Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUN AROHI FF.."JEENA SIRF TERE LIYE"...thread #1 (Page 68)

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me too waiting

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PART 21:

arohi came out of washroom and her eyes fell on the balcony door which was open..she sighed knowing him to be
there in the balcony..the guilt of accusing him for the thing which has no truth and importance now was
killing her..she wanted to say sorry to him for not believing him..for behaving childishly for behaving rudely
and for mistrusting him..she walked towards the balcony and found him lost in his thoughts with his back facing her..

arjun was standing lost in his thoughts ignoring the strong wind that is blowing..he came out of his thoughts
shockingly on feeling two soft arms encircling his waist..."i am sorry arjun..plz mujhe maaf kar dein.." said
arohi and rested his head on his back hugging him tight not letting him to go anywhere.. arjun couldn't
believe his ears when he heard those words from her.. actually he is the one who has hurt her and given her
soo much pain by saying such cheap words and now she is asking for pardon... no he can't bear this'at all..he
released her arms her hands from his waist and turned to face her...

" tum..." but arohi didnt let him complete and continued.."arjun plz kuch mat kahiye..galti meri hai
jo mein koi baat samjh hi nahi pati..mein ye jante hue bhi k ab kuch bhi pehle jesa nahi hai phr bhi hamesha
galat soch bethti hun..arjun mujhe ap se aise baat nahi krni chahiye thi..mene ap pe bharosa nahi kia meine 
galat kia..plz arjun mujhe maaf kar dein.." she said and tears of remorse, tears of guilt started falling from her eyes..she stepped forward and threw herself in his arms..She hugged him tight with an utmost urgency to show him how much he  meant to her.. Gasping she dug her face into his chest and tried to hide...she was feeling guilty and is acussing herself only for all that happened and this was unbearable for him when he knew that only he was at fault..he very gently pulled arohi to release her from his embrace and looked at her face which was drenched with tears..Very tenderly with his thumbs he removed those tears away from her face "... 

I'm so--- ..." he didn't let her finish as he captured those annoying-apologetic lips with his..her left hand 
slowly moved up to caress his thick hair at the back of his neck, pulling him closer to give him what he deserved if she had completely surrendered herself to him and was begging him to punish her until he feels satisfied... she wanted him to punish her not for himself... but for herself ...

His lips moved softly and slowly across hers But then his mouth moved against hers and his tongue slides in 
her mouth, and she can taste his tears on her lips as he kisses her with a soft passion she didn't know existed within him...slowly breaking the kiss he rested his forehead against hers.."arohi plz...plz aise mat kaho...tumhari koi galti nahi..shaed mein hi nahi tumhe wo security de pa raha jo tumhare dar khatam kar de.."..." arjun par..." said arohi..."shhh..." arjun didnt let her complete..."arohi galti sirf meri hai k mein tumhare dar tmse door nahi kar pa raha..galti meri hai jo mere moun se itne ghatiya alfaz nikal aye..arohi..arohi mera yaqeen karo mein wo sab kabhi nahi kehna chahta tha...arohi mene kabhi aisa socha bhi nahi..meri nazar mein tmhara past tmhari galti nahi hai..par pata nahi kyun na chahte na sochte hue bhi mere moun se wo sab nikal aya aur mene tumhara dil dukha dia..." arjun rested his hand on her cheek and continued.."arohi..plz mjhe maaf kar do mein aisi galti dobara nahi karun ga..mein nahi bardasht kar sakta tmhari narazgi tmhara bht chubta hai arohi...arohi tum chahe jo bhi saza de do par aise naraz mat raho..plz arohi forgive me..i am sorry...mein wada karta hun ..." fresh tears started falling from her eyes and she stopped arjun from speaking further placing her palm on his lips..."plz arjun..bas ki jiye.." arjun removed her hand and spoke.."i am sorry arohi..." arohi hugged him.."bas arjun plz ab aur kuch nahi.."..arjun hugged her back.."tum ne mjhe maaf kar dia na arohi.." arohi nodded..arjun sighed.."thankyou aorhi...thankyou so much..".. arohi released from the hug and looked at his face.."arjun ap ko pata hai har wo lamha jo hum share krte hen..har wo muskarahat ap mujhe dete hen..ap keh mjhe choone ka ehsas ..ap k saath har pal mjhe ye yaqeen dilata hai k ap mein mene wo sab paa lia hai jo shaed mein bht arse se dhoond rahi thi..zindagi..apni zindagi..arjun mene ap mein apni zindagi pai hai..mein nahi janti age zindagi mein kia likha hai han par mein itna zarur janti hun k ap k saath reh k ap ka saath paa k ap ka pyar pa k mein bht khush hun..mein bht khush hun k mein ap ki patni hun ap ki zindagi ka ek eham hissa..aur aj se sirf yahi baat mere lie kafi hai..mein hamare beech ki khushi ab kuch bhi ulta soch k zaya nahi karun gi..mein ap se..." arjun was listening to her like she is naratting a fairy tale ...he smiled and noticed few strands of hair fell on her lips due to strong wind..he rested his finger on her lips and stopped her.."shh..."..arohi looked at him confused..he removed his finger moved the strands of hair that fell on her lips with his right hand while he was still holding her with his left hand...both were looking into each other's eyes... then his hands slowly touch her lips..he was caressing her tender lips while she was blushing..arjun was closing in the space between them.. she was feeling his presence very very close to her... she could feel his breath on her face & his heart beats close to hers...he lowered his face to hers  and aligned his lips with hers.. He feasted on her mouth with a deep kiss that made her tremble.. Made her want to forget all her worries and indulge herself into the sensation of utmost ecstasy...The kiss was a kind of eternity for both of showed the depth of love 
which they had for each other..the kiss had taken away all her her fears..gently breaking the 
kiss he held her in his warm embrace making her feel protected.. safe.. secured..confident...and loved..


