Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

ARJUN AROHI FF.."JEENA SIRF TERE LIYE"...thread #1 (Page 60)

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Originally posted by Rimpikmh

welcome back Smile
awesome update,their intimate scenes,arohi's possessiveness,arjun's care all r very nicely u described.
i love their romance in kitchen Blushing.
or yaa natasahaAngry.i kill her,sub showoff hai aman sath breakup.she is sooo cheap n B**#*.
u r a nice writer Thumbs Up
thanx for pmHug
waiting for next update eagerlyDay Dreaming.jal dana plzzz.hosaka to kal hi da dana plzzzWink  

thankyou so much for liking...this is the first time i wrote something and i am very glad that my ff is being liked by all of means a lot to me especially because its my first time...thankyouSmile

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Originally posted by dishdirection

awesome update eagerly waiting for next part even though arjuhi have argument please dont seperate them please and they clear it soon

thanksSmile..yes everything will be fine and very soon..
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Day Dreaming

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Originally posted by cooljaya11

pehle to sehar
tumne arjun ko kya bana diya ???
i mean kya tha aor ab kya bae karta he like me nahi chata koi aor tumhari pavitrata nad sadgi ko dekhe LOL
ok please ye arohi ko bechari cow mat banao thoda bold banao like westren and all. i liked sari but all time sari nope ...jab dekho tab bas arjun ke bareme hi sochi he ...
 and why arohi jelous all time ? why not arjun???
 and man ye natasha me kuch garbar he ...jarur kuch chal raha he iske dimag me.
 i love their intimate scene and unki tarap for each other hahahhha naya naya sab achha lagta he
aor ye arjun ka to tum kuch karo ...
again dear superb update
love the way you describe each and every part
naughty arjun

thankyou so much jaya...tumhari khwahish bht jald pori ho gi..tumne apne har comment mein kaha hai k tumhe jealous arjun dekhna hai...tumhe mein wo zarur dikhaun gi aur wo tumhein from 30th part onwards dikhe ga phr tab mat kehna k ye zada hogayaWink...arohi bhi western like jeans wagera mein ae gi very soon..
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Originally posted by kkian

natashaCensored i HATE her!!!!!!!!!!!
yaar pls kill her...
arjuhi's romanceBlushing 
i want to see jealous arjun toooEmbarrassed
 bt plz dont separate them
updt soonBig smile

jealous arjun dikhe ga sab ko dikhe ga par us k liye thora sabar rakho ...natasha ko maar dia tu story ka kia hoga
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Yani ke 30 parts tak ye pavitrata wala Arjun zelnaaa padega !!!
Hmmm devil plan
Chalo ab reply bad me n update

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PART 19:

arohi entered her room and her eyes fell on the pictures which she forgot to hide..she instantly picked them up and placed them in the cupboard's drawer.."arjun ne dekh tu nahi li?.." she thought.."nahin...lagta tu nahin.."..she sighed and taking her night dress went to washroom to change..coming out of washroom she stood in front of the dressing mirror and started combing her hairs..she got lost in her thoughts..standing still she was lost in her own querries..she came out of thoughts on the sound of the hair brush falling down from her hand..arohi sighed and bent down to pick it up..putting it back on the dresser she laid down on the bed staring at the roof above..

arjun after few mintutes made his way to his room..on entering the room he saw arohi already on bed..he smiled and closed the door behind him and joined her In the bed..arohi looked at him and smiled..arjun too smiled and Snuggling her against his chest, he wrapped an arm around her waist and lovingly kissed her hair.."kaisa raha aj tumhara din..."arohi smiled and rested her head on his chest.."theek tha..ap ka?.." arjun moved his hand on her back.."jesa roz hota jaan jo nahi chorte.."..arohi smiled and kissed him on his chest.."i love you arjun.."...arjun smiled and rolled on top of her pinning her down on the bed..

His lips moved to her neck and he kissed her on the curve of her neck biting the area leaving his mark and his hands wandered through her thighs...Suddenly feeling insecure, her heart raced and her body stiffed... arjun felt her body stiff at the touch of his hands...he stopped at once and looked at her confusingly..

