Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUN AROHI FF.."JEENA SIRF TERE LIYE"...thread #1 (Page 63)

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oh god! arjun shdnt have said thatDead idiot
how cud he say that?????
poor arohiCryCryCry
the updt was as usual fantasticClapClapClap
waiting to see how arohi forgives arjun...
want to see insecure n jealous arjun now...
updt soonEmbarrassed 

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the part was short than usual but loved the way u showed arohi's turmiol
arjun shouldn't have said it, i know he was angry bt he didn't did correct
feeling bad for arohi
i don't want arohi to forgive him easily like she did last time
thoda arjun ko bhi tadapne do
do continue soon

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Originally posted by zoya_naziya

It was a very sad update!!! Arjun should have never told such things...But am happy that Arohi told him what she feels... Arjun needs to go through a situation like this to understand Arohi's fears and insecurities!!!

Superb writing as usual!!! I could feel Arohi's pain!!!

dont worry arohi k sare badle hum lenge arjun seWink

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Originally posted by ...vibha...

the part was short than usual but loved the way u showed arohi's turmiol
arjun shouldn't have said it, i know he was angry bt he didn't did correct
feeling bad for arohi
i don't want arohi to forgive him easily like she did last time
thoda arjun ko bhi tadapne do
do continue soon

dont worry itni asani se nahi chorenge hum...Smile
arjuhi_s IF-Dazzler

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PART 20:

2 hours passed and arjun was still sitting in the same position on the bed..he was hating himself for bringing tears in her eyes for hurting her..for bringing the faded memories of her haunting past in front of her..He didn't say those words purposefully nor there were no intentions of saying them..he has never ever thought abt arohi's past like has been two months since they are married and never ever such thought came in his mind..he has never thought arohi to be like that..he knew what ever happened it was not her fault at all... But somehow the words came out of his mouth..he too was shocked of why he uttered such words..after his marriage and knowing the truth abt arohi's life he has always respected her loved her but has never thought such cheap things..then why today.."kyunnn?..." he screamed punching hard on the bed..he wanted to cry aloud placing his head on her laps and ask pardon...forgiveness.. But the guilt inside him was not allowing him to do that... what he did what he said after that He can't even face her.. then how could he talk to her. There is no justification for what he has done few hours ago...he rubbed his face with his hands..he closed his eyes to stop the tears from coming..composing himself he decided to ask forgiveness from her..he cant let her be alone at the time when she needs him the most..he without thinking any further went out of the room to talk to apologize to get his punishment..

arohi's eyes were closed and she was leaning against the door still crying with her closed eyes..the person
she felt more secured with..on whom she can count on has hurt her today..he made her realise that he has not forgotten abt her past and somewhere deep he believes the mistake to be hers..only hers..she was in her thoughts and was startled by the knock on the door and fresh tears started falling from her eyes when she heard his voice..

arjun reached outside the guestroom and found the door locked...he sighed and took a long breath and with
great courage he knocked the door.."arohi..." he said..arohi heard his voice and again closed her eyes..she didnt reply and kept silent...arjun on not having her reply again called her.."arohi...arohi meri baat suno..arohi plz.."...arohi just sat quietly ignoring his voice..not hearing reply from her was scaring him..he knew he has hurt her and now she must be very angry on him but what ever and however he has to makeup for his mistake.."arohi..arohi ek baar..sirf ek baar meri baat suno..plz arohi..darwaza kholo.."..arohi again didnt reply...she was not liking her name from his voice at this moment..she was hating herself..her past..her life..cuz of her past her beautiful present got ruined by such cheap words..."kia kabhi mene tmhare past pe ungli jante hue k tmhari zindagi mein mjhse pehle ek shaks tha tu kia mene kabhi tumhari shadi pe ungli mene kabhi tumse pocha k tum aur sanchit band kamre mei..."..

her silence was stabbing his heart..he was hating her silence.."arohi kuch to bolo..plz..." he said..."plz.." 
he whispered.."arohi meri baat tu suno..plz mjhe maaf kar do..arohi open the door.." he said..arohi wiped her tears and replied.."arjun..mjhe ap se koi baat nahi karni..plz tamasha mat banaye ..jaiye yahan se.." she said...arjun's heart beat was increasing with fear..he cant let this happen..he cant let her suffer alone cuz of his cheap words..."arohi open the door...arohi tmhe meri kasam..darwaza kholo.."..arohi didnt want to talk to him..she didnt even want to see him..she wanted to be alone..alone with herself..but hearing him giving his swear to her she gave up..whatever but she cant even think of anything happening to him even in her dream..she sighed and stood from her place and instantly opened the door..