"arohi jab tum ne mobile pe call receive nahi karni hoti tu tumne mobile kyun rakha hua hai?..." said arjun in
a little irritated voice to arohi...since three hours he has been calling her on her mobile but she didnt 
receive..finally he ended up callong on landline..arohi bit her lower lip as she didnt notice his calls and 
didnt even call him once since morning.."wo ...sorry mobile room mein hi hai aur..." arjun didnt let her complete..."anyways arohi...aj raat hum dinner pe ja rahe hein so plz be ready...8:30 mein lene aounga..."..arohi listening this got excited.."really!!!...kahan?.."...arjun smiled.."well its a ready ok..." arohi happily.."jee.."

arohi was very happy with the thought of going out with matter where he takes her she was happy with 
the thought of being with him only..she very excitedly got ready wearing a peach and navy blue sari leaving her hairs open and applying a light makeup with the only jewellery her mangalsutra..she looked at herself in the mirror and smile...looking at the clock she sighed.."8:15 ho gae hen..arjun kahan reh gae.." she said and sat on the bed waiting for him..

almost half an hour passed and still no sign for him to come..she was also feeling hungry..again looking at 
the clock..."9 bhi baj gae.." she said disappointedly..picking up her mobile she dialed his number...the bell 
was going but no one was receiving the call..she tried again and this time her call got rejected..she sighed 
and thought.."shaed raste mein hi hen..." and again got excited as now her wait is over..beep of her mobile caught her attention..she looked at it and saw a message from him..she read the message and got disappointed..the message made her disappointed and angry too...she without waiting any further stood and changed in her night dress..

arjun was very happy too with his idea of having dinner with her..he booked the tables in "hotel xyz.." and 
also cancelled few of his meetings..glancing at the clock which stiked 8 he finally got ready to leave from the he opened the door raj malhotra and sk malhotra entered the cabin...arjun got surprised seeing them there especially raj malhotra.."hello mr.arjun ..sorry to disturb you..par raj abhhi aya hai london se tu hum ne socha ek baar raj ko bhi model dikha dia jaye..i hope its fine with you.." ..arjun forced a smile and thought.."na bhi fine ho tu kia ho jae ga...raj tum kal nahi asakte the.." he said to himself.." oh not at all mr.malhotra..its fine..plz come...hello mr.raj.." he said..raj smiled.."arjun..mene pehle bhi kaha tha..sirf raj se kaam chale ga.."..arjun smiled and they both greeted each other giving a warm hug..

almost half hour passed and when he glanced at the clock his eyes popped out seeing the time.."8:30!!!...arohi 
mera wait kar rahi ho gi.."..he again looked back at both the malhotras and sighed.."aj hi sara interest ana tha kia kaam mein donun ko.." he said.."arjun..dont u think so agar ye windows ko hum ek hi jaga rakhen tu zada sahi lage ga.." said raj catching his attention..and without realising the time he too got involved completely in the work and the discussion that he didnt even heard his mobile ringing...but when the mobile rang second time he remembered the dinner..he rejected her call and sent a text to her writing..."sorry arohi busy with mr.malhotra..aj possible nahi hai..hum kal chalein ge..dinner kar lo.."..and surprisingly he didnt even wait for her reply and again got busy with his work..

"jab kaam tha tu kia zarurat thi mujhe latkae rakhne ki.." she said angrily throwing away the pillow..she was 
sitting on the bed angrily still waiting for him.."ane do phr bataun gi kia kia possible nahi hai aj.." she said and on hearing the sound of the door opening she laid on the bed angrily pretending to be sleeping..

"thanks mr.singhania for ur time.." said sk malhotra after finishing their work...arjun smiled.."anytime 
mr.malhotra.." raj too smiled.."well its nice working with you...ab tu mein yaheen hun india mein tu hopefully roz mulaqat hoti rahe gi.."..." mean raj.." soon as they left arjun glanced at the clock.."10:30..aj tu gaya tu arjun.." he said and picking up his things he rushed outside the office making his way to home...

opening the door he entered the room and saw her laying on the bed quickly..he smiled and closed the door and 
walked towards the bed.."hey.." he said on reaching her side..arohi ignored him and kept her eyes closed..arjun knew she was not sleeping and is only pretending..he smiled and turning back he pretended.."lagta hai so gai hai..." he said and turned back again to look at her..but arohi knew him too..she remained still and didnt reply..arjun sighed and went to washroom..arohi opened her eyes and looked back at the closed door of washroom..."ye nahi k utha k mujh se poch lein k kahin mein naraz tu nahin..bas ate saath apne fresh hone ki pari hai.." she said in an irritated tone..she again closed her eyes as she saw him coming 
out of the washroom..arjun again saw her act and smiled..

he very carefully again opened washroom's door and closed it loudly so that she can hear it and stood there with a mischievious smile playing on his lips..arohi heard the sound of the door closing and thought may be he again went to washroom..she turned around and was surprised as she was caught by him..he was standing leaning against the washroom door with that smile on his face and hands folded..arohi looked at him in surprise..he raised his eyebrow.."good morning sweetheart...aj jaldi uth gai?.."..arohi twisted her nose and turned around..arjun laughed and walked towards her side of the bed and stood in front of her.."lagta hai koi bht gusse mein he.." he said and sat on his knees in front of her..arohi looked at him and rolled her eyes..arjun moved his hand forward and was abt to touch her face but She quickly moved to the other end of the bed and got out of the bed...arjun sighed and stood..he walked towards her..she was abt to move but he blocked her way..and again a mischeivous grin spread on his face..She pushed him aside... He tried to hug her...She protested and threw an angry look...he grinned and pulled her towards him but she again pushed him aside..a silent fight was going on between them..arjun again raised his eyebrow.."oh tu aisa ha.." he said...and touched her shoulder but She shrugged it away and walked away from him and stood facing the wall... arjun rolled his eyes.."itna gussa.." he said and walked towards her and hugged her from behind..Rubbing his nose on her cheek he said 'i am sorry arohi meri tu pori tayari thi par last moment pe...acha chalo na ab gussa choro aur..'.She didnt let him complete and pushed him away with a little force and turned towards him..."mjhe neend 
arahi hai..." she said and was abt to walk..her act made him a little annoyed...irritatedly he stopped her by 
holding her hand and turned her towards him and pushed her against the wall..

