Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


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 Arohi wake early and took her clothes and went to washroom to tak shower...she dressed her self in white and light pink shrt with churi dar and made a choti...she sat on bed and rememberd last night convo of her with mom and karan..she felt very bad for karan..cuz she knew that karan will be feeling guilty just cuz of her she didnt like to see karan sad so she decided to apologize karan she thought:" mujhe kia ho gaya tha mein q khud ko control nai kar pai...oh god mein aisi q hogai hn ..khud b dukhi hoti hn aur apni waja se dosrun ko b dukhi krti hn..mjhe karan se mafi mangni chahie wo tu bacha hai use kia pata kisi cheez ka..." she carried her things with her and went she was the first one to wake up so she herself prepared breakfast for the family..she loved doing this also help her to forget some sad and bad memories of her past...she set the breakfast table and waited for by one evryone came and settled themselves on their seats... Arohi:"good morning evryone" she greeted everyone with a big smile on her face... Everyone was happy to see her smiling they thought that now she is ok so they also greet her with the same smile...arohi looked at karan who was smiling half heartedly she came and stood beside him and kissed on his forhead..."hey my superman...superman sad sad acha nai lagta use tu smile karna aur karana hta hai"..karan looked at arohi and wipe his tears which started forming in his eyes "i am sorry di i didnt mean to hurt you" arohi wiped his tears and smiled " mere superman ko mujhe sorry bolne ki koi zarurat nai mein hurt nai hui" karan smiled too " suchi?" arohi :"muchi" karan hugged arohi and kissed her on her cheeks and said "i love you di"...arohi laughed this time" di loves you too" whole family smiled looking both the siblings ..purvi interupted the cute family scene..."hello hello breakfast thanda ho raha hai aj tu arohi ne banaya hai breakfast and karan lagta hai sb tumhara fav hi bana hai" everyone smiled and started eating ...arohi too ate her breakfast and bid goodbye to everyone and left for the office... 

She reached office and still there were 15 mins left for the meeting with arjun..she looked for shefali but couldnt find her so she sat and waited for the clock to strike 9...

Arjun too wake up early and immediately took shower and left for his office without having breakfast..he reached office at 8 am and was busy in his he was i a very good mood and he himself didnt know the reason...he was waiting for the clock to strike nine but it seems that time has stopped at 8:45 am... He was waiting for arohi dont know why " shaed dictation dena bht zaruri hai ...han ye inaugration bht important event hai shaed aj isi lie arohi yahan ajae is ki jaldi hai mjhe" he thought...he was being restless he heard a knock on the door and a smile came on his face "agai" "come in" his eyes were on the door but was surprised to see who it was... Arjun:" mom ap! Ap kab ayein? Aye  Na plz bethie" he said while hugging his mom...kumud smiled and kissed his forehead: "kesa hai tu tu ab itna busy hogaya hai maa se milne ka b time nai tere pas haan.." kumud complained and sit on a chair..arjun sit on the floor and rested his head on his mother's lap "i missed u mom ap kahin mat jaya karo ap wapis kab ai" kumud moved her hand over his head and smiled.." missed you too beta..mei kal raat hi agae the socha tujhe surprise dungi tera bht wait kia par tu aya nai aur me b bht thak gae tu socha sbha milenge sbha ankh der se khuli tu tu ja chuka tha is lie mein apne bete se milne yaheen agai" arjun smiled:"mom ap mjhe call kar letein mei usi waqt ajata..par ab ap agai ho na tu ab hum sath me breakfast kareinge.." kumud:"han mein janti hun tune nashta nai kia is lie mei yaheen le ai ram lal lata hi hoga" arjun hugged her:"mom ap sab kese jan jati ho"...kumud:"maa hun na apne bete ki rag rag se wakif hun..." ( kumud was gone for rashi's convocation in london) they both were having cute conversations when they heard a knockk on the door..arjun:"ram lal hoga" "come in" and again surprised to see arohi and again a smile spread on his face..