arjun got relaxed seeing the door open..he looked at arohi and his heart skipped a beat..he never wanted to 
see this sight of her..arohi looked up at him...pain..anger..betrayel..disbelief..hurt were clear in her eyes..he closed his eyes and regretted for what he did..he looked back at her pleadingly..arohi didnt move from her place and stood there without letting him inside the room.."arohi...arohi i ..i am sorry arohi..plz mjhe maaf kar do..mene ye jaan boojh k..." arohi didnt let him complete..."arjun...mjhe koi baat nahi karni..ap ne jo kehna tha ap ne keh dia...ab plz mjhe akela chor di jiye.."..tears started forming in his eyes..arohi noticed his watery eyes and turned around as no matter what his tears were the last thing she nevr wanted to see.."arohi...plz...i am ..." arjun said but was interupted by a voice coming from his back...

"sab theek hai na?...tum donoun yahan?...arjun?..." said natasha who on hearing their voices came out of the
room and was confused seeing them in the guestroom..arohi and arjun turned to face her..arohi didnt want to make a scene afterall whatever it was..its their personal matter..she looked at natasha and then at arjun and without speaking any word she left from there and walked towards her bedroom..natasha looked at her going and then she looked at arjun and raised her eyebrows confusingly..."kia hua?...koi problem..?" she said..arjun's mind was only thinking abt arohi and he was not bothered about anything or anyone else..without answering to her qts he just forced a smile and left for his room saying.."goodnight..."...natasha stood there confusingly trying to figure out what just happend there...

arohi entered the room and laid on the bed switching off the lamps she tried to sleep though the sleep was far 
away from her eyes but she doesnt want to stay awake...hearing the ound of the door closing she atonce closed her eyes..arjun saw her and closed his eyes to control his he has done the biggest mistake of his life and very soon he has to make everything right between them..he knew arohi is angry on him at this moment and will not listen to him so its better to talk to her in the morning..he walked towards the bed and laid down..arohi's back was facing he is not used to of sleeping like this..this was killing him from inside..arohi can nevr not even in his dream can go away..far away from him..her eyes opened and she felt two hands slid behind her and grabbed on to her waist and stomach and feels his body scooping hers from the back and he held her not allowing her to move..he ensured her to be close to him.." i am sorry..." he whispered and moving his face forward he kissed on her shoulders.."goodnight.." he said and closed his eyes..a tear rolled down on her cheeks from the corner of her eye and she closed her eyes..

it was morning and she woke up but she couldnot move when she felt his hands around her stomach..she realised 
that he didnt let go and didnt move all night..he slept like that all night..she carefully tried to get up without disturbing his sleep..taking a quick shower she without looking herself in the mirror went downstairs for the breakfast..arjun's eyes opened on the sound of the door closing..he looked at his side and found the space empty.. a morning without looking her face...he got disappointed..

arjun stepped out of the washroom wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans...and walked down the stairs without 
bothering to check his hair.. He saw his mom, rashi and arohi at the table chatting. "Uth gaya itni jaldi?" kumud asked seeing him coming downstairs.. "aj tu sunday hai arjun...bhool tu nahi gaye" rashi said surprisingly seeing him awake this soon that too on sunday..Arjun forced a smile glancing at arohi from the side... She didn't look up once and seemed a bit too interested in the teapot all of a sudden. arjun stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked at arohi..."breakfast..?" he said...arohi was having her own breakfast she
was abt to get up but kumud stopped her.."tu nashta kar mein deti hun ise jaldi uth gaya is ka 
matlb ye nahin k hum apna nashta chor dein.." she said ..arohi smiled.."thanks mom..." she said..kumud smiled and looked at arjun and smiled..arjun stood there and watched kumud get up to get him breakfast.. rashi got up and left the room. Arjun walked towards the table and sat across from arohi... He gently took her hand that was lying on the table. "arohi..." He said gently in a whisper tone... She looked up instantly and glared at Arjun's hand that was on top of hers...anger was still there on its place... Arjun sighed and pulled his hand away muttering a "sorry"... Before he could say anything more, arohi got up and left the table... Arjun dropped his head in his hands and took a deep breath..."bht mehnat karni pare gi..." he said..

its been two hours since morning he tried to talk to arohi but everytime he goes near her she disappears...he sighed "plz god..plz help me..mjhe aise acha nahi lag raha..." he said..arjun got an idea as he recalled the day when he said sorry to arohi by giving a teddy..he smiled remebering her smile that day..his act brought a smile on his face that this time he again thought of doing the same..he went outside and brought a cute brown teddy and attached a small card on it writing "sorry"..he went upstairs and kept the teddy on the dressing and waited for her..he saw the servant and called him.."arohi madam ko bolo room mein na bolna mene bulaya hai.." he said..servant nodded and left..