arohi got confused as soon as he got pinned against the wall..His hands cornered her and his eyes were
flashing anger..arohi got scared seeing him angry..her plan was only to pretend to be angry but she can see 
that her act has actually made him angry..she lowered her eyes and mumbled for words..."wo...arjun..wo..mein.." she said and looked back at him and was surprised as she saw that the anger has been replaced by something different but still familiar...his desire...

her act made him angry..he got irritated because of her silence and when he saw her moving away it annoyed him..he pulled her towards him to give her a piece of mind but on seeing her close to him with that little pout and scared look on her face it melted him and he got lost in her beauty...a sudden desire emerged in him and his body moved more closer to her and his face came lightly down to hers..arohi sucked in her breath as she felt his warm breath on her face and his eyes on her lips...He smiled dreamily and moved his face more closer to hers such that she was forced to close her eyes...he touched his face with hers as his breath caressed her neck and hands played with her hands bringing them in closure...He felt her fingers close on his as he held her hand..his deep husky voice shivered her as he said.."mjhse door mein tumhe jane nahi dounga.."..Her heartbeat increased and her eyes closed in anticipation of what was going to happen..she was breathing heavily and her lips quivered which brought a smile on his lips as he could feel that she was aware of the nearness of his body since her body responded in a feminine way ' warming and melting..she couldn't see anything because her eyes were closed but she felt his hand stroked her hair as his lips moved towards her..
his hands travelled up her arms to her shoulders to cup her face and his leg lightly caressing her legs..he 
was abt to place his lips on her fulfilling his desire but realization hit her and she opened her eyes..
Lightly pushing him she brought him back to reality...this was not her plan...

arjun looked at her surprisingly..arohi calmed herself and absorbed the passion which she just felt..gathering 
herself she managed to speak.. stressing each word he spoke.."sorry arjun..aj possible nahi hai..hum kal jaen.."..arjun's face let open and he looked at her in surprised..he moved closer to her.."aa..arohi...kesi baatein kar rahi ho...mene sorry kaha na..busy tha..."..he said and holding her pulled her arohi had this mischeivous grin on her face and she stared arjun..placing her hands on his she moved them away and stepped back..."good night.." she said and walked towards the bed..arjun looked at her in disbelief .."not fair arohi...u cant do this..ek pati k emotions k saath tum kese khel sakti ho.." he said making a puppy dog face..arohi smiled..she was very well aware of hi was the same case with her but she has to teach him a lesson for not giving her the time which was hers only..she looked at him..."sad na?..par dont worry intezar mein ap ka waqt cut jae ga.."..arjun opened his mouth to speak but again closed..he again spoke.."arohi..sorry na..i promise kal chalenge..aur promise kal ka dinner tum kabhi nahi bholo gi par ab tum aj wali baat bhool jao.." he said childishly..arohi raised her eyebrow.."really?.." arjun nodded..arohi smiled.."tu jab dinner kar lenge phr hi baqi baatein sochenge..ok.."..arjun moved forward.."arohi dont behave like a bad girl..chalo shabash ab apne pati parmeshwar se dosti kar lo.." he said smilingly..arohi smiled and something clicked her mind.."ek shart pe.."..arjun excitedly.."kia?"..

"oh god se fazool movie nahi mili thi tumhe mjhe dikhane k liye.." said arjun irritatedly..arohi's 
condition was to watch her favourite movie HUM AP KEH HAIN KAUN with her..arohi paused the movie and looked at him and said in a bossy tone.."arjun chup chap movie dekhiye aur mjhe bhi dekhne di jiye..."..arjun glared her and put his finger on his lip and nodded..half an hour passed and he was quite bored seeing the movie..he 
rolled his eyes and on one scene he looked at arohi who was completely engrossed in the movie like she was 
watching it for the first wonder she is watching it for the 70th time..on interval arohi looked at 
him with a sad face.."arjun.." she called him in a sad tone..arjun looked at her confusingly and
worriedly.."arohi kia hua.." he asked panickly..arohi making a childish face.."mene khana nahi khaya.."..arjun 
closed his could he forgot to ask her if she had dinner...he sighed.."pehle q nahi bataya.."..he said and stood.."tum movie dekho mein tmhare lie kuch khane ko lata hun.." and was abt to move happy from inside.."isi bahane movie se kuch der ko chutkara tu mile ga.." he muttered..

he entered the room after half an hour holding a tray in his hand and placed it on the bed beside her..arohi 
was sitting looking here and there..he smiled.."khatam finally.." but his smile vanished as his eyes fell on the tv where the movie was paused on the interval..he forced a smile and looked back at arohi.."tum ne movie dekhi nahi...mein tu yahi dar raha tha k kahin khatam na hogai ho.." arohi smiled.."patni ko sab pata hota hai..mene ap k dil ki sun li..socha ap hi k saath shoru ki hai tu ap hi k saath khatam krun.." arjun nodded gritting his teeth.."how sweet.." he said and sat beside her...arohi started eating her food and took half an hour.."arohi jaldi jaldi karo sona bhi hai hum ne.." he said..arohi smiled being aware of his desparateness but today she will not let him win..she played the movie entertaining herself and boring him..

"what rubbish...aise kaise koi mar sakta hai stairs se girne se..i mean direct maar hi dia use..mene tu aksar apne school mein boys k haath mein fractures dekhen hen stairs se girne ki waja ka bhi kahin fracture dikha dete.." he said rolling his eyes on a scene where pooja fell from stairs and died..arohi looked at him.."arjun movie hai.." she said as a matter of fact..arjun looked at her.."movie hai tu kia kuch bhi dikhayenge.." arohi sighed.."arjun ap shaed smjhe nahin..yahan ye bataya gaya hai k insan k agle pal ka kuch bharosa nahi us ne socha hai wo usi tarha se ho ye zaruri nahi hai..maut sab kuch badal deti he sare faisle sare sapne..maut kabhi bhi kahin bhi kisi bhi waqt kisi bhi waja se asakti hai...use sirf ek bahana chahie aur bas sab khatam ya sab phr se shoru.." she said..arjun was listening to his words silently and found a bitter reality..the truth of man's life..he just kept staring her and shook his head..'what ever.." he said..

he sighed a sigh of relief when the movie ended and arohi being clever she threw the remote on his lap
and moved to her side of the bed and laid down.."arjun tv band kar di jiye ga..mjhe neend arahi hai good 
night..aur haan thanks for watching movie with me.."..arjun's mouth kept open as he stared at her laying down 
on bed and covering her face with the quilt..he looked at the remote in his hand and hit it on his head.."very good.." he said..