"arohi.." he said gently turning lifting her chin up so he could look at her "kia hua?" he asked, searching her eyes for any indication of what was bothering her..He got worried when the only thing he could see in her beautiful eyes was nothing but pure vulnerability... She was fragile at that moment and he knew he had to handle her with care...

"arohi kia hua?" he asked again and slightly stroked his fingers in her hairs in an attempt to reassure her...She sighed and shook her head...she herself didnt knw what she is feeling..she very gently pushed him away from top of her and moved a little away.."mein theek houn..bas thora thak gai hun" she said giving him a forced smile hoping he would buy it..But he knew better than that.. He knew her well enough to know that she was lying.. Deep down, he knew what was really troubling her...its either any matter related to a person or a thing..

"arohi agar koi baat hai tu..." he started, but she didn't let him finish.."koi baat nahi bas mein bht thak gai hun" she said "let's just go to sleep" she turned away from him again pulling the covers up "ap ko bhi sbha jaldi uthna hai ap ki meeting he" she told him over her shoulders..."kal sunday hai arohi..." he said in a tone like whisper..Knowing better then push her, he just kissed her shoulder and whispered "good night"...and laid down turning on the other side..he knew something is wrong but he ignored thinking.."shaed waqai thak gai hai...aj pora din bahar rahi hai.."he shook his head and closed his eyes hoping the reason to be the one he is thinking..

Though arjun fell asleep quickly, arohi's mind was still racing through all her doubts..all the pictures she saw today.."kia arjun such mein natasha se bht pyar karte the? jitna pyar wo mjhse karte hein kia us se bhi zada natasha se karte the? kia arjun aj bhi natasha se...? kia arjun natasha k pas wapis chale jayein ge? arjun mujhe chor tu nahin denge..?" she thought..her thoughts her fears caused a hysteria to rise on her chest and she knew she wouldn't be able to control her tears anymore..Trembling, she got out of bed and went to the bathroom as fast as she could without waking up arjun..

Closing the door behind her, she walked towards the wash basin and put her hands down on the cold marble to support herself.. Taking several deep breaths she tried to swallow back her tears.. But when she finally looked up and faced her image in the mirror she couldn't control herself...Sobbing, she let the warm tears surface streamed down her face...Embarrassed, she looked away from the mirror and sat on the edge of the tub, 
hiding her face on her hands trying to stop the tears and hoping it would muffle the sound of her sobs..Was she overreacting? Were her fears unfounded?..She didn't hear the door open... She didn't notice him entering the washroom...

arjun turned and his hand rested on arohi's space and his eyes opend when he felt the space to be empty..he looked around the room and thought may be she has gone downstairs for water but looking at the door lock.."darwaza tu lock hai..yani washroom mein hogi.." he said and closed his eyes..but some strange sounds again made him to open his eyes..he got confused and walkd towards the washroom door..he was abt to knck the door when he heard the sound of sobs..he got tensed and without waiting any further second he opend the door and entered the washroom..on entering he found his beautiful strong girl dissolved into tears while hiding in a washroom like a teenage girl...He hated to see her cry..her tears her pain also hurt him..Kneeling down in front of her, he slowly removed her hands, revealing her tear stained face...
"arohi kia hua..tum ro q rahi ho...plz mjhe batau kia hua" he pleaded...arohi got shocked seeing him there and and embarassed too..she immediately turned her face and wiped off her tears but arjun was not in a mood to let her hide anything from him..."arohi...mene kaha mjhe btau kia hua..q ro rahi ho?.." he said moving her face so that she can face him..She closed her eyes and sobbed "arjun...ap...arjun..arjun ap mjhe cho..." she said in a very painful voice which scared him..arjun held her hands and pulled her from the tub to the floor next to him, holding her against his chest he kissed her hairs and rocked back and forth slowly, soothingly..Loosening his grip on her, he tilted her chin up and looked deeply into her eyes..he knew and judged that the matter is related to her insecurities cuz the same fear and pain he had seen before in her eyes.." "You're everything to me, arohi.." Capturing her lips with his he could feel the salty taste of her tears and her need for 
reassurance.. Her need for him. "You're my home, you're my family. mein tumhe kabhi nahin chorun ga arohi..kabhi nahin.."he said after making himself sure that this is the thing or matter which is bothering 
her..arohi clutched the fabric of his shirt like if trying to hold on his promise.. Like if her life depended on it...He knew she was still sentimental and scared about him leaving her, and he wanted nothing more than comfort her... Caressing her cheek he smiled at her..he once again pulled her in his warm hug..embracing her with his left arm..he delicately caressed her head with his right hand then placing a soft kiss on top of her head he tightened the hug..

