helpless..

She tried to fight hard the sleep that was overcoming her... She was fighting a mental battle with death... she wasn't going to die...not now... she wanted to with him... but if this was the last time she was going to be with him, then she wanted to be here...right now.. .this very moment... She opened her eyes slowly, and looked into his... She held his hand tighter, allowing a piercing pain run through her body and she softly opened her mouth and said "arjun...mjhe bacha...sorry..arjun" she said in breaking words..she closed her eyes feeling the pain in her head..

She opened her eyes again to look back at the ones staring at her...and she smiled..arjun ap mujhe jo saza denge mein khushi khushi lungi aur agar ap ne koi saza nahi di na tu bhagwan ap mujhe saza de do.."..her own words echoed in her mind..and she thought.."ap ne saza de di bhagwan.." after that  She didn't remember much of what arjun was saying but she remembered.. before darkness overcame her.. him calling out her name... but she couldn't respond.. and soon, all was black...

His heart had melted when she had smiled at him. He wondered what she was thinking about but just as soon as the smile had come, it had gone. She was breathing hard...gasping for air.. she was struggling. arjun sat there staring at her and her last words playing in his mind over and over again.."arohi...arohi u cant leave me u know na..u cant...ankhein kholo...utho na..arohi..arohi.."and he yelled to let his anguish out.. he sobbed.. into the sleeve of his hand..she was dying...and there was nothing he could do...just have to wait for the ambulance as alone he cant even pull her out..


arohi was lying lifeless in the hospital bed..Doctors have imitated that her condition is critical..It is indeed worsening..If her vital organs doesn't start working soon she might not survive..the impact of the accident was too hard..with the mirror and other injuries were embedded deep in her forehead injuring the tissues of brain..It also aggrevated the previous injury which she had in accident few weeks back..

arjun and everyone from the family were in the room with arohi as doctors have said that the patient responded..waiting for her to gain conscious everyone was dying to hear her voice...arjun sat beside her holding her hand praying for her to be ok..arohi was struggling with the memories of her life..her entire life rolling in her mind as a reel..the images were flashing in her mind in the reverse order from recent to previous..she was feeling something very heavy on her head and not tolerating the pain in her head anymore her eyes snapped open and her lips parted whispering.."sanchit.."..


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Originally posted by cooljaya11

yaar ye ho kya raha he ????
i mean arohi thik ho gayi
ye natasha ka kya chakkar he
and tht stupid natasha kiss his lips grrr chiii yukkk
now seriousally arohi leave this arjun i want right now
ab iski yad dast kese jayegi ?
sehar its better u update right now
cuz m confussing
m waitng for arohi change par ye to fir se wohi ho gayi apne pati ki patni
that cottage scene i enjoyed ahahahahha what a romanitc update
now update plz

yes she will leave arjun..pori ho jae gi tumhari khwahishWink the latest update has cleared all ur confusions i hope se..

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aparna4karanika

Omg omg omg... So she s same natasha as in every arjuhi's story..
Btw v cant blame her too..hamar arjun tho itana acha hai ki koi bhi ladki unpe latoo hajayengi.. Btw i loved d hospital scene... Vo manaana arohi's stuboornness everythng..
N deir romantic nyt bhi *blushing blushing* bt ds natasha n sunaina? Wth ws dat?? Dat bloody kiss.. ! I guess ds tym she i mean arohi s gna do smtng big n ds wil make her wear modern dress n ll..
In a way its gd bt if u r planning fr a seperation btw arjuhi den i'll fel bad n i'll be sad..
Bt stil story have to move frwrd n al i wsh to c is arjuhi being wth each other n fytng against all d odds fr deir love.

well arohi took the big step but modern dress tragedy k baad hi aega...dont worry in the end it will be only arjuhi..Smile

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