      Next morning in office arjun finally decided to take arohi out for dinner today and make up for last night..he called jay.."yaar aj ki sari meetings tu akele hi sambhal lena..mein busy hun aj.." ..he also cancelled all his meetings where only his precense was required..he didnt inform arohi abt his plans as he wanted to surprise her today..he did all the arrangements himself and also purchased a sari for arohi.."aj raat tum kabhi nahi bholo gi arohi.." he thought smilingly..he also went to the location where the construction was being done for another surprise which he has planned for arohi.."agar ye pora hogaya hota tu shaed aj raat mein tmhe wo teen lafz bhi keh deta jo tum kab se sunna chah rahi ho..par tmhe us k lie thora aur intezar krna ho ga arohi q k jis tarha tumne mere lie wo teen lafz special bana die the mein b wese hi tmhare lie wo teen lafz yadgar banana chahta hun aur is se acha surprise shaed koi aur nahi ho skta.." he said to himself..

Wrapping the sari he attached a note on it and called the office driver.."ghar jao aur ye packet dhondz ko dena aur kehna arohi madam se chupa k un k room mein rakh do..samjhe?.." the driver nodded and left..arjun sighed..he smiled.."jo kal not possible tha use aj possible bana dunga mein.." he said and left the office..

Arohi looked at the clock in the living area and sighed.."aj bhi late...kaha tha aj dinner pe le k jaenge..arjun bhi na ane do zara.." she said..

"arohi puttar arjun tu lagta hai aj b late hoga 8 baj gae hen..chal aja khana kha lete hen.." said dadi taking a bite of her food.."haan arohi ajao thanda hojae ga.." said kumud..natasha and rashi came downstairs and sat on their seats.."hey arohi come kis ka intezar hai.." said natasha filling her glass with water..arohi smiled.."abhi bhook nahi hai mein baad mein kha lungi.." she said..dadi smiled.."han pata hai tere sare bahane..chal theek hai ja aram kr arjun k sath kha lena.." arohi smiled and went upstairs..kumud smiled.."maa ye sab dekh k mjhe bht khushi hoti hai.." dadi confusingly.."kia?.." kumud:" arohi ka arjun k lie pyar aur arjun ka arohi k liye...mera beta bht khush qismat hai jo use arohi jesi patni mili..such mein maa arohi ne arjun ko sudhar dia hai.." dadi smiled,,"mein janti thi arohi hi he wo larki jo arjun ki zindagi ko sahi disha mein la skti he..arohi he hi aisi sab ka dil jeet leti he arjun ka b jeet lia.." rashi smiled,,"haan aur arjun one woman man ban gaya sab se bara change aya hai arjun mein.. Q natasha.." said rashi..natasha looked at everyone and forced a smile.."kisi insan ko badal k pyar kia tu kia pyar kia.." she said..everyone looked at her confused..natasha continued.."mera matlb..acha hai ye change..arjun ko apni life mein arohi ki importance pata hai..good..very good.." dadi and kumud smiled..rashi kept on staring natasha sensing something different..she shook her head and started eating whereas natasha got lost in her thoughts... 

arohi entered her room..she thought of calling him and asking abt his time to come just then her eyes fell on the bed..she walked towards the bed and found a packet in the bed wrapped in a beautiful cover..she got confused.."yeh kab aya?..kon laya?.." she said..she saw a note attached with it..she read.."arohi..mene kaha tha na aj ka dinner tum nahi bholo gi?..bas ye us hi ki shuruwaat dress meine bht mann se lia hai sirf tumhare lie aur mein aj raat tumhe is mein dekhna chahta hun..neeche car tumhara wait kr rahi jaldi..tum aram se tayyar ho..sirf mere liye"..arohi smiled and opened the packet and found a beautiful black net saree with a beeded blouse of a thin strap back of which was supported by doris... arohi smiled and shyed at his choice of dress...she felt nervous in wearing the dress and to come in front of him but she knew she has to do this for him..only for him..she smiled and got ready..applying her sindoor she wore her mangalsutra and diamond earings and bangles leaving her wavy hairs open she gave herself a last look in the mirror and went downstairs..

"oh my god bhabhi..u are looking awesome.." rashi said on seeing her..she stood and ran towards arohi and whispered in her ear.."and sexy too.."..arohi shyed..natasha too turned.."looking beautiful arohi..kahin ja rahi ho?.." she said.."hann woh.." arohi said but kumud interupted her.."han arjun ne bata dia ka phone aya tha..jao beta.." she said and walked towards her..she kissed her forehead and put a black mark behind her ear.."bht sundar lag rahi ho..kisi ki nazar na lage.."..arohi smiled.."acha mom..mein chalti hun.." she said and left..outside she saw a car waiting for her..she stepped inside the car and the driver gave her a note and drove the car..arohi read the note.."i know u must be looking beautiful and mjhse ab sabar bhi nahi ho raha tumhe is sari mein dekhne k lie..par bas thori hi der mein tum mere pas ho gi..come soon.." arohi smiled..the car stopped in front of the XYZ HOTEL..a man came and opened the door for her..arohi stepped out and the man gestured her to go inside giving her the directions..

the door in the hotel leading to a restraunt opened and arohi stepped in and the door got closed..arohi turned to see the closed door and then again she looked at the view in front of her..The restaurant was the ultimate for romantic dining..soft romantic melodic music was being palyed in the background..the lighting was low with candles on every table.. The tablecloth on each table was thick white linen with black napkins.. Every table also had a small bouquet of red roses.. The ambiance was just so romantic and she felt so happy that she was sharing this wonderful time with her wonderful husband..her arjun..she walked inside and stopped in middle of the hall and looked here and there for him..and instantly her heart beat got accelerated on feeling the two hands encircling her..He hugged her from behind Keeping his hands on her stomach and chin on her shoulder, he whispered into her ear.."welcome mrs.arohi arjun singhania.."..arohi shivered and closed her eyes..The scent of his cologne lingered around her igniting a desire to breathe everything about him in..she kept her hands above his and managed to speak but her words lost in her mouth when she felt his breath on her neck..she arched her neck back and rested on his shoulder and his lips moved down to her throat. Her hands moved to touch his cheek..He kissed her throat which made her whisper 'arjun.."..arjun opened his eyes on hearing his name which sounds so melodic in her voice..he smiled and made her turn to face him..her eyes were still closed..