Arohi suddenly pushed him away from her keeping her hands on his chest making him surprised by this sudden act of her..she was crying and seeing her crying was giving him pain..arohi rushed out of the washroom..arjun was very much worried for her..he atonce followed her and hold her hand to stop her from moving..arohi who was now very much angry atonce screamed.."haath mat lagaye mjhe.." arjun was shocked..he didnt know what happen to her suddenly..he stared her to find answer but except of tears and pain in her eyes he couldnt see anything..he moved closer to her.." hua arohi.." he asked ..arohi turned away and walked towards the bed..arjun sat beside her and hold her hand.."kia hua hai arohi..mjhe batau.."...arohi looked at him with anguish and stared him..arjun was not ablt to understand her behavior..he was just getting more and more worried.."arohi bolo na.." arohi removed her hand away from him with a jerk making him stare at her..her behavior now is making him scared.."arohi.." he said..arohi stood from the bed and moved towards the cupboard taking out the 
envelope she throwed it on him..arjun stared at arohi on this act..holding the envelope he opened it and rolled his eyes and 
sighed..these were his pics which he hasnot seen for the first time..obviously he is aware of them but suddenly realisation strucked him that arohi is taking everything serious..he looked at her.."ye pics purani hain ...abhi ki nahi.." arohi stared him..."arjun ap aisa kese kr skte hen..ap.." arjun interupted her.."wait tum kia keh rahi ho..dont tell me tum is pics ko le k itna senti ho rahi ho.." arohi walked towards him.."matlab ap ko ye pics dekh k koi farq nahi para..." arjun threw the envelope on bed and stood..he hold arohi from shoulders.."dekho pics us time ki hen jab humare beech dosti se zada kuch aya tha par sab ki tarha ye bhi past hai.." arohi removed his hand and said in a loud angry voice.."past past past..ap k liye 
sb kuch past hai arjun..ap ko kia lagta hai mein apne pati ki tasweeren is tarha dekh k bhool jaun?..nahi arjun..mei ap ko pehle hi keh rahi thi natasha se dur rahiye par ap.." arjun too answered in a loud tone.."bas karo arohi..mein tmhe keh raha hun ye sab guzra wa kal hai tmhe smjh q nahi araha...comeon arohi ye mera past tha.. hazaar larkyan theen meri life mein ab har koi tmhare samne agaya tu tum har kisi k liye is tarha karo gi kia..natasha..natasha ka hi khayal karo shadi hone wali he us ki..aur tum us k liye itni ghatya soch rakh rahi ho.." "shadi..shadi hi tu nai ho rahi us ki..arjun aman ne natasha se is waja se rishta tor dia hai.." screamed arohi..arjun got shocked hearing could this happen..he knew how much they both loved each other..even everyone related to them knew how much mad they were for each other..arjun couldnt believe this.."kia bakwas kar rahi ho arohi.." he said..arohi smiled fakely.."bakwas..tu meri baatein bakwas hen..arjun yahan ap ka past ap k samne khara hai aur ap ko meri baatein   Bakwas lag rahi hen..arjun ap ne 
mjhse wada kia tha k ap natasha..." it was now too much for him..he screamed.."stop it arohi stop it..tum tu aise keh rahi ho jese ye pic mein abhi us k saath khichwa k aya hun..tumhare dimag mein ye baat kese dalun k ab natasha aur mere beech mein kuch nahi hai.." arohi got scared hearing him screamed..she stepped back and spoke in a calm tone.."arjun mein ap ko share nai kar skti..ap sirf mere hen aur mein natasha ko ap ko mjhse dur le jane nahi dun pics mein jo dikh raha hai..arjun such bataye ab aisa nahi hai?..warna 
aman rishta q torta.." arjun was just staring at arohi..he has told arohi that whatever his past was it has nothing to do with his present than how come she is mistrusting him..she is thinking that he is still involved 
in natasha..he didnt expect this from arohi..he thought she would understand..arjun's anger was now 
bursting..he closed his fist and bursted out.."enough arohi enough..tum ab had se age barh rahi ho..tumhe koi haq nahi hai tum mere past ko mere present se link kar do.." he said..arohi looked at him and stepped forward closer to him.."arjun mein ap k past ko ap k present se link nahi kr rahi..mein sirf itna keh rahi hun k ap mjhe bataein k ab ap natasha k saath..." arjun didnt let her complete and shouted at her.."shut up arohi..ab ek b shabd mera past hai jo mein discuss nahi krna kabhi mene tmhare past pe ungli jante hue k tmhari zindagi mein mjhse pehle ek shaks tha tu kia mene kabhi tumhari shadi pe ungli mene kabhi tumse pocha k tum aur sanchit band kamre mei..." he stopped realising his words and was shocked what he has said...he looked at arohi and a tear slid down his cheek seeing her face..