Arohi wait was over when she looked her watch it was nine ...she stood up and headed towards arjun's cabin...she stopped for a while and thought.."agar aj b us ne meri insult kr di...nahin nahin wo q kare ga khud hi tu bulaya hai mjhe aur wese b arjun sir professionally bht sincere aur devoted hen bilawaja thori na dantein ge...relax arohi darne ki zarurat nai hai..." she sighed and knocked the dood and on hearing his voice she went in..she saw him smiling and sitting on the floor in front of a woman so she thought "busy hain shaed" she said..."so...sorry ...sorry sir mein baad mein ati hun.." arjun was abt to say when he heard his mother's voice...kumud:"are arohi beta..kesi ho tum? Inho ne bataya tha tum yahan job karne lagi ho" arohi smiled when she heard kumud's voice.."aunty ap? namaste! Ap kab ayein...kesi hen ap! " kumud stood from her seat and walked towards arohi..she hugged her and kissed her forehead.. arohi took her blessings by touching her feet..kumud smiled and replied"me thk hun aur tum b thk dikh ri ho ...khush dikh ri ho...ghar pe sab kese hen? " arohi smiled :"sab thk hen " she then looked at arjun who was standing confused and thn saw kumud...she thought that may be both need some privacy so its better to leave..arohi:" sir me chalti hun baad me ati hun u plz carry on...aur aunty ap se mein baad mei milti hun namaste.."..she left...

Arjun was confused seeing his mother hugging arohi..he thought "mom ise janti hen kese?" he liked arohi"s gesture of taking his mom's blessings by touching her feet this brought a smile on his face..she saw arohi leaving so he asked his mom.."ap ise janti hen?" kumud turned to face him.."haan mei tu kab se janti hun ...tumhare dad k frnd hen na sudhir unki beti hai..tumhe tu pata hi hoga.." arjun confused:"sudhir?...sudhir alluhwalia?? Industrialist i mean jin ki textile ind ha ye unki beti hai?" kumud: "haan beta kia hua tumhe nahi pata tha??"..arjun was now in a great shock.. He thought.."arohi alluhwalia sudhir alluhwalia ki beti auto me travel krti hai? Itni 3rd class dressing! Shefali ki dost arohi...!??? Industrialist ki beti...eik mamoli p.a ki job aur itni rich phr b just 12 pass!??? Oh god ye larki hai ya paheli.." his mother shooked him ..he came out of his thoughts had breakfast and than asked his secretary to not to disturb him... On the other hand jay dictated arohi all the details to be included on the invitation card and askd her ro complete the work immediately... While arohi was doing her work shefali came there.."hi arohi how r u?" arohi smiled:"shefali kahan thi tu tujhe subha se dhoond rahi hun mein"..shefali :"yaar busy thi tu suna sab kaam hogaya tu coffee piyen.." arohi:"han bas hogaya chal.." they both walked to the cafeteria and had coffee and talked...shefali : "arohi tu thk he na"..arohi:"han q mjhe kia hna hai"..shefali:"tu janti hai mein kis bare mein baat kr rai hun" arohi smiled fakely.."mein thk hun hun"..shefali wanted to say something but she stopped realizing that its nt the time..soon it was time for home ...arohi packd her stuff and went to arjun's cabin and knockd ...

Whole day arjun didnt work..he couldnt concentrate on his work ..only one qts was on his mind.."arohi itni mamoli job q kar rai hai " he avoided all calls from his girlfrnd aarna...he didnt want to work ...he thought of going home and was abt to open the door when arohi came in and they both bumped into each other and arohi was abt to fall when arjun hold her ... Arohi closd her eyes in fear cuz she knew that now she will fall but someone hold her she opened her eyes and it was arjun...they both were lost in each other eyes ...arjun noticed so much pain and fear in arohi's eyes he was 100% sure that the fear was not of falling down but for something different but what...he somehow didnt like to see fear and pain in arohi's eyes but then he thought may be i am wrong "shaed girne se hi dar gai ho" they both were lost concentrating in each other eyes when suddenly arjun's phone rang..they both broke their eye contact and freed themselves..both were feeling embarassed but arohi was nervous too..."wo mein..ap..ap...nai mein wo...sir mein jaun?"... Arjun was embarassed and saw her nervousness he just nodded...arohi ran from there immediately and hired an auto and went home... Arjun too left the building and for the first time he didnt feel like going club or at any of his girlfrnd's house...