his lips curved up to a soft smile as he just stared at the beauty in front of him with admiration..She looked ethereal.. The saree complimented her milky white skin and hugged the curves of her body at proper places.. Her waist was visible and all he wanted to do that take her in right there..arohi opened her eyes and looked at him and was stunned by the man in front of her wearing a white shirt and black dress pant hairs spiked up and the most adorable smile on his face..The intensity coming from his eyes was making it hard for her to breath and she shyly cast a downward glance...arjun stepped forward..She felt herself melt when he took her hand into his and made her walk towards the table...he pulled out a chair for her..arohi smiled and sat..he sat opposite her and they both just kept staring at each other..the way he was looking at arohi was making her breathless and difficult for her to control the desires which he was creating in her just by his eyes..she looked downward..arjun sighed.."arohi..tum bht khobsurat lag rahi ho.." he said in a husky voice which sent shivers down her spine..she smiled shyly.."ap bhi bht ache lag rahe hen.." she said..arjun smiled.."so kaisa laga mera surprise.."..arohi.."acha hai..bht khobsurat surprise hai.." she then looked at him and teased.."lagta hai kal ki raat se ap dar gaye tabhi aj itna sab kar dia.."..arjun.."kal ki raat tu mera sabar ka imtehan tha jis ka phal mein aj lunga.."..arohi blushed and looked away..

the dinner arrived and arohi was surprised seeing all her favourite dishes from every cusine..they enjoyed their dinner talking and laughing with arjun telling arohi abt his childhood days and arohi abt her shaitaniyas..they also talked abt the ongoing project in the company and the malhotra family.."such mein arohi is very down to earth..un k saath kaam karna ek sapna tha aur un ka damad raj malhotra wo bhi ek acha insan hai damad tu lagta hi nahi..dono husband and wife mein pyar bhi bht hai..its a nice family tmhe bhi ek baar milna chaye un se..bht ache log hain.." said arjun..

"i will have ice chocolate.." she said looking at the menu..arjun smiled.."mein tu do dessert lun ga.." he said and looked at arohi.."ek icecream..almond crunch.." arohi smiled.."aur dosra cheesecake..see mjhe pata hai.." she said..arjun smiled and nodded in disapproval..arohi raising her eyebrow.."phr?"..arjun smiled.."dosra tu tum do gi na.." he said with a mischievous smile on his face which arohi didnt understand.."g nahi mein ap ko apni icecream nahi.." she said and stopped realising the meaning of his words..her cheeks become red and she shyed away..arjun laughed.."really arohi tum bhi kabhi kabhi had karti ho.." he said making her blush more..

soft music was playing adding more romance in the atmosphere..arohi was looking at the flowers in front of her..arjun smiled and stood.."ek perfect date mein jo hota hai wo sab hum ne kar lia..khana bhi kha lia..romantic baatein bhi kar li..dessert bhi hogaya..romance baqi hai wo tu baad mein.." he said..arohi looked at him and shook her head.."arjun ap bhi.." she said..arjun smiled.."never mind..par haan us se pehle dance baqi hai.." he forwarded his hand..arohi smiled and placed her hand in his and arjun clicked the button of the remote to start the song in the music system...

music started..

arjun placed his left hand on her waist & with his right hand held her left hand and they start their dance at
a slow pace with arohi looking into the mesmerizing eyes of arjun..

Saans mein teri saans mili toh mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi, mujhe saans aayi..

they both swayed accordingly matching with each other's steps..

Saans mein teri saans mili toh mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi, mujhe saans aayi..

arjun twirls her holding her right hand with his and again came back to their previous position..

Rooh ne choo li jism ki khushboo tu jo paas aayi
Tu jo paas aayi, tu jo paas aayi..

he pulls her more closer to his face...and they both stared at each other lovingly...completely lost in the 
wordings of the song and were feeling every bit of it..

Saans mein teri saans mili toh mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi, mujhe saans aayi..


he held her by her waist and she bent backwards.. his chest over hers and She stopped breathing and both got 
lost in each other..

Kab tak hosh sambhaale koi
Hosh udhe toh udh jaane do..

he ran his index finger from her maang through her forhead then through her nose..lips and stopped on her lips 
for some time.. They both gaze at each other for some time in the same pose..

Dil kab seedhi raah chala hai
Raah mudhe toh mudh jaane do..

he continued to run his finger through her chin.. throat and stopped at the point just below her throat making
her breath heavily..

Tere khayal mein doob ke aksar achhi lagi tanhaai..

he twirled her so that her back is now touching his chest.. he wrapped up his arms around her arms and their
both palms rested on her belly  and they both swayed left to roght..each passing second was making it
difficult for both of them to control their growind desires which was increasing due to their closeness..

Saans mein teri saans mili toh mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi, mujhe saans aayi..

he turned her around and she laid her hands on his shoulder..he coiled his arms around her back and they They
both swayed in each other's arms each other's embrace..


the scene shifted in their bedroom..

Raat teri baahon mein katey toh
Subah badi halki lagti hai..

arjun caressed her hairs with his fingers and then caressed her shoulders and neck with his nose and lips and she shivered feeling his in the moment she slipped her hands on his neck and kissed his forehead.. arjun was chilled to his bone but couldn't stop admiring his love...

Aankh mein rehne lagey ho kya tum
Kyu chhalki chhalki lagti hai..

arjun kissed back her on her forehead and on her eyes and carried her in his arms laying her down on the bed..

Mujhko phir se choo ke bolo
Meri kasam kya khaai..

His lips found a pathway to her neck... He nipped it slightly leaving a mark and then sucked it to reduce her pain as she gasped underneath him..