arohi was in the garden with dadi when servant came "wo..upar ap k room mein kuch girne ki awaz ai he..shaed 
kuch tota hai..dekh lijie agar kaam ka nahi tu kia mein phenk doun" he said..arohi confusingly.."aise kese kuch tot gaya.." she said and looking at the servant she said.."chalo.."..

on entering the room she looked around to see what has broken but didnt find anything.."yahan tu kuch bhi nahi 
to..." she said turning around and got surprised seeing that the servant has left..arjun was stading behind the door waiting for her to look at the teddy and forgive him..arohi's eyes fell on the dressing and she walked towards it..holding the teddy in her hand she read the note.."sorry.."..reading it his words repeated in his mind and a tear rolled down on her cheek..she left the teddy and went downstairs..arjun closed his eyes seeing her tears..he failed in this attempt but he promised to try until he succeeds..

arjun went downstairs and saw arohi who was sitting with rashi and kumud..kumud was oiling rashi's hair 
where as arohi was reading a magazine kept there..arjun walked towards her and sat beside her..arohi glanced at him from the corner of her eye and slipped a bit away from him..sensing this arjun again moved closer to her..arohi sighed and closed the magazine..she was abt to get up but kumud's voice stopped her.."arohi beta..tmhe nahi lagta aj suraj galat jaga se nikal aya hai.."..rashi understanding her meaning giggled..arohi confusingly sat and looked at kumud.."matlab?"...kumud smiled and looked at arjun.."aj ye sab k saath hi chipka huwa hai...aisa tu bht kam dekhne ko milta hai.."..arohi smiled and rashi teased.."jab shadi ho jati hai tab insan badal jata hai mom..hai na arjun?.." she said looking at arjun..arjun smiled.."yes rashi badal jata hai..aur mom mein tu shaed ab apna kaam pora hone tak yunhi chipka rahun ga.." he said looking at arohi and winked..kumud confusingly.."kaisa kaam?.."..arohi rolled her eyes and got up.."mein abhi ai.." she said and left without looking at arjun...arjun replied to his mom.."kuch nahi mom..mein abhi aya.." he said and walked behind arohi..

arohi was going upstairs and arjun was behind her..he caught her wrist and stopped her..arohi tried to free 
her hand but failed..finally she spoke.."choriye mera haath arjun.."..arjun pulled her close to him and her struggle to free her self was still on.."arohi..plz mjhe maaf kar do..mein.." he said and his words died in his mouth as arohi finally succeeded to free her self..she turned back and went upstairs leaving arjun staring at her..

"ise dekh k tu tumhe manna hi pare ga arohi.." he said looking at the box wrapped in a pink sheet in his 
hand..he got another idea and he went to the market..brought her favourite chocolates and decided to give it to her..he was sure that on seeing them she will definetely forgive him..he looked at the servant and asked.."arohi kahan hai.."..servant answered.."kitchen mein hain madam.." arjun smiled and made his way to the kitchen..

arjun entered the kitchen and on seeing arohi he stood behind her and placed the gift in front of her.. arohi 
on seeing the box understood who it was..she closed her eyes in disbielf.. arjun waited for her to accept it but she didnt.."le lo na, gift hi tu hai..chota sa'..arohi rolled her eyes and carried on with her work wothout looking back at him...arjun again spoke.."le lo na..tumhe acha lage ga... bass iske baad pareshan nahi karonga..pakka promise.."..he said making a puppy dog face and walked in front of her..arohi sighed..She took it from his hand giving him relaxation and happiness of few seconds and directly threw it in the trash... this was big step she had taken she knew the reaction can be very dreadful but his words were more dreadful then her action..she looked at him who was standing quietly staring at her.."mera gift kuch bhi karun.." she said and turned back..arjun smiled and just quietly walked to the trash and took out the box.."ye aur mein..hum donoun tmhara wait karenge.." he said and walked out from the kitchen leaving her still in the kitchen..