Arohi reached home and after having dinner and changing into her night suit she laid on her bed and remembered arjun's smile when she entered his cabin..she thought "jitna bura badtameezi karte waqt lagta hai utna hi acha muskrata hai"and a smile also spread on her face.. She didnt realize wht she was thinking and went asleep smiling in her thoughts...

Arjun on the whole way was thinking abt the same qts and images of arohi bumping him came in his mind..he smiled remembering her face and her eyes "dar gai thi"...he reachd home and had a wonderful time with his family ...rashi was still nt at home she will b back on the day of inaugration)

three weeks  has passed this three weeks arohi has adjsted in the office and arjun too was back to his previous routine clubing, relaxing with his latest girlfrnd sunaina...he was also getting used to of arohi in his office... seeing arohi always brought a smile on his face.. Arohi was also quite impressed of arjun's professional status..she  

 Liked his dedication towads work and seriousness while working...whenever she was in her home she kept on telling dad,salil bhaya ,bhabhi abt arjun..."dad aj arjun sir ne mjhe company ka logo design krne ko dia was such a nice experience"..."bhayya bhabhi ap ko pata hai aj office me eik employe ki wife ka accidnt hogya aur arjun sir ne use one month leave with pay de di aur hospital ka sara kharcha b uthaya.." "dad arjun sir ne aj pore staff ko lunch karaya new deal finalize hne ki khushi mein..," her family was were happy seeing her happy with her work... From last three weeks it was a routine for arohi to think abt arjun before sleeping..."besharam,ghatya tu tha hi par dil ka b acha hai mr.maan ki kitni madad ki.." "aj jab lunch karaya tu kitna khush lag ra tha.."... And didnt think abt her past abt her sadness abt her loneliness...

Jay and arohi too had become great friends...shefali jay and arohi spnd their free and break times together talking, was like the gap of 4 yrs was nt there btwn her and shefali..and with jay it seems like salil bhaya and karan are with him..jay also liked arohi as a sister..he has no siblings so he has found his relations in his friends ..arjun hiis best friend is just like a brother to him and now arohi too is just like a sister to him...he found arohi very much sincere and pure hearted...he was silently praying god to make arjun arohi together,..he has seen the emotions in arjun's eyes whenevr he sees arohi though arjun was not aware of his own emotions and feelings...but he prayed that he soon be aware of it ...

On the other hand arjun's routine was also same think of arohi b4 sleeping...but he still didnt know why he kept thinking of her...he has accepted arohi as an employee of office and treated her equally,,,he liked her work, her passion for work, her way of doing work...he still couldnt find the ans of why she is doing a simple job inspite of being rich and having her own company bt he was really impressed by this act n decision of her...

Now this is part 4 from next part the story will take an interesting twists..these initial parts were just to build up the story ..the actual story is abt to begin...

Precap:  inaugration party, first dance, rashi arohi meeting, arjun's besharmi, singhania family convo and arohi's negative thinking abt arjun, arjun arohi car drive...

plz hit the like button and do comment ...criticism and suggestions are be included in the pm list plz send me a buddy request...

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nice update sehar - iam so happy that there was not much of Misunderstandings between arjuhi in this update - thx for the nice and pleasant update - will wait for ur next update

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I'm happy about the way things have started to shape up in their lives! How they slowly changed their notions about the other! beautiful! And the precap is really tempting!! :D :D

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Omg shehar nice update
I like the way arohi always speak about Arjun
N wht happen to arohi ???? N why she passed 12 th
Why didn't he join collage ??? Clear mystery ????

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nyc update shehar..keep up the gud wrk..plz continue soonSmile

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Nice update... 

Finally Arjun has changed his perception about Arohi... But is she really just 12th pass? and y? Arjun is right... She is turning out to be a paheli
Already dono ek dusre ke khwabon khayalon mein...

Can't wait ofr the precap... Continue soon

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I luv Arjuhi scenes more
hayeh kitna b besharm Q na ho but Dil toh
sone jaisa hai..yeh to pata hee hai
precap --- :o update soon

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this update was so sweet... no bad feelings for each other in arjun-arohi's mind... 

but after reading the precap i guess arohi will once again conclude arjun as ghatiya, badmeez... but i guess certain good parts are also coming in the next update... 

loved arjun's smile on seeing arohi every time... jai already realized the hidden emotions of both arjun and arohi... 

update soon and thank you for the pm... 

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