Saans mein teri saans mili toh mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi, mujhe saans aayi..

he placed his lips on hers.. Her lips parted to welcome his demanding tongue and as it probed deeper she experienced a whole new world of intoxicating pleasure.. She whimpered as he diverted his attention further down..trailing down kisses on her ears..neck.. shoulders... He sucked on her soft flesh as his free hand stroked her body with utmost urgency...

Rooh ne choo li jism ki khushboo tu jo paas aayi..

and finally the moment of the unison of the two flesh came and he entered in her giving up his control..Her heart sang and she got lost in the wonder of the moment...He took her to a new height of passion with each kiss, each stroke, each caress, each bite...

Mujhe saans aayi, mujhe saans aayi'
Tu jo paas aayi, tu jo paas aayi'

they both reached the climax together..he rolled on his back pulling her on top of him and hugged her tight..she rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes.."thankyou arjun.." she said and kissed on his chest..arjun smiled and kissed on her head and pulled her more close and they both drifted in their dreamland..


"sure mr.malhotra..thanks..".."haan bilkul meri wife bhi ae gi..".."sure..u too take care.."..said arjun while he spoke to malhotra..arjun sighed disconnecting the call and smiled..he instantly dialed arohi's number.."hey sweetheart whts up.." he said smilingly listening her soothing voice..arohi smiled: "ap ki tarha farig nahi hun.." she said teasingly.."oh really kaam hain apko.." said arjun..arohi twisting her hair in her finger: "mjhe apne pati k liye un ki favourite dish banani hai.."..arjun smiled: "us ki zarurat nahi hai..q k aj nahin kha paunga.." arohi confusingly:" q?.." arjun:" q k aj raat humein ek party mein jana hai..".."party ?..kesi party?.."..arjun: "sk malhotra ki party..aj unki beti aur raj ki 3rd anniversery hai aur unhone hum sab ko bulaya hai.." arohi :"oh par arjun hum sab tu nahi ja paenge..mera matlab rashi ka kal koi exam hai wo tu wese hi nai nahi hain tu mom bhi nahi jaengi aur dadi bhi isi waja se nahi jaengi.." arjun sighed.."arohi tum ho na tum tu chalo gi na.." arohi smiled.."jee..mein phr bhi ek baar sab se poch lungi.." arjun:"ok.."..he saw jay entering his cabin with two files in his hand and panicked look.."acha arohi shaam mein milte hen..take care.." he said..arohi smiled "bye..".. After finishing the call arohi dialed purvi's number.."hey bhabhi kesi ho.." she said on hearing her voice..purvi:"arohi..itne dino baad tmhari awaz sunne ko mili hai tum tu bht busy ho gai ho apni bhabhi k liye b time nahi haan..." arohi smiled:" nahi bhabhi aisi koi baat nahi..bas .." purvi:" haan haan sab pata hai mjhe.."..arohi:"acha bhai wish u a very happy wedding anniversery.."..purvi smiled.."thankyou arohi tmhe yaad tha.." arohi:"aisa kabhi hua k mein apne bhayya bhabhi ki life ka important day bhool jaun.." purvi smiled.."acha kia special plan aj k...haan i knw bhayya ap ko date pe le k jaenge.." said arohi..purvi said sadly.."nahi arohi aj nahi..maa ki tabiat nahi theek dad bhi nahi hain aur dj bhi akeli..." arohi shocked.."mom ki hua mom ko.." purvi:"ghabrane wali koi baat nahi arohi bas mamoli sa fever hai.." "kisi ne mjhe bataya q nahi.." arohi said..purvi :"are arohi koi bari baat nahi hai.." she reassured her..arohi was in no mood to listen.."bhabhi ap log mom ki fiqar mat krna mein mom k saath rukun gi ap log apna din celebrate karen.." purvi reassured her that everything is fine and they will manage everything but arohi didnt listen her and after so much denial from purvi arohi managed to make her agree with her idea.."theek hai phr mein ek ghante tak ati hun.." arohi said happily..after disconnecting the call she remembered that she has to go with arjun too.."ye mene kia kia..ab arjun..oh god.." she said..

After half an hour arohi called arjun.."hey.." he said answering her call..arohi was feeling bad for him ..she sighed and spoke.."wo arjun.." arjun sensing something wrong:"kia hua arohi tum theek ho na.."..arohi:"ha arjun..wo i am sorry arjun.."and she told the entire convo with purvi to him..arjun sighed.."itni si baat arohi..dont feel bad yaar..hum nahi jaenge..hum mom se milne jaenge..ok..ab smile plz.." arohi smiled.."par arjun ap plz meri waja se plan cancel na ki jiye..ap jaenge..acha nahi lagta ghar se koi bhi na jae agar.."..arjun:" arohi mein ghar araha hun aur hum saath mein ja rahen hen tumhari mom se milne..ok.." arohi:"arjun par..." arjun didnt let her complete.."ready rehna.." and disconnected the call..arohi sighed.."arjun bhi na ..sunte hi nahi.."

arjun reached home.."arohi tum ready ho?..chalein.." said arjun entering his room..arohi who was combing her hair smiled back at him..arjun's eyes fell on the bed where a suit was kept..he asked arohi:"mein ye pehn k jaun mom se milne?..arohi mom ki tabiat kharab hai us mein mein suit pehn k jaun?.."...arohi smiled and walked towards him.."arjun..mein jaungi ap suit tu ap aj raat party mein pehneinge" arjun shook his head: "arohi i told u na k hum nahi ja rahe bas khatam hogai wo baat.." arohi sighed.."arjun ap ja rahe hen aur ye final malhotra ko bura lage ga warna.."..arjun:"arohi plz..mein akele ja k kia krunga..aur wese bhi party se zada mom ki importance hai.." arohi:"arjun mom k liye mein hun na ap party mein jayen plz arjun mana mat ki jiye ga..jay b tu hoga na akele kahan hunge ap.." arjun was abt to speak but stopped hearing a knock on the door..seeing the person arjun smiled..natasha entered the room.."sorry meine tum donu ki baatein suni.." said natasha..arjun smiled..natasha continued.."arjun if u wont mind tu kia mein chal skti hun tmhare saath party mein.." arjun and arohi looked at her confused..natasha understanding their confusion continued.."wo actually mein thora bore hogai hun..thora change mil jae ga..aur tmhe b company mil jaegi..q arohi.." she said and faced arohi..arohi just stared her not knowing what to say..arjun wanted to say yes to natasha cuz he knew she must be needing a change as she had been going through a tough time..but on remembering arohi's fears and insecurities he thought of refusing her as he didnt want any other confusion or fight between them cuz of natasha.."nahi natasha hum party mein hi nai ja rahe is lie.." but arohi interupted him.."nai arjun ye tu bht achi baat hai k natasha ap k sth ja rahi hai..ab ap party mein ja rahe hen aur ab topic closed..".."par arohi.." arjun said confusingly as he knew arohi didnt like him with natasha but arohi squeezed his hand in order to assure him.."plz arjun mere liye.." arjun smiled and nodded...though arohi didnt like arjun with natasha but by agreeing on this matter she wanted to tell him that no matter what she trusts him and she didnt want him to think that may be she is still fearing on this matter...