arohi the whole day didnt went to her room when she found him to be there..she didnt want to face him..her 
heart was not melting on any of his effort..she made sure to be surrounded by the entire family members..this time too she was in dadi's room with rashi and dadi..they were looking at the jewellery of dadi.."wow dadi ye kitna sundar haar hai.." said arohi picking up the necklace from the box.."ye meri saAS ne mjhe dia tha..." said dadi..arjun entered the room.."waqai dadi bht sundar hai.." he said falling on the couch..dadi smiled.."tu kahan agaya yahan aurtun k beech.."..."kia dadi ab mein akela mard..jaun bhi tu kahan jaun.." arjun said in a childish tone and winked at dadi..dadi smiled.."badmash.." she said..arjun looked at arohi who was not even looking at him..he smiled and took out his mobile and wrote something..arohi didnt look at him..she knew and she felt his gaze on her but she controlled herself to look back at him..a sudden beep made way to her ears..she looked at her was the text from arjun..arjun was looking at her with a smile on his face..arohi kept the mobile without reading the text which disappointed him but she again hold it to read bringing the smile back on his face...arohi read the message .."For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of plz gussa choro aur apne arjun ko maaf kar do...plz Ouch"...arohi kept the mobile back holding back the smile which was spreading on her lips..arjun looked at her and failed to notice her struggle to control her smile..he again got disappinted and left from there..

"hadd hai aj kal k bachoun ki bhi..." said kumud sitting on the sofa in the living area..arohi prepared tea 
for dadi and kumud and asked the servant to call kumud..dadi and arohi were in the living area having their tea when kumud came and sat there..she was a bit disappointed and angry too..dadi looked at her .."kia hogya kar dia rashi aur arjun ne.." she asked..arohi gave her tea and sat beside her..kumud taking a sip.."mein rashi aur arjun ki baat nahi kar rahi.."...dadi:"phr kis ki..?"..kumud sighed.."padma k bete ne apni patni ko talak de di.." dadi shocked.."hey bhagwan..aisa kese..wo donu tu ek dosre se bht pyar krte the..." arohi too got upset hearing this news..kumud:"han pyar krte marriage thi..par dekho zara si baat pe talak de dia..ek shak ki bina pe..arti ko naman pe shak hua k wo kisi aur larki k chakkar mein he aur un ki larai hui..roz roz ki is larai se tang akar us ne kissa khatam kar dia.." dadi said angrily.."ye aj kal k bache waqai mei kuch sochte samjhte hi nahin hain..bas apni ego ki pari rehti hai.." kumud".."par maa ab mard bhi roz roz ki chik chik kab tak bardasht kre ga isi liye tu..." they were having their own convo...arohi was listening to them..their convo scared her..."roz roz ki chik chik.." ..she feared what if arjun do the same..she shook her head.."kia soch rahi hai arohi tu bhi.." she thought.."shaed mein bhi kuch zada hi soch rahi hun arjun aur natasha ko le k..." she thought..she was abt to leave but was stopped seeing sudhir entering the house... a big smile spread on her lips seeing him..she ran towards him and hugged him.."dad...kese hen ap?.." she said..sudhir kissed her forehead.."mein tu barhiya hun..meri bachi kesi hai.." arohi smiled.."ek dum barhya...aye na andar aye.." she said..sudhir smiled.."nahi mein bas tujhse milne aya tha meri flight hai..?"..dadi and kumud greeted him.."andar aye na bhai sahab.." said kumud.."nahi bhabhi g 
bas flight ka time ho raha hai...ek kaam k lie florida jana par raha hai..time lag jae ga socha arohi se mil 
jaun..." and after having few convo with arohi kumud and dadi sudhir left kissing her forehead.."apna khayal rakhna...wapis akeh ek din ki appointment lun ga tumhare saath.." arohi smiled and hugged him..

"kia yaar jay sab tu kar lia..use do baar gift bhi die jo us ne nahi liye...wo mjhse baat tak nahi kar rahi 
.." said arjun irritatedly...he was disappointed to see every that his evry attempt fails..he was sad cuz it has been almost 24 hours and arohi has not talked to him...he was very sad and ended up in calling jay..he told him return jay adviced him to ask forgiveness from her so arjun said the above sentence...jay smiled and said.."kia arjun..tu pagal de k use mana raha hai.." arjun confused.."tu aur kia karun..baat tu wo mjhse kar nahi rahi na mere pass arahi hai..tu yahi kar raha hun.." jay sighed.."arjun mere dost..tu aqalmand dikhta hai par hai bilkul aqalband.." arjun irritatedly.."jay yaar pahelian na bhujwa..saaf saaf bol na.." jay smiled.."tmhari galti thi is baat k lie tmhe compensate karne ki zarurat nahi...mere bhai tune suna tu hoga k The injured party does not want to be compensated because he has been wronged.. he just wants to be healed because he has been hurt..." ..arjun gave his words a thought silently..jay "smjha?.." arjun smiled.."samajh gaya...thanks yaar.." jay smiled.."any time..ab ja aur mana le use..aur ainda apna moun band hi rakhna tu.." arjun smiled and disconnected the call..arjun smiled.."actions speak louder than words is statement pe pora din amal kar lia par kuch nahi hua..ab apne words se hi kaam 
chalana pare ga..." he said and looked at her picture kept on his side of the bed..