Arohi stood there as if the blood seemed to ice in her veins..Nothing he could have said would have hurt her more than this...she stepped back as if he had slapped her... She did not recognize this man. He was not the person she had shared every  little thing with and whom she considered to be the one who donot care abt her past and knew whatever happened it was not her fault at all..tears started to fill her eyes blurring her vision but it dared to fall down.. Something died inside her and surprisingly no tears came out of her eyes..Some kind of mixed emotions like anger, frustration, sorrow and pain were reflecting in her eyes all together.
..but there was no sign of her tears falling down..

Arjun felt like burn himself for such worse words which came out of his mouth..seeing arohi stepping back clutched his heart..there were no tears in her eyes and she was standing like a lifeless fish.."i...i...i m sorry...arohi.." he said in a shaky voice..arohi didnt listen to his words..her only attention was his eyes in which she saw bitterness..arjun stepped forward .."arohi..i..ii.." but arohi stepped back and instantly ran out of the room...

Arjun stood there helplessly..he sat on the bed and rubbed his hand on his face..Unbidden, the image of her running out of the room flashed in his mind. A hundred times worse was living with the fact that he was responsible for the hurt in her eyes...

Arohi entered the guestroom and shut the door behind..she sat against  The door..his words kept running in her mind..she closed her eyes..never in her dreams she has imagined him saying such bitter words to her..abt her past..abt her could he say that..she now cried hard..cried her heart out..this was not she ever expected from him...she rested her head on the door and recalled his words.."kia kabhi mene tmhare past pe ungli jante hue k tmhari zindagi mein mjhse pehle ek shaks tha tu kia mene kabhi tumhari shadi pe ungli mene kabhi tumse pocha k tum aur sanchit band kamre mei..." she closed her eyes in disgust.."arjun ek baar phr ap ne mjh pe ganda ilzam lagaya..." she said...

Arjun was hating himself for hurting her...he punched hard on the bed and screamed.."i am sorry arohi..plz mjhe maaf kar do.."...

Precap.. Arjun asking forgiveness from arohi..  

plz do comment and hit the like button..any criticism and suggestions are welcomed..if u guys feel something missing then plz do let me know i will definitely work on it...
those who want me to pm them the next update plz send me a buddy request..forgive all mistakes...and sorry who didnt get my pm..

thankyou...take careSmile

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me first

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