Arohi reached alluhwalia's house and greeted everyone..she met amrit and hugged her and a tear rolled down her cheeks seeing her mom as she was so pale and has become weak,,"mom ap aise bilkul b nai achi lagti jaldi se achi ho jaen.." she said..amrit   Smiled and kissed her forehead:"tu agai hai na ab mein theek ho jaungi..dekho abhi se ho rahi hun.." she said showing her smiling face..they both hugged each other and chatted for few moments.. salil and purvi thanked arohi for coming.."mom k lie mere bhi tu kuch farz bante hen bhayya is mein thanks ki kia baat hai.." she said smilingly..salil smiled and hugged her and then he and purvi went out to celebrate their day..arohi prepared soup for amrit and fed her and after talking for few more time she bid her goodnight and went to her room..she dialed arjun's number after entering her room "utha q nahi rahe.." she said..but then she thought.."party mein shor bht hoga shaed awaz nahi suni ho gi.."..she smiled and texted him wishing him goodnight and kept her mobile beside her pillow.. she laid down on the bed and closed her eyes but couldnot sleep so she went back to amrit's room thinking.."agar mom ko kisi cheez ki zarurat hoi tu.." she laid down beside her and slept..

arjun entered the party alone holding a bouqet in his hand as natasha got a phone call so she stopped to receive it..the party was going on in full swing..he wore a black armani suit with White shirt and was looking sizzling hot and handsome.. All the girls were already drooling over him as soon as they saw him entering the party but hated the face that there was a girl with him.. natasha stepped in wearing a blue and pink knee lenghth dress and she too was looking beautiful..all the media people were gathered in the party as it was not a normal party but THE MALHOTRA'S PARTY..cameras were flashing all over and each and every step of the guests and moments of the party were being captured..arjun smiled seeing natasha beside him and they both walked in and press started taking photos..arjun walked and talked to the people he knew and also introduced natasha to them and every one greeted him warmly.. mr malhotra saw arjun and a girl with him..he smiled and walked towards him with raj and his daughter preety.."hey young man welcome to the party.." said sk giving him a warm hug.."thanks sir.." said arjun and then he gave a warm hug to raj.."happy wedding anniversery raj...what a coincidence aj mere brother in law ki bhi anniversery hai..lekin 4th" said arjun smiling..raj smiled.."thanks arjun..thats great happy wedding anniversery to him too.." he said and then his smile faded for some unknown reason.. arjun's eyes fell on his wife and he wished him too giving her the bouqet which he held in his hand.."happy wedding anniversery maam..i mean preety.." preety smiled receiving the bouqet.."thanks arjun..thank you for coming.." she then smiled at natasha and hugged her.."tu ye ap ki wife hen..she is so pretty..hi i am preety.. preety malhotra.." she said..arjun looked at natasha surprisingly and his smile faded..he didnt like her saying natasha his wife..natasha smiled and was abt to speak but arjun spoke first making correction in preety's words.."nahi..she is my wife arohi..arohi singhania couldnot make it due to her mother's illness.." arjun said and smiled..preety smiled.."i am so sorry to hear that hope her mother is ok now..and sorry natasha i mistaken you to be...anyways come na..come plz.." said preety..

arjun , raj and sk got busy in their own business discussion with sk introducing arjun to some of his important clients and guests..preety gave company to natasha and left seeing some other guests.."excuse me plz.." said preety..natasha smiled and nodded..around the corner of the room was standing sunaina drinking her glass of soft drink.."natasha arjun k saath.." she thought confusingly..she walked towards natasha and greeted her.."hey sunaina..tum yahan?.."..said natasha.."haan preety meri friend hai..tum yahan?.." said sunaina.."haan wo arohi aa nahi pai tu us ne mjhe arjun k saath bheja.." said natasha..sunaina nodded and lost in her thoughts.. the next moment preety and raj cut the cake and dinner was served..while having his dinner arjun's eyes fell on sunaina and he asked natasha.."ye yahan kese.."..natasha looked at sunaina.."wo preety ki friend hai.." arjun:"oh.."..he kept his plate and thought of calling arohi first and as soon as he saw his mobile he got surprised.."3 missed calls!...mjhe awaz q nahi ai.." he thought..he then read her goodnight message and sighed.."shit..mjhe kese nahi sunai di...abhi kar leta hun..neend tu ai nahi hogi ise.." he thought..he dialed arohi's number but she didnt receive as her mobile was in her room and she was in amrit's room...he tried again but still no answer.."shaed so hi gai hai.." he thought and continued with his dinner..

"all the couples are now requested to join the dance floor.." said dj and raj and preety were the first to move..lateron all the couples were dancing on the female version of the song agar tum mil jao...


Agar tum mil jao
Zamaana chod denge hum
Agar tum mil jao
Zamaana chod denge hum
Agar tum mil jao
Zamaana chod denge hum

as soon as the song started raj and preety started swaying and twirling whereas sunaina who was standing alone on the opposite direction of arjun looked at arjun as if expressing the words only to him whereas natasha lost in some thoughts and arjun smiled remembering arohi's face..

Tumhe paa kar zamaane bhar se
rishta tod denge hum
Agar tum mil jao
Zamaana chod denge hum
Agar tum mil jao
Zamaana chod denge hum..

natasha looked at ajrun and arjun looked at natasha and smiled and natasha forced a smile..and natasha stood just staring at him..