arohi still didnt come to the room so he went out of the room to look where she was..he was ging downstairs 
and passed by natasha's room..he saw the lights on and knocked the door..natasha was not at home the whole day and just arrived few moments back..she was changing and on hearing the knock on the door she sighed and opend the door..arjun look at her and smiled.."hey..may i?.." he said..natasha smiled and moved aside giving him space to enter the room..
they both were quiet and was just looking here and there..finally arjun spoke.."tum ne mjhe kyun nahi bataya 
natasha.." natasha looked at him confused.."kia?".. arjun.."mjhe arohi ne sab bata dia hai.." natasha looked away and her eyes become wet..arjun sighed and moved towards her.."hamari dosti mein kia hum ek dosre ki zindagi mein aye huwe toofan janne ka haq nahi rakhte..?" a tear rolled down her cheek.."aisi baat nahi hai arjun..mein dar gai thi..." arjun didnt let her complete.."sab meri waja se hua..kahin na kahin mein hi is rishte k totne ki waja ban gaya.." natasha turned back.."aisi baat nahi hai arjun..tum galat nahi..galat tu wo aman hai..jis ne mjh pe bharosa nahi kia..mere pyar pe bharosa nahi k aisa karne se mjhe ye tu pata chala k us ka pyar sucha nahi tha.." arjun smiled and kissed her forehead.."natasha jo bhi huwa ye tumhara personal matter hai mein sirf itna kahun ga k tum akeli nahi ho tumhare saath hum sab hain mein arohi jay shefali mom dad hum sab..tum meri dost ho aur koi chahe kuch bhi kahe ya soche hamari dosti pe koi farq nahi ae ga..jis tarha meri is dost ne har qadam pe mera saath dia hai usi tarha mei bhi apni dost ka har qadam pe saath dunga..."..natasha smiled and hugged him.."thanks arjun...u r the best friend.."..arjun smiled.."apna khayal rakhna aur zada mat sochna ..sab theek hojae ga..." natasha nodded..arjun:"good night.." he said and left the room..natasha closed the door and leaned against the wall and closed her eyes to stop the flow of her tears coming out..

arohi was going to her room when she heard his voice..she stopped outside natasha's room and heard their 
covo..she sighed and didnt knw what to do..she went to her room and sat there on the couch..not understanding what is the matter with her she called shefali for help...she told everything to shefali abt her fears her insecurities the argument which she replied.."arohi..mein sirf itna kahun gi k jab se tu arjun ki zindagi mein ai hai wo badal gaya ka ateet saaf hai par us ne apne present ko sirf tere naam kia ka har pal...natasha aur arjun k beech jo kuch tha wo sirf attraction, time pass tha..naya naya shauq..bachpana..par ab jo hai wo haqeeqat hai aur arjun ki khushi hai is haqeeqat mein..tera dar tera shaq 
sab bilawaja ka sirf ye sabit kare ga k tujhe us pe bharosa nahi..bata arohi kia tujhe waqai arjun pe 
bharosa nahi?.." hearing her words she closed her was not abt her fears her insecurities her doubts 
it was just abt her trust..her trust on him..she cursed herself for doubting him..his love..she closed her 
eyes.."mjhe arjun pe pora bharosa hai.." she said..natasha smiled.."tu ja bata de use ja k ye baat.." arohi 
smiled and wiped her tear.."thanks shefali.."..shefali smiled.."thanks shefali...chal ab ja warna is thanks bolne ki saza de dun gi mein tujhe.." arohi smiled and disconnected the call..she finally understood that past is past and has nothing to do with the present..she felt bad for her behavior with arjun and decided to apologize from him..she sighed and went to washroom and taking a quick shower changed in her night shalwar suit..

arjun didnt find arohi and thought.."room mein agai ho gi shaed.."..he went upstairs and entered the room and 
looked around..on hearing the sound of shower he sighed and closed the door..he stood in the balcony waiting for her lost in his thoughts.."arohi kal jo hua wo mein kabhi nahi kehna chahta tha..mene tumhe bht dard de dia sirf chand lafzoun mein...aur ab mjhe hi ye dard ye zakham ko bharna hai.."

precap: forgiveness...dinner date..

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...
those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...and sorry who didnt get my pm..

thankyou...take careSmile

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Me always first

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Originally posted by cooljaya11

Me always first

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Me sec

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