Bina tere koi dilkash
Nazara hum na dekhenge
Bina tere koi dilkash
Nazara hum na dekhenge

natasha forwarded her hand to arjun asking him for dance..arjun nodded in negative still smiling but seeing her sad face he agreed cuz of he wanted to see her friend happy..they both walked to the dance floor..

Tumhe na ho pasand usko
Doobara hum na dekhenge..

arjun placed his hand on her waist and removed at once and kept it on her shoulder and the other one in her hand and they both danced but the only person arjun was remembering and missing at the moment was arohi and the last dance they did..

teri soorat na ho jis mein
Teri soorat na ho jis mein
Woh sheesha tod denge hum
Agar tum mil jao
Zamaana chod denge hum

natasha looked up at him and she saw aman's face in his face and her forced smile too faded away..sunaina felt anger running in her body as her eyes fell on the couple dancing in front of her..


Tere dil mein rahenge
Tujhko apna ghar bana lenge
Tere dil mein rahenge
Tujhko apna ghar bana lenge

sunaina saw herself in natasha's place and dreamt of dancing with him..

Tere khwabon ko gehno ki tarah
Khud par sajaa lenge..

sunaina came out of her thoughts and shook her head and her eyes fell on natasha.."no jaga na tumhari hai na arohi ki..tum ne acha nahi kia.." she said and turned..
natasha looked up at him again and lost in her thoughts her eyes become wet..

Khud par sajaa lenge
Kasam teri kasam
Kasam teri kasam
Taqdeer ka ruk mod denge hum

sunaina left in anger and natasha's eyes shed a tear which went unnoticed by arjun..lost in arohi's thoughts he twisted her round & hugged her from the back..

Agar tum mil jao
Zamaana chod denge hum..

natasha's tears came out and she lost control on them and also the flashing of the cameras all over was irritating her..she felt dizzy and she removed his hand and turned back..arjun came out of his thoughts and shockingly looked at natasha and was surprised to see her in tears.."natasha u alright?.." natasha wiped her tear.."arjun mjhe ghar jana hai..abhi..plz.." arjun didnt spoke further..he thought she must have remembered the time spent with aman which has made her sad..he just nodded and helding her hand he walked out from the party without even meeting the malhotras..while he was in the car he asked natasha.."natasha tum theek that related to aman.."..natasha didnt reply..arjun forced her to speak.."arjun aman ne mere saath aisa q kia.." said natasha and sobbed..arjun closed his eyes feeling miserable of not being able to do something for her..natasha wiped her tears.."i have decided i will talk to him..yes i will..arjun mein kal hi london jana chahti hun.." arjun got shocked.."what natasha..tum ab bhi us insan se.." she didnt let him complete.."arjun i love him..aur kisi na kisi ko tu shuruwat karni hai tu mein hi karun gi.." she said..arjun: "par natasha..." natasha..:"no arjun its final..i cant live without him..i will talk to him.." she said and dialing the number from her mobile she booked her london ticket of the next day..arjun sighed and thought.." i hope sab theek ho jae.."

they both reached home and natasha rushed to her room and arjun stood there staring at her and then he walked to his room..he sighed and again tried arohi's number but still no response..his mobile rang and seeing jay's number he atonce remembered that he didnt come to the party..he answered his call instantly.."hey jay tu party mein nahi aya...q?"..jay :"arjun problem ho gai thi is lie..hamare london wale project k client hum se milna chahte hen..mene bht koshish ki unhein manane ki isi lie mein nahi aya party mein..par ab ye mamla sirf tu handle kar skta hai..arjun meine teri aur meri kal ki tickets book kara di hain london ki..sorry tujh se pocha kaam bht zaruri hai.." said jay..arjun just listened him silently.."ok jay no problem..sahi kia tune..chal kal milte hen..tu mjhe flight ki details sab msg kar de..bye.."..he sighed and again called arohi to inform her abt his london trip but still no answer.."sbha baat karun ga.." he said and started packing his stuff..

precap:  dhamaka for jayaWink...arjun slaps arohi..and...???

ok i know the update was not that much good a the previous one but still i tried to make it nice...i am sorry for being late in posting ..i was not feeling well and didnt complete the update..just got done with the update and have posted it...thankyou for waiting..

mysticlover where are you? i am missing ur comments since last two updates..hope everthing is ok at ur end..sorry cooljaya, arjuhisis, kkian.. and everyone i know u guys were waiting today for the update..sorry..

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...
those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...and sorry who didnt get my pm..

thankyou...take careSmile

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Originally posted by zoya_naziya

Awesome update as usualHug

Nice to see that Arohi did not relent so easily...

And the way you have brought in all the situations to make Arohi realise ki their marriage(present) is what matters more that what he had in the past was too good..

Roothne manane se hi toh pyar badhta hai aur mazboot bhi hota hai...

I still don't trust that Natasha.. Did she ever love Aman? 

thanks for liking...yaar natasha itni buri nai hai bechari pe thora tu trust kroWink

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Originally posted by Rimpikmh

Awesome update as usual Clap
thanks for quick n long updateHug
i liked that arohi not forgives arjun  easily.
u know what tumahara update kitna hi long kui na ho n roj tum update karo tab vi lgta hai ki or update hota to acha hotaWink
waiting for nxt partDay Dreaming

hehe thanks yaar par roz update dena thora mushkil ho jata hai..Smile
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Originally posted by ...vibha...

awesome update sehar
loved impatient arjun asking for forgivenessLOL
u showed brilliantly that both of them were at a fault
but i am still having negative vibes about natashaConfused
continue soon and thanks once again for a quick updateEmbarrassed

thanks for liking...negative vibes for natasha...ok let me clear everyone's confusions...yes she is a  negative character...yes she is a positive characterWink
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Originally posted by Arjuhisis

Awesome update sehar - Arjun deserves aru's anger -
Luved the update sehar - thx for the quick one

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Originally posted by ...vibha...

sehar we know we are greedy for updates
bt tumne hi hume bigada hai, quick updates dekeROFL
now update

i love my greedy readersWink

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